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Filename: RC4014.TXT [PAGE 244] ROSICRUCIAN CHRISTIANITY ASTROLOGY COURSE ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 7: In the horoscope we are calculating the Greenwich Mean Time is July 23, 1912, 10:56 A.M. The interval between that time and the NEAREST noon is 1 hour and 4 minutes; the logarithm of that interval is 1.3522; the G.M.T. day commences on the noon of July 22, and ends on the noon of July 23rd. With these results of previous calculations in mind we turn to page 16 of our ephemeris for 1912; here the longitude of each planet is tabulated below the heavy black line. The column next to the figures indicating the days of month, gives the Sun's longitude for noon at Greenwich, and in order to ascertain its posi- tion at the Greenwich Mean Time of birth, July 23, 1912, 10:56 A.M., we must find the Sun's motion on the G.M.T. day, from noon July 22 to noon July 23. The rule is as follows: RULE I From the longitude of a planet on the noon AFTER the G.M.T. of birth sub- tract its position on the preceding noon; the difference is the motion of the planet on the G.M.T. day. Our Greenwich Mean Time of birth is July 23, 10:56 A.M., and the noon AF- TER that time is obviously the noon of July 23. On page 16 of our ephemeris we find: Sun's Longitude, July 23. Leo.................... 0 13 Subtract Sun's Longitude, July 22 .............. Cancer 29 16 -------- Sun's motion on the G.M.T. day.................... 0 57 The student who has made himself familiar with the subtraction of degrees and minutes will see no obstacle in the foregoing example, but many may not have given the subject the attention it deserves, and they will find it dif- ficult to understand the method, and follow the calculation on that account. A little further assistance at this point may therefore be invaluable to them. The more precocious may skip the next few paragraphs. A degree of the zodiac, like an hour on the clock, is divided into 60 minutes; the hands of a clock move over its dial and register advancement in "time," by hours and minutes; the planets mark progression in "space," upon the celestial circle, by signs and degrees. As the hand of a clock travels along from 1 to 1:59, and then enters the next hour, which is 2, so the planets progress from Aries 1 to Aries 29, and then enter Taurus. 1:60 o'clock is also 2 o'clock, and similarly Aries 30 is Taurus 0; Taurus 30 is Gemini 0, and son on. Seeing that the 60th minute of one hour on the clock is also the beginning of the next, and that the 30th degree of one sign and the 0 degree of the next are identical, the question: What is the INTERVAL OF TIME between 11:16 A.M. and 12:13 P.M. yields the same solution as the problem: What is the DISTANCE IN SPACE between Cancer 29:16 and Leo 0:13. Please note, that the 11th hour is the last of a 12 hour cycle, and corre- sponds perfectly to Cancer 29, which is the last degree of a sign; 12:13 P.M. is correctly written 0:13 P.M., it is near the beginning of a new 12 hour cycle, and corresponds to Leo 0.13, for that is near the beginning of a new sign, or 30 cycle. Prove this similarity of hours and degrees by tabulation, as follows: From 0.13 P.M. Subtract 11.16 A.M. ----- 57 minutes time From 0.13 Leo Subtract 29.16 Cancer ----- 57 minutes In neither of these cases can we subtract 16 from 13, so we must borrow an hour, (which is 60 minutes), to make the subtraction in one case, and a degree, (which is also 60 minutes) to make the other. By adding the bor- rowed 60 minutes to the 13 in each example we get 73, and are then able to subtract the 16, which leaves 57 as shown. The student who does not feel satisfied with his proficiency in adding and subtracting hours and minutes and degrees and minutes may wish for extra practice examples. A number of these are enclosed for your convenience. Please also give logarithm corresponding to each daily motion. The Ephemeris gives us the Sun's Longitude on the noon of July 22, which begins the G.M.T. day, as Cancer 29.16 and on the noon of July 23, which ends the G.M.T. day, it is Leo 0.13. Our subtraction has shown that the Sun moved 57 minutes of space in the 24 hours intervening between these two noon positions, Dividing 57 by 24 we get approximately 2 1/2 minutes as the hourly motion of the Sun. We are thus in a position to figure the Longitude of the Sun during any of the 24 hours from noon July 22, to noon July 23, by adding its motion during a certain number of hours to the Longitude given for July 22, or subtracting its travel in a specified time from the [PAGE 245] Longitude given for July 23. Suppose we want to know where the Sun was at 9 P.M., July 22. We note: Sun's motion from noon July 22, as given in Ephemeris................................ Cancer 29 16 Sun's motion from noon to 9 P.M.; 9 hours at the rate of 2 1/2 minutes per hour - 9 x 2 1/2.............................. 23 -------- Sun's Longitude July 22, at 9 P.M............. Cancer 29 39 We may obtain the same result by subtracting the distance traveled by the Sun between 9 P.M. July 22, and noon July 23, from its Longitude on the lat- ter date. Sun's Longitude noon July 23, as given in Ephemeris................................ 0.13 Leo Minus distance traveled from 9 P.M. July 22, to noon July 23. (15 hours) at the rate of 2 1/2 minutes per hour - 15 x 2 1/2........................................ 38 minutes ----- Sun's Longitude July 22, 9 P.M................. 29.35 Cancer The student will observe a slight discrepancy in the two results obtained which is of no consequence where a planet travels only a degree or less in 24 hours, but in the case of the Moon which travels 12 to 15 degrees per day, such rough and ready methods might cause considerable error, and there- fore we use Logarithms to figure the positions of all but the major planets which move only a few minutes per day. This gives exact results, besides being much easier, once it is understood. RULE II Add the Logarithms of Interval to the Logarithms of the planet's motion; the sum of these is the Logarithm of Correction. To find the Logarithm of the Sun's motion (57 minutes), we turn to the table of Logarithms and follow the instructions given in the last lesson, and thus we find: Logarithm of the Sun's motion..................... 1.4025 Logarithm of Interval............................. 1.3522 ------ Logarithm of Correction........................... 2.7547 By following the instructions given in the last lesson, we find the value of the Logarithm of Correction, to be 0 degrees, 3 minutes. This we call "the increment of correction." RULE III (a) When the G.M.T. of birth is A.M., SUBTRACT the increment of correc- tion from the planet's Longitude on the noon nearest the G.M.T. (b) When the G.M.T. of birth is P.M., ADD the increment of correction to the planet's longitude on the noon nearest the G.M.T. (c) When planets are retrograde reverse rule III. The result in either case gives the planet's place at birth, which is later entered in the horoscope. Our Greenwich Mean Time being July 23, 10:56 A.M., the nearest noon is obviously noon July 23. The Ephemeris gives: Longitude of the Sun July 23...................... 0.13 Leo Subtract Increment of Correction according to Rule 3a........................... 0.03 ---- The Sun's Longitude at birth...................... 0.10 Leo This finishes our calculation of the Sun in connection with this horo- scope; we shall later explain how to enter it in the chart. In the next lesson we shall proceed to figure the Moon's place; but I want you to try to do that by yourself beforehand, so that I may see how much you have under- stood of this lesson. You will find enclosed a sheet having all the tabula- tion, so that you only have to put in the figures. Use a soft pencil, so that you may be able to erase easily, and send your lesson to me for ex- amination. I am not going to insist on a correct answer before sending the next lesson, but shall expect you to try hard. With regard to the questions in the last lesson, one called for the G.M.T. of birth in Chicago, August 25, 1912, at 8 P.M. A number of students have written to say that they have no ephemeris for that year, and cannot answer until they get one. That was exactly the point on which I wished to test them. No ephemeris was necessary to answer the questions. It would not have mattered had I asked: What is the Greenwich Mean Time of a birth at Chicago 1811, or 1850. All that is necessary is to add a correction of 6 hours for Standard Time at Chicago, which is gauged by the 90th meridian. The answer to the question is, that at the time when the clock in Chicago pointed to 8 P.M., on August 25, 1912, the clock at Green- wich showed 2 A.M., on the morning of August 26, and that is therefore the Greenwich Mean Time of birth. [PAGE 246] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 8: As we are to continue calculation of the horoscope started in our previ- ous lessons, we reiterate the factors which apply in determining the posi- tion of all the planets: The G.M.T. day begins at noon, July 22, and ends July 23, at noon. The G.M.T. at birth is 10:56 A.M., July 23, 1912. The interval from that time to the nearest noon is 1 hour and 4 minutes. The logarithm of the interval is 1.3522. Rule No. 1 given in the last lesson directs us to subtract the position of the planet we wish to correct on the noon PRECEDING the G.M.T. from its place on noon AFTER G.M.T. (10:56 A.M., July 23, 1912). these are found on page 16 of the ephemeris for 1912, in the moon column, for that is the next planet to be calculated. Moon's Longitude, July 23 Scorpio ....................................... 