Filename: RC2013.TXT Source: +quot;The Message of the Stars+quot; by Max + Augusta Foss he

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Filename: RC2013.TXT Source: "The Message of the Stars" by Max & Augusta Foss heindel [PAGE 598] In our extended practice, we know of no exception; the rigid, set and in- flexible nature of the Fixed signs seems to protect the mind under all exigencies of stress. It therefore follows that the mentally unbalanced come principally from those born with Common signs on the angles. The intrinsic nature of these signs if FLEXIBILITY; as a reed in the wind people under these signs are swayed hither and thither by circumstances; they have no stamina or stabil- ity, and take reverses much to heart, while they last. Sorrow seems to overwhelm them and balance is easily lost. It is a distinctive feature of the Rosicrucian teachings that pupils in the Western world must be given every dictum, so as to forestall criticism as much as possible, for it retards development every time it is indulged. The Rosicrucian teachings therefore aim to forestall questions at every point by giving reasons for every dictum, so that the critical mind may be weaned away from this attitude. We are ardently looking for the day and reign of Christ, the Friend of man; we do not know when He comes we shall be like Him. Adverse criticism and skepticism were not traits of His character and any things that will aid to eradicate these undesirable characteristics hastens the glad day of UNIVERSAL FRIENDSHIP. The reason has been given in SIMPLIFIED SCIENCE ASTROLOGY why the Ascen- dant rules the body as a whole; it (or its opposite) is the place of the [PAGE 599] Moon at conception. In the Bible angels are mentioned as heralds of birth and their lunar home is the focus whence the spirits enter our terrestrial sphere on their return to physical life. They fashion the etheric mould for our present instrument, and direct the growth of the fetus. Therefore the Ascendant and the Moon show the organic disabilities which lead to mental disorder. The congenital idiocy resulting from lack of proper adjustment between the vital body and the physical vehicle has been thoroughly de- scribed in the ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION, together with causes producing the same during prenatal life. Astrologically this condition is produced by an affliction of the Ascendant, that is to say, the Moon's place at concep- tion, which throws the angle of the stellar ray out of parallax to the mother's body and the physical vehicle is built in such a manner that the head of the vital body is several inches above the skull. Thus the nerve centers are askew, preventing the ego from properly controlling its instru- ment. This is one of the configuration which produce idiocy and St. Vitus' dance. Uranus and Neptune are especially concerned in producing this latter phenomenon. Saturn is the cause of melancholy and depression. Mars and Uranus pro- duce the muscular and violent forms of insanity. Horoscopes 13 and 14 il- lustrate these peculiarities. No. 13 also shows the connection between pu- berty and the mental state. Gemini is rising, with Taurus and Mars intercepted in the Six and Twelfth Houses, from whence come disease and [PAGE 600] confinement. The Moon is in Taurus, which rules the larynx; she is in con- junction with Neptune, square to Mercury, and Mars is in Scorpio, which rules the generative organs. There we have at once the tendencies to a dis- ease, which further accentuated by the fact that Neptune in Taurus squares the Sun in Leo, and Leo has rule over the heart, and is the prime factor in circulation upon which the life of the body depends; thus the threatened illness may be set down to trouble with the blood, produced by a nervous af- fection. Puberty occurs at the time when the Moon is in the opposite quar- ter from its place at birth. She entered Scorpio, the opposite of Taurus which held her at birth, at the time when the child was nearly twelve years of age. Up to that time the little girl had been bright, but the conjunc- tion with Mars in Scorpio precipitated the period and robbed the growing child of vitality sorely needed at that time. The initial periods were few, but left her depleted of strength to withstand the square to Mercury and the opposition of the Moon to its radical place. (The radical place of a planet is its position at birth.) This affliction of Mercury, the ruler, by Moon at birth, was thus excited and insanity showed itself in consequence. As the affliction comes from fixed signs, we may judge it will be impossible to overcome, and the best that can be done for the poor soul is to pray for the day of its release, that it may have a better chance in a future embodiment. [PAGE 601] No. 14 is the horoscope of a young man. The common sign, Gemini, is rising, the ruler, Mercury, is in the Eighth House, the house of death, and Uranus and the Moon are in opposition to Mercury. This configuration, is similar to that of No. 12, and has the same significance, namely, suicidal tendencies under nervous strain, and this augur is all the more dangerous as it comes from fixed signs. Mars and Neptune in Taurus give a desire for drink and the Sun in a watery sign accentuates this tendency. Under such circumstances the man has several times tried to end his life in a most ex- traordinary manner. Jupiter and Sagittarius, square to Saturn in Pisces, increases the looseness of his morals and makes him dishonest. He will forge and steal in order to satisfy his passion and craving for drink and questionable society. Leo on the Second House with Uranus and the Moon in close conjunction, shows that he spends what he gets in dissolute living. There is one redeeming feature in the horoscope: Venus in the Midheaven sextile to his ruler, and trine to the Moon. He has energy and artistic ability which, it is