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Filename: RC4008.TXT [PAGE 111] ROSICRUCIAN CHRISTIANITY BIBLE COURSE: "THE BIBLE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE WESTERN WORLD BY THE RECORDING ANGELS WHO GIVE TO EACH AND ALL EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT." --Max Heindel During modern times there has been much argument concerning the authen- ticity of the Bible. Material science has been taught in our high schools and colleges, and there has arisen in the minds of inquiring students a de- mand for some correlation between orthodox Biblical teachings and the dis- coveries of science. The casual observer can find no satisfactory harmoni- zation, but to the deeper student, there is possible a logical correlation between the findings of science and the Holy Scriptures. This series of lessons presents such a correlation. The lessons have been compiled from the writings of Max Heindel, a trained clairvoyant and investigator of the invisible worlds. He did not claim to give ALL of the truth concerning any of the subjects treated, it being generally accepted that there are seven valid interpretations for ev- ery universal truth. He simply offered certain explanations and interpreta- tions which will stand the test of logic and unbiased investigation, as well as provide a basis for broader understanding and deeper appreciation of the Scriptures. It is a pleasure to present them to the public, believing that they will fill a real need in bridging the gap between science and re- ligion. [PAGE 112] "THE BIBLE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE WESTERN WORLD BY THE RECORDING ANGELS, WHO GIVE TO EACH AND ALL EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT." --Max Heindel LESSON NO. 1: ORIGIN OF THE SCRIPTURES: REFERENCES: Genesis, chapters 16, 17, 18, 21; I Corinthians 3:1-3; Galatians 4:22-26. THERE WAS A TIME, EVEN AS LATE AS GREECE, WHEN RELIGION, ART, AND SCIENCE WERE TAUGHT UNITEDLY IN THE MYSTERY-TEMPLES. BUT IT WAS NECESSARY TO THE BETTER DEVELOPMENT OF EACH THAT THEY SHOULD SEPARATE FOR A TIME. RELIGION HELD SOLE SWAY IN THE SO-CALLED "DARK AGES." DURING THAT TIME IT BOUND BOTH SCIENCE AND ART HAND AND FOOT. THEN CAME THE PERIOD OF THE RENAISSANCE AND ART CAME TO THE FORE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. RELIGION WAS STRONG AS YET, HOWEVER, AND ART WAS ONLY TOO OFTEN CONFINED SOLELY TO THE SERVICE OF RELIGION. LAST CAME THE WAVE OF MODERN SCIENCE, AND WITH IRON HAND IT SUBJUGATED RELIGION. IT WAS A DETRIMENT TO THE WORLD WHEN RELIGION SHACKLED SCIENCE. IGNO- RANCE AND SUPERSTITION CAUSED UNTOLD WOE; NEVERTHELESS, MAN THEN CHERISHED A LOFTY SPIRITUAL IDEAL. HE HOPED FOR A HIGHER AND BETTER LIFE. IT WOULD BE INFINITELY MORE DISASTROUS SHOULD SCIENCE KILL RELIGION. THEREFORE A STATE OF AGNOTISCISM AND MATERIALISM CANNOT CONTINUE. REACTION MUST SET IN. IF IT SHOULD NOT, ANARCHY WOULD REND THE COSMOS. TO AVERT SUCH A CALAMITY, RE- LIGION, SCIENCE, AND ART MUST REUNITE IN A HIGHER EXPRESSION OF THE GOOD, THE TRUE, AND THE BEAUTIFUL THAN OBTAINED BEFORE THE SEPARATION. A SPIRITUAL RELIGION, HOWEVER, CANNOT BLEND WITH A MATERIALISTIC SCIENCE ANY MORE THAN OIL CAN MIX WITH WATER. THEREFORE, SCIENCE MUST BE SPIRITUAL- IZED AND RELIGION MADE SCIENTIFIC. In order to study the Bible intelligently, it is essential that one ap- proach it with an open mind. Fixed, preconceived views of the Scriptures in their generally accepted VERSIONS as being the only true and inspired Word of God, infallible, etc., are clouds which at the outset blind one to the real illumination that may come from careful, unprejudiced study. There are, however, hidden beneath the interpolations, mistranslations, etc., pearls of truth for which it behooves every earnest student of life and be- ing to seek, and if certain important facts are kept in mind as one studies, new light and understanding will be the reward. In the first place, let us remember that the words of the Hebrew lan- guage, particularly the old style, run into one another and are not divided as are those of our language. Add to this that there is a custom of leaving [PAGE 113] out vowels from the writing, so that in reading much depends upon where and how they are inserted, and it will be seen how great are the difficulties to be surmounted in ascertaining the original meaning. A slight change may en- tirely alter the significance of almost any sentence. In addition to these great difficulties we must also bear in mind that of the forty-seven translations of the King James version (that most commonly used in England and America), only three were Hebrew scholars, and of those three, two died before the Psalms had been translated! We must still fur- ther take into consideration that the Act which authorized the translation prohibited the translators from any rendition that would greatly deviate from or tend to disturb the already existing belief. It is evident, there- fore, that the chances of getting a correct translation were very small in- deed. Nor were conditions much more favorable in Germany, for there Martin Luther was the chief translator and even he did not translate from the original Hebrew, but mainly from a Latin text. Most of the versions used in Continental Protestant countries today are simply translations, into differ- ent languages, of Luther's translation. True, there have been revisions, but they have not greatly improved mat- ters. Moreover, there are a large number of people in this country who in- sist that the ENGLISH text of the King James version is absolutely correct from cover to cover, as though the Bible had been originally written in En- glish, and the King James version were a certified copy of the original manuscript. So the old mistakes are still there, in spite of the efforts which have been made to eradicate them. It must also be noted that those who originally wrote the Bible did not intend to give out the truth in such plain form that he who ran might read. Nothing was farther from their thoughts than to write an "open Book of God." The great seers who wrote the Zohar* are very emphatic upon this point. The secrets of the Thorah were not be be understood by all, as the following quotation will shows. "Woe to the man who sees in the Thorah (the law) only simple recitals and ordinary words! Because, if in truth it contained only these, we would even today be able to compose a Thorah much more worthy of admiration. But it is not so. Each word of the Thorah contains an elevated meaning and a sublime mystery. . .The simple take notice of the garments and recitals of the Thorah alone. they know no other thing. They see not that which is con- cealed under the vestment. THE MORE INSTRUCTED MEN DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE VESTMENT, but to the body which it envelops." In the preceding words the allegorical meanings are plainly implied. Paul also unequivocally says that the story of Abraham and the two sons whom he had by Sarach and Hagar is purely allegorical. (Gal. 4:22-26.) Many passages are veiled; others are to be taken verbatim. As in a field sown with potatoes there are not only these VEGETABLES, but also THE SOIL in [PAGE 114] which they are hidden, so IN THE BIBLE THE PEARLS OF OCCULT TRUTH ARE HIDDEN IN WHAT ARE OFTEN HIDEOUS GARMENTS. The occultist who has fitted himself to possess these pearls has received the key, and sees them plainly. to others they remain obscure until they also have worked for that key. Thus, while the story of the wanderings of the children of Israel and the dealings of a certain God with them is partially true, there is also a spiritual sig- nificance that is far more important than the material history. Even though the Gospels contain the great outlines of the life of an individual called Jesus, they are formulae of initiation showing the experiences which every- one must eventually pass through on the way to the truth and the life. The secrecy regarding these deep matters and the invariable use of al- legories where the mass of the people were permitted to come in contact with occult truths will also be apparent from the practice of Christ, who always spoke to the multitude of parables, afterward privately explaining to His disciples the deeper meaning contained therein. On several occasions He im- posed secrecy upon them in regard to such private teachings. Paul's methods are also in harmony with this, for he gives "milk" or the more elementary teachings to the "babes" in the faith, reserving the "meat" or deeper teachings for the "strong"--those who had qualified themselves to understand and receive them. (I Cor. 3:1-3) The Jewish Bible was originally written in Hebrew, but we do not posses one single line of the original writings. As early as 280 B.C. the Septuagint, a translation into Greek, was brought forth. Even in the time of Christ there was already the utmost confusion and diversity of opinion regarding what was to be admitted as original, and what had been interpo- lated. It was not until the return from the Babylonian exile that the scribes began to piece together the different writings and not until about 500 A.D. did the Talmud appear, giving the first text resembling the present one, which, in view of the foregoing facts, cannot be perfect. The Talmud was then taken in hand by the Masoretic School, which from 590 to about 800 A.D. was principally in Tiberias. With great and painstaking labor, a Hebrew Old Testament was produced which is the nearest to the original we have at the present time. Thus, though we may not contend for the divinity of the Bible or hold that it is the Word of God from cover to cover, though we recognize the fact that it is a poor translation of the originals and that there are many in- terpolations which have been inserted at different times to support various ideas; nevertheless, the very fact that so much truth has been massed into such a small compass is a source of constant wonder to