27.07 Moon's Longitude, July 23 Scorpio ....................................... 14.33 Moon's motion on the G.M.T. ----- day............................................ 12.34 Rule No. 2 requires that we add the logarithm of the Moon's motion on the G.M.T. day to the logarithm of interval, and we therefore turn to our table of logarithms on pages 28 an 29 of our ephemeris. To find the logarithm of the Moon's motion (12 degrees and 34 minutes), we place an envelope across the page in line with the numbers 34 in the outside columns and run a finger down the column marked 12 at the top. In that column, just above the edge of our envelope is the number 2810. That is the logarithm we seek, and we proceed to add: Logarithm of the Moon's motion on the G.M.T. day.............................. 2810 Logarithm of Interval............................. 1.3522 ------ Logarithm of Correction........................... 1.6332 The value of this logarithm in degrees and minutes is the INCREMENT OF CORRECTION which we use in finally determining the position of a planet, and we find it, as thoroughly explained in Lesson No. 6, by looking in the table of logarithms. If we cannot find the exact logarithm we use the one nearest thereto. In this case the nearest logarithm is 1.6269, and it is found in the column marked 0 at the top, and in line with the figure 34 on the left hand side of the page. Thus we see that the increment of correction is 0 degrees and 34 minutes. Rule No. 3a directs that when the G.M.T. is A.M., as in this case (10:56 A.M., July 23), we SUBTRACT the increment of correction from the planet's place on the NEAREST NOON (obviously July 23). We look for that position on page 16 of the ephemeris: Moon's Longitude July 23, 1912, Scorpio ....................................... 27.07 Increment of Correction........................... 0.34 Moon's place in Horoscope, ----- Scorpio ....................................... 26.33 Our next lesson will explain how to place the planets in the horoscope. For the present we continue our calculations, and the required data are found on page 16 of the 1912 ephemeris. There, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Ju- piter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury each has its column where the longitudes for noon during the month of July are noted. The daily motion for the four first named is so slow, that correction is unnecessary, and they may be en- tered in the horoscope as occupying the position given in the ephemeris for the noon nearest G.M.T. In this case that is July 23. On that day Neptune was in Cancer ........23.47 In the columns of Uranus and Jupiter you will note, below the zodiacal sign, a capital R. That means that the planet is "Retrograde." If you turn back to page 12, you will find the "R" in line with Uranus' position, on May 8th; on pages 14, 16, 18, and 20 it is just below the sign of the zodiac in Uranus' column; a little further down on page 22, in line with Uranus' posi- tion on October 10th, is a capital "D." The meaning is as follows: The planets in our solar system move in one direction around the Sun, but their orbits are of varying diameters and their velocities also vary. The earth travels 56 thousand miles an hour and still its circle is so large that is requires 365 days to journey around the Sun. Mercury makes a much smaller circle around the Sun, and travels 104 thousand mile per hour so it completes a revolution around the Sun in 88 days. Uranus travels only 15 thousand mile per hour, and its circle is so large that it requires 84 years to complete it. The other planets show similar variations of speed; if they traveled in a straight line the smaller and faster planets would soon leave the more ponderous and slow-moving behind, but as they move in circles, they pass a given point of observation again and again. WERE THAT POINT STATIONARY this constant forward motion of the planets in their re- spective orbits would be apparent to all observers; but this is the [PAGE 247] trouble; THERE IS NO STATIONARY POINT; every particle, from Jupiter, the gi- ant of our solar system, to the smallest particle of "star dust" is in in- cessant motion around a common center, and therefore at times one planet moves almost transversely to the path of another moving body and IT APPEARS FOR A TIME AS IF IT STOOD STILL in its orbit. Astronomers say that such a planet is "STATIONARY." At other times this oblique motion of the planets, relative to the earth's position in its orbit, makes them SEEM TO MOVE BACK- WARD in the zodiac, and this we call "RETROGRADATION." In the ephemeris we find a capital "R" in line with the day when any planet commences seemingly to recede, and this retrogradation goes on until we find the capital "D" which indicates that a direct forward motion of the planet is again observ- able. Though this backward motion of a planet is only SEEMING, it has a very real effect with respect to the influence which it exerts, for, as taught in Lesson No. 2 (which please see), it is the ANGLE of the ray which determines the influence of a planet. The planets are foci which transmit and inten- sify the properties of certain FIXED STARS so that they affect us in a much greater degree than when not thus focused upon the point of observation--the birthplace. Let us now suppose that at the time when a child is born we look at Sat- urn, and beyond him, right along our line of observation, we see the fixed star ANTARES which is in about 8 degrees of Sagittarius; the child is then getting a tendency to eye trouble that is sufficiently severe even if the planet is traveling "direct" in its orbit as is generally the case, for then Antares gradually goes out of focus, and Saturn will not return to the con- junction until it has completed its circle journey around the Sun (which takes about 29 years.) If, on the other hand, we find that on the day after birth Saturn has retrograded somewhat, and still more than the next day, and so on for a week or two, then that also brings Antares out of focus, but THERE IS THIS IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE, that instead of taking 29 years to form the next conjunction Saturn may become "direct" and form the second conjunc- tion with Antares in a few weeks after birth, and this repeated evil ray may aggravate the natal defect to such an extent that the child becomes blind. Therefore we reiterate that WHILE THE RETROGRADE MOTION OF A PLANET IS ONLY SEEMING, ITS INFLUENCE ON HUMAN AFFAIRS IS VERY, VERY REAL. Continuing our listing of the planets, we find that: Uranus is in Aquarius............................. 1.32 R Saturn is in Gemini............................... 1.34 Jupiter is in Sagittarius......................... 5.42 R Mars moves usually about 35 minutes of space in 24 hours, or 1 1/2 min- utes per hour; this is really too small an item to rectify by the logarith- mic method, therefore we generally figure Mars by proportion as taught in the last lesson. On July 22, as seen from the ephemeris, he was in Virgo 3.20. On July 23 he was in Virgo 3.57, so he has only moved 37 minutes on the G.M.T. day or 1 1/2 minutes per hour. As the interval is 1 hour and 4 minutes, we subtract 2 minutes from the position given on noon nearest the G.M.T., July 23, namely Virgo 3.57. Thus we obtain Virgo 3.55 as the place of Mars in the horoscope. In calculating the place of Venus, we will again use the logarithmic method, and proceed according to Rule 1. Venus' Longitude on July 23....................... Leo 5.03 Venus' Longitude on July 22....................... Leo 3.49 -------- Venus' motion on G.M.T. day....................... 1.14 We turn to our table of logarithms as taught previously, and find the logarithm of Venus' motion, 1 degree and 14 minutes, to be 1.2891, and we add this to the logarithm of Interval as required by Rule 2. Logarithm of Venus' motion........................ 1.2891 Logarithm of Interval............................. 1.3522 ------ Logarithm of Correction........................... 2.6413 We again search the table of logarithms to find the value of the logarithm of correction, or the nearest thereto. This is found in the col- umn marked 0 at the top, and in line with the figure 3 in the minute column (2.6812) and thus the increment of correction is 0 degrees and 3 minutes. Rule 3 bids us subtract the increment of correction from Venus' position on nearest G.M.T., which is July 23. Venus' Longitude July 23.......................... Leo 5.03 Increment of correction........................... 