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Filename: RC4002.TXT ROSICRUCIAN CHRISTIANITY PHILOSOPHY COURSE: [PAGE 31] LESSON NO. 13: THE CREATIVE POWER OF THOUGHT: When the ego first entered into possession of its vehicles in the Lemurian Epoch, it possessed neither brain nor a larynx. To supply this deficiency, one-half of the creative sex force, which formerly had been used solely for propagation, was then turned upward for the purpose of building these organs through which thought and reason might be produced and thought might be communicated to others. Thus we see that thought is creative, because it was derived through the instrumentality of the creative force. Likewise, the voice is creative; that is, the spoken word has the power to create for the same reason, namely, that it had its origin in the creative force. From this it may be deduced that if the creative sex force is conserved, we shall have a correspondingly greater amount of power available for the pro- cesses of reasoning, and our minds will become much more forceful than in the case of the person who wastes the creative force. However, this force must be used up in constructive mental or physical work or transmuted in the service of the race, otherwise it will cause trouble. If emrely bottled up, it will eventually produce mental, emotional, or nervous disturbances and ailments. Thinking is a very complicated process, which involves not only the use of the physical brain but also the etheric brain, the desire body, and the mind or mental body. The process is as follows: We as egos function in that part of the Region of Abstract Thought which we have specialized within our auras. From here we observe the impressions made by the outer world upon the vital body through our chain of vehicles and their faculties which we call our senses. These impressions, together with the feelings and emotions gen- erated by them within the desire body, are then imaged within the mind. From these mental images we form our conclusions regarding the things observed; these conclusions are ideas. By power of will, we as egos project an idea through the mind, where it takes concrete shape as a thought-form by drawing mind stuff around itself from the Region of Concrete Thought. Thought is the power we use in making images and thought-forms, according to ideas from within. The thought-form then ordinarily clothes itself in desire stuff ob- tained from the desire body, which gives it added life. This composite thought form is then able to act upon the etheric brain and propel the vital force through the necessary brain centers and nerves to the voluntary muscles which produce action. Thus thought is the mainspring of human activity. The effect of thoughts of fear and worry upon the desire body is very de- trimental to the development of the soul. Worry is a condition in which the desire currents do not sweep in long curved lines as they do under normal conditions, but which causes this vehicle to be full of eddies--nothing but eddies in extreme cases. This latter condition often prevents the person from taking any action which might correct the condition which is causing him to worry and fret. It may be likened to the state of water which is a- bout to congeal under a lowering temperature. Fear which expresses itself as skepticism, cynicism, and pessimism may be likened to that same water when it is frozen, for the desire bodies of people habitually harboring these [PAGE 32] thoughts are almost motionless, and nothing one can do or say seems to have the power to alter their condition. Every time one of these thoughts is indulged in, it helps to congeal the material of the desire body, and to build a steel-blue shell, in which the person who habitually fosters fear and worry will some time find himself shut off from the love, sympathy, and help of all the world. Therefore it is important that we should strive to be cheerful and optimistic, even under adverse circumstances, or we may find ourselves in a serious condition here and hereafter. The subconscious mind is a very important factor in man's development. With every breath which we take, the air we inspire carries with it an ac- curate detailed picture of our surroundings. The slightest thought, feeling, or emotion is transmitted to the lungs, where it is injected into the blood. The blood is the highest product of the vital body. The pictures it con- tains are impressed upon the negative atoms of the vital body to serve as arbiters of man's destiny in the post-mortem state. If a person creates a thought form, whether of a constructive or destructive nature, and projects it out into the world, when its work has been accomplished, or its energy expended in vain attempts to achieve its object, it gravitates back to its creator, bearing with it the indelible record of the journey. Its success or failure is imprinted on the negative atoms of the reflecting ether, and forms part of the record of the thinker's life and action which is some- times called the subconscious mind. Thought breaks down tissue in the dense body, and it is well known to science that negative, destructive thoughts such as those of fear, anger, sex, and sensuality break down the power of resistance of the body and thereby lay it open to disease. The person of a jovial good nature, or one who is devoutly religious and has faith and trust in divine providence, does not often create negative thoughts, and as a result he has greater vitality and better health than those who worry. Through thoughts of love, benevolence, and kindness we call out similar qualities in others, and attract people to us who have these qualities. This subtle and potent thought power may also be used in healing the sick. Moreover, it is through abstract thought that man is enabled to lift himself above the material world and come