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Filename: RC5004.TXT THE FALL OF MAN: "The Bible has been given to the Western World by the Recording Angels, who give to each and all exactly what they need for their development." --Max Heindel Reference: Genesis Chapter 3 In connection with the study of Genesis, let us consider "the Fall," which is the backbone and sinew of popular Christianity. Had there been no "Fall," there would have been no need for the "plan of salvation." When the Earth came out of chaos, it was at first in the dark red stage known as the Polarian Epoch. There humanity first evolved a dense body, not at all like our present vehicle, of course. When the condition of the Earth became fiery, as in the Hyperborean Epoch, the vital body was added and man became plant-like, that is to say, he had the same vehicles as our plants have today, and also similar consciousness, or, rather, unconsciousness, to that which we have in dreamless sleep when the dense and vital bodies are left upon the bed. At that time, in the Hyperborean Epoch, the body of man was as an enor- mous gas bag, floating outside the fiery Earth, and it threw off plantlike spores, which then grew and were used by other incoming entities. At that time man was double-sexed, a hermaphrodite. In the Lemurian Epoch, when the Earth had somewhat cooled and islands of crust had begun to form amid boiling seas, then also man's body had somewhat solidified and had become more like the body we see today. It was ape-like, a short trunk with enormous arms and limbs, the heels projecting backward and almost no head--at least the upper part of the head was nearly entirely wanting. Man lived in the atmosphere of steam which occultists call fire- fog, and had no lungs, but breathed by means of tubes. He had a bladder-like organ inside, which he inflated with heated air to help him leap enormous chasms when volcanic eruptions destroyed the land upon which he was living. From the back of his head there projected an organ which has now been drawn into the head and is called by anatomists the "pineal gland" or the "third eye," although it was never an eye, but a localized organ of feeling. The body was then devoid of feeling, but when man came too close to a volcanic crater, the heat was registered by this organ to warn him away before his body was destroyed. At that time the body had already so far solidified that it was impossible for man to continue to propagate by spores, and it was necessary that he should evolve an organ of thought, a brain. The creative force which we now use to build railways, steamships, etc., in the outer world, was then used inwardly for the building of the organs. Like all forces it was positive and negative. One pole was turned upward to build the brain, leaving the o- ther pole available for the creation of another body. Thus man was no longer a complete creative unit. Each possessed only half the creative force, and it was therefore necessary for him to seek his complement outside himself. Man was not at that time the wide-a-wake conscious being he is at present. He was more awake in the Spiritual World than in the physical; he hardly saw his body and was not conscious of the act of propagation. The Bible statement that Jehovah put man to sleep when he was to bring forth is correct. There was no pain nor trouble connected with childbirth; nor (because of man's exceedingly dim consciousness of his physical surroundings) did he know anything of the loss of his dense body by death, or of his installment in a new dense vehicle at birth. But at that time, "their eyes had not been opened," and the human beings of that age were unconscious of each other in the Physical World, though well aware and awake in the Spiritual World. Therefore under the guidance of the Angels, who were particularly fitted to help them in respect to propagation, they were herded together in great temples at certain times of the year when the lines of force running between the planets were propitious, and there the creative act was performed as a religious sacrifice. And when this primal man Adam came into the intimate sexual contact with the woman, the spirit for the moment pierced the flesh and "Adam knew (or became awareof) his wife"; he sensed her physically. It is this which the Bible has recorded, using that chaste expression all through its leaves, for we are told that "Elkanah knew his wife Hannah, and she bore Samuel." Even in the New Testament where the angel comes to Mary telling her that she is to be the mother of the Savior, she answers, "How shall that be possible seeing I know not a man?" Sin is action contrary to law, and while humanity propagated under the guidance of the Angels, who understood the cosmic lines of force, parturition was painless, as it it now among wild animals, which propagate only at the proper time of the year under the guidance of the group spirit. But when man acting on the advice of certain spirits (the Lucifers) half-way between humanity and the Angels, undertook to create at any and all times of the year, regardless of cosmic lines of force, that sin, or "eating of the tree of knowledge," caused the painful parturition which the Lord God proclaimed to Eve. He did not curse her, but simply stated what would be the result of the ignorant and indiscriminate use of the creative function. The Lucifers were a part of the humanity of the Moon Period; they are the stragglers of the life wave of the Angels, too far advanced to take a dense physical body, yet they needed an "inner" organ for the acquisition of knowledge. Moreover, they could work through a physical brain, which the An- gels or Jehovah could not. These spirits enetered the spinal cord and brain and spoke to the woman, whose Imagination had been aroused by the training of the Lemurian Race. As her consciousness was principally internal, a picture-consciousness of them was received by her, and she saw them as serpents, for they had entered her brain by the serpentine spinal cord. The training of the woman included watching the perilous feats and fights of the men in developing will, in which fights bodies were necessarily often killed. The dim consciousness of something unusual set the imagination of the woman to wondering why she saw these strange things. She was conscious of the spirits of those who had lost their bodies, but her imperfect sense of the Physical World failed to revealthese friends whose dense bodies had been destroyed. The Lucifers solved the problem for her by "opening her eyes." They re- vealed to her her own body and that of the man and taught her how, together, they might conquer death by creating new bodies. Thus death could not touch them for they, like Jehovah, could create at will. Lucifer opened the eyes of woman. She sought the help of man and opened his eyes. Thus, in a real though dim way, they first "knew" or became aware of one another and also of the Physical World. They became conscious of death and pain and by this knowledge, they learned to differentiate between the inner man and the outer garment he wears and renews each time it is necessary to take his next step in evolution. They ceased to be automatons and became free thinking beings at the cost of freedom from pain, sickness, and death. That the interpretation, of the eating of the fruit as a symbol of the ge- nerative act is not a farfetched idea, is shown by the declaration of Jehovah that they will die and that the woman