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Filename: RC2020.TXT Source: "Astro-Diagnosis--A Guide To Healing" Max & Augusta Foss Heindel [PAGE 895] DIAGNOSIS FROM HOROSCOPES: NO. 1--A LESSON IN DIRECTING: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ BIRTH CHART NO.1: ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Aries 29 SUN: Aquarius 8:08 SATURN: Scorpio 0:10 ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Gemini 5 MOON: Aquarius 16:27 URANUS: Gemini 26:0 ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Cancer 10 MERCURY: Capricorn 13:44 NEPTUNE: Aries 6:05 ] [ ASCENDANT: Leo 10:31 VENUS: Pisces 22:34 DRAGON'S HEAD: ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Virgo 2 MARS: Gemini 4:28 Scorpio 4:40 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Virgo 27 JUPITER: Sagittarius 20:52 DRAGON'S TAIL: ] [ Taurus 4:40 ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Female, born January 27, 1865, 5:15 P.M. Instead of using this horoscope for the diagnosis of disease, we will use it to illustrate the art of directing, and judging the crisis and the dura- tion of the disease. [PAGE 896] We find the fixed sign of Leo on the Ascendant, with the cardinal signs of Aries and Libra on the 10th and 4th cusps respectively; the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio intercepted. In this horoscope we have two rulers; the ruler of the Ascendant, the sun, which is in the sign of its fall in Aquarius and near the cusp of the 7th house; and the dynamic Mars, which is the ruler of the 10th house, placed on the cusp of the 11th house in a critical degree of the sign of Gemini. Mars is sextile to Neptune in the 9th house and trine to the sun in the 6th house. Therefore we may look to the sun and Mars as having the greatest influence on the life of this woman. Now let us find the afflictions which were responsible for the sickness which overtook her. We find Jupiter, which has rule over the arterial blood, in its own sign of Sagittarius in the 5th house, square to Venus which rules the venous circulation, and which is exalted in the watery sign of Pisces in the 8th house. Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus in the sign of Gemini and the 11th house. Venus is also square to Uranus. Now what do these afflictions from the common signs indicate? We have had similar indi- cations in the horoscopes of those who were afflicted with tuberculosis of the lungs. Venus and Jupiter both so strong by sign and afflicted by Uranus, this last named planet being in Gemini, which has rule over the lungs, would naturally interfere with oxygenation, also giving a tendency to coughs and colds. [PAGE 897] On January 21, 1909, this woman contracted a heavy cold which culminated in double pneumonia. The adjusted calculation date (calculated as taught in "The Message of the Stars") is August 16, 1864. We will now progress the planets from August 16, 1908, which corresponds to their places in the ephemeris on March 12, 1865. By adding the distance which the principal planets move in 5 months, we find that in January 1909 the progressed sun was in 22:22 of Pisces; the moon was in 27:28 of Virgo; Mars was in 21 degrees of Gemini; Jupiter in 27:19 of Sagittarius; Venus in 7:50 of Taurus; Mercury in 17:16 of Pisces. Now to judge the kind of sickness we must see what aspects were made be- tween the progressed and radical planets bearing on the organic weakness of the lungs and poor circulation of the blood as shown in the radix. We first look for the afflictions of the planets in common signs, and find that the sun had progressed to the conjunction of the radical Venus in Pisces, which made a square to the radical Jupiter. Mars had progressed to the opposition of the radical Jupiter, and was square to the progressed sun. We also find that the progressed moon was square to the radical Uranus in the sign of Gemini, indicating the lungs. The above aspects of the progressed planets to the radical were a very severe affliction and especially since they were from the common signs. There are three points to be taken into consideration in reading a horo- scope; the radical chart is as the fact of the clock; the progressed planets [PAGE 898] are the hour hand; and the daily transits and the daily transits and the new and full moons may be compared to the minute hand which tells the exact time. The progressed aspects alone will not act; there must be an exciting factor. The transits act as the match that lights the fuse, and the tran- siting moon with its aspects and its lunations is the time marker. On January 21, 1909, we find that the moon was in conjunction with the sun, and this was a new moon in the sign of Aquarius in square aspect to the radical Saturn, which is in the fourth house in Scorpio. This lunation marked the day when the woman first contracted the cold which culminated in pneumonia. Saturn at birth is square to the radical sun, and the lunation naturally strengthened this affliction. This of itself would not have af- fected the lungs, but we find the progressed sun in conjunction with the radical Venus in the 8th house and in the watery sign of Pisces. Venus is the most adversely situated planet in the horoscope; it is in its exaltation in Pisces, but is afflicted by a square of Jupiter and Uranus at birth. The radical Jupiter is receiving assistance from the sextile of the moon, and Uranus has a trine from Saturn, which will ameliorate the evil of these two planets, but Venus is afflicted from both sides and without a single good aspect to offset the evil. We also find that Venus had progressed to 7-50 of Taurus in the tenth house and had reached a square of the radical sun. The double affliction of the sun, the effect of which is of a hot and in- flammatory nature, was in this case responsible for the inflammation which [PAGE 899] took place in the capillaries of the lungs. But the question may be asked, Why should this inflammation take place in the lungs? Why not in the throat or the feet where the afflicting planets are found? Mars, which is another hot and inflammatory planet had pro- gressed to 21:00 degrees of Gemini and was then squaring the radical Venus and progressed sun. Mars, therefore, was the focusing point of the disease. We have previously stated that the moon is the time marker of a disease and also marks the crisis. We therefore go to the beginning when the cold was contracted and watch when the moon came to a square to the place of the lunation, which was at midnight of Jan. 27, 1909, seven days later. Medical science counts its critical days by 7, 14, and 21. The moon has particular influence over man, and marks the time when recovery is apt to take place. Let us follow the transiting moon on her journey and see her influence. On the 25th she reached the conjunction of the radical Venus and progressed sun, also the opposition to the progressed moon, which was in 27-28 of Virgo. This did not bring any great change, but on the night of the 27th and the early morning of the 28th when the transiting moon reached the square of the preceding lunation, a conjunction with the Midheaven, the Dragon's Tail, and the progressed Venus, also an opposition to the radical Saturn, death was very close. At 1 A.M. of the 28th the woman passed out of [PAGE 900] the body. She was able to see herself lying on the bed, and was fully con- scious that death was near when the cries of the nurse who shook her brought her back to life. The length of an illness may be known by the signs in which the planets which caused the illness are found. If in fixed signs, the recovery is slow; in cardinal signs, the illness is very severe but quickly over. In all cases it is well to look to the radical aspects of Mars and the sun. If these planets are well situated and aspected as in the case of this woman, (Mars trine to the sun) and if fixed signs are on the angles it is an indi- cation that the patient will win out, where many under similar afflictions would go to the grave. [PAGE 901] THE EARS: NO. 1A.