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Filename: RC4021.TXT [PAGE 385] WORKBOOK FOR "THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION": Introduction: This workbook is intended for use with The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception by Max Heindel. The Workbook contains two groups of questions for each chapter in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception. The first group of questions for a chapter are questions whose answer may be found somewhere in the chapter. The second group of questions are labeled as Thought questions. The answers to these questions are not given in the chapter, but rather can be answered by relating what was said in the chapter to one's own experience and by using one's creative imagination. In using the Workbook it is recommended that one first read an entire chapter from The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception to get an overall picture of the topic being discussed. Then answer the questions from the Workbook, referring back to the text in the "Cosmo" as needed. It is hoped that this workbook will help the reader clarify and make more precise his understanding of occult Truths, so that he may tred the path with a more certain step. [PAGE 386] A WORD TO THE WISE and INTRODUCTION i-1] The best attitude to have when a new teaching is being given is to a. constantly compare the new teaching with your own views and only accept it if there is agreement. b. be open to considering that the teaching may be true and that it is worth consideration. c. be ready to reject the teaching if you have never heard of anything like it before. d. make up your mind concerning the merit of the teaching even if you do not have any evidence to prove whether or not it is true. i-2] Insert either "mind" or "heart" into each blank. The ____________ wants materially demonstrable explanations of the phenomenal world. The _______________ feels instinctively that there are spiritual truths which the _______________________ alone cannot grasp. In time, both will learn to work together. i-3] Which of the following is the least reliable method of obtaining information concerning life after death? a) Study what is written by people who have themselves personally investigated the post-mortem states of man. b) Survey the opinions of many people, and consider those opinions which are expressed most frequently to be most reliable. c) Through persistent effort, awaken the ability within oneself to personally investigate the state of the human spirit after death. Thought question: If one is to become wise, why is it necessary to desire wisdom with great intensity? [PAGE 387] CHAPTER 1 1-1] Mark each of the following statements true (T) or false (F). a) Because most people cannot see super-physical worlds, we may conclude that no one can see them. b) When a person becomes clairvoyant, he at once knows all about the higher Worlds. c) Clairvoyants must first be trained before they can make observations of any real value. d) The reports of clairvoyants concerning the higher worlds should all be the same if the clairvoyants are telling the truth. e) To understand what happens in the physical World it is necessary to understand the super-physical World. f) Objects in the higher Worlds are more lasting and indestructable than objects in the Physical World. g) The spirit which molds matter into various forms in independent of the forms, and the spirit existed before the forms and will continue to exist after the forms have decayed. 1-2] In each blank put one of the following words: Chemical, Life, Light, Reflecting. a) The ____________________ Ether is the medium through which thought makes an impression on the human brain. b) Forces which work to produce new forms (as seeds, eggs, foetuses) work in the ___________________________ Ether. c) Forces which generate blood heat and which circulate the blood work in the ___________________ Ether. d) The forces which cause nutritive elements of food to be incorporated into bodies of plant, animal and man work through the _______________________ Ether. [PAGE 388] e) Forces which produce sense perception work in the ____________________________ Ether. f) Forces which cause the expulsion of materials unfit for use in the body work through the __________________________ Ether. 1-3] Which of the following is not true about the Desire World? a) Cosmic forces active in the Desire World give incentive for action. b) Desires, wishes, passions and feelings express themselves in the matter of the Desire World. c) Desire World matter is less dense than matter of the Physical World. d) Everything that has ever happened has left behind it an ineffaceable picture in the Desire World. 