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Filename: RC2012.TXT Source: "The Message of the Stars" by Max & Augusta Foss Heindel [PAGE 569] THIRTY-SIX EXAMPLE HOROSCOPES: In order to further aid the student of the stellar science we present a number of horoscopes of people who have come to us for help in their trouble. We therefore know these cases to be authentic and trust that our delineation of their various ailments by means of astro-diagnosis may prove a true guide. We have made an attempt at classification of these horoscopes, but as there are generally symptoms of several diseases in each horoscope it has been impossible to draw hard and fast lines in the grouping, and the student will therefore have to rely mainly on the headlines for indications of what the figure shows. The first 22 horoscopes are found on pp. 624-634. The last 14 figures are attached to their respective readings. SEX AS A FACTOR IN DISEASE: It is our earnest conviction, that the less we dwell upon sex, the less we read about it and think about it, the purer we shall be mentally, and also less liable to danger of morbid habits, for these are often formed by overstudy of the sex question, and persons having a tendency in that direc- [PAGE 570] tion should be discouraged in attempts to discuss the matter at all. In planning this chapter we had at one time thought it possible to escape men- tion of the subject, but more mature thought based upon much study of health and disease from the mystical standpoint has convinced us that we must go back to the allegorical Garden of Eden for the starting-point of pain and sorrow, as fully explained in our literature. The effects of continued transgression are with us today as a matter of actual fact, abuse of sex is in the most literal sense the primal source of sorrow, disease and degen- eracy under which the world is groaning, and in a work of this nature it is obligatory to show the causes so that the remedy may be found and applied. Therefore we shall attempt to show the prenatal influences revealed by the horoscope as a warning to parents that marriage is a sacrament, and not a license to sex abuse, and that "the sins of the fathers are indeed visited upon the children." At the same time, of course, an innocent child is not born with the tendency to a certain disease, its former living has made it liable to a specific weakness, and for that reason it is drawn by the Law of Association to parents from whom it may obtain a body subject to that par- ticular ailment. Thus parents are only instruments in fulfilling the self-made destiny of the child. If we thoroughly realize that fact, and can be persuaded to live pure and wholesome lives, so that we may draw to our- [PAGE 571] selves souls of a kindred virtuous nature, how much better for all the world. To drive this point home, the writers undertake to paint the loath- some picture of degeneracy, that the picture of purity may be the more at- tractive by contrast. In this connection we present first figure No. 1, which is that of a boy, in 1912 about 16 years of age. The Fourth and Tenth Houses, the planets in them and their rulers show the parents. the parent who most influences the life is shown by the Tenth House configurations, and the Fourth House indi- cates the one lease concerned in the child's destiny. In this figure Gemini is on the Midheaven, and Mercury, its ruler, is square the Moon from cardinal signs. Neptune is conjunction Mars in the Tenth House and square the Sun in the mercurial sign Virgo. This estab- lishes well the morbid, neurotic nature of the father, and his instrumental- ity in depriving the boy of the faculty of speech and of coordination of muscular movements; the boy cannot walk, but staggers. The mother's part is described by Sagittarius on the Fourth House. Jupi- ter, the ruler is in Leo in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail, (the Moon's Western Node), which has an influence similar to Saturn. It is also square to Saturn and Uranus, these being in conjunction in Scorpio. This describes her as being a lewd woman; degenerate, committed to the dreadful theory of soul-mates, affinities, free love and all kindred abuses. These lewd [PAGE 572] tendencies she imparted to the boy. The affliction to Leo affects the heart, and as Saturn is the embodiment of obstruction, restraint and sup- pression, we may know that the heart action is very weak, (had the afflic- tion come from Mars his dynamic energy would have caused palpitation). Scorpio has rule over the sex organ, Uranus and Saturn there give tendency to self-abuse, and on the well known principle that mutilation of that organ affects the voice, we have in this configuration an added reason for the poor boy's inability to speak. The affliction coming from fixed signs shows the deep rooted constitutional nature of the evil, and what may come of con- ception during a drunken debauch. THE GUARDIAN OF THE THRESHOLD: Horoscope No. 2 shows one of the most remarkable psychic conditions we have ever come across. Its portents in some respects are plain to any as- trologer, but investigation by one of the writers into this person's past life adds sidelights and gives depth to the meaning of configurations not otherwise obtainable; also to the writer, who made the spiritual investiga- tion two years before the horoscope