--EARS AND NERVES: Female, born June 1, 1884, 11: 45 A.M. "It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul." Well may Henley say that man is the captain of his soul. When we look at this horoscope, we read the message in the planets that this soul had pre- pared a wide gate for itself and that the Path should be smooth and full of sunshine, for we find twenty-four good and but eight evil aspects. This from an astrologer's point of view should bring good health and happiness. We find the common and earthy sign of Virgo on the Ascendant, with the moon and Uranus in conjunction in the first house, forming a sextile with Venus and a trine with Mercury, which latter is the ruler of the Ascendant and Midheaven; also a trine to the higher octave of Mercury, the mystical [PAGE 902] Neptune. This will give a degree of intellectuality. This woman should be attracted to the study of dietetics and interested in humanitarian work, for the humanitarian and advanced Uranus, which is so prominent in the first ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ BIRTH CHART NO. 1A: ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Gemini 8 SUN: Gemini 11:28 SATURN: Gemini 13:18 ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Cancer 13 MOON: Virgo 22:34 URANUS: Virgo 24:00 ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Leo 15 MERCURY: Taurus 22:51 NEPTUNE: Taurus 21:34 ] [ ASCENDANT: Virgo 11:58 VENUS: Cancer 22:17 ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Libra 5 MARS: Leo 28:23 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Scorpio 4 JUPITER: Leo 1:46 ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ house and in conjunction with the moon, is ruler of the sixth house which governs the common people, the laboring classes. The common and earthy sign of Virgo gives a tendency to drift along the path of least resistance. The people under this sign are not keen to battle with the tide but prefer to drift and are prone to become victims of their [PAGE 903] physical ailments. In the case of this woman we find Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, posited in Leo in the 12th house, that of self-undoing. When Mars is in the fixed and fiery sign of Leo, its influence for good or evil is much greater than elsewhere. We find in this case that Mars is the chief afflicter, being square and parallel to the life ruler, Mercury, and square to its higher octave, Neptune. But why should this affliction be considered important when there are so many good aspects to offset it? People with Mars in Leo may be likened to a keg of powder: they are apt to go off at any moment, especially when Mercury and its higher octave, Neptune, are square to Mars and in the fixed sign of Taurus. These aspects give an ungovernable temper and indicate one who would hold resentment. We find Venus, the planet ruling the appetite, the palate, and the plea- sures of the table, in the 11th house, friends, in the sign of Cancer, gov- erning the stomach. Venus is sextile to Mercury and Neptune, both of which are placed in the home of Venus, the sign ruling the throat, Taurus. Venus is also sextile to the moon, the ruler of Cancer, and to Uranus, the natural ruler of the 11th house. These aspects and positions indicate that this woman was blessed (or shall we in this case term it afflicted?) with many friends who invited her to many dinners, and she was ever ready to respond, for with the moon and Uranus in conjunction in the first house she was naturally of a restless nature and ready to go whenever an invitation [PAGE 904] arrived. A sextile between Venus in Cancer and the moon gives desire for rich pastries and sweets, consequently her stomach was much abused by ex- cesses. Also her nervous system was shattered by fits of anger. Thus the vagus or pneumogastric nerve was weakened. This cranial nerve, which has its origin in the fourth ventricle, plays a prominent part in the functions of the physical body. Its branches extend to the ear, throat, heart, lungs, and liver, and it surrounds the oesophagus, the tube through which the food passes after it leaves the mouth, with a network of little nerves. Its branches also surround a large part of the stomach. An excess of food which dilated and distended the stomach, brought about by the impacts of the moon and Uranus on the Ascen- dant, and the temper of Mars square Mercury undermined this poor woman's health so that she became a chronic invalid. The sun is in a common sign near the Midheaven and afflicted by a con- junction with Saturn in the Mercurial sign of Gemini. Mercury, the life ruler, has rule over the hearing. We naturally look to the place occupied by the strongest planet for the affliction. This woman was afflicted with deafness in both ears, for one branch of the vagus nerve rules the auricle of the ear. She also suffered from a constant pain under her right shoulder blade, indicating liver trouble, and she was abnormally nervous. Here we may see how man may be his own executioner as indicated in this horoscope. The ruler of the house of death, the eighth house, is afflicted [PAGE 905] in the house of self-undoing, the twelfth. The only remedy for a patient of this type is to eliminate all sweets and pastries, cut down the supply of food to one-half, and learn to be still, to relax. NO. 1B--THE EARS: This woman was born on June 22, 1881, at noon. We find the Venusian sign of Libra on the Ascendant and the sun on the cusp of the Midheaven. This is the most powerfully situated planet and therefore the life ruler. The sun is sextile to Mars. In "The Message of the Stars" we are told that a good aspect between these two fiery planets strengthens the constitution and makes the person able to perform hard tasks and produces a superabun- dance of vital energy. As the sun is accidentally dignified by being placed in the 10th house and on the cusp of the Midheaven, the native should have an abundance of will and energy to overcome almost any disease. This we will touch upon later. We find here a very