hoped, may in time rouse the better qualities and make him a man. But again we reiterate that with the affliction from fixed signs the obstacle is almost insurmountable. In conclusion the student's attention is directed to the Third and Ninth Houses, which will also have an influence on the mind. Planets therein act [PAGE 602] according to the intrinsic nature expressed in the key word of each. PULMONARY DISEASES: Horoscope No. 15 is the chart of a woman who, among other things, was afflicted with pulmonary trouble. Virgo is rising and Mercury, the ruler, is trine at birth, but unfortu- nately he is combust, a term which has been previously explained as the meaning that the heat of the Sun burns up the ray of any planet placed too close thereto. The disease was not congenital however, although the Moon was square to the Ascendant. But Virgo people, we have seen, are extremely fond of being sick. When once they have had a little pain, they magnify and nurse it and are loath to let it go. The square of Neptune in Aries to Uranus caused St. Vitus' dance at about the age of four years when the Moon reached the conjunction of Saturn (which is 21:15 Capricorn) and the opposi- tion to Uranus. This was the beginning of her illness. She afterwards re- garded herself as an invalid and nursed sickness. Saturn in opposition to Jupiter added to the trouble by restricting the arterial circulation. At the time of puberty the Moon was in Gemini in opposition to its place at birth. This excited the above mentioned square between the radical Moon and the Ascendant; it also caused the periods to be irregular and troublesome. The blood must have an outlet and the square of Neptune to Jupiter in Can- cer, which rules the stomach, causes hemorrhages when the Moon came into [PAGE 603] conjunction with the Dragon's Tail in Sagittarius (the opposite sign to Gemini), and the radical square of the Ascendant and the Moon were again ex- cited. Then also the lungs became affected. In April, 1909, the progressed Moon squared the natal positions of Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus. This in- imical force from the house of death, the Eighth, ended the life. As we feel that this cannot be reiterated too often, we repeat our in- junction to students never to let a patient know that there is any danger or that there is a crisis ahead. Particularly, please remember, PARTICULARLY, if it is a Virgo, for he has no chance at all if he knows what is coming. Horoscope No. 16 shows the natal configuration of an actress. Sagit- tarius is rising; Jupiter and the Moon are in close conjunction in Gemini, a mercurial sign, and are supported by a trine of the Sun; thus she had a most healthy constitution at birth, so far as the lung power is concerned. Mars and Mercury are also in an airy sign, giving energy to respiration and it thus seems as though this person were singularly well fortified against pul- monary trouble. But Saturn, Neptune and the Dragon's Tail in Taurus in the Sixth House, give a tendency to colds and contraction of the throat. Uranus in Virgo produces convulsive movements of the diaphragm and abdominal re- gion; he is square to Jupiter and the Moon, and thus we see how graphically the stellar script pictures the tendency to convulsive coughing and [PAGE 604] hemorrhages which nearly brought the young woman to an early grave when Mars, by progression, came into conjunction with the radical Sun and vivified the square to Saturn. We rejoice to say that the good aspects first mentioned enabled the young woman to weather the storm; but close at- tention to diet, regular living and above all absolute continence are re- quired to regain full physical strength, for there is much evidence to show that license played an important part in reducing the life forces and robbing her of the needed strength at the critical period. DISEASES OF THE STOMACH: Horoscope No. 17 presents a number of diseases, but all have their root in an insatiable appetite fostered by the fact that the person is a profes- sional chef. Venus in Taurus gives discrimination in food, and the sextile to Mercury in Cancer causes the mind to run in the direction of preparations wherewith to tickle the palate. But the Moon being ruler of Cancer, the rising sign, which has dominion over the stomach, shows that over-indulgences of the appetite will result disastrously. The distended stomach presses upon the heart, of which the Sun, our life-giver, is ruler. This planet is in Gemini, the sign which has dominion over the lungs, square to Mars in Pisces. Mars rules the iron in the blood and the Sun gives us oxygen, thus this square shows that the blood will lack in the life-giving element. The conjunction of the Sun with Uranus in Gemini produces spas- [PAGE 605] modic motion of the lungs and labored inspiration to obtain sufficient oxy- gen wherewith to supply the system; thus we have the condition called asth- ma. Saturn and Jupiter are in Virgo which rules the abdomen, square to the Sun and Uranus in Gemini, showing a lack of circulation and a tendency to ulcerous growths, and there is a general lack of nutrition in the whole sys- tem because of the great energy required to eliminate waste from the enor- mous quantities of food which this person consumes. Sad to say, however, persons in that occupation protest that they cannot help tasting, and that in spite of all ills they must eat to excess. It were wiser of course, to see another profession and train the system to moderation. In horoscope No. 18 we have the natal configurations of another chef; they are similar to those delineated in No. 17. Cancer, the sign of the stomach, is rising, with Mars and the Sun close to the Ascendant; thus the forces of this individual will be directed principally toward the stomach, and the opposition of the Moon shows disastrous results which eventually re- sulted from gratifying his