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Filename: RC4020.TXT [PAGE 375] WORKBOOK FOR "ANCIENT AND MODERN INITIATION": PART I: THE TABERNACLE IN THE WILDERNESS Chapter 1 1-1] Who designed the ancient Atlantean Mystery Temple? 1-2] Which of the following was not one of the purposes of the Atlantean Mystery Temple? a) It was a place in which the masses of the original Semites held worship services. b) It was a place where the original Semites could meet the Lord when they had properly qualified themselves. c) It served as a symbol which spoke to the inner or Higher Self. 1-3] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which indicates which rays are working or in the indicated object. Mountains surrounded by blue A. The rays of the Holy Spirit haze ______ B. The rays of the Son Green plants ______ C. The rays of the Father and Purple blood in animals ______ son Blue and purple curtains in the D. The rays of the Father Tabernacle ______ E. The rays of the Father and The golden "wedding garment" and of the Holy Spirit of the mystic Bride ______ F. The rays of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Thought questions: 1-A] How is it possible for one to build a temple inside of oneself? 1-B] Why does the mystic mason strive to build a temple within himself? Chapter 2 2-1] Which of the following is not one of the lessons which is contained in the symbolism of the Brazen Altar? a) Sin is man-made. b) The animal nature in man must be consumed by a divine fire. c) The feeling of remorse required to expiate sins need not be painful. d) Man advances by sacrifices. [PAGE 376] 2-2] What must we do if we would build the Altar of sacrifice within ourselves, and live through the ritual of service there? 2-3] Which of the following is not important in performing the exercise of retrospection? a) The exercise should be done each evening after one has lain down for the night. b) The body should be completely relaxed while the exercise is being performed. c) The scenes of the day should be reviewed in the order in which they occurred. d) We need to feel the fire of remorse for wrongdoing burn to the very marrow of our bones. 2-4] What effect does deep and sincere sorrow for wrongdoings have on the pictures of our life which are stored in the seed atom in the heart? 2-5] In the Ancient Atlantean Mystery Temple, what did the divine Hierarchies who guided humanity do to the water in the Brazen Laver? Why? 2-6] What does the symbol of the Brazen Laver remind us what we must do? Thought questions: 2-A] What effect will the regular performance of the exercise of retrospection have on the daily life? 2-B] What effect will the consecration of ourselves to following the Christ within have on our daily lives? Chapter 3 3-1] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which gives the position in the Temple of the item on the left. [PAGE 377] The veil through which one enters A. The north side of the the East Room from the outside ______ East Room The Golden Candlestick ______ B. The south side of the East Room The Altar of Incense ______ C. The east side of the The Table of Shewbread ______ East Room The veil between the East Room and D. The west side of the the Holy of Holies ______ East Room E. The center of the East Room 3-2] Match each item on the left with the item on the right which is most closely related. The cosmic knowledge and A. The Burning of Incense planetary energies which man is given to work with ______ B. The Incense Opportunities for service C. The Seven-branched which come through the 'houses' candlestick in the horoscope ______ D. The Shewbread The essence extracted from acts of service ______ The building of the soul body ______ Thought questions 3-A] What do the furnishings in the East Room remind us that we need to do in order to obtain soul growth? 3-B] How are acts of service transmuted into soul? Chapter 4 4-1] In the Holy of Holies there was no external source of light. How, there, is the candidate to see where he is going? 4-2] How do the Altar of sacrifice and the East Room prepare the candidate to be able to see where he is going when he reaches the West Room? 4-3] What do the Tables of Law within the Ark of the Covenant symbolize? [PAGE 378] 4-4] What does the Golden Pot of Manna symbolize? 4-5] What knowledge is represented symbolically by the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden? 4-6] Which of the following do we not need to do in order to develop the spiritual powers symbolized by Aaron's Rod? a) Shun the lust of the flesh. b) Use the vital energies for generation. c) Use the vital energies for regeneration. 