into contact with God. If we think thoughts of optimism, of kindness, of benevolence, of help- fulness and service, then these thoughts gradually color our atmosphere in a manner which is accurately expressive of all these qualities and virtues. And as our bodies are built by the ego or spirit, they become an expression of our mental attitudes; our thoughts react upon our physical bodies, also upon our environment, bringing to us health and material well-being. This illustrates the creative power of thought. it is merely one way of proving the truth of the saying of Christ, that if we seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all other things will be added. Please study the preceding lesson carefully; then without consulting it answer fully but concisely the following questions, and send the answers to us. Upon receipt of them we will send you the next lesson. QUESTIONS: 1] How was the power of thought obtained by man? 2] What is the result of conserving the creative sex force, and why? 3] Describe the technical process of thinking. 4] What are the effects of fear and worry upon the desire body? 5] What are the effects of fear and anger upon the physical body? 6] How are the records of the subconscious mind made? 7] How do thoughts of optimism, benevolence and service react upon our environment? [PAGE 33] THE WORK OF THE ASPIRANT TO THE HIGHER LIFE: LESSON NO. 14: There are no special gifts bestowed upon anyone. All may know for them- selves the truth concerning the pilgrimage of the spirit through matter, its method and its object. There is a method whereby this valuable knowledge may be acquired and by which, if persistently followed, God-like powers may be developed. The ego has several instruments: a dense body, a vital body, a desire body, and a mind. These are the tools of the spirit, and upon their quality and condition depends how much or how little can be accomplished in its work of getting experience in each life. The archetypes of these vehicles are build before each earth life. The vehicles themselves are good, bad, or in- different according to what we have learned through past experience in the building of them. As one works with these wonderful tools, they improve and grow in power and efficiency. The time required to achieve positive spiritual development varies with each individual and depends upon his application, his stage in evolution, and his ripe destiny to be liquidated in any particular life. If one has become aroused from the usual lethargy and is anxious to progress, the ques- tion usually arises: "What must I do?" The answer is: Labor to protect your vehicles, and at the same time constantly employ them in the service of humanity. Work on the different bodies of man is carried on synchronously. One body cannot be influenced without affecting others, but the principal work in any particular life may be done on any one of them. The object of this work on the bodies is union with the Higher Self. Through the strictest attention to hygiene and diet the dense body is par- ticularly benefited. This also produces a slight effect on the vital and desire bodies. As purer and better materials are built into the dense body, its particles are enveloped in purer planetary ether and desire stuff. But if attention is paid to food and hygiene only, the vital and desire bodies may remain almost the same as they were, except that it is just a little easier for the person to get into contact with the invisible worlds that if the gross foods were used. Esoteric development does not commence until work on the vital body be- gins. The fundamental principle in building the vital body is repetition. It is therefore of the very highest importance that spiritual truths be given utterance again and again, in an endeavor to express the Christ love and altruism in everyday life. The Leaders of humanity, who desire to give us help by certain exercises, instituted prayer as a means of bringing the power of lofty thoughts to work upon the vital body. If we pray aright, we lift ourselves to God, thus working upon and purifying our vital bodies. Concentration is invaluable in helping to separate the two higher ethers of the vital body from the two lower, the former then constituting the soul [PAGE 34] body. This separation is necessary before the aspirant can travel or func- tion consciously on the higher planes. However, when prayer is inspired by a pure, unselfish devotion to high ideals, it is much more effective than cold concentration. Most people leave physical life with nearly the same temperament which they brought into it. But the aspirant must do more than this; he must sys- tematically conquer all attempts of the desire body to assume mastery. He must overcome with noble aspirations the selfish love which seeks the owner- ship of another, and subdue all desire for wealth, power, or fame arising from narrow, personal motives. A fit of temper may result in poisoning the whole system. Therefore the aspirant should cultivate an even temper amid the various annoyances of daily life. The mind is one of the most useful instruments of the spirit; but it is also very hard to control at man's present stage of development. A thor- ough, comprehensive study of the scheme of cosmic evolution is of immense value in mastering the mind. It trains the mind in abstract thought, and elevates it above the sordid things of concrete existence, thus helping the imagination to soar beyond the hampering toils of self-interest. The mind may become amenable to the dictates of the spirit within through the following exercises: concentration, meditation, observation, dis- crimination, contemplation, and finally adoration of the Supreme. The last is the highest step possible, whereby man unites himself with the source of all things, reaching by that act the highest goal possible of