strange combination of planets, a blending of benefics and malefics, all clustered in the 8th house and in the fixed sign [PAGE 906] of Taurus, ruling the region of the throat and neck. We find Mars in Taurus, the sign of Venus where he is in his detriment, in conjunction with Saturn; this strengthens the malefic tendencies of ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIRTH CHART NO. 1B ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Cancer 1 SUN: Cancer 1:08 SATURN: Taurus 9:13 ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Leo 6 MOON: Taurus 15:06 URANUS: Virgo 10:13 ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Virgo 6 MERCURY: Cancer 26:03 NEPTUNE: Taurus 15:42 ] [ ASCENDANT: Libra 0:47 VENUS: Taurus 17:21 ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Libra 25 MARS: Taurus 0:31 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Scorpio 25 JUPITER: Taurus 16:24 ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Mars. Some may question the conjunction of Mars 0-31 and Saturn 9-13 as we have heretofore given six degrees as the orb of the minor planets, but there are exceptions to this rule. Where we find a cluster of planets placed in a sign in which their evil tendencies are strong, especially when in a fixed [PAGE 907] and also a bestial sign, then the orbs of those planets are greater, their influence is stronger. Now, with Saturn's evil enhanced by the martial rays, Saturn will have a strong influence for evil when he is placed within orb of a conjunction with the moon and Neptune. We look for the physical trouble from the above four planets. These placed in Taurus, the sign ruling the neck, also the glands, nerves, and ar- teries within this region of the body which Saturn is afflicting, indicate atrophy or obstruction. Saturn's influence on Neptune and the moon would cause a contraction of the nerves. We find Jupiter and Venus also in con- junction with the moon and Neptune and therefore indirectly influenced by the orb of the afflicting Saturn. So we may conclude that this entire group of six planets situated in the fixed sign of Taurus and in the 8th house is under affliction. Jupiter rules the arterial blood, and Venus the venous blood. Neptune and the moon on account of the conjunction with Saturn may be termed malefic and will restrict the circulation in the carotid artery and interfere with the various tubes that carry air and fluid to the ear, for the moon also rules the white fluids or body oil. As a result of the restriction of the various fluids, the semi-circular canals of the inner ear are lacking in the liquid known as endolymph. This liquid acts upon the nerves that run to the three canals as the acid acts upon the copper plates in an electric battery. Where this endolymph is lacking, the equilibrium of the body is disturbed, [PAGE 908] and, as in the case of this young woman, people so afflicted can not walk without pitching forward. With the obstructed circulation of both arterial and venous blood, she has also suffered with spasmodic torticollis, the twisting of the cervical muscles. The square of Mercury to Mars would give this nervous contraction. The trouble developed in the fall of 1914 when the progressed moon had reached a conjunction with the radical Mercury, the transiting Uranus was in 8 degrees of Aquarius making a square to Saturn, and the transiting Saturn was in conjunction with the radical sun in the Midheaven. These transits excited the affliction of the progressed moon, and naturally the nervous system was disturbed. It has been said in our astrological diagnosis in the past that the con- junction of Saturn and Neptune in Scorpio or Taurus may cause malformation of the generative organs, and in "The Message of the Stars" a case was given proving this. The affliction of planets often works in squares and opposi- tions. In this case all the planets are in Taurus, which rules the larynx and throat and is the sign opposite to Scorpio, ruling the generative or- gans. Here we find the cause of a disturbance which to some extent helped to bring about the physical trouble. There was an abnormal and unnatural sex desire which, not finding expression, excited the flow of blood to the throat, and this being obstructed caused a disturbance. [PAGE 909] Now regarding the sextile of the sun and Mars and the trine of Uranus to the various afflicted planets in Taurus, were it not for these good aspects this young lady would not have grown to womanhood, for great trouble would have arisen during puberty. But the life-giving sun, so powerfully situated in the Midheaven, sextile to Mars, and also within orb of a sextile to Sat- urn, saved her much trouble during this period. If she could come under th care of an experienced osteopathic physician who understands proper manipulations, this together with a careful diet would enable her to overcome her physical afflictions. NO. 1C.--EARS, ABSCESSES IN FRONTAL BONE: Female, born December 30th, 1864, at 9:30 P.M. In this horoscope we will continue with afflictions found in cardinal signs. While they may be in different signs of the cardinal group, yet the effect is similar in all. In this lesson we have the horoscope of a woman with Virgo on the Ascen- dant and common signs on the angles. Two prominent planets, Uranus and Mars, are in or near the 10th house. While they are retrograde and not in conjunction, still they are parallel to each other and parallel to the sun. Mars being in conjunction with the midheaven, sextile to Neptune, and trine to the moon, gives great enthusiasm. Whatever this woman attempts to do is done under impulse and with great force. With Mars and Uranus so prominent and the sun in Capricorn she feels that she must rule at any cost. Should she be denied this privilege, she would become very resentful and revenge- ful. With Saturn in its sign of exaltation, Libra, square to Mercury in the Saturnian sign of Capricorn, we meet the vicious circle of the cardinal signs. The sun in Capricorn afflicted by a square of Neptune, both in car- dinal signs, together with the parallel of the nervous and excitable Uranus to the hot and inflammable Mars has caused a succession of abscesses in the [PAGE 910] frontal bone, resulting in partial deafness in both ears. Here we find the previously mentioned circle culminating in the ears. The writer has found numerous cases of partial deafness resulting from an afflicted Mercury in -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIRTH CHART NO. 1C ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Gemini 4 SUN: Capricorn 9:44 SATURN: Libra 29:03 ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Cancer 10 MOON: Aquarius 9:09 URANUS: Gemini 27:01 R ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Leo 12 MERCURY: Capricorn 25:20 R NEPTUNE: Aries 5:36 ] [ ASCENDANT: Virgo 8:33 VENUS: Aquarius 19:52 ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Libra 3 MARS: Gemini 1:44 R ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Scorpio 0 JUPITER: Sagittarius 15:7 ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Capricorn, conjunction, square, or opposition Saturn especially when Saturn was in a cardinal sign. It is not necessary, however, that these afflicted planets should cause deafness. The planets impel, they excite. But wisdom is ever a friend [PAGE 911] which saves; man has but to learn to know himself. If he would be as zeal- ous in understanding the functions of his own physical body as he is those of his radio or automobile, then when planetary afflictions became known to him and the symptoms appeared in the physical body, he would at once set to work to conquer them just as he would go about repairing the mechanism of his machine, oiling it, and cleaning it. For instance, if congestion were felt in the neck or ears, there would most likely be some discomfort experi- enced before any damage was done. Then a slight manipulation should be made about the ears and the frontal bone, up and down the jugular vein, th back of the neck, and wherever the fingers can find sore spots on and about the cranium. Frequently a towel wrung out of hot water will relax the re- stricted nerve centers in head and neck and regulate the blood flow to and from the brain. This will keep the congestion down, and all serious trouble may be avoided. [PAGE 912] THE EYES: NO. 2A.--EYE TROUBLE: Male, born March 21, 1847, between 1:00 and 2:00 A.M. We usually judge the appearance of the native by the ruler of the Ascen- dant and the planets on or near the Ascendant, also by the positions of the sun and moon and their aspects. In this case we find there are two rulers, Capricorn being intercepted in the 1st house. One of the rulers, the planet Jupiter, is in its detriment in the sign of Gemini, making a square aspect to the co-ruler Saturn, showing that these two planets are very active in affecting the personal appearance and also the personality. Saturn has a tendency to darken the eyes and hair and to make the body and the features small. This man has the physical appearance of a Capricornian, is thin-featured and small of body, and very nervous and restless. It is al- ways necessary to study the temperament of the patient in order to know how to deal with him, as it often gives a clue to the cause of disease and also [PAGE 913] helps to guide us in giving advice. We find that the man, Uranus, Mercury, and Venus are all in the martial and energetic sign of Aries, with the sun making a sextile to Jupiter and Mars. The last named planet is intercepted in the 1st house in the ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ BIRTH CHART NO. 2A ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Libra 22 SUN: Taurus 0:02 SATURN: Pisces 6:32 ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Scorpio 18 MOON: Taurus 29:50 URANUS: Aries 13:26 ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Sagitt. 9 MERCURY: Aries 15:21 NEPTUNE: ] [ ASCENDANT: Sagitt. 29:04 VENUS: Aries 22:47 Aquarius 29:12 ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Aquarius 7 MARS: Capricorn 27:34 DRAGON'S HEAD: ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Pisces 18 JUPITER: Gemini 10:18 Libra 20:01 ] [ DRAGON'S TAIL: ] [ Aries 20:01 ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ saturnine sign of Capricorn and is making a square to Venus and a trine to the moon. Mars thus placed in the first house gives a very materialistic state of mind. This man would sacrifice his health in the pursuance of [PAGE 914] success in worldly matters. He craves riches, and worries and becomes very restless when material matters do not prospect. This would in time, if con- tinued, undermine his health and cause him to suffer from nervous disease. Neptune in the sign of Aquarius in square aspect to the moon in the wor- risome and pessimistic sign of Taurus in the 5th house, the house of invest- ments, indicates that he expends much energy in speculation. It is plainly indicated that he has a tendency to become entangled with large corpora- tions. He wrote to Headquarters several times endeavoring to get us to ad- vise him regarding his speculations, but was told repeatedly that this was against our teachings. During the war he invested his all in a large corpo- ration which was building a submarine boat in which it hoped to interest the government; but the corporation did not succeed in this, and in consequence he lost heavily. We find that Saturn in the 2nd house in the watery sign of Pisces, square to Jupiter in Gemini; also the watery planet Neptune is in the last degree of Aquarius in the 2nd house, square to the watery moon in the 5th house and the second sign, Taurus, all indicating speculation and loss. Worry over financial loss aggravated the eye trouble from which he had suffered for a number of years. He has been an incessant reader and has put a heavy strain on his eyes. The mental disturbance over his financial loss weakened the nervous system, causing him to lose the sight of one eye. We find the moon in 29 degrees of Taurus conjunction the Pleiades and square to [PAGE 915] Neptune; Jupiter is in 10 degrees of Gemini in the 6th house, that of sick- ness, in opposition to the fixed star Antares, which is situated in 8 de- grees of Sagittarius; also Jupiter is making a square to the obstructing Saturn, all indicating eye trouble. We find Mars square to Venus and trine to the moon in Taurus. This man has in the past been fond of the "flesh pots of Egypt," and has gone to ex- cess in drink and good things to eat. The result is constipation and inter- nal hemorrhoids. We note that with Jupiter square to Saturn he has also suffered from obstructed arterial circulation. Due to the amount of food consumed in the past the poor body has been unable to bear the strain. At present he is fearing the loss of the second eye, which if he is not more careful in his diet and mode of living may be the case. This man would be a very hard patient to heal, as Mars in Capricorn near the Ascendant is a most stubborn influence; he will not take advice from anyone. It would take great persuasion and diplomacy to get him to follow the advice of the healer. [PAGE 916] NO. 2B--BX: THE EYES: The Rosicrucian method of healing is not only one of faith, but it is faith joined with common sense. We recognize disease, we acknowledge that it is caused by breaking the laws of nature. Sometimes there is lack of will. The horoscopes that we will herewith diagnose will show how one can overcome where another will succumb to almost the same astrological condi- tions. NO. 2B: Female, born December 1, 1862. Application for healing was made by this woman during the winter of 1918, to assist her during an operation for the removal of cataracts on both eyes. She had been under the care of the doctor for a number of months. He con- cluded that the cataracts had reached a stage where they could be removed with safety, but the woman felt that she desired the assistance of our In- visible Helpers during this trying period. She had previously heard of the wonderful success of our healers from friends who had been benefited. There were a number of good aspects in the horoscope, which always make for safety, especially Mars trine the sun, which gives great recuperative power. In looking for the afflictions we find Mercury opposition to the [PAGE 917] Pleiades in Taurus, and the sun and Venus conjoined to Antares. The Pleiades and Antares are fixed stars which have direct influence over the eyesight; especially is this true when they are afflicting the sun and Mer- cury. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ BIRTH CHART NO. 2B [FLAT CHART] ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Capricorn SUN: Sagitt. 9:05 SATURN: Libra 3:49 ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Aquarius MOON: Aries 15:47 URANUS: Gemini 19:07 R ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Pisces MERCURY: Scorpio 27:24 NEPTUNE: Aries 1:08 R ] [ ASCENDANT: Aries VENUS: Sagitt. 6:49 DRAGON'S HEAD: ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Taurus MARS: Aries 10:54 Sagitt. 16:22 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Gemini JUPITER: Libra 20:17 DRAGON'S TAIL: ] [ Gemini 16:22 ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Much of this woman's trouble is due to the afflictions which we find in the cardinal signs, Aries and Libra, the latter of which has rule over the kidneys. Jupiter is conjoined to the restricting Saturn which is strong in Libra, its sign of exaltation, and these two planets, namely, Jupiter and [PAGE 918] Saturn, are in opposition to Neptune in Aries, while Mars is also strong in Aries, being conjoined the moon. These are danger signals, showing that through wrong living (moon conjoined Mars stimulates the appetite) she has undermined her health by wrong choice of foods and by eating to excess. These practices have filled the kidneys with poisons, and when the kidneys suffer the eyes go wrong, for the eyesight is frequently impaired through the kidneys. However, cataracts are usually due to an excess of sweets, creams, and very rich foods, and the afflictions in Libra are prone to send these impurities to the eyes. But since Mars is in good aspect to the sun and Venus, and the sun and Venus are in conjunction, this woman has overcome the obstacles and been cured, passing successfully through the operation for removal of cataracts. NO. 2BX: Female, born April 9, 1851. The chart for this case is the same as 11B, page 279. We here give the outcome of this case in 1919, and earlier stage of which in 1915 is de- scribed in No. 11B. This is the case of a woman afflicted similarly to the one in No. 2B, but the reverse condition is found as regards the aspects of the planets. Noth- ing but adverse aspects exist with the exception of one, Mars trine to the [PAGE 919] moon. We find the sun, the life giver, in the sign Aries, restricted by a conjunction of Saturn and in opposition to Jupiter, ruling the arterial blood, placed in the sign Libra, ruling the kidneys. These three planets are also square to the moon in Cancer, the stomach. Here we find the kid- neys (the janitor), the stomach, (the cook), and the head of the home, Ar- ies, all afflicted, careless, and not doing their work. How can a home be kept clean and fit to live in if all the workers are on a strike? The dust will accumulate, an naturally the tenant will be very uncomfortable. We find the stove full of ashes; it will not burn, and the smoke is escaping through the doors and windows instead of through the chimney. In this horoscope we find the same indications as in No. 2B. The kidneys have not been eliminating properly, and an abundance of food has been con- sumed which has not been properly digested. Naturally the body has become overcharged with poisons, which must find an outlet. We again find that the weakest place is the head and eyes. When this woman called upon us she had been operated on by a doctor who claimed that it was necessary to remove both eyeballs as they had become diseased. The operation had already been performed upon one of them, which affected the sight of the other. The re- sult was that our healing was not successful. We were able, however, to help the patient greatly in the matter of her stomach trouble, it having seemed almost impossible for her to digest her food. But in her horoscope we find little encouragement. Mars evidently did not give the assistance [PAGE 920] necessary. Mercury, the sun and moon are all afflicted. The native had not the strength of will or mentality to assist nature in a cure of her blind- ness as we find Mercury square the moon and conjunction Saturn. In order to help such patients it is necessary first to remove the cause of the disease. We must advise them to live so that the kidneys will be pu- rified. An entire change of diet is necessary; tea, coffee, meat, and all starchy foods must be eliminated. Nine patients out of ten will respond to healing very quickly as soon as you give them a sane and rational diet. Teach them how to live, and the work of the Invisible Helpers will be greatly reinforced. NO. 2C.--THE EYES: Female, born June 13, 1873, 11:55 P.M. First we judge the mind, by the aspects and position of Mercury and the moon. We find that Mercury is in conjunction with the sun, but not so close as to be combust; therefore he is in a very good position. We also see that he is sextile to Jupiter and Neptune and trine to Mars. This gives the mind considerable energy and brightness and creates an optimistic nature. On the other hand we find the moon in conjunction with the planet of obstruction, Saturn, and square to Venus, which is a testimony in the opposite direction. Saturn is square to Neptune and Uranus is square to Mars. Thus all four malefics are afflicting one another, and there can never be any great cheer- fulness where this is the case unless the person can learn through phi- losophy or religion to seek a peace that is above earthly understanding. At the same time it must be understood that all the good aspects in the present case will help to give the native occasional periods of optimism and joy, which will break the periods of gloom and despondency. We find that there are common signs on the angles, which is a testimony of a flexible character, difficult to rouse from sickness or trouble into which the native may fall. The moon in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius, the sign which governs the ankles and lower parts of the limbs, is evidence [PAGE 921] of a poor circulation; and Uranus in Leo, the sign of the heart, in opposi- tion to the moon and Saturn shows that there is a fluttering of that -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIRTH CHART NO. 2C ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Sagitt. 