Filename: RC5007.TXT NO BEGINNING TO MAN QUESTION: Was man created by God, or did he come

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Filename: RC5007.TXT NO BEGINNING TO MAN QUESTION: Was man created by God, or did he come into existence in some o- ther manner? ANSWER: The real man, the Spirit, was not created. The Spirit of man is a part of God, and as a part of God has always been in existence. God had no beginning, hence the Spirit of man has had no beginning. In the earlier stages of evolution we were homogeneous, so to speak, with God. But at the beginning of this Day of Manifestation we were differentiated within the body of God and each individual man. In Spirit there is no division, however. The differentiation which took place in Spirit was not a division or a separation. It was brought about by means of vibration. But the differentiated Virgin Spirits immediately began to encase themselves in the substance of the lower worlds, finally building physical bodies, and in these physical bodies they have lost their sense of unity with Spirit and with one another. The unenlightened ones imagine that they are entirely separate from all other human beings. They do not know of "the fundamental unity of each with all." The esoteric student, however, knows that this is a fact, and endeavors to conduct himself accordingly in all of his relations with his brother Spirits THE FLESH AND BLOOD OF CHRIST QUESTION: What is your interpretation of John 6:53: "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you?" ANSWER: When Christ Jesus was on Earth, He spoke to the multitude in parables, but to the disciples He explained the inner meanings as they were able to understand. Since the four Gospels are not only the story of the life of Christ Jesus, but also four descriptions of the Path of Initiation to which the life of Christ Jesus is related and which we all eventually must travel, many of these writings have both an inner and an outer meaning. We first must understand that the Earth is not a mass of dead matter, but that it is the living, breathing body of a great Spirit. Through this body, He expresses Himself and comes into close touch with the beings on the surface of the planet. This Spirit is the Christ, Who periodically draws into the center of the Earth and again withdraws. This indrawing begins at the time of the fall equinox. Then commences the impregnation of all seeeds with the life force which later will cause them to break forth and clothe the body of the Christ Spirit in living green and provide food for all beings living on the Earth. In the streams and rivulets we find the fluids, the blood, which, as a great circulatory system, ever is flowing back to the ocean, again to be distributed over the surface of the Earth by means of precipitation. Thus, our food and drink truly are the flesh and blood of the body of the Son of Man. If we did not partake of this, we could not live. The spiritual meat and drink that this passage symbolizes can be ex- plained only to those who, like the disciples, have true spiritual understanding-the true wisdom which makes clear all the mysteries of God. In general, however, we can say that they symbolize the formation of the Christ within each individual through the soul body, which is built of the two higher vital ethers during lifetimes of unselfish service. THE EFFECTS OF THE MOON ON THE INVISIBLE HELPER QUESTION: Why attach so much importance to the Moon's aspects in esoteric work? Why is the New Moon especially appropriate for awakening Invisible Helpers and the Full Moon for building the quintessence of service into the soul body? Moonlight is only reflected light. ANSWER: The Rosicrucian Teachings explain this by analogy. As Christ is born on the longest and darkest night of the year, so the Invisible Helper, is born on the darkest night of the month; that is, he then comes into conscious use of his etheric vehicle. We know that at Christmas time the spiritual vibrations in the Earth are the most intense. Therefore, by analogy, we know that the spiritual vibrations each month are most intense on the night of the New Moon, and these vibrations make it the most propitious time for the birth of the Invisible Helper. Astrologically the vibrations are stronger at that time because the Sun and Moon are in conjunction, and their combined force is thrown upon the Earth from the same angle. The time of the Full Moon is most propitious for the building of the es- sence of service into the soul body. The Full Moon at a certain time in the fall is spoken of as the harvest Moon, and the building of the essence of ser- vice into the soul body is a process of harvesting best conducted under the great illumination at that time. Astrologically, at the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposition, bringing into play two opposite signs, which are spi- ritually correlated, constituting a positive and