was cast, it was a revelation to note how the mystic facts he remembered so well, were inscribed in this little wheel of life. To enable the student to properly appreciate the remarkable case we relate the story of how we came into connection with the person, what we attempted to do, and what actually happened. [PAGE 573] In the fall of 1910, a friend told us the sad case of a young boy con- fined to his bed, lying upon his stomach and elbows, persistently gazing at a certain spot in a corner of the room, as if fascinated, his whole frame continually shaking with sobs and moans. At request of the friend we vis- ited the unfortunate boy, and found that the object which drew his gaze, with a power similar to that whereby the snake charms a bird into its fangs, was an elemental of the most horrible type we have ever seen. Standing by the bedside we directed a stream of force towards the base of the poor victim's brain, and thus drew him towards us in an endeavor to break the spell, but the fiend held the consciousness charmed to such a degree that there was evident danger of rupture of body and soul. We therefore de- sisted, and, with the fearlessness born of inexperience, decided to fight the elemental upon his own plane of being. But the Elder Brother who is our Mentor sought us that evening; he advised caution, and investigation of the genesis of the monster before we took action. Research of the memory of nature developed the fact that in its last life the spirit embodied in the youth had been an initiate of the Order of Jesus, a Jesuit, and a zealot of the most ardent type, cruel and unfeeling in the highest degree, yet perfectly impersonal, with no other aim in life save to further the interests of his Holy Order. The health, wealth, reputation or life of others he sacrificed without qualm of conscience, so that the order [PAGE 574] was benefited; he would have offered himself up as freely, for he was sin- cere to the core. Love was as foreign to his nature as hate, but sex was rampant; it tore his strong soul to shreds, yet it never mastered him; he was too proud to show his passion even to one who could have gratified it, and so he developed the secret habit. It must not be supposed that he be- came an abject slave in that respect; he, the immortal spirit, fought his lower nature by prayer, castigations, fastings and every other conceivable means; sometimes he thought he had conquered, but when he least expected it the beast in him rallied, and the war waged as fiercely as ever. Many times he was tempted to mutilate himself, but he scorned such a course as unworthy a man, especially when that man had taken the vows of priesthood. At last he succumbed to the strain; vigorous manhood was succeeded by a middle age of delicate health, constant pain increased his mental anguish and sympathy was born of suffering; he was no longer indifferent to the tortures of vic- tims of the Holy Office. Being by nature a zealot and enthusiast in what- ever direction his energies were exerted, the pendulum soon swung to the other extreme, Paul-like, he fought to protect whom he had previously perse- cuted, he incurred the enmity of the Holy Office, and finally, broken in body, but dauntless of spirit he fell a victim to the torture to which he had subjected so many. By the sincerity of his nature, and his later life he earned the right of admission to a Mystery School and prepared for the privilege of working as [PAGE 575] an Invisible Helper in future lives. The Law of Association drew him to birth in an American family who were former friends, and from them he re- ceived a nervous organization tuned to the high pitch required for his expe- rience. Saturn opposes the life-giving Sun, suppresses the nervous energy of Mer- cury, and obstructs the Venus (venous) circulation, by hindering secretion of urine and elimination of poisonous matter through the kidneys which are ruled by Libra, the sign of Saturn's exaltation where he is placed in this natal figure. As the planets which he opposes are placed in Aries, ruler of the head, his disordering influence manifests through the brain and mind, as well as the genito-urinary system. The morbid condition of these parts caused by Saturn's repressive influence on the kidneys is further accentu- ated by Uranus conjunction the Moon in the Sixth House which indicates the health, under the sign ruling the generative organs, Scorpio. As the horo- scope shows tendencies resulting from our actions in past lives, it is evident that the self-abuse of this person must bring him to birth under a stellar ray affecting the health in that particular manner, for when the soul has been overcome by any particular besetting sin in any life, death does not pay all any more than removal to another city pays our debts in our present abode. When we return, temptation will again confront us until we conquer our weakness. It is the task of this poor soul to extract the [PAGE 576] essence of virtue and chastity from the burning embers of passion and secret vice. May God help him and strengthen his arm in the terrible combat. Only Astrology, the Master Key of Compassion, can adequately reveal to us the struggle and anguish of the soul, and save us from the crime of despising one in conditions of depravity. The before-mentioned aspects were from Cardinal and Fixed signs, which