will bear her children in pain and suffering. He knew that as man's attention had now been called to his physical gar ment, he would become aware of its loss by death. He also knew that man had not yet wisdom to bridle his passion and regulate sexual intercourse by the positions of the planets, therefore pain in childbirth must follow his ignorant abuse of the function. It has always been a sore puzzle to Bible commentators what connection there could possibly be between the eating of fruit and the bearing of children, but if we understand that the eating of the fruit is symbolical of the generative act whereby man becomes "like God" inasmuch as he "knows" his kind and is thus able to generate new beings, the solution is easy. In the latter part of the Lemurian Epoch when man arrogated to himself the prerogative of performing the generative act when he pleased, it was his then-powerful will that enabled him to do so. By "eating of the tree of knowledge" at any and all times he was able to create a new body whenever he lost an old vehicle. We usually think of death as something to be dreaded. Had man also "eaten of the tree of life," had he learned the secret of how to perpetual- ly vitalize his body, there would have been a worse condition. We know that our bodies are not perfect today and in those ancient days they were exceedingly primitive. Therefore the anxiety of the creative Hierarchies lest man "eat of the tree of life also," and become capable of renewing his vital body, was well founded. Had he done so he would have been immortal indeed, but would never have been able to progress. The evolution of the Ego depends upon its vehicles and if it could not get new and improving ones by death and birth, there would be stagnation. It is an occult maxim that the oftener we die the better we are able to live, for every birth gives us a new chance. We have seen that brain-knowledge, with its concomitant selfishness, was bought by man at the cost of the power to create from himself alone. He bought his free will at the cost of pain and death; but when man learns to use his intellect for the good of humanity, he will gain spiritual power over life and in addition, will be guided by an innate knowledge as much higher than the present brain-consciousness as that is higher than the lowest animal consciousness. The fall into generation was necessary to build the brain, but that is, at best, only an indirect way of gaining knowledge and will be superseded by direct touch with the wisdom of Nature which man, without any cooperation, will then be able to use for the generation of new bodies. The larynx will again speak "the lost Word," the "creative Fiat," which, under the guidance of great Teachers, was used in ancient Lemuira in the creation of plants and animals. Man will then be a creator in very truth. Not in the slow and toilsome manner of the present day, but by the use of the proper word or magical for- mula, will he be able to create a body. JESUS AND CHRIST JESUS: "The Bible has been given to the Western World by the Recording Angels, who give to each and all exactly what they need for their development." --Max Heindel References: Matthew Chapters 1, 2,3; Luke 1,2; The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Concep- tion by Max Heindel, pages 178 (diagram #6), 377 (diagram #14), 197 (diagram #8) To understand the mission of Christ as the Founder of the Universal Reli- gion of the future, it is necessary that we first become familiar with His exact nature, and incidentally, with that of Jehovah, Who is the head of such Race-religions as Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.; also with the identity of "The Father," to Whom Christ is to give up the Kingdom, in due time. In the Christian creed occurs this sentence: "Jesus Christ, the only be- gotten Son of God." This is generally understood to mean that a certain per- son Who appeared in Palestine about 2,000 years ago, who is spoken of as Jesus Christ--one separate individual--was the only begotten Son of God. This is a great mistake. There are three distinct and widely different Be- ings characterized in this sentence. It is of the greatest importance that the student should clearly understand the exact nature of these Three Great and Exalted Beings--differing vastly in glory, yet each entitled to our deepest and most devout adoration. Please note in diagram number 6 that "The only begotten" ("the Word," of Whom John speaks) is the second aspect of the Supreme Being. This "Word," and It alone is "begotten of His Father (the first aspect) before all Worlds." "Without Him was not anything made that was made," not even the third aspect of the Supreme Being, which proceeds from the two pre- vious aspects. Therefore the "only begotten" is the exalted being which ranks above all else in the Universe, save only the Power-aspect which created It. The first aspect of the Supreme Being "thinks out," or imagines, the Uni- verse before the beginning of active manifestation, everything, including the millions of solar systems and the great creative Hierarchies which inhabit the Cosmic Planes of existence above the seventh, which is the field of our evolution. This is also the Force which dissolves everything that has crystallized beyond the possibility of further growth and at last, when the end of active manifestation has come, reabsorbs within Itself all that is, until the dawn of another Period of Manifestation. The second aspect of the Supreme Being is that which manifests in matter as the forces of attraction and cohesion, thus giving it the capability of combining into Forms of various kinds. This is "The Word," the "creative Fiat," which molds the primordial Cosmic Root-substance in a manner similar to the formation of figures by musical vibrations, as previously mentioned, the same tone always producing the same figure. So this great primordial "WORD" brought, or "spoke," into being, in finest matter, all the dif- ferent Worlds, with all their myriads of Forms, which have since been copied and worked out in detail by the innumerable creative Hierarchies. "The Word," could not have done this, however, until the third aspect of the Supreme Being had first prepared the Cosmic Root-substance; had awakened it from its normal state of inertia and set the countless inseparate atoms spinning upon their axes, placing those axes at various angles with respect to each other, giving to each kind a certain "measure of vibration." These varying angles of inclination of the axes and the measures of vibra- ion made the Cosmic Root-substance capable of forming different combina- tions, which are the basis of the seven great Cosmic Planes. There is, in each of these planes, a different inclination of the axes, and also a different measure of vibration. Consequently the conditions and combinations in each one are different from those in any of the others, due to the activity of "The Only Begotten." Diagram 14 shows us that: "The Father" is the highest Initiate among the humanity of the Saturn Period. The ordinary humanity of that period are now the Lords of Mind. "The Son" (Christ) is the highest Initiate of the Sun Period. The ordina- ry humanity of that Period are now the Archangels. "The Holy Spirit" (Jehovah) is the highest Initiate of the Moon Period. The ordinary humanity of that Period are now the Angels. This diagram also shows what are the vehicles of these different orders of Beings, and upon comparison with diagram