a negative pole. At that time a current of life or spiritual energy is flowing between the two poles, which may be utilized for the building-in process. HOW THE ROSICRUCIANS HEAL THE SICK The Rosicrucian work of healing is carried on by the Elder Brothers of The Rosicrucian Order through a band of Invisible Helpers whom they are instructing. The work is conducted according to the commands of Christ Jesus, namely, "Preach the gospel and heal the sick." THE ELDER BROTHERS: These are high spiritual Beings through whom the Christ Spirit is working for the benefit of humanity. THE INVISIBLE HELPERS: The Invisible Helpers are those who live a worthy life of helpfulness during the daytime while in their physical bodies, and whose evolutionary development is such as to earn the privilege of being helpful through the instrumentality of the Elder Brothers at night while functioning in the etheric bodies. This is indicated in the words of the Rosicrucian Fellowship Evening Service: "Tonight while our physical bodies are peacefully resting in sleep, may we as Invisible Helpers be found faithfully working in the vineyard of Christ." These Invisible Helpers are gathered together in bands according to their temperaments and their abilities. They are instructed by other Helpers who are physicians, and all of them work under the guidance of the Elder Brothers, who naturally are the moving Spirits of the whole work. Not infrequently, patients are aware of the presence of the Invisible Helpers. RIGHT LIVING NECESSARY FOR A CURE: The Invisible Helpers never refuse to answer an appeal for help, but in order to respond to the divine Healing Force, patients must adopt the gospel of right living. They should observe a pure diet--meatless, insofar as it is possible. Meat should be left off gradually, however, in order that the body may adjust itself to the change. Patients must fill their living and sleeping rooms with pure air, their minds with pure thoughts, and their daily lives with pure actions. The divine Healing Force is pure. If someone asks for it in order to be relieved of ailments, he or she must be willing to conform to the natural laws of purity: pure air, pure food, pure thinking, and pure living! If the patient ignores these great health-giving factors, he may have called in vain upon the divine Healing Force. HEALING FORCE: All Healing Force comes from God, our heavenly Father, the Great Physician of the Universe; it is latent everywhere; by prayer and concentration it is liberated and directed to the sufferer; it manifested through the Master, Christ Jesus; it goes forth from the daily and weekly healing meetings held at the Rosicrucian Fellowship Headquarters (Oceanside, California). Through the workings of this supreme Force, the Invisible Helpers raise the vibrations of the patient to a higher rate, thus enabling him, first, to eliminate the disease poison from the system, and second, to rebuild every blood corpuscle, fibre, tissue, and organ until the whole body is made new. This is done, not in a miraculous manner, but in accordance with Nature's Laws. If the patient continues to break these laws and, by a wrong mode of living, to accumulate poisonous substances in the system, he frustrates the healing Work. CAUSE OF DISEASE: The wonderful organism called the human body is governed by immutable natural Laws. All disease results from willful or ignorant violation of Nature's Laws. People are ill because, in this Earth life or in a previous one, they have disregarded the fundamental principles on which the health of the body depends. If they wish to regain and retain their health, they must learn to understand these principles and to regulate their daily habits in conformity with them. This is what the Master Healer, Christ Jesus, meant when He said to the man who was a cripple: "Thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee." (John 5:14) Even the Christ could not give lasting health unless the recipient of the Healing Force refrained from indulging wrong habits which cause disease. The recipient had to live in obedience to the god-given laws that rule man's body and his relations with his fellow creatures. THE RIGHT TO HEALTH: Some people "demand" perfect health and claim they have a right to it. They forget that, either in this or a former life, some have forfeited their God-given right through disobedience to Nature's Laws which are God's Laws. Through suffering, they have to learn obedience. When they have mastered their lessons and are willing to "sin no more," their right to health will be restored to them. VIOLATIONS OF THE LAWS OF HEALTH: The divine Healing Force is constructive; wrong methods of living which disregard the Laws of Nature are destructive. The omissions and transgressions responsible for wrong living and, conse- quently, for disease are many. The following are the principal ones: unnatural food; too much food; ill-proportioned