1-4] Choose the correct word or phrase from within each parentheses. Anything which happens in the Physical World causes a (similar, different) form to be built in the Desire World. If a person truthfully describes an occurrence, a form (like, unlike) the original is formed in the Desire World. These two forms, because they relate to the same thing, are drawn together and (strengthen, weaken) one another. If a false account of an occurrence is given, a form (like, unlike) the original is formed in the Desire World. This latter form is drawn to the original and the two (strengthen, weaken) one another. 1-5] In each blank substitute one of the following words: Passion, Impressionability, Wishes, Feeling. a) Forces of sense-perception in the vital body of man cause pictures to be formed in the region of ________________________ of the Desire World. b) These pictures may generate Interest or Indifference in the region of _______________________ in the Desire World. 1-6] Which of the following cannot be found in the Region of Concrete Thought? [PAGE 389] a) Principles of logic b) Archetypes of physical forms c) Archetypes of etheric forms d) Archetypes of passions, wishes, feelings and emotions 1-7] The archetypes in the Continental Region of the World of Thought can best be described as a) the reflections of the physical forms in the Region of Concrete Thought. b) the creative patterns according to which the Physical Forms are built. c) Thought patterns which have no direct relations to physical forms. Thought questions: 1-A] Give an example of an occurence in the Physical World which, in order to be explained, requires a knowledge of the higher worlds? 1-B] What can we learn from existence in the Physical World that we could not learn from existence in the higher worlds? 1-C] In what ways do the laws governing the Desire World differ from the laws governing the Physical World? 1-D] Describe some evil in the world. Then find and describe some good within that evil. 1-E] What do we need to do to surround ourselves with good, pure, and beautiful forms in the Desire World? 1-F] If the Etheric Region of the Physical World, the Desire World, and the World of Thought are all around us, why is it that we cannot see them? [PAGE 390] CHAPTER 2 2-1] Insert in each blank the letter corresponding to the phrase which best completes the sentence. The phrases to be use are: a) grow and propagate; b) feel and move; c) use a definite language and carry on logical thought. Man has an individual mind and thence can ___________. Animals and man have individual desire bodies and are able to _______________. Minerals lack an individual vital body and therefore cannot ____________. Minerals and plants lack an individual desire body and thence cannot ________________. Plants, animals and man all have individual vital bodies and thence are able to ________________. 2-2] What observational evidence supports the assertion that the vital body of woman is positive whereas the vital body of man is negative? 2-3] What observational evidence do we have that the vital body leaves the dense body at the time of death? 2-4] In each bland, insert one of the following words: bones, heart, liver, muscles, nerves, spleen, desire body, Ego, germs, red blood corpuscles, air, cancer, paralysis, strong, weak. Vital force from the sun is drawn into the body at the etheric counterpart of the _________________, and then spreads along the ________________________ and energizes these so that they can carry messages of the __________________ throughout the body. After passing through the dense body, the vital force radiates outward from the body and carries _____________________ outward. During sickness the radiations become _____________________ and cannot so readily carry out _____________________. If the vital force currents become blocked, ______________________ may result. [PAGE 391] 2-5] If someone has become a trained clairvoyant, what ethical rules will he follow in the use of his power? 2-6] Why do animals of a given species all act the same under similar circumstances? 2-7] The Ego of man has its consciousness focused in the _______________ World, whereas the Group spirit and Ego of animals have their consciousness focused in the ______________________ World. 2-8] The body of man which is most highly organized is the ______________________ body. The ______________________ body and _________________body are yet almost entirely unorganized and are of little use when not connected to the highly organized ______________ body. 2-9] In each blank insert one of the following words: mineral, plant, animal, man, group spirit, earth spirit. When a mineral is broken the ______________________ feels what happened. When a plant is cut, the _________________ feels what happened. When an animal is hurt, both the ______________________ and the ______________________ suffer. When a man's body is injured, the ___________________________ feels pain. 2-10] Choose the correct word or phrase in each parentheses. Man has (no, some, complete) free will, and as a consequence often acts contrary to Cosmic Law and brings suffering upon himself. Animal spirits have (no, some, complete) free will. They (must, may if they wish) follow the dictates of the group spirit. In time the current animals will attain the human stage of development, and then will have (no, some, complete) free will. Thought questions: 2-A] In what ways does the desire body of an advanced person differ from that of a less advanced person (in size, material, and organization). [PAGE 392] 2-B] In what ways does an animal group spirit help the animals of its species? 