22 SUN: Gemini 23:08 SATURN: Aquarius 1:52 R ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Capricorn 13 MOON: Aquarius 6:48 URANUS: Leo 3:38 ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Aquarius 7 MERCURY: Gemini 28:58 NEPTUNE: Aries 28:00 ] [ ASCENDANT: Pisces 14:34 VENUS: Taurus 12:32 ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Taurus 1 MARS: Libra 28:13 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Gemini 0 JUPITER: Leo 26:05 ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- organ. This condition is much aggravated by the aforementioned square of the four malefics. Saturn rules the pneumogastric nerve; if you count four degrees forward from the position of Neptune to make the exact square with Saturn, you will find that the point thus reached falls in Taurus, which governs the lower [PAGE 922] part of the head and the neck. This shows that there is pressure upon the pneumogastric nerve where it leaves the head. If this could be relieved by an osteopathic treatment, much good could be done for this person. On the other hand, the square of Saturn to Mars in the last degrees of Libra (which works also upon the first degrees of Scorpio), shows that there is trouble with the elimination of the urine, a restriction of account of scalding urine and bleeding piles, for Mars afflicted always causes heat and erup- tion. But the worst affliction in this person's life arises from the fact that Uranus is in the nebulous spot of the zodiac called Ascelli, which is cen- tered in Leo 6. Uranus being there an in opposition to Saturn and the moon causes blindness, which sad to say cannot be cured by any physical means, for the afflictions which come from the fixed signs usually indicate a des- tiny which we have made for ourselves in past lives and which is now "ripe." All that we can do for this person is to endeavor to make her as cheerful as possible under that affliction. With respect to the poor circulation and the faulty elimination of waste products a great deal can be done by osteopathic treatments and the proper kind of food. She should avoid all condiments and stimulating foods which heat the urine, and she should be taught to walk for exercise so as to strengthen the circulation in the body. There are many people who have been afflicted with blindness yet who have [PAGE 923] made their mark in the world. "WHAT MAN HAS DONE, MAN CAN DO." By con- stantly stimulating her to effort she may be roused from the lethargy indi- cated by the common signs on the angles so that she will cease to feel her condition as she does at the present time. NO. 2D.--EYE TROUBLE: Male, born February 11, 1918, 3:45 A.M. If the poor child whose horoscope we are about to diagnose had lived, he might well have said, "I could have been the master of my fate, but instead I have become a slave." Freedom of will depends upon the limitations which the soul has placed for itself in its former lives. It may have placed ob- stacles in its way by wrong use of knowledge or by breaking the laws of na- ture in some way. Man was made in the likeness of God and God gave him do- minion over the lower kingdoms. Therefore he has no one to interfere with his freedom of will; he is absolute master of his destiny. Now, if this is so, why do we find so many who are born with misshapen and deformed bodies or whose lives have been so unfortunate? Sometimes [PAGE 924] through accidents as wee babes they are made to suffer during the rest of their earth life. A cause set going in one life has its effect in another embodiment. If it were not so, if the law of cause and effect were not -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIRTH CHART NO. 2D ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Libra 18 SUN: Aquarius 21:51 SATURN: Leo 10:14 R ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Scorpio 14 MOON: Aquarius 21:03 URANUS: Aquarius 23:37 ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Sagitt. 4 MERCURY: Aquarius 1:25R NEPTUNE: Leo 5:16 R ] [ ASCENDANT: Sagitt. 21:06 VENUS: Aquarius 19:38 DRAGON'S HEAD: ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Capricorn 29 MARS: Libra 2:42 R Sagitt. 28:50 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Pisces 13 JUPITER: Gemini 1:54 ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- established beyond a doubt, would not God, whom we know is an all-loving Fa- ther, be very cruel and unjust? Could we love and worship such a tyrant? But He has made man a little lower than the angels and has offered him a crown of glory. This crown is not given for the asking, however; man must [PAGE 925] earn it by a life of purity and unselfishness. Now let us see what fate we may find in this babe's horoscope: We find Sagittarius rising, with Venus, moon, sun, and Uranus all in con- junction in the advanced sign of Aquarius, intercepted in the 2nd house, sextile to the Ascendant. Also the Dragon's Head, which is of a Jupiterian nature, is in conjunction with the Ascendant. This would have given the little fellow a most beautiful and charming personality. With Mars near the Midheaven, trine to Mercury, which is in the mental sign of Aquarius, he was very bright mentally. At eleven months of age he could stand alone. On July 12, 1919, at the age of 17 months, he fell from a balcony, but no serious symptoms developed. At that time we find the transiting moon and Mars square to the radical Mars in the Midheaven; this is a very strong indication of accident. On July 14th and 15th the boy began to get drowsy, and could not keep food in his stomach, for on that day the transiting moon was in Aquarius, making an op- position to Saturn and Neptune in the eighth house in Leo. On the morning of the 16th he was taken with convulsions, the transiting moon having just passed a conjunction with Venus, moon, sun, and Uranus. Uranus when afflicted causes convulsions. At the third convulsion the child lost his eyesight, for the transiting Mercury had reached an opposition to the plan- ets in Aquarius, (especially the lights, the sun and the moon), which brought on total blindness, as indicated in the radical chart by Neptune in [PAGE 926] conjunction with fixed stars, the Ascelli, and also in conjunction with Sat- urn. On the fifth day of his illness he became unconscious, lost his hear- ing and the control of his tongue, and the head was drawn back over the spine. A number of the most noted doctors were consulted, but none could diagnose the case. They operated on the head and spine, however, and the operations failed. Now, from the astrological diagnosis what do we find? Neptune rules the spinal canal, that channel of spiritual fire from which all life emanates. Saturn, the planet of obstruction, the chastener, is found in conjunction with this occult planet, which also has rule over the pineal gland through which the spiritual faculties first become awakened. Abuse of the spiritual powers in former lives brings about physical infirmities. From birth this boy's spine was affected, the spinal fluid obstructed, and total blindness unavoidable. It is a known fact to astrologers that a child born at the new or the full of the moon, if not supported strongly by benefics, rarely lives. This child was born when the sun and moon were in exact conjunction with the benefic Venus, and Mars, the