food; lack of fresh air and sunshine; lack of cleanliness; lack of self-control; sleeping in unventilated rooms; harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, and resentment; yielding to a hasty temper; gratifying low desires; harming fellow creatures, whether human or animal; abusing the sacred generative function. Since all organs and functions of the body are interdependent, the abuse and consequent affliction of one part hurts all the others, furthers the accumulation of disease poison throughout the system, and lowers the vitality of the whole. Local symptoms are actually evidence that the whole body is at fault. All true healing, therefore, in order to achieve lasting results, is directed, not to the suppression of symptoms, but to the removal of the cause that made the symptoms appear. SPIRITUAL HEALING: Spiritual healing operates on the higher planes of being but is effected in strict adherence to Natural Laws which prevail below as above. Consequently, all natural therapeutics applied on the physical plane are in harmony with the work of the Invisible Helpers on the higher planes. RIGHT FOOD IS NATURAL MEDICINE: Since the body is built up of the physical substances introduced into the blood by the daily food, right food is the natural medicine which the patient must take in order to cooperate with the Invisible Helpers in their task of reconstructing his system. EFFLUVIA TRANSMITTED IN WEEKLY REPORT: Before the Invisible Helpers can work with the patient they must have effluvia from his vital body. This is the etheric counterpart of the physical body and the operating sphere of the vital forces. The effluvia are obtained by having the patient write a weekly letter consisting of a few words or a few lines with pen and ink. This is important, as a pen charged with fluid is a greater conductor of magnetism than a dry pencil. The ether which thus impregnates the paper upon which the patient writes week by week gives an indication of his condition at the time of writing, and furnishes an entrance key to his system. It is something which he has given voluntarily and for the express purpose of furnishing access to the Invisible Helpers. Unless the patient does his part in this respect, the Invisible Helpers are unable to do anything for him, so it may be seen that it is of the utmost importance to keep up the weekly letters to Headquarters. TIME REQUIRED FOR CURE: Instantaneous cures are frequent when the Invisible Helpers are called upon to assist in cases of acute disease. In the case of a chronic ailment which is of long standing and has taken years to develop, a certain amount of relief may be experienced immediately; complete recovery, however, which is equivalent to a renewal of the whole system, usually can be achieved only in gradual stages. As said before, the healing work of the Invisible Helpers is not suppression of symptoms but reconstruction of the whole system. This reconstruction requires time as well as the patient's faithful and constant cooperation along the lines indicated. HEALING MEETINGS AT HEADQUARTERS: Healing meetings are held at Rosicrucian Headquarters on nights when the Moon is in Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The hour of this service is 6:30 PM. The virtue of the Cardinal Signs is the dynamic energy which they infuse into every enterprise started under their influence. Therefore, the healing thoughts of helpers all over the world are endowed with added power when launched upon their errands of mercy under this cardinal influence. If you would like to join in this work, sit down quietly when the clock in your place of residence points to the given hour, 6:30 PM, meditate on health and divine love, and pray to the Great Physician, our Father in Heaven, for the restoration to health of all who suffer, particularly those who have applied to Headquarters. For more information, please contact the Healing Department at Mount Ecclesia: The Rosicrucian Fellowship 2222 Mission Avenue P.O. Box 713 Oceanside, CA, 92054, USA Tel: 619-757-6602 WITH HEALING IN ITS WINGS Early in the Old Testament is the account of how man was led astray by the false light of the Lucifer Spirits, thus giving birth to all the sorrows and suffering in the world. Near the end is the promise that the "Sun of righteousness shall rise, with healing in its wings." The Rosicrucian Fellowship Healing Service states that: "Disease is really a fire, the invisible fire which is the Father." Disease is a manifestation of ignorance, the only sin, and healing is a demonstration of applied knowledge, which is the only salvation. Christ is an embodiment of the Love/Wisdom Principle, and in proportion as the Christ is formed in us, we attain to health. At no time does humanity so readily turn to divine Power for help as when health fails and death threatens; therefore, the office of spiritual advisor always has been associated closely