the occultist, who knows what the Book really is and has the key to its meaning. Let us then remember that TRUTH IS MANY SIDED and eternal; the quest for truth must also be all-embracing and never-ending. We may liken truth to a mountain, and the various interpretations of that truth to different paths leading up to the summit. Many people are [PAGE 115] traveling along all of these paths and every one while he is at the bottom thinks his path is the only one; he sees only a small part of the mountain, and may therefore be justified in crying to his brothers, "You are wrong! Come over to my path; this is the only one that leads to the top." But as all these people progress upward, they will see that the paths converge at the top and that they are all one in the ultimate. It may be said most emphatically that no system of thought which has ever been able to attract and hold the attention of a large number of people for a considerable time has been without its truth; and whether we perceive it or not, there is in every sect of the kernel of divine teachings which is gradually bringing them upward toward the top of the mountain. Therefore we should practice the utmost toleration for every belief. NOTES: *Zohar: A Jewish cabalistic book introduced into Spain in the 13th cen- tury by the cabalistic writer, Moses de Leon, who attributed it to Simeon ben Yohair, a second century Jewish teacher. Under for the form of commen- tary on the Pentateuch, it contains a complete cabalistic theosophy, treat- ing of God, the cosmogony and cosmology of the universe, the soul, sin, re- demption, etc. Its contents indicate that it is the work of many authors, periods, and civilizations. QUESTIONS ON LESSON NO. 1: 1. What is essential for an intelligent study of the Bible? 2. What peculiarity of the words of the Hebrew language render it difficult of correct interpretation? 3. For whom was the Bible originally written? What proof have we of this? 4. Trace the steps through which the King James version has passed. 5. What double function do the Gospels perform? 6. What must we remember in our quest for truth? 7. Give an illustration to show why we must be tolerant of all religions. [PAGE 116] "THE BIBLE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE WESTERN WORLD BY THE RECORDING ANGELS, WHO GIVE TO EACH AND ALL EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT." --Max Heindel LESSON NO. 2: THE SOLAR MYTH: REFERENCES: Genesis 49; Exodus 13; Dueteronomy 33; Judges 13:16 In the religion of Judaism we hear of a God making certain promises to a man by the name of Abraham. He promised that he would make Abraham's seed as numerous as the sands upon the seashore; and we are told how he dealt with Abraham's grandson Jacob, who was the husband of four wives, by whom he had twelve sons and one daughter. These are looked upon as forefathers of the Jewish nation. This is an astronomical allegory dealing with the migration of the heav- enly bodies, as will be evident from a careful perusal of the 49th Chapter of Genesis and the 33rd Chapter of Dueteronomy; where the blessings of Jacob upon his sons show how they are identified with the twelve signs of the zo- diac; Simeon and Levi sharing the sign Gemini, the twins, and the feminine sign Virgo being allocated to Jacob's only daughter, Dinah. Gad represents the sign Aries; Issachar, Taurus; Benjamin, Cancer; Judah, Leo; Asher, Li- bra; Dan, Scorpio; Joseph, Sagittarius; Naphthali, Capricorn; Rueben, Aquarius; and Zebulun, Pisces. The four wives are the four phases of the Moon and Jacob is the Sun. This is similar to the teaching we find among the Greeks, where Gaia, the Earth, is the wife of Apollo, the Sun; and among the Egyptians, where heat and moisture, the Sun and the Moon, were personified in Osiris and Isis. The sacred rivers Jordan and Ganges are also connected etymologically with the river Eridanus,* which is one of the constellations. It means "source of descent," and for agriculturists such as were these ancient people, these rivers were the sources of the Waters of Life. Jospehus tells us that the Jews carried the twelve signs of the zodiac on their banners, and camped around the tabernacle which held the seven-branched candlestick representing the sun and the heavenly bodies which move inside the circle formed by the twelve signs of the zodiac. The Jews located their temples so that the four corners pointed north- east, southeast, northwest, and southwest and the sides directly north, [PAGE 117] east, south, and west, and like all solar temples the main entrance was in the east, so that the rising sun might illumine its portal and herald each day the victory of light over the powers of darkness. Thus was brought to nascent humanity the message that the contest of light and darkness on the material plane is but the counterpart of a similar contest in the moral and mental worlds where the human soul is groping its way toward the light. The battle of light and darkness in the material world, like all other phenomena, is a suggestion of the realities in the invisible realms. There- fore, these truths were given to man as myths by divine leaders who led him until his growing intellect gave birth to arrogance which caused his bene- factors to withdraw, and let him learn by the hard knocks of experience. Then he forgot them and has come to regard the ancient stories of gods and demigods as imaginary. Yet, even the early Christian Church was imbued with this knowledge of the significance of the solar myth, for the Cathedral of St. Peter at Rome is built facing the east, like all other solar temples, telling humanity of the "Great Light of the World," who is to come and dispel the spiritual darkness which as yet envelops us--the Light Bringer who shall bring peace on earth and goodwill among men, causing the nations to beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. The Jews greeted the sun with the morning-sacrifice, and took leave of it at sunset in a similar manner by an evening oblation, offering up on their sabbath an additional sacrifice to the lunar race-god, Jehovah. Him they also worshiped by sacrifice at the new moon. One great feast was Easter, when they celebrated the Passover, the time when the sun "passes over" its easter(n) node, leaving the southern hemisphere where it winters and com- mencing its northern journey in its chariot of fire, hailed with joy by men as their savior from hunger and cold which would inevitably result if it stayed in south declination always. The last of the Jewish feasts and the most important is the Feast of Tab- ernacles, when the sun crosses its wester node in the autumn, having yielded to man the "bread of life" wherewith to sustain his material being until the next return of the sun to the northern heavens. For the above reasons the six southern signs (Libra, Scorpio, Sagit- tarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces) which the sun occupies in winter are always called "Egypt," the "land of Philistines," etc., a name for some- thing that is bad for "God's people"; whereas the northern signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo) through which the sun passes during the fruitful season are "heaven," the promised land," which "flows with milk and honey." [PAGE 118] We see this in such passages as the one where the celebration of the Passover is enjoined, to "remember thy coming out of Egypt." (Exodus 13:3) This feast is a rejoicing over the emergence of the sun from the southern signs. The same indication is in the recorded fact that Jacob was with Joseph in Egypt when he died. At the winter solstice when the sun of the past year has completed its journey and reached its lowest degree of south declination it is in the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. By reference top Gen- esis 49:24, where the dying Jacob speaks of the "bow" of Joseph, it is easy to identify him with the sign Sagittarius, which represents a centaur in the act of drawing his bow, and thus the story of Jacob dying in Egypt with Joseph is re-enacted each year when the sun dies in the sign Sagittarius at the winter solstice. The story of Samson is another phase of the solar myth. As long as Samson's hair was allowed to grow, his strength would increase. Samson is the sun, and its rays represents Samson's hair. From the winter solstice in December to the summer solstice in June the sun's rays grow, and it gains in strength every day. This frightens the "powers of darkness," the winter months, the Philistines, for if this Light Bringer continues to reign, their kingdom will come to an end, and they counsel together against Samson to discover wherein his strength lies. They secure the cooperation of the woman, Delilah, which is the sign Virgo, and when Samson, the sun, passes through that sign in September he is said to have laid his head on the woman's lap and to have confided his secret to her. She shears him of his locks, for at that time the rays of the sun begin to grow shorter and lose their strength. Then the Philistines or winter months come and carry the debilitated giant into their prison: the southern signs where the sun is in winter. They put out his eyes to deprive him of his light and at last bring him to their temple, their stronghold, at the winter solstice. There they subject him to infamous indignities, believing they have vanquished the light completely, but with his last remaining strength the fettered solar giant shatters their temple. Although he dies in the effort, he overcomes his enemies and thus leaves the way clear for another sun-child to be born to save humanity from the cold and famine which would result if he had re- mained bound in the toils of the powers of darkness, the Philistines, the winter months. The lives of all the saviors of mankind are also founded upon the passage of the sun around the circle of the zodiac, which pictures the trials and triumphs of the intitiate, and the fact has given rise to the