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ASTROLOGY & ASTRO-ANALYSIS/ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS Filename: RC5005.TXT THE PAIRS OF OPPOSITES: Most attributes are dual or two-sided in their nature, and when looked at superficially, each side or half appears to be contradictory and even diametrically opposed to the other. When considered more fully, however, they are found to constitute one harmonious whole. These attributes may be described as "pairs of opposites." We may say that the study of the pairs of opposites tends to logical reasoning one cannot advance very far along any line of thought without com- ing to grief. Especially is it useful in helping us to avoid the pitfalls which await us when we take up the study of occultism and astrology. We will enumerate some of the "pairs," and then consider a few in greater detail: astrology and astronomy; altruism and selfishness; art and science; belief and doubt; cause and effect; cosmos and chaos; day and night; eternity and time; health and disease; involution and evolution; joy and sorrow; macro- cosm and microcosm; optimism and pessimism; opulence and penury; pleasure and pain; truth and error. We may consider these pairs of opposites from various points of view. First from the view of opposing forces or the powers of Light and darkness; second, as it were, from the reverse sides of a medal, each side different and distinct from the other, yet each side different and distinct from the other, yet each incomplete without the other; third, in terms of astrology, from opposite characteristics such as given by Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is known as the great benefic and Saturn as a malefic planet, but both the jupi- terian and saturnian influences are necessary to make the fully developed, useful, and powerful character. Some astronomers speak of astrology with scorn and derision, but astrology is spoken of by its adherents as the soul of astronomy. Astronomy gives us very valuable facts about the starry spheres, but astrology gives the spiritual meaning of these facts. Astro- nomy may be likened to the body and astrology to the soul; both, however, of value, one to the other. The so-called malefic planet Saturn gives steadfastness, endurance, fortutude, patience, chastity, and fixity of pur- pose. The opulence and impulsiveness of Jupiter would run riot but for the restraining influence of the slower vibrations of Saturn. Therefore we see, if we delve beneath the exterior or surface of things, that everything in the universe is good and ruled by unerring wisdom. It is only when we allow ourselves to be influenced by the personality, with its likes and dislikes, that we become ruffled by the conduct of others or by distasteful circumstances. What does it signify if we are rudely jostled in a bus or spoken to slightingly in a shop or have to encounter disagreeableness? Nothing whatever can hurt us or ruffle our Spirit unless we ALLOW it to do so; the fault, if we do become antagonistic to our conditions, it is a sure indica- tion that we still are bound by the pairs of opposites; otherwise we should know that whatever occurs to us each day is what is needed for our Spirit's advancement, and also that we have CHOSEN this particular incarnation. So we should not be annoyed or perturbed by what we ourselves have chosen to expe- rience. We all desire and strive to possess joy and happiness, each in his own particular way. These attributes are considered the most desirable, and their opposite, sorrow, the least so, to be shunned if possible. But does joy teach us many valuable lessons? Probably not many. Ask one who has passed through seas of trouble which state has tauught him the most, and he or she will admit that sorrow has taught him or her all he/she knows of fortitude, endurance, sympathy, patience, and compassion. Lessons learned from joy are fleeting, but those learned from sorrow endure. Therefore, sorrow, as well as joy, is good. Then let us consider the states of night and day, sleeping and waking. The student, the philanthropist, and the very busy person in any walk of life are apt to regret and curtail the hours spent in sleep, forgetting in their eagerness for action that during the hours of sleep, when the Ego is released from the bondage of the physical body, far more work both for oneself and one's fellow creatures can be accomplished than could be done in the waking hours. In the darkness and in sleep our vital functions are renewed. The poisons from destroyed tissue, which have been caused by the mental and physical activities of the day, are eliminated. Also during sleep the Ego takes the mind and desire body into the Desire World, there to restore their rhythm and harmony. These two bodies, when strengthened, restore the vital body, which in turn works upon the physical body, bringing to it renewed life and vigor for the next day's activities. When the physical body sleeps and the Ego is released from the lower vehicles, much more work can be done in healing and comforting the sick and troubled when awake. Those who are doctors and those who study and practice the art of nursing, if spiritually developed, are able to do their greatest work of healing during what we call the sleeping hours. Sleep, then, instead of being so many wasted hours, is to be desired and cultivated for the restoration of the Ego's several vehicles and for the help which through it we can give to mankind. The first half of each pair of opposites corresponds to the positive principle and the second half to the negative. If we take each pair separ- ately and meditate upon it sufficiently long and earnestly, a host of enlightening thoughts will flood the mind. For instance,consider involution and evolution. To the average mind, the former word conveys little or no meaning, and the latter is applied only to the physical body. But in esoteric philosophy involution describes the flight or journey of the Virgin Spirit through revolutions, periods, epochs, and aeons of time until at last it reached the Earth as we now know it and became enmeshed in the physical body. The Spirit, having reached the nadir of materiality, then began the upward and return journey. We are now upon the ascending arc, the evolutionary stage, and shall by a gradually accelerating process, reach our zenith at last, having then the added knowledge, experience, and power which we shall have acquired during this long, long journey. Words are sacred, and many have a spiritual as well as a literal meaning. Small and seemingly insignificant pairs of opposites, such as up and down, to and fro, back and forth, high and low, far and near, ebb and flow, all typify in their esoteric or spiritual meaning the involution and evolution of the spirit, or man's gradual unfoldment from a trance-like state to the stature of a god. For a moment, let us consider health and disease. Health we regard as one of the greatest blessings, and illness as a calamity. But in sickness, how frequently the soul of the sufferer advances by leaps and bounds. Experi- ences are then gained on the higher planes which influence all the remain- der of life and teach as no earthly experience could. Also, those who attend the sick often mature in gentleness and patience. Therefore, we do not call sickness evil. We, especially those of us who still to some extent creedbound and who have not quite freed ourselves from the narrower teaching of early childhood, are apt to think that the period spent in chaos is one of inactvity, a time of utter uselessness. But in the light of greater revelation we know that cosmos is the MANIFESTED order of Creation, and that when the Earth passes through a period of chaos, it is far from being a state of uselessness and inactivity, for "chaos is the seed ground of cosmos." It certainly gives a rest from manifestation, and it is a time of assimilation of cosmic experiences which enable the Earth to evolve and emerge into a higher and fuller development when the dawn of the next great Cosmic Day arrives. The aim and intention of life is not happiness, as we are so prone to think, but experience. To gain this, we must of necessity pass through ALL phases of emotion and thought, through all the experiences which the pairs of opposites bring. As the plant and grain are brought to maturity by the inter- play of sunshine and rain, so the Spirit reaches perfection by experiencing both joy AND sorrow, elation AND depression, faith AND doubt, truth AND error. But when we have gained all the experience which these seemingly oppos- ing forces can teach us, and when we can transcend them, then will come the time when we no longer shall be stretched upon the cross of the pairs of opposites. We shall be able to cast off the conditions that fetter the Spirit as with bands of iron, and we shall loosed forever from the thraldom of the pairs of opposites. Then for us there will be no longer any darkness, for all will be light. Doubt will be swallowed up in belief, ignorance in knowledge, sorrow will be merged into perfect joy, and hate will give place to love. Then shall we have freed ourselves from the Wheel of Destiny, and we shall become pillars in the Temple of our God, whence we shall go no more out. --I.J.R. ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS/ASTRO-ANALYSIS: CHART NUMBER 1-SIX PLANETS IN COMMON SIGNS: Female: Born Nov. 23, 1936, 9 PM, Lat. 36N, Long. 80W SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC/Cancer 26:51; 2H/Leo 18; 3H/Virgo 13; 4H/Libra 14; 5H/Scorpio 20; 6H/Sagittarius 25. POSITIONS OF PLANETS: Pluto/Cancer 28:22; Neptune/Virgo 18:46; Mars/Libra 5:32; Part Of Fortune/Scorpio 23:06; Sun/Sagittarius 1:38; Mercury/Sagittar- ius 4:49; Dragon's Head/Sagittarius 24:31; Jupiter/Sagittarius 28:17; Ve- nus/Capricorn 8:53; Saturn/Pisces 15:48; Moon/Pisces 27:53; Uranus/Taurus 6:37R This patient has Sun, Moon, and four planets in common signs, three planets in cardinal signs, and cardinal signs on all angles, suggesting that she may be uncomfortably susceptible to outside influences at times. Cultivation of the will and inner poise should be a a part of her daily regime in attaining better health. The Sun in Sagittarius is well aspected: sextile Mars in Libra, trine Moon in Pisces, Pluto in Cancer, and the Cancer ASC. The conjunction of Sun and Mercury brightens the mind when the orb of aspect is three degrees or more. Here it lacks a few seconds of being three degrees, so the power of Mercury may be slightly diminished. On the whole, though, the life forces are strong, and there should be considerable ability to recuperate from illness. The Moon in Pisces (which governs the feet and the fibrin of the blood), is a rather negative indication, but it has several excellent aspects: trine Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and ASC. However, the lunar orb squares Jupiter in conjunction with the Dragon's Head, suggesting an imbalance of the arterial circulation, as well as the functions of the liver and lymphatic glands. There may be difficulty with the feet, too. Mars in Libra, the sign ruling the kidneys, sextiles the Sun and Mercury, strengthening the general physical and mental condition, but it squares Venus, planetary ruler of the kidneys, in Capricorn. Thus there is a tendency toward inflammation of the kidneys, as well as abnormal functioning of these important eliminative organs. Saturn, one of the chief indicators of physical ailments, is here posited in Pisces, opposing the restrictive Neptune in Virgo, which rules the abdo- minal region, lower lobes of the liver, and peristalsis. There is a tendency toward bunions, tumors, dropsy, and gout, as well as malnutrition, appendi- citis, peritonitis, and constipation. Chylification and peristalsis are hin- dered. The pineal gland, ruled by Pisces and Neptune, does not function well, and this may to some extent impair the work of the entire ductless gland system. Proper food and moderate exercise can do much to help this patient gain maximum aid from the minstrations of the Invisible Helpers. Plenty of fiber in the food will help to increase the movement of the digesting food and thus avoid the dangers of constipation. Easily digested foods are to be preferred, including, of course, the fresh fruits and vegetables. Since the afflictions in the chart are largely from the common signs, rather than from fixed ones, there is the possibility of much being accomplished toward improvement of health if this patient will do her part to cooperate. CHART NUMBER 2--A STUDY IN MELANCHOLY: Female: born February 29, 1920, 7 PM, Latitude 39N, Longitude 85W. SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC/Virgo 16:53; 2H/Libra 12; 3H/Scorpio 12; 4H/Sagittarius 15; 5H/Capricorn 19; 6H/Aquarius 20. POSITIONS OF PLANETS: Mars/Scorpio 7:57; Dragon's Head/Scorpio 19:12; Part Of Fortune/Capricorn 26:28; Venus/Aquarius 8:23; Uranus/Pisces 2:10; Sun/Pisces 10:08; Mercury/Pisces 27:46; Pluto/Cancer 5:44R; Moon/Cancer 9:43; Neptune/Leo 9:23R; Jupiter/Leo 9:53R; Saturn/Virgo 8:09R. With the Sun and three planets in common signs and common signs on all the angles, this patient's ailments should not be so deep-seated. However, she is apt to respond too easily to suggestions from others, and should therefore try to cultivate her will and determination, and associate with cheerful, optimistic people. Uranus, the Sun, and Mercury are all in the sensitive, impressionable sign Pisces, which rules the feet and the fibrin of the blood. The Sun, planetary ruler of the heart, conjuncts the erratic Uranus and opposes the restrictive Saturn, which is retrograde in Virgo in the 12th house. There is thus apt to be a tendency toward such abnormal conditions as malnutrition, constipation, and diarrhea, as well as a depressed attitude. This chart shows Virgo on the ASC, bringing to mind the injunction that the medical astrologer should be most careful and cautious in dealing with such a patient: the mind is apt to be predisposed to center on disease, to court disease in order to gain sympathy, and may actually delight in court- ing disease. Saturn's position in Virgo, opposition Sun, accentuates the pessimistic, critical attitude. Cheerful surroundings are a must for this patient. She should be encouraged in every way possible to keep optimistic, and to refrain from thinking about ailments--hers or anyone else's. Mercury, planet of the mind, in the psychic sign Pisces and trine to the Moon in Cancer, indicates a very retentive memory, but also a tendency toward a superlative imagination tinged with melancholy. Thus we see here further indication of the need for this patient to cultivate cheerfulness and optimism. It may be difficult for her, but she CAN if she WILL. Mars (ruler of the motor nerves and iron in the blood) in Scorpio, squares Venus (ruler of the venous circulation and kidneys), Jupiter (ruler of the liver and arterial circulation) conjunct the restrictive Neptune in Leo, ruler of the heart. Hence we see the tendency toward inflammation of the motor nerves, poor circulation, and abnormal heart action. Faulty elimination of the refuse from the bodily processes is apt to result in arthritic conditions. CHART NUMBER 3--A T-CROSS AND SCHIZOPHRENIA: Male: Born December 6, 1946, 9:01 PM, Latitude 42N, Longitude 88W SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC/Leo 15:26; 2H/Virgo 7; 3H/Libra 3; 4H/ Scorpio 5; 5H/Sagittarius 11; 6H/Capricorn 16. POSITIONS OF PLANETS: Neptune/Libra 10:26; Jupiter/Scorpio 15:39; Venus/ Scorpio 17:09R; Mercury/Scorpio 23:54; Dragon's Tail/Sagittarius 11:27; Sun/Sagittarius 14:25; Mars/Sagittarius 22:15; Part Of Fortune/Capricorn 12:38; Moon/Taurus 21:37; Uranus/Gemini 19:59; Saturn/Leo 8:37R; Pluto/Leo 13:16R. In this horoscope we find a heavy karmic debt timed for payment in this incarnation. Fixed signs occupy all four angles and the planets therein form a T-cross. When transits or progressions move into the fixed signs, squares or oppositions will be activated during the entire lifetime or until the lessons have been learned. Once a choice of environment has been made for the expiation of debts incurred in past lives, the Ego cannot avoid fulfill- ment, precisely as it is impossible to stop or alter direction of the bullet once it is fired from a gun. Each individual is born with tendencies to a certain disease as our former living has made it liable to a certain weak- ness, and for that reason we are drawn by the Law of Association to parents from whom we may obtain a body subject to that particular ailment. The horo- scope reveals both the karmic debts and the means for their expiation, although it cannot measure the Ego's total resources in will to overcome difficulties. Thus astrology cannot be properly called fatalistic; rather, it should be viewed as the means for recognizing a systematic growth Godward through deeper understanding. This individual has been experiencing for the past three and one-half years delusions, insanity, schizophrenia and apparent obsession. The sensitized nervous system is indicated by the presence of Uranus in Gemini (in the 11th house of Aquarius) opposition to Sun-Mars in the sign of the higher mind, Sagittarius. This opposition indicates a searing temper and potential destruction or damage to nerve tissue. An afflicted Uranus will cause spasmodic movement of the part of the body ruled by the sign in which it is posited. Here Uranus is in Gemini, and consequently, the network of nerves operates erratically. Note the rhythmic motion of the lungs is interfered with; the blood is poorly oxygenated and the poisons are not properly eliminated. The nodes in the mental signs of Gemini-Sagittarius along with Neptune (ruling the spiritual mind) in airy Libra in the 3rd house further accentuate the super-physical sensitivity of the intellect. Debts of destiny are shown by the fixed signs, 12th and 5th houses. Addi- tionally, the 10th house shows causes for the 11th house conditions, since the 10th house is the karmic or 12th house from the 11th--the current field of mental activity. We note immediately that Moon in Taurus in the 10th is involved in a fixed T-square along with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th, and Pluto and ASC in Leo. The 4th house patterns (represented by planets in the 4th and Moon) constitute the foundation upon which we build our entire operational personality. Moon represents our deepest feelings about ourselves, our self-image, and is a reflection of familiar behavior patterns with which we now feel comfortable. The 4th house along with the 12th, points to the cause of the problem now exhibiting as mental debility-all water houses deal with the past, with conditioned responses which are now instinctual and which operate through the emotions. Pluto square the planets in Scorpio in the 4th house suggests that indulgences and counter struggle have penetrated deep into the psychological nature, that they are quite intense and established to the point of fixation. It is apparent that the desire nature is quite strong (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio in 4th) and will tend to express itself in negative behavior patterns giving an inclination to indulgence not conducive to a toned desire body (opposition Moon, square Pluto). One weak link in the chain is indicated in Leo where Saturn conjoins Pluto and widely squares Jupiter, the latter of the duo also square Venus. This configuration points to almost fanatical extremism and the chronic conditions present in all types of spinal (Leo) afflictions. (This man has had spinal maladjustments throughout his life. Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, is on the cusp of the health (6th) house, indicating the aspect manifests as a physical disability.) Pluto, like Scorpio, can indicate intense striving for power, with Saturn, selfish power, and in Leo, cruel tyrannical expression of power. The square to Jupiter aspecting the other planets in Scorpio show strong magical inclinations. He has believed himself to be under constant attack from witchcraft and sorcery. Indeed, he has been searching for spiritual knowledge and practicing and experimenting though not always wisely, and now many of his probes have run their course and have returned to urge him with as much intensity. At the age of 6 progressed Moon transited Pluto in the 12th, dredging up negative psychoses which resulted in mental illness and institutionaliza- tion. As transiting Uranus entered the 4th house, it brought sweeping changes into the subconscious mind and disorganized the consciousness. Psychologi- cally, repressed ideas and thoughts burst into awareness and were brought to the surface, demonstrating a need for an immediate confrontation with these parts of the person's nature. We note that mental and emotional characteristics are mirrored in the health of the physical body. The pat- tern in the etheric mold must be changed before improvements in the physical body can manifest. This is achieved by the will directing the thought force toward high ideals of perfection, the only cure. The mentali- ty, and the ability to institute change reflected by Mercury conjunct Venus opposition Moon is quite handicapped; lack of development of mental fiber with which to handle the other difficult aspects will undoubtedly plague his life. Sun trine Saturn informs us that a regular routine of positive dai- ly habits is necessary to train the vital body (and comcomitantly the desire body). Eurythmy and certain regular rhythmic physical exercises may be of some benefit in training the vital body. The abundance of excellent aspects to Neptune (and many to the Sun) indicate that many spiritual talents have also been developed in this learning process. Hence, even if he should not be able to recover fully this lifetime, he does have the sensitivity and capacity for spiritual insight to reap abundant wisdom from life's experiences. CHART NUMBER 4--LIBRA RISING AND KIDNEY DYSFUNCTION: Male: Born June 13, 1966; 1:55 PM; Lat. 39N; Long. 120W SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: Asc/Libra 4:24; 2h/Scorpio 1:00; 3h/Sagittarius 2:00; 4h/Capricorn 5:00; 5h/Aquarius 8:00; 6h/Pisces 8:00 POSITIONS OF PLANETS: Neptune/Scorpio 20:01; Dragon's Tail/Scorpio 24:39; Saturn/Pisces 29:03; Moon/Aries 21:59; Venus/Taurus 15:15; Dragon's Head/Taurus 24:39; Mars/Gemini 11:16; Sun/Gemini 22:23; Jupiter/Cancer 8:06; Mercury/ Cancer 11:36; Part of Fortune/Leo 4:00; Uranus/Virgo 15:41; Pluto/Virgo 15:49 Taking a general survey of this chart we find that active, vital cardinal signs are on the angles and that there is a balanced distribution of planets in the crosses; but looking further we can see a strong over-balance of pla- nets in the receiving and holding "negative" or feminine signs. Therefore it is easy to discern a basic sluggishness in the body and a general tendency to attract materials nutritive and otherwise, and hold them in the system. The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto afflicted in earthy Virgo shows a tenden- cy toward a miasmatic condition in the chemical ether; and more importantly, it indicates the attitudes responsible for such a condition. The rising sign indicates the basic nature of the body and congenital phy- sical conditions, especially those likely to be of great influence during childhood. Libra rising indicates the kidneys are a very likely weak point. Saturn in the 6th house of health (active manifestation) opposes the Libra Ascendant indicating a proclivity to obstruction and retention of poisons and waste matter, which retention has its source in the kidneys (Libra). From the age of six weeks to three months this young boy has six opera- tions on his kidneys and bladder. At the present time (age 12/1979) he has a kidney tube pulled to the surface connected to a plastic bag which collects the urine. The bladder is not expandable and is unable to retain any appre- ciable amount of fluid. Kidneys are under the rulership of Libra and the sign of Scorpio indirectly affects the kidneys by ruling the bladder and urethra through which the elimination of urine takes place. In addition, the bladder, as a vesicle, or container, which holds liquids or fluids in the body fundamentally is ruled and influenced by the Moon and Cancer. Referring to the chart, our attention is directed to the cusp of the health house. We find there the 12th house sign of Pisces--indicating ripe destiny and sorrowful limitations--along with Saturn, the planet of concentration, restriction and obstruction. Saturn's position or its opposite generally indicates one of the weakest parts of the body. Saturn in the 6th house points to frailty, sickness and a susceptibility to chronic conditions and the opposition to the Libran Ascendant prevents proper functioning of the kidneys. The Dragon's Tail in the 2nd house conjunct Neptune augments the configuration by producing a saturnine crystallizing force in Scorpio (bladder) describing perfectly the symptoms as presented above. Jupiter in Cancer square the Ascendant indicates the expansion of the bladder which normally occurs when fluid is retained operates imperfectly. We note that the primary significance of the Ascendant and the 1st house in the life picture symbolized by the horoscope was well known to the mystic astrologers centuries before the advent of modern psychology and psychiatry with their claims about the importance of environment and childhood (both ruled by the Ascendant and 1st house) in the development of character. There is, however, one significant difference between the two views. The psychologist or the psychiatrist would tend to view the childhood and environmental factors as causes, with more emphasis on the latter state. The environment is a crystallization of experiences from the distant past, and the childhood state, before the expression of will is developed, is hardly the time for the Ego to initiate new causes, though because of the plasticity of the vehicles, it is an excellent time to reap effects and mold them into the vehicle to meet new causal events later in life. That the affliction is present from birth shows that the Spirit is indeed strong enough to grow spiritually from the beginning. The excellent aspects to the octave planets corroborate the fact that he responded immediately and excellently to the aid of the Invisible Helpers. This disposition points out also an appreciable soul age that is ripening through the realization of sorrow and limitation. The ripening process should be a rewarding scene to view, for the mixture of favorable and unfavorable aspects shows great spiri- tual promise. CHART NUMBER 5--BLINDNESS AND SPIRITUAL SIGHT: Male:Born November 27, 1867. Hour unknown. SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: Flat chart. POSITIONS OF PLANETS: Neptune/Aries 12:30; Uranus/Cancer 12:18, R; Mercu- ry/ Scorpio 23:05 R; Saturn/Scorpio 27:37; Sun/Sagittarius 4:48; Mars/Sa- gittarius 14:14; Venus/Sagittarius 20:41; Moon/Sagittarius 19:12; Jupiter /Aquarius 29:34. Regarding the mentality of this person, we find that the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury, particularly in the 8th house sign, Scorpio, clouds the mind with gloom. The Moon, which is the other significator of the mind, con- junction Mars in the 9th house sign, Sagittarius, would have a tendency to make the person rebellious against misfortune. This tendency is somewhat sof- tened and toned down by the presence of Venus in conjunction with these two planets. We may therefore conclude that this man is apt to be very much de- pressed in mind whenever misfortune overtakes him, that he rebels, at least inwardly, very strongly against the blows of fate. With regard to the ailment to which this person is subject, we find in the first place that Jupiter is square Mercury and Saturn. This configuration interferes with the circulation of the arterial blood, a disability which is further increased by the square of Jupiter to the Sun, the latter being rul- er of the spleen, the organ which circulates the vital fluid. The Sun and Mars are in conjunction with the fixed star Antares in 8 de- grees of Sagittarius. This configuration always brings trouble to the eyes, though it may not result in blindness from birth. In the present case the crisis came at the age of 37 when the Sun had progressed to the opposition of Uranus, at the same time striking the square of Neptune. In that year the progressed Moon also was in conjunction with Neptune in Aries, which rules the head. This kindled the double fire of Mars and the Sun at birth, with the re- sult that inflammation of the eyes made the poor man blind beyond hope of reco- very. It may seem strange that the writer selected this horoscope for analysis, as the patient is beyond our help, but it offers certain points which it will be well for the student to impress upon his mind. You will notice that Mars is trine to Neptune, and that the Sun is only about seven degrees from a trine to the same planet. The culmination of this aspect by progression was reached about the time when the vital body was brought to birth at the age of seven. This is a very favorable indication that the spiritual sight may be awakened in this person and that it will compensate, or more than compensate, for the loss of the physical faculty. There is, however, the square of Neptune and Uranus which makes for mediumship. On this account it would be advisable for this person to be very closely on his guard during the time when the spiritual faculty is being developed and until he is perfectly safe and balanced in the other world. It would be a great privilege for a healer receiving such a case to aid the person thus stricken by the misfortune of blindness in cultivating his latent faculty of spiritual sight. CHART NUMBER 6--A LACK OF WILL POWER: Male: Born december 29, 1945; 3:07 PM Lat. 40N27; Long. 80W. SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: Ascendant/Gemini 10:56; 2nd House/Cancer; 3rd House/Cancer 24; 4th House/Leo 17:00; 5th House/Virgo 17:00; 6th House/Libra 27:00. POSITION OF PLANETS: Uranus/Gemini 14:32R; Dragon's Head/Gemini 29:37; Sa- turn/Cancer 22:23R; Mars/Cancer 29:00R; Pluto/Leo 11:48R; Neptune/Libra 8:35; Jupiter/Libra 24:31; Moon/Scorpio 16:18 intercepted in the 6th House; Mercury/ Sagittarius 15:55; Venus/Sagittarius 29:42; Sun/Capricorn 7:46; Part of For- tune/Aries 19:28. A first glance at this chart draws our attention immediately to the posi- tion of Uranus in Gemini in the 1st house, in conjunction with the ASC, sextile to Pluto, trine to Neptune and the MC, but opposed to to Mercury, planet of the concrete mind. This last mentioned aspect suggests an erratic condition of the sensory nerves, as well as of the mentality. Mercury sex- tiles the MC and trines Pluto, but opposes the ASC as well as Uranus, and parallels Saturn. These configurations, along with the square of Sun in Capricorn to Neptune in Libra, show that it is not surprising to learn that this patient is in a mental hospital, and that he thinks he had an operation performed from the invisible worlds on the muscles of his head and throat in order to interfere with the normal functioning of his body and mind. A "nervous