indicate that which is almost unalterable destiny. But Neptune on the As- cendant, in a Common sign, Gemini, points to a condition in the making. He is trine to Saturn, the afflicter of the mind, and supported by the dynamic energy of Mars. Neptune indicates the invisible spiritual hierarchies which work with and upon us, and when placed in the Twelfth House it is evident that sorrow and distress may be expected from them. This position renders the person liable to be preyed upon by spirit controls, but the trine to Saturn and the sextile to the Sun, Venus and Mercury protect him against influence from outside sources. Thus he became a prey to the demoniac embodiment of his former actions, the terrible creature known to mystics as "Guardian of the Threshold," which the neophyte must pass ere he can enter consciously into the Invisible World. This dreadful shape had drawn its being from acts of cruelty committed by the man in his bygone life; it has fed upon the curses of his tortured victims, and gorged itself upon the odor of their blood and perspiration, as is the wont of elementals; it was a monster in every sense [PAGE 577] of the word. earth of its progenitor rendered it latent, but in the new birth figure time was marked for retribution upon the clock of destiny. When the Moon by progression reached Mars' natal place in the Twelfth House, his dynamic energy galvinized the monster into new life, and the troubles of the poor lad had commenced. The hate, anger and malice stored in the mon- ster radiated back upon him pang for pang and his negative Gemini nature crumpled under the onslaughts of the demon. When we saw the thing it ap- peared as a shapeless jellylike mass with many large greenish eyes imbedded at different parts of its body. Every few seconds a sharp pointed, sword- like projection shot out from the most unexpected places in its body and pierced the poor lad who lay cringing upon his bed. Then, although the mon- ster had no mouth, wherewith to laugh, it seemed convulsed with fiendish glee at the fear and pain it had given. At other times, one or another of the eyes seemed to dart from the monster, projected upon what resembled an elephant's trunk and it would halt within an inch of the victim's eyes, gaz- ing into them with a compelling power of awesome intensity. There being so many good aspects to help him, it is not likely that he will succumb, and when the Sun reaches conjunction of Jupiter's place in the natal figure and the Moon has passed the square to the Sun's natal place, a distinct turn for the better may be looked for. In the meanwhile the poor [PAGE 578] soul must struggle alone with its self-made demon. Had not the secret habit sapped vitality in the former life, birth under a stronger sign would have given greater power of physical endurance and rendered victory more certain. DISEASE OF THE EYES: This malady is due to rays from certain nebulous parts of the Zodiac; the Pleiades in Taurus 29, the Ascelli in Leo 6, and Antares in Sagittarius 8. When the Sun or Moon is in orb of one of these places, and afflicted by Sat- urn, Mars or Uranus, or vice versa, when Saturn, Uranus or Mars is in these nebulous parts afflicting the Sun or Moon, trouble is indicated, but if care is taken in the case of children having this tendency to disease it may be greatly modified or entirely avoided. The light in schoolrooms calls for attention on general principles, but where a child has incipient eye trouble the parent ought to request proper placement of the child in a modified light; reading by lamplight or in the dusk should not be permitted, and win- dow shades in the home ought to be of a soothing color. With civilization and life in cities the eyes have become habituated to short focus and cannot quickly adjust themselves to variation of range as can those of sailors and plainsmen. When a child's horoscope indicates weak eyes, residence in a ru- ral district, if possible, may be of immense value in preserving the vision, for exercise of the eye muscles by frequent adjustment of focus from short [PAGE 579] to long range, and vice versa, will materially aid to strengthen the eyes. It is a fact, that much eye strain is due to congestion of the ciliary muscle, which adjusts the lens to range of objects, and of the muscle which contracts the iris. Each time the latter fails to act quickly too much light enters the retina is hurt. Life in the open while the child's muscles are still limber will do wonders towards correcting such defects, and even grown persons may derive vast benefit from outdoor life provided the eyes are properly shaded at first. Careful osteopathic treatment of the eyes has also a most beneficial effect of stimulating circulation and limbering the muscles. SUBTILE INDICATIONS OF SPIRITUAL SIGHT: It is a well know scientific fact, that sensation depends on ability to feel and interpret vibration in air and ether, according to the sense in- volved. Ancient seers devised the Staff of Mercury as a symbol of its ef- fects, and among other spiritual secrets embodied in the undulating forms of the twin serpents, is also this, that Mercury is the originator of all vi- bratory movement. Hence he is a prime factor in production of sensation and mental processes arising in the consciousness as a result. An elevated, well aspected Mercury therefore