erroneous con- clusion that these saviors never existed, that the stories are merely sun-myths. This is wrong. All divine teachers sent to man are cosmic [PAGE 119] characters, and the ordering of their lives is in accord with the marching orbs, which contain, as it were, an anticipated biography of their lives. Each came with divine spiritual light and knowledge to help man to find God, and therefore the events in their lives were in accord with the events which the physical lightbearer, the sun, encounters, on its pilgrimage through the year. The saviors were all born of an immaculate virgin, at the time when dark- ness is greatest among mankind, as the sun of the coming year is born, or begins its journey, on the longest night of the year, when the zodiacal sign Virgo, the Virgin, stands on the eastern horizon between 10:00 and 12:00 P.M. in all latitudes. She remains as immaculate as ever after she has given birth to her sun-child; hence we see the Egyptian goddess Isis sitting on the crescent moon nursing her divine babe Horus; Astarte, the immaculate lady of Babylon, with her babe Tammuz, and a crown of seven starts over her head; the lady Devaki in India with her infant Krishna, and our own Virgin Mary, giving birth to the Savior of the Western World under the Star of Bethlehem. Everywhere the same story: the immaculate mother, the divine babe, and the sun, moon, or stars. NOTES: *ERIDANUS: a long winding constellation extending southward from Taurus and containing the bright star Achernar. QUESTIONS ON LESSON NO. 2: 1. State briefly the symbology of the story of Jacob and his sons. 2. What is the chief message brought to humanity by the solar myth? 3. What is the significance of the fact that St. Peter's Cathedral is built facing east? 4. What is the symbology of "Egypt," "the Philistines," etc.? 5. Give a brief interpretation of the allegory of Samson? 6. Upon what are the lives of all the saviors founded. 7. What are the essential features of all the stories of the saviors? [PAGE 120] "THE BIBLE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE WESTERN WORLD BY THE RECORDING ANGELS, WHO GIVE TO EACH AND ALL EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT." --Max Heindel LESSON NO. 3: THE SOLAR MYTH (Continued): REFERENCES: I Chronicles 28, 29; II Chronicles 1-9; Jonah; Matthew 2:13-14; 12:40; 16:15-19; John 3:30; I Corinthians 10:4; Revelation 12 As the material sun is weak and has to flee from the powers of darkness, so all these divine light-bringers are searched for and forced to flee from the powers of the world; and like the sun, they always escape. Jesus fled before King Herod. King Kansa* and King Maya are his counterparts in other religions. The Baptism occurs at the time when the sun passes through the sign Aquarius, the waterman; and when the goes through the sign of the Fishes in March we have the fast of the Initiate, for Pisces is the last of the southern signs, and all the stores laid by from the bounteous gifts of the sun of the previous year are nearly exhausted, and man's good is scarce. The fish-food of Lent which occurs at this time is a further corroboration of this solar origin of the fast. At the vernal equinox, March 21, the sun "CROSSES the equator," and at that time the "CROSSification," or crucifixion, occurs, for then the sun-god commences to give his life as food for his worshipers, ripening the corn and the grape, which is made into the "bread and wine." To do that he must leave the equator and soar heavenward. Similarly, it would benefit humanity nothing spiritually if their saviors stayed with them; therefore, they soar heavenward as "sons (or suns) of righteousness," ministering to the faithful from above, as the sun does for man when high in the heavens. The sun attains its highest point of north declination at the summer sol- stice, June 21. He then sits upon "the throne of his father," the sun of the previous year, but he cannot remain there more than three days. Then he is carried downward toward his western node. Likewise, the saviors of man- kind ascend to the throne of the Father, to be reborn from time to time for the good of mankind, which truth is embodied in the sentence of the Nicean Creed: "thence he shall return." The movement known as the "precession of the equinoxes" whereby the sun crosses the equator on March 21 at a different point each year, determines the symbol of the savior. At the time of the birth of Jesus the sun crossed [PAGE 121] in about five degrees of the sign Aries, the Ram. Consequently, Christ was the lamb of God." (John 1:36) There was a dispute, however; some thought that owing to what is called the orb of influence, power of the sun was re- ally in the sign Pisces, the fishes, and that the symbol of Christ should have been a fish. As a relic of that dispute we see that to this day the Bishop's mitre is in the form of the head of a fish. At the time of Mithras, the Persian Savior, the sun crossed in the sign of the Bull, hence we find Mithras riding on a bull. This was also the foundation for the wor- ship of the Bull, Apis, in Egypt. At present the vernal equinox is in about ten degrees of Pisces, the Fishes, so that if a savior were born now he would be "Fish-man," like Oannes of Ninevah, changed into Jonah and the whale by the Bible. The great allegory, like so many others, is also pictured upon the film of the firmament for it was first enacted in heaven before it was staged on earth, and we still see in the starry sky "jonah, the Dove," and "Cetus, the Whale." The terrestrial application of this allegory will be given in a subsequent lesson. The four letters said to have been on the cross of Christ and the method of fixing Easter in commemoration of the event, also go to show the cosmic character of the occurrence. These letters I.N.R.I., are commonly supposed to have meant Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum, but they are also the initial letters of the Hebrew names of the four elements Iam (water), Nour (fire), Ruach (air), Iabeshah (earth). It would be foolish to fix the anniversary of the death of an individual as Easter is fixed by the sun and moon, but it is the proper thing in respect of solar festival and a cosmic character, re- lated to the sun as spiritual light-bringer to physical luminary. When the sun leaves his throne at the summer solstice, about June 21, he passes through Cancer and into the sign Leo, the Lion of Judah (July 24 to August 24). Then we have the Catholic feast of the Assumption on August 15, in Leo. Thence, onward to his western node, the sun proceeds through Virgo, the sign of the Virgin (August 24 to September 23). Thus the Virgin is born from the sun, as it were. This brings to mind the astronomical solution to that passage in the 12th Chapter of Revelation: "I saw a woman clothed with the sun and the moon un- der her feet." That phenomenon happens every September just after the new moon; for viewed from our earth, the sun covers or clothes the sign Virgo all through September, and as the moon is leaving the conjunction of the sun, it appears to be beneath the Virgin's feet. When John the Baptist is represented as saying concerning Christ that "he must increase but I must decrease" (John 3:30), he is symbolizing the sun at the summer solstice when it must decrease in light for the coming half year, while Christ by his birthday at Christmas is identified with the newborn sun which increases the length of the day until the middle of summer. Ragon, the eminent French Masonic authority, says that the legend of Hiram Abiff, the "Widow's Son," the Grand Architect of Solomon's Temple, [PAGE 122] and hero of the Masonic Legend, is an astronomical allegory representing the sun from the summer solstice downward. The Temple of Solomon is our solar universe which forms the great school of life for our evolving humanity; the broad lines of its history, past, present, and future, are written in the stars, its main outlines being discernible to anyone of average intelli- gence. IN the microcosmic scheme, the Temple of Solomon is also the body of man wherein the individualized spirit or ego is evolving, as God is in the great universe. Hiram Abiff, the Grand Master, is the sun which travels around the twelve signs of the zodiac, enacting there the mystic drama of the Masonic Legend. At the vernal equinox the sun leaves the WATERY SIGN PISCES, which is also feminine and docile, for the belligerent, martial, energetic, fiery sign AR- IES, the ram or lamb, where it is exalted in power. It fills the universe with a creative fire which is immediately seized upon by the innumerable billions of nature spirits@ who therewith build the temple of the coming year in forest and fen. The forces of fecundation applied to the countless seeds slumbering in the ground cause them to germinate and fill the earth with luxurient vegetation while the group spirits mate the beasts and birds in their charge so that they may bring forth and increase sufficiently to keep the fauna of our planet at normal. According to the Masonic Legend, Hiram Abiff used a hammer to call his workmen, and it is significant that the symbol of the sign Aries, where this wonderful creative activity com- mences, is shaped like a double ram's horn, which resembles a hammer. During the summer the sun calls forth songs of gratitude from all that breathes, hence Hiram, who represents it, can give the Word, that is to say LIFE to all. When the sun enters the southern signs at the fall equinox, September 21, nature becomes mute, and Hiram, the sun, can no longer give the sacred Word; he meets the three murderers: the zodiacal signs Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, which the sun goes through in October, November, and December. The first strikes him with a 24-inch rule emblematic of the 24 hours the earth takes to revolve upon its axis. The second strikes him with an iron square, symbolizing the four seasons, and at last the mortal blow is