with healing. Even among primitive peoples, the priest also is the medicine man. In Christian denominations, the priest calls on the sick as a representative of our Father in Heaven. Often his love and sympathy engender great faith-- sufficient to heal. The gratitude of the patient toward the physician is added to the veneration felt for the spiritual advisor, and in consequence the power of this individual to help and uplift the patient is increased enormously and the tie between them is much closer. To be healed, we must have faith; we must be humble to the point of obe- dience. In every case in which Christ Jesus healed, the suffering one had to cooperate actively with the Great Healer before HIS cure could be accom- plished. Christ Jesus said: "Stretch forth thy hand," and when the man did so the hand was healed. To another He said, "Take up thy bed and walk," and when he did so the malady disappeared. Many are the cases recorded, including those of the blind man and the leper. The requirements were simple, but such as they were, they had to be compiled with so that the spirit of obedience could aid the Healer's work. This is a Law of Nature that is absolutely sure. Disobedience to the Law of Nature brings disease. Obedience, no matter whether that involves washing in the river Jordan or stretching forth a hand, shows a change of mind. The sufferer therefore is in a position to receive the healing balm. This may come through the Christ or through a healer of one kind or another but primarily, in all cases, the healing Force comes from our heavenly Father, Who is the Great Physician. There are three factors in healing: first, the power from our Father in Heaven; next, the healer; third, the obedient mind of the patient upon which the power of the Father can act through the healer in such a way as to dispel illness. The fact that the whole universe is pervaded with the Power of the Father, always available to cure our ills of whatever nature, is reason e- nough for us to give thanks daily. The healer is the focus--the vehicle through which the Power is infused into the patient's body. If he is a proper instrument, consecrated and harmonious, there is no limit to the wonderful works of the Father which can be performed through him for a patient of properly receptive and obedient mind. A truly spiritual healer will endeavor to instill the highest ideals in his patients, so that they eventually may learn to conform to God's Laws and thus attain permanent health in future lives as well as now. Members of The Rosicrucian Fellowship aim to heal the sick and have su- perior means of accomplishing this benevolent purpose. Earlier religious groups sought to advance spiritually by abusing the body, but Rosicrucian students are taught to exhibit the tenderest care for this instrument. The nature of the sickness and the temperament of the patient determine the form of heealing to be used. If the patient is strong in faith, a spiritually- minded healer or a broadminded physician in whom the patient has confidence may be called, for, as a tuning fork of the same pitch is struck, so will the person who is filled with faith and confidence respond. Whatever good there is in any system of healing, the effects upon a pa- tient will be beneficial or the reverse in exact proportion to that person will be beneficial or the reverse in exact proportion to that person's faith in its healing power. Generally speaking, the study of the higher philosophy will tend to better one's health, because "knowledge is power," and the more we know, the better we are able to cope with all conditions, provided, of course, that we bring our knowledge into practice and live the life. No teaching is of benefit to us unless it is carried into our lives and lived from day to day. The person who lives a clean and upright life, endeavoring to obey the Laws of God, striving earnestly for truth and righteousness, will create thought forms about himself of a corresponding nature. His or her mind will run in grooves that harmonize with truth, and when the time comes in the Second Heaven to create the archetype for his or her coming life, he or she will readily, intuitively, by force of habit from the past life, align him or herself with the forces of light and truth. These lines, built into his body, will create harmony in his future vehicles, and health therefore will be his normal portion in the coming life. The spiritual force generated all through our lives, after we have passed the stage of childhood, may be used for three purposes: generation, degeneration, or regeneration. It depends upon us which of the three methods we choose, but the choice we make will have an important bearing upon our whole life. It overshadows each moment of our existence and determines our attitude in each and every phase of life along our fellow men: how we meet the various trials of life, whether we are able to grasp