attainment un- til the time when permanent union takes place at the end of this Great Day of Manifestation. The keyword of the Rosicrucian method of spiritual development is ser- vice. Repetition of right thoughts, desires, feelings, and emotions ex- pressed through right actions (self-forgetting service) is the shortest, safest, and the most joyful road to God. Thus shall we come to a conscious realization of the unity of all life, the "fundamental unity of each with all." We can ultimately get from the universe only as much as we give to it. At the present time we are mainly debtors, not creditors. We can pay our debts to the universe and become eligible for promotion to higher states only by working to perfect our vehicles and by service to the race. Please study the preceding lesson carefully: then without consulting it answer fully but concisely the following questions, and sent the answers to us. Upon receipt of them we will send you the next lesson. 1. Name the vehicles of the spirit. 2. How may positive spiritual development be attained? 3. What is the nature of prayer, and how does it develop the finer vehicles? 4. Compare concentration with prayer. 5. What definite progress must the aspirant to the higher life make? 6. By what exercises may the mind be developed? 7. How may we pay our debts to the universe? [PAGE 35] LESSON NO. 15: THE MISSION OF CHRIST AND THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS: When the earth was yet a part of the sun, there was one common group spirit, composes of all the Creative Hierarchies which controlled the whole human family. But as it was intended that each body should be the temple and instrument of an indwelling spirit, it became necessary to have a divi- sion of rulership. Jehovah then came with his angels and archangels and made the first great division into races. Each race was put under a Race Spirit, and each group in the race was placed under a Tribal Spirit. Jehovah also appointed an angel to act as guardian for each ego until the individual spirit had grown strong enough to be safely emancipated from all outside influence. A number of archangels (sun spirits) were given to Jehovah as helpers in reflecting the spiritual impulses from the sun upon the humanity of the earth in the form of Jehovistic or race religions. All race religions were religions of law, and resulted in sin through disobedience of that law. This fundamental principle of a race religion is separation, inculcating self-seeking at the expense of other men and nations. If this principle were carried to its ultimate conclusion, it would necessarily have an in- creasingly destructive tendency, and finally frustrate evolution unless suc- ceeded by a more constructive religion. Therefore the separative religions of the Holy Spirit must give place to the unifying religion of the Son. This the reason why the intervention of the Christ became necessary. Un- der the regime of Jehovah unity was impossible. Therefore the Christ, who ordinarily functions in a vehicle composed of the unifying Life Spirit, en- tered into the dense body of Jesus. He appeared as a man among men and dwelt in a human body because only from within is it possible to conquer the race religion which influences man from without. The expression, "the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ," means that as the blood flowed on Calvary, it bore with it the great sun spirit, Christ, who by that means secured admission to the earth and since that moment has been its indwelling Planetary Spirit. He diffused His own desire body throughout the planet, thereby cleansing it from all the vile influences which had been created under the regime of the Race Spirit. Under the law all sinned as they had not evolved to where they could do right for love's sake. The de- sire nature had become so strong that it was an impossibility for them to altogether rule it, therefore their debts piled up to enormous proportions. Evolution would have been incalculable delayed and many lost to our life wave altogether if some help had not been given. Therefore did Christ come "to seek and to save that which was lost." He took away the sin of the world (not of the individual) by his cleansing blood, which gave Him en- trance to the earth and its humanity. He purified the earth's desire body, and we thus owe it to Him that we are able to gather for our desire bodies purer desire stuff than formerly. Christ is, therefore, in a very real sense the savior of the world as the [PAGE 36] Church maintains, for the reason that a large part of humanity had gone as far as they were able to go alone and were at the point of retrogression at the time when He came. Also the etheric rays of the Christ as indwelling Planetary Spirit, radiating outward constantly through man from the center of the earth and being absorbed by him, constitute the "inner urge" to higher endeavor, which is the chief factor at the present time in impelling man in his evolution. The forgiveness of sins through the instrumentality of the Christ as taught in the orthodox Christian religion is an actual fact. It may be brought about through true repentance and reform, which clear the seed atom in the heart of the records of past evil actions. When this seed atom is thus cleared, the pictures of these actions are dissolved and are not present after we pass out of the physical body in death to bring us suffer- ing in the purgatorial region. Such forgiveness of sins, however, does not do away with the necessity of making restitution to people whom we have wronged. This restitution may be made direct to the individual in question, or, when this is impossible, it may be made indirectly through service to others, that is, service to the universe. Christ is the chief factor in making possible for us the forgiveness of sins through the fact that He gives