ravenous appetite. The Sun is life and motion, Mars is dynamic energy, and the excessive activity centered in the stomach to take care of digestion causes this organ to be inflamed. Nature is not a jerry-builder; she builds substantially and well, or our bodies could never stand the abuse we give them as well as they do, but even the healthiest [PAGE 606] organism must give way in time under such dreadful strain. As indicated by the Sun and Mars, an ulcer developed from the internal heat, ate through the stomach and relieved the poor soul of its misused body. Neptune in Taurus, the sign of the palate, was of course also a contributing factor. It is not to be supposed however, that anyone who has Cancer rising or many planets in Cancer, is necessarily going to die of the disease to which that name has been given, but it would be the part of wisdom to train children with such conditions to abstain from overeating, for it is a truism that more people die from overeating than from starvation. DISEASES OF THE HEART: As the heart is the seat of physical life, it natural ruler is the Sun. The solar sign is Leo. But it is a mistake to think that palpitation of the heart is necessarily shown by an affliction to the sign Leo. Indeed, there are many cases where overindulgence of the appetite indicated by the sign Cancer distends the stomach, which presses upon the heart producing what the person then believes to be heart trouble. This was the case in horoscopes Nos. 17 and 18; both believed their heart trouble to be the primal cause of the illness under which they were suffering, while in reality it was only one of the effects. But No. 3 shows a case of organic weakness of the heart. The Sun is at home in the fixed sign Leo and receives a square from Saturn the reaper; [PAGE 607] thus it is evident that the heart was a weak link in the constitution and would cause trouble in time, unless care was taken. Unfortunately of course, parents knew less about Astrology a generation ago than today, when the science is coming to the fore. The energy of which this horoscope is full, was allowed to spend itself unrestrained with no thought given to com- ing disaster. Venus and Jupiter, the planets ruling the venous and arterial circula- tion, are in opposition. Venus is in Gemini the sign of the lungs, and when the Sun progressed to the square of Venus' radical place, and Uranus tran- sited the Sixth House, illness began; breathing became labored as indicated by the square of the life-giver to the lungs. Uranus in opposition to his natal place in Cancer produced the convulsive movement known as the stomach cough, and thus for years this illness robbed the man of vital energy; but these afflictions passed and because of attention to right living the system has been left none the worse for the experience. Moreover, the suffering of the soul has resulted in growth that he might not otherwise have obtained. Horoscope No. 19 shows another case of heart disease. The Sun and Neptune are conjunct in the Eighth House, in opposition to Mars. As this conjunction is in the sign Gemini and in the house of death, it is easy to see the portent. The dynamic energy of Mars tears everything to pieces, ac- celerates motion, causes palpitation etc. The Sun and Neptune in Gemini [PAGE 608] shows a likelihood of a hemorrhage of the lungs, resulting from over activ- ity of the heart. The Moon and Saturn in Leo show the obstructed passage of the blood, for the keynote of Saturn is obstruction and retardation: thus the valves of the heart become leaky and the backward flow of the blood called regurgitation takes place. Leo also rules the spinal cord and malefic configurations there may pro- duce hunchback and kindred disabilities. Horoscope No. 20 is the figure of a beautiful boy, well formed and healthy, who became afflicted with curvature of the spine. Here we find the Moon in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail in the Twelfth House, square to Saturn and Uranus in Scorpio. At five and one half years of age the Moon had progressed to the square of its own place; this and the conjunction with Saturn and Uranus in Scorpio, brought on his affliction. After enduring eight years of torture he died, having been taken from one free dispensary to another and used by the doctors to practice on. Each doctor tried anew cure. He was plaster casts for years but to no purpose. The mothers is represented by Neptune in conjunction with Mars, careless and of dissolute habits; she was glad of the opportunity to place the boy anywhere in order to shirk the responsibility of caring for him. The boy died when the Moon had progressed to an opposition of its own place; it was also then in square to Uranus and Saturn. [PAGE 609] DISEASES OF THE KIDNEYS: The kidneys are ruled by Libra and Scorpio both. That is to say, the functional activity of secretion of urine comes from Libra, but the bladder and urethra through which elimination takes place are ruled by Scorpio. Re- nal stones and gravel would result from an affliction to Libra, for they are formed int he peduncle of the kidneys. These would also result from an af- fliction to Scorpio, causing faulty elimination and consequent retention of calcareous matter in the system. Diseases of the ureters are under Libra. Horoscopes Nos. 3 and 21 are examples of how the stars indicate diseases of the kidneys. In both cases Saturn is in or near an angle and square to the Sun, and in his sign of exaltation. Libra, which rules the kidneys, is also elevated. This latter point may not be apparent to beginners who look at No. 3 and find Saturn, as they would say, DOWN in the Fourth House, but the nadir of the birth place in Midheaven or Zenith of an opposite point on earth, and planets at either of these points are found to have an added power. In the two examples mentioned, Saturn, the planet of obstruction, pre- vents secretion