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Filename: "RC2008.TXT" Source: "The Message of the Stars" by Max & Augusta Foss Heindel [PAGE 342] URANUS, THE PLANET OF ALTRUISM: The love ray of Venus goes out to the mate and blood relations but by a good aspect of Uranus it is raised beyond the realm of sex love to cosmic proportions, to love such as that which christ must have felt when he wept over Jerusalem and said that, as a hen fathers it brood under its wing, so would he have loved to father them to his bosom. The people who have this Uranian love therefore become builders of society; associated with every good and uplifting movement. An adverse aspect of Uranus to Venus on the other hand, has the most degrading effect on the Venus function, for it leads to disregard of the laws and conventions of society and to perversion of the sacred creative function. Love is a much abused word, and the emotion thus miscalled is usually so tainted with desire that it is Martian passion rather than Venusian love. Coalition, the keyword of Venus, suggests a most intimate union, a blending of the very souls of two or more people who compose a family. But ALTRUISM, the keyword of Uranus, hints at such an all-embracing love as our Saviour felt. Thus Uranus is the octave of Venus and anyone ready to enter the path [PAGE 343] of preparation which leads to initiation must gradually learn to outgrow the Venus love which makes the immediate family all in all and begin to culti- vate the all-embracing Uranian altruism. This goal is high and those who aim so high often fall very low. When we essay to transcend the Venus love and cultivate the Uranian altruism we are thus in great danger, and the most promising live are sometimes wrecked by the pernicious theory of soul-mates, which leads to clandestine love affairs and perversion of the creative function. But remember this--altruism does not require return of the love bestowed upon others, it has absolutely no concern with sex; it will not lessen the love for our family, but they being nearest to us will feel the increase of our love to a greater degree than those further away, and unless our love brings forth such fruit it is not Uranian and will not further us upon the path of attainment. Seeing this is so, we may readily understand that the great majority of humanity cannot yet respond to the higher side of Uranus, and its effect upon the morals is therefore principally perversion of sex, clandestine love affairs, free love, and disregard of conventionality; that is, of course, when aspected by squares and oppositions. Under such conditions it makes people unconventional and erratic, rebellious at the least restraint, very independent and brusque in manner, fond of pioneer work, and investigation [PAGE 344] of unusual things. They take to the higher mechanics, electricity, aviation, and the like, as a duck to water, and are rather proud of their attainments. They find prominence in literature, science, philosophy, and especially in the occult arts. Uranus also gives a high grade of musical genius when configurated with Venus, and if Uranus is well fortified in by position and aspects it qualifies the person for leadership in an unusual way. It may also be said that the effects of the Uranian ray are very sud- den and unexpected, whether for good or ill, it comes like a bolt out of the blue, and as we respond most easily to its evil side, these effects are gen- erally disastrous in nature. When Uranus is on the Ascendant it adds length to the body, so that the true Uranian are usually very tall. URANUS IN THE TWELVE HOUSES: URANUS IN THE FIRST HOUSE, even when well-aspected, makes the person very odd and eccentric in his habits, so that he seems to delight in doing ex- actly the things that are against the conventions and customs, just so that he may appear odd. He always finds an original way of doing things, differ- ent from that of all other people, and is very self-satisfied in his opinion that his methods and ideas are better than any one else's. If opposed he will defend his ideas to the last ditch, if Uranus is in any way afflicted. But when Uranus is well-aspected in the First House there is usually a [PAGE 345] tolerance for the opinions of others. a spirit of give-and-take which avoids the hard feelings generated by an afflicted Uranus. Uranus on the Ascendant also makes the person very restless, there are many sudden changes in the life and it will, of course, depend upon the aspects prevailing at the time whether the changes are for good or ill; but at any rate the call of the far fields that look so green, are constantly before the mind's eye, sot hat the Uranians are always ready to be the pioneers in new undertakings or a new cause, just so that it is something that has not been tried before, and so offers a chance of risk and adventure. URANUS IN THE SECOND HOUSE, which governs finance, naturally indicates a restless and unsettled state of the finances of the person. There will be many ups and down, and even though such a person may have other good aspects that quality him to reason accurately concerning other matters, it will be found that in the financial department he is unable to protect himself against these sudden and unforeseen losses, or gains. For him there is no such thing as a staid and solid investment, for the most unlooked-for-con- ditions are likely to turn up and either net him an altogether unlooked-for