2-C] Compare the role of the group spirit in relation to the animal spirits to the role of a mother in relation to her children. CHAPTER 3 3-1] What happens when the power of will projects an idea into the concrete mind? 3-2] What three types of reactions are possible when a thought form is projected onto the desire body? 3-3] What does the ether in the air we breathe carry into our lungs and thence into the negative atoms of the vital body? 3-4] During sleep, what bodies withdraw from the dense body? 3-5] During sleep, which of the following has its harmony and vitality restored first? Which is restored last? a) The dense body b) The vital body c) The desire body and mind 3-6] Why does sleep accomplish more restoration than rest? 3-7] How is soul brought into being? 3-8] How does the soul benefit the spirit? 3-9] Why should the dying not be given stimulants? 3-10] When the heart stops beating, what is withdrawn from the dense body? 3-11] For a period of three and one-half days after the heart stops beating, which of the following should be done with the body of the dead person? a) The body should be embalmed as soon as possible after the heart stops beating. b) The body should be cremated as soon as possible after the heart stops beating. c) Loud noise should be made in the vicinity of the body. d) The body should be disturbed as little as possible. 3-12] Why should the body be treated as in question 3-11? 3-13] After death and after the vital body collapses the person breaks [PAGE 393] connection with the vital body and enters the Desire World. What does the Ego then have in its possession? 3-14] Why does a suicide feel hollowed out after death? How long does this feeling last? 3-15] When the panorama of life is reviewed in the lower part of the Desire World, what does the person feel? 3-16] How can we cleanse ourselves from our evil deeds prior to death? 3-17] After death, if someone habitually thinks in a materialistic manner when they are building their body for the next life, what is the effect on the body being built? 3-18] What types of action during earth life bring us happiness in the First Heaven? 3-19] Mark each of the following true (T) or false (F). a) One should give all the money that one has to whoever expresses a desire for it. b) Serving with love is frequently of more help than giving of money. c) It is better to help a person help himself that to do everything for the needy person. 3-20] Which of the following is not a reason why a child may die before the age of fourteen? a) A weak spirit may be in need of extra training in the Desire World to fit it for a hard life. b) At the end of the previous life the retrospection may have been disturbed, and extra training in the Desire World may be needed to compensate for the loss thereby incurred. c) Someone in the Desire World may have had a strong wish to have the companionship of the child. [PAGE 394] d) Someone, through an act of free will, may murder a child. 3-21) Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related Purgatory ___________ A. The Chemical Region of the Physical World The First Heaven _____ B. The Etheric Region of the Physical World The Second Heaven _____ C. The Lower Desire World The Third Heaven _____ D. The Higher Desire World E. The Region of Concrete Thought F. The Region of Abstract Thought 3-22] What does the Ego carry with it when it enters the Second Heaven? 3-23] Which of the following is not one of the activities carried on in the Second Heaven? a) Feeling of the effects of all one's good actions in the past life b) Building into the threefold spirit the spiritualized quintessence of the three bodies c) Preparing the environment for the next physical existence d) Learning to build bodies 3-24] When the desire arises for new experience and a new birth is contemplated, what pictures appear before the vision of the Ego? 3-25] Why do we need to return to physical existence on earth many times? 3-26] When an Ego is coming into rebirth, what do the Recording Angels impress into the reflecting ether of the vital body? 3-27] Which of the following is not involved in building the vital body for the coming life of an Ego? a) The Recording Angels b) The physical father of the returning Ego c) The inhabitants of the Heaven World d) Elemental Spirits e) The returning Ego itself [PAGE 395] 3-28] What must be present in the head of one of the spermatoza in the semen of the father before fertilization can take place? 3-29] What must be in the womb of the mother (in addition to an ovum) before fertilization can take place? 