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Filename: RC2014.TXT Source: "The Message of the Stars" by Max & Augusta Foss Heindel [PAGE 638] There is no doubt that this person has resorted to mouth breathing, which has aggravated the throat trouble, but by consistent continuance of the treatment here outlined she will soon experience less difficulty in breath- ing and it will then be an easy matter to learn to breathe through the proper channels, the nostrils. A healer having Leo on the Ascendant and whose Saturn is not in Virgo would probably be the best one to help this patient. NO.28. ACCIDENTS TO HEAD, POOR OXYGENATION: GOOD ASPECTS: Saturn sextile Jupiter, trine Mars and Uranus. BAD ASPECTS: Jupiter opposition Mars and Uranus; Moon opposition Venus; Sun and Mercury square Uranus, Mars and Jupiter. This is the horoscope of a man born on March 16, 1865, at 3 P.M., in En- gland, and it affords a good example of how accidents are also crises are shown in the horoscope. The main affliction comes from the fact that the Sun and Mercury are in close conjunction in the Eighth House, occupied by Pisces. This itself is unfortunate for the reasoning faculty. They are both square to Jupiter in Sagittarius, which also has a strong influence upon the mind. But worst of all, they are square to Mars, the planet of dy- namic energy, impulse, etc., and Uranus, the planet of lightning-like [PAGE 639] action, which precludes forethought. When action is dictated by intuition generated under good aspects, all is well and the person is better off than when he is forced to use the comparatively slow reason. But when CHART #28: ASC: 23:27 LEO SUN: 26:00 PISCES SATURN: 29:14R LIBRA MC: 10 TAURUS MOON: 11:26 SCORPIO URANUS: 25:34 GEMINI 11H: 20 GEMINI MERCURY: 24:07 PISCES NEPTUNE: 7:34 ARIES 12H: 25 CANCER VENUS: 10:51 TAURUS 2H: 12 VIRGO MARS: 22:41 GEMINI 3H: 7 LIBRA JUPITER: 27:39 SAGITTARIUS it is generated under the adverse aspects of the square and opposi- tion, it results in such rattle-brained foolhardiness and absolute lack of thought and intelligence that the person is generally mentally incompetent. So we see at the very first glance that we have here before us a person who [PAGE 640] on account of weak mentality is apt to get into trouble and accidents. But the injuries which he has received in consequence of his lack of forethought were all to the head and as the horoscope does not show any serious afflic- tion to Aries, which rules the head, except that Mars and Mercury, which rule the two hemispheres of the cerebrum, are square, what then caused these accidents, we may ask. The answer is found in the progression of the Sun, which corresponds with the time when this person was injured, the Moon also bearing its part in bringing about these accidents. In 1876, when he was eleven years of age, the Sun and Moon were both in conjunction with Neptune in the sign Aries and at that time he met with an accident which caused the first injury to his head. In 1896 the progressed Sun was in opposition to Saturn from Aries; you will notice that Saturn is retrograde so that al- though he is in the last degrees of Libra his influence is thrown backward into that sign and works as an opposition between Libra and Aries, affecting the head. The Sun was also parallel to Saturn and this is one of the most inimical influences in the whole gamut, for it destroys all vitality of the person who is under its sway for a number of years. (One of the writers can testify to this from personal experience, having felt it for ten or twelve years.) At the same time the progressed Moon was in opposition to Mars and Uranus and square to the Sun and Mercury at birth; thus there were very [PAGE 641] severe afflictions at that time and the poor man suffered a considerable in- jury. The third accident came in 1908, at the age of forty-three. At that time the Sun was in opposition to the Moon's radical place and the progressed Moon was in conjunction with Uranus and Mars, square to the Sun and Mercury, radix. The opposition of the Sun to the Moon occurred from Taurus, which governs the lower part of the head, where he was hurt. In consequence of these various accidents the man is now suffering from chronic headaches and he is on the verge of insanity. Various doctors have been called on for advice but no one is able to put his finger on the seat of the trouble. Consulting our ephemeris we find that during the man's lifetime Saturn will continue to retrograde further back into Libra, and that his influence in Aries is becoming stronger with every year. Saturn always causes bruises and depression; we are therefore satisfied that there must be a depression of the skull and an examination should be made to find this and have it removed. But he square of the Sun and Mercury to Mars and Uranus in Gemini, which rules the lungs, shows also that there is something the matter with the oxygenation of the system, and Saturn in Libra indicates that there is a scarcity of urine. These defects can be remedied by breath- ing exercises and through regulating the diet. When that is done there will be at least a large measure of relief. [PAGE 642] A healer with Aries rising, whose Saturn is not in Aquarius, will be best able to look after this patient. NO. 29.