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Filename: RC3004.TXT Source: "The Bible: Wonder Book of the Ages" by Corinne Heline [PAGE 70] When the Sun is in Aquarius, the Christ Force centers His activities in the etheric realm. He pours His love and blessings upon both Angels and the disembodied souls of earth's humanity who are living and serving in these realms. Here also is a portion of the heavenly homeland of children who have died in childhood; and here they are taught and accompanied by Angels. Such child-spirits do not live in the etheric realms at all times, for their real place is in the higher regions of the Soul World, or astral realm, but at special times they are brought by their angelic instructors down into the higher ethers where they can learn the joys of nature and the fairy folk. Also in the etheric realm are found the initiatory Temples which, in ancient times, also existed in physical form. As humanity lost the inner light they were removed from our plane of manifestation and continued to exist solely at the etheric level. Hence they have become today generally the subject of legend and poetry. Now, however, the time is approaching for their re-externalization. In the meantime, to the illumined disciple the etheric Temples are accessible, and appear as substantial in their realm as physical structures are on this plane. One such Temple, the most beautiful of all to Christians, is located above the city of Jerusalem. Closely associated with the work there conducted, and in all similar inner-plane Temples, are the Angels. They are free to enter such sanctuaries at will, and it is their joy to serve in the holy places belonging to the children of earth. It is said that a Guardian Angel hovers above the chair of each Knight who sits at the Round Table in King Arthur's Temple. This is a legend, but profound spiritual truths are concealed in legends, and especially in the Grail legends of the Middle Ages. The Grail Temple is really a part of the Christian Mystery School. The deeper meaning of spiritual legends is veiled by poets and artists, who relate them to the manners and customs of the period in which they first appear. There is no mystery in Christianity more profound than that of the Holy Grail, for it belongs to the story of the Last Supper and has reference to deep cosmic truths that Christ imparted to His disciples at that time, and especially to John, the Beloved Disciple, who "rested upon His bosom." Through the ministry of the Hierarchies of Capricorn, the disciple learns to minister as an Invisible Helper to persons still living in the physical world. As the Path of Holiness passes through Aquarius the work is enlarged. Here the disciple learns, under the guidance of Angels, to work with beings who inhabit the inner realms. [PAGE 71] The qualified disciple who has followed the Christ thus far is able now to enter CONSCIOUSLY into the etheric realms. There he observes the varied and beautiful ministries performed by Angels for the benefit not only of humanity but of all the kingdoms of earth. Many of Nature's secrets are revealed to him then through the activities of the nature spirits or fairy folk. Thus he finds himself in an enchanted world, a tenuous world, wherein fairy lore has its origin; for the realm of the higher ethers is veritably fairyland. Many an inspired writer or mystic has woven fantasies about the wonders of this region. Adelightful example is Maeterlink's BLUE BIRD, which, though a child's fantasy depicts truly the nature and characteristics of the etheric realm. When the Sun passes through Aquarius, the Christ Glory is already rising up out of the earth, preparatory to His Easter Liberation. During March, with the Sun passing through Pisces, which is the sign of sorrow and suffering, the Christian Church enters upon the Lenten sacrifices, and participation in the Christ suffering on Golgotha. Pisces is the sign of Crucifixion, the sign of the Messiah. The Crucifixion of the Cosmic Christ begins when the Sun is in Libra at the autumn equinox, when the Glory descends into the "hades" of the planet earth. The commemorative observances of the Christian world at Easter, when the Sun turns upward toward the summer solstice, is not His Crucifixion but His cosmic Resurrection. The earth planet is then aware of a certain void, a spiritual emptiness, as the Cosmic Glory departs. This is the source of the mingling of sadness and joy in the Eastertide of the spring equinox. [PAGE 72] THE CHRIST MYSTERY IN THE HEAVENS: As a disciple travels THE PATH OF HOLINESS that leads into the spiritual realms, the experiences encountered become ever more wonderful and transformed. At these supernal levels of existence there is no veil separating those living on earth from those inhabiting the inner planes of light. From the superphysical world here too may be witnessed and understood the actions of human souls during the period between death on the physical plane and rebirth into incarnation, together with those of Angels and the yet higher kingdoms of light. Here too, it is that one cane observe the workings of nature spirits and note how their activities underlie what science refers to as the laws of nature. Here on every Easter morning, amid triumphant hosannas of Angels and Archangles, the Christ, following His release from the annual incarnation in the earth, appears in radiant glory. In