3-30] At what time does the Ego in its desire body and mind sheath actually enter the mother's body? 3-31] At approximately what age is the vital body of the child liberated from the macrocosmic vital body? 3-32] Prior to the birth of the vital body only the forces which operate along the (negative, positive) pole of the child's vital body are active. 3-33] Which of the following are carried on through forces which work along the positive pole of the vital body? a) Assimilation, b) Excretion of solids, c) Excretion of liquids, d) Propagation, e) Production of blood heat, f) Blood circulation, g) Sense perception, h) Negative clairvoyance. 3-34] How do the forces which work along the positive pole of the ethers get carried out (to a limited extent) in the child's body? 3-35] At approximately what age is the individual desire body born from the macrocosmic desire body? 3-36] When the individual desire body is born, the force which had been use for growth is diverted from that, and becomes available for ___________________________. 3-37] At approximately what age is the individual mind born from the macrocosmic mind? 3-38] What can the mind do after it is born which it could not do before? [PAGE 396] 3-39] Which of the following is not needed if the Ego is to control the blood? a) The Ego must make its own red blood corpuscles. b) The Ego must make its own white blood corpuscles. c) The blood must be at the proper temperature. d) There must be enough red blood corpuscles in the blood. Thought questions: 3-A] Give examples of thought forms which, when projected on the desire body, might arouse forces of attraction. Repeat for forces of repulsion, and for forces of indifference. 3-B] Give some examples of desires which might make a deceased person want to remain on the earth plane. 3-C] What might you say to a person contemplating suicide in order to dissuade them? 3-D] If you were in charge of some children in the First Heaven, what might you mold them out of desire stuff? 3-E] If God is a loving God, why did He include pain in the universal plan? 3-F] What is the purpose of life on earth? 3-G] Why is it dangerous to put too much physical strain on a child's body before the age of seven, to put too much emotional strain on a child before the age of fourteen, or to put too much mental strain on a child before the age of twenty-one? [PAGE 397] CHAPTER 4 4-1] The materialist asserts that mind is the result of material structures. What conclusion would the materialist tend to draw from the fact that at least once in seven years there is a change in every atom composing our bodies? 4-2] How do the twin laws of Rebirth and Consequence account for the inequities in talents with which different people are born? 4-3] If talents are not inherited, why do people with similar talents often occur in the same family? 4-4] Why are two people who hate each other sometimes drawn into the same family? 4-5] In general, how many times is an Ego born during the time when the equinox passes through one sign of the zodiac? 4-6] In earlier times, man had perception in the spiritual worlds and knew that when one body died, another could be built to take its place. Why was it necessary that man's spiritual perception be lost and that he become ignorant of rebirth? 4-7] What effect does alcohol have on man's consciousness? [PAGE 398] CHAPTER 5 5-1] Which of the following is not true concerning the Seventh Cosmic Plane? a) It is the plane on which humanity carries on most of its activities. b) It is interpenetrated by the sixth Cosmic Plane. c) It is more extended in space than the sixth Cosmic Plane. d) It is divisible into seven Worlds (or states of matter). 5-2] Next to each item on the left, put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related. The God of our Solar System ________ A. The Seventh Cosmic Plane Planetary Spirits _______________ B. The First Cosmic Plane Gods of other solar systems _________ C. The Root of Existence The Supreme Being _______________ The Seven Great Logoi __________ The Absolute ___________ 5-3] What are the three aspects of the God of a Solar System? Thought question: 5-A] Explain ho Will, Wisdom and Activity are needed for a person to create, say, a house. [PAGE 399] CHAPTER 6 6-1] Mark each of the following true (T) or false (F). a) Solar Systems are born, die, and come to birth anew in cycles of activity and rest. b) The God of a Solar System created the Solar System in order to evolve added self-consciousness. c) All of the Beings within the God of the Solar System were first differentiated within Him at the beginning of this Day of Manifestation. d) Beings who have attained higher degrees of development work on those who have not yet evolved and self-consciousness. e) Some of the less evolved beings cannot come into manifestation at the beginning of a period of manifestation because they must wait until higher evolved beings have made proper conditions for them. 6-2] Which of the following is not one of the things which the God of the Solar System does to the Cosmic Root-substance in the process of creating a Solar System? a) Within His aura He permeates the atoms of Cosmic Root-substance and awakens them into activity. b) He draws in Cosmic Root-substance from his immediate sphere. c) He sets the Cosmic Root-substance into varying rates of vibration. d) He creates the material of all seven worlds simultaneously with a "creative fiat". 