us the inner urge and desire toward re- pentance and reform, and also makes these processes easier through having furnished us with purer desire stuff for our desire bodies, as stated in the earlier part of this lesson. The help which Christ thus gives us day after day through this spiritual urge makes it possible for us to reform our char- acters and blot out our own sins. Christ thus becomes in a very real sense our personal savior, although he does not personally take away our indi- vidual sins. The help from Christ is given at the expense of much suffering to Him through the fact of His being confined in the cramping environment of the earth as indwelling Earth Spirit. Thus the "Vicarious Atonement" is an ac- tual fact, although its modus operandi is quite different from that de- scribed in church doctrine. The aid received from Christ, our Great Elder Brother, constitutes a cos- mic loan, so to speak. This is what the Rosicrucians mean by "grace." This loan, however, is not in the nature of a gift. It must be repaid, and the means whereby it is to be paid are service to others and also to the life waves which follow ours, namely the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. During the regime of Jehovah, Initiation was possible only to a chosen few whose vehicles had been specially prepared. The mission of Christ, in addition to saving the lost, was to make Initiation possible for all. Please study the preceding lesson carefully; then answer fully but con- cisely the following questions, and send the answers to us. Upon receipt of them we will send you the next lesson. 1. What is the object of evolution? 2. How did races come into existence, and what are some of their disadvantages? 3. Why was it necessary for Christ to come to earth? 4. What is meant by "the cleansing blood of Christ," and how does it purify mankind? 5. Why and how is Christ the Savior of the world? 6. What is the origin of the "inner urge" to spiritual endeavor? 7. How may sins be forgiven, and what part does Christ take in this process? 8. Are we under any obligations to Christ, and why? How may they be discharged? [PAGE 37] LESSON NO. 16: CORRECT DIET FOR THE ASPIRANT: That all oxen thrive on grass and all lions eat flesh, "while one man's meat is another man's poison," is an illustration of the influence of the group spirit as contrasted with that of the human ego, which latter makes the requirements of each human being differ more or less from those of oth- ers as regards kind and proportions of food. From an occult standpoint it is desirable for the ego to live as long as possible in each dense body, particularly after a start has been made toward living a spiritual life, and to retain as long as possible a body that has become to some extent amenable to the spirit's promptings. It is highly important that we partake only of such food and drink as will deposit the least amount of earthy substance in our tissues, also such as require the minimum of energy to assimilate, but which at the same time will keep the body in normal condition. It is aciomatic that the entire body is nourished by the blood, and that everything contained in the body, of whatever nature, has first been in the blood. Analysis shows that the blood holds earthy substances and that the arterial blood contains more earthy matter than the venous blood. This is highly important, for it shows that in every cycle the blood deposits earthy substances. It is, therefore, this common carrier which brings the material that chokes up the system. But its supply of earthy matter must be replenished, otherwise it could not continue to do this. The food and drink which nourish the body must thus be the primary source of the earthy matter which is deposited by the blood all through the system, causing decrepitude and finally death. To sustain physical life it is necessary that we eat and drink, but as there are many kinds of food and drink, it behooves the occult student in the light of the above facts to ascertain what kinds contain the smallest proportion of obstructive elements. As each human being is at a different stage of development, there can be no absolute rules given, the matter of diet being an individual one. On pages 450 and 451 of the "Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" is printed a table of food values which will aid the as- pirant in selecting the foods suited to his individual needs. Modern sci- ence has discovered that the so-called vitamines are of tremendous impor- tance in maintaining health and vitality. The vitamines are contained mainly in whole grain, leafy vegetables, fruit, and milk. The matter of chemical combinations is a complicated one, and one on which expert opinion differs widely. In general, it is necessary and best to experiment and study the matter out individually, using due discrimina- tion. The aspirant to the higher life should entirely avoid using flesh food if possible. No one who kills, or causes another to kill for him, can go very far along the path of holiness. Certain food products from animals, how- ever, such as milk, cheese, and butter may be used. Milk is a very impor- tant food for the occult student. It contains very little earthy matter and has an influence upon the body possessed by no other food. Buttermilk is valuable both as a food and a solvent of obstructive matter in the tissues. [PAGE 38] Fresh fruit contains water of the purest and best kind. Unfermented grape juice is a particularly wonderful solvent. It thins and stimulates the blood, opening the way into capillaries which are dried and choked up. Its use materially defers old age, that is, if the crystallizing process has not gone too far. The aspirant should use only soft of distilled water in- ternally. Boiling does not remove the carbonate and other compounds of lime from water. Water used