--GOITRE: [FLAT CHART] ASC: 0 ARIES SUN: 6:12 LEO SATURN: 24:46 TAURUS MC: 0 CAPRICORN MOON: 21:12 CAPRICORN NEPTUNE: 18:41 TAURUS 11H: 0 AQUARIUS MERCURY: 16:38 CANCER 12H: 0 PISCES VENUS: 15:16 VIRGO 2H: 0 TAURUS MARS: 17:26 VIRGO 3H: 0 GEMINI JUPITER: 22;05 GEMINI As the hour of birth of the person in this horoscope is not known, we place Aries in the First House, Taurus in the second, etc. Mercury and the Moon are significators of the mind, and we find them in opposition. This in itself is not a sign of good mentality. We further find that Jupiter in the mercurial sign Gemini is square to Uranus in Virgo [PAGE 643] 16-20 and Mars is also in the sign Virgo,; thus all the significators point to a weak and even an erratic mentality. In the last few years Mercury has, moreover, progressed past the natal places of Uranus and Mars, thus accentu- ating the trouble. A person may, however, have a weak mind and yet it may not become en- tirely unbalanced, provided there are no other malefic aspects between the natal planets or the progressed positions. The person may be constitution- ally below the stature of the normal mind, and still retain unto the last sufficient hold upon himself or herself so that it does not become an actual disease. When we look for the signs of disability in a horoscope like the present, we turn to the aspects for our information. Saturn, it appears, as in con- junction with the Dragon's Tail ( 26-10 ), and this adds to his malefic in- fluence; he is further in conjunction with Neptune in 18 degrees of Taurus, and also with the fixed star Alcyone in 29 degrees of Taurus. As Saturn is the planet of obstruction and Taurus rules the throat we naturally look for some obstruction in that region, and we find that a concretion has taken place, a growth, a crystallization known as Goitre, a disease which also further bears out the indications in the former aspects which we have dis- cussed. Were it not for good aspects which we have not hitherto mentioned, namely, the sextile of Saturn to Mercury and its trine to the Moon, this person would certainly have become an inmate of an insane asylum, but this [PAGE 644] is one of the few cases where Saturn really helps in a material sense, for even his good aspects will obstruct when coming to the other planets; but when this obstruction is applied to the Moon, the flightiest planet of all, and to Mercury, the one next to her in swiftness and instability, both of then significators of the mind, Saturn does really help to hold the flighty mind in check, and such a weak mental condition as the one found here will be vastly benefited by these aspects, whereas if there are no evil aspects the sextile of Mercury and Saturn will strengthen the mind in a wonderful degree. As Saturn in Taurus always affects the functions of the opposite sign, Scorpio, namely elimination, it is of great importance to see that both kid- neys and bowels act freely with a person like this. Nothing but distilled water should be taken into the system on any account. As the muscles of the beck are always strained in hill and star climbing, a person with this dis- ease should be housed on a level and on the lower floor of the house. A vegetarian diet consisting of uncooked food is preferable to any other, and it is particularly necessary to get the vegetable salts which may tone the body and bring the standard of general health as high as possible; lettuce is the best single vegetable for this purpose. [PAGE 645] NO. 30--WEAK BACK AND LIMBS, EYE TROUBLE, DEAFNESS: GOOD ASPECTS: The Moon sextile to Uranus and Jupiter; the Sun sextile to Mars; Venus trine to Jupiter. BAD ASPECTS: Saturn opposition to Neptune; the Sun and Mercury square to Jupiter and Uranus. CHART #30: ASC: 18 VIRGO SUN: 13:27 VIRGO SATURN: 28:27 SAGITTARIUS MC: 16 GEMINI MOON: 5:27 AQUARIUS URANUS: 8:37 SAGITTARIUS 11H: 20 CANCER MERCURY: 6:41 VIRGO NEPTUNE: 29:04 GEMINI 12H: 21 LEO VENUS: 28:00 CANCER 2H: 12 LIBRA MARS: 17:40 CANCER 3H: 12 SCORPIO JUPITER: 3:17 SAGITTARIUS This is the horoscope of a young man born on September 6, 1900, at 6:00 A.M., and the disability complained of is weakness in the back and limbs, which prevents him for moving about normally. Astrologically we find [PAGE 646] that this is due to several causes. In the first place, there are four Common signs on the angles, the Sixth House sign, Virgo, being on the Ascendant which governs the condition of the body. It is a vital point in that respect. This in itself shows his somewhat indolent nature and a tendency to give up very easily. We also find Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant, in the Twelfth House, denoting hospitals and chronic illness; he is square to Jupiter and Uranus, which are placed in Sagittarius, the sign which governs the hips and the great sciatic nerve. The Sun, the giver of life, is also square to Uranus, the planet of irregularity, which is