6-3] Which of the following is not true concerning the virgin spirits which proceed from the God of the Solar System? a) These virgin spirits are separated from God at the beginning of Manifestation. [PAGE 400] b) In the virgin spirits are enfolded all the possibilities of their Divine Father. c) The latent possibilities of the virgin spirits are transformed into dynamic powers during evolution. d) Prior to the beginning of its pilgrimage through matter, the virgin spirit has Divine Consciousness, but not Self-conscious- ness. 6-4] Why is it desirable for us to understand the scheme of evolution? Thought question: 6-A] What will we have at the end of the seven great Periods of Manifestation which we did not have at the beginning? [PAGE 401] CHAPTER 7 7-1] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related. Saturn Period-Globe A _____ A. World of Divine Spirit Sun Period-Globe A ______ B. World of Life Spirit Moon Period-Globe D _____ C. World of Human Spirit Earth Period-Globe D _____ D. Region of Abstract Thought Vulcan Period-Globe B _____ E. Region of Concrete Thought F. Desire World G. Etheric Region H. Chemical Region 7-2] How many times is Globe A of the Saturn Period traversed? 7-3] When Globe D of the Saturn Period has been traversed for the last time, what happens to the globe and the forces within it? 7-4] What period, revolution and globe are we in now? 7-5] What takes place in between Periods? [PAGE 402] CHAPTER 8 8-1] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related (for the life wave which is currently human). Work on the dense body _____ A. Saturn Period, seventh revolution Work on the vital body ____ B. Sun Period, first revolution Work on the desire body _____ C. Sun Period, sixth revolution Work on the mind _________ D. Sun Period, fifth revolution Work on the Human Spirit ____ E. Moon Period, fourth revolution Work on the Life Spirit ___ F. Moon period, fifth revolution Work on the Divine Spirit __ G. Earth Period, fourth revolution 8-2] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related. Hierarchies who were so far A. Angels advanced that helping humanity gave them no new experience. ____ B. Archangels Hierarchies who helped awaken the C. Cherubim Life Spirit in Man. ________ Hierarchies who were human in the D. Lords of Individuality Saturn Period. _________ E. Lords of Mind Hierarchies who are currently helping man build and use his desire body. _________ Hierarchies who are currently helping man build and use his vital body. _________ Hierarchies who worked with us throughout the Moon Period. ________ Hierarchies who are no longer involved with human evolution. ______ Hierarchies who were human in the Sun Period. ________ Hierarchies who were human in the Moon Period. ________ [PAGE 403] Hierarchies who have charge of the development of the Life Spirit during the Earth Period. ________ Hierarchies who radiated from themselves into man the nucleus of material from which we are building a mind. ____________ CHAPTER 9 9-1] If a being is to evolve, what must it be able to do when it meets new conditions? 9-2] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related. Beings who commenced evolution in A. Present day animals the Saturn Period and did not straggle. ____ B. Present day anthropoids Beings who commenced evolution in C. Present day angels the Saturn Period but straggled in the Saturn or Sun Period. ____ D. Present day pioneers of humanity Beings who commenced evolution in the Sun Period and did not E. Trees and perennials straggle. ____ F. Flowers and grasses Beings who commenced evolution in the Sun Period and straggled G. Sands and soft soils in the Sun Period. _______ Beings who commenced evolution in the Moon Period and straggled. _______ 9-3] Mark each of the following true (T) or false (F). a) It is possible for stragglers of a life wave to catch up with and overtake the pioneers of that life wave. b) If stragglers fail to make a certain step in one period, they may again have the opportunity to take that step in the next period. c) If a group of beings straggle persistently, they may need to be dissolved. d) Of the total number of virgin spirits which started evolution in the Saturn Period, about 99% will make it to the end of the originally planned evolutionary scheme. e) Materialism, if carried too far, can result in the destruction of all seven of the vehicles of the virgin spirit. Thought question: 9-A] Why is it undesirable to be a straggler? [PAGE 404] CHAPTER 10 10-1] a) At the beginning of the Earth Period what vehicles were possessed by those beings who began their evolution in the Saturn Period but straggled in the Moon Period? b) Among these beings, some had desire bodies which could be divided into two parts. Why was this feature desirable? c) What became of those whose desire bodies were divisible? d) What became of those whose desire body was not divisible. 