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Filename: RC4019.TXT [PAGE 328] ROSICRUCIAN CHRISTIANITY ASTROLOGY COURSE: In the follwoing lessons we are going to delineate a chart, using the keyword system, the latter being compact and specific. After the basic, fundamental principles of a sign, aspect and house have been defined, then it is well to embellish and add thereto all that we can. BUT FIRST, DELINEATE BY KEYWORDS. We strongly advise the earnest student, the seeker of the great spiritual truths of the Divine Science of Astrology, to study The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, for without a working knowledge of the Rosicrucian Teach- ings the higher, spiritual truths of the Science and the intuitive faculties of delineating a map will ever remain a closed book to him. Especially, we wish to refer him to chapters and pages on the vehicles and bodies of man. Let's adhere to a definite standard of form and arrangement, like the following in sequential order: 1.--Asc. and Physical Body. 7.--(a) Spiritual Powers. 2.--Individuality. (b) Occult Abilities. 3.--Personality. 8.--(a) Friends and enemies. 4.--Mentality. (b) Brothers and Sisters. 5.--(a) Vocation. (c) Journeys (b) Finance. 9.--Sickness and Health. 6.--(a) Love. 10.--(a) Hopes, Wishes, Aspirations. (b) Marriage. (b) Sorrow, and Self-Undoing. (c) Children. (c) Old Age. (d) Death. [PAGE 329] The following tables are the longitudes of the planets, the declinations of same and the sign, degree and minute to be placed on the necessary six houses in order to erect the horoscope of a male, born July 4, 1932; 2:15 A.M., Standard Time, Los Angels, California. Please insert the planets in the wheel; work out the aspects, parallels, elements, etc. HOUSES: 10 11 12 ASC. 2 3 Aquarius Pisces Aries Gemini Gemini Cancer 15 15 23 4:29 29 21 LONGITUDES: Sun................Cancer 12:12 Jupiter.........Leo 22:15 Venus..............Cancer 4:03R Mars.........Gemini 8:31 Mercury...............Leo 3:26 Uranus........Aries 23:09 Moon...............Cancer 18:05 Neptune.......Virgo 5:50 Saturn...........Aquarius 2:52R North Node...Pisces 20:28 Part of Fortune....Gemini 10:22 Pluto........Cancer 21:35 DECLINATIONS: Sun...............22 N 53 Jupiter.....14 N 56 Venus.............19 N 15 Mars........21 N 41 Mercury...........20 N 53 Uranus...... 8 N 26 Moon..............26 N 33 Neptune.....10 N 06 Saturn............19 S 53 Ascendant...20 N 57 M.C...............16 S 12 Pluto.......22 N 24 Part of Fortune...22 N 04 [PAGE 330] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 36: ASCENDANT AND RULER: The Ascendant rules the physical body, the constitution, appearance and childhood environment. The Ascendant is the physical envelope through which man, of necessity, expresses himself in his present life. It is the instrument through which the higher principles that make up man manifest naturally. Everything in the horoscope, good or bad, must manifest in our daily lives through the Ascendant, the Rising Sign. Thus it is a lens through which all influences have to pass, suffering modification in doing so. "The Message of the Stars" tells us that the Rising Sign, or Ascendant, is the basic factor in determining the constitution and form of the physical body. Further investigations have shown that the reason for this fact is that at the time of conception, when the seed atom was planted in the ovum, the Moon, which is the Cosmic Agent of Fecundity, projected its fertilizing ray through the sign and degree which later rises at the moment of birth (or its opposite). Whatever phase of the chart is being delineated, see what agreement, as- sistance, or cooperation: or what disagreement, discord, or variance, it has with the Ascendant. THEN QUALIFY ITS MANIFESTATION ACCORDINGLY. RULER OF CHART: It is considered that one planet (of the Sun or Moon), in a special sense stands in the horoscope for the native, or person for whom the nativ- ity is erected, while the rest of the nativity represents aspects of his life which are external to him, as, for example, his friends, occupation, wife, children, and so on. This planet is called the Ruler of Lord of the Horoscope. It is usually the Ruler of the Ascendant, but not invariably so, for if that planet is very weak, whereas another is much stronger, as by rising [PAGE 331] near the Ascendant, with strong aspects, or by being on the M.C., it may be- come ruler. It is then the ruler of the Personal Self, much as the Ascen- dant and first house generally are, and in a certain sense all the rest of the map may be regarded as subject to this rulership. In other words, the spirit or Ego is limited in expression to the imperfections of the physical or personal self, the instrument through which it must express in one par- ticular life on earth. BUT IN MOST CASES THE RULER OF THE ASCENDANT IS THE RULER OF THE HORO- SCOPE AND IN THE CHART WE ARE DELINEATING MERCURY IS THE RULER. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Ascertained by the Ascendant, planets in the first house, Ruler of the Sagittarius, Sun, Moon, and any group of planets in any one sign. PHYSICAL POWER: Ascertained by the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mars and Saturn. GEMINI RISING: Common, Airy, Flexible, and Mental. ASCENDANT SQUARE NEPTUNE: Wily and subtle in times of temptation. ASCENDANT TRINE SATURN: Great persistence, courage and dependability. ASCENDANT PARALLEL MERCURY: Frankness, open mind, quick perception. ASCENDANT PARALLEL SATURN: Balance and depth of mind when other factors are favorable. PART OF FORTUNE IN ASCENDANT AND PARALLEL ASCENDANT: Furnishes pabulum for soul-growth in the personality and environment through efforts of the Physical Body. MERCURY PARALLEL PART OF FORTUNE: Furnishes incentive and reason for the accumulation of material wealth and possessions. [PAGE 332] QUESTIONS: 1.--Synthesize in one short paragraph the following configurations: (a) Ascendant square Neptune. (b) Ascendant trine Saturn. (c) Ascendant parallel Mercury. (d) Ascendant parallel Saturn. (e) Part of Fortune in Ascendant and parallel Ascendant. 2.--Describe briefly the Physical Body of this Boy. 3.--Give briefly, in keywords, the following effects: (a) Mars conjunction Ascendant. (b) Mars parallel Ascendant. (c) Mercury in the third house. (d) Mercury sextile Ascendant. (e) Mercury parallel Ascendant. (f) Mercury sextile Mars. (g) Mercury parallel Mars. (h) Mercury parallel Part of Fortune. [PAGE 333] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 37: THE INDIVIDUALITY: THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION tells us that there is only one way of showing our Faith, and that is by our Works. Therefore, as you continue the study of this Divine Science of Astrol- ogy, realize that you are becoming the steward of specialized KNOWLEDGE which must only be used in order to SERVE HUMANITY. SERVICE is the KEYWORD and it can never be repeated too much nor too of- ten. It does not matter in what department of life you are placed, whether you are high or low, rich or poor. It is immaterial whether you are engaged in some menial task, or whether it is your privilege to lead and manage af- fairs in the world's work. It is absolutely unessential whether your hands are grimy with the lowest labor, perhaps digging a sewer to maintain the health of the community, or whether they are soft and white as required when nursing the sick. The determining factor which decides whether any class of work is spiritual or material is OUR ATTITUDE in the matter. The person who does the most menial labor may be far more spiritual than the leader in the world's work; far more sincere and devoted than a hypocritical teacher who pretends to spirituality, but is corrupt within. A kind look, an expression of confidence, a sympathetic and loving help- fulness, can all be given regardless of wealth. THE INDIVIDUALITY: As man is made in the image of God, who is threefold in manifestation, so astrologically, the higher Self in man is represented by a circle with the central point denoting the highest, spiritual aspect, the Divine Spirit whose faculty is Will. Therefore, the Sun stands in the horoscope as the highest expression of the Individual Self. It denotes the positive outgoing influences in man, his character in the highest sense of the word. The Sun represents the Ego, the Individual, the Spirit in Man. Its place in a horoscope, together with its aspects, shows the method and [PAGE 334] coloring and manner if ingress of the spiritual forces which go to make up his present life expression. The Sun is man's spiritual power house. SPIRITUAL STRENGTH: Of an individual is shown in the complete sense by the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. However, the Sun is the main factor, the other planets lending color, harmony or discord, assistance or hindrance, in the matter. And so, Fellow Student, when you seek the inner man, look to the Sun. First, its SIGN; second, its ASPECTS; third, its HOUSE POSITION. In the chart that we are delineating there are but four aspects: the conjunction with the Moon, the parallel to Mars, the parallel to Part of Fortune, and the sextile to Neptune. SUN PARALLEL PART OF FORTUNE: Assists the Ego, the spiritual man, to gleam valuable experience and soul growth through material and financial circumstances, and efforts of the physical body. (There is a danger of losses by over-generousity and prodigality.) QUESTIONS: 1.--Give the keywords of the Sun in Cancer. 2.--Give the keywords of the Sun in the Second House. 3.--(a) Describe in keywords the Sun in conjunction with the Moon. (b) Describe in keywords the Sun Parallel Mars. (c) Describe in keywords the Sun sextile Neptune. 