number 8, it will be seen that their bodies or vehicles (indicated by squares on diagram 14) correspond to the Globes of the Period in which they were human. This is always the case so far as the ordinary humanities are concerned, for at the end of the Period during which any life wave becomes individualized as human beings, those be- ings retain bodies corresponding to the Globes on which they have functioned. On the other hand, the Initiates have progressed and evolved for themselves higher vehicles, discontinuing the ordinary use of the lowest vehicle when the ability to use a new and higher one has been attained. Ordinarily, the lowest vehicle of an Archangel is the desire body, but Christ, Who is the highest Initiate of the Sun Period, ordinarily uses the life spirit as lowest vehicle, functioning as consciously in the World of Life Spirit as we do in the Physical World. The student is requested to note this point particularly, as the World of Life Spirit is the first "universal" World. It is the World in which differentiation ceases and unity begins to be realized, so far as our solar system is concerned. Christ has power to build and function in a vehicle as low as the desire body, such as is used by the Archangels, but He can descend no farther. The significance of this will be seen presently. Jesus belongs to our humanity. When the man, Jesus, is studied through the memory of nature, he can be traced back life by life, where he lived in different circumstances, under various names, in different embodiments, the same, in that respect, as any other human being. This cannot be done with the Being, Christ. In His case can be found but one embodiment. It must not be supposed, however, that Jesus was an ordinary individual. He was of a singularly pure type of mind, vastly superior to the great ma- jority of our present humanity. Through many lives had he trod the Path of Holiness and thus fitted himself for the greatest honor ever bestowed upon a human being. His mother, the Virgin Mary, was also a type of the highest human purity and because of that was selected to become the mother of Jesus. His father was a high Initiate, virgin, and capable of performing the act of fecundation as a sacrament, without personal desire or passion. Thus the beautiful, pure and lovely spirit whom we know as Jesus of Naza- reth was born into a pure and passionless body. This body was the best that could be procured on Earth and the task of Jesus, in that embodiment, was to care for it and evolve it to the highest possible degree of efficiency, in preparation for the great purpose it was to serve. Jesus of Nazareth was born at about the time stated in the historic re- cords, and not 105 BC, as stated in some occult works. The name Jesus is common in the East, and an Initiate named Jesus did live 105 BC, but he took the Egyptian Initiation, and was not Jesus of Nazareth, with whom we are concerned. Jesus was educated by the Essenes and reached a very high state of spiritual development during the thirty years in which he used his body. It may be said here, parenthetically, that the Essenes were a third sect which existed in Palestine, besides the two mentioned in the New Testament-- the Pharisees and the Sadducees. The Essenes were an exceedingly devout order, widely different from the materialistic Sadducees and entirely to the hypocritical, publicity-seeking Pharisees. They shunned all mention of themselves and their methods of study and worship. To the latter peculiarity is due the fact that almost nothing is known of them, and that they are not mentioned in the New Testament. It is a law of the Cosmos that no Being, however high, can function in any world without a vehicle built of the material of that world. (see diagrams 8 and 14) Therefore the desire body was the lowest vehicle of the group of spi- rits who had reached the human stage in the Sun Period. Christ was one of those spirits and was consequently unable to build for himself a vital body and a dense physical vehicle. He could have worked upon humanity in a desire body, as did His younger brothers, the Archangels, as Race-spirits. Jehovah had opened an avenue for them to enter the dense body of man by means of the air he inhaled. All Race-religions were religions of law, and creators of sin through disobedience of that law. They were under the direction of Jehovah, Whose lowest vehicle is the human spirit, correlat- ing Him to the World of Abstract Thought, where everything is separate and therefore leads to self-seeking. That is precisely the reason why the intervention of Christ became necessary. Under the regime of Jehovah unity is impossible. Therefore, the Christ, Who possesses as the lowest vehicle the unifying life spirit, must enter into the dense human body. He must appear as a man among men and dwell in this body, because only from WITHIN is it possible to conquer the race-religion, which influences man from WITHOUT. Christ could not be born in a dense body, because He had never passed through an evolution such as the Earth Period, therefore He would first have had to acquire the ability to build a dense body such as ours. But even had He possessed that ability, it would have been inexpedient for such an ex- alted Being to expend for that purpose the energy necessary for body- building through antenatal life, childhood and youth, to bring it to sufficient maturity for use. He had ceased to use, ordinarily, vehicles such as would correspond to our human spirit, mind, and desire body, although He had learned to build them in the Sun Period, and retained the ability to build and function in them whenever desired or required. He used all His vehicles, taking only the vital and dense bodies from Jesus. When the latter was thirty years of age Christ entered these bodies and used them until the climax of His Mission on Golgotha. After the destruction of the dense body, Christ appeared among His disciples in the vital body, in which He functioned for some time. The vital body is the vehicle which He will use when He appears again, for He will never take another dense body. At the time Christ entered the body of Jesus, the latter was a disciple of high degree, consequently his life spirit was well organized. Therefore, the lowest vehicle in which Christ functioned, and the best organized of the higher vehicles of Jesus were identical; and Christ, when He took the vital body and the dense body of Jesus, was thus furnished with a complete chain of vehicles bridging the gap between the World of Life Spirit and the dense Physical World. The significance of the fact that Jesus had passed several initiations was in the effect that has on the vital body. Jesus' vital body was already at- tuned to the high vibrations of the Life Spirit. An ordinary man's vital body would have instantly collapsed under the terrific vibrations of the Great Spirit who entered Jesus' body. Even that body, pure and high-strung as it was, could not withstand those tremendous impacts for many years, and when we read of certain times when Christ withdrew temporarily from His disciples, as when He later walked on the sea to meet them, the esotericist knows that He drew out of Jesus' vehicles to give them a rest under the care of the Essene Brothers, who knew more of how to treat such vehicles than Christ did. This change was consummated with the full and free consent of Jesus, who knew during this entire life that he was preparing a vehicle for Christ. He submitted