conjoined with Jupiter in Sagittarius. And finally, Saturn, the ruler of the bony structure and its articulations, is placed in Sagittarius in opposition to Neptune, in Gemini. All these configurations naturally tend to bring about the conditions complained of if nothing is done to prevent; but in this case, with four Common, flexible signs on the angles, with the life-giving Sun sextile to Mars, the planet of dynamic en- ergy, and with the Moon sextile to Jupiter, the planet governing the arte- rial blood, it is quite possible to obtain relief by means obtain relief by means of exercises which will remove the sluggish conditions. But we also find other weaknesses of a serious nature latent in this horoscope. Uranus is in conjunction with nebulous star Antares in Sagit- tarius 8 degrees, square to the Sun and Mercury. This implies a grave dan- ger to the sight and also to the hearing because of Mercury being in the [PAGE 647] Twelfth House. These conditions can certainly be overcome if the ounce of prevention is applied. We take it that because the man is not able to oth- erwise occupy himself he is an inveterate reader and this will bring trouble if persisted in. Massage of the head in the region of the eyes and ears, and exercise of the limbs and body will aid in restoring this young man to health. A healer with Taurus on the Ascendant whose Saturn is not in the patient's Sixth House will probably have the most persistence in the perfor- mance of his work. NO. 31--EYE AND EAR TROUBLE, POOR CIRCULATION: Mercury, the significator of mind, rises BEFORE the Sun and is in the Twelfth House, conjunction Neptune, its higher octave. This shows that the mind is naturally inclined toward the higher and more spiritual things of life, through Jupiter square Mercury from the house of mind indicates that under severe afflictions this woman may at times follow the example of Job and reason with God concerning the hard fate she has to bear. The Moon, which is the other significator of mind, square Venus, shows us that consid- erable sorrow may be expected in this life; but the conjunction of Mercury with the mystical Neptune in the Twelfth House gives her a certain degree of spiritual development, which brings much comfort through her communion with the higher worlds, compensating her for her isolation. Jupiter is the Midheaven trine to the Ascendant causes her to look upon life from a more [PAGE 648] hopeful angle than even people who are not at all afflicted (in comparison with her), and the strength of her hope is bound to help her in a degree be- yond human measure; for even as the person who gives way to worry CHART #31: ASC: 2:43 GEMINI SUN: 29:20 TAURUS SATURN: 0:28 ARIES MC: 11 AQUARIUS MOON: 19:28 CAPRICORN URANUS: 25:28 LEO 11H: 9 PISCES MERCURY: 10:56 TAURUS NEPTUNE: 8:05 TAURUS 12H: 18 ARIES VENUS: 14:14 ARIES 2H: 27 GEMINI MARS: 9:00 CANCER 3H: 18 CANCER JUPITER: 7:07 AQUARIUS and melancholy is thereby made more unhappy or unhealthy, so also the person who constantly keeps an optimistic spirit is bound to gain thereby corre- spondingly in health and happiness. The Sun on the Ascendant, even though it is afflicted by a square of Uranus, is nevertheless a valuable asset in recuperation. The Sun sextile Saturn will give her a persistence, a tena- [PAGE 649] of life, that will not let go despite all discouragements. This woman has been deaf since she was five years of age and this dis- ability is indicated by the position of Mercury in the Twelfth House, by his conjunction with Neptune, and his square to Jupiter. This latter aspect in- dicates that it is sluggish circulation of the blood which is responsible for the disability. These aspects of Mercury also make her dumb, par- ticularly because Mercury is in Taurus, which governs the vocal organs. She has nevertheless learned to talk, showing that there is no organic disabil- ity but only a functional weakness. But these are not all of the poor woman's afflictions. You will notice that the Sun is in Taurus 29. In other words, it is in conjunction with the Pleiades, a nebular spot in the Zodiac. It is also square to Uranus and parallel to Mars. Therefore the eyes are sorely afflicted; one is almost blind, the other not much better, so that there is danger that she may lose her sight entirely. On account of her afflictions and the position in which she has been placed, this woman has been unable to get an education. Nevertheless, by persistence indicated by Saturn sextile the Sun, she has accomplished much. She writes a really beautiful letter which tells how she was in comfortable circumstances up to 1906, when the earthquake in San Francisco deprived her of her all, and still she has not given up hope. Her mental attitude, in- spired by her Sun conjunction Ascendant and sextile Saturn, is justified in [PAGE 650] quite a large measure. The trouble comes from Saturn, the planet of ob- struction, in Aries, the sign which governs the head, and the square of Ju- piter, the planet which governs arterial circulation, to Mercury in Taurus, the sign which governs the throat. There were also signs of malnutrition, indicated by the presence of Mars in Cancer, the sign which governs the stomach, square Venus, which governs the venous circulation. If the system could be given the proper amount and kind of food and the head and neck mas- saged with special attention to manipulations of the ears and eyes, condi- tions might be considerably relieved and further progress of deterioration stopped. An Aquarian whose Saturn is not in Libra or Scorpio would have a most beneficial effect in this case. NO. 32.