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Filename: RC4017.TXT [PAGE 295] ROSICRUCIAN CHRISTIANITY ASTROLOGY COURSE: LETTERS TO STUDENTS OF SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY: LETTER NUMBER ONE: The HANDS of the clock show the time of events in daily life, but they would remain inert and motionless were they not propelled onward by a force in the hidden SPRING. Their stoppage might cause us to miss an appointment. The visible planets also mark events of life like the hands of a clock; they also are propelled in their courses by an unseen force analogous to the spring in a clock, except that the Great Spirits whose bodies they are never stop, and therefore we never MISS an appointment registered upon the CLOCK OF DES- TINY, although we may cancel it--under certain circumstances--as we do engagements in ordinary life. It is said of Edison that when he was night operator in a railway telegraph office, he put a pail upon a shelf, led a hose from a faucet into it, turned on a small stream of water calculated to fill the pail before the next train was due, placed his chair under the pail, and went to sleep. The overflowing water compelled him to waken and attend to business as no alarm could have done. We are all turning a constant stream of actions for good or ill into the reservoir of TIME, and the overflow is always coming back to us and impelling us to new deeds. It does not matter if we have gone to sleep as Edison; even the sleep of death cannot abrogate the deeds of the immortal spirit. A new birth brings each back exactly when his pail of TIME IS FULL, so that he may reap what he has sown. It is of the greatest importance that you should understand this viewpoint very thoroughly. We do not have a certain fate because we are born at a cer- tain moment and impelled by stellar rays then prevailing. If so, we should then have a right to rail at fate for being born under an evil star without choice or prerogative. We should then hate God for making us subject to such a fate. Edison would have had a right to be provoked if any one had awakened him in the manner described, but knowing that his own act before going to sleep had caused the wetting and realizing the benefit of the heroic treat- ment, he probably felt well pleased. So with us, if we realize that our own past acts are the determinators of our conditions and that the stars simply mark the most favorable time for harvesting what we have sown, we shall be more contented and seek to learn the lessons of life instead of railing be- cause of what we lack in faculty or fortune. [PAGE 296] LETTER NUMBER TWO: Let us consider how the heavens influence our lives through the twelve houses. Suppose we are out driving, and our road follows the sea-coast, but a mile inland. A breeze is blowing from the ocean and as it passes over the country separating us from the sea, it brings upon invisible wings, messages from that land which evoke pleasure or aversion according to their nature. In one place an aroma of new mown hay fills us with delight; perhaps we are nauseated by the oversweet smell of jasmine on the next stretch of our journey and later become reeally ill from the stench of stagnant marsh wa- ter. But then we enter a forest, and soon its grateful pine balm restores the normal health and spirits. In our journey from the cradle to the grave we carry the twelve houses with us in the auric atmosphere surrounding each one of us as the air en- velops the flying earth. Each house mirrors part of the life; each holds some of our life lessons; each represents how we have worked or shirked be- fore in that department of life's school. At the appropriate time of life we reap from each house what we have sown in past lives-that is, unless we forestall the harvest in time. Is our 11th house afflicted, do friends betray and forsake us, do they leave us heartsick, or nauseate us like the scent of jasmine and stagnant marsh water? Then let us examine the horoscope, for it reveals what is hidden in our auric atmosphere. The friends saw us and we them through the 11th angle, and something ill smelling must be there. It may be that we long to be befriended more than to befriend others. Let us cease to be like the debilitating jasmine and seek to emulate the sturdy strength of the invigorating pine tree; then we shall find friends flocking around, admiring our strength. Not all have such sturdy natures, but we can attract equally by kindliness, as soothing to sorrowing hearts as perfume of new mown hay to the senses, and thus we may rid the house of friends of af- fliction.