planet of energy, was elevated near the cusp of the 10th house, trine to Jupiter and Mercury. These benefic as- pects made it possible for this babe to live for a short time. We have not the exact date of the child's death. The last letter we received from the parents stated that he was very low on November 6th, and was not expected to [PAGE 927] live. We find on November 14th, 1919, the transiting sun making a square to the cluster of planets in Aquarius, and the transiting moon in conjunction with the afflicting planets in Leo and making an opposition to the planets in Aquarius. It would be almost impossible for the babe to pass these af- flictions, and death, no doubt, occurred at that time. THE EYES: We will here give a lesson on the effect of Saturn, the obstructor, when in the last decanate of Aquarius. The writer has observed that many cases of eye trouble may be traced to Saturn when he is posited between the 24th and the 30th degrees of Aquarius, and especially does this affect the sight of the left eye. NO. 2E: Female, born August 19, 1905. We will use a flat figure as the hour of birth is missing. We find the sun in its own sign of Leo. Saturn is retrograde in its own sign, Aquarius, and Mars is in Scorpio, the sign in which it is able to exercise its full [PAGE 928] strength. These three powerful planets are all in fixed signs and in op- position or square to one another. Here we find a debt of ripe destiny fac- ing this soul which it was impossible to avoid. At the age of twelve this girl was almost entirely blind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIRTH CHART NO. 2E [FLAT CHART] ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Capriocorn 0 SUN: Leo 25:48 SATURN: Aquarius 29:48R ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Aquarius 0 MOON: Aries 14:40 URANUS: Capricorn 0:26R ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Pisces 0 MERCURY: Virgo 13:36R NEPTUNE: Cancer 9:36 ] [ ASCENDANT: Aries 0 VENUS: Cancer 14:41 ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Taurus MARS: Scorpio 28:43 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Gemini JUPITER: Gemini 4:19 ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now let us see if we cannot read the message of the stars and see why this dreadful affliction should come upon one so young. What is the debt that she is called upon to pay? Neptune, the planet which rules spiritual sight, is exalted in the watery sign of Cancer. This occult planet is in [PAGE 929] opposition to Uranus, which is retrograde and in the saturnine sign of Cap- ricorn. Uranus stands for clairvoyance and the unseen. Capricorn is the natural 10th house sign of authority, that of one who rules. The sun, Sat- urn, and Mars, all at home and in fixed and dominant signs and Mars parallel to both Neptune and Uranus indicate that this poor soul in a previous life, and in a cruel and dominant manner while occupying a male body, used his oc- cult powers to enslave the opposite sex, thereby causing many tears to be shed. It is said, "The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small." The Lords of Destiny have brought this Ego, who caused so many tears to flow in a past life, into the weak body of this little girl, whose mother, fearing childbirth, shed many tears while carrying her. The result was a tender, sensitive body with impaired eye sight. [PAGE 930] NO. 2F: Female, born January 31, 1876, 8:00 P.M. Here we have Saturn in the 26th degree of Aquarius in conjunction with Mercury and in the 6th house, the house ruling sickness. The moon is ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIRTH CHART NO. 2F ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Gemini 12 SUN: Aquarius 11:38 SATURN: Aquarius 26:36 ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Cancer 16 MOON: Aries 16:47 URANUS: Leo 18:14R ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Leo 18 MERCURY: Aquarius 29:17 NEPTUNE: Taurus 0:25 ] [ ASCENDANT: Virgo 14:35 VENUS: Pisces 12:58 ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Libra 9 MARS: Aries 11:00 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Scorpio 9 JUPITER: Scorpio 28:57 ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- parallel to and in conjunction with Mars in the sign of Aries. This indi- cates emotion and impulse. It shows one who does not reason but jumps into things thoughtlessly and with fear. Especially is fear indicated when in [PAGE 931] addition the sign of Virgo is rising. Sometimes in such cases the resulting acts of impulse rebound upon the native, causing great suffering as in the case of this woman. When she began to suffer with eye strain she permitted the doctors to operate on her eyes on two different occasions. The first time they removed the right eyeball, and the second time the operation destroyed the sight of the left eye. From planetary indications, with the proper care and diet her eyesight might have been saved, but unfortunately she did not hear of the Invisible Helpers until too late. We see that in the case of horoscope No. 2E, the native was in the hands of fate, and she had to pass through the greater part of this life in dark- ness, while in the second figure fear and excessive emotion precipitated to- tal blindness. NO. 2G.--THE EYES: Female, born July 27, 1856, at 9:00 A.M. This woman has the feminine, earthy, and common sign of Virgo on the As- cendant. We are taught in the "Cosmo-Conception" that the Law of Consequence works in harmony with the planets, and that the spirit is born into the physical world at that opportune time when these may operate in harmony with each other. The birth of the Ego is so timed by the Lords of Destiny that the horoscope, which is the clock of destiny, registers the kind of debts which the Ego has incurred in its previous lives and the time when these debts come to fruition, when the harvest from the seeds which have been sown must be garnered. However, the law of destiny is not a blind law, for it may be modified to a certain degree in proportion to the strength of the will of the Ego. When fixed or cardinal signs are on the angles and the afflictions are from com- mon signs, then the Ego is often able to modify the effect of planetary af- flictions; but when, as for instance in the horoscope under consideration, we find a common sign on the Ascendant and the afflictions come from fixed signs, then it is very probable that the forces involved in the debt of des- tiny are too powerful for the Ego and the Law must take its course. In this horoscope we find the sun strongly placed in its own sign, Leo, [PAGE 932] which is a fixed sign, in conjunction with Venus, square to the inflammatory Mars, and parallel to Uranus. The fiery planet, the sun, is also in con- junction with Ascellus, a fixed star which is in 5:41 of Leo and has influ- ence over the eyes. We find Uranus in 24:36 Taurus, a fixed sign, in ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIRTH CHART NO. 2G ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: Gemini 21 