0.03 -------- Venus' place in horoscope......................... Leo 5.00 Mercury alone remains to be calculated, and a calculation blank will be enclosed with this lesson. On that we shall expect you to make the proper corrections for Mercury. Please use a soft pencil so that you may be able to erase mistakes. [PAGE 248] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 9: In the first 5 lessons you learned how to find the Sidereal Time of a birth and to place the proper sign and degree of the zodiac upon each of the twelve houses. The last 3 lessons have been devoted to calculation of the planets' places in the zodiac, and now the time has come to enter them in the horoscope. When they have been entered in their proper houses, the horoscope is complete. This will, therefore, be the subject of our present lesson. Two points should be particularly borne in mind when the student is en- tering planets in the horoscope. Planets near the third, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh cusps should be written up and down, as Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon in the illustration contained in this lesson, for by that method the place of every planet is readable without the necessity of turning and twisting the horoscope when reading. Be sure, also, to write as neatly and legibly as possible, and where there are several planets in a sign, cluster them closely together with their zodiacal sign on the cusp, so that there may be no mistake on that score. It is twice as difficult to read a horoscope which is made out in a slovenly manner--where on has to turn and twist to read the planetary degrees and watch the cusps to see un- der what sign planets placed in the middle of a house belong--as one made out neatly and correctly. Such maneuvers distract attention from the read- ing as much as if a book were printed so that it must be turned upside down to read every other line. No one would put up with such work from a printer. We demand a book legibly printed and readable from one position, and the book of life, the horoscope, ought to be as carefully written, at least, as the common story, which we require the printer to make legible and clear. Be sure to form the habit of neatness from the very beginning. Use a simple blank without unnecessary frills to distract attention, and you have conquered half the difficulties of reading. Before entering planets in the horoscope, it is wise to make a list of their places, beginning with those in the first degree of Aries, if any; then those in the succeeding degrees of the same sign; then the planets in the first degrees of Taurus; then those in the following degrees and so on through all the signs, following the circle of the Zodiac. This method, ap- plied to the planets of our example horoscope gives the following list: Sign Planet Deg. Min. Aries. Taurus. Gemini................... Saturn............ 1. 34. Cancer................... Neptune........... 23. 47. Leo...................... The Sun........... 0. 10. Leo...................... Venus............. 5. 00. Leo...................... Mercury........... 27. 9. Virgo.................... Mars.............. 3. 56. Libra. Scorpio.................. The Moon.......... 26. 33. Sagittarius.............. Jupiter........... 5. 42.R Capricorn. Aquarius................. Uranus............ 1. 32.R Pisces The advantage of making a list of the planets and grouping them in order of sign and degree before entering them in the horoscope, lies in the fact that if the planets are clustered in any part of the horoscope, the list shows it, and we may economize space intelligently when writing them so that the neatness and clearness are retained even when several planets have to be crowded into a small space. In the foregoing list, for instance, three planets are in Leo, and the 13th degree of Leo is on the Ascendant, conse- quently, the Sun and Venus, which are in 0 and 5 degrees, respectively, are written above the Ascendant, and Mercury below; for the signs and degrees rotate in the same direction as the houses. When Leo is on the first house, the next sign, Virgo, is usually on the next house (the second); Libra, the third sign from Leo, on the third house, and so on. As it is our policy to group the planets close to the zodiacal sign which contains them at the time of birth, we write Mercury directly below the As- cendant. Comparing the longitude of the Sun (0 degrees) and Venus (5 de- grees) with the longitude of the Ascendant (13 degrees), it is evident that Venus is nearest the Ascendant. We therefore write Venus directly above the Ascendant, and the Sun close to Venus, as it is done in our illustration. Thus written, they are properly grouped in the order of their degrees: 0, 5, 13, 27; Sun, Venus, Ascendant, Mercury. It is very important to? always have them placed right, for if we had placed Mercury above the Ascendant, the Sun and Venus below, we should also read the horoscope wrong. Mercury would then be in the 12th house and mean something very different from what he signifies in the first house. In the latter Mercury gives facility of expression and brightens and intellect, but in the 12th he is in bondage, and cannot give out knowledge. There is a strain of melancholy in the mind when Mercury is in the 12th, whereas placed in the first house, he imparts cheerfulness to the disposition. Thus it is evident that if we try to read the character of a person from [PAGE 249] a horoscope where the planets are not properly inserted, we shall make a miserable failure. The student is, therefore, again warned to spare no pains to place the planets correctly on the right side of their respective cusps. BIRTH CHART--JULY 23, 1912--6 AM--NEW YORK MIDHEAVEN: Taurus 3 SUN: Leo 0:10 SATURN: Gemini 1:34 11TH HOUSE: Gemini 9 MOON: Scorpio 26:33 URANUS: Aquarius 1:32R 12TH HOUSE: Cancer 14 MERCURY: Leo 27:09 NEPTUNE: Cancer 23:47 ASCENDANT: Leo 13:31 VENUS: Leo 5:00 2ND HOUSE: Pisces 5 MARS: Virgo 3:57 3RD HOUSE: Libra 1 JUPITER: Sagitt. 5:42R A good method is to start from Aries in the horoscope, insert the planets listed under Aries, if any, then take Taurus, and so on. We shall follow that method in our illustration. Aries 1 is on the 9th cusp, but there are no planets in Aries according to our list; so the 9th house is empty. Taurus 3 is on the 10th cusp, but no planets appear under Taurus on our list. Gemini 9 is on the 11th cusp; that means that the first 9 degrees of that sign are in the 10th house, and the remaining degrees from 9 to 30 are in the 11th house. Planets in the degrees from 1 to 9 must therefore be placed in the 10th house, and planets in the higher degrees, in the 11th house. In our list Saturn is in Gemini, 1 degree 34 min., so we write him in the 10th house, close to the 11th cusp, to show that he belongs under Gemini. Please note again how he is written in our illustration; UP AND DOWN, so that we may read without turning the horoscope. Cancer 14 is on the 12th cusp, thus the first 14 degrees are in the 11th house and the degrees from 14 to 30 are in the 12th house. In our list we see that Neptune is in Cancer 23 degrees, and accordingly we write it in the 12th house, close to the 12th cusp to show that it is in Cancer. The planets in Leo we have already dealt with, so we note next that the fifth degree of Virgo is on the cusp of the second house; thus 5 degrees are in the first house, and Mars, which is in 3 degrees of Virgo, must be writ- ten above the cusp as shown in our diagram. The first degree of Libra is on the cusp of the third house, and if a planet were in 0 degrees, 59 min. of Libra, it should be written in the sec- ond house, but all degrees from 1 to 30 are in the third house, and planets in those degrees would be placed in the third house. None appear in our list, however, so we proceed to the next. The third degree of Scorpio is on the fourth cusp, and all planets in a higher degree are therefore placed in the 4th house. Our list shows that the Moon is in 26 degrees of Scorpio, so we take care to write it UP AND DOWN, close to the 4th cusp as illustrated in our diagram. The ninth degree of Sagittarius is on the cusp of the 5th house, and planets in one of the first nine degrees must therefore be written in the 4th house. Jupiter appears listed in 5 degrees, and we consequently write him in the 4th house, but close to the 5th cusp, to show that he belongs un- der Sagittarius. We also take care to write him up and down, and above all, THE CAPITAL R, denoting that he is RETROGRADE, must also be written as shown in the illustration. The 14th degree of Capricorn is on the cusp of the 6th house, so planets in the first 14 degrees would be in the 5th house, and planets in the last 16 degrees would be in the 6th house; but as our list shows no planets in Capricorn, we pass on. The 13th degree of Aquarius is on the cusp of the 7th house; planets in lower degrees must therefore be written in the 6th house, and as Uranus is in one degree we place him there just below the 7th cusp, to show that he belongs under Aquarius. A capital R is written there also. There being no planets in Pisces, our horoscope is now complete, and if you have grasped what has been taught up to the present time, you should be able to erect the horoscopical figure for any birth. Practice will make you proficient, and after a while you will be able to erect such a simple figure in 10 or 15 minutes, without all the circum- stances necessary when learning; but in order to be sure that you understand thoroughly, we will erect another horoscope by easy stages while proceeding to learn the aspects. Please find the Sidereal Time at birth for a child born on August 10th, 1912, at 4 P.M., Standard Time in New York. Make your calculation on the back of enclosed horoscope blank, and write the proper signs and degrees on the cusps of the houses, but do not start to calculate the planets. [PAGE 250] ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 10: CARDINAL SIGNS: Having learned to "CAST" a horoscope, our next concern is to "READ" its message. In a systematic course on reading, the first step is to familiar- ize oneself with the intrinsic nature of the signs, house, planets, and the aspects. This will form the subject of the present and several future les- sons. The student is expected to thoroughly MEMORIZE our different clas- sifications, for when reading the horoscope there is no time to look them up, any more than we would refer to the alphabet for name and sound of a letter when reading a book. The alphabet must be memorized to such a degree of proficiency that there is no tax on the consciousness when reading, for this is the basis of the art of reading; and the nature of the signs, houses, planets, and aspects which are the alphabet of