--HEMORRHOIDS, BLINDNESS, LATENT SPIRITUAL SIGHT: In the case before us we have not the hour of birth, and will therefore insert the signs in their respective Houses, commencing with Aries in the First, Taurus in the Second, etc. This person was born November 27, 1867. GOOD ASPECTS: Sun and Mars trine Neptune. BAD ASPECTS: The Sun and Mars conjunction Antares; Saturn and Mercury square Jupiter; Mars conjunction the Moon and Venus; Saturn conjunction Mer- cury, Jupiter Square Sun, Uranus square Neptune. [PAGE 651] Regarding the mentality of this person, we find that the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury, particularly in the Eighth House sign, Scorpio, clouds the mind with gloom. The Moon, which is the other significator of mind, conjunction Mars in the Ninth House sign, Sagittarius, would have the CHART #32: [FLAT CHART] ASC: 0 ARIES SUN: 4:48 SAGITTARIUS SATURN: 27:37 SCORPIO MC: 0 CAPRICORN MOON: 19:12 SAGITTARIUS URANUS: 12:18R CANCER 11H: 0 AQUARIUS MERCURY: 23:05 SCORPIO NEPTUNE: 12:00R ARIES 12H: 0 PISCES VENUS: 20:41 CAPRICORN 2H: 0 TAURUS MARS: 14:14 SAGITTARIUS 3H: 0 GEMINI JUPITER: 29:34 AQUARIUS tendency is somewhat softened and toned down by the presence of Venus in conjunction with these planets, and we may therefore conclude that this per- son is apt to be very much depressed in mind whenever misfortune overtakes [PAGE 652] him; that he rebels, at least inwardly, very strongly against the blows of fate, though Venus may prevent him from expressing his disappointments. With regard to the ailments to which this person is subject, we find in the first place that Jupiter square to Mercury and Saturn, the latter being in Scorpio, which rules the rectum, gives a tendency to constipation and hemorrhoids. This configuration also interferes with the circulation of the arterial blood. His disability is further enhanced by the square of Jupiter to the Sun, the latter planet being ruler of the organ which circulates the vital fluid. But there is a great misfortune in this life, compared with which the troubles previously mentioned pale into insignificance. The Sun and Mars are in conjunction with the fixed star Antares in eight degrees of Sagit- tarius, and this configuration always brings trouble to the eyes, though it may not result in blindness from birth. In the present case the crisis came when the Sun had progressed to the opposition of Uranus, at the same time striking the square to Neptune. In that year the Moon also was in conjunc- tion with Neptune in the sign Aries, which rules the head. This kindled the double fire of Mars and the Sun at birth, with the result that inflammation of the eyes made the man blind beyond hope of recovery. It may seen strange that the writers selected this horoscope for analysis, as the patient is beyond help, but if offers certain points which it will be well for the student to impress upon his mind. You will notice [PAGE 653] that Mars is trine to Neptune, and that the Sun is only about seven degrees from a trine to Neptune. The culmination of the latter aspect will occur before even the vital body is brought to birth. This is a very good indica- tion that THE SPIRITUAL SIGHT MAY BE AWAKENED in this person and that it will compensate, or more than compensate, for the loss of the physical fac- ulty. There is, however, as you will also note, the square of Neptune and Uranus which makes for mediumship; on that account it would be advisable for this person to be very closely on his guard during the time when the spiritual faculty is being developed, and until he is perfectly safe and balanced in the other world; and it would be a great privilege for a healer receiving such a case to aid a person stricken by the misfortune of blind- ness to cultivate the latent faculty shown by the horoscope. NO. 33.--HEART TROUBLE, DROPSY: GOOD ASPECTS: Jupiter trine Mercury; Saturn trine Mars. BAD ASPECTS: Saturn square the Sun, Moon and Venus; the Moon opposition to the Sun and Venus; Mercury square Neptune; Mars conjunction Uranus. We consider first the mind of this woman, to obtain the key to her condi- tion, for the mind is the most important factor in bringing about disease and curing it. You may call that Christian Science or whatever you please, [PAGE 654] the fact remains and has been made use of by all successful healers, either consciously or unconsciously, no matter to what school they belong. And there is more healing in a cheery word from the physician in whom the CHART #33: ASC: 12:44 SAGITTARIUS SUN: 29:26 CANCER SATURN: 28:37 ARIES MC: 0 LIBRA MOON: 0:10 