of urine but does not interfere with elimination of that which has been secreted. But in horoscope No. 8 where he is posited in the sign Scorpio square to Mercury, we have a case where the formation of gravel and renal stones is shown to result from incomplete elimination. A person [PAGE 610] with such a configuration ought to be extremely careful not to drink hard water, for this may cause a painful ailment. Only filtered water should be used for purposes of cooking and drinking. Sour milk, buttermilk and grape juice are great solvents. We may further to say that to boil water will not soften it, and the fur which gathers in the tea kettle where hard water has been boiled is no evidence to the contrary, for that scaly formation was ob- tained from the water which evaporated; what remains in the kettle for use is as hard as ever. In horoscope No. 7 we find Saturn in Scorpio square to Mars. Saturn pro- duces the obstruction of the blood known as hemorrhoids, and the dynamic en- ergy of Mars causes rupture of the congested places, thus we have the pain- ful bleeding well known to so many sufferers. As a secondary result constipation adds to the malady, because persons afflicted with the first named disease shrink from the added pain of the stool, and do not respond to nature's call. A prolonged rest seems to be the only physical means which is really effective. Nature however, will be very much aided by proper os- teopathic manipulations, and a diet consisting principally of milk. ACCIDENTS TO HIPS AND ARMS: Sagittarius rising, or in the Sixth or Twelfth House is responsible for broken bones and accidents. Under the chapter on the Dragon's Tail we saw how the person described in horoscope No. 6 fell upon the ice and broke her [PAGE 611] hip. No. 21 has even stronger indications of accidents and probably the life will end in an untoward manner. Sagittarius is rising, Saturn is ex- alted in the Midheaven exactly square to the Sun, and Neptune is elevated at the nadir also squaring the Moon; thus both luminaries are afflicted. As the Sun is lord of the house of death these auguries presage an untimely end. The only hope lies in the sextile of Jupiter to the Sun which gives hair-breadth escapes. This man's life has been jeopardized many times in railroad wrecks, automobile accidents, etc., but although he has thus been near the gate of death many times, the benefic ray of Jupiter has so far preserved his life and no bones have yet been broken. The woman described in horoscope No. 22 has not been so fortunate; her arms and legs have been accidentally broken several times, for Mars and the Moon are in Sagittarius in the Twelfth House, also in opposition to Jupiter. The Sun and Mercury are in the Eighth House in opposition to Neptune and these planets are square the first mentioned positions. Saturn, her ruler, is square to Venus so that she attracts accidents and never escapes being hurt. DISEASES OF THE LIMBS: In horoscope No. 7 we find Mars in Aquarius square to Saturn, and from this affliction it is evident that there is an obstruction of the blood in the lower limbs, which produces varicose veins. Horoscope No. 17 shows Mars [PAGE 612] in the sign Pisces in opposition to Saturn and Jupiter. It is the nature of Saturn to obstruct, and his conjunction with Jupiter shows that the circula- tion is poor. Mars in Pisces produces heat, inflammation and swelling of the feet, because of the stagnated blood. We have already seen that the person there described is gluttonously inclined, and therefore it is no won- der that stagnation of the blood produces such painful afflictions as indi- cated by these configurations. The remedy of course if self-evident; it is moderation. CHART #1: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 6:07 VIRGO SUN: 24:47 VIRGO SATURN: 15:27 SCORPIO MC: 0 GEMINI MOON: 24:32 CAPRICORN URANUS: 21:29 SCORPIO 11H: 6 CANCER MERCURY: 20:28 LIBRA NEPTUNE: 20:18 GEMINI 12H: 9 LEO VENUS: 13:09 LIBRA DRAGON'S TAIL: 22:44 LEO 2H: 28 VIRGO MARS: 17:03 GEMINI 3H: 26 LIBRA JUPITER: 27:40 LEO CHART #2: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 20:36 GEMINI SUN: 14:00 ARIES SATURN: 9:06R LIBRA MC: 24 AQUARIUS MOON: 9:55 SCORPIO URANUS: 9:44R SCORPIO 11H: 25 PISCES MERCURY: 9:45R ARIES NEPTUNE: 9:04 GEMINI 12H: 7 TAURUS VENUS: 6:30 ARIES 2H: 10 CANCER MARS: 3:56 GEMINI 3H: 0 LEO JUPITER: 2:03 TAURUS [PAGE 613] CHART #3: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 6:41 LEO SUN: 0:14 LEO SATURN: 24:07 LIBRA MC: 10 ARIES MOON: 4:54 LEO URANUS: 1:36 CANCER 11H: 21 TAURUS MERCURY: 20:58 LEO NEPTUNE: 10:35R ARIES 12H: 5 CANCER VENUS: 14:44 GEMINI DRAGON'S HEAD: 25:27 LIBRA 2H: 21 LEO MARS: 5:53 VIRGO PART OF FORTUNE: 11:31 LEO 3H: 12 VIRGO JUPITER: 20:03R SAGITTARIUS CHART #4: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 2:41 GEMINI SUN: 10:25 SAGITTARIUS SATURN: 27:22R TAURUS MC: 9 AQUARIUS MOON: 10:08 CAPRICORN URANUS: 9:27R TAURUS 11H: 7 PISCES MERCURY: 16:13R SAGITTARIUS DRAGON'S TAIL: 10:24 12H: 16 ARIES VENUS: 26:50 CAPRICORN SAGITTARIUS 2H: 26 GEMINI MARS: 6:48 VIRGO 3H: 17 CANCER JUPITER: 0:10 SAGITTARIUS [PAGE 614] CHART #5: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 26:20 GEMINI SUN: 16:10 ARIES SATURN: 11:42 GEMINI MC: 10 PISCES MOON: 4:53 SAGITTARIUS URANUS: 14:58 TAURUS 11H: 13 ARIES MERCURY: 18:50 PISCES NEPTUNE: 16:48 PISCES 12H: 21 TAURUS VENUS: 13:17 TAURUS PROGRESSED SUN: 11:28 2H: 19 CANCER MARS: 16:56 ARIES GEMINI 3H: 12 LEO JUPITER: 24:30 AQUARIUS PROGRESSED MOON: 16:30 CAPRICORN CHART #6: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 4:49 CANCER SUN: 12:30 PISCES SATURN: 22:23R LIBRA MC: 12 PISCES MOON: 12:08 TAURUS URANUS: 27:26 AQUARIUS 11H: 9 ARIES MERCURY: 24:44R PISCES NEPTUNE: 2:54 AQUARIUS 12H: 28 TAURUS VENUS: 25:45 CAPRICORN 2H: 24 CANCER MARS: 5:25 CANCER 3H: 16 LEO JUPITER: 3:45 GEMINI [PAGE 615] CHART #7: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 