gladly, that his brother humanity might receive the gigantic impe- tus which was given to its development by the mysterious sacrifice on Golgo- tha. Thus (as shown in diagram 14) Christ Jesus possessed the twelve vehicles, which formed an unbroken chain from the Physical World to the very Throne of God. Therefore He is the only Being in the Universe in touch with both God and man and capable of mediating between them, because He has, personally and individually, experienced all conditions and knows every limitation incident to physical existence. None save He is able to feel such compassio, nor so fully understand the position and needs of humanity; none save He is qualified to bring the relief that shall fully meet our needs. He took the dense and vital bodies of Jesus that He might function directly in the Physical World and appear as a man among men. Had He appeared in a manifestly miraculous manner, it would have been contrary to the scheme of evolution, because at the end of the Atlantean Epoch humanity had been given freedom to do right or wrong. That they might learn to become self- governing, no coercion whatever could be used. They must know good and evil through experience. Before that time they had been led willy-nilly, but at that time they were given freedom under the different Race-religions, each religion adapted to the needs of its particular Tribe or Nation. THE MYSTERY OF GOLGOTHA: References: Matthew 27,28; Mark 15, 16; Luke 23, 24; John 19, 20, 21. During the last 2,000 years much has been said about "the cleansing blood." The blood of Christ has been extolled from the pulpit as the sovereign remedy for sin; the only means of redemption and salvation. But if the laws of Rebirth and Consequence work in such a way that evolving beings reap as they have sown, and if the evolutionary impulse is constantly bringing humanity higher and higher, ultimately to attain perfection--where then is the need for redemption and salvation? Even if the need existed, how can the death of one individual help the rest? Would it not be nobler to suffer the consequences of one's acts than to hide behind another? These are some of the objections to the doctrine of vicarious atonement and redemption by the blood of Christ Jesus. We will try to answer them before showing the logical harmony between the operation of the Law of Consequence and the Atonement of Christ. In the first place, it is absolutely true that the evolutionary impulse does work to achieve ultimate perfection for all; yet there are some who are constantly straggling behind. At the present time, we have just passed the extreme point of materiality and are going through the sixteen Races. We are treading "the sixteen paths to destruction," and are consequently in graver danger of falling behind than at any other part of the evolutionary journey. In the abstract, time is nothing. A number may fall behind so far that they must be abandoned, to take up their further evolution in another scheme, where they can continue their journey to perfection. Nevertheless, that was not the evolution originally designed for them and it is reasonable to suppose that the exalted Intelligences in charge of our evolution use every means to bring through in safety as many as possible of the entities under their charge. In ordinary evolution, the laws of Rebirth and Consequence are perfectly adequate for bringing the major portion of the life wave up to perfection, but they do not suffice in the case of stragglers, who are lagging behind in the various Races. During the stage of individualism, which is the climax of the illusion of separateness, all mankind needs extra help, but for the stragglers some additional special aid must be provided. To give that special aid, to redeem the stragglers, was the mission of Christ. He said that He came to seek and to save that which was lost. He opened up the way of initiation for all who are willing to seek it. But not all are in need of salvation. Christ knew that there is a very large class who do not require salvation in this way, but just as surely as there are the ninety-and-nine who are well taken care of by the laws of Rebirth and Consequence and will reach perfection in that way, so there are the "sinners" who have become "bogged" in matter and cannot escape without a rope. Christ came to save them and to bring peace and good will to all, by raising them to the necessary point of spirituality, causing a change in their desire bodies which will make the influence of the life spirit in the heart more potent. His younger brother Sun Spirits, the Archangels, had worked as Race spirits on the desire bodies of man, but their work had been from without. It was simply a reflected spiritual Sun-force and came through the Moon--as moonlight is reflected sunlight. Christ, the Chief Initiate of the Sun Spirits, entered directly into the dense body of the Earth and brought the direct Sun-force, thus enabling Him to influence our desire bodies from within. So it is with the spiritual impulses which help man to evolve. The reason why the Earth was thrown off from the Sun was because our humanity could not endure the Sun's tremendous physical and spiritual impulses. Even after an enormous distance had been placed between the Earth and Sun, the spiritual impulse would still have been too strong had it not been sent first to the Moon, to be used by Jehovah, the Regent of the Moon, for man's benefit. A number of Archangels were given Jehovah as helpers in reflecting these spiritual impulses from the Sun upon the humanity of the Earth, in the form of Jehovistic or Race-religions. The lowest vehicle of the Archangels is the desire body. Our desire body was added in the Moon Period, at which time Jehovah was the highest Initiate. Therefore Jehovah is able to deal with man's desire body. Jehovah's lowest vehicle is the human spirit and its counterpart is the desire body. The Archangels are His helpers because they are able to manage the spiritual Sun forces and the desire body is their lowest vehicle. Thus they are able to work with and prepare humanity for the time when it can receive the spiritual impulses directly from the Solar Orb, without the intervention of the Moon. Upon Christ, as the highest Initiate of the Sun Period, is laid the task of sending out this impulse. The impulse which Jehovah reflected was sent out by Christ, Who thus prepared both the Earth and humanity for His direct ingress. The expression, "prepared the Earth," means that all evolution on a planet is accompanied by the evolution of that planet itself. Had some observer gifted with spiritual sight watched the evolution of our Earth from some distant star, he would have noticed a gradual change taking place in the Earth's desire body. Under the old dispensation the desire bodies of people in general were im- proved by means of the law. This work is still going on in the majority of people, who are thus preparing themselves for the higher life. The higher life (Initiation) does not commence, however, until the work on the vital body begins. The means used for bringing that into activity is Love, or rather Altruism. The former word has been abused that it no longer conveys the meaning here required. During the old dispensation the path of initiation was not free and open, except to a chosen few. The Hierophants of the Mysteries collected certain families about the Temples, setting them apart from all the other people. These chosen families were