--Max Heindel [PAGE 297] LETTER NUMBER THREE: "Who seeks for heaven ALONE, to save his soul, May keep the LAW, yet will not reach the goal. Who walks in LOVE may sometimes wander far; Yet God will bring him where the blessed are." These are lines by an unknown poet, but they ring absolutely true to the teachings of Christ in regard to the rich young man, and also to the teach- ings given in Paul's inimitable 13th chapter of 1st Corinthians. Love is the source of life; love alone makes life worth living, and therefore I feel that in a course of astrology from the Mystic's viewpoint the planet of love, Ve- nus, has first claim on our consideration. You know that each HOUSE represents a certain department of life, and when you learn the intrinsic value of the planets you will be able to read a message from the stars independently of books and authorities. By exercising your own divine power of reason to combine the simple basic factors, you may become an astrologer (the name means reasoner concerning the stars); any brainless poll parrot can babble about what the books say. It is easy to read and recite; but it requires thought to reach an independent conclusion and give an adequate interpretation of the stellar script. That effort, however, is productive of wonderful soul growth, so I hope that you will read little but think much; then you will develop a deeper and more reliable knowledge than the most erudite authorities can impart and a soul-power of inestimable value, namely, INTUITION. [PAGE 298] LETTER NUMBER FOUR: The intrinsic nature of Venus may be summed up in the ideas of Harmony and Rhythm; therefore, she has the tendency to draw together all who are in accord, to unite mankind in pleasant companionships of varying degrees which we call friendship and love. The department of our lives in which she will exercise her beneficent office is, course, indicated by the house, and the quallity or degree by her configurations with other planets. If well placed in the third house, which signifies brothers and sisters, we may conclude that we have EARNED the love of our relatives by devotion in a former life, and that their affection for us will brighten this earthly existence. From the angle of the 7th house she may draw to us a soul companion whose conjugal love would make this Earth seem heaven-like, for true marriage, marriage of souls, is a song of ecstatic joy, a paean of praise by kindred spirits. It is taught by the angels in heaven to the tuneful accompaniment of the Song of the Spheres, and whoever succeeds in bringing even the faintest chord of that celestial harmony to Earth has a song of joy in his heart, a source of gladness which no sorrow can diminish. From the 11th house Venus will attract kind friends whose affections we have won before--for the horoscope shows what we have earned-joy or sorrow. We have made our "lick"; the stars only mark the time to reap, as the Sun calls the harvest man. The kindness of friends today was enlisted yester- life by our helpful acts. Nor can we KEEP friends, life partners, relatives, in bonds of love unless we keep feeding the fires of love. We must continue brotherly and sisterly to retain affection from such relatives. It requires a friend to hold friendship, and we must act as lovers to merit continued conjugal affection, or the love light will wane no matter how well Venus is placed. The planets show only the trend of things; we have made the tendencies given by a well placed Venus and we can also mar them. If we do, an afflicted Venus in the horoscope of our next life will make it difficult for us to attract love. Let us so build that the Venus ray may be the brightest of all. [PAGE 299] LETTER NUMBER FIVE: Mars is the exact opposite of Venus, and if we study him now while the characteristics of Venus are fresh in mind, we may learn more of his nature. The first great contrast I wish to point out is that the higher the status of a person in the scale of evolution, the better Venus is placed in the horoscope, and the younger the soul, the more it is dominated by the discordant martial ray. The animals are wholly under the sway of Mars, for as Venus nourishes the love nature, so Mars fosters the passions. An illustration will make the difference clear. Suppose Venus is Ruler and situated in the 7th House, (representing the public), sextile to Jupiter in the 9th, (Religion), trine to the Moon in the 11th, (Friends). It is then easy to see that here we have a person well dis- posed toward the public, (Venus in 7th); Jupiter is benevolence, and his being placed in the 9th House shows his work to be along religious lines; the Moon signifies the people, and is in the house of friends; in short, good planets in good aspect describe him as a benefactor of mankind, much esteemed for his benevolence. Now take an opposite case, where Mars is Ruler, placed in the 10th House, denoting social status, square to Uranus, (whose keynote may be called Ingenuity), in the 7th House, which is the public. These are so-called evil planets and aspects, signifying that this person uses his ingenuity as a menace to the public; and if Mars is also square Saturn, the planet which binds and restricts, and Saturn is placed in the 12th House, (sorrow, trouble, and imprisonment), we may conclude that his depredations will bring him into jail as a public enemy. But let us now suppose that the potential public enemy comes as a child under the influence of the developed benefactor, that his horoscope is read, the latent tendencies to evil detected, and pains taken to eradicate them ere they get a chance to flower. Saturn in the 12th House will always make him a recluse; very few are ever strong enough to break the bonds of Saturn, but the power of Mars may be turned to construction, and Uranus may bring ingeni- ous inventions from his laboratory to the public. No matter how evil a horo- scope seems, it also has good points, and if we as parents can find and bring them out, great will be our treasure in heaven.