makes our senses acute and the mind keen; and afflicted Mercury either dulls the senses, or makes the person hypersen- sitive; in either case an abnormal state of the brain mind is produced [PAGE 580] which causes suffering according to house, sign and affliction; even a good aspect of a so-called evil planet, though it brings out the virtue of that planet, also carries with it a touch of the darker side because even the best of us have something in our inner natures which vibrates to that phase of the planet's nature. But, besides this roundabout way of acquiring knowledge through vibra- tions in the air and ether inaugurated by Mercury and interpreted by slow processes in the brain mind where spirit and matter meet, THERE IS A DIRECT PATH TO KNOWLEDGE symbolized by the staff around which the serpents twine. This is the ray of Neptune, the octave of Mercury, which puts us in touch with the spiritual worlds. But, observe this, the staff and the serpents are not separate, the staff goes THROUGH the winding forms of the serpents, and thus we learn that in our present condition spiritual knowledge is de- pendent on the brain mind for concrete expression, and through the brain mind the latter is colored according to the aspects of Neptune. Experience has proved that the afflicted stellar ray from certain parts of the Zodiac already mentioned, interferes with the etheric vibration sensed by the retina of the eye, and thus impairs the physical sight. If, in the same figure, Neptune is focused through one of these places, the so-called "blind spot," which is BLIND because unresponsive to the etheric mercurial vibrations is sensitized by the spiritual ray of Neptune, and thus [PAGE 581] it may be that a person physically near sighted, or even blind, may view the spiritual worlds hidden from people whose sight is focused by mercurial vi- brations. The aspect of Neptune determines the grade and nature of the spiritual sight evolved, as illustrated in various horoscopes herewith. These were picked to demonstrate other points, but it occurred to us that the phase just mentioned is worthy of notice. It may be well, however, to warn students against absurd conclusions; we do not say that everyone af- flicted with eye trouble by Antares, Ascelli or the Pleiades is gifted in return with spiritual sight. The woman in horoscope No. 5 is much afflicted physically, but Neptune is out of orb, and she derives no vision from his ray. Spiritual vision may also be undeveloped in many who have the aspect well defined, but in those cases it is in process of unfoldment, and will yield EASILY to proper exercises. Where this aspect is a square or opposi- tion it is wise, however, to refrain from any attempt to seek illumination, for in those aspects lurk great danger from spirit controls, elementals, etc., which is amply illustrated in horoscope No. 2, where the opposition of Neptune to Antares is responsible for the awful vision of the Guardian of the Threshold. There the physical sight is not impaired, but in horoscope No. 3, defective eyesight is shown by affliction from the Ascelli and like trouble comes from Antares in No. 4. In one the trine from Neptune produces voluntary vision of the super-physical realms, but in the other his focus is [PAGE 582] square, hence the spiritual sight obtained is intermittent and not under control. We have spoken of Mercury as originator of all sense vibrations, audi- tory, olfactory, visual, etc., and of Neptune as its octave; to forestall questions we may say that in the spiritual world separateness ceases, sensa- tions merge, so that sound and sight, voice and vision are one. The Neptune ray carries both, but undeveloped seers suffering from the involuntary fac- ulty, "see" or "hear" as it suits the entities which obtain admission to them through this ray. Horoscope NO. 3 shows the inimical influence of the nebulous spot in Leo 6, the Ascelli, on the sight. This dangerous degree was rising at birth with the Moon in close conjunction, and the Sun also in orb. Saturn in 24 degrees of Libra is just within orb of a square to the Sun in Leo 0 degrees, and as a result of these various afflictions the person is compelled to use bifocal glasses. There is a compensating advantage, however; Neptune in el- evation and trine to the Ascelli (with Sun, Moon and Ascendant in orb), has endowed him with spiritual sight over which he has perfect control, as the student may readily see by examination of Mercury, the best fortified planet in the horoscope. Saturn, by sextile, from the sign of his exaltation, gives steadiness, persistence and concentration; Jupiter by trine from the house he rules expands the mind, makes it religiously inclined and [PAGE 583] benevolent; Venus by sextile, adds kindliness and love of beauty. Thus it is evident that in this horoscope the relation of Mercury and its octave, Neptune, to physical and spiritual expression of mind, is well illustrated. Neptune is most highly elevated and Mercury is most strongly aspected. Nei- ther is afflicted, therefore he is not liable to hallucinations, but weighs his experiences in the scale of logic. Compare this horoscope with that of the poor young man afflicted by the Guardian of the Threshold (No. 2), where Neptune is in the Twelfth House in conjunction with Mars, and where Mercury is afflicted by the opposition of