our opportunities or let them slip by, whether we are healthy or sick, whether or not we live our lives according to a satisfactory purpose. All of this depends upon the way in which we use the spiritual force. There are higher Laws pertaining to the spiritual realms which may be made to supersede those governing the lower realms. The Christ, being the Lord of the Sun, embodied within Himself the synthesis of the stellar vibrations, as the octave embodies all of the tones of the scale. He therefore could emit from Himself the true, corrective planetary influence required in each case. He sensed the inharmony and, by virtue of His exalted development, knew at once how to offset it. He had no need for any further preparation, but obtained results immediately by substituting harmony for the planetary discord which caused the disease with which He was dealing. None among our present humanity can exercise the Power of the Christ, but the need of that Power in active manifestation exists today as much as it did two thousand years ago. Spirit pervades everything in and upon our planet in various measures. An emanation from the Christ Principle, the Universal Spirit composing the World of Life Spirit, restores the synthetic harmony of the body. We may use it to heal the sick according to our abilities, which in turn depend upon our development.--L.L Christ has no body now on Earth but yours, No hands but yours, no feet but yours, Yours are the eyes through which is to look out Christ's compassion to the world; Yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good, And yours are the hands with which He is to bless us now.--St. Teresa THE WISDOM OF THE VEGETARIAN DIET Most people feel that a meal without meat is incomplete, for from time im- memorial it has been regarded as an axiom that meat is the most strengthening food we have. All other foodstuffs have been looked upon as mere accesories to the one or more kinds of flesh on the menu. Nothing could be more erroneous; science has proven by experiments that invariably the nourishment obtained from vegetables has a greater sustaining power, and the reason is easy to see when we look at the matter from the occult side. The Law of Assimilation is that "no particle of food may be built into the body by the forces whose task that is until it has overcome by the indwelling Spirit." The Ego must be absolute and undisputed ruler in the body, governing the cells as an autocrat, or they would all go their own ways as they do in decay when the Ego has fled. The level of the consciousness of the cell determines its power as a unit. The lower its consciousness, the easier it is for the Ego to act as the governing head of the bodily functions. Cells taken into the body also have their individual and collective consciousness. Therefore, the level of their spiritual attainment is a factor to be considered when food is to be used by the organism. The different kingdoms have different vehicles and consequently a different consciousness. The mineral has only its dense body and a consciousness like the deepest trance. It would, therefore, be easiest to subject foods taken directly from the mineral kingdom. Mineral food would remain with us the longest, obviating the necessity of eating so often; but unfortunately we find that the human organism vibrates so rapidly that it is incapable of assimilating the inert mineral directly. Salt and like substances are passed out of the system at once without having been assimilated at all. The air is full of nitrogen which we need to repair waste; we breathe it into our system, yet cannot assimilate it, or any other mineral, till it has first been transmuted in Nature's laboratory and built into the plants. The plants have a dense and a vital body, which enables them to do this work. Their consciousness is as a deep, dreamless sleep. Thus it is easy for the Ego to overpower the vegetable cells and keep them in subjection for a long time, hence the great sustaining power of the vegetable. In animal food the cells have already become more individualized, and as the animal has a desire body giving it a passional nature, it is easily understood that when we eat meat it is harder to overcome these cells which have animal consciousness resembling the dream state, and also that such particles will not stay long in subjection. Hence a meat diet requires larger quantities and more frequent meals than the vegetable or fruit diet. If we should go one step farther and eat the flesh of carnivorous animals, we should find ourselves hungry all the time, for there the cells have become exceedingly individualized and will, therefore, seek their freedom and gain it so much the quicker. An excess of meat is burned up, but leaves poisonous uric acid, and it is being more and more recognized that the less meat we eat, the better for our wellbeing. It is natural that we should desire the very best of food, but