both internally and externally is a great solvent of the crystallized earthy substances in the body. Proteid is the essential builder of cellular tissue but contains some earthy matter. Carbohydrates, including sugars, are the principal power producers. Fats are the producers of heat and the storehouse of reserve force. Of vegetables we digest about 83 percent of the proteid, 90 percent of the gat, and 95 percent of the carbohydrates. Of fruits we assimilate about 85 percent of the proteids, 90 per cent of the fat, and 90 percent of the carbohydrates. The brain is built of the same substances as are all other parts of the body, with the addition of a much larger amount of phosphorus that is found elsewhere in the body. The logical conclusion is that phosphorus is the particular element by which the ego is able to create and express thought and thereby influence the dense body. It is therefore important that the aspirant who is to use his body for mental and spiritual work should supply his brain with the special substance necessary for that purpose. Most veg- etables and fruits contain a certain amount of phosphorus, but the greater proportion is found in the leaves. It is found in considerable quantities in grapes, onions, sage, beans, cloves, pineapples, in the leaves and stalks of many vegetables, and in sugar-cane juice, but not in refined sugar. Temporary abstinence of food if kept within certain definite limits and not overdone, is of great value in clearing the system of the accumulated debris which may be choking it and interfering with the functions of the various organs. At the first sign of any disorder the omission of one or two meals is highly advisable. A fast of twenty-four hours occasionally is an excellent thing for most anybody, provided it is taken at a time when one is not doing severe mental or manual work which requires a great deal of en- ergy. Longer fasts may be taken under the direction of a competent health adviser. People who are physically negative should avoid much fasting, for it tends to increase their negativity. Overeating, in the final analysis, is probably the cause of two-thirds of all human ailments. The majority of people at the present time could with much profit reduce by one-third the amount of food eaten each day. Greater mental and physical efficiency and keenness would certainly result from it; also added years of life. The excessiveness use of starchy foods is to be particularly avoided. People past fifty years of age can in a vast number of cases live on two meals a day to much better advantage than on three. Please study the preceding lesson carefully; then without consulting it answer fully but concisely the following questions, and send the answers to us. Upon receipt of them we will send you the next lesson. 1. Why is long life desirable for the aspirant to the higher life? 2. How do the tissues of the body become choked up, and what is the result? How may this condition be overcome? 3. Of what should the diet of the occult student consist? 4. What substance is of particular aid to the ego in brain work, and from what articles may it be obtained? 5. Why is limited fasting beneficial, and how should it be regulated? 6. What are the facts about overeating? [PAGE 39] LESSON NO. 17: WHY WE SHOULD AVOID MEDIUMSHIP, HYPNOTISM, AND THE OUIJA BOARD: In the early development of humanity all were involuntarily clairvoyant. This was caused by the loose connection between the vital and dense bodies. Since then these bodies have become much more firmly interwoven in the ma- jority of people, but in all sensitives the connection is still loose. It is this looseness which constitutes the difference between the psychic and the ordinary person, the latter being unconscious of all but the vibrations perceived through the five senses. There are two classes of sensitiveness: those who have not yet become firmly enmeshed in matter, such as the lower races, and those who are in the vanguard of evolution. The latter are divisible into two grades: First, those who by their own will are unfolding the vibratory powers of the organs now connected with the voluntary nervous system and thus becoming voluntary trained clairvoyants or occultists; the sense centers of their desire bodies are spinning in a clockwise direction. Second, those who are developing in a passive, weak-willed manner. They reawaken the solar plexus or other or- gans connected with the involuntary nervous system, and develop a mirror-like picture of consciousness of the inner planes similar to that possessed by man in the Lemurian Epoch. The sense centers of their desire bodies are rotating in a counter-clockwise direction. Thus they become in- voluntary clairvoyants or mediums who have no control of the clairvoyant faculty. The second grade are often the prey of earthbound spirits, who constitute themselves "spirit guides" and develop their victims as "trance mediums"; or if the connection between the medium's dense and vital bodies is par- ticularly lax, they develop him into a "materializing medium". Spirits of a high ethical nature do not usually control a medium; it is rather the earthbound and low spirits who do this. There is no transforming power in death. The sinner does not become a saint nor the ignorant become wise of it. It is a pathetic sight to the trained clairvoyant to see the imposition practiced by unprincipaled spirit controls upon many sensitives. The wise spirit-control manipulates the organs of speech or other parts of the body from outside. But the inexperience spirit sometimes enters and takes possession of the body in such a manner that it cannot leave when it wishes. Then the go has lost its body, and its personality becomes entirely changes. Elementals, a class of subhuman spirits, frequently take posses- sion of the shells or discarded bodies of low