Saturn, all from Cardinal signs; contrast of the two figures will bring out some fine points. In horoscope No. 5 we see the Moon in the Sixth House, about three de- grees from Antares, and Saturn is in the Twelfth House within 4 degrees of an opposition to Antares, about 7 degrees from exact opposition to the Moon; thus his natal influence was minimized. Had the opposition been close or exact, blindness from birth would have been inevitable, but fortunately it was a weak aspect and the vision was not seriously affected until the Sun by progression entered the Twelfth House, passed the opposition to the Moon, then opposition to Antares and arrived at conjunction with Saturn. These points of contact in the horoscope marked crises in the disease of the eyes. Saturn being the afflicter, the nerves and muscles crystallized until sight [PAGE 584] of one eye was lost and the other eye is almost blind. In November, 1912, the Moon had progressed to the square of the Sun's place at birth. That was the final crisis which vivified the before-mentioned aspects. Neptune makes not aspect to the points of the Zodiac mentioned, hence the spiritual sight is deeply dormant. Horoscope NO. 4 is the most afflicted of all; the Dragon's Tail, the Sun and Antares are in conjunction. That alone is sufficiently severe; the condi- tion is further aggravated, however, by a close square of Neptune and Mars to the Sun, and the affliction to the eyes is increased by a conjunction of Saturn with the Pleiades which occurs in the Twelfth House. Thus this horo- scope shows the person when born to have very weak eyes, and as a matter of fact she can scarcely read even when holding book or paper a few inches from the eyes and using a magnifying glass; but the square of Neptune to Antares has opened her spiritual senses to a certain extent so that she hears spirit voices and at times has visions. These manifestations, being uncontrolled by her, are very unsatisfactory of course, but prove the effect of Neptune aspecting these points in the Zodiac. THE DRAGON'S "HEAD" AND "TAIL": As it has often been a sore puzzle to students what are the "Dragon's Head" and "Tail" (called the Moon's nodes in the ephemeris), and why one is supposed to be good and to further all that comes under its benefic ray, [PAGE 585] while the other is considered extremely evil, it may be well to show the reasonableness of the philosophy. First, let us say for the information of students not versed in astro- nomical terms, that "nodes" are points where a planet, traveling in its or- bit, crosses the Sun's path; as for instance, the earth does at the equi- noxes. This is explained from both the astronomical and mystic sides in our SIMPLIFIED SCIENTIFIC ASTROLOGY, and also the revolution of the Moon's Nodes. Speaking from the convenient geocentric viewpoint, the Sun crosses its eastern node each year at the vernal equinox, 50 seconds of space in advance of the point where it crossed the previous year; as the Sun travels 15 de- grees per hour, 50 seconds of space are traversed in about 3 seconds of time. The Moon rises about 50 minutes later each night; applying the same mea- sure, 50 minutes of time correspond to about 3 minutes of space, and the Moon's nodes recede just that much every day. Thus the Sun travels around the circle of the Zodiac in one year, but re- quires 27 times as many thousands (27,000 years), to complete the preces- sional circle of its nodes, the equinoctial points. the swift moving Moon circles the Zodiac in 27 days and its nodes make a full revolution in 1000 weeks or 19 years. (These figures are only approximate.) In the case of the Sun the place where it crosses the earth's equator in the east is always regarded as the first point of Aries, no matter where in [PAGE 586] the constellations it falls because of precession. This procedure is per- fectly justified because the life-giving qualities ascribed to the Sun in Aries are observable as soon as it has crossed the equator; then the seeds sprout, the mating season commences and the whole creation seems stirred by the solar ray to bring forth. Therefore astrologers say that the Sun is ex- alter in Aries, and Aries is understood to be the first 30 degrees from the equinoctial point, the eastern node of the Sun, where he crosses the equator at the vernal equinox. On the same principle the western node of the Sun, the point where he leaves the northern hemisphere for the winter months, is called the first point of Libra, and Saturn, the planet of obstruction and suppression is here exalted; he is the reaper with his scythe, he mows down the fruits of the solar ray, he suppresses life and joy, the gladsome voices of our feath- ered friends are hushed in his presence, and the earth goes down to its win- try grave under his withering influence. As the Moon gathers and reflects the solar light upon earth, this bor- rowed light is similar to the direct ray in certain respects; no matter where its eastern node (called the Dragon's Head), falls in the signs, the effect upon affairs wherewith it is connected by conjunction is like that of the Sun in Aries, which makes nature sing with joy; it furthers and acceler- ates personal matters in a most beneficial manner, it so to speak, oils the wheels of life in the particular department where it is conjoined with a [PAGE 587] planet. On