15:26 ARIES SUN: 9:05 PISCES SATURN: 12:16R SCORPIO MC: 8 CAPRICORN MOON: 28:07 LEO URANUS: 29:36 GEMINI 11H: 0 AQUARIUS MERCURY: 9:05 PISCES NEPTUNE: 9:08 PISCES 12H: 29 AQUARIUS VENUS: 10:36 PISCES DRAGON'S HEAD: 13:39 ARIES 2H: 22 TAURUS MARS: 10:12 AQUARIUS 3H: 17 GEMINI JUPITER: 23:21 CAPRICORN CHART #8: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 23:14 LEO SUN: 19:45 CANCER SATURN: 17:32R SCORPIO MC: 17 TAURUS MOON: 3:22 SAGITTARIUS URANUS: 9:19 CANCER 11H: 21 GEMINI MERCURY: 14:53 LEO NEPTUNE: 15:05 ARIES 12H: 24 CANCER VENUS: 29:36 GEMINI 2H: 16 VIRGO MARS: 11:57 VIRGO 3H: 14 LIBRA JUPITER: 7:09R PISCES [PAGE 616] CHART #9: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 21:10 SCORPIO SUN: 22:50 TAURUS SATURN: 16:36 TAURUS MC: 12 VIRGO MOON: 6:22 ARIES URANUS: 14:27R VIRGO 11H: 12 LIBRA MERCURY: 6:03 GEMINI NEPTUNE: 16:31 TAURUS 12H: 7 SCORPIO VENUS: 13:30 GEMINI 2H: 21 SAGITTARIUS MARS: 2:45 LEO 3H: 2 AQUARIUS JUPITER: 5:01 GEMINI CHART #10: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 21:50 SAGITTARIUS SUN: 18:33 LIBRA SATURN: 10:34R TAURUS MC: 15 LIBRA MOON: 10:45 GEMINI URNAUS: 16:17 VIRGO 11H: 11 SCORPIO MERCURY: 12:34 SCORPIO NEPTUNE: 15:53R TAURUS 12H: 2 SAGITTARIUS VENUS: 17:05 VIRGO DRAGON'S TAIL: 11:38 2H: 28 CAPRICORN MARS: 7:38 CANCER GEMINI 3H: 9 PISCES JUPITER: 25:04R TAURUS [PAGE 617] CHART #11: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 23:31 LIBRA SUN: 9:80 TAURUS SATURN: 14:51 TAURUS MC: 28 CANCER MOON: 2:19 LIBRA URANUS: 14:38R SCORPIO 11H: 1 VIRGO MERCURY: 6:45 TAURUS NEPTUNE: 16:00 TAURUS 12H: 0 LIBRA VENUS: 22:37 TAURUS DRAGON'S HEAD: 1:02 2H: 21 SCORPIO MARS: 25:36 CANCER SAGITTARIUS 3H: 23 SAGITTARIUS JUPITER: 1:25 GEMINI CHART #12: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 14:52 CAPRICORN SUN: 28:33 VIRGO SATURN: 26:13 VIRGO MC: 9 SCORPIO MOON: 2:51 VIRGO URANUS: 22:44 GEMINI 11H: 2 SAGITTARIUS MERCURY: 21:40 LIBRA NEPTUNE: 2:33R ARIES 12H: 23 SAGITTARIUS VENUS: 8:27 VIRGO 2H: 27 AQUARIUS MARS: 16:44R ARIES 3H: 8 ARIES JUPITER: 4:45 LIBRA [PAGE 618] CHART #13: HOUSE CUSPS: PLANETS: ASC: 10:57 GEMINI SUN: 29:02 LEO SATURN: 18:04 CANCER MC: 17 AQUARIUS MOON: 21:36 TAURUS URANUS: 5:43 LIBRA 11H: 17 PISCES MERCURY: 19:05R LEO NEPTUNE: 27:49 TAURUS 12H: 27 ARIES VENUS: 3:01 LEO 2H: 3 CANCER MARS: 0:08 SCORPIO 3H: 24 CANCER JUPITER: 6:16 LIBRA CHART #14: ASC: 24:16 GEMINI SUN: 17:47 PISCES SATURN: 0:56 PISCES MC: 18 ARIES MOON: 20:02 LEO URANUS: 16:46 LEO 11H: 14 TAURUS MERCURY: 20:25 AQUARIUS NEPTUNE: 1:09 TAURUS 12H: 5 GEMINI VENUS: 26:25 ARIES 2H: 2 LEO MARS: 6:43 TAURUS 3H: 13 VIRGO JUPITER: 1:52 SAGITTARIUS [PAGE 619] CHART #15: ASC: 3:33 VIRGO SUN: 5:47 TAURUS URANUS: 27:21 CANCER MC: 29 TAURUS MOON: 5:02 SAGITTARIUS NEPTUNE: 24:14 ARIES 11H: 3 CANCER MERCURY: 4:22R TAURUS PROGRESSED SUN: 11 GEMINI 12H: 5 LEO VENUS: 14:06 VENUS PROGRESSED MOON: 20:29 ARIES 2H: 27 VIRGO MARS: 11:11 TAURUS PROGRESSED ASC: 2:37 LIBRA 3H: 25 LIBRA JUPITER: 22:22 CANCER PROGRESSED M.C.: 3 CANCER CHART #16: ASC: 1:44 SAGITTARIUS SUN: 27:10 AQUARIUS SATURN: 19:56 TAURUS MC: 20 VIRGO MOON: 18:50 GEMINI URANUS: 22:18R VIRGO 11H: 19 LIBRA MERCURY: 8:13R AQUARIUS NEPTUNE: 16:10 TAURUS 12H: 12 SCORPIO VENUS: 10:35 CAPRICORN 2H: 3 CAPRICORN MARS: 10:22 AQUARIUS 3H: 12 AQUARIUS JUPITER: 21:21 GEMINI [PAGE 620] CHART #17: ASC: 28:47 CANCER SUN: 22:54 GEMINI SATURN: 16:26 VIRGO MC: 5 ARIES MOON: 20:47 CAPRICORN URANUS: 16:43 GEMINI 11H: 13 TAURUS MERCURY: 15:02 CANCER NEPTUNE: 3:44 ARIES 12H: 25 GEMINI VENUS: 10:39 TAURUS 2H: 15 LEO MARS: 16:05 PISCES 3H: 6 VIRGO JUPITER: 18:50 VIRGO CHART #18: ASC: 7:18 CANCER SUN: 8:06 CANCER SATURN: 13:16R AQUARIUS MC: 4 PISCES MOON: 12:22 CAPRICORN URANUS: 5:35 LEO 11H: 7 ARIES MERCURY: 9:40 LEO NEPTUNE: 0:31 TAURUS 12H: 11 TAURUS VENUS: 10:04 LEO 2H: 23 CANCER MARS: 9:42 CANCER 3H: 11 LEO JUPITER: 24:20 VIRGO [PAGE 621] CHART #19: ASC: 21:36 LIBRA SUN: 4:19 GEMINI SATURN: 27:38 LEO MC: 0 LEO MOON: 19:11 LEO URANUS: 23:08R LIBRA 11H: 5 VIRGO MERCURY: 11:10 GEMINI NEPTUNE: 4:15 GEMINI 12H: 1 LIBRA VENUS: 28:28 GEMINI 2H: 17 SCORPIO MARS: 7:10R SAGITTARIUS 3H: 20 SAGITTARIUS JUPITER: 12:07 AQUARIUS CHART #20: ASC: 13:35 VIRGO SUN: 10:46 LIBRA SATURN: 17:04 SCORPIO MC: 12 GEMINI MOON: 23:14 LEO URANUS: 22:14 SCORPIO 11H: 13 CANCER MERCURY: 21:54R LIBRA NEPTUNE: 20:17R GEMINI 12H: 16 LEO VENUS: 3:50 SCORPIO DRAGON'S HEAD: 21:53 2H: 10 LIBRA MARS: 23:53 GEMINI AQUARIUS 3H: 10 SCORPIO JUPITER: 1:00 VIRGO [PAGE 622] CHART #21: ASC: 26:51 SAGITTARIUS SUN: 17:26 CAPRICORN SATURN: 17:45 LIBRA MC: 20 LIBRA MOON: 5:16 CAPRICORN URANUS: 22:06R GEMINI 11H: 16 SCORPIO MERCURY: 6:30 AQUARIUS NEPTUNE: 3:18 ARIES 12H: 7 SAGITTARIUS VENUS: 2:53 SAGITTARIUS 2H: 5 AQUARIUS MARS: 15:54 SAGITTARIUS 3H: 16 PISCES JUPITER: 21:41 SCORPIO CHART #22: ASC: 4:17 CAPRICORN SUN: 22:24 VIRGO SATURN: 8:18 LEO MC: 17 SCORPIO MOON: 26:26 SAGITTARIUS URANUS: 3:20R GEMINI 11H: 5 SAGITTARIUS MERCURY: 21:00R VIRGO NEPTUNE: 22:00 PISCES 12H: 19 SAGITTARIUS VENUS: 8:03 SCORPIO 2H: 0 PISCES MARS: 18:59 SAGITTARIUS 3H: 20 ARIES JUPITER: 20:37 GEMINI [PAGE 623] NO. 23.