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ASTRO-ANALYSIS/ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS Filename: RC5006.TXT CHART NUMBER 15--THE PAINFUL PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT: Woman born on June 12, 1897 at 6:25PM Long. 74W, Lat. 41N. HOUSE POSITIONS: Midheaven/Virgo 28; 11th House/Libra 27; 12th House/Scorpio 20; Ascendant/Sagittarius 10; 2nd House/Capricorn 13; 3rd House/Aquarius 22. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Venus/Taurus 9:33; Mercury/Taurus 29:43; Pluto/Gemini 13:25; Neptune/Gemini 20:05; Sun/Gemini 22:10; Dragon's Tail/Leo 6:57; Mars/Leo 14:00; Jupiter/Virgo 3:26; Moon/Scorpio 25:22; Saturn/Scorpio 25:39R; Uranus/ Scorpio 25:59R This woman was able to inspire and uplift all who listened to her music. At times, however, she experienced uncontrollable passionate urges and went through terrible periods of delirium and hallucinations with an inexplicable fear of being raped and killed by some horrible "creatures" which she de- scribed as invading her room on the nights of the full Moon. We find the mental and spiritual mutable signs on the angles and their ru- lers, Mercury and Jupiter, afflicted. This warns us that if difficulties oc- cur, they will be of a nervous, mental, or spiritual nature. Note that the Ascendant in Sagittarius is conjunct the fixed star Antares; this makes the body more high-strung and sensitive to finer vibrations. Sagittarius has a double nature. The archer aiming at the stars represents the noble side, whereby the native chooses to follow the spiritual path and apply her will to the pursuit of noble endeavors and aspirations. The animal side of the centaur offers temptation in animalistic, sensual, and amoral directions. To enter the right path one needs a good sense of discrimination and a strong will. Acquiring such is the challenge confronting those born with mutable signs prominent in their horoscopes. Mercury, ruler of the nervous system and fluid, sense perception, and thought process, is in the stubborn Taurus in the 6th House, heavily af- flicted by a T-square. It is also in exact conjunction with the fixed stars Pleiades. Such influence, similar to that of the conjunction of Antares to the Ascendant, produces a highly sensitive nervous system. Mercury opposes a triple conjunction of the visionary Moon, the negative Saturn, and the er- ratic Uranus in Scorpio in the 12th house. Jupiter, in detriment in Virgo in the 9th house, squares Mercury in Taurus and Moon, Saturn, and Uranus in Scorpio. This shows a person who may have very little respect for the law and may not know the difference between right and wrong, her rebellious Spirit respecting no social rules but the one she makes up to suit her desires. Her desires can be quite passionate and violent when they express through the square of Venus, dignified in the extravagant and obstinate Taurus in the 5th house, to Mars in the ardent and excessive Leo in the 8th house. But the Venus-Jupiter trine from the 5th to the 9th house, and the Sun-Neptune conjunction in Gemini in the artistic 7th house, give her an extremely refined and inspirational talent as a musician. The powerfully aspected Neptune in one of the angular houses also shows an active Pineal Gland and potential for conscious contact with the inner planes when properly trained. Research in the Memory of Nature showed that this lady, during the mid- dle ages, had been in the body as a man who entered the mystery school as a minstrel. Minstrels were spiritual aspirants (and Initiates) similar to those we find today on the path of light, who followed a life of service and moral purity in the footsteps of Christ. They learned to decipher the Mystery Teachings concealed in the esoteric rules of the music, poetry, and drama which they practiced. Through the Law of Analogy, they were shown the direct relationship between such rules and the Laws of Nature which they were to follow. This of course was all theory until they went out in the world to perform and test their skills and apply such laws on their own. This was the great test in which many failed. Our native was one of those who strove hard, but rather than transmuting the creative urge, he repressed it to the point where temptation became too strong to resist. While travelling in a band from city to city, he, in company with other weak individuals, would leave the group. These minstrels misused their love songs to lure innocent peasant girls into the woods and thus fulfill their repressed urges. When threatened with denunciation by those they raped, some of them murdered their victims. This, however, was not the case with our native. Even though we may think we can make our own rules, break the Laws of Nature when nobody watches, and get away with it, God is not mocked. We eventually will have to pay in a future embodiment. This is exactly what happened in the present lifetime, destiny caught up with him (now her). The pain endured in purgatory between embodiments acts now as the haunting voice of conscience; the sex elementals attracted by her unregenerated thoughts and feelings, coupled with her very keen perception of the desire world in this life, keep reminding her of the horrible things she did in the past. This is destiny's way to make sure that she no longer will indulge in degeneration, which is similar to suicide, while on the path of regeneration. It took her a long time to accept the idea that all of this was the product of her own past actions, but when she did, she also followed the advice of the Healing Department concerning her diet. She gradually abandoned flesh foods and hot spicy dishes, and she witnessed rapid relief from her passionate urges. Then she quit smoking and drinking and noticed that her hallucinations did not appear any longer in connection with the full Moons! She was so impressed by the "miracle" that she studied the "Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" and discovered that she could remove her fears by cultivating noble aspirations, becoming more altruistic, developing an optimistic temperament, sending regular prayers of gratitude to God, following divine Laws, and living a life of purity, love and service to humanity. After learning that there is no death, she tripled her efforts to live a regenerate life to make up for past mistakes. She also realized that, along with her musical talent, she had a divine gift by means of which she could expel negative entities from any environment through her music. With her knowledge of the Western Wisdom Teachings and her musical gift, she did won- ders in a mental institution where she worked as an aid nurse. She was parti- cularly effective with young girls suffering from obsession and other prob- lems of a psychic or spiritual nature. CHART NUMBER 16--A SPINAL INJURY: Man, born on July 10, 1864 at 2:40 AM, Long. 89W, Lat. 44N. HOUSE POSITIONS: Midheaven/Aquarius 26; 11th House/Pisces 28; 12th House/Taurus 11; Ascendant/Gemini 23; 2nd House/Cancer 13; 3rd House/Leo 2. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Uranus/Gemini 26:37; Mercury/Cancer 9:52; Venus/Can- cer 16:00; Sun/Cancer 18:16; Moon/Virgo 28:18; Saturn/ Libra/11:49; Jupiter/ Scorpio 17:51R; Neptune/Aries 8:36; Mars/Taurus 1:06; Pluto/Taurus 13:02; Dragon's Tail/Taurus 16:18. In the spring of 1903, this man fell flat on his back after drinking too much at a village fair. Six months later he fell again for the same reason, and this time he could not get up. He was sent to the hospital, and the doc- tor who diagnosed a sectioned spine told him he would have to "walk" in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. The man totally rejected the doctor's verdict and swore he would never see a doctor again. Then he started a long quest for the miraculous cure that would save him. He went all over the country and tried all the methods of healing possible. He made many changes in his lifestyle, became a vegetarian, brought God back in his life, and or- ganized information centers for those who, like him, were declared incurable by the medical establishment. He inspired many by his optimism and deter- mination to recover. But no one could help him walk until he wrote to the Healing Department (of The Rosicrucian Fellowship). The conjunction Sun-Venus-Mercury in Cancer in the 2nd house shows how much he liked the good things in life. The trine to Jupiter in Scorpio in the 6th house drew to him many helpers who loved his jovial nature. But the stellium Sun-Venus-Mercury is also at the head of a T-square involving Saturn exalted in Libra in the 5th house of pleasures and Neptune in Aries in the 11th house of friends. Neither he nor his friends had any sense of restriction. "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die" seemed to have been his philosophy until he fell in 1903. The T-square Neptune-Saturn- Mercury indicates a malformation and potential degeneration of the bones and nerves. The most vulnerable area is in the lumbar region, since restricting Saturn is located in Libra. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio in the 6th house opposes Pluto in the 12th house in Taurus, indicating a great need for regeneration. The afflictions of Venus, ruler of the 12th house, confirm that his moral values need to be upgraded. Research in the Memory of Nature indicates that a previous life of moral depravity had weakened the archetype of the physical body. As a consequence, in this life the damaged archetype produced weak bones and nerves. In correspondence with the Healing Department, the patient was told of the suspicion that he had fractured some lumbar vertebrae in his first fall and broken them in his second fall. He was suspected also to have a hidden form of Spina Bifida, a disease which cause the neural arches of the vertebrae--the piece of bone that links the spinous process to the lateral processes be- tween which the pairs of nerves exit from the spinal cord--to be weak or in- completely formed. The spinal cord becomes a bundle of nerves called the Cauda Equina around the 2nd lumbar vertebra. Among those are the femoral and sciatic nerves which control the legs. It was assumed that the fall broke the neural arches of one or several lumbar vertebrae. Then the spinous process was pushed in and pinched the nerves of the Cauda Equina, thus stopping the nerve impulses from going to the legs. By now the bones were repaired in their wrong position. This meant surgery: breaking the bones again and reshaping them. A good specialist was recommended in New York, and a few months later...a mira- cle happened. The medical risks confirmed every word of the astrological diagnosis. A young surgeon offered to perform the risky operation, and in six months the man regained partial control of his legs. The nerves had degenerat- ed, but the Invisible Helpers helped rebuild enough nerve tissue for him to become independent, even though he had to use crutches until his last day. At the time of the first fall, the progressed Midheaven (7:25 Aries) was conjunct radical Neptune (8:36 Aries). An annular eclipse of the Sun on March 29, 1903 had occured in conjunction with it (7:11 Aries) just a week before the accident. Six months later the new Moon that opposed this eclipse was also in eclipse, and this time a Total Eclipse of the Sun (27:01 Virgo) conjoined