then rigorously guarded as to certain rites and ceremonies. Their marriages and sexual intercourse were regulated by the Hierophants. The effect of this was to produce a race having the proper degree of laxity between the dense and vital bodies; also, to wake the desire body from its state of lethargy during sleep. Thus a special few were made fit for initiation and were given opportunities that could not be given to all. The Mission of Christ, in addition to saving the lost, was to make initiation possible to all; therefore Jesus came from the common people, and though not of the teacher class, His teaching was higher than that of Moses. Christ Jesus did not deny Moses, the law, nor the prophets. On the contrary, He acknowledged them all and showed the people that they were His, as they pointed to One Who was to come. He told the people that those things had served their purpose and that henceforth Love must supersede Law. Christ Jesus was killed. In connection with this fact, we come to the supreme and fundamental difference between Him and the previous teachers, through whom the Race Spirits worked. They all died and must be reborn again and again to help their peoples bear their destiny. The Archangel Michael raised up Moses, who was taken up to Mount Nebo to die. He was reborn as Elijah. Elijah returned as John the Baptist; Buddha died and was reborn as Shankaracharya; Shri Krishna says, "Whenever there is decay of Dharma...and...exaltation of Adharma, then I myself come forth for the protection of good, for the destruction of evildoers, for the sake of firmly establishing Dharma. I am born from age to age." When death came Moses' face shone and Buddha's body became alight. They all reached the stage when the spirit begins to shine from within--but then they died. Christ Jesus reached that stage on the Mount of Transfiguration. It is of the very highest significane that His real work took place subsequent to that event. He suffered; was killed--and resurrected. Being killed is a very different thing from dying. The blood that had been the vehicle of the Race-spirit must FLOW and be cleansed of that contaminating influence. Love of father and mother, exclusive of other fathers and mothers, must go--otherwise Universal Brotherhood and an all- embracing Altruistic Love could never become an actuality. When the Savior Christ Jesus was crucified His body was pierced in five places; in the five centers where the currents of the vital body flow; and the pressure of the crown of thorns caused a flow from the sixth also. When the blood flowed from these centers, the great Sun-spirit Christ was liberated from the physical vehicle of Jesus and found Himself IN THE EARTH, without individual vehicles. The already existing planetary vehicles He permeated with His own vehicles and in the twinkling of an eye diffused His own desire body over the planet, which has enabled Him thenceforth to work upon the Earth and its humanity from WITHIN. At that moment a tremendous wave of spiritual sunlight flooded the Earth. It rent the veil which the Race-spirit had hung before the Temple to keep out all but the chosen few, and it made the Path of Initiation free thenceforth to whomsoever will. So far as concerned the Spiritual Worlds, this wave transformed the conditions of Earth like a flash of lightning, but the dense, concrete conditions are, of course, much more slowly affected. Like all rapid and high vibrations of light, this great wave blinded the people by its dazzling brilliance, therefore it was said that "the Sun was darkened." The very opposite was what actually occurred. The Sun was not darkened, but shone out in glorious splendor. It was the excess of light that blinded the people, and only as the entire Earth absorbed the desire body of the bright Sun-spirit did the vibration return to a more normal rate. The expression, "the cleansing blood of Christ Jesus," means that as the blood flowed on Calvary, it bore with it the great Sun-spirit Christ, Who by that means secured admission to the Earth itself and since that moment has been its Regent. He diffused His own desire body throughout the planet, thereby cleansing it from all the vile influences which had grown up under the regime of the Race-spirit. Under the law all sinned; nay, more--they could not help it. They had not evolved to where they could do right for Love's sake. The desire nature was so strong that it was an impossibility for them to rule it altogether, therefore their debts, engendered under the Law of Consequence, piled up to monstrous proportions. Evolution would have been terribly delayed and many lost to our live wave altogether if some help had not been given. Therefore Christ did come "to seek to save that which was lost." He took away the sin of the world by His cleansing blood, which gave Him entrance to the Earth and its humanity. He purified the conditions and we owe it to Him that we are able to gather for our desire bodies purer desire stuff than formerly, and He continues working to help us, by making our external environment constantly purer. That this is and was done at the expense of great suffering to Himself, no one can doubt who is able to form the least conception of the limitations endured by that Great Spirit in entering the hampering conditions of physical existence, even in the best and purest vehicle possible; nor is His present limitation as Regent of the Sun, and therefore only partially confined to the Earth, yet the limitations set by the crampingly low vibrations of our dense planet must be almost unendurable. Had Christ Jesus simply died, it would have been impossible for Him to have done this work, but the Christians have a RISEN Savior; One Who is ever present to help those who call upon His name. Having suffered like unto ourselves in all things and knowing fully our needs, He is lenient toward our mistakes and failures so long as we continue trying to live the good life. We must ever keep before our eyes the fact that the only real failure is ceasing to try. Upon the death of the dense body of Christ Jesus, the seed atom was returned to the original owner, Jesus of Nazareth, who for some time afterward, while functioning in a vital body which he had gathered temporarily, taught the nucleus of the new faith which Christ had left behind. Jesus of Nazareth has since had the guidance of the esoteric branches which sprang up all over Europe. In many places the Knights of the Round Table were high Initiates in the Mysteries of the New Dispensation. So were the Knights of the Grail--to whom was finally confided Joseph of Arimithea's Grail Cup, which was used by Christ Jesus at the Last Supper. They were afterward entrusted also with the Lance which pierced His side, and the receptacle which received the blood from the wound. The Druids of Ireland and the Trottes of Northern Russia were esoteric schools through which the Master Jesus worked during the so-called "Dark Ages," but dark though they were, the spiritual impulse spread, and from the standpoint of the occult scientist they were "Bright Ages" compared to the growing materialism of the last three hundred years, which has increased physical knowledge immensely, but has almost extinguished the Light of the Spirit. ----------------------------------------- "The Bible has been given the Western World by the Recording Angels, who give to each and all exactly what they need for their development."