given by the third murder with a mallet, which being round, signi- fies that the sun has completed its circle and dies to give room for the sun of another year. The initiate of the temples in Egypt were called "phree messen," which means "children of light," because they had received the light of knowledge and it is this which has been changed into "Freemason." Thus we see that the contest of Light and Darkness in the physical world is closely connected in the scriptures of the different religions with the contest of the powers of spiritual light and life against those of darkness and ignorance; that this truth is universally spread among all people in all ages. The myths of the dragon slayers embody the same truth, where the Greeks tell of the victory of Apollo over Python, and of Hercules over the dragon of the Hesperides; the Norseman tells of the contest of Beowulf slay- ing the fire-drake, of Siegfried slaying the dragon, Fafner, and of St. George and the Dragon. In our materialistic age these truths are tempo- rarily relegated to oblivion or regarded as fairy stories without any basis in truth; but the time will come and is not far distant when these myths will again by restored to honor as embodiments of great spiritual truths. NOTES: *Kansa: In Hindu mythology, a king of Mathura, son of Ugrasena and sec- ond cousin of Krishna. @Occult science teaches that nature spirits are evolving beings who build the plants, form the crystals of the rock, and with numerous other hierar- chies are working around and about us unseen, but nevertheless busy in mak- ing that which we call nature. A group spirit is an entity functioning in the spiritual worlds and pos- sessing a spiritual body composed of many separate animal spirits, as a man has a body composed of many cells, each with an individual consciousness. The group spirit itself cannot function in the physical world, but it evolves by sending the different animal spirits into a form of body which it creates. QUESTIONS ON LESSON NO. 3: 1. How did the fast originate? 2. What occurs at the crucifixion in the solar myth? 3. What determines the symbol of each savior? 4. Why is Christ called "the Lamb of God"? 5. What is the significance of the letters "INRI" which were on the Cross? 6. Give the astronomical solution to the passage: "I saw a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet." 7. Summarize the cosmic application of the legend of Hiram Abiff. [PAGE 123] "THE BIBLE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE WESTERN WORLD BY THE RECORDING ANGELS, WHO GIVE TO EACH AND ALL EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT." --Max Heindel LESSON NO. 4: THE TABERNACLE IN THE WILDERNESS: REFERENCES: Genesis 6, 7, 8, 9; Exodus 3-14, 25-40; Hebrews 9. We read in the Bible the story of how Noah and a remnant of his people with him were saved from the flood and formed the nucleus of the humanity of the Rainbow Age in which we now live. It is also stated that Moses led his people out of Egypt, the land of the Bull, Taurus, through waters which en- gulfed their enemies and set them free as a chosen people to worship the Lamb, Aries, into which sign the sun had then entered by precession of the equinoxes. These two narratives relate to one and the same incident, namely, the mergence of infant humanity from the doomed continent of Atlantis* into the present age of alternating cycles where summer and win- ter, day and night, ebb and flow, follow each other. As humanity had then just become endowed with mind,** they began to realize the loss of the spiritual sight which they had hitherto possessed, and they developed a yearning for the spirit world and their divine guides which remains to this day, for humanity has never ceased to mourn their loss. Therefore, the an- cient Atlantean Mystery Temple, the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, was given [PAGE 124] to them that they might meet the Lord when the had qualified themselves by service and subjugation of the lower nature by the Higher Self. Being de- signed by Jehovah it was the embodiment of great cosmic truths hidden by a veil of symbolism which spoke to the inner or Higher Self. In the first place it is worthy of notice that this divinely designed Tabernacle was given to a chosen people, who were to build it from freewill offerings given out of the fullness of their hearts. Herein is a particular lesson, for the divine pattern of the path of progress is never given to anyone who has not first made a covenant with God that he will serve Him and is willing to offer up his heart's blood in a life of service without self-seeking. The term "Mason" is derived from PHREE MESSEN, which is an Egyptian term meaning "Children of Light." In the parlance of Masonry, God is spoken of as the Grand Architect. ARCHE is a Greek word which means "primordial substance." It is said that Joseph, the father of Jesus, was a "carpenter," but the Greek word is TEKTON--"builder." It is also said that Jesus was a TEKTON, a "builder." Thus every true mystic Freemason is a child of light, a builder, endeavoring to build the mystic temple according to the divine pattern given him by our Father in Heaven. To this end he dedicates his whole heart, soul, and mind. It is, or should be, his aspira- tion to be "the greatest in the kingdom of God," and therefore he must be THE SERVANT OF ALL. The next point which calls for notice is the location of the temple with respect to the cardinal points, and we find that it was laid directly east and west. Thus we see that the path of spiritual progress is the same as the star of empire; it travels from east to west. The aspirant entered at the eastern gate and pursued the path by way of the Altar of Burnt Offer- ings, the Brazen Laver, and the Holy Place to the westernmost part of the Tabernacle where the Ark, the greatest symbol of all, was located in the Holy of Holies. As the wise men of the East followed the Christ star west- ward to Bethlehem, so does the spiritual center of the civilized world shift farther and farther westward; until today the crest of the spiritual wave which started in China on the western shores of the Pacific has now reached the eastern shores of the same ocean. The ambulant nature of this Tabernacle in the Wilderness is therefore an excellent symbolical representation of the fact that man is migratory in his nature, an eternal pilgram, ever passing from the shores of time to eternity and back again. THE COURT OF THE TABERNACLE was an enclosure which surrounded the Taber- nacle. Its length was twice its width, and the gate was at the east end. This gate was enclosed by a curtain of blue, scarlet, and purple fin twined linen, and these colors show us at once the status of this Tabernacle in the Wilderness. We are taught in the sublime gospel of John that "God is Light," and we know that this light, which is God, is refracted into three primary colors by the atmosphere surrounding our earth, viz., blue, yellow, and red. It is a fact well known to every occultist that the ray of the Fa- ther is blue, while that of the Son is yellow, and the color of the Holy Spirit's ray is red. Only the strongest and most spiritual ray can hope to [PAGE 125] penetrate the seat of consciousness, of the life wave embodied in our min- eral kingdom, and therefore we find about the mountain ranges the blue ray of the Father reflected back from the barren hillsides and hanging as a haze over canyons and gulches. The yellow ray of the Son mixed with the blue of the Father gives life and vitality to the plant world, which therefore re- flects back a green color, for it is incapable of keeping the ray WITHIN. But in the animal kingdom, to which unregenerate man belongs anatomically, the three rays are absorbed, and that of the Holy Spirit gives the red color to his flesh and blood. The mixture of the blue and red is evident in the purple blood, poisoned because sinful. But the yellow is never evident un- til it manifests as a soul body,*** the golden "wedding garment" of the mystic Bride of the Mystic Christ evolved from within. (Matt. 22:11-12; I Cor. 15:44.) Thus the colors on the veils of the Temple, both at the gate and at the entrance of the Tabernacle, showed that this structure was designed for a period previous to the time of Christ, for it had only the blue and the scarlet colors of the Father and the Holy Spirit together with their mix- ture, purple. But white is the synthesis of all colors, and therefore the yellow Christ ray was hidden in that part of the veil until in the fullness of time Christ should appear to emancipate us from the ordinances that bind, and initiate us into the full liberty of Sons of God, Sons of Light, Chil- dren of Light, Phree Messen or Mystic Masons. The Brazen Altar was placed just inside the eastern gate, and it was used for the sacrifice of animals during the temple service. The idea of using bulls and goats as sacrifices seems barbaric to the modern mind and we can- not realize that they could ever have had any efficacy in that respect. The Bible does indeed bear our this view of the matter, for we are told repeat- edly that God desires not sacrifice but a broken spirit and a contrite heart, and that He has no pleasure in sacrifices of blood. In view of this fact it seems strange that sacrifices should ever have been commanded. But we must realize that no religion can elevate those whom it is designed to help if its teachings are too far about their intellectual or moral level. To appeal to a barbarian, religion must have certain barbaric traits. A re- ligion of love could not have appealed to those people, therefore they were given a law which demanded "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." There is not in the Old Testament any mention whatever of immortality, for these people could not have understood a heaven nor aspired to it. But they loved material possessions, and therefore they were told that if they did right they and their