every animal body has in it the poisons of decay. The venous blood is filled with carbon dioxide and other noxious products on their way to the kidneys or the pores of the skin to be expelled as urine or perspiration. These loathesome substances are in every part of the flesh and when we eat such food we are filling our bodies with toxic poisons. Much sickness is due to our use of flesh foods. There is plenty of proof that a carnivorous diet fosters ferocity. We may mention the well-known fierceness of beasts of prey, while the prodigious strength and the docile nature of the ox, the elephant, and the horse show the effect of the herb diet on animals. As soon as we adopt the vegetarian diet, we escape one of the most serious menaces of health: the putrefaction of particles of flesh embedded between the teeth. Fruits, cereals, and vegetables are from their very natures slow to decay; each particle contains an enormous amount of ether which keeps it alive and sweet for a long time, whereas the ether which interpenetrated the flesh and composed the vital body of an animal was taken away with the Spirit thereof at the time of death. Thus the danger from infection through vegetable foods is very small, and many of them are actually antiseptic in a very high degree. This applies particularly to the citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc., not to speak of the king of all antiseptics, the pineapple. Instead of poisoning the digestive tract with putrefactive elements as meats do, fruits cleanse and purify the system, and the pineapple is one of the finest aids to digestion known to man. It is far superior to pepsin and no cruelty to sentient life is used to obtain it. Some modern nutritionists advise that for full benefit of the nutrients, citrus fruits should not be mixed with other foods. There are twelve salts in the body known as cell salts; they are very vi- tal and represent the twelve signs of the zodiac. These salts are required for the building of the body. They are not mineral salts as generally sup- posed, but are vegetable. The mineral has no vital body, and it is only by way of the vital body that assimilation is accomplished. Therefore, we have to obtain these salts through the vegetable kingdom. Heat destroys the vital body of the plant and leaves only the mineral part. Therefore, if we desire to renew the supply of these salts in our bodies, we must obtain them from the uncooked vegetable. Since cooking destroys the valuable cell salts, our diet should contain a large percentage of raw food. Herb teas, which should be steeped and not boiled, are also very rich in vegetable salts. But we must not jump to the conclusion that everyone should stop eating meat and live entirely on raw plant food. At the present stage of evolution there are very few who can do so. We must take care not to raise the vibra- tions of our bodies too rapidly, for we, to continue our labor in the pre- sent conditions, must have bodies fitted for the work. Occultists know that there is a flame in the skull at the base of the brain. It burns continually in the medulla oblongata at the head of the spinal cord, and is of divine origin. This fire emits a singing sound like the buzz of a bee and is the keynote of the physical body. It builds and cements together that mass of cells known as "our body." The fire burns high or low, clear or dim, according to how we feed it. There is fire in everything in Nature except the mineral kingdom. It has no vital body and therefore no avenue for the ingress of the Life Spirit, the fire. We replenish this sacred fire partly from the forces from the Sun entering the vital body through the etheric counterpart of the spleen, and from there to the solar plexus where it is colored and then carried upward through the blood. We also feed this fire from the living fire we absorb from the uncooked food which we eat and thus assimilate. Looking at the matter of flesh-eating from the ethical side also, it is a- gainst the higher conception to kill to eat. We have a heavy debt to pay to the lower creatures whose mentors we should be, but whose murderers we are; the good law which works ever to correct abuses will in time relegate the habit of eating murdered animals to the scrapheap of obsolete practices. Man, in his earlier stages of unfoldment, was like the beasts of prey in certain respects. However, he is to become God-like and thus he must cease to destroy in order that he may commence to create. Flesh food has fostered human ingenuity of a low order in the past; it has served a purpose in our evolution; but we are now standing on the threshold of a New Age, when self- sacrifice and service will bring spiritual growth to humanity. The evolution of the mind will bring a wisdom beyond our greatest conception, but before it will be safe to entrust us with that wisdom, we must become harmless as doves. Otherwise we would be apt to turn