AQUARIUS URANUS: 6:54 VIRGO 11H: 29 LIBRA MERCURY: 20:05 LEO NEPTUNE: 14:08 TAURUS 12H: 22 SCORPIO VENUS: 1:20 LEO 2H: 15 CAPRICORN MARS: 0:45 VIRGO 3H: 24 AQUARIUS JUPITER: 19:0 ARIES patient has faith, than in all his medicines. Conversely, when the doctor gives up hope and makes a long face, the patient dies unless he "GETS MAD," or "SPUNKEY," as once happened to the writer when he was broken down from overwork. He went to a hospital to get nursing and quiet, and had to engage a regular doctor to comply with the rules. He knew that his condition would [PAGE 655] not change till the Moon did, and lay patiently waiting, though the case was approaching a crises, for his mind was too lethargic to set to work; HE EX- PECTED THE MOON TO DO IT ALL at the proper time. But on the day of the New Moon his doctor came in with another, and both had faces a yard long. They did not think he had another hour to live; and he laughed, but it made him "mad," and he commenced to work on himself with the result that the dropsi- cal swelling which had almost reached his heart, was gone in a few hours and he was out in the sunshine getting a dose of new life. Before a month had elapsed he had not only left the hospital behind, but had written THE ROSICRUCIAN PHILOSOPHY. There is no doubt that the fluid could not have been eliminated before the change of the Moon, but the co-operation of his mental attitude was necessary to help the lunar forces, and combined with proper action it brought results. Similarly in every case, the right at- titude of the mind must be cultivated or cure is impossible. This figure shows an unfortunate person, for the mind is in a bad state. Saturn is square to the Sun, Moon and Venus. The Moon, which signifies the instinctual mind, is in opposition to the Sun and Venus, robbing life of all joy, making her pessimistic and prone to look only on the dark side. Mer- cury, the planet of reason, is square to Neptune, the planet of spiritual perception, all these testimonies tell us that nothing we may say is likely to make her cheer up. [PAGE 656] Such a poor person is a burden to herself and her associates all through life, so they shun her while she is able to take care of herself, that is to say, while the body is in comparative health; but the afflictions which make her mentally miserable also have their effect on the body, for as we mould the lines of our face to an exact expression of our habitual mode of thought, so are also our other organs shaped and built by this force, and the evil effects show themselves as disease. The Sun, Venus and mercury in the Eighth House indicate that when sickness comes she is going to let it take its course, and will make no effort to fight for life. The nature of her sickness is seen to be heart trouble, from the fact that the Sun is on the cusp of Leo, which governs the heart, in conjunction with Venus, which governs the venous circulation, and opposed by the Moon, which rules the liquids of the body. The Sun, Venus and the Moon are squared by Saturn, the planet of obstruction, and thus we see that there was a natal tendency to poor heart action and faulty elimination of liquids. In 1913 the Sun progressed to the conjunction of Uranus and Mars. The aspects of the Sun are always effective for three years, one and one-half years before the aspect is exact, and a like period after. Therefore it was still active in 1914, when the Moon progressed to the conjunction of Saturn and thus enlivened this square to the Sun, Moon and Venus. Neptune, the wa- tery planet, also reached the natal Sun by transit, and the poor soul was [PAGE 657] released by the total obstruction of the liquids; in other words, the drop- sical condition stopped the heart. The main effort in such cases should be to get the person to fight. If she could have been made to see that it was her gloomy outlook on life that was responsible for her sickness and that if she did not fight here and now, she would have a harder fate to face next time, it might have helped. No person who is naturally pessimistic can change over night, but he can do a whole lot to cultivate optimism if given years, and we should strive to in- culcate this attitude of mind in all, BESIDES TRYING TO BE CHEERFUL OUR- SELVES, for that is a healer's greatest asset. NO. 34.--SEX, EYE AND THROAT TROUBLE: The type of mind is denoted particularly here by the square of Saturn to the Sun. This occurs from Cardinal signs, Saturn being essentially digni- fied and therefore very powerful, while the Sun is in Libra, the sign of its debility and greatest weakness. Life and joy come from the Sun, while Sat- urn gives gloom and death. Therefore we readily see that this person must be subject to gloom and melancholy. The sextile of Uranus to Mercury, the significator of mind, tells that the person is endowed with an almost un- canny lightining-like intuition, and the square of Uranus to the Moon and Venus shows that she is indiscreet and too weak for her own good. [PAGE 658] You will notice that this square occurs from the Fixed signs, Leo and Scor- pio, and it is