the radical Moon (28:18 Virgo) and squared radical Uranus (26:37 Gemini). The second fall was decisive. Nineteen years later, in the spring of 1922 and about a week before he discovered the Healing Department, there was an annular eclipse of the Sun (7:04 Aries) in conjunction with his radical Moon. This occured a few weeks before he changed his mind and agreed to go to the doctor who was recommended by the Healing Department. This decision finally brought the recovery that rewarded his faith. There is a natural phenomenon by which Eclipses occur in the same zodi- acal degree every 19 years. Neptune represents the divine Intelligences who guide humanity. The Moon in a man's horoscope signifies his health. Can we recognize "destiny" using the health of this man as a tool to teach him a vital lesson? During those nineteen years, this patient learned a lot about right living, compassion, service, caring for others who suffer, selfless- ness, and diet. Once he had made the necessary changes in his life, he was led to the insightful astro-diagnosis and recommendations which made his healing possible in God's own good time. CHART NUMBER 17--NEGATIVE CLAIRVOYANCE: Female, born on January 13, 1871 at 10:25PM Latitude 40N, Longitude 4W. CUSPS OF THE HOUSES: Midheaven/Gemini 29, Cancer intercepted; 11th House/ Leo 4; 12 House/Virgo 4; Ascendant/Virgo 29:11; 2nd House/Libra 24; 3rd House/Scorpio 24. POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS: Mars/Libra 4:27; Moon/ Libra 18:56; Saturn/Capri- corn 3:27; Dragon's Tail/Capricorn 9:23; Sun/Capricorn 23:22; Venus/Aqua- rius 2:08; Mercury/Aquarius 2:18R; Neptune/Aries 19:05; Pluto/Taurus 17:02; Jupiter/Gemini 17:41R; Dragon's Head/Cancer 9:23; Uranus/Cancer 24:40R. Here is the horoscope of a woman who has Virgo on the Ascendant, and common signs on all four of the angles. Mercury, the life ruler is conjunct with the lady Venus, in the humane sign Aquarius, showing a nature which was most loveable and kindly, one who loved all and never suspected evil in anyone; but, sometimes these trusting ones, who think everyone is as honest as they themselves may come to a period in their lives when they too must be tried. All who are on the path of spiritual endeavor must be tested as to their strength of will, for God can advance only those who are strong and a- ble to carry the burdens of backward humanity; hence, all who aspire to be- come chosen ones must expect that the Teachers who take care of God's higher work must try and try their aspirants. For the same reason that an athlete must strengthen his physical muscle, so must the aspirant also strengthen his spiritual muscle. Although this woman had common signs on the angles, which is an indication of wavering and changing, still with the Sun in Capricorn conjoined to Venus and Mercury the ideals were very high, and the danger lay in the adverse as- pects to the Sun from cardinal signs; first, there are the squares to Sun of Neptune and the Moon, then the opposition of Uranus. These are strong as- pects, which being also in angles, were very hard to overcome. In addition, the square and opposition aspects of the Moon with Uranus and Neptune from the first, seventh, and tenth houses, is another dangerous configuration for one to overcome who has common signs on the four angles. This woman was "disturbed day and night" by entities from the Desire World. Her first contact with these entities occurred after she had visited and sat in a spiritualistic circle. From that time her life was made miser- able by constant disturbances from these desire entities. She has other aspects, however, which, when she made the effort, helped her to overcome. Saturn is very strong in Capricorn its own sign, and Saturn is also semisextile Venus and Mercury in Aquarius and sextile the progressed Moon, 3:58 of Scorpio. The Sun is trine Pluto which is well placed in the eighth house. These planetary positions and aspects led this woman to The Rosicrucian Fellowship to ask for healing, which she received. Let us see which of the planets were most liable to attract desire entities to her. We find Uranus high in the tenth house and square both the Moon and Neptune from angles and in cardinal signs: these three planets were directly responsible for this trouble, especially with the Moon in close opposition to Neptune, an aspect that will ever bring these influences. The native should be cautious and follow the safe path, but the tendency of such people is ever strong towards the investigation of the mysteries of nature, and especially will they be apt to be attracted to spiritualistic seances, because negaitve clairvoyance is shown by the adverse aspects of these very planets. CHART NUMBER 18--PARALYSIS: Male, born on March 17, 1900 at 1:00 AM. CUSPS OF THE HOUSES: 10th House/Libra 11; 11th House/Scorpio 8; 12th House/ Sagittarius 0; Ascendant/Sagittarius 19:22; 2nd House/Capricorn 25; 3rd" House/Pisces 5. POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS: Saturn/Capricorn 4:24; Mars/Pisces 12:51; Sun/Pi- sces 26:12; Mercury/Aries 8:57R; Venus/Taurus 7:34; Pluto/Gemini 14:42; Nep- tune/Gemini 24:15; Moon/Libra 5:39; Jupiter/Sagittarius 10:41; Uranus/Sagit- tarius 12:29; Dragon's Head/Sagittarius 15:09. This man has the energetic sign of Sagittarius on the Ascendant with Jupi- ter, the life ruler, in its own sign in the 12th house, in conjunction with the nervous and erratic Uranus. These two planets are also in conjunction with the Dragon's Head which is of a Jupiterian nature. They are afflicted by a square of Mars, from the sign Pisces, also a parallel of Neptune and Saturn. With these afflictions of Jupiter ruling the arterial blood, in the two Jupiterian signs, Sagittarius (hips) and Pisces (the feet), what may we expect but that the arterial blood would be obstructed in the limbs? As the action of Uranus is spasmodic, it shows that at certain times only does this young man suffer with cramping of the motor nerves. But we find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, ruling the knees, afflicted by the square of the Moon from near the Midheaven, also by the square of Mercury in Aries. As the joints of the body are largely ruled by the sign of Capricorn, especially when Saturn is placed in this sign and afflicted, we may expect a lack of power in and control of the lower part of the body. We find Neptune, the planet ruling the spinal canal and the spinal spirit fire, square to the life-giving Sun. This aspect acts upon the body as a disconnected wire would upon a telephone; there would be no response. The vital fluids cannot flow freely through the spinal column; and the upper and lower parts of the body may be likened to two disconnected wires. This boy could not walk without support of crutches; but this affliction was very slight until he reached the age of seven years when the progressed Moon reached the conjunction of the radical Saturn; then he lost entire control of his limbs. We are told in Galatians, 6th chapter, 7th verse, that whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The question might be asked, "How could this poor young man be held responsible for something that came upon him as a baby?" We are told that this life is not all, that we have lived many lives, and that we are born to parents with whom we have made ties in previous lives. They are the instruments through which we are to receive our lessons. As we look into the life of the poor soul we see this exemplified. He has been attracted to parents who could give him a certain body, the archetype of which he himself was the builder. We note in the horoscope that the Moon is afflicted in the 9th house by the opposition of Mercury, and Saturn is square to both Mercury and Moon, indicating a drunken father and a nervous and neurasthenic mother. May the poor boy born into this miserably afflicted body learn his les- sons, as afflictions are to the soul what fire is to gold--a refiner. Surely the experiences in this life will bring him much purification and soul growth. CHART NUMBER 19--A GRAND CROSS: Woman, born on September 10, 1891; Long. 46N, Lat. 119W. HOUSE POSITIONS: Midheaven/Virgo 3; 11th House/Libra 5; 12th House/Libra 29; Ascendant/Scorpio 18:57; 2nd House/Sagittarius 19; 3rd House/Capricorn 25. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Moon/Sagittarius 9:51; Jupiter/Pisces 12:31R; Neptune/ Gemini 9:04; Mars/Virgo 3:53; Venus/Virgo 15:37; Sun/Virgo 17:45; Saturn/ Virgo 20:06; Mercury/Virgo 22:35R; Uranus/Libra 29:08; Dragon's Tail/ Scorpio 29:00. When we observe so many afflictions in the horoscope of an individual we wonder what kind of a life was lived in a previous embodiment to cause the building of such a restricted and uncomfortable vehicle for the Ego to function in this life. Oh, if we could only be impressed with the idea that we are the makers of our own destiny, and that we are building at present the "house" in which we will live in this life as well as in the ones to come! If the builder of a physical house builds well and carefully he will have the satisfaction of being comfortable in it. When we understand that this bodily house is the Temple of the Living God, the Spirit within; when we realize that we build it be every thought, feeling and action, we are more inclined to learn how to build it right and provide for ourselves a comfortable "home" in this life and the ones to come! When we waste our mental faculties by frittering away our time, then we are not choosing mental material for a heealthy and strong mind to think and create with, and like this poor woman, we will suffer with fear, restlessness, and frustration. We find this woman's chart to be rather disheartening. Virgo occupies the Midheaven with Mars, Venus, Sun, Saturn and Mercury grouped in a stellium forming a grand-cross with the other planets in the four angles. This is a severe handicap to overcome. For instance, the progressive, dynamic Mars in conjunction with the Midheaven, in Virgo, forms a T-square with Neptune (higher mind) in Gemini in the 7th house which opposes the Moon (instinc- tive mind) in Sagittarius in the 1st House. This indicates that mental blocks may prevent her from cooperating with anyone who tries to help her. Venus, the Sun, and Saturn are also posited in the 10th House, opposing Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th house of home and family. This shows that her domineering mind antagonizes those who are associated with her at home and create emotional frustrations. This, in turn, arouses the desire nature to indulge the appetites in various ways, with disastrous consequences for her health. Venus and Sun in opposition to Jupiter produces physical weakness through circulatory, liver and abdominal problems and causes her to tire ea- sily. She also had difficulties with her lower limbs all her life. We find, however, that the greatest affliction comes from Mercury in con- junction with Saturn, elevated in its own sign Virgo and also retrograde. This holds the mind tenaciously in bondage, and produces a supersensitive mentality which does not forget nor forgive. as we may see, because she ne- glected her mind in lives past, she has come back with a mind that is now a handicap to her. She has always had the feeling that others were trying to injure her and rebelled at the condition she herself was responsible for, blaming it on those who loved her and desired to help her. With the Mercury- Saturn affliction, her suspicious mind always brought her to mistrust any effort which her relatives made in her behalf. Especially during the last few years, she would not allow anyone to come near her for fear of being poisoned. Patients who are partially restricted mentally are the most difficult to help. It is only when the ego is free from the body in sleep, that the Invisible Helpers can work on these patients. But when the ego returns to consciousness and again takes up its daily routine, the stubborn Saturn gets back in its restricting work, for with five planets in Virgo in the 10th house such an individual is ruler over the entire family. Since the members of the family want peace that must bow to her rule, else she makes the home most uncomfortable for them. CHART NUMBER 20--BLINDNESS: Woman, born on October 4, 1865 at 10:33 AM; Long. 8E, Lat. 53N. HOUSE CUSPS: Midheaven/Virgo 20; 11th House/Libra 19; 12th House/Scorpio 10 Ascendant/Scorpio 26; 2nd House/Sagittarius 28; 3rd House/Aquarius 10. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Jupiter/Sagittarius 22:52; Moon/Aries 3:45; Neptune/A- ries 9:20; Dragon's Tail/Aries 21:07; Pluto/Taurus 13:45; Uranus/Cancer 3:54; Venus/Virgo 6:58; Mercury/Virgo 28:32; Sun/Libra 11:10; Mars/Libra 22:59; Sa- turn/Scorpio 0:25 This woman's chart tells us how, through her friends, she was wined and dined, and also, how she herself entertained royally when she had the means to do so. It was through this social life that she laid the foundation which would later cripple her life. Many times she was encouraged to face the truth about her empty life, but ignored the advice, pretending that she needed her friends more than Truth. She became totally blind in her late 50's. Mars, ruler of the Ascendant, in detriment in Libra is in conjunction with Saturn. The Sun in fall in Libra and Mercury in its own sign of Virgo, both elevated in the Midheaven, opposing the conjunction Moon-Neptune in Aries in the 4th, form a T-square with Uranus in Cancer in the 8th house. Mercury also receives a square from Jupiter dignified in Sagittarius in the 1st house. These afflictions show the tremendous weakness of the nervous system and es- pecially in the parts of the body ruled by Aries and Libra. We know that Aries, the Sun, the Moon and Uranus (the latter controls the ethers, medium of light transmission) rule eyesight. Uranus afflicted in Cancer explains that devitalized foods and lack of sleep weakened her vital body. Mercury afflicted in Virgo shows an unhealthy life style where unbalanced diet, toxic drinks and smoke hampered the body with difficult digestion and poor assimilation. With Sun and Mars afflicted in Libra her desire for rich spicy food brought disastrous consequences on the kidneys which failed to purify the blood from toxic waste. The blood then fed this waste to the vulnerable organs of the opposite sign Aries, and, with time she became blind. Let us study the eye and its mechanism. When a light ray reaches the eye it is transformed by the various substances it passes through so that it may properly be used by the body. When it touches the conjunctiva (tissue co- vering the cornea) a fragment of the ray is reflected away from the eye. As light crosses the cornea the highly charged etheric beam that carries the photons (light particles) is slowed down and redirected toward the crystal- line lens. Then it passes through the aqueous humor which absorbs most of the etheric energy of the beam and sends it to the blood via the canal of schlemm, saving this vital force for the body. The light vibration is further stepped down by the focusing process in the crystalline eye lens. After this, the softer light beam crosses the vitreous humor (between lens and retina) whose very special structure acts like a polarizing filter and separates the pho- tons from their supporting etheric beam before they hit the photoreceptors of the retina. Their influence on the photoreceptors generates chemical reac- tions that inform the brain via the optic nerve. Mercury rules the optic nerve and retina in general, but the Sun, Uranus and Neptune rule specific groups of cells. The Sun also rules the lens and cornea, while the Moon controls both the vitreous and aqueous humors. Since the different parts of the eye are nourished and maintained by the blood, it is most vital to keep it clean with good kidneys. When toxic blood goes to the eye, the aqueous humor loses its normal alkaline bal- ance and can no longer absorb the above described highly charged etheric beam, then instead of building the eye, light gradually burns it and blindness follows. Spiritual vision is an extension of physical sight. There is a tiny canal (canal of stilling) in the vitreous humor that extends in a straight line from the blind spot (optic nerve) to the center of the lens and is filled with a fluid similar to the aqueous humor. When we are concentrating, our e- thers become highly charged and a beam of ether shoots through the center of the optic nerve, passes through the canal of stilling, is polarized by the lens and is projected out of the eyes. If the concentration is used to inves- tigate the memory of nature this beam is focused upon the planetary reflect- ing ether, then our one-pointed mind brings its vibration in harmony with the 4th Region of the World of Thought, then the heart, through right feeling lifts us up to the World of Life Spirit which is the true memory of nature. The Life Spirit, the World of Thought and the higher ethers are brought in unison by this process in a manner similar to the strings of a piano when you depress the pedal and hit a low C string, then the other octaves, middle C and high C resonate with it. Of course this all sounds simple, but one must work many lifetimes to attain the goal. Some of us DID start in the past and have attained some measure of insight. You may want to go back to Chapter XX of "The Message of the Stars" to discover the subtle indications of efforts made along these lines in past lives as described by Max Heindel. Our patient did not experience spiritual vision and even though she was sad about it, she did not despair for Max Heindel left us an infallible method with seven exercises in Chapter XVII of "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception." She trained herself with them and used most positively the last 15 years of her life in total blindness. She prepared herself for her next life, and she said before passing on: "Next time I will `Walk in the light as He is in the light' whether I have eyes or not." CHART NUMBER 21--COLON INFLAMMATION AND AUTO-INTOXICATION: Male, born on November 4, 1882 at 11:49 PM; Long. 60W, Lat. 34S HOUSE POSITIONS: Midheaven/Taurus 13; 11th House/Gemini 8; 12th House/Cancer 0; Ascendant/Cancer 24:24; 2nd House/Virgo 5; 3rd House/Libra 13. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Moon/Virgo 8:43; Uranus/Virgo 22:05; Mercury/Libra 24:11; Sun/Scorpio 12:39; Mars/Scorpio 22:53R Venus/Sagittarius 19:55; Nep- tune/Taurus 17:36R; Saturn/Taurus 23:27R; Dragon's Head/Scorpio 20:41; Pluto/Taurus 29:35R; Jupiter/Cancer 0:54R When this man contacted the Healing Department (of The Rosicrucian Fellow- ship) he was complaining about abdominal and rectal pain. (He also com- plained that he felt tired all the time and could not think or concentrate for any length of time, reasons for his not being able to keep a job.) No money, no food; he was in trouble! His horoscope gives the watery sign of Cancer (the sign of least vitality in the Zodiac) on the Ascendant, as well as on the cusp of the 12th house with Jupiter exalted and retrograde, sextile to the Moon in Virgo. When the 12th house cusp and the Ascendant are found in the same astrological sign, we have a clear indication that when the person is faced with the trials of ripe destiny he will also be given a chance by the Lords of Destiny to step upon the "straight and narrow of Light." When diagnosing, it is customary to look at the 6th house (of health and sickness) and its ruler for the key to the trouble. In this horoscope we have the sign of Capricorn on the cusp of the 6th house, with its ruler, Saturn, in the 10th house in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail, which is Saturnian in its influence. Saturn is also conjunct Neptune in Taurus. These are all in opposition to Mars and the Sun in Scorpio. The inflammatory Mars, strong in its home sign, has rule over the colon and generative organs. This pernicious affliction is rendered more devious by the subtle parallel of Neptune to the Sun, indicating a passional nature which in adolescence found its outlet in the secret habit of masturbation. This very detrimental habit hampers physical growth, depletes the vitality, chokes the feelings and stunts the mentality. Our young sensitive Scorpio, after developing irritation of the generative organs through bad habits, would avoid going to the bathroom for as long as he could to escape the pain. This started the process of auto-intoxication that temporarily clogged his physical and mental health. Voluntary retention of toxic waste is sure to bring more trouble than relief, and to understand why, let us examine the digestive system as depicted in this horoscope. Taurus begins the digestive tract. It rules the mouth, teeth, salivary glands, pharynx, and upper part of the esophagus; it is also responsible for the mechanical breaking down and liquefaction of food. The presence of Sa- turn, Neptune, and Dragon's Tail explains why the patient would "gulp" his food without chewing it. Mastication of the food is most important. It breaks food into small components and mixes them with saliva, which starts the preliminary phase of chemical transformation. Cancer rules the lower esophagus, the stomach, the pancreas and upper part of the liver; it is also responsible for the chemical separation and transformation of food. The presence of the Ascendant, the 12th house, and retrograde Jupiter in the 12th house tells us that he "dumped" in his stomach large quantities of unmasticated food. The stomach is not designed to chew but to mix with the gastric juices the food that has been liquefied in the mouth. Therefore the food he "gulped" was only partially digested, creating problems "further down the tube." Virgo rules the Solar Plexus, the spleen, the lower part of the liver, and the small intestine; it is also responsible for chemical neutralization processes, selection and assimilation of digested nutrients. The presence of the Moon and Uranus shows that unstable conditions of environment and temperament produce improper assimilation. The square to Venus (venous blood) explains that transfer of nutrients from the intestine to the veins by exosmosis is limited, sporadic and erratic. This allows only a small amount of the large food intake to be carried to the liver for storage via the mesenteric and portal veins. Furthermore, the unmasticated chunks of food slow down the normal flow through the small intestine, forcing more water and toxins to be assimilated, drying up the feces, creating constipation and intoxication. Scorpio ends the digestive tract. It rules the large intestine, the rectum, the anus, and the generative organs; it is also responsible for the