increase or else bring about an equally unaccountable loss, all with such [PAGE 346] suddenness that there is no way of changing the matter. Therefore it is ab- solutely impossible to give financial advice to such people, for even if they invested in a proposition as solid as the proverbial rock of Gibraltar, it is doubtful if an earthquake would not unsettle it. URANUS IN THE THIRD HOUSE: The Third House governs brothers and sisters, neighbors, education, and the mental or intellectual faculties. Therefore this position strengthens the intuitional abilities of the person, and gives a certain predisposition towards what is commonly called psychic faculties. Uranus rules the ether, hence the Third House position should make it easy for the person to cultivate spiritual sight, especially if Uranus is well-aspected with the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mercury. If Uranus is afflicted in the Third House it indicates quarrels with neighbors, brothers and sis- ters, probably a breaking up of the family ties, also that the education will be interfered with through the erratic, self-willed conduct of the per- son, and the mind will be more or less unsettled, and changeable as a weather-vane. An afflicted Uranus in the Third House also predisposes to accidents according to the nature of the afflicting planet, and particularly when on short journeys. These people, it may also be said, are subject to adventures and strange happenings on their journeys such as do not usually befall other people. [PAGE 347] URANUS IN THE FOURTH HOUSE: People who have Uranus in the Fourth House ought to leave their place of birth as soon as possible for they cannot suc- ceed there. Both the parents and their whole neighborhood and environment will be antagonistic to them. If it so happens that the parents are wealthy they will try to disinherit a child with Uranus in the Fourth House. Even if his Seventh and Eighth Houses be well fortified, it is very doubtful if he would win in a contest for his share of the patrimony, as the public sen- timent in his birthplace, where such a suit would probably be tried, would be so much against him that he would lose in the end. It would also be di- sastrous for such a person to marry and establish a home of his own, for peace, harmony and contentment cannot exist where the spasmodic and erratic Uranus is; that is to say, if it is afflicted. If it is well-aspected it is also doubtful if such a person would ever attempt to establish a home, for his sympathies would be too large and he would probably be identified with wider activities--a home or homes on a larger and more universal scale. This position also gives a very strong attraction towards occult science. URANUS IN THE FIFTH HOUSE: The Fifth House rules educational activities, publications, pleasures, courtship, and childbirth. The erratic Uranus in [PAGE 348] this House will in the first place give some very unconventional ideas con- cerning the intercourse and relation of the sexes and usually leads to a clandestine relationship contrary to the laws of the land. A woman with this condition in her horoscope is particularly prone to be taken advantage of even though she may not consciously be guilty of inviting undue advances. It also makes parturition very difficult and if a child is brought to birth there is danger of loss by some sudden accident or unusual disease. If other influences in the horoscope give a leaning toward literature, a person who has Uranus in the Fifth House will be found to espouse some unconven- tional cause, like socialism, anarchism, or kindred movements, and if Uranus be afflicted by Saturn, Mars, or Neptune, the articles written by him, or the paper published by him or with which he is connected will probably in- cite to bloodshed, conspiracy, and treachery, which will bring the person into trouble with the authorities. If on the other hand, Uranus be well-aspected from the Fifth House in a horoscope indicating literary ten- dencies, the ideas advocated on account of this Uranian influence will prob- ably be so Utopian, idealistic, and altruistic that they will be beyond the contemporaries of the person. The love nature will also be of such a high idealistic strain that few if any will be able to respond, and this may also [PAGE 349] mitigate in a large measure the physical trouble indicated in parturition. A person with a well-aspected Uranus in the Fifth House would not gamble, and if one who has an afflicted Uranus there attempted it, he would naturally meet with loss, no matter how careful he might seem to be. With respect to the pursuit of pleasure indulged in by these people, we shall find them attracted to all new and strange things. At the present time the most of them are probably longing for the day when it will be possible for them to race in the clouds and drive aeroplanes more recklessly than they are now driving automobiles. URANUS IN THE SIXTH HOUSE: The Sixth House governs the employment and service, also health and disease, therefore the erratic, spasmodic Uranus in the Sixth House predisposes to occupational diseases of a strange nature, asphyxiation, mental and nervous disorders, such as epilepsy, and St. Vitus dance. Even if Uranus is well-aspected, these tendencies are not entirely abrogated, at least, a person with Uranus in this position will be very ner- vous and highstrung under all conditions. With respect to employers and fellow-employees