therefore a condition which would be very difficult to over- come. Leo governs the heart, and Scorpio the generative organs, and thus her secret is told in the horoscope in unmistakable terms. CHART #34: [FLAT CHART] ASC: 0 ARIES SUN: 11:34 LIBRA SATURN: 14:57 CAPRICORN MC: 0 CAPRICORN MOON: 3:42 SCORPIO URANUS: 5:18 LEO 11H: 0 AQUARIUS MERCURY: 4:55 LIBRA NEPTUNE: 25:18R ARIES 12H: 0 PISCES VENUS: 3:06 SCORPIO 2H: 0 TAURUS MARS: 29:18 VIRGO 3H: 0 GEMINI JUPITER: 23:58 LEO When such secrets of the soul are revealed by this sacred science, it shows us also the hidden springs which are causes of the acts we are only too prone to condemn, and it teaches us that we should pity rather than censure a soul impelled by such an almost irresistible force as here revealed. [PAGE 659] The act itself should, of course, never be condoned, but the tenderest kind- ness and the greatest effort to succor should be given to the one who is thus Aquarius. The horoscope is, as you know, the clock of destiny, and the position taken by the planets at birth give certain tendencies for life. From that natal position the planets move on to different positions with every year that passes, as the hands of a clock move around its face; thus they bring to pass events foreshown at birth. Now you will notice that the Sun is in eleven degrees of Libra in this horoscope, so at nineteen years of age the Sun entered the sign Scorpio. At twenty-two it reached the conjunction with the Moon and Venus and a couple of years later the square with Uranus was reached. During this period the unfortunate tendency spoken of developed and the seeds of disease were sown which resulted in a number of operations, both in the lower regions and in the throat, for you must remember that the opposite is always afflicted. The generative organ can never be hurt with- out in some measures it counterpart, the larynx and throat, also being af- fected. During the years which intervened between that time and 1914 the Sun had pursued its path through Scorpio, and reached the affliction of Ju- piter, which occurs from the sign Leo in 23 degrees. This square was also augmented by the fact that the Moon in its circle around the horoscope had been going through Taurus, so that was an opposition of the progressed Sun and Moon, both of them squaring the planet Jupiter at the same time. The [PAGE 660] Sun's square to Jupiter will for a few years be an affliction to this poor person. Uranus at birth was also on the Ascelli in Leo, the nebulous spot that is so dangerous to the eyes, and from there it squares the Moon. This, also, is another danger which faces this person, for , as you know, eye trouble is very often the accompaniment of indiscretion. Now comes the question as to what can be done for this poor person. As we have often stated, the first effort should be toward instilling hope into the mind. Persons suffering with melancholy are always centering their thoughts upon self, always seeing their own desperate position which appears to them more hopeless than that of any other. If their interest can be di- verted from self then the battle is more than half won; that should be the first consideration of the healer. A simple diet should be prescribed and no highly seasoned dishes permit- ted a person of this nature. The sextile of Uranus to the Sun and Mercury and the trine of Neptune to Jupiter shows that an appeal along the higher lines, an appeal to the better and noble nature will not meet with a rebuff and it is possible on account of these positions to elevate this person's ideas and ideals so that she may become a servant of humanity instead of driftwood upon the ocean of life. You will note that all the good aspects are from Cardinal and Fixed signs, that the Common signs are void of plan- ets, hence there is a great deal of hope. There is energy in this person, [PAGE 661] and when this energy has been turned in the right direction, when she has become thoroughly aroused, then the great sinner may become the great saint, and a blessing to humanity. NO. 35.--SOLITARY VICE, TUBERCULOSIS ASC: 7:11 GEMINI SUN: 0:03 GEMINI SATURN: 29:37 TAURUS MC: 11 AQUARIUS MOON: 23:00 SCORPIO URANUS: 19:14R VIRGO 11H: 9 PISCES MERCURY: 20:05 GEMINI NEPTUNE: 18:00 TAURUS 12H: 20 ARIES VENUS: 28:03 ARIES 2H: 0 CANCER MARS: 23:29 ARIES 3H: 19 CANCER JUPITER: 3:16 CANCER GOOD ASPECTS: Neptune trine Uranus; Uranus sextile the Moon; Jupiter sextile Venus. BAD ASPECTS: Mars conjunction Venus; Sun conjunction Saturn; Uranus square Mercury; Neptune opposition the Moon. [PAGE 662] This is the horoscope of a woman born May 21, 1883, at 5 A.M., Longitude 88 West, Latitude 44, North. The student will at once note that five of the nine planets are placed in the Twelfth House, which governs sorrow, trouble, and self-undoing. This has been a characteristic feature in the life. She is a competent worker in her vocation, stenography and bookkeeping, but has, nevertheless, found herself unable to obtain employment at various times and has been at those times on the verge of starvation. This is due to the op- position of