4.--Blend the keywords of questions 1, 2, and 3, in a short and compact paragraph. 5.--Write a detailed delineation of the sun in this chart, with regard to sign, house, and aspects. Write at least two hundred words or over. [PAGE 335] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 38: THE PERSONALITY: What we are, what we have, all our good qualities are the result of our own actions in the past. What we lack in physical, moral, or mental excel- lence may yet be ours in the future. Exactly as we can not do otherwise than take up our lives each morning where we laid them down the preceding night, so by our work in previous lives have we made the conditions and the PERSONALITY in which we now func- tion, live and labor, and are at present creating the conditions and the PERSONALITY of our future lives. Instead of bemoaning the lack of this or that faculty which we covet, we must set to work to acquire it. And right here we wish to refer the student to the chapter on Rebirth and the Law of Consequence in the "Cosmo-Conception." It is tremendously im- portant to know and understand the law in order to comprehend and synthesize the differences between, and to interpret and differentiate the likenesses of, the Individuality and Personality. PERSONALITY: The Moon governs the Personality. Personality, or person, from PERSONA, meaning mask. The Personality is that which we wear in this life only; the imperament, transient, ephemeral manifestation of this life expression. The Moon is the reflector of the Sun, and these planets, together with the Ascendant, denote the formation of the Physical Body; the Sun being par- ticularly the symbol of Individuality, the Moon that of the Personality, and the Sagittarius the significator of the Dense Body. The Ascendant and the Moon, stand for that which is man's tools in ac- tion; the most perfect parts of his material nature, but at the same time the most evancescent. The Moon is, therefore the very antithesis of the Sun. The latter is a fixed star, while the Moon is the most migratory of the heavenly bodies. The Moon is Life's Time Marker." It may be compared to the minute hand of a clock. The Sun and Planets are the Hour Hand. [PAGE 336] In many persons the Personality may seemingly be stronger than the Indi- viduality, and obviously exhibit the outer man to a far greater extent than the inner. But let us remind you again that this is an evanescent condition caused by thoughts and actions of a past life, or lives. QUESTIONS: 1.--Give the keywords of the Moon in Cancer. 2.--Give the keywords of the Moon in the 2nd house. 3.--In keywords describe the effect of the Moon square Uranus. 4.--In one short paragraph, coalesce the keywords of: (a) Moon in Cancer. (b) Moon in 2nd house. (c) Moon conjunction Sun. (d) Moon square Uranus. 5.--Delineate in detail your understanding of the influences of the Moon on this boy, with regard to sign, house, and aspects. Write at least three hundred words or more. [PAGE 337] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 39: THE MENTALITY: The Mind is the focusing point by means of which the Ego becomes aware of the material Universe. Mind is the reflecting mirror, the instrument for the acquisition of knowledge, the meeting place of spirit and matter. Man is a threefold spirit, possessing a mind by means of which he gov- erns a threefold body, which he emanated from himself to gather experience. When you seek the mind of man, look to Mercury. Mercury is the mental educator of men and its place and position in the horoscope shows the status of the person's mind for whom it is cast. Mercury, being the Messenger of the Gods to the other planets, has no voice of its own and is dependent for expression upon its SIGN, HOUSE and ASPECTS. So Mercury is really a focus thorough which the faculty of reason finds expression in the human being to act as a brake upon the lower nature and assist in lifting him from the human to the divine. Many men and do feel deeply. They may also have valuable knowledge, but they will be unable to express their feelings or share their knowledge with others if Mercury is lacking in aspects. Even a so-called evil aspect of Mercury helps to bring out what is within and is therefore better than no aspects at all. When Mercury is so placed in relation to the Sun that it goes before the luminary it has the effect of materially brightening the mind, for the Sun represents the Ego and it may therefore be said that then its path is il- luminated by the lamp of reason. On the other hand, if Mercury is so placed that it rises later than the Sun and thus follows after the luminary, the Ego learns more by afterthought than by forethought, for it walks, comparatively speaking, in the dark, and must learn a great many of its lessons by experience. A retrograde Mercury is also a slight detriment to the faculty of rea- son. Intellects of the first magnitude are sometimes put to perverted use to the detriment of the community and its separate individuals, while a slow [PAGE 338] and very inferior mind may minister to many in lowly but loving meekness and reap sheaves of soul growth thereby. Thus it is not sufficient to determine the quality of the mentality; we must also ascertain what is the channel of its expression. This is accom- plished through a general process of determining the--- MENTAL FACULTIES: Seen chiefly by the Moon, Mercury, and Neptune. The Morality and the Emotional Nature of an individual are largely based on the intellectual viewpoint, the condition and development of the mind and its status in evolution. However, other planets specify these conditions to a great degree also. MORALITY: Is indicated by the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter. EMOTIONAL NATURE: Largely the result of Mars, Venus, and Uranus. QUESTIONS: 1.--Write a brief paragraph describing this boy's moral status. 2.--Write a brief paragraph on his Emotional Nature. 3.--Study the mental qualifications with special regard to Mercury; its sign, house position and its aspects. Write 300 words or over on his mental tendencies. [PAGE 339] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 40: VOCATION AND FINANCE: THE PURPOSE OF ALL LIFE IS EXPERIENCE. The Physical World is a school of experience, a sort of model school or experiment station which teaches man to work correctly in the invisible worlds. But man must return many times before he can hope to master all the knowledge in the world of sense. It is a demonstrable fact that we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes and that the proper light in which to regard this Physical World is as a school of valuable education, experience, and tests in which we learn lessons of the utmost importance. The Christ exhorted us to be not overly anxious as to what we shall eat and drink and clothe ourselves with. Therefore, rather than riches seek to live lives of love and service and lay up treasures in heaven. No matter what our condition, what our station in life, whether it be the lowest of the lowly or the highest of the high, the important thing to re- member is, that if we work and pray, pray and work, and make our lives a living prayer for opportunities to serve others, then all earthly things will come of their own accord as we need them, and they will keep coming in larger measure according to the degree to which they are used in the SERVICE OF GOD. If we regard ourselves only as stewards and custodians of whatever earthly goods we possess then we are really POOR IN SPIRIT so far as the evanescent earthly treasures are concerned, but rich in the more lasting treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven. And if we are not out and out materialists surely this is a practical at- titude, because our Heavenly Father knows that we need material things and if we will but trust HIM, HE will supply our every need. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you,: is neither a vague admonition nor a mere figure of speech, but a literal fact in HIS KINGDOM that we should LIVE and PRACTICE in our daily lives. We who are engaged in the so-called secular work of the world and are forced to do things that seem sordid often feel that we are hampered and [PAGE 340] hindred on that account, but if we do all things UNTO THE LORD and are FAITHFUL OVER A FEW THINGS we shall find that in time opportunities will come of which we do not dream because--- ALL WORK IS PERFORMED IN THE SPIRITUAL SENSE IS COEQUAL. GENERALLY We determine Vocation and Finance by the 2and, 6th, 8th, and 10th houses. SPECIFICALLY VOCATION Is judged by the 10th house sign, ruler thereof, planets therein, and the ruler of this horoscope. Also consider the house which contains the major- ity of planets, and the 6th house (service performed). FINANCE Determined by 2and house, ruler of sign on its cusp, planets therein, the sign Taurus and the Planets Jupiter and Saturn. QUESTIONS: 1] Write 300 words or over on this boy's vocational and financial possi- bilities using your powers of induction and deduction for continuity of thought, coherence of detail, and simplicity of expression. 