the heavens, must be mastered as fully and completely before it is possible to read the mystic message, the scroll of life, which we call the horoscope. Destiny may be divided into three kinds. In one kind we sow and reap from day to day, or from year to year with little delay between the action and its reaction, and with the thread of fate clearly linking cause and ef- fect. Liabilities incurred and liquidated under this "pay as you go" system of fate are particularly indicated by planets in CARDINAL SIGNS AND ANGLES. The cardinal signs are ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN. These signs are called "cardinal," because when the Sun is in any one of them he is in one of the four corners of the heavens; at a turning point, where he is forced to take another direction. In Aries he is as far EAST as he can go. Cancer is the tropical point of the NORTH where he gives the most PERPENDICULAR RAY at the summer solstice, and consequently the greatest HEAT. Libra is the extreme WESTERN point of his path where he turns away from the Northern Hemisphere. In midwinter, at Christmas, he is in Capricorn at the farthest point SOUTH, where his HORIZONTAL RAY leaves the people of the North in winter's icy grip. The nature of the "angles," and the effect of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses, is similar to the effect of the cardinal signs because these houses are at the east, north, west, and south points of the horo- scope. The nature ad effect of cardinal signs and angels may be summed up in the words, "action" and "initiative" though each acts differently from the others. Planets placed in cardinal signs and angles give zest to life according to the nature of the particular planet, sign and angle. For in- stance, the intrinsic nature of the Sun is "life"; the cardinal sign Aries is aggressive, forceful and "SELF-ASSERTIVE." Therefore, when the Sun is in Aries in the spring, nature bubbles over with life; there is such a super- abundance of vital force that all creation is impelled to procreate itself in order to use the surplus. In the human horoscope the solar life is similarly intensified when expressed through the cardinal sign Aries or when it is in the eastern angle (the first house), which corresponds to Aries. This position makes for greater vitality, so great in fact that it fre- quently runs a much, overheats the blood, and sends it racing through the veins. Therefore we find people with the Sun in Aries, subject to fevers, but it is also a fact, not generally known to physicals, that in the Sun-in-Aries people the temperature may rise far above the ordinary extreme danger point, remain there for hours, burn every hair of the patient's head, and yet produce no fatality, because the spark of life is too strong to be extinguished even when it has burned the body to a cinder. While ARIES gives "self-esteem," CAPRICORN, or the 10th house, (the southern angle), which corresponds to Capricorn, brings "SOCIAL HONOR," that is to say, the esteem of others, and good planets in Capricorn or the 10th house will certainly bring preferment. Take, as usual, the keyword of a planet, combine it with the keyword of the sign and you have the interpreta- tion. For instance, the keyword of the Sun is life, of Capricorn, social honor. Therefore the Sun in Capricorn or the 10th house will promote a lively social esteem for one with that configuration, and as a matter of fact, people who rise to high and responsible positions generally have the Sun so placed and well aspected, for aspects have to be taken into consider- ation also in judgment, but one thing at a time. The keyword of SATURN is "OBSTRUCTION," of Capricorn "social honor," of Aries "self-esteem." If Sat- urn is in Aries he will tend to obstruct self-esteem, crush the spirit, and make a man timid and shrinking. If Saturn is afflicted in Capricorn or the 10th house, the man may strive to rise, but obstructions will pile mountain high to bar his way to social honor. If he persists and does attain, down- fall awaits him anyway. Napoleon is said to have had this configuration. As Capricorn or the 10th house, gives our status in the world, the human family, so the opposite cardinal sign, CANCER, or its correspondent, the 4th house, (the northern angle), determines our "HOME LIFE." Take a horoscope with Venus there, another with Mars, and a third with Saturn. What is the meaning of the stellar script in each? Again the keywords afford easy read- ing, for Venus is "COALITION," the force that binds and attracts and smooths out all unpleasantness. When she is in Cancer or the 4th house, [PAGE 251] love will brighten the hearth and house. There may be a hard battle with the world, but peace will reign by the fireside. Mars is "DYNAMIC ENERGY"; he rides roughshod over everything and everybody. In Cancer or the 4th house he is a tartar, and tyrant in the home, and it is strange how dual we may be, for the man who is such a bear at home, may have Venus in the west and be an angel in public. Nor should we call him a hypocrite; it is simply that in one department of life he feels the influence of the martial ray, and the Venusian dominates another. It should excite our compassion, and show the way to overcome by knowledge, if we can reach and teach him the stellar science. The keynote of Saturn is obstruction, and it is easy to see what he would do in Cancer, or the 4th house. FAUST, though most of us think of it as written by Goethe, is not a human creation. The plot is found in one of the ancient myths and though our mod- ern stage rendering makes it seem only the story of an ordinary seduction, the myth itself, and even Goethe's rendering brings out much of the esoteric truth. Among other pearls is Satan's description of himself. When asked by Faust, "Who art thou?" he says: "The spirit of negation, The power that still Works for good Though scheming ill." That fits Saturn. I know that all in God's world work for ultimate GOOD. and that physical resistance develops physical muscle-that spiritual ob- struction is necessary to grind away the rough edges from the soul and pol- ish it to diamond brightness. Saturn is chief of the lapidaries. Knowing that he hurts to help, we must try to be patient. When even the stone in being ground gives sounds of seeming suffering, who shall blame us if we wail at time when the hand of Saturn is heavy or applied in a particularly sensitive place? Although I thank him for benefit received from chastisements, and recognize the benefit of his restraining influence at times when he makes me feel like a dog on the leash, I cannot help thinking of him as a cold, clammy hand of huge pro- portions, ready to wet blanket all ambition, self-assertion, and other mar- tial characteristics. "The spirit of negation"--no bit ever fretted a spir- ited horse as the curb of Saturn, which says: "DON'T, DON'T, DON'T," can fret and worry a martial spirit bubbling over with energy and ambition, and AS A PLANET IS ALWAYS MOST EVIL, SO-CALLED, IN THE SIGN WHERE IT IS WEAKEST, Saturn in Cancer or the 4th house is particularly severe. Children whose parents have Saturn in Cancer or the 4th house may or may not be kicked and cuffed physically; that depends upon other factors. But there Saturn has them cornered; they are helpless children, they cannot run away from the pa- rental home, no matter how they feel, and the saturnine DON'T, DON'T, DON'T will wet-blanket their spirits, quench their ambition, and make it a thou- sand times more difficult for them to fight the battle of life. Oh! that we could realize our wrong when we unthinkingly betray the trust of the little ones who come to us for protection and a home till they are able to fight their own battle in the world. If we could only see how the saturnine ray in the home hampers our mate, and how much better it would be for him, or her, if we would cease to restrain and throw cold water, if we would give encouragement instead of always having DON'T on the tip of the tongue. Aries being the fountain had of egoism (the force which aims to center everything on the individual regardless of all others), it is reasonable that the opposite sign must have the opposite qualities, and signify what we share with others or have in community with others. "PARTNERSHIP" may therefore be said to be the keyword of LIBRA, its corresponding western angle (the 7th house). As marriage is the most important partnership of life, capable of making or marring it as no other relation can, the con- figurations in this sign and angel are particularly vital in that respect. The Sun is positive and masculine in its nature and signifies, therefore, the marriage partner in the horoscope of a woman, and the negative, feminine Moon indicates the partner for a man, that is generally speaking, but plan- ets in Libra and the 7th house gives particular testimony in this respect. the Sun thus placed gives LIFE, and zest here as elsewhere, regardless of sex. Saturn obstructs successful intercourse with our fellows; Mars gives dynamic energy, makes us aggressive; we down our rivals though we may also ruin ourselves by so doing. You have now the method and must learn to apply it so that you may read the stellar scrip as you read a book. There is no time like the present, so I will give you a problem which you must answer without looking up any books other than the letters and lessons furnished in this course. The keyword of Jupiter is "BENEVOLENCE." Do you know the "jovial" fel- low, with the big heart an the broad smile, who shakes your hand till the ligaments of your arm are almost sprained? He is "hail fellow well met" with everybody, always ready to give anything or anybody a boost and never [PAGE 252] gets angry on his own account, but may be moved to righteous indignation by the wrongs of others. Yet even though he is terrible in his wrath, he is never cruel to the aggressor or oppressor, but shown mercy and kindness as soon as the foe is vanquished. Do you know him? He is a scarce breeding absolute purity, but is Jupiter personified. Now, tell what you think the effect would be of Jupiter in each of the four cardinal signs, their corresponding angel and house? I want four nice short paragraphs, one for each sign. Put as much time as you can spare on making each description as full as consistent with brevity. The astrologer should not obscure his meaning with many words. Try to be both clear and concise. ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 11: THE FIXED SIGNS: While the nature of the Cardinal signs is such that their rays stir our latent forces into ACTION, and promote change, the most prominent quality of the Fixed signs is STABILITY. But the student must beware of confounding stability and inertia. The action impelled by the rays of Cardinal signs may be changed into other channels with considerable facility; all they want is expression; the direction in which they express themselves is a secondary consideration. Not so with the Fixed signs. When their rays impel to ac- tion in a certain direction it is next to impossible to stay the force or change it. On the other hand, if they deny expression in certain lines, the obstruction is almost insurmountable. When Fixed signs are on the angles (the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses), they exert a well nigh ir- resistible force, impelling the individual along a certain line. He may be slow and plodding but is sure to be PERSISTENT in whatever he undertakes, and whatever talent he may possess in a certain direction will be exploited to its fullest extent. Setbacks which would take the courage from a person with Cardinal signs, do not daunt the man with Fixed signs on the angles; he knows no defeat, and therefore he usually gains his goal in the end and achieves success by concentration upon one point, and persistence in follow- ing his chosen path. On the other hand such people are conservative to the last degree. They may see and desire improvements in various lines, but are exceedingly slow to adopt measures to accomplish the desired end; they never do so until thoroughly satisfied that a certain method will meet the re- quirements. In other words, people with Fixed signs on the angles "look be- fore they leap," they look a long time and very, very carefully, but on the other hand, when they have once been won over to a certain cause they are faithful unto death, an no more ardent advocates can be found; their zeal is almost fanatical. On the whole, people with Fixed signs may be said to be the MOST RELIABLE PEOPLE in the world, either for good or bad. When the rays from the Fixed signs come through so-called "good" planets and at fa- vorable angles called "good" aspects, we have a man whose integrity is as impregnable as the Rock of Gilbraltar, who could not be bribed with all the gold or power in the world to wander one single inch from what, according to his light is the path of strictest rectitude; who would consider life, or even love, as nothing compared to this rectitude. But the man whose des- tiny, self-made in former lives, has attracted the fixed ray through so-called "evil" planets and at angles called "evil" aspects, has walled himself in with limitations of such a nature tat his entire vie of life is askew; therefore he is out of harmony with his fellow beings. Shunned by them he becomes a recluse or an outcast; hatred and revenge burn in his breast. He may become what we call a criminal, because we do not understand how heavy his lead is, that he is a young soul unable to bear the burden of life with fortitude equal to our own. If we could only have compassion to see and understand his limitations as revealed by the horoscope, perhaps we should be able to feel pity instead of repugnance. If every judge were an astrologer, and every court clerk were required to cast the horoscope of each prisoner arraigned so that the judge might see into the soul before judging we should have more loving kindness shown those unfortunates and love would soon conquer where harshness fails. Such a reform will come in a not too far-away future, and though people of the "fixed" kind we have [PAGE 253] described will be the most difficult to win over, they will never backside once the task of conversion has been accomplished. The last expression brings to mind the narrow sectarian fanatic who thinks everybody is going to hell who does not share his belief, who is as zealous in his efforts to convert all with whom he comes in contact as in denouncing those who do not respond to his well meant efforts. He is an- other variety of these FIXED people The student has now the description of the general salient characteristic imparted by the rays from the Fixed signs, and may easily detect their action in any horoscope, when focused through the various planets. The Fixed signs are TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO AND AQUARIUS. In addition to the common characteristic, STABILITY, each sign has its own keyboard which describes its particular effect, and as the general quality, stability, is intensified when Fixed signs are on the angles, so also the individual na- ture and effect of each sign is more prominently observable when thus placed. In the Cardinal sign, Aries, the exaltation of the Sun fosters individual LIFE, and the DYNAMIC ENERGY of the ruler, Mars, engenders EGOISM, so that the dominant forces of this sign create the individual SELF, the separate PERSONALITY, which is prepared by the Aries forces to fight its way in life alone and unaided; but the forces of the sign Taurus tend to produce the FAMILY, that is to say, an aggregation of individuals bound by ties of blood and of love. Therefore the Moon is exalted in Taurus; her keyword is FECUN- DATION. Through her the generative forces accomplish multiplication of the individual, and Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is the vehicle of COALITION, the force which binds parents and offspring in o the integral whole which we call the family. When mankind was in its infancy Jehovah and his angelic hot from the Moon together with the Lords of Venus focused the Taurian ray upon our race and welded all into one vast harmonious family obedient to their masters' wills. The Martial Lucifer spirits first started human emancipation from superhuman rule through the side of the Arian ray which is designated "the goat" in the Bible. Later came the "true light," the Sun Spirit Christ, who expresses the Arian ray in so gentle a manner that He is called "the Lamb." But also He exalts the individual rulers and exaltation rulers of these two signs have aided human evolution and the past history of man is written in the stars so plainly that the seeing eye may decipher its pages most readily and also the pages of the future now in the making, for, "coming events cast their shadows before." It is marvelous, nevertheless how THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION dovetails with the esoteric side of Astrology and how a knowledge of this science reveals depths of the Rosicrucian teachings not otherwise accessible. Taurus rules the tongue; its keyword being HARMONY, and that of Venus COALITION, it is plain that Venus in Taurus would designate the soft-spoken peacemaker, but Mars in Taurus destroys harmony by incessant talk, as an agitator or demagogue. Saturn's keyword being OBSTRUCTION, would cause halting speech, loss of voice, or would make a pessimist. Many musicians have the Sun, Venus or Jupiter in Taurus. From the symbolic Garden of Eden where Adam dwelt under the Taurian ray in harmony and peace, while obedient to Jehovah, he was driven into the wil- derness of the world under the ray of Scorpio which is ruled by the Lucifer spirits of Mars. According to their advice he "knew" his wife. Scorpio has dominion over the sex organs, and as the 8th house is the house of death, so Scorpio, being the 8th sign has in its ray the deadly sting of the serpent; therefore, death is the lot of all who are born from sex, and pain and sor- row is their portion in life. Instead of HARMONY which prevailed under the Taurian regime, DISCORD, is the keyword under Scorpio; "man is of few days and full of trouble," and will thus remain till he finds the way of regen- eration foreshadowed under the other signs. When the DYNAMIC ENERGY of Mars conveys the ray of Scorpio, man becomes indifferent to the DISCORDANT cry of pain from his fellow beings. He can calmly cut a person to pieces in a surgical operation or slay him in battle; he can look without remorse into the eloquently pleading eyes of dumb animals which he tortures on the vivisection table. Fearless to the point of folly, indifferent to danger, he makes an excellent soldier, but a poor general. If the ray of Scorpio, which rules generation, is focused through Venus the planet of COALITION, we may expect DISCORD through the opposite sex, due to overindulgence of the passions. Saturn would OBSTRUCT intercourse and accentuate DISCORD of Scorpio in that direction. In a similar manner the keyword of other planets will give the solution to their effect in each sign. [PAGE 254] I trust you will not underestimate what has been said of the cosmic part of Astrology affecting human evolution. You may learn fortune telling with- out that, but we are studying the science of the soul; that was not created at birth, nor does it suffer death. To understand Astrology you must know God's plan from eternity and realize that man is ever in a state of becom- ing. Of the two Fixed signs we have considered, Taurus and the Jehovistic hierarchies were factors in the creation of the human family. The fallen angels under Lucifer, who rebelled against Jehovah, brought the ray of Scor- pio to bear upon mankind to assist in their emancipation. We shall see in the next lesson, that the Sun being the octave of the Moon and ruler of the second Fixed sign, Leo, and Uranus, ruler of Aquarius being the octave of Venus, these signs, Leo, and Aquarius, radiate AFFECTION and ALTRUISM. Through them lies the path of salvation from sin, sorrow, and suffering. In the meantime, please tell me what effect you think the Moon will have in Taurus and Scorpio, and also the effect of Jupiter in these signs. I want four short paragraphs. ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 12: THE FIXED SIGNS: PART II: The word "LOVE" has been used so often to designate that which is really passion that we therefore avoid use of the term wherever possible, and shall use the keyword AFFECTION to express the most salient characteristics of the sign LEO which is ruled by the life-giving Sun. Fraternal, filial, and pa- rental feelings generated under the Taurian ray are cold compared to the ar- dent affection radiated through the fifth sign, Leo, the sign which has do- minion over the heart. It has been well said that "of the fullness of the heart, the mouth overfloweth," and the terrestrial counterpart of the fifth sign, the fifth house, rules the avenues through which we express the things we love. Our pleasures, avocation, courtships, and the children we bear beneath our hearts, figuratively or actually, are therefore designated by this house. Please note carefully, however, that the ABILITY to write, teach, paint, or do anything else depends upon other factors, but from the fifth house, the sign which occupies it and the planets posited therein come the love and en- thusiasm which impel expression along various lines according to the sign and planets found there at the time of birth. The love of a father and a mother for a certain child may be equal, but if the fifth house of the fa- ther is well fortified and thus gives him the faculty of expression, while afflictions of the fifth house of the mother deny her the ability to voice her love, the child will grow up in the belief that its mother loves it not a whit. The misunderstood mother may then grieve and break her heart in consequence. Should the child learn Astrology, it would be able to see the hidden reason for the seeming coldness of the parent; compassion in the child would draw from the mother the secret of her love, both would be richer and the child by such use of the science of Astrology would lay up much treasure in heaven. Take another suppositious case, of two young men in love with the same girl. We look to the Sun, as the significator of MEN- TAL AFFINITY because it is the particular expression of God in our solar system. Mars and Venus, being the planets of passion and the brand of love associated with personality (not the love of soul for soul, which is Uranian), signify MORAL AFFINITY, and the Moon and Ascendant show what PHYSICAL harmony exists between people intending marriage. Let us now sup- pose one of these young men to be mentally and morally harmonious to the lady, but not physically attuned, the further hampered by having Saturn, the planet of obstruction in the fifth house. He would then be unable to plead his cause, no matter how deep his affection. If the other young man were physically in accord with the lady and if Venus were in his fifth house at birth, he would be an eloquent and probably successful wooer, while the de- nial of expression caused by Saturn in the case of his rival might break the latter's heart. Later the lack of mental and moral affinity between the successful lover and the lady is sure to manifest to the sorrow of both; had all known the science of Astrology and been guided by their knowledge, these heartaches might have been avoided. As already said: Venus in the fifth sign or house facilitates the EX- PRESSION of love and thus makes the ardent and affectionate wooer, but when the dynamic energy of Mars is poured forth from this angle it produces the [PAGE 255] fierce, masterful lover who claims the affection of others as a right. The wandering Moon is the vehicle of fecundation; in Leo she makes the heart fickle and fond of flitting from flower to flower. From each she sucks the sweets and leaves it barren. The keyword of Mercury is Reason, and as the ways of the heart are beyond reason ad incapable of intellectual elucidation or analysis, Mercury in Leo makes the libertine and cynic who plays with hearts as with marbles. Saturn in Leo or the fifth house obstructs expres- sion of affection, no matter how deep and sincere the feeling, and thus it causes much suffering in consequence. Sagittarius is pictured upon the vault of heaven as a centaur (half man and half horse), in the act of shooting an arrow from a drawn bow. Jupiter, the ruler, partakes of the dual nature expressed by the sign. In his high- est phase he is idealistic in the extreme. He aims the bow of aspiration so high that few, if any, measure up to his standard. Therefore, when Leo or the fifth house, he not infrequently misses the real, while vainly seeking the ideal of his affection, but if his search is successful there is an ideal union, a marriage truly "made in heaven." The lower nature of Jupiter accentuates the animalistic phase of Sagittarius, and when that is expressed through the sign Leo or the 5th house the ideals expressed by the higher phase are forgotten, the man goes to the other extreme and becomes a de- praved beast. Therefore Jupiter in Leo afflicted is worse than any of the so-called malefic planets; its evil influence is perhaps most nearly ap- proached by Venus when similarly placed, for both tend then to indulgence of the vilest nature. As Leo and the fifth house signify the things we LOVE TO SHARE WITH OTH- ERS, this also applies to knowledge, and therefore the fifth sign and the fifth house signify the ability to teach. People with Jupiter there, well fortified, have high ideals and are born teachers of law, philosophy and hu- manitarian principles. Knowledge of these subjects may be acquired without having Jupiter in Leo or the fifth house, but there is a difference between having the knowledge and the ability to impart it to others; this faculty is given or denied by the fifth house and the planets therein or rulers thereof. These also indicate the nature of the subjects, if any, a person is best fitted to teach. The keyword of Saturn being Obstruction he naturally seeks to squelch am- bition to teach when in the fifth sign, Leo or the fifth house. We know people with that affliction having deep and thorough knowledge of vital in- terest to humanity, one shrinks from the duty and limits herself; one ensouled by a deep desire to impart his knowledge to others becomes ill at every attempt. Leo rules the spinal cord and Saturn in Leo draws this poor man's nerves into knots, as it were, thus literally choking expression. Hard as it may be for such people to overcome the limitation, there is one certainty, however, that if they do, they will be very thorough, par- ticularly when instructing adults in deep subjects. Mars, Mercury, or the Moon in Leo or the fifth house would make indifferent teachers, impatient and superficial. Leo and the fifth house are also concerned with PUBLICATIONS, for books newspapers, and periodicals are media through which authors share with the public whatever knowledge they have gained along specific lines. Please ob- serve, Leo and the fifth house do not give the ability to write or speak,; that comes from Gemini. Mercury and other factors, but the fifth sign and house indicate our success in publishing our knowledge. Some people are able writers and speakers, but Saturn in Leo of the fifth house, or a sign ruled by Saturn on the fifth house obstructs access to publicity, and many splendid teachers and authors are never heard of outside the small circle of friends on account of this limiting influence. On the other hand, when Mer- cury, Gemini, Leo and the fifth house are well fortified there is ability to write and success in getting the ear of the world by publications. You will understand that my motive is not self-laudation when I cite my own con- figuration as illustration of this point. I have Venus in the mercurial sign Gemini, sextile to Mercury (in Leo), also to his higher octave, Neptune. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are in Leo, the fifth sign, and Mercury is also trine to Jupiter in the fifth house, occupied by the idealistic sign Sagittarius. Saturn in Libra, the sign of his exaltation, is sextile to Mercury in the fifth sign and Jupiter in the fifth house. Thus all the stellar forces have combined to give me facility in writing and success in publishing. You know the phenomenal growth of the Rosicrucian Fellowship justifies the augur of the stars, and that they have told the truth. But this brings up another point; had anyone presumed to predict these things give years ago, even my friends and well-wishers might have doubted, for [PAGE 256] these faculties were largely dormant then; it takes many years to acquire the fundamental knowledge and experience in the school of life without which any writing sounds hollow. Necessarily my innate ability did not show on the surface during that time, yet the stars told the truth; it was latent, and at the proper time became manifest. In this fact lies one of the most important lessons to be learned by the young astrologer. It is this: BE- LIEVE IN THE STARS; whatever they say is absolutely reliable, no matter how much appearances may be to the contrary, no matter whether they show a fault or a faculty; if the stars say it is there you may depend that their testi- mony is true regardless of whether the person knows it or not, and in this very fact we have one of the greatest opportunities for the efficient and benevolent use of Astrology. In the next lesson we shall take up this study in connection with the fifth house, Leo and children. In Lesson No. 9, I asked you to calculate the signs on the cusps of a horoscope for 4 P.M. Standard Time, August 10th, 1912, at New York. Please figure now the places of the planets, and insert them in the horoscope. ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 13: THE FIXED SIGNS: PART III: In addition to the departments of life mentioned as being governed by the celestial sign Leo and its terrestrial counterpart, the fifth house, Leo also rules our children in general but particularly the first-born. The reason is readily apparent in view of what we have already said about the ardent love of Leo and the pleasures signified by the fifth house, for the very helplessness of those rays of sunlight from heaven, the chil- dren, constitutes an irresistable call upon our care, for which we are re- warded by joy unspeakable. The fixed nature of the sign gives stability to this emotion, and the ardent affection of parents for their children gener- ally endures while life lasts. The rays from the Cardinal sign Libra focus the master passion, the intense craving to possess another, which causes men and women to rush into wedlock imagining that heaven has descended to earth and bliss eternal is theirs. But when the Cardinal influence has spent itself, they are dis- illusioned, alas, too often. Then the union may be dissolved, and other at- tempts at happiness through possession of another may be made; but until the true marriage of soul to soul is consummated, the scales of Libra will continue alternately to swing from sunshine to sorrow. Thus while the conjugal relationship contracted under the Cardinal ray may be transient, the relationship between parent and child generated under the fixed ray of Leo and the fifth house is indissoluble,; it en- dures for life. Judgment concerning the question of children to be exact requires study of the horoscopes of both prospective parents, as both are concerned in the matter; but so closely are we connected with one another that by turning our own horoscope upside down so that our seventh house becomes the first, it will show the principal facts concerning our mate. Held in this position our eleventh house will be his or her fifth, and signify children. There- fore when we judge the question of children, we consider both the fifth and eleventh houses, the signs on the cusps, their rulers and planets in these houses. It is a curious fact and seemingly an anomaly that Leo and its opposite, Aquarius, on the fifth house deny offspring unless the Moon, Venus, or Jupiter is there, for these planets are givers of children. Still, when we remember the lofty form of affection generated by the solar sign, we readily realize that it can give little or no expression to the lower passions and fosters only the feeling of friendship, of comaradery. Cancer, on the other hand, is highly fertile, being the home of Luna, the planet of fecundity. When the fifth house is occupied by this sign of either of the other watery signs (Scorpio and Pisces) the parental emotions are powerfully stirred, and many children result. As said, the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in the fifth house give children; but Saturn, Mars, and Neptune deny offspring or cause their death to our sorrow, particularly if aspected by square or opposition. In ancient times when "nerves" were unknown, women went through maternity without trouble; healthy children were born in the field without doctor, nurse, or assistance from anyone. The mother did not cease work for more than a few hours, and yet infant mortality was insignificant compared to its proportions in modern times, when doctors and nurses are called in and anaesthetics and antiseptics are used to aid in the crises of ma- [PAGE 257] ternity. Now the ordeal leaves the mother prostrate for week, and it may make her an invalid for life or even terminate her life on the earth. When a tuning fork is struck, other tuning forks within radius of its vi- bratory waves will sing in unison if of identical pitch. When not so at- tuned, they remain unresponsive and mute. Each circling planet strikes a certain note in the song of the spheres, and all on earth in accord there- with respond automatically unless their wills restrain. But when mankind was in its infancy, it could not respond to the vibratory pitch of as many planets as it can today; therefore the ancient astrologers were not con- cerned with several planets which are felt as factors of fate today. Saturn, the planet of obstruction and concretion, was first felt as an agent of coagulation; through his agency the discrete spirit-substance was crys- tallized, and concrete matter came into existence as the basis of physical form. Next the vibratory force of the Sun made itself felt as Life to leaven the hardened earth; then the lunar vibration made fecundation and fertilization possible. Mars and Venus next aroused the passional nature, and material manifestation of animal man was accomplished. The early races born under these planetary vibrations knew none of the finer feeling found in more modern times; they loved as the tiger loves, passionately, fiercely. The males through each other for a mate as animals fight; the females fought for their young. Even in mediaeval times these traits were observable. The ray of Mercury commenced at an early stage to evoke reason in man. Its vibrations have increased in intensity, devel- oping the intellect and sensitizing the nervous system. Thus the finer feelings have been developed, and man is now capable of responding in a mea- sure to the humanitarian influences carried by the ray of Jupiter. The more advanced feel the Uranus vibrations, and a still smaller number sense the spiritual vibrations of Neptune. But as the vibratory range of the nervous system increases and we become capable of enjoying pleasures undreamed of by savage man, so also is our ca- pacity for suffering intensified. A physical shock which scarcely registers upon the consciousness of a savage may produce a complete collapse upon the part of a high-strung nervous person. Neptune would impart a nervous system too delicate for ordinary physical use, for he is the octave of Mercury, and therefore a child born under such an influence would be "queer," sometimes altogether de- mented. St. Vitus dance, which is inability to co-ordinate movements, is due to the hypersensitiveness given by Neptune. Saturn obstructs child- birth and makes it painful; the use of forceps is frequently necessary, and the children are difficult to rear. Mars makes for operations, loss of blood, and peurperal fever. Christ said: If I be lifted up, I will lift all the world unto me. This does not mean, as is commonly supposed according to the materialistic con- ception, that if He were lifted upon the cross He would save people. Man, the microcosm, follows very closely the development of the macrocosm. When the earth was more dense in the ages we have just passed, when the Virgin Spirits were at the nadir of their evolutionary career, mankind was en- crusted to such an extent that they could not vibrate to the high pitch of the planets which make for spirituality. But as the Christ Spirit working in the earth leavens it with His vibrations, it is lifted out of its density and becomes more and more ethereal, more and more attuned tot he great solar heart of the universe working through the sign of Leo. As this takes place, man, the microcosm, also learns to respond to the finer forces in nature; the ardent affection of Leo gradually replaces the passionate impulses of Mars, and the warmth of the spiritual overcomes the cold obstructivness of Saturn. Thus instead of the present method of conception in sin and suffering, by degrees there will come the imaculate conception, of which we are beginning to get a forecast in the science of eugenics. Great measure of time must pass ere we shall be able to propagate the race by a higher method than the one we have today. But as the spirit of Christ working in the earth gains in power and potency, the fifth sign, Leo, will cease to correspond to the fifth house ruling children; the sixth house and Virgo will then indicate the method of purity and service whereby we shall perpetuate vehicles more etheric that those of the present time. Therefore, though at the present time Leo is the most impor- tant sign of the zodiac, in the future the purity of the sign Virgo will supersede it in the department of children; and the ardent affections of Leo will find a nobler outlet through the opposite sign [PAGE 258] Aquarius of which we shall speak in the next lesson. In the last lesson we requested you to finish setting up the horoscope on which we had been working previously. Now please state what you think is the prospect of children for the person described therein, judged from the fifth and eleventh houses. Please state also what pleasures would most at- tract him or her, and what the innate love nature is. All of these things are determined by Leo, its