the other hand, the Moon's western node, (called the Dragon's Tail), corresponds to Libra where Saturn is exalted and if in conjunction with a planet it exerts an influence of suppression and obstruction similar in effect to the chill blasts of winter ushered in by the saturnine exalta- tion. Horoscope No. 6 shows its part in breaking the femur (thigh bone) of a woman. Its position in the Twelfth House indicates confinement; the square of the Sun from the Midheaven is a further natal affliction. In December, 1908, the full Moon was in exact conjunction, and Jupiter, ruler of the Sixth House (which shows sickness), was in exact square to the Dragon's Tail, also in exact opposition to her Sun. Thus indications of trouble were many. Sagittarius, which has dominion over the hips and thighs, occupies the Sixth House, so the femur was broken when the lady slipped on an icy pavement just outside her house. No. 4 shows the Dragon's Tail in conjunc- tion with the Sun near the fixed star Antares which has an inimical influ- ence on the sight, and the poor woman who is thus afflicted is in great dan- ger of blindness. The Moon's nodes are tabulated in our SIMPLIFIED SCIENTIFIC EPHEMERIS, the position being given for every day; their places at birth are found by simple proportion, and the diagram herewith will explain that these points are called the "Dragon's Head" and the "Dragon's Tail" because the paths of [PAGE 588] the Sun and planets appear serpentine when drawn upon a plane surface. DISEASE OF THE EARS: The Twelfth House indicates the confining influences in life. Mercury there in conjunction with the Sun limits the spirit, and deafness hampers its search after knowledge. The same happens if Saturn, Mars, Uranus or Neptune afflict, also when the mercurial signs, Gemini or Virgo, are on the twelfth cusp and Mercury is afflicted, (no matter where in the figure it is placed). We append horoscopes of people who are suffering from this malady; No. 7 is the horoscope of a woman who is gradually losing here hearing. Mercury, Venus and the Sun are in close conjunction in Pisces, the twelfth sign, which is in the Twelfth House. Blood, lymph and the invisible vital fluid, called "nerve force" by science, are the builders of our bodies; each planet, except Uranus and Neptune, has dominion over one of their con- stituent parts. MERCURY rules the nerves, particularly the cerebrospinal system, and the in- visible rose colored vital fluid which flows in the visible nerve sheath. THE MOON also rules the nerves in a general way, but has special dominion over the nerve sheaths of the body, the sympathetic system and the lymph. JUPITER governs the arterial circulation. [PAGE 589] VENUS rules the venous blood. MARS rules the iron in the blood. THE SUN rules the oxygen. SATURN has dominion over the mineral deposits carried by the blood, which causes the arteries and other parts of the body to harden. When a planet is in very close conjunction to the Sun, three degrees or less, it is said to be combust; its ray is, so to speak, burned up in the terrific heat of the Sun, and thus the afflicted planet is unable to prop- erly exercise its function in the life of persons born under that configura- tion. It is also evident that as the weakest link of a chain is the first to give, so the disability would show itself in a part of the body otherwise afflicted. Horoscope No. 7 has both Venus and Mercury combust in the Twelfth House; we may therefore conclude that there is a lack of nerve force or vital fluid, and that the venous circulation of the ear is obstructed. Thus con- gestion is inevitable, and the hearing becomes less and less acute. Oste- opathy is excellently equipped to deal successfully with a case like this; were the configuration in a fixed sign we might not feel optimistic, but flexibility is the salient characteristic of the common signs, so we see no reason why with patience and perseverance a cure may not be consummated. [PAGE 590] As said, Saturn rules the earthly mineral matter carried by our blood; from this the bony structure is formed, also concretions in the softer tis- sues. Therefore the skeleton is also under the dominion of Saturn. In horoscope No. 8, the auditory disability comes through the fixed signs Leo and Scorpio; this makes it more difficult to remedy, particularly as Saturn is the afflicter and throws his malefic ray upon Mercury from an angle. Science thought at one time that the tympanum was the only, or at least the main factor in hearing, but realizes now that as much or more de- pends upon the bony structure. It is the nature of Saturn to obstruct and as Scorpio rules the organs of Saturn to obstruct and as Scorpio rules the organs of excretion, we may easily see that this important function is im- paired, and that waste products have difficulty in passing kidneys and co- lon. The whole system becomes clogged in consequence, and as Mercury in the Twelfth House marks the ears as weak, it is only natural that the auditory nerve becomes clogged and the bony parts of the ear grow denser in the course of time. Sour milk or buttermilk has a particularly wholesome influence in clear- ing up a clogged system. Many people rebel against the use of milk in quan- tity because of an idea that it aggravates constipation: that is true in the beginning, but after a short time the system