this position makes the person very irritable; he is brusque and abrupt to all connected with his work and therefore liable to [PAGE 350] trouble in employment or with employees. This position gives a tendency to- wards mediumship and undesirable phases of psychic experiences. If Uranus is much afflicted there is also danger of obsession and insanity. URANUS IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE indicates a romantic, sudden, or ill-con- sidered marriage. Sometimes a common-law or other irregular form of union is consummated under this position. Often the marriage partner is a person never thought of as a mate until the Uranian ray impels to marriage on the spur of th moment. People with Uranus in the Seventh house are usually unfortunate in their marriage relations, because the marriage partner has the spasmodic, incon- stant, independent Uranian nature, chafes under the limitation and cannot remain true to any one person, but becomes inveigled into clandestine rela- tions with the result that the marriage is often dissolved in the divorce court and separation and estrangement follow; there is quite often a public scandal in connection with these affairs, or it may indicate the death of the marriage partner, all according to aspects. People with Uranus in the Seventh House should never go to law, for no matter how just their cause may be they are most likely to be thwarted or checkmated by some strange, unforseen or sudden circumstances whereby they [PAGE 351] are apt to lose their case. They should also avoid public office or posi- tion, for no matter how honest they may be themselves they are likely to become involved in scandal and trouble on that account. In short, this Sev- enth House position of uranus is bad for dealings of any kind with the pub- lic or with law or partners. URANUS IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE is a good omen, for it indicates that when life has been lived to its fullness the end will come suddenly and thus the person will be spared the long and pitiful suffering so often incident to the transition from the physical to the spiritual worlds. But knowing this it also behooves such people to have their house in readiness and order, so that when the end comes at 30 or 90 they have their affairs in shape. This position often brings an unexpected legacy through the marriage partner when well-aspected; but if Uranus is afflicted the person may become involved in litigation on account of or in connection with the estate of someone deceased. People with Uranus in the Eighth House often show great interest in oc- cult subjects and become well versed in mystic lore. It also gives a pre- disposition to dreams and psychic experience. [PAGE 352] URANUS IN THE NINTH HOUSE gives a progressive and independent mind, or an original and inventive turn, sometimes amounting to genius; the intuition is highly developed and these people indulge in constructive dreams of such a nature as transform the world in the course of time--that is, provided Uranus is well-aspected. Nevertheless they are generally looked upon as cranks because their ideas are so Utopian and far in advance of our present stage that the ordinary human beings cannot grasp them. On the other hand, if uranus is afflicted in the Ninth House, particularly if by Mars, these people become red anarchists and are not even averse to shedding blood in order to attain what they believe is the ideal; they become fanatical in whatever cause they espouse. This position of Uranus also indicates trouble in travel, particularly on voyages, and danger of accidents. It is one of the signs which make the ex- plorer and pioneer in the discovery and development of new countries. URANUS IN THE TENTH HOUSE indicates an original, eccentric character, with a contempt for conventions, who follows his own ideas regardless of what other people say or think, hence such people are often looked upon as black sheep and estranged from their kindred, but this they do not seem to [PAGE 353] regard as a misfortune; they are ready to offer up all, even life itself, for absolute freedom. These characteristics also bring them into public discredit and disfavor. The life is full of sudden changes for better or worse according to the other planetary aspects prevailing. If Uranus is much afflicted these people never make a success in life, but meet with con- tinual sorrow, trouble, disappointment and reverses. When Uranus is well-aspected genius will come to the fore and is likely to find recognition in some measure at least, probably by pioneer work of some kind. URANUS IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE: Uranus being lord of the Eleventh Sign, Aquarius, is more at home in the Eleventh House than in any of the others, therefore he exerts a strong influence in bringing about strange and eccen- tric friendships with people of an original, creative, or inventive turn of mind who will be a benefit to the person if Uranus is well-aspected. This also indicates that through such friendships the wishes, hopes and aspira- tions will be promoted and reach a successful culmination. If on the other hand, Uranus is afflicted in this house, friends are apt to turn traitors or at least use the person for their own selfish ends as far as possible. URANUS IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE indicates loss of reputation, exile, and es- trangement from one's kin and country, much