human beings, and then act upon mediums as spirit controls. In spirit materialization the ether from the medium's vital body is drawn out through the spleen, and is used as the basis of materialization, attracting to itself particles of dust to make it visible. The medium's vitality is seriously depleted by this process, pro- ducing extreme exhaustion, and often causing the medium to resort to stimulants or drugs. Sometimes evil spirits pose for years as saints just to get possession of their victims. Usually they give out nothing but high-sounding platitudes and goody-goody nonsense of no value whatever. They delight in leading [PAGE 40] their dupes into trouble, after which they usually abandon them. Having controlled a medium during life, the control may oust him at death from the vehicles which contain his life experience and retain them for centuries, thus disastrously retarding that ego in his evolution. We would therefore voice a warning to all our students not to allow themselves to be guided or controlled by spirits whom they cannot see and about whom they know nothing. In the case of hypnotism, the hypnotist gains control of his victim by first requiring him to make himself perfectly negative or passive. The hyp- notist then proceeds to work upon the head of the subject's vital body, squeezing it down through the physical head so that it lies around the neck in thick rolls. The connection between the ego and the dense body is thus severed as in sleep. The physical head is now filled with ether from the hypnotist's vital body. Thus he obtains power over his subject, because through the connection thus established he can transmit commands and compel the hypnotized person to do his will. When a hypnotist has once established connection with his subject, he can maintain it as long as he desires, and the victim can be brought completely under his domination, independently of distance. Death alone will break the connection. It is highly inadvisable to attend spirit seances or hypnotic demonstrations, for there is danger that some low spirit there may attach itself to us and cause us much trouble. It is also inadvisable to burn incense, for when we inhale it, we inhale elemental spirits with it which tend to incite us to sensuality or negative practices. The ouija board and planchette furnish another method by which discarnate spirits or elementals may gain control of unsuspecting victims. In using these for amusement many a negative person has been gradually brought under control, first by having the hand and arm used and finally the entire per- sonality. Parents should never allow their children to use the ouija board as a plaything. There is a way by which all may protect themselves from external influ- ence and domination. When we live a life of purity and our days are filled with service to God and man, our thoughts and actions are of a pure and noble nature. We thus build up and make positive our finer vehicles so that no outside entity can effect an entrance to our aura or control us in any way. We also build the soul body, the two higher ethers, by this method, which constitutes a radiant spiritual force that no outside entity can pass. The object of the Rosicrucian method of development is to emancipate the pu- pil from dependence upon others and make him self-reliant in the very high- est degree. If we are the slaves or tools of hypnotists or of disembodied or elemental spirits, we cannot obey the God within nor listen to the dic- tates of the Higher Self. Please study the preceding lesson carefully; then without consulting it answer fully but concisely the following questions, and send the answers to us. Upon receipt of them we will send you the next lesson. 1. Name and describe the different classes of sensitives. 2. Explain the nature of "spirit controls"; how they operate, and the dangers in connection with them. 3. Of what does spirit materialization consist? 4. What is the usual nature of communications from "spirit guides"? 5. What is the great danger to the medium after death? 6. Explain the process of hypnotizing. 7. Why should we not attend spirit seances or hypnotic demonstrations nor burn incense? 8. What is the danger of using the ouija board? 9. What is the advantage of the Rosicrucian method of spiritual development? [PAGE 41] THE EVOLUTION OF RELIGION: LESSON NO. 18: Man in his religions have evolved side by side and in equal degree. The earliest religion of any race is found to be as savage as the people gov- erned by it and as they become more civilized, their religions become more and more humane and in harmony with higher ideals. The law for the body may be the survival of the fittest, but the law for the evolution of the spirit demands sacrifice. It is evident that whatever urges man to a higher stan- dard of conduct toward his fellow men must come from within. That such a force exists, even though often not understood, no one will deny. Selfish- ness is being slowly but surely replaced by altruism. In the breast of ev- ery human being the Christ force of altruism works as a leaven. It will gradually transform the savage into the civilized man, and in time change the latter into a god. The steps by which man climbs up to God are four in number. First, with- out his consciousness he was worked upon by the high Beings who guided his early evolution. Then he was placed under the rulership of divine messen- gers of kings whom he could see and whose commands he was required to obey. Next he was taught to reverse the commands of a God whom he could not see. Finally he must learn to rise above commands, become a law unto himself, and by conquering himself live in harmony with the laws of nature, which are the laws of God. The race religion was the first religion to be developed. This was given to man by the Race God or Race Spirit. It inculcated