it to such selfish and destructive purposes that it would be an inconceivable menace to our fellow men. To avoid this, the vegetable diet must be adopted. From the purely practical standpoint, too, the vegetarian diet is advantageous. The ever more prohibited price of meat is causing housewives to turn to substitutes, and people are gradually being taught that the God- given food, the vegetable, is most delicious and healthful. Many people who have been eating more fruits and vegetables are coming to realize that they are gaining in health and, in many cases, that this physical betterment has been accompanied by moral and mental improvement. It has been claimed that it takes twelve acres of pasture to raise the meat sufficient to feed one man. If these twelve acres of land were used for truck gardening, they would produce enough to feed several fairsized families. With the population increase all over the world, it will soon become necessary to discontinue stock raising and devote the acreage to wheat and vegetable growing. In this changing age, when more advanced Egos are born, many of them are naturally vegetarians; a new race having a higher consciousness is coming to birth, especially on the Pacific coast. The coming age will be a vegetarian age, and all who are progressive will naturally fall in line and become vege- tarians--the others will remain behind and be classed among the stragglers of humanity. SPROUTING FOR HEALTH The health of the physical body should be the concern of every aspirant to the higher life. Spiritual evolution requires refinement of man's vehicles. In order to attain purification of the physical organism, the body must be provided with proper nutrition. More and more people are discovering the benefits that can be received by adding to the diet the condensed energy hidden within the seed and released in the form of sprouts. The Western Wisdom Teachings stress the importance of nutrition, not only for the health of the physical body, but also as an aid to one's spiritual sensitivity. Therefore, anyone aspiring to the higher life should be aware of the healthful benefits to be obtained by the use of sprouts. The sprouting of seeds is rapidly taking its place in the home as the housewife learns that the sprouted seeds contain vital nourishment needed by our bodies. Sprouts are very nutritious because they contain all elements a plant needs for life and growth. The endosperm of the seed is the storehouse of carbohydrates, protein, and oil. When the seed germinates, these become predigested amino acids and natural sugars upon which the plant embryo feeds as it grows to maturity. When used as food, the life force is released and supplies the energy which is capable of generating healthy cells in the body and supplying us with new vigor and life. Used as an adjunct to the diet, sprouts can retard the aging process, since they contain ample amounts of male and female hormones, available in their assimilable form. Processed foods often lack the vitamins and minerals necessary to a balanced diet. Research shows that, in sprouts, one finds one of the foods highest in vitamin and mi- neral content. Sprouts should, therefore, occupy a prominent place in the diet. Among their other virtues is the fact that the seeds are low in cost, can be stored indefinitely, and are easy to grow, and, when sprouted, in- crease their nutritional value many times. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Very little is needed in the way of equipment for sprouting seeds: several two-quart wide-mouth jars and enough cheesecloth or nylon to serve as covers for the jars. Rubber bands may be used to attach the cloth to the open end of the jar. The number of jars needed will be determined by the amount and fre- quency of the fresh sprouts desired. Only one kind of seed should be sprout- ed in a jar at a time. With the equipment at hand, we now consider the sprouting procedures re- quired for the three major classifications of sprouts: seeds, grains, and legumes. HOW TO SPROUT: 1. Seeds include alfalfa, celery, clover, oats, radish, fenugreek, and sun- flower. Soak the desired amount of seeds, about one to two tablesspoonful, in a two-quart jar by filling the jar half-way with tepid water and covering it with cheesecloth or nylon, securing the cloth with a rubber band. Place the jar in a dark area, at about room temperature, for about five hours. After five hours, drain, rinse, and let the seeds stand without water for about eight to twelve hours. Rinse again and drain well to prevent rotting. For the next six days, the seeds should be rinsed and drained twice a day using lukewarm water. They should be kept at room temperature in a dark place. After the sixth day, place them in the light for one more day to increase their chlorophyll content. When determining the desired amount of seeds for each container, consider that seeds will expand about eight times the original amount. One jar may be used as a starter and others added as the need arises. 