sickness at various times of [PAGE 354] life and confinement in hospitals, if Uranus is without configuration with any other planet or even if well aspected. But if seriously afflicted it indicates confinement in prison at some period of the life, or restraint in a sanitarium on account of mental trouble, also much annoyance by the under- handed action of others. When well-aspected it brings success in connection with the occult arts or occult institutions, also by the invention of chemical processes which remain secret with their discoverer instead of be- ing protected by patent. These people are haunted all through life by a vague fear of impending disaster. URANUS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS: URANUS IN ARIES gives an original, independent nature, full of energy and ambition, ingenious, resourceful and capable of coping with difficulties, especially those of a mechanical or electrical nature. These people have a very impulsive, abrupt and brusque manner which often arouses resentment and opposition in others even though no offense may have been intended. They are seldom satisfied to remain in one place, but are fond of changes and rove about a great deal. Changes of place and position are often forced upon them because of the before-mentioned blunt way of speaking. [PAGE 355] URANUS IN TAURUS gives a very intuitive nature but stubborn and self-willed, so that when these people have made up their minds nothing in the world will turn them, but they cling to their purpose or idea with the quiet determination and persistence which neither persuasion nor threats can alter. If Uranus is afflicted they are suspicious and jealous, also subject to very sudden and unexpected reverses in financial affairs. But if Uranus is well-aspected the opposite may be judged, and comfortable financial cir- cumstances may be looked for. URANUS IN GEMINI gives a highly original, intuitive and versatile nature, fond of scientific pursuits in general, but particularly those studies which have to do with electricity, aviation, or other similar out-of-the-way sub- jects. These people are broad-minded and thoroughly progressive, pioneers in all things new and modern. Among other things they generally have an in- clination for the study of occultism and astrology. They are well liked among brothers, sisters, and neighbors. All this providing Uranus is well-aspected; but if Uranus is afflicted the mind becomes eccentric and full of vagaries which make the person a nuisance and a crank, disliked by everybody, particularly brothers, sisters and neighbors. This also brings trouble and liability to accident in the course of short journeys. [PAGE 356] URANUS IN CANCER: Cancer is a psychic sign and when Uranus is there it indicates that the person is a sensitive, attuned to the psychic vibrations and capable of cultivating these powers, but whether for good or ill depends upon the aspects. If Uranus is afflicted there is a tendency to nervous in- digestion for Cancer rules the stomach, and if this is not attended to seri- ous stomach trouble may be expected. These people are liable to separation from their families, though usually much against their will, but as they are generally of a very uncertain temper, irritable and impatient, they are usu- ally to blame for this condition and are only getting their just desserts. URANUS IN LEO gives a very determined nature, rebellious and impatient of restraint or contradiction, with strong likes and dislikes, and an utter disregard of the conventions where the passional nature is involved. The personality is strong, forceful and self-assertive, therefore these people often incur the displeasure of others and create much opposition. They are very inconstant in affairs of the heart--"on with the new love" before it is "off with the old." In a woman's horoscope an afflicted Uranus shows dif- ficulty in childbirth, perhaps the death of a child by accident or in a sud- den, unexpected manner, also a strong tendency towards palpitation of the [PAGE 357] heart. When Uranus is well-aspected in Leo both courtship and domestic af- fairs run much more smoothly and it indicates original and inventive genius, particularly along educational or journalistic lines, also for entertainment and amusement of the public and gain thereby. URANUS IN VIRGO, when well-aspected gives a keen, original, scientific and mechanical mind, a strong and well developed intuitional faculty and a keen business bent which will make for success in life, and financial gain by the employment of others. But if Uranus is afflicted in Virgo, the person is apt to become subject to strange ailments, a hypochondriac of a fractious and irritable turn of mind, a burden to himself and those who have to be around him. This posi- tion is also full of disappointment in the aims and ambitions of life, espe- cially because of limitations in the employment or in dealing with employ- ees, which the person seems unable to overcome. URANUS IN LIBRA, when well-aspected gives literary and artistic ability of an unusual and original nature where the person follows independent lines of endeavor and expression, often in connection with occultism. This posi- tion also gives a keen intuition and an attractive personality, a vivid [PAGE 358] imagination. It signifies partnership, union, or marriage to someone who will be of a Uranian character and of much benefit to the person. But when ill-placed or