breakdown" preceded his placement in a mental hospital. It is obvious to the spiritual astrologer that this man has ignored the laws of pure and helpful living in past lives, so that now he must learn the unpleasant lessons which go with negative psychic conditions. Although his weak Sun in the 8th house points toward a lack of will power, he must eventually, if not in this life, in a later one, learn to become master in his own house (body). This requires a development of will, and this chart is a sad example of what can happen when one allows himself to become enamored of negative invisible forces and come under their control. The Moon in Scorpio is an indication of strong emotions, and its position in the 6th house suggests that this man's emotions have much to do with his health. Fortunately, the Moon trines Saturn, indicating some latent ability to recognize and use constructive spiritual forces. The sextile of Neptune to Pluto, and its trine to Uranus and the ASC, show that positive spiritual help is obtainable if the patient can be induced to realize the necessity for his own exertion of will to become positive in his thinking and general attitude. Encouraging him to pray earnestly could be a valuable means of getting him on the "right track"--the track to overcom- ing his basic negative condition. The sextile of the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, points toward a good circulation and the ability to throw off his depression and become more op- timistic. Cultivating faith in God and the Invisible Helpers can be a very strong factor in ridding himself of the depression, which seems to be one of his main difficulties. CHART NUMBER 7--A SEVERE RASH: Male: Born July 4, 1969; 11:13 AM; Latitude 45N; Longitude 123W. SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC/Virgo 28:20; 2nd House/Libra 24:00; 3rd House/Scorpio 24:00; 4th House/Sagittarius 28:00; 5th House/Aquarius 2:00; 6th House/Pisces 3:00. POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS: Jupiter/Virgo 28:37; Uranus/Libra 00:11; Neptune/ Scorpio 26:15R; Mars/Sagittarius 01:45R; Moon/Pisces 20:53; Dragon's Head/Pisces 25:01; Saturn/Taurus 07:04; Venus/Taurus 27:49; Mercury/Gemini 24:16; Sun/intercepted in Cancer 12:36; Pluto/Virgo 22:34. This nine-year old boy was, at the time of the mother's appeal for help, covered with a severe rash. The cause is not hard to find. Virgo rising diagnostically draws attention to any planets posited there, and in this chart there are three streams of influence: Jupiter, Dragon's Tail and Pluto in close conjunction to the Ascendant, which indicates an intestinal delicacy. Pluto, whose power has been suggested as at least double that of Mars, is in the 12th house. As it is stressfully aspected, this placement is a strong warning of possible inflammation. The fact that it is so close to the Dra- gon's Tail (a Saturnine crystallizing influence) and Jupiter (arterial circu- lation) all squaring Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, and opposing Moon, shouts loud and clear that the child has an intestinal problem. And, increasing the significance, is the addition of Uranus to the Jupiter-Dragon's Tail-Pluto conjunction, giving another dimension to the already poor function of the intestines. Uranus square to Mercury causes nervous spasms in the last section of the large intestine, the impurities already in evidence providing a condition in the colon for the accumulation of poisons. If that were not enough, waiting to add further damage is the retrograde Neptune in Scorpio opposing Venus in Taurus heralding the tendency to food poison residues. Immediately we see why the blood is affected and why the child has such a severe rash. He needs a carefully planned diet to manufacture pure blood and high enemas to cleanse the colon. We would suggest he not be given drugs as the body does not have the capacity to eliminate them properly, consequently adding to the already toxic condition. The 6th house (health) offers a key to the reason he has these difficul- ties. Moon (functions) is there in Pisces, showing low resistance to these onslaughts, making it more than usually imperative that every care should be taken to keep ALL the eliminative functions in good order. Before leaving this group of aspects let us regard Mercury from another level. It rules the bronchial tubes; evidently purification which normally occurs in the natural breathing process does not take place, another sign of the inability to expel poisons. Mercury has four square aspects and no good ones. With such an active mind, he is likely to view life through a distorted lens, and when he is older he will not willingly change his diet or his nervous habits to prevent poor physical health, unless, of course, he becomes a fanatic and lives on vitamins. And, the youngster will have to learn to tell the truth. The affliction to Mercury is heavy enough to indicate he will suffer quite a bit before he learns to SEE truth; he will need special training to see things in a different light. (Here is a situation which will make us want to warn the mother, but as counselors we must be very careful what we say to prevent a negative reaction.) In this chart, Neptune is very important: it is in Scorpio, the sign of healing, and although its opposition to Venus allows poison to generate, it is a direct channel to the Divine Healing Powers. While he is a child his parents must choose the food to meet his requirements. If they are wise and follow the suggestion given, the child might be trained to like the right kind of food, but again, his Mercury is not likely to accept these ideas because they don't seem reasonable to him. If he learns to respond to his "inner voice" (Neptune-Uranus sextile) he will save himself much grief. There is an aspect which provides strength to carry him through his vi- cissitudes; Sun is sextile Saturn, giving a steadying quality. It is the only aspect either planet makes--it is an isolated cool spot upon which all his relationships may be quieted. The solid core versus the flighty spasmodic mercurial mind will keep him quite busy for a while--at least until experience has taught him to anchor his evasive and sometimes daydreaming mind. Can you see the two outstanding and opposite traits in one person? That of a certain knowledge and behavior due to a reasoning distortion, and on the other hand, the strong inner knowing that comes from Neptune sextile Uranus trine Moon aspects. We are still full of contradictions and our job is to bring harmony into spiritual manifestation. CHART NUMBER 8--GLAUCOMA: Female: Born January 15, 1909, 00:05 AM, Latitude 33 North, Longitude 109 West SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC/Libra 18:06; 2nd House/Scorpio 16; 3rd House /Sagittarius 17; 4th House/Capricorn 20; 5th House/Aquarius 22; 6th House/ Pisces 22. POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS: Moon/Scorpio 00:33; Mars/Sagittarius 3:25; Dragon's Tail/Sagittarius 25:33; Venus/Sagittarius 29:10; Uranus/Capricorn 17:27; Sun/ Capricorn 24:31; Mercury/Aquarius 8:08; Saturn/Aries 4:51; Pluto/Gemini 24:13R; Neptune/Cancer 15:24R; Part of Fortune/Cancer 24:07; Jupiter/Virgo 14:09R. Glaucoma is an eye disease which results when there is build-up of fluids in the eye that causes intense pressure within the eyeball and impairs its normal function. If not relieved, the fluid pressure will mount and result in a permanent damage and eventual blindness. Glaucoma is often accompanied or cuased by a hardening of the normally pliable eyeball. Sometimes it is a secondary effect of other ocular diseases and sometimes the result of contraction, but often it is the outcome of malfunctioning kidneys that do not properly filter salts and other substances from the blood stream. Very critical balances are upset through absorption of waste and poisons by the blood and the osmotic processes are disturbed. This could cause either an excess of or a deficiency of fluids or waste in any part of the body, but usually manifests in the weakest part. This native's weak spot is her eyes. The original cause probably lies in her unusual appetite for liquids and certain foods as intimated by Neptune in Cancer opposition Sun and Uranus in Capricorn, the latter placement making it hard for her to digest the food pro- perly, or to accept suggestions about a change of diet. A clue to the possible result of the Neptunian indulgences lies in Pisces on the 6th House cusp. Libra, the sign on the Ascendant, governs the kidneys and its ruler, Venus, is squared by the obstructing Saturn from the house of health. The fiery signs, especially Aries, are associated with light, illumination,and vision, while the presence of Saturn in Aries indicates hardening and strong pressure in the head and eyes. A remarkably accurate picture of these physical conditions is shown by the Sun and Moon in their unusual negative square which is strengthened by their angular positions, the signs holding the co-afflicting luminaries, the Ascendant, and the Saturn-Venus square all combining to bear testimony to a strong emotional nature. It is a nature of great wants and needs and on that level craves satisfaction. On the mental level she has the capacity to control these emotional flights, for the "offending" 6th House Saturn is also sextile Mercury in the airy sign Aquarius and trine Mars in the fiery sign Sagittarius. The only barrier to her continual use of the constructive mental activities are her excursions into daydreaming and a tendency to worry as shown by Mercury square Moon. It is likely that the emotional element will be stronger, reflecting the Libran Ascendant and the negative Moon aspects from the first house. Consequently she will respond more actively to the cardinal sign afflictions from Cancer and Capricorn. A brief look on the other side of the coin shows Jupiter in Virgo in the 11th House excellently aspecting Neptune in the 9th House and Uranus in the 3rd House. Surely this woman has a strong religious quality, although it is possible she would be more interested in the church than in occult matters, especially when she was younger. Quite often the search for inner peace comes through conflicting elements in a person's chart, and Jupiter, the planet of "religion," is sextile the inspirational Neptune. Again, the majority of people keep their religious convictions separate from their everyday living, so it is possible to