=== AD ASTRA MAGAZINE === Ad Astra literally means 'To the Stars.' This monthly magazine

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=== AD ASTRA MAGAZINE === Ad Astra literally means "To the Stars." This monthly magazine is published by the National Space Society and is one of the benefits of being an NSS member. Ad Astra is many things. It is balanced, presenting all aspects of an issue in a fair and non-jugmental way. It is attractive and visually appealing, using glossy stock paper, full color photos, and an uncluttered format. It is educational, presenting facts and details in a concise and comprehensive journalistic style. It is timely and informative, keeping its readers up to date on current events and their impact on the future of space exploration. It is future-oriented, reporting on new advances in a variety of research and projects -- both domestic and international. The editorial staff of Ad Astra pledges to bring NSS members a magazine that will serve as the gateway to the stars.


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