Saturn and Neptune from the Twelfth House to the Moon in the Sixth, the house of employment. Jupiter, though exalted in the Second House and sextile Venus, is unable to offset this. With respect to the mental qualities we find that Mercury is square to Uranus, and the Moon in opposition to Neptune. This makes her skeptical, critical, very peculiar and spasmodic in her mental processes, with an ex- tremely morbid imagination. Uranus is placed in the Fifth House, governing courtship and the relations among the sexes prior to marriage, and there- fore, squared to Mercury, it indicates an unconventional turn of the mind, with a tendency to promiscuous relations, involving public criticism and slander. That in itself is an extremely unfortunate configuration and con- dition in a life, but it is only one of a number of afflictions which point in the same direction, for in the Twelfth House, the house of sorrow, trouble, and self-undoing, we find Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, [PAGE 663] conjoined with Venus, the planet of love, in the fiery sign Aries, another inflammatory sex condition; and last, but not least, we note Neptune in Tau- rus, opposition to the Moon in Scorpio, which governs the generative organs. This latter is the worst of all for it makes the mind almost insane upon this subject, conjuring up before the imagination morbid pictures, and where the configuration occurs from the Sixth and Twelfth Houses it is a certain indication of inveterate self-abuse. Naturally such practices in time un- dermine the health and disease shows itself in the weakest parts of the body according to the indications of the horoscope. In the present case we find Saturn on the cusp of Gemini in conjunction with the Sun. Gemini is the sign which rules the lungs, and the conjunction as we see is almost exact, wanting only 26 minutes. Thus the cold, crystallizing saturnine forces are hardening the lungs and producing the disease we know as tuberculosis, which is slowly sapping her vitality and carrying her toward an early grave. It may be noted in passing that her mother succumbed to tuberculosis at the very moment when she gave birth to this child. Mars by progression has now arrived close to the place of Neptune at birth. This will unfortunately in all probability accentuate the morbid craving indicated by Neptune opposi- tion to the Moon, so that if left to herself the end will not be very far off. Tuberculosis though serious is not, however, necessarily fatal if she can [PAGE 664] be put under restraint so that it becomes impossible for her to gratify the passion for solitary vice that saps her vitality. Thus the spells of gloom which are also resultant from the conjunction of Saturn and the Sun in the Twelfth House can be overcome if she can be given a brighter outlook upon life. Then the usual measures employed against tuberculosis may probably save her. The occult has an intense attraction for her, indicated by the exact trine of Neptune and Uranus, also by Uranus sextile to the Moon. By playing upon those strings and giving her a new interest in life it may be possible to win her away from her present morbid channels of thought. At any rate salvation from the evil configurations should always be sought through the good aspects and substituting the higher for the lower may help this poor soul out of her condition. Very little can be done physically un- til the mental condition is changed. A healer with either Libra or Aquarius rising and whose Saturn is not in Libra or Scorpio would be beneficial, but much firmness is needed here and therefore probably the Fixed sign would be preferable. NO. 36.--HORNY, VENEREAL GROWTHS AND KIDNEY TROUBLE GOOD ASPECTS: Mercury sextile Jupiter; the Moon trine Venus. BAD ASPECTS: The Sun conjunction Uranus; Mars conjunction Venus; Neptune square to Saturn. [PAGE 665] This is the horoscope of a young man born in Boynton, Missouri, October 11, 1889, at 6:00 P.M. It is a strange case which has puzzled all the doc- tors who have been consulted. About five years ago the joins in arms, CHART #36: ASC: 3:48 TAURUS SUN: 18:57 LIBRA SATURN: 0:26 VIRGO MC: 19 CAPRICORN MOON: 21:33 TAURUS URANUS: 22:07 LIBRA 11H: 13 AQUARIUS MERCURY: 28:03R LIBRA NEPTUNE: 4:15R GEMINI 12H: 16 PISCES VENUS: 17:22 VIRGO 2H: 5 GEMINI MARS: 11:22 VIRGO 3H: 27 GEMINI JUPITER: 1:46 CAPRICORN legs and neck commenced to grow stiff, so that by degrees he became unable to move. At the same time there appeared, instead of the nails, a strange horny growth on fingers and toes; this grows to a certain length or stage of development and then it begins to suppurate. This facilities the removal of [PAGE 666] growth and when that has been completed the suppuration ceases, but immedi- ately a new growth begins to form. Lately the jaws have also commenced to grow stiff, so that now the young man can no longer eat with comfort. The very first glance at the horoscope shows us Uranus, the planet of spasmodic action, in conjunction with the Sun, and in the sign Libra, which rules the kidneys. WE also note that Uranus is parallel