seed should dwell in the land forever, and their cattle should be multiplied, etc. The Altar was made of brass, a metal not found in nature, but made by man from copper and zinc. Thus it is symbolically shows that sin was not originally contemplated in our scheme of evolution and is an anomaly in na- ture as well as in its consequences, pain and death, symbolized by the sac- rificial victims. But while the Altar itself was made from metals [PAGE 126] artificially compounded, the fire which burned thereon unceasingly was of divine origin, and it was kept alive from year to year with the most jealous care. No other fire was ever used, and we may note with profit that when two presumptuous and rebellious priests dared to disregard this command and use strange fire, they met with an awful retribution and instant death. (Leviticus 10:1-2) When we have once taken the oath of allegiance to the mystic Master, the Higher Self, it is extremely dangerous to disregard the precepts then given. We are told by the apostle Paul that the Tabernacle in the Wilderness was a shadow of greater things to come. It may therefore be of interest and profit to see what is the meaning of this Brazen Altar, with its sacrifices and burning flesh, to the candidate who comes to the Temple in modern times. In order that we may understand this mystery, we must first grasp the one great and absolutely essential idea which underlies all true mysticism, viz., that these things are WITHIN and not without. It is not the Christ without that saves but THE CHRIST WITHIN. We must build the Tabernacle within our own hearts and consciousness. We must live through, as an actual inner experience, the whole ritual of the service there. We must become both the altar of sacrifice and the sacrificial animal lying upon it. We must become both the priest that slays the animal and the animal that is slain. Later we must learn to identify ourselves with the mystic Laver, and we must learn to wash therein in spirit. Then we must enter behind the first veil, minister in the East Room, and so on through the whole Temple service until we BECOME the greatest of all these ancient symbols, the Shekinah Glory, or it will avail us nothing. In short, before the symbol of the Tabernacle can really help us, we must transfer it from the wilderness of space to a home in our hearts so that when we have become everything that that symbol is, we shall also have become that what which it stands for spiritually. NOTES: *Occult science teaches that Atlantis was a continent which existed be- tween Europe and America, where the Atlantic Ocean now lies. As the heavy fogs of Atlantis condensed more and more, the increased quantity of water gradually inundated that continent, destroying the greater part of the population and the evidences of their civilization. Great numbers were driven from the doomed continent by the floods, and wandered across Europe. **Occult science teaches that man is a complex being who possesses: 1. A DENSE BODY, which is the visible instrument he uses here in this visible world to fetch and carry; the body we ordinarily think of as the whole man. [PAGE 127] 2. A VITAL BODY, which is made of ether and pervades the visible body as ether permeates all other forms, except that human beings specialize a greater amount of the universal ether than other forms. That ethereal body is our instrument for specializing the vital energy of the sun. 3. A DESIRE BODY, through which we express our emotional nature. this finer vehicle pervades both the vital and dense bodies. It is seen by clairvoyant vision to extend about sixteen inches outside the visible body, which is located in the center of this ovoid cloud as the yolk is in the center of an egg. 4. THE MIND, which is a mirror, reflecting the outer world and en- abling the Ego to transmit its commands as thought and word, also to compel action. THE EGO is the threefold spirit which uses these vehicles to gather expe- rience in the school of life. The mind was given to man in the Atlantean Epoch, and while reason ben- efited him in many ways, it shut from his vision the soul of things which had previously spoken to him, and the gaining of the intellect which is now man's most precious possession was at first but sadly contemplated by the Atlantean, who mourned the loss of spiritual sight and power which marked the acquisition of mind. ***The two higher ethers of the vital body, the light and reflecting ethers. These are attracted by living a life of "loving, self-forgetting service to others." QUESTIONS ON LESSON NO. 4: 1. To what do the stories of Noah and Moses refer? 2. Why was the Tabernacle in the Wilderness given to humanity upon their emergence from Atlantis? 3. How does the Tabernacle symbolize the path of spiritual progress? 4. Of what is the ambulant nature of the Tabernacle symbolical? 5. What is the significance of the colors of the curtain in the Court of the Tabernacle? 6. Describe the Brazen Altar. 7. What does it signify to the modern candidate for initiation? [PAGE 128] "THE BIBLE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE WESTERN WORLD BY THE RECORDING ANGELS, WHO GIVE TO EACH AND ALL EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT." --Max Heindel LESSON NO. 5: THE TABERNACLE IN THE WILDERNESS (continued) REFERENCES: Genesis 6, 7, 8, 9; Exodus 3-14, 25-40; Hebrews 9. The BRAZEN LAVER was a large basin which was always kept full of water. It is said in the Bible that it was carried on the backs of twelve oxen, also made of brass, and we are told that their hind parts were toward the center of the vessel. It appears from the memory of nature, however, that these animals were not oxen but symbolical representations of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Humanity was at that time divided into twelve groups, one group for each zodiacal sign. Each symbolic animal attracted a par- ticular ray, and as the holy water used in Catholic churches is magnetized by the priest during the ceremony of consecration, so also the water in this Laver was magnetized by the divine Hierarchies who guided humanity. There can be no doubt concerning the power of holy water prepared by an individual of strong and magnetic personality. It takes on or absorbs the effluvia from his vital body, and the people who use it become amenable to his rule in a degree commensurate to their sensitiveness. consequently the Brazen Lavers in the ancient Atlantean Mystery Temples, where the water was magnetized by divine Hierarchies of immeasurable power, were a potent factor in guiding the people in accordance with the wishes of these ruling powers. Thus the priests were in perfect subjection to the mandates and dictates of their unseen spiritual leaders, and through them the people were made to follow blindly. It was required of the priests that they wash their hands and feet before going into the Tabernacle proper. If this command was not obeyed, death would follow immediately on the priest's entering into the Tabernacle. We may therefore say that they keyword of the Brazen Laver was "consecration." The Brazen Laver is the symbol of sanctification and consecration of the life to service. As Christ entered upon His three years' ministry through the baptismal waters, so the aspirant to service in the ancient Temple must sanctify himself in the sacred stream which flowed from the Molten Sea. And the Mystic Mason endeavoring to build the temple "without sound of hammer" and to serve therein must also consecrate and sanctify himself. Having mounted the first steps upon the path the aspirant stands in front of the veil which hangs before the Mystic Temple. Drawing this aside he [PAGE 129] enters into the East Room of the sanctuary, which was called the HOLY PLACE. No window or opening of any sort was provided in the Tabernacle to let in the light of day, but this room was never dark. Night and day it was brightly illuminated by burning lamps. Its furniture was symbolical of the methods whereby the aspirant may make SOUL GROWTH BY SERVICE. It consisted of three principal articles: the AL- TAR OF INCENSE, the TABLE OF SHEWBREAD, and the GOLDEN CANDLESTICK. The GOLDEN CANDLESTICK was placed on the south side of the Holy Place so as to be to the left of any person who stood in the middle of the room. It was made entirely of pure gold, and consisted of a shaft or principal stem, rising upright from a base, together with six branches. These branches started at three different points on the stem and curved upward in three partial circles of varying diameter, symbolizing the three periods of development (Saturn, Sun, and Moon Periods) which man went through before the Earth Period, which was not half spent. This latter period was signi- fied by the seventh light. Each of these seven branches terminated in a lamp, and these lamps were supplied with purest olive oil, which was made by a special process. The priests were required to take care that the Candle- stick was never without a light. Every day the lamps were examined, dressed, and supplied with oil so that they might burn perpetually. When the priest stood in the Center of the East Room of the Tabernacle, the Seven-branched Candlestick was ON HIS LEFT, toward the SOUTH. This was symbolical of the fact that the seven light-givers or planets which tread the mystic circle dance around the central orb, the sun, travel in the nar- row belt comprising eight degrees on either side of the sun's path, which is called the zodiac. "God is Light," and the "Seven Spirits before the Throne" are God's ministers; therefore THEY ARE MESSENGERS of light to hu- manity. They have guided us on the path of evolution. Furthermore, as the heavens are ablaze with light when the moon in its phases arrives at the "full" in the eastern part of the heavens, so also the East Room of the Tab- ernacle was filled with LIGHT, indicating VISIBLY the presence there of God and His seven Ministers, the STAR ANGELS. Among the chief