2] State briefly what you think to be the two best profession for this body to follow, and why. 3] State briefly his financial prospects. [PAGE 341] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 41: LOVE, MARRIAGE AND CHILDREN: The Rosicrucian Philosophy teaches us that we should overcome and trans- mute all selfish love which seeks the ownership of another and which oper- ates on the material plane in a purely physical way. We should endeavor to sublimate selfish love into an all-embracing, atruistic, spiritual love which is of the soul and includes all things, high or low, increasing in proportion to the needs of the recipient. There was a time when man-in-the-making was male-female and able to beget children without the assistance of another, but when one pole of the cre- ative force was directed upward to build the brain and the larynx, mankind ceased to be bi-sexual and thenceforth each male or female had to seek its complement to accomplish the begetting of children. Therefore marriage was instituted by the angels as a sacrament and the sacred rite of generation was performed under their supervision in great temples at certain times of the year when the interplanetary lines of force were propitious for propagation. The rest of the time all lived together in the paradisaical bliss of chase companionship. Therefore parturition was painless, and sickness and sorrow were unknown. But when under the guidance of the fallen angels, the Lucifer spirits, mankind commenced to exercise the creative function for pleasure, regardless of the Stellar Ray, death entered and woman began to bring forth her chil- dren in sorrow and suffering. The purpose of marriage is the perpetuation of the race and according to the physical natures of the parents, plus their environment, will the child be. [PAGE 342] Parents are held rigidly responsible for the care and custody of chil- dren. The privilege of rendering service and help to an incoming Ego is a divine one and woe be unto him who misuses this privilege by neglect or carelessness. Therefore, Fellow Student, let us endeavor, to the best of our ability, to live up to the highest spiritual concepts of love and marriage and con- sider it a sacred duty to apply our knowledge of these higher truths in the treatment, management, and education of our children. LOVE: Shown chiefly by the 5th house, planets therein and aspects thereto. If there are not planets therein consider ruler of the sign on the cusp of the 5th house and the sign Leo, natural ruler of that house. Also consider well the moral and emotional natures when you judge a na- tivity from the standpoint of love. MARRIAGE: Indicated by the 7th house, planets therein, aspects thereto and the sign Libra. If house is vacant, consider ruler of sign on the cusp. In a woman's chart, the 7th house, Libra, and the planets Sun and Venus. In a man's chart, 7th house, Libra, and the planets Moon and Venus. CHILDREN: Ascertained by both charts of the parents. In a single chart of a pro- spective parent by-- Fifth house and the planets Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. [PAGE 343] QUESTIONS: 1.-(a) What sign rules the 5th house in the horoscope? (b) What planet rules the 5th house in the horoscope? (c) Name the natural 5th house ruler of the chart. (d) Name one other planet influencing the 5th house. (e) Name one other sign influencing the 5th house. 2.--Name the sign and planet ruling the 7th house. 3.--At what time of life should marriage bring this boy the most happiness? Why? 4.--Write 300 words on the future prospects of love, marriage, and children, as shown in this boy's horoscope. [PAGE 344] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 42: RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY, SPIRITUAL POWER--OCCULT ABILITY: The time has now come for pointing out the way by which each individual may investigate for himself some of the facts with which he must deal in or- der to make spiritual progress. We can not repeat too often the great truth that what we are, what we have, all our good qualities are the result of our own actions in the past. What we lack in physical, moral, mental or spiritual excellence MAY YET BE OURS IN THE FUTURE! Let it be remembered that our present actions determine future condi- tions. There are no special gifts bestowed upon anyone. All may know for them- selves the truth concerning the pilgrimage of the spirit through matter; its method and its object. There is a method whereby this valuable knowledge may be acquired and by which, if persistently followed, God-like powers may be developed. The Ego has several instruments which the Rosicrucians call the tools of the Spirit. The Dense body, Vital body, Desire body, and the Mind consti- tute these tools and they are good, bad or indifferent according to what we have learned through past experience in the building of them. As we work with these wonderful tools they improve and grow in power and efficiency. The time required to achieve positive, spiritual development varies with each individual and depends upon his application, his stage in evolution and his ripe destiny to be liquidated in any particular life. The fundamental principle in making spiritual progress is in doing the little things of every day life to the best of our ability. We must [PAGE 345] systematically conquer all attempts of the Desire body to assume mastery, and we must overcome the annoyances, troubles, obstacles, and selfish in- stincts of our DAILY LIVES with noble aspirations. All that is of this life alone is vanity. Only that is of true value which can be taken with us across the threshold as the treasure of the spirit. And remember above all, Fellow Student; it is not a question of faith, but of showing our faith by works. It is not what we believe, but how reli- giously we live. In the Book of Revelation we find these words: "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God and he shall go no more out." AND SELF-FORGETTING SERVICE TO OUR FELLOW MAN IS THE SHORTEST, THE SAF- EST, AND THE MOST JOYFUL ROAD WHICH LEADS TO SPIRITUAL ATTAINMENT. SPIRITUAL POWER: Of an individual is shown in the complete sense, and chiefly by the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. The Sun, however, is the main factor, the other planets lending color, harmony or discord, assistance or hindrance, in the matter. RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY: Indicated by the 9th house, planets therein, or the planet Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius. (Jupiter and Sagittarius are the natural rulers of the 9th house.) OCCULT ABILITY: Denoted by the 8th and 12th houses, planets therein and the signs of their cusps. [PAGE 346] QUESTIONS: 1] From the Sun's sign, house position and its sextile to Neptune state briefly the boy's spiritual power. 2] In keywords give the effect of: (a) Capricorn on the cusp of the 9th house. (b) Saturn in the 9th house in Aquarius. 3] Write 300 words or more on the religious nature, occult ability and spiritual strength of the boy. ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 43: FRIENDS AND ENEMIES--BROTHERS AND SISTERS--JOURNEYS: The Master Christ said to His disciples: "Henceforth I call you not ser- vants, but friends." (John, 15:15.) Friendship in its real sense is holy. It is an understanding and harmony which exists and should exist among all classes of people in the world. Friendship is the embryonic stage of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. The latter identifies itself with neither country nor race and constitutes the only path that leads to emancipation and God. Therefore friendship is all important because it leads to Brotherhood...the Universal Brotherhood which will make the next great step in man's progress on his long and wondrous journey from the clod to God, from protoplasm to conscious unity with the Father; that " far-off divine event To which the whole creation moves." Brothers and Sisters are Egos to which we are drawn, (or they drawn to us), but bonds of Karma generated in past lives. The manner in which we discharge this Karma, be it good or evil, constitutes our progression or retrogression on the Pathway of Spiritual development. If brothers and sisters in a family fail to get along well together, it is for the enlightened one of the group to try to the utmost of his or her ability to promote love and harmony by self-renunciation, self-abnegation and cheerful, self-forgetting service. For "He that would be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all." In the ultimate, Fellow Student, the whole of humanity must be our broth- ers and sisters whom we love devotedly. We must be consumed by an all- [PAGE 347] embracing, altruistic love for all mankind. This is an absolute necessity before any real spiritual progress can be made. Friendship, the love for our own family, or the love for others, is sim- ply the realization of the oneness of all life with God. Separateness is illusion. And there is nothing of a physical nature about friendship and love. They are the outcome of a purely spiritual understanding. To have friends we must endeavor to be patient in bearing with the de- fects and infirmities of others, of whatever sort they might be. For all of us have our failing which must be borne with by others. We would quite willingly have others perfect and yet we fail to amend our own faults. We would have others severely corrected yet we will not be cor- rected ourselves. The desires of others often displease us but we will not have our own de- sires denied us. We would have others bound down by rules and regulations but we absolutely refuse to be bound down ourselves by like ordinances. It is a truism that seldom do we weigh our neighbor in the same balance with ourselves. In chapter 6, verse 2, of Galatians, we are told to "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." No one is without fault, no one without his burden, no one sufficient unto himself, no one wise enough to live in perfection. Therefore those of us who desire to progress in the University of Life should endeavor to bear with one another, help, instruct and admonish one another. Adversity is the taskmaster that proves what virtue we may have, and what progress we have made in Life's University. It chastises us to show us up for what we really are. FRIENDS AND ENEMIES: Friends shown by the 11th house; open enemies by the 7th house and secret enemies by the 12th houses. BROTHERS AND SISTERS: Shown chiefly by the 3rd house, the planet Mercury and the sign Gemini. [PAGE 348] JOURNEYS: Short journeys denoted by the 3rd house, the planet Mercury and the sign Gemini. Long journeys indicated by the 9th house, the planet Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius. QUESTIONS: 1. FRIENDS. What is the significance in regard to Friends of: a. Pisces on the cusp of the 11th house? b. Neptune in the 4th house? c. Neptune sextile Venus? d. Neptune sextile the Sun? e. Neptune square Mars? f. Mars in the Ascendant? g. Mars sextile Mercury? h. Mars trine Saturn? i. SYNTHESIZE a, b, c, d, e, f, g, and h in one short paragraph. 