10-2] What modification in the dense body was made in the Saturn Revolution of the Earth Period? 10-3] When matter has become too crystallized for a spirit to work in, what does the spirit do? 10-4] What Period was recapitulated on Globe C of the fourth revolution of the Earth Period? [PAGE 405] CHAPTER 11 11-1] Why does our solar system need to have planets in it? 11-2] Where does matter come from? 11-3] The interim between Periods and Revolutions is (more, less, equally) important to the growth of the soul (than, as) manifested existence. During these intervals of rest, beings of lesser development (are, are not) in contact with beings of higher development and thereby benefit. Also past experiences are (assimilated, expurgated) during these rest periods. 11-4] What are the dense bodies of the "Seven Spirits before the Throne?" 11-5] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related. The first planet thrown off A. Mercury from the sun _____ B. Venus A body on which life is at a stage corresponding to the C. Earth Saturn Period _______ D. The Earth's moon A body on which the field of evolution corresponds to the E. Mars Jupiter Period ________ F. Jupiter The last planet thrown off from the sun _______ G. The Asteroids A body on which retrogression H. Saturn and disintegration is occuring due to too close adherence to I. Uranus material existence on the part of the inhabitants ____ J. Neptune Former moons of Mercury and Venus _______ A planet which does not properly belong to our solar system _____ 11-6] How did the inhabitants of the former moons of Mercury and Venus earn the right to return to the parent planets? 11-7] What happens to an abandoned moon? [PAGE 406] CHAPTER 12 12-1] In the Polarian Epoch, where in the Solar System was the material which now forms the Earth? 12-2] Describe the means of propagation in the Polarian Epoch. 12-3] How did propagation differ in the Hyperborean Epoch from what it was in the Polarian Epoch? 12-4] When was the Earth thrown off from the Sun? 12-5] How did throwing off the Earth from the Sun, and of the Moon from the Earth result in people beginning to exhibit predominantly either will or imagination? 12-6] What effect did Mars have n humanity prior to the time when the Earth was thrown off from the Sun? 12-7] What happened to Mars and its influence over the iron on the Earth when the Earth was thrown off from the Sun? 12-8] When part of the creative force began to be used to build a brain and larynx, how was procreation affected? 12-9] When the Lords of Venus and the Lords of Mercury guided early humanity step by step there was no rebellion. Why? 12-10] How did the Lemurians view a) their dense bodies, b) other people, c) physical death, d) physical birth, e) sex relations, f) language, g) past events. 12-11] What quality did the education of the Lemurian boys aim to develop? 12-12] What quality did the education of the Lemurian girls aim to develop? 12-13] From what life wave are the Lucifer Spirits stragglers? 12-14] What did the Lucifer Spirits need which they could not obtain for themselves? 12-15] What beings first brought man's attention the physical world? 12-16] What else did these beings tell man about? [PAGE 407] 12-17] What came to man as a result of his becoming his own (often unwise) master? 12-18] At what point in time did the Lucifer Spirits first start awakening man to the existence of the Physical World? 12-19] When (in the latter third of the Atlantean Epoch) man gained full consciousness in the dense Physical World, what did he lose? 12-20] Why did the Atlanteans sorrow at the loss of their spiritual perception? 12-21] Which of the following was not a major characteristic of the Toltecs (the third Atlantean Race): a) Instinct (based upon transmission of internal pictures from father to son) b) Memory (based upon experiences) c) Reason 12-22] For what purpose did the Original Semites (the fifth Atlantean Race) use their reasoning powers? 12-23] Were the original Semites able to see the God whom they were supposed to worship? 12-24] What incentives did the Original Semites have for obeying the commands of God? 12-25] What incentive is present in Popular Christianity for living a good life? 12-26] What incentive does the Esoteric Christian have for doing right? 12-27] What viewpoint must be taken in order to avoid becoming so enmeshed in a Race that one cannot progress beyond the race idea? Thought question: 12-A] Why did the Earth need to throw off its moon? What beings inhabit the Moon? 13-1] What will be the object of the new Race of the Sixth Epoch? 13-2] Where is the nucleus of the new Race of the Sixth Epoch being developed? 13-3] What characteristics must a person have if he is to be part of the nucleus of the new Race of the Sixth Epoch? Continued with file "RC4022.TXT" End of File


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