the Temple of the Christian Mysteries the glorious Easter processional is formed around His luminous presence, not as a mere spectacle but as a medium by which to transmit a transcendent power upon all of those who have been found worthy to be numbered among His sanctified company. The mystic Christian commemorates Easter not only as an historical event but as an annual spiritual occurrence. In the course of the solar year after His descent into the heart of the earth at Christmas time He arises again with ever recurring Eastertide to reascend to the throne of the Father into the high heavens for restoration of His powers before again returning to the physical sphere at the time of the Autumn Equinox. It was at the time of His crucifixion that the Christ left the body of Jesus, in which He had functioned for a three-year ministry among men, and transferred His Spirit into the planetary body itself to henceforth be its Regent. There is a profound significance in the words He spoke to His Disciples after the Resurrection: "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." When the human race succumbed to the seduction of Lucifer spirits the atomic rhythm of man's physical body was changed so the spinal spirit fire was attuned to the Luciferic forces and received the impress of these fiery Beings. It is the mission of the Christ to counteract this condition by [PAGE 73] substituting His rhythm and impress for that of the Lucifers--for the Christ also, as an Archangel is a Fire Being. When this has been accomplished, the atomic vibration of man's body will make it immune to disease and death. Individuals of the New Age bear within themselves the glorious image of the Christ. The Hierarchy of Aries contains an archetypal pattern of man as he was created "in the image and likeness of God." This pattern will be increasingly manifested in the New Age. The six constellations above the equator contain these patterns in miniature, so to speak, and the Hierarchies of these southern constellations work with mankind to bring these patterns to fulfillment here on earth. For example, the Hierarchy of Aries holds this perfect pattern of the new Christed man. Libra, the sign opposite Aries and the home of the Lords of Individuality, steps down this cosmic pattern of Aries and is aiding man in bringing about its manifestations. Such is the knowledge which has motivated the great teachers of the world to help mankind bring the divine pattern into manifestation on this plane. The work is arduous. But down through the ages those brave souls who have been strong enough to follow the Path of Holiness into spiritual realms have returned aflame with what they beheld of a "new heaven and a new earth" inhabited by a Christed humanity. They know, as the Christ knew, that "the Word was God" indeed. As the Sun passes through Taurus during the month of May, the Christ force ascends higher and higher into earth's spiritual aura. The disciple who is walking the Path of Holiness follows in the wake of the ascending Christ Light and enters a sphere where he finds himself inwardly harmonized and strengthened by the creative power of music. Celestial Beings who inhabit this realm speak a musical language. Their every motion emanates music. They mold and fashion all manner of forms through the medium of musical tones. In this realm all growing things are nurtured by the power of music, while the various flower colors are produced by variations in tone. Music is assuredly the supreme creative power of this lofty realm. The constellation of Taurus is the home of cosmic patterns for all that exists on earth. These patterns are shadowed forth by its opposite sign, Scorpio, home of the Lords of From. This Hierarchy teaches form building throughout the physical plane; and from the constellation Taurus sounds forth the mystery tone God used in creation, that creative Word by which "all things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made." This is the biblical keynote of Taurus. [PAGE 74] The Lords of Taurus hold the cosmic pattern of a most wonderful organ destined to become a part of the future human body. This new organ, resembling a golden rose, will be located in the throat, and will be the center through which the creative word will be projected by the New Age man. By its power generation will become regeneration, and man will be able to mold a substance into whatever he desires. In the realm where Taurean powers are most active an illumined one can behold a vision of this perfection and meditate upon it. He perceives the glorious development awaiting him in the future and realizes literally the meaning of the Psalmist's words: "Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour." When the Sun ascends toward its northernmost point in the sky in June it transits the sign Gemini, the constellation that sets a dual impress upon the human body-temple. It governs the dualities of the body: lungs, shoulders, arms and hands in particular. It also holds the cosmic pattern of the perfected androgyne in whom the masculine and feminine potencies are in equilibrium. Such is the attainment of Initiates of the Greater Christ Mysteries. This attainment brings immunity from disease and old age. And since consciousness remains unbroken whether such be in or out of the flesh, death as we know it is never experienced by them because their consciousness is