have such a wonderful quality and still wish to satisfy the craving for the kind of food which prevents perfect health. This same Jupiter-Neptune combination could hopefully show her ability to respond to spiritual healing and perhaps persuade her, through awakened aspirations, to change her diet and regain her health. CHART NUMBER 9--STUTTERING: Male: May 26, 1956, 1:30 PM; Lat. 41N Long. 74W. SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC/Virgo 16:17; 2nd House/Libra 11; 3rd House/ Scorpio 11; 4th House/Sagittarius 14; 5th House/Capricorn 18; 6th House/Aquarius 20. POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS: Uranus/Leo 8:17; Pluto/Leo 29:48R; Moon/Virgo 11:53; Jupiter/Libra 22:35R; Neptune/Scorpio 2:36R; Dragon's Head/Scorpio 29:40; Saturn/Sagittarius 23:45R; Mars/Pisces 21:41; Venus/Aries 23:47; Mer- cury/Taurus 12:38; Sun/Gemini 4:57 One of the points which becomes evident after studying this chart for a little while is the strength of the emotional nature which yearns for ex- pression. The ordinary powers of expression would hardly suffice to meet his natural inclination to talk, as shown by the Moon in Virgo on the ASC and Sun in Gemini. Instead of the fluent speech of Mercury in Taurus (which rules the throat) the instrument is flawed--the boy stutters badly. He he- sitates and stumbles spasmodically in speaking, due to the difficulty in pro- nouncing initial consonants caused by a spasm of the throat muscles. This is the result of Mercury square to spasmodic, erratic Uranus. Many people have Mercury in detrimental aspect to Uranus, but all do not stutter. Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, is on the cusp of the health (6th) house, indi- cating the aspect manifests as a physical disability. Uranus is also square to Neptune in Scorpio, intensifying the feelings, and when afflicted as in this case, tends to secrecy and quick temper. This tension could also affect his heart. Another powerful aspect which reflects his emotional reactions is Mars in Pisces square to Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect is the embodiment of temper; there is no relief in his violent reactions because the native re- sents anything which does not fall in with his desires (Mars). Here is an individual with a powerful, uncontrolled energy, denied the full ability to express it. Naturally he is terribly frustrated. How can we expect him to become relaxed enough to learn to control the spasmodic action of the throat muscles? Unless he realizes that his inner tensions and re- sentful temper must be turned into selfless expression, he will not over- come his stuttering. Incidentally, in his case, the stuttering is not due to his parents' atti- tude toward him; the Moon (mother) is trine to Mercury, and the Sun (father) is sextile Uranus. The stuttering is innate in himself. An interesting facet of this chart is the outstanding quuality of his "mental" planets: Moon (instinctual mind) is square Sun and trine Mercury; Mercury(reasoning mind) is square Uranus and trine Moon; Jupiter(higher mind) is opposition Venus and sextile Saturn; Neptune(spiritual mind) is square Uranus. All but Neptune have a good aspect. If he learns through his frustrations how futile it is to respond so destructively and seeks to harmonize these forces within himself, the tension will lessen and he can minimize his prob- lems. Our behavior in a previous life determines the kind of experiences and opportunities we have this life. The Lords of Destiny give us parents who will provide the kind of body necessary to challenge the lower will of the person. it is likely this boy has refused to acknowledge that his tempestuous emotions should be disciplined, so he was limited in such a way that he himself suffered most from the cauldron within. CHART NUMBER 10--HYPOCHONDRIA & EGOCENTRICITY: Male: February 21, 1952, 7:15 PM, Lat. 43N, Long. 88W. SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC/Virgo 24; 2nd House/Libra 19; 3rd House/Scorpio 19; 4th House/Sagittarius 23; 5th House/Capricorn 27; 6th House/Aquarius 28. POSITIONS OF PLANETS: Saturn/Libra 14:16R; Neptune/Libra 21:27R; Mars/ Scorpio 12:59; Moon/Capricorn 16:5; Venus/Aquarius 1:10; Dragon's Head/Pisces 00:40; Mercury/Pisces 2:19; Sun/Pisces 2:22; Jupiter/Aries 14:34; Uranus/Can- cer 10:10R; Pluto/Leo 19:35R. This brave individual chose through destiny to draw his first breath in the bitter depth of the long Korean War, when the atmosphere was permeated with feelings of futility and depression. Consequently, it is hardly surprising that he should manifest similar qualities in the personality during the impressionable years of childhood and youth. Saturn rising indicates a careful, worrisome disposition, greatly lacking in confidence, especially during childhood. Virgo rising adds to these tendencies: a nervous tension and personal doubt produce awkwardness and a weak, soft- spoken mien. Regarding this phase of the character we find Mercury, the lord of the Ascendant, and the Sun, significator of the individuality, posited in Pisces. This intensifies the tendencies to diffidence and timorous fancy, strongly inclined toward personal and individual self-abnegation on the positive pole, and lack of self-respect and shameless indulgence in "martyrdom" on the negative pole. The Spirit is probably learning objectively some very harsh lessons in this respect through humiliation during his younger years, and he well may have borne the brunt of the derision, unpleasant nicknames, and ridicule that youth so freely can pour forth. The net result is that he sinks further within himself in a protective world of imagination. However, underneath the protective dreaminess is the potentially explosive grand square from cardinal signs. An afflicted Moon in Capricorn can indi- cate a certain melancholy and hardness, or at least some unresponsiveness; square Saturn places restrictions upon the feeling nature, and square a fire sign Jupiter and opposition an angular Uranus indicate poor and erratic judg- ment and probably at least occasional open rebellion, perhaps manifest later in life. Worse yet is the latent capacity for brooding over hurts (Saturn square Moon) to the extent of dreaming subtle ways(Neptune square Moon) of wreaking vengeance; though the boy perhaps would not, except under extreme provocation, have the self-assurance to carry the ideas into action. Besides the obvious lack of confidence (Mercury and Sun in Pisces and Saturn in the 1st) the native is troubled with frequent colds and chronic congestions and allergies. The Sun (and likely ruler) in Pisces and the 6th generally indicate a low vitality, possibly due to voluntary non- participation and laziness in the past, that is liable to "chronic colds" (Saturn). Virgo and Saturn rising also indicate physical frailty and sickliness, with the latter in its long-suffering application indicating chronic conditions. Saturn, as part of the grand square, especially is significant because of its cardinal and angular location, strongly afflicts the other Hyleg, the Moon, and is blocked by a very strong opposition from its planetary opposite, Jupiter. However, as most doctors, therapists, and healers know, attitude plays an important role in health and healing. In this case all the 1st and 6th house conditions indicate that much of the problem is self-protective or defensive hypochondria, the products of a highly imaginatory mentality which also might be the source of the allergies. The effects of the egocentric and indulgent rationalizations (Virgo and Pisces) seem to run far deeper, for Mercury is in its fall combust the Sun, indicating that the concentrative faculty already had been damaged by these self-deceptive and delusive tendencies. It is interesting to note how and where these tendencies are most manifest. Saturn's position, or its opposite (in this case almost exactly occupied by Jupiter), generally indicates one of the weakest parts of the body. Jupiter, which because of elevation and the Piscean flavor of the chart possibly has a slight edge in strength, is opposite Saturn, signifying a fundamental inability to balance judgment between expansion and contraction, between optimism and caution. This position from Aries, the brain and head sign, expands our previous observations of the boy's egocentricty by showing an extreme and almost blind pride that he is likely to hide. This tends to manifest the positive Jupiterian quality of expansion as congestive (Saturn) swelling or enlargement--in short, sinusitis. It also seems significant that the seed atom of the mind and the seat of the Silent Watcher are close to the sinuses, symbolically in the self-centered Aries. Fortunately, as usual, destiny provides the perfect compensating factors: in this case we find the ingenious and driving Mars-Uranus traits and the strongly motivating drives to material and professional responsibility indi- cated in the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses. The Scorpio Mars sextile the Capricorn Moon also gives an abundance of e- nergy which can be used for constructive work, and the sextile of Saturn and Neptune to Pluto can add stable spiritual direction to the efforts. Moreover, all the 1st and 7th house negative tendencies can be regenerative- ly directed into channels of service. Humanitarian volunteer work, professional discipline and constructive work therapy are the keys to the fulfillment of this life. CHART NUMBER 11--BED WETTING: Female: Born January 9, 1963, 7:00AM, Lat. 44N, Long. 89W. SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC/Capricorn 9:10; 2nd/Aquarius 22:45; Pisces intercepted in 2nd; 3rd/Aries 5:30; 4th/Taurus 6:40; 5th/Taurus 29:39; 6th/Gemini 19:09. POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS: Sun/Capricorn 18:33; Dragon's Tail/Capricorn 29:36; Mercury/Aquarius 6:21; Saturn/Aquarius 10:58; Jupiter/Pisces 10:30; Part Of Fortune/Cancer 3:54; Moon/Cancer 13:16; Mars/Leo 23:26R; Uranus/Virgo 4:47R; Pluto/Virgo 11:57R; Neptune/Scorpio 15:13; Venus/Sagittarius 2:29. Enuresis, or bed wetting, has been found to occur most frequently among weak and undernourished children (a state actually and astrologically de- scriptive of this individual as an infant). Capricorn is rising with the Sun in the ASC sign in the first house opposite a strong Moon whose emotionality and drawing power saps the Sun of its life-giving power, while Saturn, lord of the