--Max Heindel [PAGE 300] LETTER NUMBER SIX: Proceeding with our comparison of Mars and Venus, let us not make the mistake of thinking that Venus is altogether lovely and Mars totally evil. Each has light and shadow, and ours is the privilege of living in best or the worst of their phases. The intrinsic nature of Mars is "dynamic energy"; from him comes ambition to accomplish; he furnishes the power for the world's work. Necessarily the hustle and bustle incident to the expression of this constructive energy cause friction between man and man. Thus anger and hate are engendered by the Mars energy in operation along various lines. Mars never generates this discordant element directly; it is produced by our method of using his energy, and it is as much a mistake to blame Mars for our temper as it is to blame well prepared food for causing indigestion when our stomach is out of order. In the latter case the stomach should be blamed for not performing its duty properly and for spoiling the good food instead of utilizing it in the economy of the system. Similarly, when the Mars ray works through us as passion, we are to blame for not better using this great constructive force. Then aagain, how wonderfully everything is balanced in the Kingdom of God, the solar system, and how necessary these opposites! If we had only the Venus ray, we could never really learn to love the good and the beautiful, for we distinguish only by contrast. if nothing around us were ugly or evil, the desirable qualities of the opposite condition would not appear so marked. People who aim to cultivate exclusively the Venus faculty of love and beauty find their esthetic sense revolting more and more at the sordid phases of life, which they bewail but in a helpless manner because they have mis- takenly repressed the Mars ray and killed out their temper. Mars energy drives people to face disagreeable situations and overcome difficulties that would discourage people dominated by the Venus ray. Blended, the Venus ray softens the harshness of Mars, and thus the highest good is reached. [PAGE 301] LETTER NUMBER SEVEN: The dynamic energy of Mars, which is the power that moves the world from the civil and industrial standpoints, under certain afflictions becomes recklessness and destructiveness, making the person so expressing it a dangerous man, a public enemy. When the Venus ray is afflicted, it curtails the sense of beauty and order; hence the person becomes slothful, disorderly, and lacking in proper self-respect. Incapable, because of the affliction, of feeling true love, such a person becomes perverted and licentious, and it is often said of him: "He is his own worst enemy." Such people do not harm others intentionally; yet they spread an immense amount of unhappiness among those whom they profess to love. One of these classes is dangerous to society because it has not the love ray of Venus to guide its exuberant energy; the other, because it lacks the dynamic Mars energy necessary to carry its good intentions into execution. We see these classes in the world, and the misery they cause themselves and others; but usually their character has become "set," and we can do but little to change their condition and must leave them to the schoolmaster "experience." Children are growing up among us and our chances of helping them are great. When the "Spirit" spoke to the churches in Revelation, it found fault in many directions; but one received a stinging rebuke: "I wish thou wert hot or cold, but because thou art neither I will spew thee out of my mouth." The so-called "bad boy" is not nearly so difficult a problem as one who is so goody-goody that he is likely to turn out to be a good-for-nothing, a pitia- ble human wreck. You will do well to look the latter over constantly and thoroughly, and remind him of the slightest neglect or mistake. It takes strength to be a sinner, and the worst boy becomes the best man when Mars has been downed by Venus; but the greatest firmness is required to correct an af- flicted Venus and give the child sufficiently dynamic energy to be really, instead of seemingly, good. [PAGE 302] LETTER NUMBER EIGHT: The intrinsic nature of Mars is DYNAMIC ENERGY, that is to say, force in action, and people who have Mars strong at birth are people who make a stir in the world so far as their environment reaches. They are so full of life and ambition that they sweep all other people's rights aside and force their own views, ideas, and methods to the front regardless of whom it hurts or harms; they are impulsive and always ready to initiate novelties on the spur of the moment. They strongly resent objections to their plans, but usually lack sufficient persistence to carry their designs into execution. If obstacles of magnitude present themselves, they abandon their plans as suddenly as they conceived them, and commence to ride another hobbyhorse with the same ardor that marked their previous ventures, and with the same disregard of reason. In the Kingdom of God all things balanced to produce the highest ultimate good to all, and so the influence of Saturn, another so-called evil planet, is used to offset the exuberant life of Mars. The intrinsic nature of Saturn is OBSTRUCTION; he is as slow and persistent as Mars is impulsive and quick to change; he takes no chances, but looks before he leaps, and his cold, calculating reason misses no flaw in any scheme. In the horoscope