will accommodate itself to the diet, which will be then found superlatively cleansing, wholesome and nutritious. Greens and fruits will also aid a person afflicted as in horo- scope No. 8 to eliminate the waste and effect a cure in time. [PAGE 591] DISEASE OF THE VOCAL ORGANS: Among the subjects germane to thorough knowledge of Astrology are the similar effects of intrinsically opposite factors; Saturn is called evil, and Jupiter good, but when Saturn is well fortified in a horoscope it has an exceedingly desirable effect, and an afflicted Jupiter is the very reverse of beneficial. Thus there is a good side to each so-called "evil" plant, and every "good" planet has also an undesirable phase. The signs of the Zo- diac are said to rule certain parts of the body, but each sign has also sub- sidiary dominion over the part ruled by its opposite sign; affliction of Gemini may cause bronchitis, or weaken the arms and shoulders, but sciatica, a Sagittarius disease, may also result. Taurus rules the throat; it has great sympathy with Scorpio, the sign that rules the generative organs, hence we note the change of voice in boys at the time of puberty; also woman, when she forsakes the path of chastity and lives a life of debauch acquires a coarser voice. Taurus rules the larynx, but Mercury governs the air which stirs the vocal chords to vibration; thus organic affliction is indicated by affliction of Taurus and Scorpio, but functional disability by the position and aspect of Mercury. There is a similar relation between Taurus (ruling the vocal organs) and Mercury (ruling the air which passes through the larynx) as between instrument and player. [PAGE 592] If Taurus (and Scorpio) are unafflicted the vocal organ is in good condi- tion, but an afflicted Mercury may nevertheless cause a functional disorder of the speech. The reverse may also happen, namely, that a well fortified Mercury partially overrides the effect of a Taurus affliction. This is well exemplified in horoscope No. 9; Saturn, Neptune and the Sun conjoined in Taurus cause a throat affection, but Mercury is in a sign of voice, Gemini, (Libra and Aquarius are the other signs of voice) and in conjunction with Jupiter. The woman suffers constantly from throat trouble, but as a good musician draws melody from a dilapidated instrument, so, by the aid of her well placed Mercury, this woman is able to express herself better than many whose vocal organs are sound; in fact, she teaches elocution. Horoscope No. 3 has a singularly well fortified Mercury; there is no af- fliction to Taurus or Scorpio, and the gentleman has a powerful voice ca- pable of filling the largest halls without effort, yet not too loud for the smallest; but Mercury in Leo, a bestial sign, and Saturn in Libra, a sign of voice, are obstructive of perfect vocalization, therefore the gentleman has at times a certain halt or hesitancy of speech. It follows as a matter of course that disabilities of speech are more easily remedied that those that are organic; patience, practice of vocal and breathing exercises such as teachers of voice culture give, (these are en- tirely different from the dangerous Hindu breathing exercises) are almost [PAGE 593] sure to restore normal conditions. Horoscopes Nos. 9, 10, and 11 have Saturn and Neptune conjoined in Tau- rus; as a consequence all have throat trouble, and also a disorder of the genital organs. Nos. 10 and 11 have both undergone operations for removal of certain parts, and Mercury in Scorpio centers the thoughts of No. 10 upon sex, causing intense torture, as it is impossible to gratify the craving. Saturn in a fixed sign is certainly a sore afflicter, the reaper of fruits from a past life, and if there is to be any solace it must come through knowledge of the cause, prayer, and the patience engendered thereby. DISORDERS OF THE MIND: Before closing discussion of maladies peculiar to the head, mention must be made of insanity, though the underlying causes can only be hinted at in a work of this kind; but the student is referred to THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION for a thorough explanation, and a key to the astrological correspondences. Here we only give the essential facts. The brain and larynx were first built by the angelic host from the Moon (Luna), who used part of the sex force for that purpose, hence the intimate connection between these organs. "Lunacy" is often induced by misuse of the sex force, and "lunatics" frequently have a flaw in the speech. When boys [PAGE 594] reach puberty the voice changes; the speech of a fast woman becomes coarse, and degenerate men acquire effeminate voices. In Italy singers anxious to cultivate high tenor voices have become eunuchs to achieve their purpose. Into the system thus built by the lunar host under Jehovah, rebel Angels led by Lucifer, the Spirit of Mars, insinuated themselves, and inculcated passion, sex abuse and rebellion against the rulership of the Angels of Je- hovah. To offset their influence our Elder Brothers from Mercury were com- missioned to foster reason that many may in time learn to guide himself. All the great Hierarchies work in our bodies constantly, but the three men- tioned have particular dominion over sex and sense; each invests one of the three segments of the spinal cord. The sublimely spiritual hierarchy of Neptune works