centered in immortality without interruption. The archangelic life has reached the status where it functions in perfectly polarized bodies. This is not true of the less evolved angelic and human kingdoms. It is, therefore, possible for members of these kingdoms to descend from their high estate into lower forms of expression. The fall of Angels is recorded biblically in the account of the war in heaven, when Lucifer and his followers were expelled therefrom, and the Fall of man occurred, according to the Genesis account, when Adam and Eve (infant humanity) lost the Garden of Eden. Redemption from these falls required a higher power than was available to either of these life waves. It had to come from the archangelic level. And so it did. The Lord Christ, the most highly evolved of the Archangels, became the teacher and redeemer of both the fallen Angels and humanity. This is one of the most profound truths associated with the mystery of the Christos. The pattern of the perfect androgyne was projected by the Hierarchy of Gemini into its opposite sign, Sagittarius. The Hierarchy of Sagittarius (Lords of Mind) gives this enlightening teaching to earth's most advanced pioneers. After the coming of the Christ, further development of the human mind passed from the guidance of Scorpio to that of Sagittarius. Considering [PAGE 75] the wonders of the mind, its creative powers and its ability to encircle the globe in an instant of time and to contemplate the vastness of cosmic space-- even though at present only a fraction of it is active, we get a faint glimpse of the transcendent glory of the Sagittarian Hierarchy whose lowest vehicle, corresponding to man's physical body, is composed of mental substance. It also indicates the sublime powers awaiting man when he attains like development. For an awakened soul, the supreme purpose of cultivating the mind is that it shall become Christed. As yet this is the attainment of but few only. The majority are steeped in the materialism of the concrete mind, which is focused mainly on worldly pursuits and interests of the separate self. So long as such concerns claim man's attention there will be a lack of spiritual perception and scant realization of the realities pertaining to the inner world and universal mind. Nor will there be any continuity of consciousness and but little, if any, intimation of the experiences encountered in the spiritual world during intervals between earthly lives. The result of consciousness so veiled from spiritual realities is the materialism that conditions the world today. This, however, is but a temporary phase of mankind's evolution. As added light falls on the path of those who strive for holiness, realization of spiritual realities will become clearer and stronger. The insistent impulse of such aspirants to make themselves worthy to walk in the Way of Holiness will bring more and more light. The Sun in its annual transit through Cancer reaches the highest point of its northern ascension at the time of the Summer Solstice. Its physical radiation then attains to maximum in the northern hemisphere, so the days are longest and nights shortest. It is the high noon of the year, and its keynote is LIGHT. Cancer is the foremost feminine sign of the heavens. In harmony with this fact, the sign contains a small cluster of stars arranged to as to resemble a manger. From the heart of Cancer well up the waters of eternal life, in which are germinated seed-forms that animate all the kingdoms of earth. The Summer solstice occurs when the Sun enters Cancer (June 21st) and is also attuned to the principle of fecundity. It is in obedience to this active principle in nature that seeds burst forth into a cycle of manifestation. Light, freedom, joyousness are dominant qualities of the midsummer season. Accordingly many people particularly in Europe, observe this time of year with music, dancing and exuberant festivities. [PAGE 76] The Hierarchy of Cancer is known biblically as the Cherubim. It is the ministry of this Hierarchy to guard sacred places. They hover above the Holy of Holies. Through initiatory processes an aspirant is taught to build this Holy of Holies within Himself. The pot of golden manna within the Ark of the Covenant is a symbol of man's own individual Grail Cup and his own sacred life force. Humanity lost the Garden of Eden through misuse of this life force, since which the Cherubim have guarded the gates of Eden lest unregenerate humanity should find its way back prematurely. The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Disciples are alleged to have communed with the Cherubim after Pentecost, meaning that they had learned these sacred truths from this divine Hierarchy. As the Sun reaches its highest ascension the Christ Spirit ascends to the very throne of the Father. His activity is then focused at the very highest level of earth's planetary aura, where He brings added illumination and renewed blessings to the celestial Beings who inhabit this realm; also to souls who, in their spiritual progression between physical embodiments, have risen to this high plane. In harmony with this, it is also at the summer season that an illumined one who is following the Christ on the Path of Holiness rises in consciousness to this realm to commune with its celestial denizens and learn further about the nature forces. Here it is perceived how the elementals of air and