of a young soul Mars is dominant and the man grows along physical lines much as animals do under the law of the survival of the fittest; but gradually the thumbscrews of Saturn are put on, squares and oppositions bring sorrow and suffering, Saturn is placed above Mars in the horoscope to frustrate and check him, till it seems as if every effort is futile because of the Saturnian obstruction. Elijah could not hear the voice of guidance in the fire, the storm, or the earthquake, but when the tumult was over, he heard "the still, small voice" to cheer him; and likewise with us, while we yield to the unchecked Mars impulses, our lives are too turbulent to admit to communion with the Higher Self, but when the sorrows of Saturn have chastened the unruly Mars spirit, when the night seems darkest, as in Elijah's cave, then we also may hear the voice that shall speak peace after the storm.--Max Heindel [PAGE 303] LETTER NUMBER NINE: This lesson (of the Junior Astrology Course) gives final instructions in the art of erecting a simple horoscope of birth. From such a simple figure one who is proficient may read the very soul of a human being, its hopes, fears, and aspiratiions, the faults and frailties of its mind and body. Moses was commanded to remove his shoes in front of the burning bush in recogni- tion of the fact that he stood on holy ground illuminated by a Spirit Pre- sence. If all the calcium lights in the world were focused upon an actor, their blinding light would be reflected from his body, but his secrets would still remain within. But when an actor enters upon the stage of life and the starry spotlight are focused upon him through the horoscope, they penetrate to the very soul of his being and lay bare the lines of his life with such clearness that he who can read the stellar script may count the pulse beats of such a one as if they were those of his own soul. Therefore Moses stood on no holier ground than the astrologer who holds in his hand a horoscope; and I feel that I cannot too often reiterate that there is a very grave responsibility connected with this wonderful privilege of the astrologer, and that it behooves him to live a holy life so that he may be worthy to stand in the sublime presence of the Human Spirit as it is revealed in the natal figure. Nor should the student deceive himself; spiritual secrets and the privilege of rendering spiritual help by spiritual interpretation of the message of the stars are not given to one who prostitutes this most sublime science for filthy lucre or uses it for low purposes. God is not mocked; we reap what we sow. If we betray our trust and abuse this great privilege, the day of retribution will dawn sometime and we shall eat the bread of sorrow for our sacrilege. To whom much is given, of him much is required. I pray God that you may live up to the highest possibilities of soul growth by helping others and that the knowledge of astrology which you are now acquiring may prove your most important aid, as it has been and is the greatest blessing in my life. [PAGE 304] LETTER NUMBER TEN: It is wonderful to contemplate how the planetary forces balance each other so perfectly that universal equlibrium is maintained despite the disturbances of the 1500 millions which inhabit the Earth alone, not to speak of other spheres. Every moment of time, our actions, individually and collectively, interfere with terrestrial equipoise, and were not this instantly restored, the Earth would leave its orbit, fly off at a tangent, and be destroyed. Nor are physical disturbances most potent in disturbing or restoring balance. It is a fallacy to confound solidity and rigidity with strength (as is most thoroughly explained in our Lecture No. 19, "The Coming Force.") A train has no strength itself, but must be solid because it is operated upon by an invisible gas called steam. There is no force in a rigid hammer, but when driven by a column of flexible liquid, like water, backed by an elastic cushion of compressed air, the force stored in the air drives the powerful hydraulic ram irresistibly through whatever comes before it. Likewise subtle, invisible stellar rays are the factors which maintain our ponderous planet in its path, and spiritual disturbances generated by mankind are naturally the most subtle forces which interfere with the Earth's equipoise. Therefore each planet has its opposite, and every time we radiate the quality of one planet, we call forth a countercurrent of corresponding force, and by the action and reaction of those forces in and upon us and our environment we learn the lessons of life. If we vibrate to the love ray of Venus, instantly Mars comes to tempt, and tries to turn love to lust, but it depends upon US whether we remain steadfast in virtue or yield to vice. If we court the ideal of Jupiter, if we aim to elevate the standards of church or state, instantly the saturnine forces invite to self-aggrandizement and appeal to the passion for power. With US it lies, to remain true to the ideal and reap laurels that last through eternity, or yield to the pro- mise of present gain of worthless gold which we repay in sorrow when Saturn turns and becomes the chastiser. Each horoscope shows the tendencies in even the humblest life, and opportunity knocks. May we all be prepared to meet it as spiritual astrologers should.