bacterial transformation of undigested material, and elimination of waste material and the creation of new life out of decaying material. The presence of both fiery Mars and Sun reveals the reasons of the inflammatory condition and dehydration found in his colon. Dried out, unmasticated food from the small intestine passes through the colon and is further slowed down, fermentation and putrefaction take place and excretion becomes ever more painful. The rectum becomes irritated, blood circulation in its veins is interfered with and hemorrhoids ensue. Masturbation made it worse by exciting the muscles and vessels of the anal region. Constipation alters the normal balance of the bacterial colony in the intestine. These bacteria are agents which extract any Life Ether left in the feces before excretion. This Life Ether is then used by the generative and regenerative processes in the body. Undigested food, meat, spicy exotic foods, and so-called aphrodisiacs all carry an excess of the Ether which can overstimulate the generative process. As his desire nature was not under control, self-abuse became very hard to avoid. Correspondence with the Healing Department helped this man to adopt a ba- lanced vegetarian diet, to reduce his food intake and chew it thoroughly, to appreciate and give thanks for it. In a few months he was back to normal. So impressed by the results, he became a member (of The Rosicrucian Fellowship) and married someone who helped him master his bad habits as he learned more about Mr. Heindel's teachings on the sacredness of sex and procreation. He was also helped mentally by the exercises of "concentration, observation, and discrimination" as taught in "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception," and these reduced his job problems. CHART NUMBER 22--AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE: ASTROLOGICAL DATA: Saturn/Aries 15; Venus/Aries 28; Mercury/Arires 28; Sun/ Taurus 0; Moon/Taurus 4; Pluto/Gemini 24; Neptune/Cancer 14; Jupiter/Virgo 5R; Uranus/Capricorn 21; Mars/Aquarius 7. ASPECTS: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon all conjunct; Mars square both Sun and Moon; Jupiter trine both Sun and Moon; Saturn square both Uranus and Neptune; Pluto sextile Mercury, Venus and Sun. DISPOSITORSHIP: Mars: Saturn, Venus, Mercury; Venus: Sun, Moon; Saturn: Mars, Uranus; Mercury: Jupiter, Pluto; Moon: Neptune. The hour of birth is not known. The patient is a 72 year old (in 1982) wo- man who lives with her husband and has two grown children. She is a retired electronic parts inspector. She has suffered from emphysema for 18 years and has developed shortness of breath after smoking for 30 years. She was on "Prednisone" for many years. This is a synthetic drug which works like the adrenal hormone cortisone. It helps her breathe better, but over the years the medicine contributed to the thinning of her bones. She has experienced multiple compression fractures of several of her spinal vertebrae and lives in continuous pain. Much of her day is spent breathing oxygen from a tank. She has a history of arthritis and in recent years has lost sensation in her hands and feet. Her mouth and eyes are dry due to inadequate saliva and tears. She is frequently nervous and depressed and depends a lot on the pain relieving medicine. Past hsopitalization revealed she had a stomach ulcer and inflammation of the pancreas. She can be very pessimistic and every day is a struggle. The patient is an independent, impatient person who is struggling against the limitations that she created in her body through wrong living. Mars and Saturn bring conflict within her due to their afflictions, this being further emphasized by their mutual reception. Mercury and Venus are both in combust conjunction with the Sun. Born at the New Moon, both Sun and Moon square Mars in the fixed signs. It seems as if the plan for this lifetime points towards the taming of Martial energy. As is always the case one is one's own worst enemy and the untamed martial fire is destructive. As she applied it against her own body, so much self-destructive attitude results in intense pain at present. The greater the fire the greater the pain. Spiritual understanding of the purpose of limitations and learning how to express martial energy positively, with more altruism, could greatly help relieve her suffering. Her disease is not fully understood from the medical viewpoint. She appears to have an auto-immune disease which is destroying her sensory nerves, lachrymal and salivary glands. Her saliva is thick and foamy while her eyes are dry and very uncomfortable. She underwent cataract surgery. It is thought that white blood cells called lymphocytes cause inflammation and destruction of the salivary and lachrymal glands: the disease is known as Sjogien's syndrome. Another feature of her condition is a complication of the use of Prednisone, a Jupiterian medicine which suppresses inflammation. When used in high doses over a prolonged period of time it may cause thinning of the bones and skin. But the body adjusts its balance to the extra dose of hormone and when Prednisone is reduced or stopped symptoms such as shortness of breath and increase of inflammation appear. It is possible that someone will bring her some understanding of the Law of Cause and effect and show how she created her own disease by breaking the Laws of Nature. At the appropriate time her spirit will depart from her body, giving her the opportunity to review life and help her understand what went wrong. Then she will prepare a new body suitable for next life of experience when she will strive to correct the present mistakes and generate more har- mony for herself and others. CHART NUMBER 23--A LIFE OF TORMENT: Woman, born on December 17, 1985 at 5:30 AM; Long. 117W, Lat. 34N. SIGNS ON CUSPS: Midheaven/Virgo 20; 11th House/Libra 20; 12th House/Scorpio 15; Ascendant/Sagittarius 7:29; 2nd House/Capricorn 9; 3rd House/Aquarius 14. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Mercury/Sagittarius 12:22R; Sun/Sagittarius 25:07; Moon/ Capricorn 19:26; Jupiter/Capricorn 25:36; Dragon's Head/Capricorn 25:41; Venus/Aquarius 10:43; Uranus/Pisces 21:40; Pluto/Cancer 14:03R; Neptune/Leo 24:41R; Saturn/Scorpio 21:21; Mars/Scorpio 22:51. This woman was born in the most undesirable environment; her mother, a prostitute, was too busy to give her any kind of education and as a conse- quence the girl had no sense of discrimination and no moral values. Around the age of 13 she became a prostitute herself and her life turned into a nightmare. Syphilis, abortions, witchcraft, jail, despair, suicide, cancer and finally death were part of her ordeal. Of course, we may shiver at the load that some of these souls bring upon themselves from previous lives. It is evident that the unrestrained use of the creative function is the "sin a- gainst the Holy Ghost," and right use of this sacred force must be learned through pain and sufering. With the Sun, Mercury, and the Ascendant in Sa- gittarius we have the challenge of the lower natures represented by the Cen- taur, fighting with the Higher Self represented by the archer shooting his arrows skyward. In the present case the animal side has full control and prevents the higher side from expressing itself. Common signs on the angles tell of the tremendous need to develop will power to overcome the passions. The square Sun-Uranus from the first to the fourth house breeds pride and selfishness which attract to her the spirits of sensuality. On the other hand, Mars conjunct Saturn in the twelfth house in Scorpio square to Nep- tune retrograde in Leo in the ninth house explains how her deep passions and perverted life drew to her the sex elementals that obsessed her until her death. Her frantic quest for security and money impelled by Pluto in Cancer opposing Moon conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn in the second-eighth house axis lured her into prostitution around the time of puberty. Parents who give birth to children have the enormous spiritual responsibi- lity of giving them the spiritual food and education that will make them strong in spite of circumstances. Max Heindel (in "Principles of Child Training") laid the basic principle when he said that man evolves in cycles of seven years during which different methods would answer different needs. In the course of the first septenary cycle ruled by the Moon (age 0 to 7) the physical body is born. The child discovers himself and imitates all he sees; therefore the best of examples must be provided by the parent. After the first set of teeth has fallen the age of reason comes with the second septenary cycle, ruled by Mercury (age 7 to 14) when the Vital Body is born. The memory and first reasoning faculties bring many questions and much agi- tation. The child needs discipline. Good health habits should be taught and developed, education on the sacredness of the sex function and the creative force should be given then, for they will be of much value in the next and most vulnerable phase. The third septenary cycle ruled by Venus (age 14 to 21) starts with puberty, the awakening of thhe creative force, and the birth of the Desire Body bringing the impetuosity of adolescence. The mind is born only at the next cycle and cannot control the desires so this period brings many emotional ups and downs and more than ever the adolescent needs the sup- port, sympathy, understanding, and compassionate guidance of his elders to prevent him from falling into the many traps that stand in front of his inex- perience. During this phase the creative force which should not be misused nor exer- cised, is utilized by the Ego to build the link between the Desire Body and the Mental Body with the third part of the Silver Cord. As this Cord is being built it also bridges the major Ductless Glands which are said to be Spiritual Centers of the body, the seven roses upon our living cross. Sex and drug experiences during the period are the most devastating because they interfere directly with the building of a strong bridge between the finest vehicles, and prevent proper connection with the spiritual centers. At the same time they rob the person's creative energy normally used to build the brain and guiding mind which will be born in the next cycle. A weak bridge will make for people who will not respond to the higher spiritual vibrations of the Aquarian Age, people who will have mental difficulties later in life, and people who will be a burden upon society due to their deficient condition. We said previously that man evolves in cycles of seven years. The first, ruled by the Moon, the second, ruled by Mercury, and the third, ruled by Venus, correspond to the birth of the physical body, the vital body, and the desire body respectively. The fourth septenary cycle (21 to 28), ruled by the Sun, brings the birth of the mind. One reaches the age of majority and takes on responsibilities. This cycle is the time to leave home and family and start on one's own, for now the four vehicles are born and "operational." With the fifth septenary cycle (28 to 35), ruled by Mars, serious life starts. A new phase is introduced in the physical body, as are also changes in the Chemical Ether. The sixth septenary cycle (35 to 42), ruled by Jupiter, brings expansion of consciousness. We enter a new phase