in the spinal canal and cerebral ventricles to awaken spiritual senses, which when evolved, enable the imprisoned spirit to pierce the veil of flesh and contact super-physical realms. The Lucifer Spirits dominate the left cerebral hemisphere, which will come into activity in the future and elevate mankind to a higher, nobler plane of life, give us the power over the lower nature and make us Christlike. The lunar Angels hold sway in the cerebellum which is the instrument of coordination. In this veritable "Tree of Knowledge" the fight is fought between forces which make for emancipation of man and agencies which aim to keep him dependent, as [PAGE 595] explained in Rosicrucian Christianity Series, Lecture No. 14, "Lucifer, Tempter or Benefactor?" Such are the teachings which explain the deep reason back of astrological dicta, and any qualified seer may easily perceibe the various agencies at work in the human body; such are few, however, and the student of Astrology has reason to thank God day by day for the blessed science which is of greater benefit than any measure of spiritual sight. Though the writers are firm believers in the law of compensation which gives to each exactly what he has earned, neither more nor less, we cannot free ourselves from the feeling that our measure of spiritual faculties has been heaped and shaken down. We feel very, very grateful for the privilege and added usefulness in service which this gives us. Nevertheless, were the alternatives placed be- fore us involving choice between loss of spiritual faculties and loss of our knowledge of Astrology, we should not hesitate one moment, but decide at once in favor of our beloved science, neither ought this surprise anyone who will give the matter a moment's thought. It is true that spiritual sight, even in its rudimentary form enables us to see the condition of the human body to the minutest detail, and thus affords a much easier means of diagno- sis than Astrology, but though it penetrates to the innermost core of the bone, mere clairvoyance is superficial compared to Astrology for it shows only present conditions of the body. To find the causes which led up to [PAGE 596] that state and judge of future tendencies, it is necessary to consult the memory of nature. We should have to do that personally, and this, time would not permit, as were are handling hundreds of cases, but a simple as- trological figure, which we may commission one of our students to case, re- veals as much at a glance. There are delineated the causes of mental, moral and physical disorders; it shows accurately the stages that have been passed and the crises yet to come. It also indicates the direction from which a remedy may be looked for and the most favorable time for administering the same. It helps people Here and Now, and the astrologer who lives up to his privilege has a mission so high and so holy that the office of priest (in the esoteric sense) pales into insignificance by comparison. Let the aspir- ant to this great knowledge remember that he stands upon holier ground that Moses before the burning bush, when he looks at a horoscope. Through that circle symbol of infinity an immortal soul is laid bare, and woe to him who dares to look with profane gaze, for no matter how that soul may have been smirched in its pilgrimage through matter, it is essentially divine and dear the Father, yea, perhaps even more precious, than the righteous who do not need mercy and compassion. This has been somewhat of a digression, but we have no apologies to offer, for we preach Astrology as a religion and feel the necessity of emphasizing this phase in season and out, if by any means [PAGE 597] we may inculcate in others the reverence which we ourselves feel for this divine science. Returning to the astrological consideration of insanity, and in view of what has been said we may note that the horoscope shows how, in the spinal canal, rays of the various hierarchies blend, and Astrology tabulates the resultant mental conditions as follows: People are not congenitally affected, who have cardinal signs rising, particularly if cardinal or fixed signs also invest the Midheaven and Nadir, rarely become insane. The active nature forbids morbid tendencies and blues, disappointment is quickly thrown off and hope springs eternal in the cardinal breast urging to renewed struggle with conditions. It is said that the exception proves the rule, and when Capricorn rises the saturnine rulership gives a tendency to melancholy which under certain aggravating circumstances may provoke suicide, particularly when the ruler is cooped up in the Eighth House, as we see in horoscope No. 12. Virgo, a common sign, devoid of stamina, holds the Sun, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon in this, the house of death; this robs the person of joy in life and impels him to end it under stress of sorrow. Knowledge on the part of an astrologer friend has so far forestalled the calamity, and it is hoped, may save the poor man from committing so grave a crime. When a Fixed sign rises at birth of a normal child, chances of insanity in later life are so exceedingly remote as to be almost negligible, espe- cially if a Fixed and Cardinal sign is also on the Midheaven. Continued with file "RC2013.TXT" End of File


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