articles in the East Room of the Temple is the TABLE OF SHEWBREAD. Upon this table there were two piles of shewbread, each contain- ing six loaves, and upon the top of each pile there was a little heap of frankincense. The aspirant who came to the Temple door "poor, naked, and blind" has since been brought to the light of the Seven-branched Candle- stick, obtaining a certain amount of cosmic knowledge, and THIS HE IS RE- QUIRED TO USE IN THE SERVICE OF HIS FELLOW MAN; the Table of Shewbread rep- resents this in symbol. The God-given grains of wheat in the twelve loaves represent the OPPORTU- NITIES FOR SOUL GROWTH given by God, which come to all through the twelve departments of life represented by the twelve houses of the horoscope, under the dominion of the twelve divine Hierarchies known through the signs of the [PAGE 130] zodiac. BUT IT IS THE TASK OF THE MYSTIC MASON, THE TRUE TEMPLE BUILDER, TO EMBRACE THESE OPPORTUNITIES, TO CULTIVATE AND NOURISH THEM SO THAT HE MAY REAP THEREFROM THE LIVING BREAD WHICH NURTURES THE SOUL. We do not, however, assimilate our physical food IN TOTO; there is a residue, a large proportion of ask, left after we have amalgamated the quin- tessence into our system. Similarly, the shewbread was not burned or con- sumed before the Lord, but two small heaps of frankincense were placed on the two stacks of shewbread, one on each pile. This was conceived to be the aroma thereof, and was later burned on the Altar of Incense. Likewise the soul substance of service gathered daily by the ardent Mystic Mason is thrown into the mill of retrospection at eventide when he retires to his couch and performs there this scientific exercise. Let the Mystic Mason take particular note, however, that the loaves of shewbread were not the musings of dreamers; they were not the product of speculation upon the nature of God of light. THEY WERE THE PRODUCT OF AC- TUAL TOIL, of orderly systematic work, and it behooves us to follow the path of actual service if we would garner treasure in heaven. Unless we really WORK and SERVE humanity, we shall have nothing to bring, no bread to "shew," at the Feast of the Full Moon; and at the mystic marriage of the higher to the lower self we shall find ourselves minus the radiant golden soul body, the mystic wedding garment, without which the union with Christ can never be consummated. At the ALTAR OF INSCENSE, inscense was offered before the Lord con- tinually, and the priest who stood before the altar ministering was at that time looking toward the Mercy Seat over the Ark, though it was impossible for him to see it because of the SECOND VEIL which was interposed between the first and second apartments of the Tabernacle, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. INCENSE symbolizes the extract, the aroma OF THE SERVICE we have rendered according to our opportunities; and just as the sacrificial animal upon the Brazen Altar represents the deeds of wrongdoing committed during the day, so the incense burned upon the Golden Altar, which is a sweet savor to the Lord, represents the virtuous deeds of our lives. In the westernmost end of the Tabernacle rested the "ARK OF THE COVENANT." It was a hollow receptacle containing the GOLDEN POT OF MANNA, AARON'S ROD THAT BUDDED, AND THE TABLES OF THE LAW WHICH WERE GIVEN TO MOSES. While this Ark of the Covenant remained in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, TWO SLAVES WERE ALWAYS WITHIN THE FOUR RINGS OF THE ARK so that it could be picked up instantly and moved, but when the Ark was finally taken to Solomon's Temple, the slaves were taken out. (II Chronicles 5:7-9) This is very important in its symbolical significance. Above the Ark hov- ered the Cherubim, and between them dwelt the uncreated glory of God. "There," said He to Moses, "I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the testimony." [PAGE 131] The glory of the Lord seen above the Mercy Seat was in the appearance of a cloud. The Lord said to Moses, "Speak unto Aaron thy brother that he come not at all times into the holy place within the veil before the mercy seat, which is upon the ark; that he die not: for I will appear in the cloud upon the mercy seat." This manifestation of the divine Presence was called the SHEKINAH GLORY. Out of this cloud the voice of God was heard with deep so- lemnity when He was consulted in behalf of the people. As the Cherubim and the Father Fire which hover above the Ark represent the divine Hierarchies which overshadow mankind during his pilgrimage through the wilderness of matter, so THE ARK WHICH IS FOUND THERE REPRESENTS MAN IN HIS HIGHEST DEVELOPMENT. When the aspirant stood at the eastern gate as a child of sin, THE LAW WAS WITHOUT AS A TASKMASTER to bring him to Christ. But when THROUGH SACRIFICE AND SERVICE he has finally arrived at the stage of evolution represented by the Ark in the western room of the Tabernacle, the TABLES OF THE LAW ARE WITHIN. He has then become emanci- pated from all outside interference with his actions; not that he would break any laws, but because HE WORKS WITH THEM. NOTES: *Occult science teaches that everything that has every happened has left behind it a picture in the Reflecting Ether, World of thought, and the World of Life Spirit (spiritual worlds which we do not contact through the five senses). Ability to read in these regions is a latent faculty possessed by all humanity and will eventually be acquired by everyone. The exercise of Retrospection consists of going over the events that have occurred during the day, beginning in the evening and tracing them back to the morning, and giving praise and blame to oneself where due. QUESTIONS ON LESSON NO. 5: 1. Describe the Brazen Laver as shown in the memory of nature and state its significance. 2. Name the three principal articles of furniture in the East Room. 3. Describe the Golden Candlestick and state its symbolical meaning. 4. What is the symbolical representation of the Table of Shewbread? 5. What is the value of retrospection exercise to the Mystic Mason? 6. Of what is incense the symbol? 7. What does Ark of the Covenant represent? [PAGE 132] "THE BIBLE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE WESTERN WORLD BY THE RECORDING ANGELS, WHO GIVE TO EACH AND ALL EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT." --Max Heindel LESSON NO. 6: THE TABERNACLE IN THE WILDERNESS (continued): REFERENCES: Genesis 6, 7, 8, 9; Exodus 3-14, 25-40; Hebrews 9, 10; John 6; II Corinthians 5. MANAS, MENSCH, MENS, or man is readily associated with the manna that came down from heaven. It is the HUMAN SPIRIT that descended from our Fa- ther above for a pilgrimage through matter, and the Golden Pot wherein it was kept symbolizes the golden aura of the soul body. Although the Bible story is not in strict accordance with the events, it gives the main facts of the mystic manna which feel from heaven. When we want to learn what is the nature of this so-called BREAD, we may turn to the sixth chapter of the Gospel of St. John, which relates how Christ fed the multitudes with LOAVES AND FISHES, symbolizing the mystic doctrine of the 2,000 years which He was then ushering in, for during that time the sun BY PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES has been passing through the signs of the fishes, Pisces, and the people have been taught to abstain at least one day during the week (Friday) and at a certain time of the year from the flesh- pots which belonged to Egypt or ancient Atlantis. They have been given the Piscean water at the temple door, and the Virginian Wafers at the communion table before the altar when they worshiped the Immaculate Virgin, represent- ing the celestial sign Virgo (which is opposite the sign Pisces). Christ also explained at that time in mystic but unmistakable language what that LIVING BREAD, or manna, was, namely, the Ego. This explanation will be found in verses 33 and 35, where we read: "For the bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven and giveth life unto the world. . .I am (EGO SUM) THE BREAD OF LIFE." This, then, is the symbol of the golden pot of manna which was found in the ark. This manna is the Ego which gives life to the organism that we behold in the physical world. It is hidden within the Ark of each human being, and the Golden Pot or soul body or "wedding garment" is also latent within every one. It is THE HOUSE NOT MADE WITH HANDS, eternal in the heavens, wherewith Paul longed to be clothed, as said in the Epistle to the Corinthians. (II Cor. 5) The wand of the magician, the holy spear of Parisfal, the chalice of the Grail King, and the budding ROD OF AARON are emblems of the divine creative force, which works wonders of such a nature that we call them miracles. Let is be clearly understood, however, that no one who has evolved to the point in evolution where by is symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant in the West [PAGE 133] Room of the Tabernacle ever uses this power for selfish ends. When Parisfal, the hero of the soul myth by that name, had witnessed the tempta- tion of Kundry and proved himself to be emancipated from the greatest sin of all, the sin of lust and unchastity, he recovered the sacred spear taken by the black magician, Klingsor, from the fallen and unchaste Grail King, Amfortas. Then for many years he traveled in the world, seeking again the Castle of the Grail, and he said, "Often was I sorely beset by enemies and tempted to use the spear in self defense, but I knew that THE SACRED SPEAR MUST NEVER BE USED TO HURT, ONLY TO HEAL." And that is the attitude of everyone who develops within him the budding Rod of Aaron. Though he may turn this spiritual faculty to good account in order to provide bread for a multitude, he would never think of turning a single stone to bread FOR HIMSELF that his hunger might be appeased. Though he were nailed to the cross to die, he would not free himself by spiritual power which he had readily exercised to save