--INSANITY AND SPIRIT CONTROL: CHART #23: [FLAT CHART] ASC: 0 ARIES SUN: 21:15 PISCES SATURN: 19:20 CAPRICORN MC: 0 CAPRICORN MOON: 16:37 ARIES URANUS: 27:24R LEO 11H: 0 AQUARIUS MERCURY: 21:50 PISCES NEPTUNE: 22:31 ARIES 12H: 0 PISCES VENUS: 18:48 AQUARIUS 2H: 0 TAURUS MARS: 7:17 ARIES 3H: 0 GEMINI JUPITER: 19:53 CANCER In judging this horoscope we look first to the mentality, as this is al- ways the most important factor in the treatment of a patient. Mercury and the Moon are the two principal factors in determining this point, though, of course, all the planets have their bearing on that as well as on any other subject. Here we find that Mercury is combust and that it is with the Sun in the Common sign, Pisces. That in itself is not a very good augur; we further find that the Moon is in conjunction with Neptune in Aries, that [PAGE 624] it is square to both Saturn and Jupiter, and that therefore the mind must be of a weak and unstable nature. Mars, the Moon and Neptune in Aries would be in themselves make a person erratic, but when we find, as here, that Luna is square to Jupiter, the planet of religion, also to Saturn, the planet of ob- struction and negation, it naturally causes a very evil condition. The op- position of Jupiter to Saturn shows that whatever desire for religion Jupi- ter might engender, would always be opposed by the influence of Saturn, who would counsel "Don't, don't," causing the person to deride what he or she really wants to believe. It is a common experience that that which we can- not understand, appears chaotic and erratic to our minds. Neptune is the planet of fear and chaos to us, for the human race has not learned to live up to its high vibrations, and this, with the Moon, square to Uranus makes that chaotic mental state which we find in this circle. To offset this in- fluence there is the trine of Jupiter, the planet of religion, to both the Sun and Mercury; but even this influence there is the trine of Jupiter, the planet of religion, to both the Sun and Mercury; but even this influence will not be able to break the condition entirely, though there is no doubt this great redeeming power has had an effect is staving off the evil day when the mind will break down entirely. As usual, the marching orbs in their circling dance come to a point where the string of each aspect is touched which them produces the tome of either harmony or discord that im- pels us to actions which we call good or evil; so also in this case. The time marked on the clock of destiny by the hand of God was April, 1913; [PAGE 625] then the lunation fell in conjunction with the radical Moon in Aries. This naturally excited the radical square to Saturn and Jupiter, also their op- position, and thus the climax was precipitated; the person became violently insane. We may look for the immediate cause the precipitated that calamity to the radical position of Neptune and Uranus. These, the octaves of Mercury and Venus, in a square position will always bring the person in contact with spirits who have left the body, or who have never inhabited a body such as we have at the present time. During aspects like the above, they would have an excellent chance to use this poor person as a tool for their nefarious practices, for naturally those spirits which come under a square are not what we would call good in any respect; they have no benevolent designs for helping their victim, no matter what they may profess in that direction. The question them comes: What can we do for a person in that condition? We have a good aspect to the Moon and Neptune, which is the sextile of Ve- nus. Neptune rules music--classical string music in particular--and Venus in Aquarius gives the person a love of just that kind of music, which will soothe the mind. This configuration also gives a love of bright colors and sunshine which will help to tone the system. She should not be allowed books, but should have a complete rest from all mental effort, the brightest conversation possible, and a vegetarian diet. With these there is a [PAGE 626] probability that the evil configuration may be overcome and the person re- stored to mental health, though that will never be robust. NO. 24.--HEART TROUBLE, INSUFFICIENT OXYGENATION, EYE TROUBLE, DEATH CHART #24: ASC: 16:07 SAGITTARIUS SUN: 24:43 ARIES SATURN: 7:26 GEMINI MC: 6 LIBRA MOON: 6:13 SAGITTARIUS URANUS: 24:57R VIRGO 11H: 4 SCORPIO MERCURY: 10:07 TAURUS NEPTUNE: 19:48 TAURUS 12H: 26 SCORPIO VENUS: 9:26 GEMINI 2H: 20 CAPRICORN MARS: 8:04 LEO 3H: 0 PISCES JUPITER: 25:28 CANCER GOOD ASPECTS: Mars trine the Moon, sextile Saturn; Uranus trine Neptune; Jupiter sextile Neptune and Uranus. BAD ASPECTS: The Moon conjunction Antares, opposition Saturn and Venus; the Sun conjunction Dragon's Tail, square Jupiter; Mercury square Mars. [PAGE 627] The Moon on the Ascendant in Sagittarius makes the patient restless and unstable, but not shiftless, because the Moon is also trine to Mars. This gives her much more energy than usually possessed by Sagittarians. Even the opposition of the Moon to Saturn and Venus, which robs life of its joys and makes her melancholy, is, in a certain sense, help; it gives her a persis- tence and resistance that will not allow her to give in to disease. Mercury square Mars shows that she has a very quick temper, and as Mercury is in Taurus, the sign of voice, the unfortunate characteristic will find expres- sion in an unbridled tongue. This will hurt her very seriously from a physical standpoint (not to speak of the even more deplorable spiritual in- juries), for Mars is in Leo, the sign of the heart, and that always predis- poses to palpitation. He is sextile to Saturn, but even good aspects to Saturn are physically inimical. The sun, which is ruler of the heart, is in conjunction with the saturnine Dragon's Tail. The nerves also are affected by the square of Mars to Mercury, hence the heart is far from normally bal- anced, and the outbursts of temper which this person is apt to indulge in on the slightest provocation may cause heart failure at some time, by putting an undue strain on this organ and interfering with the already sluggish cir- culation, which is shown by the square of Jupiter to the Sun and the Dragon's Tail, also by the conjunction of Venus with Saturn, and their op- position to the Moon; Jupiter and Venus being governors respectively of the [PAGE 628] arterial and venous circulations. The head is particularly congested because the Sun conjunction the satur- nine Dragon's Tail occurs in Aries, the sign of the head, and Saturn, the planet of obstruction, is in Gemini, the sign of the lungs, in conjunction with Venus. This shows interference with the circulation of the