2. OPEN ENEMIES. Describe the following positions and configurations in regard to open enemies: a. Sagittarius on the cusp of the 7th house. b. Jupiter ruler of the 7th house. c. Jupiter trine Uranus. d. Jupiter deposited in the 4th house. 3. SECRET ENEMIES. Give the indications in regard to secret enemies of: a. Aries on the cusp of the 12th house, Mars ruler thereof. b. Taurus intercepted in the 12th house, Venus ruler thereof. c. Uranus in Aries. d. Uranus in the 12th house. e. Uranus square the Moon. f. Uranus trine Jupiter. [PAGE 349] 4. SYNTHESIZE QUESTIONS 2 AND 3 IN ONE SHORT PARAGRAPH. 5. BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Describe the meaning in relation to brothers and sisters of: a. Cancer on the cusp of the 3rd house. b. Mercury in the 3rd house in opposition to Saturn. 6. JOURNEYS. Explain the following indications: a. SHORT JOURNEYS: Cancer on the 3rd house cusp, Mercury in the 3rd house in opposition to Saturn in the 9th house. b. LONG JOURNEYS: In one word tell the general outlook as regards long journeys. Explain why. ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 44: HEALTH AND SICKNESS: Health and happiness are to most people the prime objects of life, and whoever has them is rightly considered lucky, though, as we have endeavored to show in the Rosicrucian Philosophy, luck is very closely linked to merit. We have earned what we have, either in this life or in a former one, and what we lack in good health or physical well-being we may acquire in this or later lives by good use of our opportunities. Disease is a manifestation of ignorance--the only sin; healing is a dem- onstration of applied knowledge--the only salvation. Christ is an em- bodiment of the Wisdom Principle, and in proportion as the Christ is formed in us, we attain health. To the best of our ability, we should live spiritual lives, and endeavor to adhere to a system of high ideals so that we shall eventually learn to conform to God's laws and thus attain permanent health in the future as well as now. Some people demand perfect health and claim that they have a right to it. They forget that either now or in a former life expression they forfeited their God-given right to health through acts of disobedience to the laws of nature--which are the Laws of God. Through suffering they needs must learn obedience. For it is a positive fact that when fundamental principles of clean living are disregarded, on which the health of the body depends, people become ill, mentally and physically. Consequently, if they wish to regain their health they must learn to understand these principles, and regulate their daily habits in conformity with them. This is what the Mas- ter Healer, Christ Jesus, meant when He said to the man who was a cripple: "Thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee." (John 5:14). Even the Master Christ could not give lasting health unless the recipient of the healing force refrained from indulging wrong habits which cause disease. [PAGE 350] Therefore, as before stated, to regain or retain health one must adopt the gospel of Right Living. One must observe a meatless diet, if possible, live in well ventilated quarters, occupy the mind with pure thoughts, and employ the daily life with pure actions. The following are some of the omissions and transgressions responsible for disease and sickness: Unnatural food. Too much food. Ill-proportioned food. Lack of fresh air and sunshine. Lack of cleanliness. Lack of exercise. Lack of rest and sleep. Lack of self-control. Yielding to temper. Gratifying low desires. Harming fellow creatures (animal or human). Abusing the sacred generative function. Harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, and resentment. Since all of the organs and functions of the body are interdependent, the abuse and consequent affliction of one part hurts all the others, furthers the accumulation of disease poison throughout the system, and lowers the vi- tality of the whole. Local symptoms are only evidences of the whole body being at fault. Therefore, corrective measures should not be directed to the suppression of symptoms, but to the removal of causes which make the symptoms appear. Astrologers have a sacred duty and may lay up much treasure in heaven by judicious advice as regards health indicated in any chart that they are de- lineating. A horoscope shows incipient disease from the cradle to the grave, and thus it quite often gives ample time to apply the ounce of pre- vention and escape an illness (if Karma permits), or at least to ameliorate its severity when disease overtakes us. It indicates the days when crises are due, and thus forewarned we may take extra precautionary measures to tide us over the critical point. It indicates when inimical influences will wane, and fortifies us to bear suffering with strength born of the knowledge [PAGE 351] that recovery at a specific time is probable. Thus Astrology offers help and hope in a manner obtainable by no other method. Its scope is infinite. And remember the four NEVERS: NEVER tell a patient a discouraging fact. NEVER tell him when impending crises are due. NEVER predict sickness at a certain time. NEVER, NEVER predict death. Astrology is too sacred a science to be used in any other manner except that of SERVICE. So let the student forget about his own horoscope and de- vote his knowledge to helping others. HEALTH AND SICKNESS: The main indicators of health and sickness are the Sun, Moon, and Ascen- dant, together with the planets in the 1st house. Also, the 6th house and its ruler are vitally important. The 6th house is the house of health and sickness, and very often gives the key to a patient's condition. We therefore look first to the ruler of this house to see what it indicates, in what sign and house it is placed, and what the nature of the sign is and what part of the body is ruled by it. Next, we must see what planets are aspecting the ruler of the 6th house. The places of Saturn, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune always indicate weak points in the anatomy. The place of Saturn is particularly sensitive. Both the Sun and Moon affect health in all horoscopes, but the Sun is the particular significator of health for men, and the Moon has the same func- tion in a woman's horoscope. EXAMPLE: Cancer is a sign of weak vitality. It rules the stomach, oesophagus, diaphragm, pancreas, the mammae, lacteals, upper lobes of the liver, and the thoracic duct. [PAGE 352] The Sun rules the vital fluid, spleen, distribution of heat, oxygen, and the heart. The Moon rules the oesophagus, stomach, the uterus and ovaries, the lym- phatics, the sympathetic nervous system, and the synovial fluid. THEREFORE: The Sun in conjunction with the Moon in Cancer indicates tendencies to one or more of the following: anemia, dropsy, dyspepsia, gastric fever, stomach troubles, indigestion, epilepsy. ALSO: The Moon square Uranus signifies some trouble with the stomach; cramps, flatulence, possible trouble with the eyes and spasmodic weaknesses of the Etheric Body. QUESTIONS: 1] a. What parts of the body are ruled by Gemini? b. What does Gemini on the boy's Ascendant indicate? c. What diseases are shown by questions a and b? 2] Give in a concise manner the general tendencies denoted by the following configurations: a. Mars in Gemini in conjunction with the Ascendant, co-ruler of the 6th house. b. Mars trine Saturn. c. Mars square Neptune. 3] State the physiological and anatomical rulerships of Mars. 4] State briefly the conditions signified by: a. Venus in Cancer, co-ruler of the 6th house. b. Venus parallel Saturn. 5] Name the weak points in the anatomy caused by: a. Saturn in Aquarius. b. Uranus in Aries. c. Neptune in Virgo. 