others from the grave. Though he were reviled every day of his life as a fraud or charlatan, he would never misuse his spiritual power to show a sign whereby the world might know without the shadow of a doubt that he was regenerate or heaven-born. This was the attitude of Christ Jesus, and it has been and is imitated by every- one who is a Christ-in-the-making. The Western Room of the Tabernacle was as dark as the heavens are at the time when the lesser light, the moon, is in the western portion of the sky at eventide with the sun; that is to say, at the new moon, which begins a new cycle in a new sign of the zodiac. In the westernmost part of this darkened sanctuary stood the Ark of the Covenant, with the Cherubim hovering above, and also the fiery SHEKINAH GLORY, out of which the Father of Light communed with His worshipers, but which to the physical vision was invisible and therefore dark. We do not usually realize that the whole word is afire, that fire is in the water, that it burns continually in plant, animal, and man; yes, there is nothing in the world which is not ensouled by fire. The reason why we do not perceive this more closely is that we cannot dissociate flame from fire. But as a matter of fact, FIRE bears the same relation to FLAME as SPIRIT does to the BODY. It is the unseen but potent power of manifestation. IN other words, the true fire is dark, invisible to the physical sight. IT IS ONLY CLOTHES IN FLAME WHEN CONSUMING PHYSICAL MATTER. Consider, for illus- tration, how fire leaps out of the flint when struck, and how a gas flame has the darkened core beneath the light giving portion; also how a wire may carry electricity and be perfectly cold, yet it will emit a flame under cer- tain conditions. At this point it may be expedient to mark the difference between the Tab- ernacle in the Wilderness, Solomon's Temple, and the later Temple built by Herod. There is a very vital difference. Both the MIRACULOUSLY ENKINDLED FIRE on the Brazan Altar in the eastern part of the Tabernacle and the in- visible SHEKINAH GLORY in the distant western part of the sanctuary were [PAGE 134] also present in Solomon's Temple. These were thus sanctuaries in a sense not equaled by the Temple built by Herod. The latter was, nevertheless, in a sense the most glorious of the three, for IT WAS GRACED BY THE BODILY PRESENCE OF OUR LORD, CHRIST JESUS, IN WHOM DWELT THE GODHEAD. Christ made the first self-sacrifice, thereby abrogating the sacrifice of animals, and finally at the consummation of His work in the visible world RENT THE VEIL and opened a way into the Holy of Holies, not only for the favored few, the priests and Levites, but that WHOSOEVER WILL may come and serve the Diety whom we know as our Father. Having fulfilled the law and the prophets Christ has done away with the OUTWARD sanctuary, and from henceforth the Al- tar of Burnt Offerings must be set up WITHIN the heart to atone for wrongdo- ing; the Golden Candlestick must be lighted WITHIN the heart to guide us upon our way, as the Christ WITHIN, the Shekinah Glory of the Father, must dwell WITHIN the sacred precincts of our own God consciousness. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews gives a description of the Tabernacle and much information about the customs used there which it would benefit the student to know. Among other things, note that he called the Tabernacle "a shadow of good things to come." There is in the ancient Mystery Temple a promise given which has not yet been fulfilled, a promise that holds good today just as well as upon the day it was given. If we visualize in our mind the arrangement of things inside the Tabernacle, we shall readily see the shadow of the Cross. Commencing at the easter gate there was the Latar of Burnt Offerings; a little farther along the path to the Tabernacle itself we find the LAVER OF CONSECRATION, the Molten Sea, in which the priests washed. Then upon entering the East Room of the Temple we find an article of furniture, the Golden Candlestick, at the extreme left, and the TABLE OF SHEWBREAD at the extreme right, the two forming a cross with the path we have been pursuing toward and within the Tabernacle. In the center of the second veil we find the ALTAR OF INSCENSE, which forms the center of the cross, while the Ark placed in the westernmost part of the West Room, the Holy of Holies, gives the short or upper limb of the cross. In this manner the symbol of spiritual unfoldment which is our particular ideal today was shadowed forth in the ancient Mystery Temple, and that consummation which is attained at the end of the cross, the achievement of getting the law WITHIN as it was within the Ark itself, is the one that we must all concern our- selves with at the present time. The light that shines over the Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies at the head of the cross, at the end of the path in this world, is a light or reflection from the invisible world into which the candidate seeks to enter when all the world has grown dark and black about him. Only when we have attained to that stage where we perceive the spiritual light that beckons us on, the light that floats over the Ark, only when we stand in the shadow of the cross, can we really know the meaning, the object, and the goal of life. At present we may take the opportunities which are offered and perform [PAGE 135] service more or less efficiently, but it is only when we have by that ser- vice evolved the spiritual light WITHIN ourselves, which is the SOUL BODY, and when we have thus gained admission to the West Room, called the Hall of Liberation, that we can really perceive and understand why we are in the world, and what we need in order to make ourselves properly useful. We may not remain, however, when access has been gained. The High Priest was only allowed to enter ONCE A YEAR; there was a very long interval of time between these glimpses of the real purpose of existence. In the times between, it was necessary for the High Priest to go out and function among his brethren, humanity, and serve them to the very best of his ability; also to sin, be- cause he was not yet perfect, and then re-enter the Holy of Holies after having made the proper amends for his sins. Similarly it is with ourselves at this day. We at times attain glimpses of the things that are in store for us and the things we must do to follow Christ to that place were He went. You remember that He said to His dis- ciples: "Ye cannot follow me now, but ye shall follow me later." (John 13:36) And so it is with us. We have to look again and again into the darkened temple, the Holy of Holies, before we are really fit to stay there, before we are really fitted to take the last step and leap to the summit of the cross, THE PLACE OF THE SKULL, that point in our heads where the spirit takes its departure when it finally leaves the body, or off and on as an In- visible Helper.* Golgotha is the ultimate of human attainment, and we must be prepared to enter the darkened room many times before we are fitted for the final climax. NOTES: *Occult science teaches that those who have by lives of purity and ser- vice built the "wedding garment," or soul body (of the two higher ethers of the vital body) may function in this vehicle in the spiritual realms, con- sciously or unconsciously, according to the stage of development. QUESTIONS ON LESSON NO. 6: 1. Explain the symbology of the Golden Pot of Manna, giving Bible references. 2. Explain the symbology of the budding Rod of Aaron. 3. What is the relation of the spirit to the body? 4. Explain the difference between the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, Solomon's Temple, and the Temple built by Herod? 5. What does the Shekinah Glory symbolize? 6. What was the work of Christ Jesus for humanity in connection with initiation? 7. Summarize your understanding of the symbology of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness? [PAGE 136] "THE BIBLE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE WESTERN WORLD BY THE RECORDING ANGELS, WHO GIVE TO EACH AND ALL EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT." --Max Heindel LESSON NO. 7: THE CREATION: REFERENCES: Genesis, Chapter 1. The opening sentence of Genesis is a very good example of what was stated in the first lesson about the interpretation of the Hebrew text, which may be changed by differently placing the vowels and dividing the words in an- other way. There are two well recognized methods of reading this sentence. One is: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"; the other is: "Out of every-existing essence (of space) the twofold energy formed the double heaven." Much has been said and written as to which of these two interpretations is correct. The difficulty is that people want something settled and definite. They take the stand that if a certain explanation is true, all others must be wrong. But, emphatically, this is not the way to get at truth, which is many-sided and multiplex. Each occult truth requires ex- amination from many different points of view; each viewpoint presents a cer- tain phase of truth, and all of them are necessary to get a complete, definite conception of whatever is under consideration. The very fact that this sentence and many others in the vestment of the Thorah can thus be made to yield many meanings, while confusing to the uninitiated, is illuminative to those who have the key, and the transcenden- tal wisdom of the wonderful Intelligences who inspired the Thorah is thereby shown. Had the vowels been inserted, and a division made into words, there would have been only one way of reading it and those grand and sublime mys- teries could not have been hidden therein. That would have been the proper method to pursue if the authors had meant to write an "open" book of God; but that was not their purpose. It was written solely for the initiated, and can be read understandingly by them only. It would have required much