Ascendant, rises conjoined to Mercury and square to the highly ele- vated Neptune. Thus all the major health points (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant) are afflicted as well as the lords of both the constitution but none-the- less lovable for the singularity of her character, as is often the case with the Capricornian. Before analyzing the spiritual character problems responsible for the present materialized conditions, let us briefly tabulate the significant technical data relative to the health problems. Capricorn, rising, is the first of the signs of short ascension, so the ascendant moves faster than the Midheaven and will continue to do so with proportionately increasing relative velocity throughout the life span. Four significators are in the 1st house, five in the materially objectified 1st quadrant, seven angular and six in negative signs. Hence the character will have to be read from a more material than spiritual point of view. It also seems that the conditions are acute in intensity (angular stress) and founded in material and emotional causes because of the negative sign accentuation. Clearly the Ego has been striving for material accomplishment, object-con- scious success, and externalization and materialization of all inner forces to the exclusion of almost everything else as symbolized by the Sun, the life ruler, and the other significant planets gathered in the east. In the resulting imbalance something had to suffer. Moreover, the great number of strong planets in the 1st house indicate that the lesson is ripe from childhood on, rather than at some particular phase or attitude of development, or after a lifetime of abuse of natural laws. Water or fluid, a designation which must also include the urine, has always spiritually symbolized emotion. Thus from the chart it becomes clear that the materially selfish, mastering demands of the Capricorn Sun have almost completely suppressed and subjugated the natural feminine, nurturing and regulating tendencies, and the emotions, to the extent that the body fluids (the urine most specifically) and the emotions they signify are often only released and expressed when the body has released its death lock on the Spirit and its higher vehicles during sleep. From another point of view this aspect shows that the Sun has spent its energy satisfying and impregnating the ever-feminine, receptive and crystallizing demands of the Moon to bring it to its state of fullness or complete retention for the purpose of fructification, which promise is shown in the trine to Jupiter in the 2nd house. The Ascendant-Saturn-Neptune configuration shows that she mentally concentrates (or mis-concentrates) her security drive on material things rather than on Spirit where the only true security is to be found. As a result she is tortured by intense anxieties relative to the transient, insecure conditions of the material world, and is almost constantly (fixed sign) in a tightened strain of worry, fear, and nervousness. As she matures, this strain may be intensified as she (being so strongly marked by Capricorn) stakes her entire self-conscious identity upon successful completion of personal, material ambitions. The basically saturnine strength and flavor of the 1st house, and the entire nativity for that matter, indicates a relatively slow material development of the body. Gradually, at the age of five, in the spring of 1968 as the progressed Moon trined the natal Sun and the Pisces lunation conjoined the natal Jupiter (trine the radical Moon), she acquired greater inner strength, confidence, and spiritual optimism to overcome the involuntary retention tendencies. Also at this time she was probably undergoing the first beginnings of the birth of the vital body which gave her greater individual control in the evolutionary struggle with the uncontrolled, and at this age, subconscious desires and instincts signified by the afflicted Moon. It seems that the key to the problem is to be found in Mercury and the Moon, the mental planets, both of which are afflicted. The Moon does form some very fine aspects with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto but they are separating and directed to intercepted signs; hence, they are weak and latent; not to be realized until well on in life and then conditional to her ability to realize the more philosophical potentials of her character. The more significant key seems to be Mercury, which symbolizes our connection to the World of Thought where the archetype for the body is constructed by the thought process between lives. In this chart the emphasis of the character development and manifestation was clearly and emphatically material. Bearing this fact in mind with our question and the key, another side of the Saturn- Mercury-Neptune configuration and the solution to our problem becomes clear. In the course of evolution she has become almost one-pointedly fascinated and focused upon the material world and its fruits as an end in itself. With the glimmer of material objects and their possession dazzling her eyes and the prospect of power, wealth, luxury, and eminence before her mental eye, she has driven on relentlessly in her ambitions. However, she has not been con- cerned with the means as much as the ends. Saturn and Mercury conjoined show that she has a tendency to use any power within her wiles to attain such an end. She has great cunning and a self-centered, penetrating concentration e- qual to almost any resistance, and will not hesitate for a moment to lie, cheat or practice any form of deceit to attain her personal ends. Neptune's force adds a knack and flair for deception and fraud and greatly amplifies the secretive bent. Thus the mind, persistently inverted from its true purpose (spiritual service) wherein it grows keen and strong, and channeled into devious means and ends becomes generally distorted so that it cannot see the truth clearly and efficiently to perform the task of developing a new archetype, and she is reborn with a weak, sickly body with many faults and ailments. This understanding of her mind clearly helps us to understand two other, more serious childhood afflictions. Within the spectrum of illness, which extends from the more completely "material" afflictions such as broken bones or leprosy to the more spiritual such as hysteria and most forms of in- sanity, there are some ilnesses which fall into a borderland where the ef- fects are as much mental and psychosomatic as material. Among these seem to be allergies and asthma, both of which are afflictions here. Astrological research seems to indicate that asthma very frequently oc- curs under staurnine afflictions to the Moon or Mercury which are, of course, smothering or suffocating aspects. It also occurs under health significant afflictions in common signs (all of which react on Gemini, the bronchial tubes), earthy signs, and negative signs in general. When it is the type of asthma connected with valvular heart afflictions the "asthma- aspects" are accompanied by afflictions of planets in Leo or Aquarius, often the Sun. The type of asthma where attacks are provoked by overeating occurs with afflictions to Taurus and Cancer, usually to Jupiter or to the Moon. When more psychosomatic in nature, it occurs with afflictions to significators in Virgo, Pisces, or the earthy signs. When accompanied with skin diseases and hyper-sensitivities, it is usually connected with Capricorn or Saturn. When stimulated by allergies, it is associated with afflictions to Neptune and Uranus, and spasms are almost always traceable to Uranus. CHART NUMBER 12--ASTHMA: Female: Born January 9, 1963, 7:00AM; Lat. 44N; Long. 89W. SIGNS ON CUSPS OF HOUSES: ASC (1st)/Capricorn 9:10; 2nd House/Aquarius 22:45; Pisces intercepted in 2nd; 3rd House/Aries 5:30; 4th House/Taurus 6:40; 5th House/Taurus 29:39; 6th House/Gemini 19.09. POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS: Sun/Capricorn 18:33; Dragon's Tail/Capricorn 29:36; Mercury/Aquarius 6:21; Saturn/Aquarius 10:58; Jupiter/Pisces 10:30; Part Of Fortune/Cancer 3:54; Moon/Cancer 13:16; Mars/Leo 23:26R; Uranus/Virgo 4:47R; Pluto/Virgo 11:57R; Neptune/Scorpio 15:13; Venus/Sagittarius 2:29. Mercury, lord of the 6th house, conjoins Saturn, lord of the ASC, in the first house and this is a very crystallizing aspect and position. We can easily see why the result will be accumulation of thick, almost pasty, mucus in the bronchial tubes and lungs (Gemini), as pathology texts indicate in the case of asthma. The Sun rising in Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer, and the other saturnine afflictions, indicate nervous indigestion that will produce excess mucus and other white cells. Furthermore, the direction of consciousness to material things in the intense drive for security will psychologically attract her, almost irresistibly, to unhealthy consolidating foods that produce hardened conditions in the body. Capricorn, rising, rules the skin, and Saturn, the ruler, is conjunct Mercury and square Neptune, so she is likely to be spiritually and physically thin-skinned and allergic to specific foreign substances and the attitudes they represent. Jupiter in Pi- sces is opposite Pluto and Uranus. The restraining, gripping, and crystallizing action of Pluto is liable to restrict the normal peristaltic action of the intestines, and when involved with Jupiter from Virgo is likely to cause sluggishness in the liver. This irregular restraining action on Jupiter, in a watery sign, together with the obstructive Capricorn affliction to the Moon in Cancer, indicates an inability to absorb and control fluids that are necessary to combat the consolidating saturnian influences and keep the lymphatic system active to regulate the mucus condition. The uranian afflictions indicate the spasmodic tendencies and general internal irregularities. Returning now to the spiritual causes of the conditions, we note the afflictions occurring in Pisces and Virgo. These signs when afflicted and associated with health almost always indicate self-pity, a tendency to pamper oneself and even to enjoy illness. Jupiter's self-indulgent nature exaggerates the tendencies and gives a general magnification of all the tendencies, real or supposed, while the 2nd house position reaffirms our observation of stress upon material success. Referring to the ASC and first house we note Capricorn, an earthy sign, rising, which