6] Write a brief paragraph giving the main indications of health in the boy's chart. [PAGE 353] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 45: HOPES--WISHES--ASPIRATIONS; SORROW AND SELF-UNDOING; OLD AGE; DEATH-REGENERATION: Sorrow, like Purgatory, may be said to be the process of becoming con- scious of the futility of unnecessary earthly desires and activities. What we are, what we have, all our good qualities, are the result of our own ac- tions in the past. What we lack in physical, moral, or mental excellence, may yet be ours in the future; and, too, whatever trials, tribulations, and sorrows that we may have to contend with in this life, be assured that they can be cancelled and erased from the scroll of future lives, to a great ex- tent, by the way and manner in which we live our daily lives. All of us have our troubles, our worries, our sorrows; all of us have heavy burdens to bear, no matter what external appearances may indicate to the contrary. Indeed, it is excellent for us that we sometimes have troubles and sorrows, for they bring us back to realities; they foster hu- mility; they defend us from vainglory. Then, too, afflictions and adversi- ties make us understand better the great need we have of God, without whom we can do nothing that is good. We advance much more rapidly in the University of Life through sorrows and adversities, because we then struggle and exert ourselves to "Overcome" our defects, and strive to improve our conditions and environment; whereas, with too much affluence we are so apt to become lazy, indolent, and waste our lives in pleasure, selfishness, and ease. Whatever we do that is wrong is life must in some way be brought to our attention. Sorrow and pain have been the taskmasters that have guided us [PAGE 354] aright in the past, and in order that we may continue to do right, we have the Law of Cause and Effect. There is in each one of us a spiritual power that has become latent dur- ing the time we have been making the pilgrimage through matter, and it is for us to awaken this power. It is now latent because humanity has not fit- ted itself to receive it. We are too selfish, and we must cultivate unself- ishness before we shall be trusted to wield this wonderful force. And, if we continue to travel and travel, take rebirth after rebirth, and do not at some time learn to obey the voice of God, hold His commands holy, and live the good life, we cannot expect to reach the City of Peace, but must be con- tent to remain in the land of sorrow and suffering. All of us have this spiritual power within that will bring us into this City of Peace, and enable us to make progress on the Path of God. But the question instantly arises--how are we to unfold our latent spiritual power? How are we to reach God? What must we do to travel that long, arduous road to perfection? We must make the start sometime--so why not now? Assuredly, the first step is purification, for without a pure life there can be no spiritual advancement. "Ye can not serve God and mammon," it is said. But mammon is usually interpreted to mean the gold of the world. Yet a man may remain in his business and take care of it for the good of all, not only striving for his own interests, but endeavoring to do everything possible for others. In consequence, he will not be serving mammon. We may love only a few around us, but there is a higher love that flows out to those not in our own circle which must be observed. Every duty must be fulfilled that we may thereby take advantage of the higher opportunities that are ever opening up before us. And so we must learn our lessons in SERVICE: service to humanity, ser- vice to our younger brothers, service to animals, service everywhere. This, and this alone will bring us out of the "wilderness." It is said that those who were highest in the Temple in the Wilderness were those who served; and the Christ said, "He who would be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all." Let us all strive to render service. Let us all endeavor to be helpful, cheerful, valiant, and courageous, always lending a helping hand to those in [PAGE 355] sorrow and distress--and then our own troubles will gradually fade into oblivion as the dawn of new understanding begins to light the way to the un- believable glories of our Father God. HOPES--WISHES--ASPIRATIONS (GENERALLY OF A MATERIAL NATURE): Shown chiefly by the 11th house, planets therein, and the ruler of the sign on the cusp. SORROW AND SELF-UNDOING: Indicated by the 12th house, planets therein, and the ruler of the sign on the cusp. OLD AGE: Signified by the 4th house, planets located therein, and the ruler of the sign on the cusp. DEATH-REGENERATION: Indicated by the 8th house, planets deposited there, and the ruler of the sign on the cusp. A planet deposited in a house is to be considered first. If no planet is there, consider the ruler of the sign on the cusp. In detailed delineation both are taken into consideration. In order not to involve the student in too much of a labyrinth of intri- cate configurations and possibilities, we are simplifying the following questions, and wish them to be answered in the same manner. Simplicity, as we have before remarked, in analyzing the prominent points of a horoscope, is an absolutely necessary accomplishment before the de- tailed delineation is undertaken. [PAGE 356] QUESTIONS: 1] HOPES--WISHES--ASPIRATIONS. Sum up, in one short paragraph, the significance of: Pisces on the cusp of the 11th house, Neptune ruler thereof. Neptune sextile Venus and the Sun. Neptune square Mars. 2] SORROW AND SELF-UNDOING. Synthesize in one short paragraph: Uranus in Aries in the 12th house. Uranus square the Moon. Uranus trine Jupiter. 3] OLD AGE. From the planets and their aspects which are deposited in the 4th house, state the conditions of the boy's later years. 4] DEATH-REGENERATION. a. What sort of death is indicated when the time for it arrives? b. What are the possibilities of leading the regenerate life? [PAGE 357] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 46: PROGRESSION OF THE HOROSCOPE: The horoscope or radical chart is a picture of the heavens at the moment of birth, showing the celestial bodies in their relation to each other and the zodiac, and indicating the path of life of the incoming Ego according to its self-generated destiny from past lives and experiences. The child is immersed in an atmosphere charged with the stellar vibrations peculiar to that moment; these are stamped upon each atom of its sensitive organism by the air inhaled with the first breath. Time does not stand still, and the planets do not remain stationary. While the birth chart indicates the tendencies, traits, and potential char- acter of the infant, the "progression" for the coming indicate growth and change in the native and his environment. The progressed positions of the planets are called "directions"; they mark the time in life when changes are due to occur. There are two kinds of directions, primary and secondary. PRIMARY directions are formed between the progressed planets and their original positions in the birth chart. Secondary directions are formed by the progression of the Moon to aspects with the planets, PARTICULARLY the radical. The secondary aspects are of vital importance for unless the primary di- rections are supported by aspects OF A SIMILAR NATURE from the progressed Moon, or unless there is an aspect from a New Moon, they are not effective. The "progressed years" correspond to the number of days after birth. Ev- ery day in the Ephermeris subsequent to the birthday tells of the progressed conditions of the corresponding year of life. For instance, the primary po- sitions 25 days after the birthday indicate the conditions of life at 25 years of age. [PAGE 358] The old accepted method of progression was to calculate a new chart for every year of life in the same way used in making the birth chart, only sub- stituting the Sidereal Time and planetary positions of the particular year (day) wanted. This is very cumbersome and entirely unnecessary, so we use Max Heindel's simple method, which is called "the Adjusted Calculation Date." This permanent A.C.D. date, used throughout life, is the starting point of directions instead of the birthday. It enables us to copy the noon posi- tions of the planets straight from the Ephermeris for whatever year is wanted without making any more detailed calculations. To reiterate: the progressed years always start with (on) the Adjusted Calculation Date and NOT the birthday. An exception is when a person is born at such a time that the Greenwich Mean Time will be NOON. Suppose the birthday is May 12th and the Adj. Calc. Date found is March 24th. Then the progressions ALWAYS start on March 24th every year. HOW TO FIND THE ADJUSTED CALCULATION DATE: The basis for finding this Date is always the G.M.T. of birth. I. If the Greenwich Mean Time of birth is BEFORE noon, the planets' place in the Ephermeris are calculated for a LATER time, and as they progress at the rate of a day (of 24 hours) for a year, they will reach the Longitude given in the Ephemeris some day within a year AFTER birth. II. If the G.M.T. of birth is AFTER noon, the planets' places in the Ephermeris for the year of birth are calculated for an earlier time than birth, and the positions there given correspond to a certain day in the twelve-month BEFORE birth. RULE: (1) Find the interval from G.M.T. to the FOLLOWING noon. (2) To this interval ADD the Sidereal Time for Greenwich noon ON the birth day as given in the Ephemeris. The sum of these is the Sidereal Time of the Adjusted Calculation Date. [PAGE 359] (3) When the G.M.T. at birth is A.M. of the BIRTHDAY, or P.M. of the preceding day (this may happen in EAST Longitude), count FORWARD in the Ephermeris till you find a day having the required S.T; that date is the Adj. Calc. Date. (4) When the G.M.T. at birth is P.M. on the birthday, or A.M. of the succeeding day, read BACKWARD in the Ephermeris till you find the day having the required S.T.; that date is the Adj. Calc. Date. We will now proceed to find the Adjusted Calculation Date for our prac- tice chart of July 4th, 1932, 2:15 A.M., Lat. 34 N. Long 118 W. The G.M.T. is 10:15 A.M. 1. Interval to FOLLOWING noon (July 4 ).............. 1.45 2. S.T. fro Greenwich noon on birthday (July 4)...... 