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(word processor parameters LM=1, RM=70, TM=2, BM=2) Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 March 14, 1990 AIRSHIP3.ASC ----------------------------------------------------------------- Portions of this document is graciously provided by Dan A. Davidson from his book "A Breakthrough to New Free Energy Sources". We of VANGARD SCIENCES wish to publicly thank Dan for his willingness to share the result of his researches on John Keely. ----------------------------------------------------------------- John W. Keely, discoverer of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, found a means of negating the effect of gravity as well as developing a form of propulsion. From 1888 to 1893, Keely worked on developing his system of "Aerial Navigation". The first successful test was in 1893 which led the way to the construction of an aerial craft. In 1896, Mr. Keely had so perfected his system that he arranged to give a demonstration of the aerial craft to the United States War Department. In attendance at the demonstration were a number of invited members of the press. Descriptions of the craft state that it was a circular platform roughly 6 feet in diameter. On this platform was mounted a small stool set before a keyboard. The keyboard was attached to numerous tuned resonation plates and vibratory mechanisms. Mr. Keely explained that these plates would cause the craft to rise and float above the ground when subjected to a polarized field which would generate a "negative attraction". When the effect was produced, the craft would come under the influence of the "etheric polar current." The controlling mechanism consisted of a row of 100 vibratory bars representing the enharmonic and diatonic scales. When half of the bars were damped the craft would move at 500 miles per hour. If all the bars were damped, gravity would resume control and the craft would settle to the earth. There were no moving parts in the ship's propelling mechanism. It was unaffected by weather and could rise above any storm. The instrument for guiding the airship was distinctly different from the propelling feature. Page 1 By damping out certain specific notes, Keely could cause the airship to accelerate to any desired speed. The experiment was carried out in an open field with observers from the War Department and the news media. The ship was said to have accelerated from 0 to 500 miles per hour within a few seconds. Most astounding was the apparent total lack of acceleration effects to Mr. Keely as he sat on the stool before the keyboard, controlling the airship. Although, the government officials were impressed, they stated they could see no use for such a complex device and so did not pursue the matter further. (Remember, the Wright brothers did not demonstrate their airplane at Kittyhawk, N.C., until December 17, 1903--7 years later!) ----------------------------------------------------------------- For further references to this subject, see AIRSHIP1.ASC, AIRSHIP2.ASC and DANART.ASC. All freely available on KeelyNet at (214) 324-3501 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your support and contributions helping to maintain KeelyNet ----------------------------------------------------------------- FINIS Page 2


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