indicates a great fear of illness and a hypochondriacal nature that again almost enjoys chronic illness and complaining about it as a scapegoat or alibi for any material setback. A very important key to a more complete spiritual understanding now lies in the unaspected Mars. This seems to indicate that her focus on the material side of the cosmos has separated her from the inspiration of spirit to the extent that desire, drive, and energy are lacking. This reinforces our original supposition as to the enfeebled vitality symbolized by the weak position (Capricorn) and aspectation of the Sun. In the light of this information the Saturn-Mercury-Neptune health configuration now takes on a different and more complete perspective, so that we can more clearly understand the character and its manifestation: the body. It is now possiible to apprehend the extreme (but often secret) brooding, melancholy, and fearfully imaginative side of this configuration which graphically imagines all sorts of secret forces against it and its objects, including the forces of nature; though, in fact, it is crystallization and lack of drive that frustrates the attainment of most of these ends. This must itself excite many of the attacks in a frenzy of worry. It also shows how the child can and will retreat many hours in a very visual and almost solid world of daydreams. Thus she clearly has a very strong self-protective, but also distorted, image of herself which she will use every ruse of the imagination to preserve--even to the extent of illness. This extreme self-sympathy, the result of material inversion and self-centered interest that pushes everyone and everything away and finally crystallizes one in a temple of separativeness, seems now to have its prime spiritual root of motivation (in view of the void of Mars energy and utility motivation) in the Sun's position, the life ruler, and the ASC. This can be most clearly summed up in one word, which may even be considered one of the keywords of Capricorn or Saturn, and that is vanity. Thus by the use of the comcomitantly evolving spiritual perception (symbolized by the watery trines of Neptune, Jupiter, and the Moon) of the harsh lessons of material experience which turn her consciousness inward and upward, she is being led back to her spiritual nature and to realize the panic, chaos, emptiness, and vanity of life without God and His inspiration that Solomon realized so many years ago. Having now sought into the material problems and some of the spiritual causes in this chart, let us turn our attention to the positive side of the ledger and the therapeutic aspects. When we do so, we are immediately im- pressed with the marvelous perfection of our Father's kingdom, the workings of which are so perfect that no matter how base or ignoble our original intentions, they always ulitmately result in positive goodness and develop spiritual and creative perfection--though the growing process is often watered by tears of remorse and sorrow. In this chart, the spiritual development seems most clearly developed in the water sign patterns. Looking there we find just exactly the qualities and talents we would naturally and logically expect to find with her strongly materical development. In her quest for material achievement, she has indubitably learned the secret that success is relative to the ability to imagine and picture clearly what is wished to be achieved and to hold that picture until it becomes manifest. She has learned the lesson very well. The Moon is approaching the full in its strongest sign indicating a perfected imagination at a peak of development, while the 7th house position shows more art and femininity than was indicated in the unregenerated phase of the character. Fruition is shown in the trine to Jupiter, but more important, philosophical expansion of an image or idea to a broader scope of understanding is indicated. Therapeutically, the Jupiterian trine to Neptune is equal, if not greater in importance, for it indicates a psycho-spiritual and religiously oriented quality in this very emotional watery sign development whose uncanny and total comprehensiveness can help her to rise above her materialistic attitudes. Neptune, sextile to the Sun, rules the super-physical and spiritual healers, so she would respond well to spiritual healing. For spiritual healers, the understanding of this spiritually imaginative aspectation is especially important for on it hinges one of the most fundamental concepts of spiritual healing. The healing force, that comes straight from the Father, and is specialized by our prayers and medita- tions, is a most precious substance that is never wasted, misused, or poured through a spiritual "sieve." Success depends upon the openminded attitude and receptivity of the patient, and his ability to build a thought form capable of receiving this great power. Healing power may be likened to white hot molten steel which can only be utilized by a true and stable mold that corresponds to the conceptualized thought form or image. Thus, for real healing success, the patient must have, at least partially as in this case, a receptive, positive and optimistic attitude, and the ability to picture himself as a well and able servant of the Source of all healing. The watery element is also important as a key to the proper attitude for the parents or healer to stress in dealing successfully with the child. Focusing on Jupiter, very strongly positioned in Pisces, it is obvious that she has a very intense ability to feel quite strongly, especially the feelings of others. We can safely judge that this compassion and the spiritual feelings of awe are the results of an extremely strong purgatorial existence and perhaps even a "borderland" experience that one might expect with the extreme materialistic crystallization of the planets in the east. To utilize this ability to feel in practical attitude therapy, it is first necessary to bring out one more related phase of her character. The expansive Jupiter, who is the usual antidote for afflictions to its planetary opposite (the contracting Saturn), is not the only or the best key to therapy in this case. He is afflicted hinself, weak (beneath the earth and intercepted), and also caught up in the material situation, so we must look elsewhere for help. The Sun, the life giver, who is the spiritual opposite of the death-dealing Saturn, is in the grip of his crystallizing influence by sign position and affliction. Thus we turn to the third benefic, Venus. Here we find conditions much better. She is elevated in the 11th house in Sagittarius and capable of directly working on the problem by the sextile to Mercury. We now see a lighter, more aspiring side of her nature that is otherwise materially and emotionally heavy or even glum. We also see more levity and flexibility, but most important of all to the parents and the healer, we see an avenue of communication. We find the most fixed signs of all on the MC and the IC. Therefore we can see that the parental relationship is very fixed and reactionary, and worst of all, inflexible and weak in understanding. This last quality is particu- larly the case with the MC figure (the parent who exerts the greatest influ- ence) who is likely to hold a cold, stern, unbudging Scorpionic disciplin- ary attitude. Though in some cases these are excellent qualities, they ap- proach disaster in this instance. The Capricorn character does respond excel- lently to the necessary respectful attitudes and firm treatment, but it will completely close itself off in a lead shield to the heavy-handed Scorpio treatment and may come to hate such a person. Hence, if the parents put aside a rigid superior parental relationship that is a barrier to communication and express themselves more as friends (Venus in 11th), they can help to mold and unfold the positive side of the child's character much more successfully. She will respond excellently to light, friendly persuasion and to exemplary admonition to aspiration, nobility and honesty. Via this mode of ingress, an appeal to her strong and sensitive feelings of compassion and spirituality must be taken not to excite her to emotional frenzy or hysteria with fears of death, the unknown, or the like, for Venus does square Uranus in the 8th house. There is one final consideration that is above all others, and that is that she tends to be very insecure. Therefore her nature demands demonstrations of love--secure love, without doubt. Moreover, since her nature and problems are externalized, she needs overt demonstrations of sincere love frequently. All forms of communication and therapy must not be too theoretical, for her nature is basically earthy and saturnine, so they must always make practical sense to her. Thus, from the foregoing, it is clear that the original, selfish material motivations have crystallized to futility while the concomitant creative spiritual development is on the wax, to an extent, even latent. CHART NUMBER 13--LYMPHATIC CANCER: Male: Born April 18, 1924 at 2:09 AM; Long. 122W; Lat. 38N. HOUSE POSITIONS: Midheaven/Scorpio 28 11th House/Sagittarius 21; 12th House /Capricorn 12; Ascendant/Aquarius 9:26; 2nd House/Pisces 25; 3rd House/Taurus 2. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Uranus/Pisces 19:43; Sun/Aries 28:06; Mercury/Taurus 17:42; Venus/Gemini 13:37; Pluto/Cancer 10:22; Neptune/Leo 17:37R;Dragon's Head /Virgo 0:38; Moon/Libra 11:55; Saturn/Libra 29:06R; Jupiter/Sagittarius 19:39R; Mars/Capricorn 26:18 This young man was born with the supersensitive and advanced sign Aquarius on the Ascendant. Uranus and Saturn, the co-rulers of Aquarius, are heavily afflicted. They exercised such a restrictive and destructive influence on his health and body that they choked the life forces and caused his death in his early teens. But this probably could have been avoided if good hygiene had been followed from the start. Uranus in the first house in Pisces squares both Venus and Jupiter, the two planets which rule the blood. Venus rules the venous blood and circulation and Jupiter the arterial. Hence we see at the beginning that this boy came into his physical vehicle with a restriction of the blood. We know that the blood is the means by which the Spirit controls its vehicles; the purer the blood, the greater is the control. With these afflictions, the individual finds it difficult to eliminate toxins from his body; this, in turn, keeps his blood impure and hampers the Spirit. Aquarius on the Ascendant indicates that he came to learn altruism and constructive thinking and to forget himself for the sake of his friends. With the Sun in Aries in the second house square Mars in Capricorn and op- position Saturn in Libra, the forces of life and death are at war with each other. (Notice that the T-square involves three planets in their signs of exaltation, which increase their power for good or ill according to the nature of their aspects). This again limits the Ego in its efforts to overcome sel- fishness. Selfishness prevents the individual from letting go of things, feelings, or thoughts. In consequence, the body's biological functions follow the same pattern and the body retains toxins. There are three major ways to eliminate toxins: through the lungs, through the excretory system, and through the skin. The lungs are ruled by Mercury and the sign Gemini. Since Venus is afflic- ted in Gemini, it produces shallow breathing and poor oxygenation of the blood. Mercury square Neptune shows a tendency for fragility of the lungs and susceptibility to drugs and chemicals. The kidneys are ruled by Venus and the sign Libra. We find in Libra a strongly aspected Moon and heavy afflictions of the restrictive Saturn. These obstruct the filtering action of the kidneys, allowing toxic elements to stay in the blood stream and intoxicate the body. Afflicted Venus shows that the kidneys are weakened because they are not properly irrigated and drained by the blood vessels. The skin is ruled by Saturn and the sign Capricorn. Here again the aflic- tions of Mars in Capricorn explain the regular bouts of skin infection with which the boy was plagued. Not finding a natural exit, the toxins would escape through the skin at regular intervals. The lymphatic system which works with the circulatory system serves as a means to drain, filter, clean, and return to the veins the interstitial flu- id (lymph) which is fed to the cellular tissues by the blood. Bacteria, cancerous cells, and other foreign substances are removed from the lymph by the phagocytes--primarily the macrophages--that are present in the lymph nodes. During infection, the rate of formation or macrophages is so great that the lymph nodes swell and become tender. In the case of cancer, the nodes destroy many of the cancer cells. These days, however, the nodes that receive lymph from cancerous areas generally are removed surgically because of the potential danger of cancerous proliferation from cells that were not destroyed in these nodes and that might contaminate other areas as they travel through lymph and blood. At the end of November 1938, the young adolescent had a sore throat and it began to swell. The doctor treated it, but the swelling did not go away. After several months, a thorough examination revealed that it was cancer of the lymphatic glands. Cancer was not very well understood at the time, and in early May 1939, various injections were tried in vain. By July and August the infection had reached a peak, and the swelling of the lymph nodes started to spread, then quickly subsided. At the end of October 1939, swelling and pain reappeared. After a relapse, an operation was attempted, but the patient died of respiratory failure during the process on November 16, 1939. The Healing Department (at The Rosicrucian Fellowship Headquarters) was contacted only a few months before the tragic operation, and the parents did not heed the advice against the operation. Had they called earlier, it would have been possible to prevent a lot of damage produced by wrong living. An a- dequate diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, filled with ethers, would have helped counteract the obstruction of the rulers of the Ascendant. Proper ex- ercises and enough sleep in a well ventilated room would have made for better oxygenation of the blood. Skin brushing every morning would have stimulated circulation of the blood in the capillaries, and massage of the kidneys would have lessened their sluggishness. The discipline of regular elimination would have helped remove some of the toxins. Washing the body daily would have been necessary to remove the etheric miasma that clogged this young man's vitality. Following the rules of good hygiene and maintaining bodily fitness is very important, for it keeps the vital body active in protecting the physical body from intoxication and infection. This type of cooperation is necessary to make the work of the Invisible Helpers effective. The patient's health condition had deteriorated to such a degree that, when called upon, the Invisible Helpers only could help him make a smooth transition to the higher worlds. Exercise: What happened from an astrological viewpoint in November 1938 and in April 1939 and how did that affect this young man's chart? You may want to check the planetary progressions, transits, lunations, and eclip- ses around the dates of the various crises to deepen your insight into the problem and see how it evolved astrologically. CHART NUMBER 14--LUNG CANCER & INTESTINAL ULCERS: Female born on May 4, 1902 at 7:00 AM HOUSE POSITIONS: Midheaven/Aquarius 28; 11th House/Aries 0; 12th House/Taurus 18; Ascendant/Cancer 3; 2nd House/Cancer 19; 3rd House/Leo 6. PLANETARY POSITIONS: Dragon's Head/Scorpio 4:18; Uranus/Sagittarius 20:41R; Jupiter/Aquarius 15:36; Moon/Pisces 23:19; Saturn/Capricorn 27:47; Mars/Taurus 5:07; Sun/Taurus 12:52; Venus/Pisces 26:55; Pluto/Gemini 17:22; Neptune/Gemini 29:28; Mercury/Taurus 19:07 We shape ourselves the joy or fear Of which the coming life is made, And fill our Future's atmosphere With sunshine or with shade. The tissue of the life to be We weave with colors all our own, And in the field of Destiny We reap as we have sown.--Whittier How true are the words of this poet, and how ignorantly man is sharpening the thorns which in future lives are to tear his flesh and try his soul. This poor woman, in this life, has become conscious of the thorns grown from past sowing, and her physical body has been a source of continuous pain and discomfort. Had she formerly possessed the knowledge which has come to her in this life, and had she been aware of the Law of Consequence, she probably would have sown seeds which would have brought her health and peace of mind in this life. But the question confronts us: would she have learned as many lessons? We are told that we learn most through pain and suffering and that these lessons are precisely the ones which lift us upward and onward on the path of evolution. Why is it necessary that man experience the pain and suffering of these troublesome periods? Can it not be possible for him to progress on the path through fulfillment and satisfaction? Yes, he does progress through the sat- isfactions of life, but only when he finds them in the spiritual rather than material frame of reference--through helping others and sharing with them. The pity of it is that men become so intensely interested in self-satisfac- tion that they are all too prone to close themselves off from others or to share only with those who appeal to them and who are in the same walk of life. When a person puts a fence around himself and his friends, his activities cannot bring much soul growth. Only the fulfillment of selflessness contributes to soul growth and constitutes the treasures laid up in heaven. The horoscope of this woman has the watery, cardinal sign Cancer on the Ascendant. The life ruler, the Moon is severely afflicted. We find this luminary situated in the 10th house, conjunct the planet of beauty and art, Venus. This configuration of itself would be very good and would give skill in music and art, but both planets are afflicted by squares from Neptune in the 12th house (restraint) and Uranus in the 6th house (health). The presence of afflicting planets in the sixth and twelfth houses clearly shows that the native will at some time suffer ill health if she persists in breaking the Laws of Nature by, for instance, eating wrong foods or indulging too strenuously in social activities. This, we find, was the case with this woman. With the Moon and Venus conjoined in the tenth house she became very popular, for these two planets attract people who enjoy wining, dining, smoking, and staying up late in her company. The Sun in Taurus conjunct Mercury, and Mars in the house of friends square Jupiter in the sign of friends, indicate that friends have been the cause of the many excesses that brought her to physical breakdown. She suffered dreadfully from lung cancer and intestinal ulcers. These weaknesses resulted from the afflictions in the intercepted mutable signs: Neptune in Gemini (lungs), Uranus in Sagittarius, and Venus and the Moon in Pisces. By reflex action digestion and assimilation in the small intestine (Virgo) was greatly hampered. Saturn, the planet of obstruction is strong in Capricorn. Its obstructive power also has an effect on the digestion of food in the stomach by reflex action in the opposite sign Cancer, and hindered on elimination, producing gravel in the kidneys as it squares Libra (whose rul- er, Venus, is afflicted. In addition, her squares between Jupiter in Aquarius and the stellium in Taurus, and reflex action in Scorpio, influenced the de- velopment of several infections in the colon and tumors in the womb which were surgically removed. Here we have the physical effects working through the "vicious circles": the fixed signs, the rectum and the womb; the mutable signs, the lungs and the intestines; the cardinal signs, the stomach and the kidneys. With Scorpio on the cusp of the 6th house (health) and afflicted Pluto in the 12th house (both sign and planet ruling surgery) we understand why she was so insistent on resolving all her ills through surgery. This procedure, of course, addresses only the physical effect and does not remove the spiritual cause of the ailment. It is advisable carefully to consider the potential spiritual as well as physical effects of surgery before embarking on this extreme form of physical alleviation. The physical body is the temple of the Higher Self, the God within, who has worked for eons and eons to build it meticulously and with tremendous wisdom. Each part, each organ, each detail in it has its specific purpose, and our spiritual responsibility is to keep the body in good health. 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