a certain degree of unselfishness by requiring sacrifices, in return for which, however, the Race Spirit became the protector and preserver of its people. Judaism, Tao- ism, Confucianism, and the like are race religions. The Race Spirits are archangels who are working out one phase of their evolution in this manner. The race religions are religions of separativeness, and all inculcate self-seeking at the expense of other races, because at this stage humanity can best learn its lessons through separateness. Patriotism is the cardinal principle of the Race Spirit. But if the "fundamental unity of each with all" and an era of love are ever to be realized, race religions have to be replaced by one more universal, such as the Christian religion. There were several religions previous to Christianity which taught Re- birth and the Law of Consequences, but with the advent of Christ it was no longer conducive to man's advancement that he should know the doctrine of rebirth. Therefore we find that the Christian religion as publicly taught does not embody it, although Christ taught it to His disciples. Man was destined to master the material world, therefore it was necessary that he should forget for a time the knowledge of rebirth which prevails in the East, and think of the life he is now living as the only earth life, so that he might concentrate all his efforts upon material advancement. From an occult point of view, missionary, whether from the East to West or vice versa, is in the main not desirable, because it is contrary to the trend of evolution. Missionary work promotes the interests of civilization [PAGE 42] and culture to a certain degree through the exchange of ideas and methods between different races, but from the standpoint of religion alone it ac- complishes very little. In general, when an ego is ready for an advanced religion, he will be reborn in a country where this religion prevails. The great Leaders of humanity who are in charge of our development give us every aid necessary. There are excellent reasons why the Bible, containing both the Jewish and Christian doctrines, should have been given to the West. It was the Supreme Wisdom which gave us this double religion, and no other system of the present day is suitable to our peculiar needs. As a class of spirits evolves, it advances from race to race. Evolution progresses from east to west. We of the Western nations at one time inhab- ited Hindu bodies. Later we left those bodies and built in turn the bodies of the succeeding races. During this process we have sensitized our ve- hicles to a very high degree, and the western race body is vibrating at a much higher rate than the Hindu body. Therefore the breathing exercises which the Hindu uses to raise his vibrations are disastrous to the Western aspirant. They cause a premature separation of the ethers, which is often followed by consumption or insanity. Modern science has been a great aid in mastering the material world, and has its legitimate place as an educator of the human race. But when it di- vorces itself from religion and becomes entirely materialistic, it is tempo- rarily a menace to humanity. There was a time when religion, art, and sci- ence were united and taught in the Mystery temples, even as late as the time of ancient Greece. But as this is the place of separateness and specializa- tion, they have been purposely separated for a time. In due time all three will be united again, and then we shall get perfect satisfaction through the heart, the intellect, and the senses. The heart will enjoy the devotional, ceremonial aspect of religion, the intellect will be satisfied by its scien- tific aspect, and the aesthetic side of the nature will be provided for by the various arts employed in the temple service of the future. When man has spiritualized his being under the influence of the future scientific and artistic religion, he will have learned self-control and be- come unselfishly helpful to his fellow beings. He will then be a safe guardian of THOUGHT POWER. He will be able to form accurate IDEAS, which will be immediately fit to crystallize into useful THINGS. This will be ac- complished by means of the larynx, which will speak the CREATIVE WORD. All things in nature were originally spoken into existence by this WORD (John 1:1-3). Sound, or spoken thought, will be our next force in manifestation, a force that will make us God-men when through our present schooling we have fitted ourselves to use such an enormous power for the good of all, regard- less of self-interest. Please study the preceding lesson carefully; then answer fully but con- cisely the following questions, and send the answers to us. 1. What are the steps by which man may rise to Godhood, and what are the various stages in the development of religion? 2. Who are the Race Spirits, and what is the nature of race religions? 3. How does Christianity differ from the race religions? 4. Why was the doctrine of rebirth not publicly given out by Christ? 5. Why is missionary work, in the main, not well advised? 6. What are the dangers of Eastern breathing exercises? 7. What will be the nature of the future religion? 