with Mars, the planet of dynamic energy; this shows at once that the action of the kidneys is spasmodic and irregular so that instead of the poisons being eliminated from the body by these organs they are retained and naturally contaminate the whole system. But we also find that this patient is poisoned to a greater extend than ordinarily by a venereal disease contracted about seven to eight years ago; this is shown as a tendency in the natal horoscope by the conjunction of Venus, the planet of love, with Mars, the planet of dy- namic energy, in the Fifth House, which governs courtship and the relations of the sexes before marriage. Saturn is also there with his obstructive hand and square to Neptune, the planet which governs strange and unusual conditions. Neptune is in the sign Gemini, which rules the hands and fin- gers. About seven years ago, when the Moon was in Pisces by progression, the sign which governs the toes, it was in opposition to Venus, Mars and Saturn and square to Neptune. We base our judgment that the disease was contracted at that time on the fact that the afflicting planets are in [PAGE 667] Common or flexible signs; hence it could have been avoided much effort. As it is, the most drastic measures for purification of the blood must be adopted; the patient should be brought to California, treated with daily sun-baths to facilitate copious perspiration, and given nothing but water and fruit juices until the system has been cleansed. PLANETARY HOURS: Measures for the alleviation of pain and disease cannot always be de- ferred to a propitious time, but where that is possible the student will find that remedial treatments given under the propitious planetary rays are much more efficient and successful than when applied haphazard. Therefore the following hints may be found valuable. Surgeons who have watched and tabulated these matters inform us that the operations performed while the Moon is increasing in light (see Page 521) are generally more successful, less liable to cause complications and more quickly healed than operations performed with the Moon is decreasing in light. When a surgical operations seems unavoidable consult the ephemeris and if the Moon is going through the sign which rules that part of the body where the operation is to be performed defer it for a day to two till the Moon gets well into the next sign. This will minimize the danger of complica- tions, and not infrequently the symptoms change so that operation is avoided. [PAGE 668] Always look to the benefics and the good aspects in a horoscope for di- rections concerning how and when to treat. Suppose the Sun, the giver of life, is square to Saturn, the planet of stagnation and death. The tendency is to rob the person of vitality and if he is taken ill recuperation will be very slow. Then, to give the most effective and energizing treatment apply the principle of the day and hour rulers................................... ................. Choose the Sun's day (Sunday) and the hours ruled by the Sun on any day. Treatments on Mars' day (Tuesday) and the hours ruled by Mars on any day, will also build up wonderfully. Similarly with the other planets, their virtues and power is greatest during the days ruled by them. But the so-called malefics also have their virtues. Poultices intended to draw suppuration from a wound, or bring a boil to a head are most effica- cious on the hot and inflammatory Mars' day (Tuesday), or in the hours of Mars on any day, but applications made to disperse a swelling are most suc- cessful when applied on the day of Saturn, the planet of suppression, or in his hours on any day. Treatments received on the day and in the hours of the planets which are well aspected in the patient's horoscope are always more powerful and ben- eficial than they would be if given in the hours and on the days ruled by planets afflicted when he was born. [PAGE 669] CONCLUSION: We have now given an exposition of the methods we use in diagnosis of disease. This we trust will enable the student to work out the subject of himself in greater detail. And as he uses it unselfishly to aid suffering human beings, the spiritual qualities will be developed in him so that THE MESSAGE OF THE STARS revealed in each horoscope will be as an open book. Thus used, this wonderful science will aid him to lay up treasures in heaven as nothing else in the world can do. And we pray God that this book may be the means of fostering soul growth in all who aspire to follow the dual com- mandment of Christ: "PREACH the Gospel and HEAL the sick." IMPORTANT NOTICE: Despite all we can say, many people write enclosing money for horoscopes, forcing us to spend valuable time writing letters of refusal and giving us the inconvenience of returning their money. Please do not thus trouble us, as it will avail nothing. We use Astrology only for healing purposes. If you are sick we will gladly help you, but we do not advise people in worldly affairs either gratis of for pay. Continued with file "RC2015.TXT" End of File


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