6.49 ----- S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date 8.34 As our G.M.T. is A.M. on the birthday we go FORWARD from July 4 and find the nearest S.T. to be that of July 30, which is the Adj. Calc. Date. Having once found this date we use if for the whole life. But remember the Adj. Calc. Date has nothing whatever to do with that date in the Ephermeris. It means that the NOON POSITIONS of the planets any day after birth are the progressed positions of the planets for the Adj. Calc. Date, which thus begins the native's progressed year instead of at the birthday. In the present case this is July 30th instead of July 4th. To help in un- derstanding this better we mark in the MARGIN of the Ephemeris as follows, using a day for a progressed year: PROGRESSED POSITIONS PLANETS' NOON POSITIONS AGE OF NATIVE FOR FOR FOR July 30, 1932 July 4, 1932 Birth year July 30, 1933 July 5, 1932 One year July 30, 1934 July 6, 1932 Two years July 30, 1935 July 7, 1932 Three years July 30, 1936 July 9, 1932 Four years and so on. [PAGE 360] Let us suppose that the G.M.T. is 1:45 P.M. HR. MIN. Interval to FOLLOWING noon (July 5)...................22 15 Plus S.T. noon birthday (July 4).......................6 49 -------- 29 04 Minus 24 -------- S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date................................5 04 Looking BACKWARD in the Ephemeris from birthday to a day having this required S.T. we get June 7th as the Adj. Calc. Date. This will be the cor- rect A.C.D. EXAMPLE NO 1: G.M.T. is 9:00 P.M. September 7, 1932 G.M.T. is 9:00 P.M. September 7, 1932 HR. MIN. Interval from G.M.T. (9 P.M.) to following noon.......15 00 S.T. noon on birthday (Sept 4)........................11 05 -------- 26 05 Minus 24 -------- S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date................................2 05 Going back in Ephermeris to a day having this required S.T., we find it to be April 23, 1932. EXAMPLE NO 2: G.M.T. is 8:30 A.M. December 12, 1932 HR. MIN. Interval from G.M.T. (9 P.M.) to following noon........3 30 Plus S.T. Dec. 12, 1932 (birthday)....................17 24 -------- S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date...............................20 54 [PAGE 361] Looking forward in the ephemeris we find this to correspond to February 3, 1933, which is the exact Adj. Calc. Date. In such a case we must mark our ephermeris thus: PROGRESSED POSITIONS PLANETS' NOON POSITIONS FOR FOR February 3, 1933 December 12, 1932 February 3, 1934 December 13, 1932 February 3, 1935 December 14, 1932 and so on. EXAMPLE NO. 3 Birth January 27, 1932, G.M.T., 10:36 P.M. HR. MIN. Interval to FOLLOWING noon (Jan. 28).............13 24 S.T. noon on birthday (Jan. 27)..................20 22 -------- 33 46 Minus 24 -------- S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date...........................9 46 Going BACKWARD in Ephemeris we find the required day to be Aug. 19, 1931, which will be the true Adj. Calc. Date. When children are born early or late in the year, the A.C.D. may come into the year before or the year after the birth year, so it is very impor- tant to state the Adj. Calc. Date by year as well as month and day. And when the G.M.T. is close to midnight, there will be nearly 6 months difference between the birthday and the Adj. Calc. Date. [PAGE 362] The last example we mark thus in the Ephermeris: PROGRESSED POSITIONS PLANETS' NOON POSITIONS FOR FOR August 19, 1931 January 27, 1932 August 19, 1932 January 28, 1932 August 19, 1933 January 29, 1932 August 19, 1934 January 30, 1932 and so on. It is essential to have the correct Adj. Calc. Date and year, for this is the starting point from which we prognosticate probable conditions in coming years of life. There is a second method known as Time Correspondence, and it might be of benefit for the student to familiarize himself with it, as it provides a quick method of reckoning the A.C.D. QUESTIONS: 1] What is meant by the Adjusted Calculation Date? 2] How do we use it? 3] How do we find such a date? 4] If the G.M.T. is 12:59 P.M., July 4, 1932, what is the A.C.D.? 5] If the G.M.T. is 12:59 A.M., July 4, 1932, what is the A.C.D.? 6] Give the Adj. Calc. Date for the next 3 problems. (a) G.M.T. 8:26 A.M., May 14, 1932. (b) G.M.T. 3:20 P.M., January 9, 1932. (c) G.M.T. 5:14 A.M., December 24, 1932 [PAGE 363] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 47: THE PROGRESSED CHART: In Lesson No. 46 we have endeavored to explain thoroughly the method of finding the Adjusted Calculation Date, a date which is used for the simple progression or advancing of the horoscope for any year after birth. The DAILY motion of the planets will be (in) progression be the YEARLY motion. For reference and the convenience of the student we give a table of the average daily motion of the planets. DAILY MEAN MOTION OF THE PLANETS: Deg. Min. Sec. Sun.............. 59' 8" ----- Stays 1 sign........1 month Moon.............13 10' ----- " " "......2 1/2 days Venus ........... 1 12' ----- " " ".........24 days Mercury.......... 1 23' ----- " " ".........18 days Jupiter.......... 4' 59" ----- " " "..........1 year Saturn........... 2' ----- " " ".....2 1/2 years Mars............. 37' 28" ----- " " ".........57 days Uranus........... 49" ----- " " ".........7 years Neptune.......... 22" ----- " " "....13 -14 years We will proceed to show progressed positions (directions) for any year. The boy was born July 4, 1932. The Adjusted Calculation Date is July 30, 1932. The year he is seven corresponds to July 11, 1932. In front (in the margin) of that date you have marked: A.C.D., July 30, 1939. The planet's progressed positions on July 11th are as follows: Sun: 18:56 Cancer Venus: 0:39 Cancer R. Mercury: 13:55 Leo Moon: 23:49 Libra Saturn: 2:23 Aquarius R Jupiter: 23:37 Leo Mars: 13:27 Gemini Uranus: 23:16 Aries Neptune: 6:01 Virgo [PAGE 364] These positions cover the year from July 30, 1939 to July 30, 1940, and are always to be interpreted in their relation to the birth--or radical chart. Here you will see the Sun is within orb of the conjunction of the radical Moon. When the Sun by progression forms a conjunction, square, sextile, trine, or opposition to one of the radical planets, the influence begins to manifest when the Sun is 1 1/2 degrees from the exact aspect, and it is felt until the Sun is 1 1/2 degrees past the point of culmination, which of course is the degree and minute of the planet at birth. As the Sun moves about one degree a day, and the time measure of direction is, that one day equals a year, we may say that the influence of the solar aspects is felt for a period of three years. Their effects are particularly strong at times during this period when aspects of the progressed Moon or lunations (New Moons) vivify them. As the Sun moves about 5 minutes a month (60 minutes equals 1 degree) we can advance or subtract that much to get the time of exact conjunction. The Moon in radix is 18:05 Cancer and the progressed Sun is 18:56 Cancer; therefore the culmination happens 10 months earlier--namely, Sept. 30, 1938. The Sun progressed to conjunction of radical Moon, when unafflicted, indicates a three year period of popularity and general success. The progressed Moon has also left its natal position and square to radical Uranus and reached the opposition to Uranus, which has the effect of disturbing the equilibrium of the organism (Moon in Libra), making him er- ratic and irritable (opposition Uranus), upsetting the digestion (Moon) and affecting the health (Moon reaches the 6th house). Therefore a time to avoid excitement (Uranus in Aries) and exercise self-control. In early life, especially, the Moon is the most important of the plan- ets. We are then more amenable to the lunar rays, for the Moon governs in- fancy and childhood, the mother and home. The Moon measures "the soul's passage from the shores of eternity, through the waters of the womb to the world of Time." The Moon is the time marker, the minute hand of the clock of destiny," while the Sun (and plan- ets) may be considered as the hour hand. Therefore the Moon more than any other celestial body shows us the exact time when any direction culminates or becomes fruitful of events, indicating changes in the physical and mate- rial conditions, or reaction through soul-growth and character building, ac- cording to circumstances and environment. When that which is latent in the [PAGE 365] horoscope is brought to a focus--so to speak. "The Message of the Stars" tells us that the Moon measures the period of postnatal growth through its phases of seven days (in progres- sion seven years). Childhood is completed and school age reached when the progressed Moon is SQUARE its natal place in the seventh year; then the birth of the vital body takes place. When the Moon is OPPOSITE its radical position--about the fourteenth year--occurs the birth of the desire body, marking the period of adoles- cence. And when it makes another square, having traveled three-quarters around the circle of the horoscope, the mental body is born, and one is con- sidered full grown. In the 28th year the progressed Moon is CONJUNCT its own place. This marks the period of complete manhood or womanhood. The year he is 14 corresponds to July 18, 1932. Therefore, opposite that date in the ephermeris, we write July 30, 1946. The planets' positions on July 18 are: Sun: 25:37 Cancer Moon: 3:35 Aquarius Venus: 29:02 Gemini R Mercury: 22:23 Leo Saturn: 1:53 Aquarius R Jupiter: 25:01 Leo Mars: 18:17 Gemini Uranus: 23:21 Aries Neptune: 6:13 Virgo Looking over these positions, relating them to the radical chart, we find the progressed Moon making a close aspect (opposition) to the radical Mercury. Mercury is afflicted by the opposition of Saturn, its only adverse aspect. We will find the Moon's exact position with reference to Saturn and Mercury by first taking its YEARLY travel: July 19--Moon 17:05 Aquarius July 18--" 3:35 " ----- 13:30 Then dividing this by 12 we get the progressed MONTHLY motion which is 1 degree 07". Dividing this again by 30 we have the progressed DAILY mo- tion, being 2'. (1:07 equals 67' divided by 30 equals 2 minutes). We ask: when is the Moon precisely conjunct Saturn in 2:52 Aquarius? The difference between Moon 3:35 and Saturn 2:52 is 43', divide by 2 (daily motion), gives 21 or 22 days EARLIER. Counting back from July 30, 1946, we get July 8, 1946, which is the day, when the progressed Moon will make its exact conjunction with the radical Saturn. The opposition to radical [PAGE 366] Mercury will occur about 5 days earlier, namely, July 25, 1946, because radical Mercury 3:25 is 9' LESS than the progressed Moon 3:35 on the Ad- justed Calculation Date. These two progressed Moon aspects to afflicted radical planets, Saturn and Mercury, indicate a very critical period in the boy's life. An inner struggle, a pessimistic, gloomy attitude toward his studies and social (fam- ily) relationships--Mercury in 3rd house, Saturn in 9th. A conflict through his conscience--Saturn--the higher law--9th; his schoolwork, schoolmates, and near relatives--3rd house. Keen disappointments perhaps in scholastic honors--Mercury in Leo, Sat- urn ruling 10th house. Such a troubled state of mind may lead to reckless- ness, lack of caution, resulting in mishaps should he travel--3rd and 9th. Also possible ill health to mother--Moon. We want to know, when the progressed Moon will come trine to radical Mars in 8.31 Gemini: July 30, 1946--Moon...... 3:35 Aquarius plus 1:07 monthly motion ---- Aug. 30, "............... 