venous blood in the lungs. The Moon, which governs the tidal air, is in opposi- tion, showing that an insufficient amount of air is inspired into the lungs to cleanse the blood of its poisonous carbon dioxide, and the presence of Saturn shows a hardening of the tissues, which is apt to develop into tuber- culosis. You will also notice that Jupiter, the ruler of the Ascendant, is in the Eight House square to the Sun and the saturnine Dragon's Tail in the Fourth House, and all are in Cardinal signs. This is a strong testimony of an accidental death, and Mars in the Eighth House, in the sign Leo, which rules the heart, shows that hemorrhages may be the cause which will end the physical life. If this person had been taken hold of in time and taught self-control, this serious condition could probably have been avoided; even now a frank statement concerning the great danger that undue excitement may cause, should help her govern her temper, and thus lengthen life. The Moon conjunction Antares, and opposition to Saturn shows that the eyes are in danger also, and Saturn in Gemini, which is a mercurial sign, [PAGE 629] shows nervous affection. The conjunction with Venus would suggest a conges- tion of the muscles of the eyes, which may be greatly relieved by osteo- pathic treatment. A healer with Leo rising, and Saturn not in Gemini, would be best able to handle the case. NO. 25--HEART TROUBLE, TUBERCULOSIS, KIDNEYS CHART #25: ASC: 21:28 VIRGO SUN: 18:49 LEO SATURN: 9:40 VIRGO MC: 21 GEMINI MOON: 26:15 LIBRA URANUS: 15:41 GEMINI 11H: 22 CANCER MERCURY: 0:02 LEO NEPTUNE: 1:17R ARIES 12H: 23 LEO VENUS: 13:37 VIRGO DRAGON'S TAIL: 11:38 2H: 18 LIBRA MARS: 23:58 LEO GEMINI 3H: 19 SCORPIO JUPITER: 3:26 VIRGO We judge first the mental calibre of our patient. Four Common signs are on the angles, and this at once describes the nature as weak and vacillat- ing. Mercury square the Moon further accentuates this wavering and [PAGE 630] flightiness of her mind, and Saturn conjunction Venus and Jupiter in the Twelfth House robs life of its joy, making this woman subject to melancholy and morbid fear. This characteristic is somewhat ameliorated by the sextile of the Sun to Uranus, which fosters altruism, and the trine of Mercury to Neptune, which gives spiritual perception, thus aiding to dispel gloom by directing the mind from sorrows which are but fleeting, to the eternal verities. To sum up, she is prone to be either "down in the dumps," or "up in the air," and it is necessary to strive to cure her of both depression and elation, which are alike harmful. Equipoise must be cultivated to aid in attaining and maintaining health. Were Fixed signs on the angles this would be next to impossible, but with Common signs there she is more adapt- able and reachable. Regarding the ailments to which this woman is subject, we note first Uranus in high elevation, conjunction the Dragon's Tail, whose influence is saturnine, that is to say, obstructive, crystallizing, and hardening. Both are in the airy sign Gemini, which governs the lungs, and square to Saturn in the Twelfth House, which denotes confinement-in prison, hospitals or upon a sickbed. This gives us at once the key to the trouble. Sometimes the tidal air is almost stopped by the Dragon's Tail and the square of Saturn; Uranus prevents asphyxiation by the conclusive movement of the lungs knows as coughing, which clears away the obstruction and enables the heart to [PAGE 631] again circulate the blood. The blood is unable to throw off its poisonous carbonic acid because of the obstructive power of the Dragon's Tail in Gemini, and the square of Sat- urn to Uranus in the sign of the lungs. The arterial and venous circula- tions are also impeded by the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus with Saturn, hence, malnutrition and carbonic acid poisoning are in evidence. The hard- ening of the lungs and consequent cough, label the case as tuberculosis. Elimination of urine is retarded by the square of Mercury to the Moon, which is in the latter part of Libra, the sign of the kidneys. Mercury gov- erns the sensory nerves, while Mars rules the motor nerves and muscles. Mars is in good aspect, showing that the mechanical apparatus is in good condition, but that the trouble is nervous. This may be alleviated by ma- nipulations, and so may the sluggishness of the bowels indicated by Saturn in Virgo. The Mars hour would be the best time, the Sun hour next. Besides this treatment dry rubs with coarse gloves will stimulate the skin and aid in eliminating carbonic acid from the system. Whole wheat bread toasted, plenty of fresh milk given while still warm (for them it contains the maximum quantity of the ether which is so necessary to restore the vital body), and as much green uncooked food as the patient can take should be given, for that also contains a maximum of ether. Onions are particularly [PAGE 632] valuable nerve-builders. A person with Taurus rising, whose Saturn is not in the degrees included within the patient's First or Sixth House, will make the best healer for this patient. NO. 26--TUBERCULOSIS ASC: 8:56 VIRGO SUN: 5:01 TAURUS SATURN: 8:33 GEMINI MC: 5 GEMINI MOON: 24:09 ARIES URANUS: 24:35R VIRGO 11H: 10 CANCER MERCURY: 25:20 TAURUS NEPTUNE: 2:09 TAURUS 12H: 12 LEO VENUS: 20:16 GEMINI 2H: 3 LIBRA MARS: 11:35 LEO 3H: 2 SCORPIO JUPITER: 26:22 CANCER GOOD ASPECTS: Uranus trine Mercury and Neptune, Moon sextile Venus; Sat- urn sextile Mars. BAD ASPECTS: Moon conjunction Dragon's Tail; (Dragon's Tail: 22-33 Aries); Moon square Jupiter; Sun square Mars; Uranus square Venus. [PAGE 633] This is the horoscope of our friend, James Casey, who wrote such helpful articles in the "RAYS." He passed into the invisible worlds in June, 1918, and as he has no relatives connected with our society who might read this diagnosis and feel badly on that account, he gave us permission to use if for the