4-7] What two ethical restrictions are there on the use of the creative force symbolized by Aaron's Rod? Thought questions: 4-A] If you knew for certain that you would not get caught, would you steal from another person? from a large company? from the government? Why or why not? 4-B] When vital power (creative force) has come under the control of the mind, what can be done with it? Chapter 5 5-1] Choose the correct word or phrase from each parenthesis. It is only when we have by (mediation, concentration, service) evolved the spiritual light within ourselves, and when we have thus gained admission to the West Room, called the Hall of (Bondage, Liberation), that we can really perceive and understand why we are in the world, and what we need to do in order to (gain economic success, gain power over others, make ourselves truly useful, become famous). 5-2] Why did eating of the Tree of Knowledge bring pain and death into the world? 5-3] What ideal does the flower symbol hold up to man? [PAGE 379] 5-4] What do the Cherubim with an open flower (on the door of Solomon's Temple) symbolically indicate? Thought questions: 5-A] Why do we have to look again and again into the darkened temple, the Holy of Holies, before we are really fit to stay there? 5-B] Why is purity needed to unlock the gate to God? Chapter 6 6-1] At what phase of the lunar cycle is the amalgamation of the essence of service into the soul body most readily accomplished? 6-2] At what phase of the lunar cycle is the birth of the Invisible Helper most readily accomplished? 6-3] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related. The Jehovistic Fire ______ A. The Altar of Burnt Offering The Christ Light ______ B. The Molten Sea The Father Fire ______ C. The Furnishings and Light in the East Room We must live a stainless life of holiness and consecration ______ D. The Furnishings and Light in the West Room Those who have attained Liberation can directly see spiritual truths ______ The masses learn to control their animalistic passions in order to escape painful consequence ______ Through service we make the 'living bread' which feeds the soul ______ Those who serve have their path illumined for them ______ Thought questions: 6-A] Why does the path of holiness narrow as one procedes along it? 6-B] Give an example of something which might be permitted near the beginning of the path, but not later on. [PAGE 380] PART II: CHRISTIAN MYSTIC INITIATION Chapter 1 1-1] What awakens within the Rosicrucian aspirant the feeling that he is one with all that lives? 1-2] What urges the Christian Mystic onward and leads him to an understanding of things? 1-3] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related: The aspirant must work A. Angels sang at Jesus' constructively with the laws birth. of nature as a servant of humanity. ______ B. Jesus was a carpenter The Christian Mystic who is C. Jesus was born in a preparing for Initiation will manger. seek birth through parents who perform the generative act D. The mother of Jesus without passion ______ was a virgin. The parents selected for (and by) the Christian Mystic are chosen for their spiritual qualities, not because if their material wealth ______ There is rejoicing in heaven when a soul is preparing for the Christian Mystic Initiation ______ 1-4] In the hour before midnight on December 24, what sign of the zodiac is on the eastern horizon in all northern latitude? Thought question: 1-A] Why is it important for the one preparing for the Christian Mystic Initiation to be born of virgin parents? Chapter 2 2-1] In the life of Jesus Christ, what happened immediately after His Baptism? 2-2] When someone is under water and close to drowning, what frequently enters his inner vision? [PAGE 381] 2-3] When people lived in the misty atmosphere of Atlantis, which of the following was not true? a) People could not see their physical bodies. b) People had spiritual sight. c) People were full of Egoism. d) People felt themselves to be children of one great Father. 2-4] How did the clearing of the mists facilitate the development of Egoism? 2-5] When a person, through suffering, has developed a sympathy with all others who suffer, what will that person aspire to do? 2-6] What type of intense longing can lead the candidate to the Mystic Baptism? 2-7] What does the candidate perceive and feel in the Mystic Baptism? 