8. What power will man eventually possess, and what may he do with it? [PAGE 43] LESSON NO. 19: THE SCIENCE OF DYING: The term "death" refers only to the form. The spirit is deathless. Also birth and death are relative terms: what we call death is in reality a birth into the spiritual world, and what we call birth is temporarily dying to the spiritual world. When we have exhausted the possibilities of any particular life, it be- comes necessary to pass on to higher spheres through the medium of the mis- takenly dreaded process of dying. In the heart there is located what is known as the seed atom of the physical body. This seed atom is spoken of in Rosicrucian parlance as "The Book of God," because all the experiences of our past lives are inscribed upon it. This particular atom is permanent, and it will be taken with us through all our future existences, forming the basis of our individuality throughout all eternity. Death is brought about by the rupturing of the connection between this seed atom and the heart, af- ter which the forces inherent in the seen atom together with the higher ve- hicles, namely, the vital body, the desire body, and the mind pass out through the top of the head. A connection, however, is maintained with the body by the silver cord for a period of about three and one-half days. The silver cord is threefold, one segment consisting of ether, one of desire stuff, and one of mind stuff, these segments being attached to the seed at- oms of the corresponding bodies. The breaking of the connection between the dense seed atom and the heart causes the heart to stop beating, but the body is not yet dead, nor does it become so until the silver cord is broken. At this stage a very important process is carried on, namely, the review of the panorama of the past life and the etching into the desire body of the pictures contained in this panorama. During life the reflecting ether of the vital body acts in the capacity of a sensitive place, upon which are re- corded all the thoughts, emotions, incidents, and surroundings of the life. The ether which is inspired with the breath carries these pictures, and through the medium of the blood they are impressed upon the vital body. They constitute the basis of the post-mortem experiences. During a period of approximately three and one-half days after death the ego is engaged in concentrating upon this panorama, unrolled before it in reverse order; that is, the incidents in the last part of life appear first in the panorama. If the concentration is clear-cut and not interfered with by noise or disturbance of any kind, the etching is deep and clear, and in the post-mortem life the ego will be able to assimilate the full spiritual value of the life just completed. If, however, the ego is disturbed by emo- tion, the weeping and wailing of relatives, or strife such as that of a battle field, its concentration is destroyed, and the experiences of the past life are etched very lightly or not at all into the desire body. The result is that the past life is practically lost; namely, the spiritual qualities which normally should have been gained by it. We should therefore [PAGE 44] be very careful to surround the person who has just died with quiet condi- tions so that this panoramic retrospection may not be interfered with, as upon it depends the development of conscience and the incentive to right ac- tion for use in succeeding lives. Another process which takes place simultaneously is the separation of the ethers. The two higher ethers, namely, the reflecting and light ethers, spoken of in the Rosicrucian philosophy as the soul body, separate at this time from the two lower, namely, the chemical and life ethers. They adhere to the higher vehicles and proceed with them through the higher worlds, act- ing as the basis of consciousness in those worlds, while the lower ethers remain with the body and disintegrate with it. If there is disturbance around the body during the life retrospection period, this cleavage between the ethers does not take place properly. Administering stimulants to the dying is ill advised. It is productive of considerable pain to the ego. The stimulants force the higher vehicles back into the body with a jerk and keep the person dying for hours and days when he might otherwise pass out with comparatively little distress. When it is clear that life cannot be prolonged beyond a few hours or days such stimulants should not be given. After death the body should be placed in an ice pack for a period of not less than three and one-half days. Embalming should be avoided, because it interferes with the panoramic retrospection. Likewise cremation should be avoided during this period, because the ego is still in connection with the body through the silver cord, and to a certain limited extent feels pain as a result of any mutilation of the body. Premature cremation dissipates the ethers and destroys the panoramic record which they contain. After this pe- riod of three and one-half days, however, cremation is advised, because it disintegrates the physical body and the two lower ethers with their residual magnetism, thus liberating the ego into the superphysical worlds at once. In the case of burial the magnetism of the body and the lower ethers holds the go earthbound for a varying length of time, usually until decomposition has reached an advanced stage or been completed. This results in retarding the ego for years in some cases. If we know the facts about dying as determined by occult science, and utilize our knowledge, we may be of great service to those of our friends and acquaintances who pass over before us. Likewise, we may leave instruc- tions so that when the time comes for us to slip our moorings, we shall have the same service performed for us. Please study the preceding lesson carefully; then without consulting it answer fully but concisely the following questions, and send the answers to us. Upon receipt of them we will send you the next lesson. 1. What is the real nature of death? 2. Describe the seed atom in the heart. What part does it play when we finally leave the body? 3. Describe the silver cord. 4. What is the life panorama, and how made? What function does it perform, and how is it preserved? 5. What conditions should be maintained around a person who has passed out, and why? 6. Describe the separation of ethers. 7. How should the body be cared for after the ego has left it? Continued with file "RC4003.TXT" End of File


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