earth, the sylphs and gnomes, work in autumn and winter with disintegrating and dying plant life. On this exalted plane one who pursues the Path of Holiness stands before the actual mystery of life itself. Only the pure in heart attain to this plane. Those whose hands are stained with blood can never lift the veil of this holy place. He who seeks to discover the secret of life will never find it until his hands and heart are chaste and clean. Only to such will come the realization of the oneness of all life. These are truths that belong particularly to the Heirarchy of Cancer, and they are not possible of direct transmission to the earthly plane. Therefore they are passed by the Cherubim to the Hierarchy of Capricorn, the sign opposite Cancer and home of the Archangels who, being of a lower hierarchial rank than the Cherubim and thus closer in consciousness to humanity, disseminate them to those of earth who are ready and willing to receive them. Hence, it was at a time when the forces of Capricorn permeated the earth that there descended into embodiment the Master Jesus, of the seed of David, who became the bearer of the Christ. It has been said that as the Sun transits the sign Cancer and Leo during [PAGE 77] July and August the Christ ascends to the throne of the Father where He bathes in the Father's transcendent glory. It is here that He renews and revitalizes Himself, attracting higher and more spiritual forces for continuing His earthly ministry when He returns to the realm of humanity at the Autumn Equinox. During His sojourn in the high heavens the earth planet, clairvoyantly observed, appears luminous with His radiations; and the observer comes into a profound realization of the meaning of His statement that "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." When the Sun is thus transiting Cancer and Leo, an illumined one who treads the Path of Holiness ascends to the highest spiritual realms of this planet and enters into a deeper consciousness of transcendent power. He begins to understand that love in its highest aspect is not passion or sentiment, but a phase of divinity itself. It was with such power of love that Peter was imbued. He himself referred to this power of love when he said to the lame man beside the gate of the Temple Beautiful: "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee...arise and walk." Again, it was this same power which so animated Paul that, despite all persecutions and imprisonment, he was able to utter those sublime words: "Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels and have not love, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal." When an aspirant reaches this degree of spiritual attainment the Christ is all in all to him. To serve as He served, and to love as He loved, becomes his highest aspiration. The biblical keynote of Leo is sounded in the words "Love is the fulfilling of the law." While the Sun is in Leo the Christ spirit is refreshed and renewed by the glories of the Father's kingdom. As the Lord Christ's highest attribute is sacrificial in nature, when the Sun passes into Virgo, sign of service, a cosmic urge moves Him to leave the realm of the Father and descend again to Earth, which He contacts as the Sun passes into Libra. THE PATH OF HOLINESS, following the Christ Ray, also leaves the spiritual region of Earth while the Sun passes through Virgo. Love being the keynote of Leo and service through purity that of Virgo, one who walks that part of the Path which traverses the higher vibratory planes of this sphere must have evolved purity as a power within himself. The quality of such power is not generally recognized, yet the Christ declared that only the pure in heart shall see God. In this connection the lines of Tennyson in SIR GALAHAD are descriptive. "My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure." This is the attribute that rendered Parsifal immune to the attack upon him [PAGE 78] by the evil Klingsor. The spear of hate which the black knight hurled at Parsifal was deflected from its course. In that same moment, and by the virtue of this power, Parsifal made the sign of the cross and brought complete collapse to Klingsor's castle of evil. While Virgo holds the secret of the Immaculate Conception, it is through its opposite sign, Pisces, that this gift was brought to earth and demonstrated by the supreme feminine Master, Mary of Bethlehem. It was under the Hierarchy of Sagittarius (Archangels) that Mary herself was immaculately conceived; and it was under the spiritual guardianship of the Hierarchy of Virgo that she was born into the physical world. A candidate who is worthy to touch the supernal realm of Virgo finds himself before the mystery of the Immaculate Conception and learns that this divine gift was not bestowed upon one individual only, but that Mary and Jesus were type patterns which humanity as a shole is destined to emulate. In this celestial abode those who are spiritually enlightened hear Angels chanting of the day when, in a new heaven and a new earth, the Immaculate Conception will be the heritage of the entire race. As previously stated, the Hierarchy of Taurus holds the cosmic pattern of form; the Hierarchy of Cancer, that of life; the Hierarchy of Virgo, the power by which life ensouls form. These three constellations, the Feminine Triangle of the heavens, minister to all kingdoms of life on earth. It