less skill to have written the book plainly than to have concealed its mean- ing. No pains are every spared, however, to bring the information, in due time, to those who are entitled to it, while withholding it from those who have not yet earned the right to possess it. Regarded by the light thrown upon the genesis and evolution of our sys- tem, it is plain that both renderings of the opening sentence of the Book of Genesis are necessary to an understanding of the subject. The first tells that there was a beginning of our evolution, in which the heavens were created; the other interpretation supplements the first statement by adding that the heavens and the earth were created out of the "ever-exisiting es- sence," not out of "nothing," as is jeeringly pointed out by the material- ist. The Cosmo Root-substance is gathered together and set in motion. The rings formed by the inertia of the revolving mass break away from the cen- tral part, forming planets, etc., as the modern scientist, with remarkable [PAGE 137] ingenuity, has reasoned out. Occult and modern science are in perfect har- mony as to the MODUS OPERANDI. There is nothing in these statements incon- sistent with the two theories, as will presently be shown. Occult science teaches that God instituted the process of formation and is constantly guid- ing the System in a definite path. The modern scientist, in reputation of what he calls a foolish idea, and to demonstrate that a God is not neces- sary, takes a basin of water and pours a little oil in it. The water and the oil represents space and fire-mist respectively. He now commences to turn the oil around with a needle, bringing it into the form of a sphere. This he explains represents the Central Sun. As he turns the oil ball faster and faster, it bulges out at the equator and throws off a ring, the ring breaks and the fragments coalesce, forming a smaller ball, which circles around the central mass as a planet circles around the Sun. Then he pityingly asks the occult scientist, "Do you not see how it is done? There is no need for your God, or any supernatural force." The occultist readily agrees that a Solar System may be formed in ap- proximately the manner illustrated. But he marvels greatly that a man pos- sessing the clear intuition enabling him to perceive with such accuracy the operation of Cosmic processes, and the intellect to conceive this brilliant demonstration of this monumental theory, should at the same time be quite unable to see that in his demonstration HE HIMSELF PLAYS THE PART OF GOD. His was the extraneous power that placed the oil in the water, where it would have remained inert and shapeless through all eternity had he not sup- plied the force that set it in motion, thereby causing it to shape itself into a representation of Sun and planets. His was the Though which designed the experiment, using the oil,, water, and force, thus illustrating in a splendid manner the Triune God working in Cosmic substance to form a Solar System. The attributes of God are Will, Wisdom, and Activity. The scientist has WILL to make the experiment. He has ingenuity to supply ways and means for the demonstration. This ingenuity corresponds to WISDOM, the second at- tribute of God. He has also the muscular force necessary to perform the ac- tion, corresponding to ACTIVITY, which is the third attribute of God. Further, the universe is not a vast perpetual-motion machine, which, when once set going, keeps on without any internal cause or guiding force. That also is proven but he experiment of the scientist, for the moment he ceases to turn the oil-ball the orderly motion of his miniature planets also ceases and all return to a shapeless mass of oil floating on the water. In a cor- responding manner, the universe would at once dissolve into "thin space" if God for one moment ceased to exert His all-embracing care and energizing ac- tivity. The second interpretation of Genesis is marvelously exact in its descrip- tion of a twofold formative energy. It does not specifically state that God is Triune. The reader's knowledge of that fact is taken for granted. It states the exact truth when it says that only two forces are active in the formation of a universe. [PAGE 138] When the first aspect of the Triune God manifests as the Will to create. It arouses the second aspect (which is Wisdom) to design a plan for the future universe. This first manifestation of Force is Imagination. After this primal force of Imagination has conceived the Idea of a universe, the third aspect (which is Activity), working in Cosmic substance, produces mo- tion. This is the second manifestation of Force. Motion alone, however, is not sufficient. To form a system of worlds, it must be ORDERLY motion. Wisdom is therefore necessary to guide Motion in an intelligent manner to produce definite results. Thus we find the opening sentence of the Book of Genesis tells us that in the beginning, orderly, rhythmic motion, in Cosmic Root-substance, formed the universe. The second interpretation of the opening sentence also gives us a fuller idea of God when it speaks of the "twofold energy," pointing to the positive and negative phases of the One Spirit of God in manifestation. In harmony with the teaching of occult science, God is represented as a composite Be- ing. This is accentuated in the remaining verses of the chapter. In addition to the creative Hierarchies which worked voluntarily in our evolution, there are seven others which belong to our evolution, and are co-workers with God in the formation of the universe. In the first chapter of Genesis these Hierarchies are called "Elohim." The name signifies a host of dual or double-sexed Beings. The first part of the word is "Eloh" which is a feminine noun, the letter "h" indicating the gender. If a single feminine Being were meant, the word "Eloh" would have been used. The feminine plural is "oth"," so if the intention had been to indicate a number of Gods of the feminine gender, the correct work to use would have been "Elooth." Instead of either of those forms, however, we find the masculine plural ending "im," added to the feminine noun. "Eloh," indicating a host of male-female. double-sexed Beings, expressions of the dual, positive-negative creative energy. The plurality of Creators is again implied in the latter part of the chapter, where these words are ascribed to the Elohim: "Let US make man in OUR image;" after which it is inconsistently added. "HE made them male and female." The translators have here rendered the puzzling word "Elohim" (which was decidedly not only a plural word but also BOTH masculine and feminine) as being the equivalent of the singular, sexless word "God." Yet could they have done differently, even had they known? They were forbidden to disturb existing ideas. It was not truth an any price, but peace at any price that King James desired, his sole anxiety being to avoid any contraversey that might create a disturbance in his kingdom. The plural "them" is also used where the creation of man is mentioned, clearly indicating that the refer- ence is to the creation of ADM, the human species, and not Adam, the indi- vidual. Six creative Hierarchies (besides the Lords of Flame, the Cherubim, the [PAGE 139] Seraphim, and two unnamed Hierarchies which have passed into liberation) were active in assisting the virgin spirits which in themselves form a sev- enth Hierarchy.* The Cherubim and the Seraphim had nothing to do with the creation of Form; therefore they are not mentioned in the chapter under consideration, which deals principally with the Form-side of Creation. Here we find men- tioned only the seven creative Hierarchies which did the actual work of bringing man to where he acquired a dense physical form, through which the indwelling spirit could work. After a description of each part of the work of Creation it is said, "and Elohim saw that it was good." This is said seven times, the last time being on the sixth day, when the human form had been created. It is stated that on the seventh day "Elohim rested." This is all in ac- cord with our occult teaching of the part taken by each of the creative Hi- erarchies in the work of evolution down to the present Period. It is also taught that in the present Epoch the Gods and creative Hierarchies have withdrawn from active participation, that man may work out his own salva- tion, leaving the necessary guidance of ordinary humanity to the "Elder Brothers who are now the mediators between man and the Gods. NOTES: *Occult science teaches that in the beginning of a Day of Manifestation a certain Great Being (designated in the Western World by the name of God, but by other names in other parts of the earth) limits Himself to a certain por- tion of space, in which He elects to create a Solar System for the evolution of added self-consciousness. He includes in His own Being hosts of glorious Hierarchies of, to us, im- measurable spiritual power and splendor. They are the fruitage of past manifestations of this same Being and also other Intelligences, in descend- ing degrees of development down to such as have not reached a stage of con- sciousness as high as our present humanity. At the beginning of our science of manifestation there were twelve great Hierarchies active: two nameless, Seraphim, Cherubim, Lords of Flame, Lords of Wisdom, Lords of Individuality, Lords of Form, Lords of Mind, Archangels, Angels, and the Virgin Spirits. QUESTIONS ON LESSON NO. 7: 1. For whom was the Bible originally written? 2. State the two methods of reading the opening sentence of Genesis. 3. Explain the first method or interpretation. 4. Explain the second interpretation. 5. State in one concise sentence what the opening sentence of Genesis tells us. 6. What is the meaning of the term "Elohim"? 7. What is meant by the statement that "on the seventh day the Elohim rested"? Continued with file "RC4009.TXT" End of File


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