for the vital body: specifically, the Life Ether gives us an abundance of energy. The seventh septenary cycle (42 to 49), ruled by Saturn, is life's culmi- nating point. Special work on the desire body helps to overcome the emo- tional challenges of that cycle, increasing our efficiency. The eighth septenary cycle (49 to 56), starts over again the sevenfold planetary rulership: it is ruled by the Moon. A new dimension opens up for the mind, giving us, during this important cycle, the greatest potentialities: a seven year plateau before the slowing down process of the following phases. Let us now look at the chart and see how this information can be used. It will be of interest to realize that the septenary archetypes may be shorter or longer than seven years since they vary with each individual. You may wonder why that is and how it works. The Moon gives us the clue. By progression, the Moon completes a cycle around the zodiac in about 28 years. During that time, the Moon goes through four phases of about seven years each. Take this horoscope and locate the Moon at 19:26 Capricorn. Draw a line to the opposite point at 19:26 Cancer, and another perpindicular to it from 19:26 Aries to 19:26 Libra. Your astrological wheel now has 4 equal segments. It takes the Moon about seven days to cover one segment, and by precession seven years. Each time the progressed Moon reaches another segment, a new septenary cycle starts. The speed of the Moon is not constant; it may travel between 11 and 15 degrees each day. Therefore a septenary cycle may be shorter or longer than seven years, depending on the speed of the Moon. At her birth (December 17, 1925), Moon at 19:26 Capricorn), her physical body and the positive pole of her Chemical Ether were born. This first septenary period is ruled by the Moon. By April 1931, the progressed Moon reached 19:26 Aries, squaring natal Moon. She was six and a half years old; she started to lose her first set of teeth. She had reached the age of reason, the second septenary cycle ruled by Mercury. Her vital body and the positive pole of the Life Ether were born. She was asking many questions concerning the creative force, pregnancy, conception, and the creative organs, and her exasperated mother (a prostitute) would finally give her physical demonstrations in answer to her questions. By the fall of 1938 she had her first sexual experience. The Moon was progressing in conjunction to Pluto in the 8th house; she was not yet 13 years old. When the progressed Moon reached 19:6 Cancer, opposing natal Moon, she reached puberty and had her first period in April, 1939. She was 13 and a half. She had entered her third septenary cycle ruled by Venus. The desire body and the positive pole of the Light Ether were born. At that time she needed the greatest moral support to help control the impulses of her desire nature, but her mother died. She became a prostitute to survive. She had two abortions: one in the winter of 1941 and the other in the summer of 1944, leaving deep psychological scars. In October 1946, she was close to 21. The progressed Moon reached 19:6 Libra, squaring the natal Moon. Her concrete mind and the positive pole of the Reflecting Ether were born; she then possessed her four vehicles and could start controlling her destiny. She tried to assume her own responsibilities and got a job with friends to get away from prostitution. By the summer of 1949, however she ended up in jail falsely accused of murder. This, of course, was a blessing in disguise, for while in jail soemone gave her the address of The Rosicrucian Fellowship and she wrote for help. During the 16 years she spent on the healing list, she fought the philosophy of regeneration. She felt sex was a natural thing to practice and that no one should restrict it under any circumstances because, she claimed, it is the most important biological function of the universe. She reasoned that restricting it to a few procreative acts did not justify the function. She could not understand why God would go through the trouble of creating such elaborate creative organs and functions if they are to be used only 3 or 4 times in a lifetime. This did not match the rest of our bodily functions, which are performed hundreds and thousands of times from birth to death. Her mind was blocked, and she dismissed anything religious, philosophical, or occult because she could not feel its reality, either from within or from without. Through regeneration we conserve the creative force within; then we lift it to the brain and larynx and by so doing cause many things to happen. Here are a few examples: 1) the raising of the unused sex force gradually builds the second, or etheric, spine, which will sustain the spiritual creative organ of the coming New Age--the etheric larynx--with which we are to speak the "lost word" again; 2) we also build that etheric larynx; 3) we gradually alter the functioning of our brains and awaken conscious activity in the right hemisphere; 4) we strengthen the silver cord, creating a better link between the various seed-atoms and their respective invisible vehicles, allowing us to learn to become better "centered"; 5) we awaken our "spiritual sensors" located in the ductless glands--the spiritual centers of the vital body--and become more receptive to the finer and more spiritual vibrations that surround us all the time; 6) the high vibrations of the transmuted sex force create a bridge of light in the third ventricle of the brain between the Pituitary Body and the Pineal Gland, opening our sixth sense, and the various ESP experiences thus created are the first signs of our conscious conquest of the inner planes; 7) provided we live pure, altruistic, and selfless lives, we also can come in contact with the "eternal now," the Memory of Nature, or read the aura, feelings, and thoughts of others, not for mere curiosity, of course, but to help or heal and do many other wonderful things. Even though she could not accept these ideas, she continued writing to The Rosicrucian Fellowship in order to argue, thinking she might convince them in the end! She did not, and even if it appears that she was not convinced either, they planted a seed that will bloom in God's good time. We also know that the conversation continued on the inner planes at night with the Invisible Helpers, and we are sure that she received, there, the education that she did not get when she was a child. Even if the desired results did not manifest in this lifetime, time was not wasted trying to help her. The efforts on her behalf will bear good fruits when she returns in a coming incarnation. No effort ever is wasted, and it always pays to do good to others. One of the greatest lessons we learn, when engaged in spiritual healing, is that we always can do something positive for the worst case. We are not allowed to give up our efforts to help, for we plant the seed and we water it. God giveth the increase in His own good season. God works in mysterious ways. As long as there is life there is hope. The Invisible Helpers, who learn the secret of the Word to repair the vital body at night under the wise guidance of the Elder Brothers, can restore or reconstruct any part of the body that is damaged or destroyed. This can happen only if the patient has made the necessary spiritual adjustment to prevent the problem from happening again--that is, if the lesson has been learned. That explains why so many people do not get notable results: the lesson has not yet been learned. This native's horoscope shows great spiritual potential, with Sun, Mercury, and Ascendant in Sagittarius, a strongly aspected Uranus, an elevated Neptune in the 9th house trine the Sun! Why did she not respond more positively? During gestation, the negative pole of the silver cord is constructed by the Recording Angels and the incoming Ego. After birth the positive pole is brought to bear and matures in cycles of seven years. Since the silver cord is the link between the various vehicles of the Spirit, the greatest care must be given to the upbringing of the child so that he later may respond positively to the spiritual impulses of the Higher Self. From birth to the age of reason, the etheric segment of the silver cord is being constructed. It is completed at the time the vital body is born (around seven), to mature during the next seven years. From the age of reason to puberty, the second segment of the cord, made of desire stuff, is constructed from the liver to the solar plexus. Its completion marks the birth of the desire body (around fourteen), which also matures during the next seven years. From puberty to majority, the third and most important segment, made of mind stuff, is developed. It becomes operational at the birth of the mind at age twenty- one. It reaches ripening maturity at around twenty-eight years of age, when the individual is fully grown and serious life starts. We will draw our attention to the difficult period of growth between pu- berty and majority, for this represents a very delicate phase of human development. As the third segment of the silver cord, made of delicate mind stuff, is carefully constructed, it slowly grows from the seed atom of the mind located at the root of the nose, where the Spirit has its seat. Then, guided and strengthened by the unused sex force of the adolescent, it passes between the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Body in the third ventricle of the brain. From there it follows its path downwards, connecting the Thyroid Gland, the Thymus Gland, the Spleen, the Adrenals. At age twenty-one it fi- nally ties in with the second segment of the silver cord in the seed atom of the desire body in the great vortex of the liver. It then matures during the following seven years. This connection between the seed atom of the mind and that of the desire body is of paramount importance because it links the ductless glands in a chain that eventually can be used by the Higher Self (Will) via the mind voluntarily to control and attune the three-fold body so that Initiation may take place. It is very important that the child be prepared for the challenges of adolescence during the preceding septenary cycle (seven to fourteen) with a sound moral education. When the desire body is born, it cannot yet be controlled by the unborn mind. Emotional impulses and pressure from others can bring moral problems with serious spiritual consequences. Adolesceents should not be using the creative force for sex at that stage, because it is very much needed to build a strong mind and silver cord to create a good strong link between the seed atom of the mind, the ductless glands (which are man's spiritual centers), and the other seed atoms. If such a strong link is established during a healthy, moral adolescence, the Spirit, after age twenty-one, can control via the mind the secretion of hormones by the ductless glands and alter the composition of the blood (vehi- cle of the Spirit) to fit it for greater intellectual, cultural, and spiritu- al development. Under these conditions, the person will respond positively to adequate methods of spiritual development. On the contrary, if such a link is poorly established, due to sex and drug abuses during adolescence, the third segment of the silver cord is very weak. The link with the ductless glands is fragile, and the