4:42 Aquarius, trine ascendant. (rad.) plus 1:07 ---- Sept. 30, ".............. 5:49 plus 1:07 ---- Oct. 30, "............... 6:56 plus 1:07 ---- Nov. 30, "............... 8:03 Mars is 8:31--difference 28' divided by 2' per days plus 14 days 0:28 equals 14 days. ---- Dec. 14, 1946-Moon....... 8:31 Aquarius trine radical Mars. This progressed Moon trine radical Mars (conjunct Asc.) aspect indicates a period of considerable activity, both of mind and body. The adverse as- pects of the summer 1946 have accumulated a great deal of pent-up energy, which under the trine will prove to his benefit,if he uses the dynamic force of Mars through the natural outlet of leadership--Mars in 1st. For instance, a desire and urge to excel in athletic skill and prowess--Mars in [PAGE 367] 1st. Sharpening of the intellect--Mars in Gemini and a stimulation of the creative, inventive image-making faculty--prog. Moon in Aquarius in 9th house trine Mars in Gemini in 1st house. However, he must use caution not to expend his vitality unduly, for the radical square of Mars to Neptune indicates a militant, irascible, impulsive nature, which may bring unhappiness in the home circle--Neptune in 4th house. To ameliorate this during the year 1946 the progressed Mercury is con- junct radical Jupiter, trine Uranus. His sanguinity will revive and the mind become more health in outlook. His father may help him considerably here--Jupiter in 4th--or possibly a relative (uncle, Jupiter. The trine to Uranus invigorates him mentally, bringing unexpected pleasures, impulse to mental work, and a keen desire for occult study, or research into hidden causes--Uranus in the 12th. He may become interested in altruistic and hu- manitarian work under this aspect. PROGRESSION OF THE ANGLES: Besides progressing the planets we must also make a similar forward movement of the houses, but these must be calculated by the same method as when erecting a natal figure, save that we use the Sidereal Time for the day, which corresponds to the year for which we wish to progress the horo- scope. Using the above year 1946, age 14, we take these factors: Lat. 34 N., Long. 118 W. True Local Time of birth: 2:23 A.M. S.T. noon previous to prog. birthday 1946 (ephemeris July 17, 1932)................................... 7:40 Correction 10" for longitude......................... 1:19 Interval previous noon to T.L.T...................... 14:23 Correction 10" per hour of interval.................. 2:24 ---------- S.T. on progressed birthday.......................... 22:06:43 With this S.T., 22:06:43, we go to the Tables of Houses, using Latitude 34 N. The nearest we find is 22:08:23. We may erect the complete pro- gressed chart by inserting the progressed planet's positions direct from ephemeris (July 18, 1932). [PAGE 368] But this is not necessary; the two angles of chief importance are the Midheaven and Ascendant. The M.C. which is spiritual in nature, the Asc., which is the significator in physical and material matters, are to be re- corded only. When the native has changed residence, moving north or south from the place of birth, the latitude of the new residence must be used for progres- sion of the angles. The progressed M.C. for the year 1946 is 0 Pisces, the Asc. is 19:41 Gemini. We note, that the progressed M.C. is trine to progressed Venus in 29:02 Gemini retrograde; the progressed Mars in 18.17 Gemini is conjunct pro- gressed Ascendant. These progressed aspects represent a time of activity, changes, and de- cisions, which may be of great importance in the trend of his future life work. The decision remains with the native, however for the prerogative of free will is never removed. QUESTIONS: 1] What day after birth corresponds to the year 1960? 2] What is the boy's age then? 3] In what progressed year does Mercury turn retrograde? 4] In what year does Venus go direct? How old is he? 5] What is the progressed M.C. for 1962? What is the Asc.? 6] Give all the progressed positions of the planets for 1962. 7] Compute the Moon month by month for 1962. 8] What aspects to the radix does it make--and when? 9] What day after birth corresponds to the year when he is 59? 10] Are there any important directions then? [PAGE 369] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 48: TRANSITS, LUNATIONS, ECLIPSES: Transit means PASSING--the passage of a celestial body over the meridian over a place. The progressed positions of planets are the principal significators of events, but the transitory position of the planets in space at the actual time of events strengthen or weaken effects of aspects in the progressed horoscope, according to whether they are akin in nature or not. These so-called TRANSITS are the planetary positions in the ephemeris for the ac- tual or current year of events. The major planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are more potent in their action than the minor planets for the reason of their slow motion in the heavens. Their vibrations are felt strongly when within 1 1/2 degree orb. They culminate when the aspect is exact, and last until 1 1/2 degree past. Their effects depend on the importance of the planet which they as- pect, and the houses through which they are transiting (passing), bearing on such departments of life as the particular house indicates. Mars more than any other celestial body affects the average person strongly when in transit over sensitive points in the horoscope. It desig- nates the field of action, whether battle, business, or breaking ground. Where Mars is powerful in the chart, there the native has the ability to go in and conquer--himself or others. Mars by position shows his potential power to act, also the instruments with which he works to best advantage. Mars has the power to destroy that which is wrong and harmful in our environment; and it enthusiastically cham- pions the cause of righteousness. The wonderful energy of Mars must not be suppressed, but controlled and [PAGE 370] refined. This is an important and potent lesson which the subject of our study especially will have to learn. In its transits Mars brings out the latent forces in a positive way in the sign and house it passes through; therefore Mars may be used frequently to forecast the actual time of an event. Saturn points out what we lack--in what we are most deficient. It is the Father principle urging us to develop good habits and good qualities in or- der to solve and master the problems of existence. Saturn is in reality the "great benefic." We must learn to understand its purpose: to overcome FEAR, to purify the mind, to cultivate FAITH, hope, and LOVE. The effect of a transit is greatest when it is in conjunction with a radical planet, particularly when it is in an angle. The trine, sextile, square, and opposition are also quite effective, but in a lesser degree. If the progressed Moon, New Moon, or total eclipse comes within orb of a transit, when it is making an aspect to the radical planets, setting off the condition then prevailing in the horoscope, bringing it to fruition on the physical plane, there is also a corresponding change in consciousness, an opportunity for learning spiritual values, and for soul growth. Much of the effect of transiting planets is to impel to decisive action and extract concrete results. A lunation is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon--a NEW MOON. In our ephemeris all New Moons, Full Moons, and eclipses are plainly marked for each month. When a lunation falls within 1 1/2 degrees of an aspect to any of the planets of the Radix, or within aspect to any other vital point in the horo- scope, it has a decided effect upon affairs during the ensuing month, and will easily take the place of an aspect of the progressed Moon, which is needed to fructify the planetary indications then in force. The Moon completes its passage through the zodiac in 28 days, staying about 2 1/2 days in each sign. In progression, as you have learned, this means YEARS. The transiting Moon in daily life is important in choosing the right time for doing certain affairs. In illness and for operations the Moon's daily place must be taken into consideration for effecting the best results of remedies applied, etc. Physicians especially should be interested in this phase of Astrology. [PAGE 