afflicted, Uranus in Libra brings sorrow, trouble, domestic difficulty and death of the marriage partner by a sudden or strange ailment or accident. Or perhaps the union may be dissolved in the divorce court, for people with the temperament described by an afflicted Uranus in Libra simply cannot remain true to one person. This position also indicates trouble with the public or the authorities on account of eccentric, anar- chistic, or socialistic activity. URANUS IN SCORPIO, when well-aspected gives the person a forceful and de- termined will, bound to overcome all obstacles and achieve that which he sets out to accomplish by persistence, perseverance and dogged determina- tion; the mind is sharp, shrewd and secretive, capable of grasping details and concentrating deeply upon whatever problem may be in hand. There is an originality and mechanical ability amounting to genius and a love for sci- ence, both occult and physical. But when ill-aspected, Uranus in Scorpio lays the person liable to ac- cidents and even assassination or sudden death by explosions, electricity, airplanes or kindred unusual agencies. It also gives a tendency to trouble [PAGE 359] with the genitals on account of unbridled abuse of the sacred creative func- tion, self-abuse or perversion. URANUS IN SAGITTARIUS gives a very strong intuitive faculty with a ten- dency to dreams, visions, and a very vivid imagination. This position also gives a strong inclination towards an out-of-the-ordinary belief, including the theory and practice of the occult arts. When well-aspected this posi- tion gives a strong grasp of the religious and educational problems of the day, with a philanthropic desire to work for the upliftment of humanity, a desire to travel for the educational advantages thereby to be obtained, and success in gaining these points under favorable aspects in the progressed horoscope. When afflicted, Uranus in Sagittarius gives a very eccentric and erratic mentality, particularly with respect to law and religion. There is a rebel- lion against the social condition which often brings trouble with the au- thorities, also a desire to force one-sided views upon the world despite all protests and at all risk, characteristics which eventually bring discredit and disfavor. URANUS IN CAPRICORN, when well-aspected gives an ambitious and enterpris- ing disposition, a serious, persevering nature, and an acute sense of re- sponsibility, with original ideas of business that bring success, especially if some line is selected that is connected with the electrical or aerial [PAGE 360] arts. If Uranus is afflicted it gives an erratic and eccentric mind, self-willed and stubborn, bound to either rule or ruin, quarrelsome and at odds with society in general and relatives in particular. Hence this posi- tion gives a great deal of sorrow and trouble in life, frequently involving sudden changes of employment and environment. URANUS IN AQUARIUS, when well-aspected is at its very best, for he is ruler of this sign and therefore in harmony with its vibrations. Hence this position strengthens the intuition and originality, and directs the energies into humanitarian lines of endeavor, unselfish devotion to the cause of friendship, and a sincere desire to help all who are in trouble. These people make many friends and generally realize their hopes, wishes, and am- bitions because they are of such an unselfish nature that they desire what is good for humanity at large rather than that which is for personal gain. This position also gives considerable mechanical ability, originality and inventive genius. But if Uranus is afflicted in the sign Aquarius, though the ambitions may be as strong and sometimes as good, and as pure as with a well-aspected Uranus, they will be of such an erratic nature that it is impossible to [PAGE 361] realize them, and they bill bring trouble with friends, or pretended friends, who will seek to use the person for their own selfish ends, causing much sorrow and disappointment. URANUS IN PISCES, when well-aspected indicates a love of the occult arts and ability for development along these lines. It brings friends and as- sociations which favor these studies. But when ill aspected it leads to mediumship, obsession, and even insanity, if this tendency to intercourse with spirits is followed to its conclusion. This position makes the mind flighty, erratic, and the person will be subject to unexpected misfortune, scandal, or suicide. All through life, even when fortune smiles and the skies are clear to all outward appearance, these people are haunted by a vague fear of impending disaster. ASPECTS OF URANUS TO THE OTHER PLANETS: THE SUN SEXTILE OR TRINE TO URANUS makes the person original, inventive and independent in his manner of conduct and personal appearance. With re- spect to food and certain mannerisms, he is what people call eccentric and conspicuous, yet not offensively so, given to pursuits and studies which people consider "queer" such as occultism and astrology. But he also loves [PAGE 362] delving into the unknown realms after nature's secrets concerning electri- city and often becomes a successful inventor if other aspects give the me- chanical ability to work his schemes out. Uranus rules the ether and now that we are nearing the Aquarian Age his vibrations will be felt in increas- ing measure, bringing to our ken methods of using nature's finer forces and the people with Sun sextile or trine Uranus will be