2. Grains include rye, wheat, buckwheat, barley, millet, and rice. Their preparation is the same as for the seeds. 3. Legumes include lentils, mung beans, and soy beans. Due to their hardness, they require an initial soaking of about fifteen hours. They should be rinsed twice a day and given three days for adequate germination. One cup of beans may be used for each two-quart jar, since expansion in their case is not so great as in the case of seeds and grains. It should be noted that sunflower and lentil sprouts should not be larger than the seed itself in order to be palatable. The time required for these seeds to sprout is about two or three days. HOW TO OBTAIN SEEDS: Seeds, grains, and lentils for sprouting may be obtained in most natural food stores or grain outlets and provide an inexpensive, as well as healthful way to provide food for the family table. Caution should be used so that only untreated seeds are purchased. In case of a drastic food shor- tage, war, or natural catastrophe, a quantity of them stored away could be utilized as a survival food. NUTRITIONAL VALUE: One of the many benefits of sprouts is their high energy content. The fol- lowing is a brief outline of the nutritional value of some of the more popu- lar sprouts. 1. All legumes such as those mentioned above are highly concentrated in both protein and starch and are acid-forming unless sprouted. When a proper diet of greens, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruit is fol- lowed, a proper balance of acid vs. alkaline foods is maintained. When the diet is heavy on the protein side, acidity results and then it is necessary to eliminate as many acid-forming foods as possible. Sprouting helps to reduce the acid-alkaline imbalance which might occur when grains, legumes, and other proteins are used. Mung beans, similar in composition to fruits, are rich in vitamins A, C, and B complex. 2. Most seeds contain a great deal of phosphorous, an important mineral for spiritual aspirants, who want to increase their alertness and mental abil- ities. Phosphorous is also necessary for healthy bones and teeth, a fact which makes sprouted seeds desirable for babies and children. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins B and D and all the essential amino acids. Alfalfa, probably the most popular sprouted seed, contains much chloro- phyll, as well as vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, G, K, and U. It also has large amounts of iron, calcium, phosphorous, and sulphur. 3. Grains: Sprouted wheat has become a favorite with many who try to follow a natural diet. These sprouts contain vitamins C, E, B complex, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, protein enzymes, chlorophyll, and possibly B-17. In its cooked form, wheat is unacceptable to some individuals, causing mucous congestion, allergic reaction, and constipation. In its sprouted form, a large portion of starch is converted to simple sugars, making it a wholesome food acceptable to many who would otherwise need to eliminate wheat as a food source. Another way to use wheat is to grow the whole wheat berries as grass. The chlorophyll and laetrile content of wheat grass is very high. The wheat grass should be chewed to obtain the juice, discarding the pulp. Special juicers for wheat grass are now on the market. Another grain we may mention is buckwheat, a food rich in lecithin and ru- tin. SPROUTS IN THE DIET: For most people, sprouts would be an excellent addition to their diet. However, as no set dietary rules can be established to encompass the case of every individual, we suggest that the reader use proper discretion in their use. Sprouts are best when eaten raw, because cooking always destroys a large part of the nutritional content. The entire sprout is eaten, including leaves and roots. Sprouts are good eaten by themselves but can also be added to salads, sandwiches, or soups. They can also be blended for baby food, sauces, and dressings. They can be stored in the refrigerator in a jar or plastic bag for up to two weeks. It is preferable, however, to make small a- mounts at frequent intervals since seeds and sprouts tend to become ran- cid when held for too long a time. Since harmful chemicals are created when foods become rancid, every effort should be made to provide fresh foods in the diet. There are both physical and spiritual benefits when we try to purify our bodies by providing them with wholesome foods. Sprouts are an excellent adjunct to other pure foods in their natural state. Proper diet can help us in our efforts to raise our sensitivity to higher vibrations. As we become more sensitive individuals, we become better enabled to use our purified bodies in the service of humanity. Continued with file "RC5008.TXT" End of File


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