--Max Heindel (circa 1912) [PAGE 305] LETTER NUMBER ELEVEN: Jupiter focuses the most benevolent rays through which the more lasting joys and achievements of our lives come. He travels around the Sun in a- bout 11 years, and aspects every planet from all angles during that time, while Saturn requires 29 years to obstruct us from similar positions. Thus what we call "good" predominates overwhelmingly over the so-called "evil", and the realization of this fact should be ever with us to inculcate and cultivate an optimistic frame of mind. Present trouble is not so hard to bear when we can see "the turn of the lane," and as the student of Astrology has a sure foundation for his hope of better things he should be the most contented person in the world, even when in the midst of a period of trouble. An aspect of Jupiter is always about to form, and whatever department of life he is in (shown by the house), will be the avenue through which opportunity will come to you. One of the easiest methods a young student may use to predict events is by these TRANSITS, as we call the ephemeral passage of planets in the heavens. All that is required is an ephemeris for the current year and your own figure. The ephemeris show's Jupiter's position at a glance. a look at your own figure tells what house he is traversing and gives the key to his influence. You know the nature of the cardinal signs; in the answer to your last lesson you gave a description of Jupiter's influence in these positions, and if you are not fortunate enough to have him thus well placed, maybe you wished such good fortune had been yours. But cheer up, though you may have not have the life-lasting benefit of a well placed Jupiter, he traverses the cardinal signs and the angles 4 to 8 times in an average human life; each time he comes to one of the important places in your horoscope, opportunity knocks at your door and offers you preferment and the realization of the dreams of your life in one direction or another. Be on the watch, however, for you must do your share and grasp the proffered hand of Dame Fortune or she will pass on. But even if you miss some of your chances, keep cheerful, attune yourself to the Jupiter ray, try to spread sunshine in other lives, and some day you will learn to live yourself into all the aspects of his benevolence; some life you will be born with Jupiter as the most prominent planet in your figure. [PAGE 306] LETTER NUMBER TWELVE: It may be well to take up the subject of Synthesis at the very start of our study of the meaning of the stellar script, for lack of this knowledge often causes much confusion to young students. Contradiciton is a fact which early impresses itself upon the minds of young astrologers, and the brighter the mind, the keener the feeling of dis- tress and helplessness arising from this source. Sometimes beginners become cynical and skeptical because unable to reconcile one influence tabulated in a horoscope with another of a diametrically opposite import. Suppose, for instance, that we find the Sun conjunction Venus in Leo and Saturn in the fifth house. According to the configuration of the Sun and Venus the person would have an ardent love nature and attract the affections of the opposite sex, but according to the placement of Saturn in the fifth house he would meet disappointment in courtship. At first sight this seems a bald contridiction. When Venus, fortified by a trine from Uranus, designates a person as an angel of purity, it is disconcerting to find that a square from Mars brands him as sensual to a degree. But philosophy shows us the reason of these contradictory omens and the art of Synthesis teaches us how to balance them and extract the kernel of truth from horoscopic symbolism. In the first place, if it were possible to find a horoscope without contradictory testimonies, that would mean that the person born under such stellar influences would pursue a certain course through life either wholly good or thoroughly bad. It would be absolutely impossible for him to swerve. If his stars pointed towards the path of rectitutde, his integrity would be so impregnable that never for a moment could temptation to wrongdoing find harborage in his consciousness; were his face set downwards, no ray of aspi- ration in the direction of higher things could ever enter his dark soul. Truly, the horrors of the dreadful theory of election and predestination pale by comparison with such a condition; were this condition a fact, soul growth would be an impossibility, for the man who cannot be tempted to do wrong acquires no merit by goodness, any more than the man irresiitibly im- pelled to evil deserves censure. Choice is the prime essential in soul growth and that comes from the contradictory influences registered in the horoscope; thanks to that puzzling factor and the WILL, which is above the horoscope, there is hope in even the most afflicted chart; the good is always there to grapple with the bad. And temptations overcome give added merit to the good. Thus the square of Venus to Mars impels to wrongdoing, but the trine of Uranus to Venus gives power to overcome passion and acquire purity. May we use the squares we dread to rise to the trines we prize.--Max Heindel (circa 1912) Continued with file "RC4018.TXT" End of File


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