should be noted that one who follows the PATH OF HOLINESS through the six zodiacal signs above the equator has reached that high place of illumination where he is found worthy to stand before the sublime mysteries of the four Greater Initiations. The disciple who tread this Path as it is outlined in the six signs below the equator is being prepared to receive the work of the nine Lesser Mysteries. [PAGE 79] THE COSMIC CHRIST AND THE PLANETARY CHRIST: The Bible is one of the great mystery books of all times. Few there are who realize its infinite depths. Christ said of the imperceptive multitudes: "Seeing, they may see and not perceive; hearing, they may hear, and not understand." (Mark 4:12) Of the mahy thousands of books that have been written about the life of Christ there are not more than two or three which mention the profoundest mystery concerning Him, namely, the Christ Mystery in the cosmos. Until our own time it was not, perhaps, essential that this Mystery be taught openly. Today we enter a Space Age, and it is the Cosmic Christ who will be the central figure of the religion of the incoming Aquarian Age. We who are privileged to begin here and now the study of those profound cosmic truths, preparing ourselves to be the pioneers of the Age so soon to dawn, must accept special responsibilities. These are the responsibilities of the New Age Disciple who is taught by the Risen Christ, or His emissaries. Therefore in tracing the Christ Path through the stars we shall endeavor at the same time to trace the pattern of New Age discipleship, the "Awakened One" who learns to walk in the same Path of Light in which the Christ walked, showing the Way to those who shall come after Him. The Christ Mystery is so sublime and so far-reaching in its import that it transcends any human definition. So profound are its meanings that they can never be plumbed nor expressed by mere words; they can be sensed only in th4e silence of spiritual contemplation. In the ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION, Max Heindel states that: "In the first chapter of John this Great Being is called God. From the Supreme Being emanates the Word, the Creative Fiat 'without whom was not anything made,' and this Word is the alone-begotten Son, born of His Father (the Supreme Being) before all worlds--but positively NOT Christ." Here Max Heindel is making a distinction between the Cosmic Christ Jesus in His planetary and historical aspects. "Grand and glorious as is Christ," he continues, "towering high above mere human nature, He is not this Exalted Being. Truly, 'the Word was made flesh,' but not in the limited sense of the flesh of one body, but the flesh [PAGE 80] of all that is, in this and millions of other solar systems." The Father channels the will principle; the Christ, the love-wisdom principle; the Holy Spirit, the activity principle. The last literally infuses forms with life. The Holy Spirit works with the life principle which is present in all creation; and is the guardian of the sacred force, the creative principle of God. Therefore, every living thing is under his guardianship. God creates and Christ formulates, while Holy Spirit activates form. The difference between the Christ of the Earth and the Cosmic Christ is best seen by an illustration. Imagine a lamp in the center of a large hollow sphere of polished metal. The lamp will send rays from itself to all points of the sphere, and will refelct lamps in all different places. So the Cosmic Christ-- the highest initiate of the Sun period--sends out rays. The sun of our planetary solar system is threefold. We can see the outside, the physical sun. Behind that, or hiding in that, is the spiritual sun whence comes the impulse of the Cosmic Christ Spirit. Outside the other two is something we call Vulcan, not a planet, that can be seen only as a half globe. In occultism we say that is the body of the Father. When we had developed so far that the Christ came here and incarnated on earth, then a ray of the cosmic Christ came here and incarnated in the body of our Elder Brother Jesus. After the sacrifice on Golgotha He drew Himself into the earth, and became its Indwelling Planetary Spirit. THE PLANETARY CHRIST: The planetary Christ is a glorious Archangel, supreme among the archangelic Host. The Hierarchy of Capricorn is the home of the Archangels; but during the period of His mission to this planet, Christ and His ministering Hosts make their home in the spiritual sheath of the Sun--for each heavenly body has a spiritual sheath extending far into space beyond its visible form. In the same way every human being has a spiritual extension beyond his physical vehicle. From the very beginning of civilization the most primitive religions paid homage to this Great Being Who dwells in the Sun. High priests of Mystery Temples taught their most advanced disciples the truth relative to this glorious Sun Being, and they looked forward to a time when He would descend to earth and become the world's Redeemer. Those who were clairvoyant could see the Solar Lord to whom they paid homage to this great Being Who dwells in the Sun, and then they knew that His human embodiment was imminent. From country to country, from prophet to master, from master to teacher, from teacher to [PAGE 81] disciple passed the glad tidings that the Blessed Lord, He who was to be the Saviour of the world, was close to