--Max Heindel THE LORD'S PRAYER: References: Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:1-4; acts 6:4; 12:5; Romans 12:12; James 5:16 Prayer may be said to be an opening up of a channel along which the divine Life and Light may flow into the spirit, in the same way that the turning of a switch opens the way for the electric current to flow from the power- house into our house. Faith in prayer is like the energy which turns the switch. Without muscular force we cannot turn the switch to obtain physical light, and, without faith we cannot pray in such a manner as to secure spi- ritual illumination. If we pray for worldly ends, for that which is contra- ry to the law of love and universal good, our prayers will prove as una- vailing as a glass switch in an electric circuit. Glass is a non-conductor, a bar to the electric power, and selfish prayers are, likewise, bars to di- vine purposes and must therefore remain unanswered. To pray to a purpose we must pray aright, and in the Lord's Prayer we have a most wonderful pat- tern, for it caters to the needs of man as no other formula could do. Within a few short sentences it encompasses all the complexities of the relationship of God to man. To understand this sublime prayer properly and be able to render it un- derstandingly and efficiently, let us recall that: The Father is the highest Initiate of the Saturn Period. The Son is the highest Initiate of the Sun Period. The Holy Spirit is the highest Initiate of the Moon Period. The Divine Spirit and the dense body of man started their evolution in the Saturn Period and are therefore under the special care of the Father. The Life Spirit and the vital body started their evolution in the Sun Pe- riod and are consequently the particular charges of the Son. The Human Spirit and the desire body commenced to evolve in the Moon Period and are therefore the special wards of the Holy Spirit. The Mind was added in the Earth Period and is not cared for by other or outside beings, but is to be subdued by man himself, without any outside assis- tance. In the Lord's Prayer there are seven prayers; or, rather, there are three sets of two prayers and one single supplication. Each of the three sets has reference to the needs of one of the aspects of the three-fold spirit and its counterpart in the threefold body. The opening sentence, Our Father Who art in Heaven, is merely as the address upon an envelope. The student is re- ferred to Diagram Number 16 found in "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Concep- tion" by Max Heindel for a key to this prayer, showing diagrammatically the relation between the Trinity, the threefold spirit, the threefold body and the Mind, each aspect of the spirit being connected by a line with the prayer specifically suited to its counterpart in the threefold body and addressed to its guardian aspect in the Trinity. The Human Spirit lifts itself upon the wings of devotion to its parent as- pect in the Holy Trinity and intones the opening incantation, "Hallowed be Thy Name." The Life Spirit raises itself upon pinions of love and addresses the fount of its being, The Son, "Thy Kingdom come." The Divine Spirit soars with superior insight to the fountain head, whence it sprang at the dawn of time, The Father, and manifests its confidence in that all-embracing Intelligence in the words, "Thy Will be done." Having thus reached the Throne of Grace, the threefold spirit in man proffers its requests concerning the personality, the threefold body. The Divine Spirit prays to The Father for its counterpart, the dense body, "Give us our daily bread." The Life Spirit prays to The Son for its counterpart, the vital body, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." The Human Spirit utters the supplication for the desire body in the words, "Lead us not into temptation." Then all join in a concerted appeal concerning the Mind, "Deliver us from evil." The addition, "For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever, Amen," was not given by Christ, but is very appropriate as the parting adoration of the three-fold spirit as it closes its direct address to the Deity. Looking at the foregoing explanation from the analytical standpoint, we find that there are three religious teachings to be given to man in helping him to attain to perfection. One is the religion of the Holy Spirit; the next is the Religion of The Son; and is the last is the Religion of The Father. Under the regime of the Holy Spirit the human race was divided into nations and peoples segregated by their adherence to one group from fellowship with other nations. Each group was further cut off from the rest because of speaking another language. They were all put under certain laws and were taught to reverence the name of their God. One people worshipped him as Iao, another as Tao, others as Bel. Everywhere the name of the Lawgiver washoly. The method of segregation had the advantage that the Race- spirit in chief, Jehovah, could use one people to punish another who had transgressed his law, but it has the disadvantage that it fosters egotism and separates humanity in a manner detrimental to universal good. It is an axiomatic truth that what does not benefit all cannot really benefit any. Therefore, ways and means must be found to reunite the scattered nations and weld them into one universal Brotherhood. That is to be the work of the Religion of the Son--Christianity. The warring of nations is fostered by the Race-spirit, but the Christian Religion will eventually unite them, cause them to beat their swords into ploughshares and bring peace and good will on Earth when the kingdom of the Son has superseded the tribes and races. Then a still higher religious teaching, the religion of The Father, is to unite mankind still closer. In the Kingdom of the Son there will be a universal Brotherhood of separate individuals having varying interests, but ready to give and take through love, sinking individual preferences for the common good, but when the religion of the Father becomes a fact in life, the self will be entirely submerged in a common purpose, a single will. The Will of God will then be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, where there is neither me nor thee, but where God is All and in All. In the meantime a certain work has to be performed by the three-fold spirit upon the threefold body, to spiritualize it and extract the threefold soul. The dense body is but an irresponsible tool, but nevertheless, it is a most valuable instrument, to be cared for and prized as a mechanic cares for and prizes a valuable tool. We hold firmly before our mental vision that we are not the body, any more than the mechanic is identical with his tools, or the carpenter is the house. That is plainly evident when we consider that our body is a constantly changing aggregation of cells, while we keep our "I"-dentity amind and despite all changes, which would be impossible if we were identical with our dense body. That body is to be valued and cared for. "Give us our daily bread," says the fourth prayer. Most people eat too much, and for them an occasional fast may be good, but fasting is unnecessary for those who do not feast, but live the simple life from day to day. When the body is overfed, the spirit may be ever so willing, but the flesh will be correspondingly weak. Therefore, when a young spirit gains ascendancy, it seeks to overcome the lower nature by fasting, tortures, etc., as best exemplified in Hindu Yogis who emaciate the