mind, which should act as a break on the impulse of the desire body, remains ineffective to a great extent. Strong feelings and desires overstimulate the lower glands and modify the composition of the blood, enabling the passionate nature slowly to take over the temperament. This further hinders mental development, and the person has a hard time responding to the higher and nobler impulses of the Spirit, sent through the mind. This is why our patient could not accept the philosophy of regeneration that was presented to her and would not consider controlling her moral life. Her personality and desire nature were somewhat separated from her higher nature and mind because she did not receive a moral education as a child and she became a prostitute as a teenager. By wasting her vital creative force through amoral practices, she interfered with the development of her mind, silver cord, and ductless glands. Had she chosen a different way of solving her financial problem at her mother's death, she would not have robbed herself of the potential spiritual development that her horoscope offered. Even though she was hardly responsible for choosing the easy way out, nothing is predestined; we all have free will. It is better to make a mistake than not to do a thing when we are challenged by destiny. The Law of Cause and Effect will guide her next life toward right living. A MEDICAL ASTROLOGY PRIMER: Great Mandala: Mars in Aries; Venus in Taurus; Mercury in Gemini; Moon in Cancer; Sun in Leo; Mercury in Virgo; Venus in Libra; Mars in Scorpio; Jupiter in Sagittarius; Saturn in Aquarius; Jupiter in Pisces. Before proceeding with further analysis of individual patients, let us examine some of the concepts of medical astrology so that we may become better attuned to the spiritual purpose of these studies. The natal horoscope is a symbolic picture of a human being's rebirth into the material world. The Ego brings into rebirth personality traits, interests, talents, limitations, and degrees of understanding and self- control which uniquely reflect the experience of past lives. Man's present evolution utilizes a four-fold body as the vehicle in which man's three-fold spirit acquires experience. A natal horoscope has multiple levels of meaning. On one level we look for correlations between the birth chart and the person's physical characteris- tics. A planet in a particular sign correlates with strengths or weakness of the physical structures which the sign is said to rule. The sign on the Ascendant gives a clue to the physical appearance of the person. The energy of the person and relative function of the bodily organs are not only dependent upon the anatomic structure but also reflect the vital forces which flow through the organs. We recognize that these are the functions of the vital body. Thus a second level of analysis of the natal chart involves an assessment of the person's vitality. The twelve signs represent a spectrum of life energy. Compare the relative energies of fire and water signs. Compare the relative energies of cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs of the same element. Similarly the planets in the chart symbolize a spectrum of vital energy. The next level of analysis of a natal chart involves the desire nature of the person. The planets are associated with various human emotions as indicated in these familiar examples: dignified Sun, cheerful Venus, melancholy Saturn, optimistic Jupiter, and discordant Mars. The sign placement and aspects of the planets give clues to the person's emotional development. What planetary aspects would you expect to find in the chart of an unhappy person who encloses himself in a shell of fear and gloom? What pattern might you find in the chart of an angry, impulsive person who alienates his or her associates? In these instances what kind of emotional growth would help each person overcome these problems? An important part of astro-analysis is the assessment of the mental devel- opment of the person whose chart we study. The pattern of the Moon helps us understand the person's reflective mind. Thought shaped by customs, feel- ings, memories, and imitation are associated with the Moon. The pattern of Mercury indicates a person's mode and capacity for reasoning and communicat- ing. In evaluating a natal chart we need to ask ourselves what planets and as- pects constitute the major focus in the person's life. What planets are highlighted by sign position, aspects, and rulership? What planets are minimally active? In the great mandala above, the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have been purposely omitted. This is to remind us that these cannot be considered prominent in the personal lives of men and women at the present time. The lessons taught by the lower octave planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars need to be mastered before the spiritual qualities of these outer planets can be properly expressed. After examining the details of a chart we should try to create a compre- hensive picture which integrates the component parts. We may ask ourselves how the pattern in the natal horoscope serves the needs of the three-fold Spirit born at that moment. What opportunites has the Ego been given to express its free will? Why is it improper to use the chart to make predictions about the person's future health and illnesses? Medical astrology is a blending of science and religion. It gives us in sight into the spiritual purpose of rebirth and each man or woman's plan for evolution in the present life. Think of how remarkable it is that a given planetary aspect can simultaneously represent a physical structure, a biological function, an emotional pattern, and a spiritual lesson. As a first step in studying the relationship between the signs of the zodiac and human anatomy, we will divide the body into twelve areas, each represented by a major anatomic structure: Aries-head; Taurus-throat; Gemini-lungs; Cancer-stomach; Leo-heart; Virgo-intestines; Libra-kidneys; Scorpio-genitals; Sagitttarius-hips; Capricorn-knees; Aquarius-ankles; Pisces-feet. Each region of the body consists of complex tissues including nerves, mus- cles, membranes, skin, blood, and bone. Each region has a different function, yet each is constructed from the same building blocks. In Part One we studied various levels of meaning in the analysis of a natal horoscope. Similarly, the astro-analysis of human anatomy is understandable when we consider various levels of association between signs, planets, and the human body. In what was do opposite signs serve similar functions? Pisces rules the feet; Virgo rules the hands. Aquarius rules the ankles; Leo rules the wrists. Capricorn rules the knees; Cancer rules the elbows. Sagittarius rules the hips; Gemini rules the shoulders. The creative force of the genital organs and the lower spine, ruled by Scorpio and Libra, is reflected in the development of the larynx and the brain ruled by the opposite signs Taurus and Aries. How do the anatomic structures ruled by the four cardinal signs work toge- ther? The functioning of the brain (Aries) is essential for life in the ma- terial world. The brain's metabolism depends upon glucose derived from in- gested food. Man's awareness of hunger is associated with the function of the stomach (Cancer). The kidneys (Libra) serve an important role in maintaining the proper concentration of water, salts, and other metabolic products in the body. Waste products are eliminated and essential nutrients are retained. The skin (Libra and Capricorn) contains sweat glands which, like the kidney, have the capacity to excrete fluid. The skin provides the body with a protec- tive coating which holds in body fluids. By secreting sweat the skin plays an important role in regulating body temperatures. When one sees how the brain, stomach, kidneys, and skin each contribute to the maintenance of bodily function, it should not be surprising that disease in one area may be manifested by symptoms in another, it should not be sur- prising that disease in one area may be manifested by symptoms in another. Abnormal eating habits (Cancer) which overload the body with waste products can result in eczema of the skin (Capricorn). Renal failure (Libra) can lead to the state of impaired brain function known as coma (Aries). A person with diabetes mellitus has high concentrations of sugar in the blood due to an insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas (Cancer) and habits of o- vereating (Cancer). In response to the high blood sugar the kidneys (Libra) excrete large amounts of sugar in the urine. The diabetic patient is subject to skin infections (Libra, Capricorn) and can develop impaired vision from deposits in the retinas of the eyes. Organic functions associated with the fixed and mutable signs are as follows: Taurus-thyroid; Gemini-respiration; Leo-liver; Virgo-assimilation; Scorpio-colon; Sagittarius-arterial system; Aquarius-blood; Pisces-lymph. "The Sun contains in itself all the inherent powers and qualities special- ized in other planets, and the planets abstract from the Sun certain proper- ties and transmit them to the Earth Sphere in modified form." (H. L. Cor- nell, "Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology.") This quotation should help us think about the relationship of the planets to life on Earth. In what ways does man resemble the Sun? Max Heindel in "Simplified Scientific" has given us concise definitions of the spiritual relationship between the pla- nets and man: SUN: Man's highest spiritual aspect, the Divine Spirit whose faculty is Will. VENUS: Intuition and Imagination, Love, the cementing influence in the life whereby we are attracted to others for mutual benefit. JUPITER: Man's Human Spirit, whose faculty is abstract thought. MARS: Outgoing energy of the lower nature, the Desire Body, the passional and emotional aspect of man. SATURN: The seed-atoms of man's lower vehicles, wherein are stored the expe- rience of all past lives. MOON: The symbol of the Vital Body. Together with the Ascendant, denotes the formation of the physical body. MERCURY: The lower concrete mind, a vehicle for the expression of other pla- nets. The first correlation we make between the planets and human anatomy is the relationship between the planets and the organs associated with the signs which the planets rule: SUN: heart (Leo) MOON: stomach (Cancer) JUPITER: Arterial system (Sagittarius), fibrin of blood (Pisces) SATURN: skin, connective tissue (Capricorn), circulation of the blood (Aquar- ius) VENUS: throat (Taurus), kidneys (Libra) MARS: head (Aries), genitals, colon (Scorpio) MERCURY: lungs (Gemini), small intestines (Virgo) Each planet is associated with one of the major types from which the human body is constructed: Sun-blood; Moon-serous and mucous membranes; Jupiter-arteries; Saturn-bones; Venus-veins; Mars-muscles; Mercury-nerves. How do you think an afflicted planet in a particular sign can affect the entire body? Each planet rules specific molecules which contribute to the biochemical re- actions of the body: Sun-oxygen, protein; Moon-water; Jupiter-fat, glycogen; Saturn-carbon, cal- cium; Venus-sugars; Mars-hemoglobin; Mercury-nerve fluid (ether). The planets rule various processes which involve the alteration and meta- bolism of cells: Sun-Structural change (genetic); Saturn-stenosis, narrowing; Jupiter- hypertrophy, enlargement; Moon-secretion; Venus-retrogressive metamorphosis (degeneration); Mercury-irritation and periodicity. The placement of a planet in a particular sign has influence over the planet- ruled tissue in the parts or organs ruled by the sign. For example, the placement of each planet in Leo affects the heart as shown: Sun-structure of the heart; Moon-function of the heart (vitality); Jupiter- right atrium, arteries; Saturn-left atrium, endocardium; Venus-veins of heart, aorta; Mars-heart muscle; Mercury-nerves of heart. CHART NUMBER 29--HYPERTENSION: Female, born on January 28, 1922. Time of birth unknown. POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS: Saturn/Libra 7:00R; Jupiter/Libra 19:00; Mars/Scorpio 19:00; Venus/Aquarius 5:00; Moon/Aquarius 13:00; Mercury/Aquarius 26:00. ASPECTS: Sun conjunct Venus; Sun conjunct Moon; Moon conjunct Venus; Mars square Moon; Jupiter trine Moon; Saturn trine Venus; Saturn trine Sun; Saturn trine Moon; Mercury unaspected COMPLAINTS: This woman has moderate hypertension and is subject to headaches. Her blood pressure has been as high as 210/110. Her past history includes a stomach ulcer, inflammation of the pancreas, and anemia. Her physician has given her medicine for hypertension, pain, and nerves. