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_ /\ _ _ /\ _ / \_/\_/ \_/\_/ \ M M 0000 0000 SSSSS EEEEEEE / \_/\_/ \_/\_/ \ \_____/ () \_____/ MM MM 0 //0 0 //0 S E \_____/ () \_____/ / \ M M M M 0 // 0 0 // 0 SSSS EEEEE / \ / \__/ \ M M M 0// 0 0// 0 S E / \__/ \ /__________\ M M 0000 0000 SSSSS EEEEEEE /__________\ DDDD RRRR OOOO PPPPP PPPPP IIIII N N GGGGG SSSSS D D R R O O P P P P I NN N G S D D RRRR O O PPPPP PPPPP I N N N G GGG SSSS D D R R O O P P I N NN G G S DDDD R R OOOO P P IIIII N N GGGG SSSSS A-M00SE-ING ANECDOTES AND ILLUMINATION BY AND FOR THE PAWNS OF THE M00SE ILLUMINATI Issue #18| Disclaimer: The Editor will place almost anything | Nov. 20, 1988 ---------- in this newsletter out of a frantic desire to fill --------------- the issue, so don't blame him for the quality or content of the submissions. Excepting those he may have written himself, the enclosed items do not in any way represent the Editor's opinions. In fact, let's be real safe, and say that as far as this newsletter is concerned, he has no opinions at all. Okay? Good. ================================================================================ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **************************** EDITORIALS AND LETTERS **************************** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Issue #18. A word of wisdom to you all: Do NOT spill apple cider in your computer keyboard. It requires heavy cleaning. It appears that the Anachronist's LISTSERV command works, from what I hear you all received your copies of issue #17. It wasn't a month late, incidentally; I marked the date wrong. To lessen the load on BITNET, I am attempting to get a list at YALEVM to take care of half the chapters; there is a possibility that Kamikaze will be able to get one at Villanova as well. There won't be any major changes, however; at most, a change in the list you receive your issues from. Without further ado, on with the issue. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - << This letter from Mommydammit. >> Bill, Markus and I were driving north on highway 301, just north of the Nice Bridge in Maryland... and we saw a M00se l0dge... is it ours??? We bl00ped to it just in case!!! Glad to see all the chapters adding up! BL00P! pamela/mommydammit << Mommydammit: I don't know. But best to bl00p just in case. --Bill >> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************* EVENTS AND NEWS ******************************** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- << Reprinted from CSBB.M00se, for those of you not subscribed. >> Fellow M00sers: It has come to my attention that there are not enough m00se thr0ng-a- th0ns, due to the locale of many of the m00se chapters, and the funds accessable to the conspiracy group. So, I would like to enter a proposal for a m00se throng-a-thon here in Fayetteville, Arkansas, or any surrounding area in Ark, OK, or TX for the Christmas holidays. It is expected that all the followers of the UAFSYSB HABiT thr0ng (which can be a lot at times) will attend, or as many as we can send. I hope that this is somehow accepted by some of the chapters around the surrounding area, and that we can get this thing off the ground. If not, Oh Well, I guess we will just have to have the usual Christmas. Here in Arkansas, we have a lot of things to offer. M00seMan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***************************** FICTION AND POETRY ******************************* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- << This from Dave T. Dead. >> Heard this on Dr Demento... Dem M00se Goosers. How 'bout dem m00se goosers ain't they cloose? Up in dem boondocks goosen' dem M00se, Goosen' dem HUGE m00se, Goosen' dem tiny, Goosen' dem middly m00se in dey heinie, How 'bout dem M00se goosers ain't dey Dum'? Some use an umbrella, Some use a thumb, Dem obtoose M00se goosers sneeken' through the woods, Pokin' dem snoozy M00se in dey goods! How to be a M00se gooser? It'll turn ya puce! Get yer gooser loose and rouse a droozy M00se!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *************************** MISCELLANEOUS NONSENSE ***************************** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- << More Beez Babble >> I think we should make it a law that we remain M00ses and never change to something like Buffal0s. I know this sounds unimportant, but with the rising p0wer of the Superthrong, it may be dangerous! As of yet there are is only one other member of the Suave ladies men in dry clothing and I haven't heard from her in months. This trend towards men being wet and macho scares me since it was Manly men in wet clothing which brought about such things as: the Reagan Administration, New York Yankees, The Bay City Rollers and sweat. Are you aware of the song by Queen called M00setafa? Its on the Jazz album and is required listening. Just remember what Nietchze (sp!) said about Love: Love is riding through the Siberian tundra and having your snowmobile tip over. At night the ice weasels come. Which again reminds me that the big thing in my Bud House now is ice weasels. They are cousins of Otter Pops except they don't come in various tasty flavors. Not that this is really funny, but if something humorous does occur or I happen to mention ice weasels over and over again, you know why. As usual, anything I say can be distorted and/or published as you see fit since if you didn't do it, the sys progs who read everyones mail because they work for big brother would read it (I know sucky sentence structure!) and would use it against me in case I ran from President (not for, but from). Blah blah blah. Tag! You are it! Beez of the Crumpled face variety -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *************** AND, OF COURSE, THE UBIQUITOUS M00SE LIST UPDATE *************** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE ADD Buffalo thr0ng V122QQVZ @ UBVMSD Sweeper M00se IN%"JJZ @ S.CC.PURDUE.EDU" ChickenM00se HABiT DB06103 @ UAFSYSB David Boddie Old Dominion University thr0ng LBS100S @ ODUVM (nick unknown) Portland thr0ng IP60591 @ PORTLAND Centauri Stony Brook thr0ng JROSENSH @ SBCCVM Joanne Rosenshein SUNY at Brockport thr0ng DS1437 @ BROCK1P Don Schleede MW2440 @ BROCK1P Mark Weiland Villanova thr0ng 59401463 @ VUVAXCOM Starscream - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CHANGE from: V050NRGD @ UBVMSA JetStar to: V054NN84 @ UBVMSA Foto (AKA PacifistM00se) rom: VY8630 @ BINGVAXA Red Rock Mud Puddle to: FR0250 @ BINGVMA  


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