earth. When we speak of a spiritual rising in inner space it is to be understood that "upward" and "inward" are virtually synonymous; yet at the same time, to the clairvoyant vision the Christ Glory does really have the appearance of "rising" upward to the Sun from the surface of the earth; for as the Divine Hermes of ancient Egypt said, "As it is above, so it is below." The Path of Discipleship also follows from the outward to the inward, which is also upward. Max Heindel likened this Path to a church steeple which becomes narrower and steeper until there is nothing left to cling to but the cross; a very apt analogy. The Christ said: "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me." The cross of renunciation, symbolized in the Lenten and Eastertide, must be accepted by every true disciple who endeavors to walk the Path of Holiness. His soul body can nenevr be built until he acquires mastery over himself, and is willing to forego the so-called pleasures of the sense world. The soul- powers attained by self-conquest enable the illumined one to exchange the cross for a crown. It is said that the constellation Pisces will be the home of the human race when all of its units have been perfected. Pisces is called the constellation of the human race, as Aquarius is that of the Angels. Those who follow the Christ to the ultimate high goal finish their cycles of mortal incarnation; they are free from the wheel of birth and death. They "go no more out," and it is then that they as spiritual beings, cluster among the stars of the constellation Pisces, in a manner of speaking. Their karmic debts are paid and all their earthly bonds are severed. Such are known as the Compassionate Ones, the Elder Brothers of the race who no longer need earth's lessons. They are free to pass into a glorious existence within the constellation Pisces. However, these great ones may return at will, and in obedience to the precept that he who loves most serves best, often they give up the blissful opportunities of that divine plane in order to serve the less advanced members of the human race who are still struggling in the toils of their self-made karma. Humility, obedience and service are the keynotes of their lives. Such renunciation is illustrated in the life of Mary of Bethlehem who, having learned all of earth's lessons and having been caught up to reign with the Angels, returned to this planet to teach humanity one of heaven's supreme [PAGE 82] mysteries, that of the Immaculate Conception. Knowing that she would be misunderstood, persecuted and reviled, yet she persisted, so that she might be to mankind an Exemplar so nearly divine that today, almost two thousand years later, it is still barely comprehended by a few and remains entirely unknown to the masses. Working under the law of service, she descended into mortality, saying, "Let it be according to thy word." Such a high state of spiritual attainment, builded upon sacrifice, humility of spirit, and perfect at-one- ment with the law of obedience, awaits perfected man. The aspirant who reflects seriously upon the meaning of the twelve zodiacal signs which comprise our immediate cosmos do well to correlate the Piscean meditation with the experiences of the immortal Twelve during the season just preceding Christ's annual "crucifixion." As Golgotha's pain and sorrow are swallowed up in the golden glory of Easter morn, the disciple who has overcome the personal self and who walks the Path of Holiness through Pisces to its very end, will find that he has exchanged his cross for the golden glory of a "wedding garment" in which to function, free and triumphant, with the Risen Christ. The history of mankind since Christ's Sacrifice on Golgotha may seem to have improved little; but this age is the age of Pisces, which as we have said is the sign of the balancing of the ledgers of karma. The debts which man owes to man and nation owes to nation are now being liquidated, and as this Old Age of Pisces disappears in time and the New Age of Aquarius takes its place, world-wide harmony will be achieved, with a world government of nations, dwelling in brotherhood and peace, for Aquarius is the sign of the Son of Man. The physical drops of blood which fell upon the Mount at the Crucifixion were not the true agents of earth's slavation. The fiery wings of light and power, which are the Christ's Glory, striking in and through the planet are the earth's forever Redeemer. The archangelic Light is truly His blood, and it is this which saves. Now each year as the radiant Christ Ray ascends once more from the earth's core, its passage upward is felt as a drawing force in Nature; and when it has reached a certain height its forces are focused anew in the desire world of the planet. The raging emotions of mankind are now the special field of His ministration and at Eastertide mankind senses that a great tranquility is pouring into his soul from some unknown source. By means of this power intensifying year by year, mankind is slowly but surely becoming a Christ in the manking. [PAGE 83] THE CYCLE OF THE YEAR WITH CHRIST: THE FIRST QUARTER: JANUARY--FEBRUARY--MARCH The cosmic resurrection occurs in March, when the Christ Spirit is liberated from the Earthly sphere and reenters the heavenly spheres. The Hierarchies of both Aries and Pisces then join with the Angels and Archangels in triumphant jubilation over this event. The