benefit of his fellows. He was born on April 24, 1884, 2:00 P.M., in Harlem, Iowa, and became afflicted with tuberculosis while living in Den- ver, Colo., the Mecca for all who are afflicted with this disease. You will notice that Saturn, the planet of crystallization and obstruc- tion, is placed in Gemini, the sign which rules the lungs, and although Sat- urn is the highest elevated planet in the horoscope, besides being unafflicted there is always a weak spot in the anatomy where he is found. The hot, inflammatory and disruptive Mars is in Leo, the sign which governs the heart, square to the Sun, which is ruler of Leo, in the sign Taurus, which governs the throat and all the passages there. This is a configura- tion which usually produces fevers, inflammation, wounds and hemorrhages. Thus there was a tendency in the system toward tuberculosis, and you will furthermore notice that there are four Common, flexible signs on the angles, the Sixth House sign, Virgo, being on the Ascendant with the spasmodic Uranus afflicting Venus, the ruler of the venous circulation, which is placed in Gemini, the sign ruling the lungs. Uranus gives a tendency to coughs and spasms, so you see that the condition is very well outlined in the horoscope. The four common signs show that when he became subject to [PAGE 634] illness the Virgo nature was too weak to throw it off and he simply made up his mind that he was going to die from it, hence there was no help. If he had been able to throw off the feeling of impending death and to struggle against the sickness there is no doubt that with this horoscope he could have overcome. For a more detailed analysis of the conditions which resulted in death, see pages 477-480. NO. 27--ADENOIDS AND CONSTIPATION In this figure the planets occur in four groups: Neptune is in conjunc- tion with Mars, Saturn in conjunction with Uranus, Mercury in conjunction with the Sun, and Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon. The last two groups are also squaring each other. Venus is alone and forms a trine to Jupiter. Note also that the Sun is parallel to Neptune and Mercury, and Venus is par- allel to Mars. [PAGE 635] ASC: 22 ARIES SUN: 5:23 SAGITTARIUS SATURN: 23:25 SCORPIO MC: 11 CAPRICORN MOON: 3:55 VIRGO URANUS: 25:29 SCORPIO 11H: 2 AQUARIUS MERCURY: 5:06 SAGITTARIUS NEPTUNE: 19:17 GEMINI 12H: 2 PISCES VENUS: 11:25 CAPRICORN 2H: 29 TAURUS MARS: 24:53 GEMINI 3H: 21 GEMINI JUPITER: 9:01 VIRGO This is the horoscope of a young woman born Nov. 27th, 1896, 2:15 P.M., Tacoma Wash. We note first that there are Cardinal signs on the angles, showing her to be active in nature. But she acts more from impulse than from reason. This characteristic is shown by the fact that the Moon is [PAGE 636] square to Mercury and the Sun. Naturally as both the Moon and Mercury are significators of mind, any inharmonious aspects between them are detrimen- tal. Add to this the further fact that Mercury is combust or burned up by its close proximity to the Sun, and it is very evident that we may expect to do very little with the person by reason. This does not mean that she is of evil mental disposition; she is quite the reverse, as shown by the conjunc- tion of the Moon with the planet of benevolence, Jupiter, and the trine be- tween this last named planet and Venus, the planet of love and pleasure. The trouble for which this young woman has consulted us is adenoids, which cause extreme difficulty in breathing. The condition is very clearly shown in the horoscope. When we remember that afflictions in one sign al- ways give a reflex action in the opposite, we shall readily understand that Saturn, the planet of obstruction, in conjunction with Uranus, the planet of spasmodic action in the sign Scorpio, is certain to interfere with the rhythmic breath through the Taurus region comprising the throat and lower part of the head. Furthermore, Scorpio also governs the nose, as you will realize when you remember that the most prominent feature of the true Scor- pio person is a aquiline of generous dimensions. Thus an afflicted Saturn located in Scorpio, which causes an obstructed rectal region and constipa- tion, also at the same time gives a tendency to throat trouble and obstruc- tion of the nasal passages. [PAGE 637] In the case of this patient we find the condition aggravated by the square of the Sun and Mercury to the Moon and Jupiter. The Sun and Mercury being placed in Sagittarius are therefore active in the opposite sign Gemini, which governs the lungs, and as the Moon governs the tidal air in the lungs the square of these planets will naturally affect the breathing. Now for the remedy; it seems far-fetched to attempt to rectify an ob- struction in the throat by working on the anus. Nevertheless, Saturn, the planet of obstruction, conjoined with Uranus, the planet of spasmodic action in Scorpio, shows that at certain times the sphincter muscles of the anus are so tightly closed that it is impossible for the diaphragm to move. Un- der ordinary conditions there is an in-breathing through the anys which regulates the air pressure in the bowels, a fact that is not generally known, but when the sphincter muscles are congested by a configuration of so severe a nature as this one, this automatic regulation stops and the diaphragm is then unable to work with the necessary freedom; therefore the lungs are deprived of the necessary tidal flow of air. So, to relieve this condition an adjustable mechanical dilator should be used. It should be noted that THERE ARE TWO SPHINCTER MUSCLES to operate upon, the inside one being located just a little way inside the anus. After a few treatments of this kind the bowels should be kept open by the use of the proper laxative foods such a prunes, figs AND NOT FORGETTING COARSE WHOLE WHEAT BREAD. Continued with file "RC2014.TXT" End of File


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