SUN: Leo 4:38 SATURN: Cancer 7:51 ] [ 11TH HOUSE: Cancer 25 MOON: Gemini 12:29 URANUS: Taurus 21:36 ] [ 12TH HOUSE: Leo 25 VENUS: Leo 6:32 NEPTUNE: Pisces 20:09R ] [ ASCENDANT: Virgo 22:10 MERCURY: Cancer 20:54 ] [ 2ND HOUSE: Libra 18 MARS: Libra 27:59 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: Scorpio 18 JUPITER: Aries 9:10 ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- conjunction with the Pleiades, a group of fixed stars which are in 28:41 of Taurus, also having an afflicting influence upon the eyes. We find the moon prominently situated near the Midheaven in 12:29 of Gemini and in opposition [PAGE 933] to another fixed star, Antares, which is in 8 degrees and 27 minutes of Sagittarius. Here we may read from the clock of destiny that blindness was likely to be the fate of this woman. With the feminine, earthy, and common sign of Virgo on the Ascendant and the afflictions from fixed signs, what could be expected but that the will of this soul would not be strong enough to over- come. Total blindness was the result. But what did she do to precipitate this? We find Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in the 10th house in the sign of its fall, Cancer, and square to Jupiter. Saturn is most evil in this watery sign, the sign of the stom- ach, where he can undermine health by denying the stomach the fluids which are so necessary for digestion. In Cancer Saturn also perverts the appe- tite. People with Saturn afflicted in Cancer have strange likes and dis- likes regarding food and are most stubborn about it. Even if they know that too many chocolate creams and sodas and too much pie, cake, etc., will un- dermine their health, they will have them. People with this affliction fre- quently suffer from auto-intoxication. The poison which is then generated by the stomach is mixed with the blood stream, and this very frequently pre- cipitates blindness. We find in this horoscope a well aspected Mercury, which is sextile to Uranus and the Ascendant and trine to Neptune, indicating that the native had a keen desire for knowledge, especially along occult lines, and did not [PAGE 934] save her eyes, but very likely read with poor light late at night, perhaps reading in bed, which is a most dangerous habit and which has caused many to lose their eyesight. But every cloud has its silver lining, and although this poor woman has been totally blind for some years, yet she has developed the sixth sense. With Neptune sextile Uranus and trine Mercury, she has a wonderful development of the spiritual faculties, making it possible for her to leave her body at will and she claims to be able to travel to far-off planets. Had these afflicting planets and the Ascendant been reversed, with a fixed sign rising and the afflictions from common signs, even though Saturn had been in Cancer, the will would have been strong enough to have saved at least a degree of this woman's eyesight. "One ship sails east and another sails west With the self-same winds that blow. 'Tis the set of the sail and not the gale Which determines the way they go." [PAGE 935] NO. 2H.--THE EYES: Female, born June 28th, 1868. This horoscope is minus the hour of birth, therefore we are using a plain figure with the planets copied from the Ephemeris for noon, Greenwich Mean Time; but from all indications we believe that this woman has the last part of Cancer on the Ascendant. The sun is in conjunction with Uranus, square to Jupiter, Uranus being square to Neptune, while Jupiter is in conjunction with Neptune in Aries. If we take the rising sign to be Cancer, this would bring the moon back so that it would be within orb of an opposition to Jupiter and Neptune and square to Uranus. We have here a configuration of planets which indicates that excesses and emotions have ruled this woman to a very great extent, es- pecially as we find the planet of desires, the hot tempered Mars, in its fall in Taurus. Mars when in Taurus has a tendency to express his evil side and is prone to cause excesses in food and also in temper. Now, with Can- cer, the sign ruling the stomach, on the Ascendant and with Uranus, the planet of impulse, in conjunction with the sun and square to Jupiter and Neptune, we have a woman who has very little self-control. Excesses of all kinds have filled her body with toxic matter. The blood vessels have become clogged and hardened. When a woman at the age of fifty-five who has had to [PAGE 936] work hard to support herself and family gives away to anger, and when as a result the blood bounds through the hardened arteries bringing an unusual rush of it to the head, we may expect trouble. Let us see where this may be found: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIRTH CHART NO. 2H [FLAT CHART] ] [ ] [ MIDHEAVEN: CAPRICORN 0 SUN: Cancer 6:59 SATURN: Sagitt. 0:00R ] [ 11TH HOUSE: AQUARIUS 0 MOON: Libra 22:46 URANUS: Cancer 12:46 ] [ 12TH HOUSE: PISCES 0 MERCURY: Cancer 27:45 NEPTUNE: Aries 17:13 ] [ ASCENDANT: ARIES 0 VENUS: Leo 2:22R ] [ 2ND HOUSE: TAURUS 0 MARS: Taurus 27:55 ] [ 3RD HOUSE: GEMINI 0 JUPITER: Aries 12:13 ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mars is in conjunction with the group of fixed stars, called the Pleiades, which have an evil effect upon the eyes. With Mars in 27:55 of Taurus in conjunction with fixed stars of a Mars-moon nature, with the pro- gressed sun within orb of a square to Mars, and with the progressed Saturn [PAGE 937] retrograded back to the opposition of Mars, there is a tendency for the tem- per to be aggravated, bringing trouble upon parts of the body which Mars af- fects,--in this case the eyes. Saturn has a hardening, ossifying, restrict- ing influence upon the part of the body corresponding to his position in the horoscope. We find this planet in 0 degrees and 0 minutes of Sagittarius in opposition to Mars radical. With these afflictions we may expect some trouble with the eyes. In the early part of July, 1923, this woman developed what doctors called retinitis of the right eye, which is an inflammation of the retina. This caused a rupture of one of the blood vessels accompanied by severe pains in the neck and shoulders. We would not, however, attribute all the damage to temper and hardened arteries, for the foundation of the trouble had been laid by eye strain. This woman was employed during the day as a chiropodist, and at night she spent long hours in reading occultism and studying astrology. She had the pernicious habit of reading with a bright light close to the eyes while ly- ing upon a couch or bed, thereby causing a strain of the muscles of the eye. With Neptune in opposition to the moon and Uranus square to both Neptune and the moon, there has been a desire to force development. Intensive gazing at bright objects, such as crystals, etc., which is ignorantly taught by some occult orders, has a most destructive effect upon the eyes and has caused much eye trouble among occult students. Continued with file "RC2021.TXT" End of File


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