rhythm of their comic hymn found earthly transcription in Handel's HALLELUJAH CHORUS. Pre-Christian ceremonials celebrating the return of spring and the victory of light over darkness were attuned to these same rhythms. The Spring Equinox is one of the high points of the year for a disciple. Its keynotes are the freedom and emancipation that leads to a larger life. Iyt is also the time when the cosmic Christ is freed from the terrestrial fetters that held Him in bondage during the winter months. Hence, it is the most propitious time for an advanced disciple to break the bonds that bind him and to enter the joyous freedom of the spirit. The Church observes the ecclesiastical Feast of the Annunciation in March when nature commemorates the cosmic Feast of the Annunciation, for there is an intimate relationship between man and nature. Nature is God in manifestation. Man is a god in the making. Therefore one reflects the other. The most sacred rituals observed by man are in attunement with the seasonal transitions. Poets sing in praise of the joyous spirit of spring, while nature's green-and-gold splendor gives evidence that returning life forces are responding in triumph to nature's resurrection impulse. An advanced follower of the Path understands that the time has come to merge the sorrow and tears of the personal life (Pisces) with the transforming fires of Aries. As he accomplishes this he joins the mighty chorusing which is echoed and re-echoed by Angels and Archangels: "The Christ is risen, for Christ has now risen within me." APRIL--MAY--JUNE: The ancient Persians termed the month of April as the month of Paradise, and the early Christian fathers declared that it was during this season of enchantment when the Sun entered Aries that God fashioned the planet Earth, [PAGE 84] and all that dwells therein. April is generally considered a resurrection month. When the Lord Christ makes His ascension the inner realms take on the appearance of a molten mass of shining gold. In the holy Grail legend, the Knights are told that on Good Friday a dove descends from heaven to replenish the water of life in the sacred Cup, and that they will be able to draw spiritual nourishment therefrom throughout the following year. So it is that the Risen Lord pours out His love and very Spirit to nourish every living thing upon this earth plane. Were it not for this annual replenishment, fields would be barren and the trees and vines would bear no fruit. In the light of this fact it can be seen that the Lord Christ uttered a profound and literal truth when He said to His Disciples at the Last Supper, "This (bread) is my body which is given for you:...This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you." One of the most beautiful feasts of the year is that of the Ascension, occurring about the time the Sun passes from Taurus (May) into Gemini (June). It is then that phalanx after phalanx of Celestial Beings kneel in adoration in the Christ's exalted presence, and the very stars unite in a symphony proclaiming His majesty and glory. During this holy feast His radiation permeates the earth with an effulgence past all describing, making bright both the physical and spiritual realms. As nature is in perfect accord with the up- winging Christ currents during the forty days between the resurrection and the ascension, the period is of such spiritual significance that it is an auspicious time for a disciple to awaken within himself the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience and other gifts of the spirit belonging to true discipleship. During the month of June the Christ becomes a channel for radiations sent forth by the Seraphim, the Hierarchy of Gemini. There the Christ contacts by means of the Holy Spirit, the third aspect of the Trinity. One of the keynotes of Gemini is ACTIVITY; it is also a keynote of the Holy Spirit. By means of this activity the Seraphim step down the mysteries of Holy Spirit to Gemini's opposite sign, Sagittarius, the Lords of Mind. Here they await man's develolment and illumination to the point where he is able to understand and apply the powers iof Holy Spirit in his daily life. As yet humanity in general is able to grasp but faintly the mysteries connected with the principle and powers of this third aspect of the Trinity. JULY--AUGUST--SEPTEMBER: As the Sun enters Cancer in the month of July, the Lord Christ ascends to [PAGE 85] His own home world, the World of Life Spirit, also designated as the Buddhic Plane. This is the realm where unity and harmony reign supreme; also, the sphere of consciousness that the early Christian disciples contacted on the Day of Pentecost. This is to be the attainment of advanced humanity at the end of the present Earth Period. Through the operation of the Cosmic Christ, it is here that the Son or Word principle and the second aspect of the Trinity, our Blessed Lord, contacts the Hierarchy of Cancer, the Cehrubim. These celestial Beings are guardians of all Holy places of heaven and earth; they hold the great mystery of life itself. Under the guidance of the Lord Christ tjhis sacred mystery is stepped down from Cancer to its opposite sign, Capricorn, and given in charge to the Archangels. For this reason World Saviours who come to earth proclaiming the mystery of the Holy Spirit are born under the sign of Capricorn. The observance known ecclesiastically as the Feast of