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: How might we begin to analyze her chart? The planets are distributed in three signs, Libra. Scorpio, and Aquarius. First we examine the anatomic rulership of these signs: Libra: kidneys, adrenals; by reflex, head. Scorpio: generative organs, colon; by reflex, neck, lower back of head Aquarius: circulation of the blood; by reflex, heart Next we review the tissues ruled by the planets: SUN-blood; VENUS-veins; MERCURY-nerves; MARS-muscles; MOON-serous and mucous membranes; JUPITER-arteries; SATURN-skin, vaso-constrictor nerves in skin To complete the anatomic analysis we examine the planetary and sign ruler- ship of the body parts cited in the patient's complaints: Head: Aries, Mars, Taurus, Venus (lower back of head). Stomach and Pancreas-Cancer, Moon. Circulation of blood in the tissues: Aquarius, Saturn. How does the pattern in the chart correspond to the patient's complaints? High blood pressure has multiple causes. Excess fluid and salt, constriction of blood vessels, the increased output of blood by the heart, impaired kidney function, hormonal imbalance, and nervous tension are some of the factors which contribute to elevated blood pressure. In this case there are four planets in Aquarius which potentially affect the circulation, one of which is the Moon afflicted by Mars. Saturn in Libra suggests the possibility of weakened kidney function. The long term results of hypertension include damage to the heart and kidneys, something which one would like to prevent. Headaches, like hypertension, are caused by many factors. Headaches due to muscular tension, lack of sleep, eye strain, and arthritis of the neck are commonly observed. Hypertension, unless very sever, does not usually cause headaches. Here the pattern probably responsible for headaches is the af- flicted Mars ruling the head and potentially affecting the neck and occi- pital region by its reflex position in Scorpio. The past history of pancreatitis and a stomach ulcer is consistent with the affliction of the Moon by Mars. Anemia can be related to bleeding from the ulcer and possibly excess menstrual bleeding. (Mars in Scorpio square the Moon.) EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL ASTRO-ANALYSIS: There are three important patterns that can be seen in this chart: 1) a stellium (two or more planets in conjunction) in Aquarius ruled by a retrograde Saturn; 2) Mars dignified in Scorpio square the Moon in Aquarius; and 3) unaspected Mercury in Aquarius. The grouping of the Sun, Venus, and the Moon together in Aquarius suggests a need to activate the expression of Will, Imagination, and Love in this life. Saturn awaits this fulfillment. One has the choice of remaining aloof, alone with consequential frustration and gloom, or expanding one's horizons in the spirit of friendship (Aquarius). Mars in Scorpio square the Moon in Aquarius suggests a personality with strong emotions and unfulfilled energy. The chart alone does not reveal whether emotions are suppressed or uncontrollably expressed. The expression of sexual energy may be a matter of concern in this woman's life. The unaspected Mercury in Aquarius indicates a new beginning in the mental development of this person. This woman has an opportunity to develop a greater capacity for reason and communication. Growth in this area would be benefical in directing a positive expression of emotions. What strengths might she apply to her own growth? CHART NUMBER 25--ALCOHOLISM & ASTHMA: COMPLAINTS: A 39 year old man is seeking help for his problem with asthma. He is not under a physican's care, nor is he taking medication for it. In 1970, at a time when he drank alcohol, he had bleeding from the esophagus as a result of alcohol-induced liver damage (esophageal varices). He now avoids alcohol and is trying to follow a vegetarian diet. ASTROLOGICAL DATA: Male, born on November 23, 1941 at 12:20 PM; Long. 84W, Lat. 40N SIGN POSITIONS: Mars/Aries 12; Saturn/Taurus 25R; Jupiter/Gemini 18R; Pluto/ Leo 6R; Neptune/Virgo 29; Mercury/Scorpio 16; Sun/Sagittarius 1; Venus/Capri- corn 18; Moon/Aquarius 6. HOUSE CUSPS: Ascendant/Aquarius 10; 2nd House/Pisces 28; 3rd House/Taurus 4; 4th House/Gemini 0; 5th House/Gemini 22; 6th House/Cancer 13. ASPECTS (Sun to Saturn): Conjunctions: Sun, Midheaven, Moon, Ascendant Sextiles: Moon, Sun; Mercury, Venus; Mars, Ascendant; Moon, Midheaven; Jupiter, Mars (extended orb). Squares: Ascendant, Mercury; Mars, Venus(extended orb). Trines: None Oppositions: Sun, Saturn; Midheaven, Saturn Higher Octaves: Conjunctions: Uranus, Saturn Sextiles: Neptune, Sun; Neptune, Midheaven Trines: Pluto, Sun; Uranus, Moon; Neptune, Moon; Neptune, Saturn; Uranus, Neptune. Oppositions: Uranus, Sun; Pluto, Moon; Pluto, Ascendant. PLANETARY PRINCIPLES: Sun: Divine Spirit, Will Venus: Life Spirit, Love Jupiter: Human Spirit, Abstract Thought Mercury: Concrete Mind, Reason Saturn: Seed-atoms, Past Experience Moon: Vital Body, Imagination Ascendant: Physical Body, Material Vehicle DISCUSSION: Asthma is a problem characterized by shortness of breath and wheezing due to spasm of the bronchioles in the lungs. Asthmatic attacks typically occur at times of emotional stress, respiratory infection, and ex- posure of the lungs to irritants. Breathing may be normal between at- tacks. Excess consumption of alcohol in certain individualscan lead to destructio of liver tissue with scar formation (cirrhosis). Once the liver is damaged, the circulation of the blood through the liver is blocked. The build-up of pressure in other vessels, particularly the veins of the esophagus, may result in serious episodes of bleeding. Astro-diagnosis teaches us that spiritual causes underlie symptoms and diseases. What are the principles of life which this man has the opportunity to learn? Mars, Saturn, and the Moon denote his personality. His spiritual nature is represented by Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun. Mercury, the concrete mind, is the connecting link. You may visualize this by drawing two triangles connected by Mercury. What are the aspects among the personality planets? We have Moon conjunct Ascendant, Moon sextile Mars, and Mars sextile Ascendant. What does this suggest about his energy and vitality? What are the aspects among the spiritual planets? There are no aspects connecting the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus with each other. What does the sign placement of these planets tell us about the manner in which the expression of purpose, improvement, and love may be cultivated? The Sun is in the tenth house and Venus is in the twelfth. What importance is attached to this man's becoming aware of purpose and love in this life? How do the spiritual planets and personality planets interact with each o- ther? The Sun is sextile the Moon, and Jupiter sextile Mars. Our friend seems to have made a start in his efforts to express himself in more positive ways. These indicators of spiritual opportunity are paired with two challenges to his soul growth: Sun opposition Saturn and Venus square Mars. This man has been and will in the future be tempted to lose sight of the spiritual path. He may feel cut off from the light, fearful, and discouraged. It is tempting to try to seek imaginary fulfillments, as with alcohol. He may desperately seek to be loved yet find himself alone because he has not yet learned to love others unselfishly. What does Mercury sextile Venus and square the Ascendant tell us about his connecting link between the Spirit and Personality? For this man Saturn is the major task master. Saturn is placed in the last degress of Taurus conjunct Uranus. Taurus rules the throat and may affect the esophagus. These two planets are in the third house which influences the lungs. Asthma can be seen as a physical manifestation of a deeper spiritual conflict. What effect do you think the cultivation of faith, hope, and love would have on his asthmatic condition? Our love for him has the power to alleviate his fears and help him find the inner will to overcome his limitations. CHART NUMBER 26--DIABETES: COMPLAINTS: A 65 year old retired man has diabetes mellitus and severe head- aches. One of his concerns is that his doctors have not been able to explain the cause of his headaches. He tried to follow a vegetarian diet but his family opposed this. After several months he resumed eating meat because of weakness and irregular heart beats. At times he feels he has had a terrible destiny, particularly when in pain. He feels that his diabetes pill is destroying his liver and kidneys. BIRTH DATA: male, born on October 22, 1915; Lat. 50N, Long. 22E; time un- known. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Moon/Aries 18; Saturn/Cancer 16; Mars/Leo 8; Sun/Libra 28; Mercury/Libra 29R; Venus/Scorpio 8; Jupiter/Pisces 20R. ASPECTS: Conjunction: Sun, Mercury (combust) Square: saturn, Moon; Mars, Venus Trine: Jupiter, Saturn DISPOSITORSHIP: Saturn in sign ruled by Moon. Moon, Venus in signs ruled by Mars. Jupiter in sign of its own dignity. Mercury, Sun in sign ruled by Venus. Mars in sign ruled by Sun. PLANETARY PRINCIPLES: Personality Planets: Moon, Saturn, Mars Mind: Mercury Spirit Planets: Jupiter, Venus, Sun ASPECT ANALYSIS: 1) Moon in Aries square Saturn in Cancer: Vital body responsive to desire nature but held in check by Law of cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect is carrying a lesson pertaining to wise use of the vital body. This represents a lesson in the development of the personality. 2) Mars in Leo square Venus in Scorpio: Desire nature has opportunity for spiritual expression but must learn a lesson in the expression of love. Life Spirit will find positive expression only when desire nature is uplifted. Here the desire component of the personality is coming into contact with the higher spirit. 3) Saturn in Cancer trine to retrograde Jupiter in Pisces: The abstract mind may assist the person in his understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect if and when he seeks this light. 