ruler, the sun, and by the fifth house, the sign on its cusp and planets therein. ASTROLOGY LESSON NO. 14: THE FIXED SIGNS: In the cosmic dawn when human physical form was in a very elementary stage, and the angels worked to make it a more complete vehicle of expres- sion for the Virgin Spirits which had left the heavenly Father and unity, seeking concrete embodiment and separate existence, they turned the creative force from the generative organs ruled by SCORPIO into a new center, which became the larynx and is ruled by the sign opposite Scorpio, TAURUS. Then the purely animal instinct, which impels every creature to perpetuate its kind, was partially diverted into a higher channel; intercourse was not lim- ited to a union of bodies, but communion of souls by the spoken word became a possibility. Thus the first step toward At-one-ment was taken when both arms of the fixed cross were energized. To further bind humanity together cosmic agencies generated the ardent affection commonly called love, and focused it upon the hearth through the third fixed sign, LEO, which rules that vital organ. But though the brutal, animalistic force originally focused in Scorpio has been elevated and re- fined by the rays of Taurus, it is still contaminated with selfish desire, nor is this eradicated in the still higher expression of affection through Leo. We love our fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, our children, and our country; we love them even if they are not all we would wish, simply because they are OUR KIN AND OUR country. But our hearts do not beat high for the relatives of other people or for the people of other countries. Neither are we satisfied to love our kindred and unselfishly help them, but we demand a return of love from those near and dear to us; the closer they are to our hearts the more we exact from them. We do not really seek their happiness, but feel that BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM THEY ARE IN DUTY BOUND TO DEFER TO OUR WISHES IN EVERY RESPECT, REGARDLESS OF THEIR OWN INCLINA- TIONS. If they refuse to conform, we may consider it the acme of heartless- ness, and feel abused to the limit of human endurance or beyond. The generative force focused in SCORPIO imprisons the human spirit in a body and makes it the slave of matter from the cradle to the grave. TAURUS, the opposite pole, is the focus of forces which vitalize the larynx. Through that organ the imprisoned spirit may voice its hopes and fears, its love and its longing to be free, free as the viewless air it resembles in nature. In LEO the primal passion has a higher potency and a greater power to further fetter or to free the spirit, for in Leo this force functions on a loftier level. Focused through SCORPIO it can only bind the spirit TO A BODY, and as such a vehicle lasts only a FEW SCORE YEARS, the binding power of the primal passion in the physical world is comparatively insignificant; but when transmuted to ardent affection IN LEO it operates in the spiritual spheres where neither birth nor death serves to abrogate or release from its influence. There IT BINDS SPIRIT TO SPIRIT, and the tie may last FOR MANY LIVES. It often furthers progress, but also often hinders whom it binds, both here and hereafter. Therefore Christ said, that unless we are ready to leave father and mother, we cannot be His disciples. He did not mean that we must leave our relatives physically or neglect then, but the inordinate Leo affection which excludes all but OUR relations from our love must cease. We must learn to love unselfishly so that our love may help and not hinder those upon whom we bestow it, and that it may [PAGE 259] emancipate and not enslave. We must learn to give our love regardless of whether it is returned or not. This superlative emotion comes through the fourth of the fixed signs, AQUARIUS. This is the 11th sign of the zodiac, correlated to the 11th house, which deals with the department of FRIENDS In life, also hopes and aspirations. What wonder, then, that Christ designated friendship as the highest expression of the emotion we usually call love, when He said; Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for his friends. The old folk stories which tell of the Niebelugen, or "Children of the Mist," refer to infant humanity during the stage in evolution when we lived in the dense, foggy atmosphere of ancient Atlantis. Ruled by JEHOVAH, whose forces were focused through the MOON and the water sign CANCER, humanity was guileless and easily swayed by the angels. They were also obedient to the Lords of Venus, who fostered their calm and innocent affections. Thus Luna, the heavenly body which has greatest influence on the water of our globe, and the cardinal sign of the watery triplicity, Cancer (Scorpio and Pisces are the others), cradled our emotions, and to this day WATER REMAINS THE ESOTERIC SYMBOL OF THE EMOTIONAL NATURE. As we may see ourselves in the silvery surface of a lake on a calm day, so also the spirit most readily mirrors itself in the personality when we are serene and unruffled. In those ancient days infant man, pure and in- nocent (but not virtuous), saw the gods face to face. Later the Lucifer Spirits from Mars, working through the cardinal sign of the fiery triplic- ity, Aries (Leo and Sagittarius are the others), made men headstrong (Aries rules the head) and rebellious against that rulers, the angels. They also fostered the sex passion; therefore Mars and Scorpio rule the generative or- gans. Thus the calm of the emotional nature was fundamentally disturbed, and it has by degrees become as a seething cauldron, astir with strife and struggle. Therefore it can no longer reflect the spirit any more than a windswept sea can mirror a man or a ship afloat thereon. Thus mankind destroyed its spiritual sight and lost touch with the gods when the turbulent emotions were generated under the ray of Scorpio. these emotions hid the beyond from us, and until we learn to subdue and control our passions and cultivate the peace of God in our breasts, we cannot pen- etrate the veil of the hereafter, not hear "the still small voice" which speaks in the silence after the winds, the fires, and other earthly distur- bances have ceased. The way of attainment is symbolically engraved in the pictorial zodiac. Aquarius appears as a man in the act of pouring water from an urn. By a slight motion he may tip the urn a little more or a little less to regulate the flow; it is perfectly balanced. therefore he represents the enlightened soul who has obtained control of his passions, emotions, and appetites. They are contained in his urn, hence they no longer blind, befog, or obscure his vision as in the Atlantean Epoch; hence also Aquarius is not a watery but an airy sign. Neither is it emotional like Cancer, but INTUITIONAL, for the true Aquarian knows without reasoning. The human sympathy, the fellow feeling, the friendship signified by the 11th sign and the 11th house are the true essence of the Christ Spirit which will eventually abrogate the primal separateness, accomplish the atonement, transform the world, and make the new heaven and the new earth a reality. The keyword of Aquarius is therefore altruism, and this is also the key- word of Uranus, its ruler. This planet was at home from 1913 to 1920, and it is significant that though war and strife have been rampant, the effort to bring "peace on earth" is gaining strength with amazing rapidity. Advo- cates of amity among nations are hailed as saviors with universal acclama- tion. The Sun by precession is also nearing Aquarius, and will remain there for 2100 years. Thus all cosmic forces are working for altruism and a loftier expression of the Christian Religion--Universal Friendship. They keyword of the Sun is life. While we are under the Moon and Cancer, family is first and the individual last; but the Sun in Aquarius has a ten- dency to exalt the self somewhat unduly. Therefore egoism is a fault to be guarded against by those who have the Sun in Aquarius. The keyword of the Moon is fecundation. It is restless, and therefore the Moon in Aquarius or the 11th house causes a restless seeking for truth and light. People with this position should endeavor to settle down to sus- tained effort in the occupation nearest at hand. Sir Launfal found the Grail at his castle gate when returning from a life spent in vain search for it all over the world. Christ is formed from within; He is not found exte- riorly. As the keyword of Mercury is reason and altruism is contrary to ordinary [PAGE 260] reason, Mercury in Aquarius is critical and cynical; it sharpens the intel- lect, however, and gives a good flow of language. The keyword of Venus is coalition, and in the 11th sign of the 11th house it causes friends to flock around us; it makes us loving and lovable. The keynote of Mars is dynamic energy. It lends force and provokes ac- tion wherever placed. When in Aquarius or the 11th house it makes us rough and blunt towards friends; though we may mean well, we seem invariably to ruffle those we really like, and much suffering results. The keywords of Jupiter are benvolence and idealism. This planet is therefore in particular agreement with Aquarius and the 11th house. Happy the soul who has earned a well aspected Jupiter in either, for he is sure to have a great influence for good in a wide circle. Only a few very old people have Neptune in Aquarius, so it would be fu- tile to explain its influence there; but please tell me what you think would be the effect of Saturn in Aquarius and the 11th house? Continued with file "RC4015.TXT" End of File


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