St. John, the forerunner of the Christ, occurs during the Summer Solstice season. In July the soul of earth is steeped in sheer ecstasy. Heaven bends low while earth is lifted up. In the divine interchange of spiritual forces the Mystic Marriage between heaven and earth is consummated. For a four-day interval desire currents are stilled so the spiritual forces can become increasingly operative. The earth is then being literally flooded with the pure white light of spirit. The disciple that learns how to tune in with this mighty inflow will receive an undreamed of accession of spiritual awareness. As the Sun reaches the highest point in its northernmost ascension the Christ likewise ascends into the spiritual realm described biblically as the throne of the Father. This is known in Rosicrucian terminology as the World of Divine Spirit, the abode of the God of this solar system. God is Love and God is Light. LOVE and LIGHT are keynotes of the Hierarchy of Leo, the Lords of flame (Love). Under the supervision of the Lords of Flame, and united with the powers of the Father, the first aspect of the Trinity, the Lord Christ, works with the supreme power of love, the stabilizing force of the earth. Here He becomes the channel for that power whereby He rottates the earth on its axis and revolves it in its orbit around the Sun. This love power is stepped down by the Hierarchy of Leo to its opposite sign, Aquarius; hence, it will be the power animating the new Aquarian Age. In this season cosmic influences give greatest aid to the aspiring disicple to make love the dominant motivating force of his life. It is the time for embellishing his every word, thought and deed with this magic of the heart. The thirteenth chapter of II Corinthians, one of the soul's greatest love songs, is the perfect mantram for both meditation and emulation during the [PAGE 86] period that the Sun is transiting the royal sign of Leo. In September the Lord Christ turns from the glory of the highest heavens and begins His descent toward physical realms. Throughout this month the tender, yearning beauty of nature is like that of no other season, for the Christ is brooding over the earth with the gentle sorrow He flet as He wept over Jerusalem long ago. His tears were shed because He knew the long ages of pain and suffering through which humanity must pass, in having chosen darkness rather than light. His great heart grieved over the dark clouds that would encompass Jerusalem, the very heart of the planet to which He had dedicated Himself in service and upon which He was pouring out his great love. September is another month of preparation for a disciple. One of the keywords of Virgo is SACRIFICE. An earnest disciple, preparing himself by means of sacrifice and self-renunciation to take part in the coming winter feasts, meditates often upon the spiritual keynote of Virgo: "If any man desires to be first, the same shall be last of all, and the servant of all." OCTOBER--NOVEMBER--DECEMBER: When the Sun enteres Libra, which heralds the coming of October, the golden Christ force passes into earthly realms as this sublime Being begins anew His annual sacrifice, an event termed THE COSMIC CRUCIFIXION. To it St. Paul referred in Romans 8:22 "For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth together until now." As this season of the Autumn Equinox is a time for the disciple to renew his dedication to walk in the way of the Lord despite any vicissitudes and hindrances that may beset his path. During November the Christ spirit permeates the desire realm of earth. This is a propitious time for the disciple to work on the purification of his lower nature and thereby be more able to aid the Great Ones in their work of cleansing earth's astral envelope. A special effort is then to be made to become a more efficient conscious server on both the outer and the inner planes of life. In the early stages of human development the Hierarchy of Scorpio, which presides over the zodiacal month of November, assisted in awakening man's indwelling ego, and in so doing launching him on the road of individualization. During the present stage of human evolution a disciple working under the jurisdiction of the Lords of Individuality (Libra) and the Lords of From (Scorpio), is learning to translate assertiveness into humility [PAGE 87] and to sacrifice the personal "I" for the impersonal "we"; in other words, to actually lives the ideal of THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER. Advent Season extends through the month of December and is heralded as a Feast of Light. The spiritual impulses of the season prepare mankind for the downpouring of the heavenly forces accompanying the rebirth of the Cosmic Christ into our earthly sphere. This period is followed by the Winter Solstice season which extends from December 21st to the 24th andculminating on the day following, the 25th, in Christmas, the day most deeply revered in all Christendom. The festive observance of this holy season will never cease for aspirants until the Christ shall have been born within our own souls. To the degree that a disciple attains to this state will be the spiritual ecstasy experienced at this time, and the joy of ever increasing participation in the seasonal mingling of the earthly and the heavenly is felt at no other time of the year. End of File


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