3) Saturn in Cancer trine to retrograde Jupiter in Pisces: The abstract mind may assist the person in his understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect if and when he seeks this light. 4) Retrograde Mercury combust the Sun on the cusp between Libra and Scorpio: The mind has difficulty reflecting the Divine Spirit. The mind is not yet prepared to direct the emotions. Let us imagine speaking with this person about his problems: Dear Friend: We understand that you have been treated for diabetes, that you have suffered with headaches, and that you found it difficult trying to follow a vegetarian diet. When we feel pain and weakness, it can be very discouraging. Yet when you think about the wisdom of the Universe, it is hard to believe that pain is given arbitrarily or capriciously. One may ask, why does my body frequently get headaches? What is the headache trying to tell me? Nature in her wisdom tries to teach us how to gain better health, self-control, and understanding. Just as a parent sets limits for a child who had temper tantrums, pain sets limits on a person's body when the person in one way or another exceeds the capacity of his body. Headaches in particular may arise from fatigue, nervous tension, hunger, an- ger, worry, high and low blood sugar and numerous other conditions. When a physician finds no medical illness which can account for headaches, this does not mean that the body has no reason. We need to make an effort to dis- cover for ourselves what we are doing to cause the symptoms. If we are will- ing to make an effort and if we seek the answer with sufficient motivation, we will be guided to the answer within ourselves. From the flat chart we can see Moon in Aries square Saturn as an astrological indicator of symptoms related to the head. The Moon in Aries makes the head sensitive. Saturn square Moon limits the vitality. Our friend needs to learn to work constructively with the Law of Cause and Effect. If we can help him think less negatively about his pain and give him hope we will be of immense service. Our goal is to help our friend become more self- reliant. To discover the Higher self man must first believe in its existence. We can radiate that faith to others. With respect to his diabetes, Saturn in Cancer places a limitation on the pancreas (where insulin is made). Mars square to Venus may indicate a tendency tp overindulge in eating, particularly sweets. Our friend will need to discover what diet is best suited for his body. He will need to work closely with his physician in controlling his diabetes. He should be encouraged to discuss with his doctor fears he may have about his medicine. THE EDUCATIONAL VALUE OF ASTROLOGY: The educational value of astrology centers in the fact that, more than any other science, it reveals man to himself. No other science is so sublime, so profound, and so all-embracing. It sets forth the relation between the Grand Man of the universe and the little god that is man. "In the image of God created He him." The Big Pattern is repeated in miniature human forms. God, the macrocosm, and man, the microcosm, are related and fundamentally one. Material science has determined to some extent the physical effects of the rays of the Sun and the Moon. Speculations have been offered as to effects of rays emanating from other stellar bodies. Occult science, investigating the subtler forces that impinge upon emotion and mind, has charted their effects with no less definiteness than has academic science the reactiions of sea and soil, plant and animal, to the solar and lunar rays. With this knowledge, we may determine the astrological pattern of each individual and know the relative strength and weakness of the several forces operating in each life. To the degree that we are in possession of such knowledge, we can begin systematic, scientific character building. We elect times and seasons cosmically advantageous to unfolding undeveloped qualities, correcting faulty traits, and eliminating destructive propensities. The educational value of astrology lies in its capacity to reveal the hidden causes at work in our lives. It enters into the intangible, yet ever present and potent, factors in life. It transcends form. It discovers Spirit. It demonstrates reality. It touches every walk of life. It counsels the adult in regard to vocation, the parents in the guidance of children, the teachers in management of pupils, the judges in executing sentence, the physician in diagnosing disease, and in similar manner lends aid to each and all, in whatsoever station or enterprise they may find themselves. Astrology and astronomy were at one time a single subject. The soul of things has not always been so largely hidden to the great mass of people as it has been during the past century or two of skeptical, materialistic science. We have been so far removed from the true and inner science of the stars that its higher knowledge has been practiced either by the illumined few unknown to the world at large or by charlatans who have secured fragments of the subject and exploited that little smattering of knowledge by trading upon the ignorance and superstition of the uninformed. Today, astronomy, child of astrology, after having left its Father's house and wandered into a far and barren country where it fed on the husks of forms and figures only, has turned and set its face toward its true home where the feast of spiritual abundance is awaiting its return. Today, men and women of first rank in the field of science are dealing with cosmic rays and their influence upon man and planet. The consciousness of the people is rapidly being prepared for an awakening on a vast scale to the recognition that, not only do stellar bodies mark time and tide, but also the impulses of our very Spirits are subject to their motions. SUBJECT to their motions, mark, but not SLAVES THERETO. The destiny of every human Ego is to rule his or her stars; knowledge and obedience are the means of the stellar forces and obedience to their perfect pattern. Astrology is the greatest, the most sublime, and the oldest of all sciences. Its origin antedates history. Its sources apparently reach back to the time when gods are said to have walked and talked with men. It would be difficult to assign to primitive humanity the great invention of an astrological symbology, universally used throughout the ages and to which foremost seers of many lands and different religions have looked for pictorial presentation of the evolution of man and planet. In these glyphs, the understanding eye discerns the rise and fall of civilizations and the progressive unfoldment of the world's great philosophies and religions. They constitute keys with which we may unlock untold treasures in the Bible and the Sacred Scriptures of all the world. Astrology is at once a science, a philosophy, and a religion. It is metaphysical, occult, and withal practical. The rudiments may be learned by anyone who can add and subtract. Its elements may be checked in one's own life with sufficient exactness to demonstrate the truth of its claim beyond all possibility of disbelief. An application of the principles it teaches, whether or not those principles are fully understood, is sufficient to prove their validity by their fruitfulness in our daily life. The errors of practicing astrologers can no more be taken as proof that astrology is not valid than can the frailties of professing Christians be taken as proof that Christianity is worthless or the Christ unreal. Real astrologers, like true saints, are few and far between. They both represent the fruitage of many lives of noble endeavor and selfless service. Goodness comes not from creed, but by living a life of friendliness and usefulness. Wisdom comes, not from memory-knowledge, but from an age-long extract of experience. Only those who have purified their natures and sensitized their vehicles by pure living and high motive can receive and transmute the lofty spiritual influences impinging upon us from the heavenly bodies. Lilly, the great seventeenth century English astrologer, recognizing this, wisely declared to his students that the purer their lives, the better would their judgments be. By the ear of the Spirit we may hear the music of the spheres, and by the eye of the Spirit we may read and interpret their manifold revelations. Astrology swings out life into wider orbits. It deals with our earthly span of life as but a segment of the whole. Our natal chart is what it is, not by an arbitrary decree of Fate, but as the result of our own past action or inaction. It marks the magnetic conditions prevailing at the time of our birth and affirms these to be such as will best favor the acquisition of those lessons most required during incarnation the beginning. By the operation of this Law of Consequence, this doctrine of hope responsibility, we recognize the present to be at once fruitage of the past and seed for the future. Character becomes destiny. Astrology, like religion, is divided into two branches, exoteric and esoteric. The exoteric covers purely mundane matters. It tells the mariner when best to set out to sea, the farmer when planting is most propitious, the physician the underlying causes of disease to be treated, the teacher the basic nature of pupils, and parents the innate tendencies and capacities of the child. It reveals the favorable and unfavorable seasons according to which election may be made. The esoteric transcends all these outer concerns. It deals with our inmost nature, with the very principle of life, the source of our being. It deals not with passing fortunes of the personality but with qualities of the soul and spiritual development. The incidents pertaining to the world of form are inconsequential to it. It is focused instead on that divine element within which is striving toward an ever increasing realization of its unity with the whole through its contact with form, time, and space. As such, esoteric astrology becomes a spiritual science, a universal religion. Only such a science and such a religion promise to satisfy adequately the united demands of head and heart of growing, aspiring humanity. More than any other factor in the world today, astrology gives promise of leading a materially-minded generation into conceptions concerning the things of the Spirit. Physical science is handicapped by its own self-set limitations. Religion is under suspicion because its ceremonies are too often antiquated and empty. Astrology links the fundamental elements of science and religion. It is based on astronomical data. It charts invisible forces. It combines the seen and the unseen, body and soul, form and Spirit. When the rapidly quickening spiritual perceptions of the race will lead it into a serious inquiry of the celestial scroll, we may expect an era of power and illumination such as history has never known. No other subject within the entire range of human knowledge appears to hold for this day and age the possibilities open to astrologers for helping men to an elevated sense of their own dignity as citizens of the cosmos, to a greater grasp of universal law, and to realization that we are eternally secure within the caressing fold of Infinite Life and Boundless Being. Continued with file "RC5007.TXT" End of File


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