body, causing the limbs to wither, etc., that the spirit may shine. That is a mistake as much subversive of true spiritual growth as is the habit of overeating. As said, where a man can control his appetite and feed his body on pure food he need not fast, but may give to his body its daily bread. The vital body being the storehouse of the panorama of our life, our own sins and the wrong we have suffered at the hands of others are there in- scribed, hence the fifth prayer, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us," enunciated the needs of the vital body and be it noted that this prayer teaches the doctrine of the remission of sins, in the words, "forgive us," and the Law of Consequence in the words, "as we forgive," making our attitude to others the measure of our emancipation. "Lead us not into temptation," is the prayer for the desire body which is the storehouse of energy, and furnishes incentive to action through desire. An Oriental maxim says, "Kill out desire." "Kill out your temper," is the foolish admonition sometimes given those who lose their temper. Desire or temper is a valuable asset, too valuable to be stunted or killed; the man without desire is like the steel devoid of temper--of no account. In Reve- lation, while the six churches are praised, the seventh is utterly anathe- mized for being "neither hot nor cold," a wishy-washy community. "The greater the sinner, the greater the saint," is a true adage, for it takes energy to sin and when that energy is turned in the right direction, it is as much of a power for good as previously it was for evil. A man may be good be- cause he cannot summon up sufficient energy to be bad; then he is so good that he is good for nothing. While we are weak our desire nature masters us and may lead us into temptation, but as we learn to control our desire nature, our temper may guide in harmony with the laws of God and man. Desire is the great tempter of mankind. It is the great incentive to all action, and in so far as the actions subserve the purposes of the spirit, it is good; but where the desire is for something degrading, something that de- bases the nature, it is indeed meet that we pray not to be led into tempta- tion. Love, Wealth, Power, and Fame! These are the four great motives of human action. Desire for one or more of these is the motive for all that man does or leaves undone. The great Leaders of Humanity have wisely given them as incentives to action, that man may gain experience and learn thereby. They are necessary, and the aspirant may safely continue to use them as motives for action, but he must transmute them into something higher. He must overcome with nobler aspirations the selfish love, which seeks the ownership of another body, and all desires for wealth, power, and fame for narrow and personal reasons. The Love for which he must long is that only which is of the soul and em- braces all beings, high and low, increasing in proportion to the needs of the recipient; The Wealth, that which consists of abundance of opportunities to serve his fellow men; The Power, that alone which makes for the upliftment of humanity; The Fame, none save that which increases his ability to spread the good news, that all who suffer may thus quickly find solace for the heart's grief. The guiding power which directs this energy of the desire nature is the Mind, hence the seventh prayer, "Deliver us from evil," is made with regard to the mind. The animals follow desire blindly and commit no sin. To them there is no evil; that only comes to our cognition by and through the discriminating mind which enables man to see various courses of action and to choose. If he chooses to act in harmony with universal good, he cultivates virtue; if the contrary, he becomes tainted with vice. It should be noted that the much vaunted "innocence" of a child is not by any means virtue. The child has not yet been tempted and tried, therefore it is innocent. In time, temptations from the desire nature will come to test its mettle, and it depends upon the control of the mind over desire whether it will stand for the right or fall by the wayside. If the mind is strong enough to "deliver us from evil" desires, we have become virtuous, which is a positive quality, and even if we fall for a time before we realize our wrong, we acquire virtue as soon as we repent and reform. We exchange negative innocence for the positive quality of virtue. Thus does the Lord's Prayer cover the various parts of the human constitution and enunciate the need for them all, showing the marvelous wisdom laid down in that simple formula. THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: "The Bible has been given to the Western World by the Recording Angels, who give to each and all exactly what they need for their development." --Max Heindel References: Matthew 1:20-25; Luke 1:26-35 The Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception is one of the most sublime mysteries of the Christian Religion, and perhaps for that reason it has suf- fered more from being dragged down into materiality than any of the other mysteries. It has suffered alike from the interpretation of its clumsy supporters and the sneers of the skeptics. The popular, but erroneous, idea is that about 2,000 years ago an individual named Jesus Christ was born of a mother without the cooperation of an earthly father, and this incident is regarded as unique in the history of the world. In reality it is not unparalleled; the immaculate conception has taken place many times in the history of the world and will become universal in the future. The periodical ebb and flow of the material and spiritual forces which in- vest the Earth are the invisible causes of the physical, moral, and mental activities upon our globe. According to the hermetic axiom, "As above, so below," a similar activity must take place in man, who is but a minor edi- tion of Mother Nature. The animals have twenty-eight pairs of spinal nerves and are now in their Moon stage, perfectly attuned to the twenty-eight days in which the Moon passes around the zodiac. In their wild state, the group spirit regulates their mating. Therefore there is no overflow with them. Man, on the other hand, is in a transition stage; he is too far progressed for the lunar vibrations for he has thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves. But he is not yet attuned to the solar month of thirty-one days, and he mates at all times of the year; hence the periodical flow in woman, which under proper conditions is utilized to form part of the body of a child more perfect than its parent. Similarly, the periodical flow in mankind becomes the sinew and backbone of racial advancement; and the periodical flow of the Earth's spiritual forces, which occurs at Christmas, results in the birth of Saviors who from time to time give renewed impetus to the spiritual advancement of the human race. There are two parts to our Bible, the Old and the New Testaments. After briefly reciting how the world came into being, the former tells the story of the "Fall." We understand the "Fall" to have been occasioned by man's impulsive and ignorant use of the sex forces at times when the interplan- etary rays were inimical to conception of the purest and best vehicles. Thus man became gradually imprisoned in a dense body crystallized by sinful pas- sion and consequently an imperfect vehicle, subject to pain and death. Then commmenced the pilgrimage through matter, and