2-8] Subsequent to the Baptism, how will the candidate view other people? Chapter 3 3-1] Mark each of the following statements true (T) or false (F). a) During the Baptism the Christian Mystic hears in all living beings their keynote which sounds their aspirations, hopes and fears. b) During the Baptism the Christian Mystic learns to use sound to mold matter, and thence can turn base metals into gold or stones into bread. c) Subsequent to the Baptism the Christian Mystic will create bread out of stones, so that he will not longer need to grow grain, harvest it, thresh and grind it, and bake it into bread. d) There is little need to partake of earthly bread for one who has access to the Fountain of Life. [PAGE 382] Thought questions: 3-A] Why is a mental understanding of the unity of all life, by itself, insufficient? 3-B] Why does the Christian Mystic flee from the haunts of men and seek solitude for a time after he has experienced Baptism? 3-C] Why is it wrong for the Christian Mystic to turn stones into bread to feed himself? Chapter 4 4-1] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related. If a stove were empty but were A. A sermon on brotherhood endowed with the faculty of by one who has not speech, it might preach forever experienced the Baptism the gospel of warmth but not will sound hollow. satisfy its audience. ______ B. Not all Christian Mystics A stove filled with burning fuel reach the same height. cannot help heating the surround- ing atmosphere. ______ C. People whose hearts are chilled by the cruelty of The heated stove attracts those the world are drawn to the who are physically cold. ______ Christian Mystic. The stove does not need words to D. The Christian Mystic cannot warm those who are physically help radiating the divine cold. ______ compassion which fills his heart. Different stoves have different heating capacities. ______ E. The true Mystic need not preach. His every act, even his silent presence, is more powerful than a sermon. 4-2] In the alchemical process designated as the Transfiguration, in what way does the appearance of the body change? 4-3] What planet governs the Fire which is able to purify the body, eliminating grosser substances and rendering the body more permeable and responsive to spiritual impulses? 4-4] In what part of the body is this Fire mainly located? [PAGE 383] 4-5] What awakens this Fire? 4-6] Choose the correct word or phrase from each parentheses. In the Christian Mystic the regenerative spinal Spirit Fire is concentrated principally upon the (lunar, martial, mercurial) segment of the spinal cord, which governs the (motor, sensory, sympathetic) nerves under the rulership of (Jehovah, Lords of Mercury, Lucifer Spirits). Therefore, his spiritual growth is accomplished by (faith, reason). Thereby, his body is gradually transmuted into the (red, white) Philospher's Stone, the (diamond, ruby) soul. In the occultist, the spinal Spirit Fire is concentrated mainly in the (lunar segment, mars-mercury segments) of the spinal cord, so that the occultist is endeavoring to blend desire with (faith, reason), and thus transmute the body into the (red, white) Philosopher's Stone, the (diamond, ruby) soul. 4-7] What lesson must the Christian Mystic eventually learn, in order to balance his devotional qualities? 4-8] What lesson must the occultist eventually learn in order to balance his intellectual development? Thought question: 4-A Give an example of a time when you have been inspired by what someone did (rather than by what they said). Chapter 5 5-1] In what way are people who do not have knowledge of value to one who does? 5-2] In what ways are humans indebted to animals? 5-3] In what ways are humans indebted to plants? 5-4] Give an example of a situation in which one life wave willingly serves another. 5-5] Give an example of a situation in which one life wave unwillingly [PAGE 384] serves another. Thought question: 5-A] Why does the aspirant try to live the harmless life? Chapter 6 6-1] What makes the Christian Mystic become a Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief? 6-2] What do these feeling of grief lead the Christian Mystic to do? 6-3] When all his friends desert him, to who does the Christian Mystic turn? Thought question: 6-A] Why do the friends of the Christian Mystic desert him? Chapter 7 7-1] At what points is the interlocking grip between the physical body and the etheric body strongest? 7-2] What generates the stigmata in the Christian Mystic? 7-3] In what direction must the creative force travel at the time of the Crucifixion? 7-4] What effect does the creative force have on the pituitary body and pineal gland at the time of the Crucifixion? 7-5] What is separated from the dense body at the time of the Crucifixion? Thought question: 7-A] Of what value is it to the Christian Mystic to personally experience the Crucifixion? Continued with file "RC4021.TXT" End of File


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