371] However, the effect of the transiting Moon should be applied in its rela- tion to the radical and progressed charts. The ephemeris gives the daily aspects between the Moon and planets which is very helpful in planning one's affairs. The student would do well to get thoroughly familiar with the cur- rent ephemeris, tabulating the effects of transits in his own case--and looking ahead for aspects forming. Again, here as in everything else, MOD- ERATION holds good. One can become too fanatical. Checking one's aspects is meant only for self-development, service to humanity, and sharpening the power of observation. When a New Moon is a solar eclipse, it produces: first the usual effect of a lunation during the current month if in aspect with any of the radical planets. Secondly: similar effects during the months of the following year, when aspects of the same nature are formed with place of the eclipse. That is to say, if an eclipse fell, for instance, on Uranus in 23 degrees of Aries, in this boy's horoscope, it not only will have an influence at the time when the eclipse is formed, but also when a lunation of about the same degree would fall in Cancer, making a square--this in midsummer-or another in opposition in Libra in the Fall; again another square in midwinter from Capricorn. Thus when the initial aspect of the eclipse is adverse, the latter con- figurations will be adverse; if it is a good aspect, benefit will be experi- enced during the months when sextiles and trines are formed. The increasing and decreasing Moon is also important in its monthly tran- sit. The Moon is increasing in light from the time of its conjunction with the Sun, or the New Moon, till it reaches its opposition or Full Moon. The next two weeks it is decreasing in light--till it meets the Sun again at an- other lunation. These two phases of the Moon are very potent in affairs of the world of men. The increasing Moon is the flood tide, strong forces for vigorous ef- forts: "full speed ahead." The decreasing Moon, or ebb tide, is for assimilating, absorbing, planning, preparing, meditating, contemplating the past and that which is to come, etc. There are three points to be taken into consideration in reading a horo- scope: the radical chart as the face of the clock; the progressed planets are the hour hand; and the daily transits, New and Full Moons, may be com- pared to the minute hand, which tells the exact time of events. The pro- gressed aspects alone will not act; there must be an exciting factor. The transits act as the match that lights the fuse, and the transiting Moon with [PAGE 372] its aspects and its lunations is the time-marker. In order to consider transits for our boy, born in 1932, we will use the 1935 ephemeris. He will then be only three years old, so no progression ex- cept the Moon is in force. In January 1935 his progressed Moon in Leo is trine to radical Uranus in Aries. As Uranus is afflicting the Moon in Radix, this trine will have little beneficial effect, because the lunation on January 5, 1935 in 13:57 Capricorn is a partial eclipse and falls opposite the boy's natal Sun. This is a time to use care and caution in his food and safeguard his health gen- erally. At the same time, January 6 and 7, Mars is transitting those degrees in Libra, square to his radical Sun. Mars transits his 5th house, which con- cerns his play and recreation. A square means, Be careful! Another partial eclipse of the Sun is the lunation of February 3, 1935 in 13:55 Aquarius. This is conjunct his M.C. As his M.C. is trine the Part of Fortune in Gemini, this transit should be beneficial to him through his par- ents. On April 3, 1935 the lunation in 12.48 Aries squares his radical Sun, giving similar indications as the January eclipse. Saturn at the same time transits in Pisces, opposition to the natal Neptune indicating bowel trouble or possibly some hurt to his feet or limbs. The New Moon of August 29, 1935 in 4:46 Virgo is conjunct the radical Neptune--another short period of anxiety. As the transiting Uranus in 5:30 Taurus is trine this same Neptune, he may receive help and benefits from friends not only on the material plant, but also from invisible sources such as beauty and harmony. The transits of the other three major, or superior planets, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, are very important, especially affecting the houses, which carry the signs they are in at the time. Referring to the little table in Lesson 12, where the planets' daily mo- tion and the duration of their stay in the signs is recorded, it is easy to estimate how long the effect of these planetary forces will be in operation. Jupiter, the great benefic, passes around the horoscope in 12 years--one year in each sign; therefore its benign assistance brings blessings a good deal oftener than the retarding influence of Saturn is felt. [PAGE 373] Take the ephemeris for the year 1935. Check up on Jupiter; see in what houses, it is transiting in the boy's chart. Jupiter is unafflicted in the Radix, therefore we look for good effects, mostly. On January 8, 1935, and again on September 7 and 8 Jupiter in Scorpio 18:05 from the 6th house makes an exact trine to the radical Moon in Cancer. The delineation for this as- pect reads: "Jupiter trine Moon brings health, happiness, and financial benefit in accordance with radical indications. If Jupiter retrogrades, it is not so active (Jupiter does here), but the period of good is protracted by its re- peated DIRECT passage over the good aspects." On November 9, 1935, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, advancing--first, to a sextile of Saturn Nov. 21:22; then to a trine of Mercury on Nov. 25; then to a square of Neptune on December 5. Lastly an opposition to Mars on Dec. 17. These two aspects are rather strong, coming as they do from ANGLES. Ju- piter and Neptune are in the fourth house, Mars is in the first house in the Radix. The transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius will be in the seventh house. Possibly affecting the father in a business way. Uranus stays seven years in every sign, so its sustained influence in the houses is very long. The houses, you remember, have to do with material conditions and environment, the signs with character--in a general way. Uranus is the AWAKENER, the altruistic, humanitarian, but also the er- ratic and iconclastic planet of sudden and unexpected happenings and impulses--exciting the native to unusual and often strange conduct--if it is much afflicted in the natal chart. Uranus is square to the Moon in the Radix, therefore its transit through the 12th house, that of sorrow and limitations, where it is placed in Aries will last until the boy is about ten years old. We figure thus: Uranus en- tered Taurus in June 1934; it will enter Gemini about 1941; then we reckon the 4 degrees and 29 minutes of Gemini in the 12th house (Ascendant is Gemini 4:29). Uranus travels 42 seconds per day or 4 degrees in a year. So--around 1942 it will transit his Ascendant, passing into the first house, and this time will mark some drastic changes in the organism, the mind, and the home conditions. To help the student become proficient in locating transiting aspects we will tabulate those of Uranus. Its first aspect in 1935 is on May 17-18 in [PAGE 374] 2:52 Taurus, making square to an afflicted Saturn in Aquarius. A little later, May 28-29, it squares Mercury in Leo. As Uranus retrogrades these aspects are repeated October 29 in 3.26 Taurus, and November 12th in 2:52 Taurus. As the squares are to the 3rd and 9th houses, which govern travel, we assume that care and caution should be exercised in this respect. On June 10, and October 14, 1935, Uranus in 4:03 Taurus makes a sextile to Venus in Cancer, which may bring gain and pleasure from the sociable Ve- nus, strong in its own second house. Neptune is the slowest of the nine planets, taking 165 years to travel through the zodiac; so its transits of thirteen to fourteen years in the same sign naturally will have a steady, long-drawn influence through the house or houses it traverses. It is comparatively easy to compute the position of Neptune Jupiter, Sat- urn, and Uranus in coming years without an ephemeris, when we know their or- bital motion. Having a starting point, for instance: Neptune entered Virgo in September 1928. By adding 13-14 years we know it will come to Libra in 1942, to Scorpio in 1955-56, to Sagittarius in 1969, to Capricorn in 1983-84 and so on. As Neptune advances about 2 degrees per year we approximate its position in 1992, when the age of our subject is 60, to be about 18 degrees in Capri- corn, which is in opposition to the radical Moon. The delineation reads: "If Neptune is afflicted in the natal chart, these transits mark a period of weird and uncanny experiences, mental and physical lassitude, etc." The mission of Neptune, the plant of divinity, is to stir the feelings and stimulate the mental faculties attuning them to the highest vibrations, lifting the consciousness "unto purer spheres," impelling the native to find his spiritual self, to blend and cooperate this with the personality, en- abling him to lead (live) a practical, Christian life. On the lower plane Neptune is subtle, chaotic, bringing out the under-currents of trickiness and fraud. Very few, comparatively speaking, can respond to the high cosmic rays of Neptune, but its purpose is to help humanity forward on the spiral path of Evolution--that man may learn true wisdom, to master himself, to assert his divinity, to foster brotherhood, to acquire Creative Consciousness. Continued with file "RC4020.TXT" End of File


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