for millennia we have been living in this hard and flinty shell of body, which obscures the light of heaven from the spirit within. The spirit is like a diamond in its rough coat, and the celestial lapidaries, the Recording Angels, are con- stantly endeavoring to remove the coating so that the spirit may shine through the vehicle which it ensouls. When the lapidary holds the diamond to the grindstone, the diamond emits a screech like a cry of pain as the opaque covering is removed; but gradual- ly by many successive applications to the grindstone the rough diamond may become a gem of transcendant beauty and purity. Similarly, the celestial beings in charge of our evolution hold us closely to the grindstone of experience. Pain and suffering result, which awaken the spirit sleeping within. The man hitherto content with material pursuits, indulgent of sense and sex, becomes imbued with a divine discontent, which impels him to seek the higher life. The gratification of that aspiration, however, is not usually accomplished without a severe struggle upon the part of the lower nature. It was while wrestling thus that Paul exclaimed with all the anguish of a devout, aspiring heart: "O wretched man that I am!...The good that I would I do not: but the evil that I would not, that I do...I delight in the law of God after the inward man: but I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members." (Romans 7:19-24) When the flower is crushed, its scent is liberated and fills the surroundings with grateful fragrance, delighting all who are fortunate enough to be near. Crushing blows of fate may overwhelm a man or woman who has reached the stage of efflorescence; they will but serve to bring out the sweetness of the nature and enhance the beauty of the soul till it shines with an effulgence that marks the wearer as with a halo. Then he is upon the path of Initiation. He is taught how unbridled use of sex regardless of the stellar rays has imprisoned him in the body, how it fetters him, and how by the proper use of that same force in harmony with the stars he may gradually improve and etherealize his body and finally attain liberation from concrete existence. A shipwright cannot build a staunch oak ship from spruce lumber; "men do not gather grapes of thorns"; like begets like, and an incoming ego of a passionate nature is drawn to parents of like nature, where its body is con- ceived upon the impulse of the moment in a gust of passion. The soul who has tasted the cup of sorrow incident to the abuse of the creative force and has drunk to the dregs the bitterness thereof, will gra- dually seek parents of less and less passionate natures, until at length it attains to Initiation. Having been taught in the process of Initiation the influence of the stellar rays upon parturition, the next body provided will be generated by Initiate parents without passion, under the constellation most favorable to the work which the Ego contemplates. Therefore the Gospels (which are formulas of Initiation) commence with the account of the immaculate conception and end with the crucifixion, both wonderful ideals to which we must sometime attain, for each of us is a Christ-in-the-making, and will sometime pass through both the mystic birth and the mystic death adumbrated in the Gospels. By knowledge we may hasten the day, intelligently cooperating instead of as now often stupidly frustrating through ignorance the ends of spiritual development. In connection with the immaculate conception misunderstandings prevail as every point; the perpetual virginity of the mother even after giving birth to other children; the lowly station of Joseph, the supposed foster father, etc. We will briefly view them in the light of facts as revealed in the Memo- ry of Nature. In some parts of Europe people of the higher classes are addressed as "well- born," or even as "highwell-born"; we would that every child were well born, born to parents of high moral standing, no matter what their station in life. There is a virginity of soul that is independent of the state of the body, a purity of mind which will carry its possessor through the act of generation without the taint of passion and enable the mother to carry the unborn child under her heart in sexless love. Previous to the time of Christ that would have been impossible. In the earlier stages of man's career upon Earth quantity was desirable and quality of minor consideration, hence the command was given to "go forth, be fruitful, and multiply." Besides, it was necessary that man should temporarily forget his spiritual nature and concentrate his energies upon material conditions. Indulgence of sex passion furthers that object, and the desire nature was given full sway. Polygamy flourished, and the larger the number of their children, the more a man and a woman were honored, while barrenness was looked upon as the greatest possible affliction. In other directions the desire nature was being curbed by God-given laws, and obedience to divine commands was enforced by swift punishment of the transgressor, such as war, pestilence, or famine. Rewards for dutiful observance of the mandates of the law were not wanting either; the "righteous" man's children, his cattle and crops were numerous; he was victorious over his enemies and the cup of his happiness was full. Later when the Earth had been sufficiently people after the Atlantean Flood, polygamy became more and more obsolete, with the result that the qua- lity of the bodies improved, and at the time of Christ the desire nature had become so far amenable to control in the case of the more advanced among hu- manity that the act of generation could be performed without passion, out of pure love, so that the child could be immaculately conceived. Such were the parents of Jesus. Joseph is said to have been a carpenter, but he was not a worker in wood. He was a "builder" in a higher sense. God is the Grand Architect of the Universe. Under Him are many builders of varying degrees of spiritual splendor, down even to those whom we know as Freemasons. All are engaged in building a temple without sound of hammer, and Joseph was no exception. It is sometimes asked why Initiates are always men. They are not; in the lower degrees there are many women, but when an initiate is able to choose his sex he usually takes the positive masculine body, as the life which brought him to Initiation has spiritualized his vital and made it positive (as a woman's) under all conditions, so that he has then an instrument of the highest efficiency. There are times, however, when the exigencies of a case require a female body, such as, for instance, providing a body of the highest type to receive an Ego of superlatively high degree. Then a high Initiate may take a female body and go through the experience of maternity again, after perhaps having eschewed it for several lives, as was the case with the beautiful character we know as Mary of Bethlehem. In conclusion, then, let us remember the points brought out, that we are all Christs-in-the-making; that sometime we must cultivate characters so spotless that we may be worthy to inhabit bodies that are immaculately conceived; and the sooner we commence to purify our minds of passionate thoughts, the sooner we shall attain. In the final analysis it only depends upon the earnestness of our purpose, the strength of our wills. Continued with file "RC5005.TXT" End of File


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