the media who attract and interpret them for us as the aerials and receivers in a wireless station collect and transcribe the messages carried by the ether waves to which they are attuned. These people often rise in life through the friendship of someone above them in the social scale. They are of a very high-strung tem- perament but have themselves well under control, and rarely show temper or anger. They are also out-and-out idealists. THE SUN PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO URANUS makes the person very high-strung, nervous, of uncontrolled emotions and ready to fly into hysteria on any or no provocation. It predisposes to nervous disorders such as St. Vitus dance, epilepsy and lack of coordination. It makes people impulsive, unreliable, and lacking in regard for the conventionalities, highly impatient of any restraint upon their liberty and committed to the [PAGE 363] theory of affinities, soul-mates and free love, hence these people are unde- sirable marriage partners and likely to figure in divorce proceedings or scandals of an even worse nature. There is also danger of trouble on ac- count of connection with anarchistic plots where the inventive faculty may find scope in the construction of explosives and infernal machines. Unless these aspects are modified by other configurations such people are among the most dangerous to society. They are liable to accidents from lightening, electricity and all through life they meet disappointment from the most un- expected quarters. VENUS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO URANUS makes the person mentally alert, or quick intuitive perception and exceedingly magnetic, especially to the op- posite sex; and it also attracts hosts of friends who will be of benefit and assistance to him. These aspects give love of art, music and poetry and are a favorable indication of a happy marriage, often at a very early age or suddenly consummated. The good aspects between Venus and Uranus also some- times bring to the subject love of a platonic nature which then acts as an inspiration in the life. VENUS CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO URANUS. As in the case of Mars conjunc- tion to Venus, so also in the case of Uranus conjunction to Venus, there is a doubt as to whether this aspect should be classed as good or evil. This [PAGE 364] must be settled in the individual horoscope where it occurs, for it may work either way, depending upon the other planetary configurations and the stu- dent will therefore have to use his judgment as to how he classes it. If Venus is otherwise afflicted in the horoscope, for instance, the conjunction or parallel will further accentuate her evil qualities and act like the square or opposition, but if she is well placed or aspected, Uranus will bring out the nobler side, the same as the sextile or trine. VENUS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO URANUS: The square or opposition always brings trouble through the sex relation--quarrels, divorces, public scandals through clandestine intercourse and kindred irregularities, with loss of friends, prestige and popularity, exile from home and family and sudden fi- nancial losses through unexpected or unforseen happenings. There is a gen- eral lack of balance, an erratic personality. MERCURY SEXTILE OR TRINE TO URANUS gives an original, independent and ec- centric mind impatient of the fetters of fashion, tradition and convention. Such a person is strenuous in his efforts to hew a path for himself in com- plete liberty. Therefore this is the hall-mark of pioneers in thought and invention, the sign of genius. Their ideas and ideals are exceedingly [PAGE 365] lofty, progressive and inspiring, in fact too much so in the opinion of the average man or woman who looks upon their actions and vagaries as the out- come of a diseased mind. Nevertheless they have plenty of friends on ac- count of their kindly and sympathetic nature. These aspects are good for a literary or scientific pursuit, also for invention, particularly those which have to do with air or electricity. MERCURY PARALLEL OR CONJUNCTION WITH URANUS: If Mercury is otherwise af- flicted the conjunction and parallel are to be judged as bad aspects and read accordingly, but if Mercury is otherwise well placed and aspected the delineation given for the sextile and trine will apply. MERCURY SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO URANUS: Mercury in square or opposition to Uranus is the hall-mark of the true crank or anarchist with extreme ideas to tear down the social structure and undertake a radical reform without the ability to build up something better. People with these configurations are given to ranting and raving in public and their language is usually as cruel as the measures they advocate. Whatever ability they possess is usually turned to an erratic purpose and therefore they are ostracised and disliked wherever they go. They are often forced to make sudden changes to escape the consequences of their erratic conduct. [PAGE 366] THE MOON SEXTILE OR TRINE TO URANUS gives great originality and indepen- dence to the mind which is quick, intuitive and very vivid in its imagina- tion, hence the person has inventive ability; he is attracted to the occult arts and is endowed with hypnotic or magnetic powers, also the intuitional ability to study and practice astrology. If electricity is adopted as a vo- cation the person will make a success of it. These aspects also give the person a peculiar fascination for the opposite sex and are likely to lead to a clandestine love affair or an unconventional union. THE MOON CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO URANUS gives mental and psychic ten- dencies similar to those of the good aspects and also the same liability to irregular love-affairs, but these tendencies are not so pronounced and a clandestine love-affair generated under the conjunction of Uranus and the Moon may have distinctly disastrous results similar to those mentioned under the bad aspects. If the conjunction occurs in Cancer it indicates nervous indigestion; in Leo it inclines to palpitation of the heart, interferes with the rhythm of the heartbeat and gives a spasmodic action which will probably prove fatal when it has run its course; in Scorpio it inclines to perverted practices; in Sagittarius the reflex action would be felt in the lungs and similarly with the other signs. [PAGE 367] THE MOON SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO URANUS makes the person erratic and touchy to a degree, walking powder magazine ready to explode at any moment, overbearing, conceited and intolerant, shunned by all who can possibly get out of his way. If such people are employers nobody can work for them and if they are employees nobody will have them. They never remain very long in any place, but are either discharged or give up their position on the slightest provocation. People with these aspects are also attracted by the occult arts but they never make a success at them because of their erratic mentality. Like the other aspects of Uranus and the Moon, the square and opposition also indicate a clandestine attachment either on the part of the person or the marriage partner. If Uranus occurs in the Seventh House of a man's horoscope it proves the wife untrue and a public scandal and divorce will eventually ensue. The bad aspects of the Sun and Uranus give similar indications in the horoscope of a woman. SATURN SEXTILE OR TRINE URANUS is fortunate for a public career in an of- ficial capacity for it gives ambition and determination with ability to con- centrate upon the work in hand and to exercise authority, plan and system- atize. It strengthens the intuition so that such people are guided by keen [PAGE 368] interior insight when new and important steps have to be taken, therefore such people are in demand and find positions with large corporations where they win their way through sheer ability. The mind is both mechanical and ingenious, hence this position often denotes the successful inventor, par- ticularly along the lines of electricity, aerial navigation and kindred pioneer lines. SATURN CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO URANUS has an influence like the good aspects if the planets are unafflicted, elevated, in angles, essentially dignified or exalted, as Saturn in Libra and Capricorn or Uranus in Aquarius or Scorpio, but if the conjunction occurs in signs where either of the plan- ets is weak or afflicted, like Saturn in Aries, Cancer or Leo, then the in- fluence will be detrimental and should be judged the same as the square or opposition. SATURN SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO URANUS gives an unscrupulous nature with an extremely violent temper. The outbursts are as sudden as a bolt from the blue and exhaust the person completely. These people are very eccentric and look at everything from a peculiar angle--treacherous, idle and indolent, malicious and altogether dangerous to the community. These aspects also in- dicate chronic or incurable diseases according to the signs wherein they are placed, but as often said, if the other indications in the horoscope are [PAGE 369] good the influence of a single aspect will not bring out such evil charac- teristics and therefore the whole horoscope is to be carefully considered before judging the influences enumerated, for they may be materially minimized by other favorable indications in the horoscope. JUPITER SEXTILE OR TRINE TO URANUS gives a strong, independent and positive personality with an ingenious, inventive and original turn of mind. Whatever he undertakes he will carry to a conclusion or die in the attempt. This position also gives a broad, humane and benevolent disposition and a tendency to delve into the occult arts and sciences. It favors association with secret orders and gives promise of prosperity in life. Such a person is honest and sincere, sociable, hospitable and friendly to all, hence likely to benefit a great deal from influential friends in an official posi- tion. This position also gives executive ability and success in connection with institutions of learning. JUPITER CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO URANUS gives similar indications to the good aspects but the influence is not quite so decided, particularly if either of the planets is weak by sign or otherwise afflicted. In that case it will be found that the tendencies conferred are more like those of the bad aspects. [PAGE 370] JUPITER SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO URANUS gives an impulsive nature liable to act in a sudden or impulsive nature liable to act in a sudden impulsive, erratic or unexpected manner to his own undoing. Loss by speculation, law- suits and impulsive extravagance are also indicated, many changes both of occupation and residence, loss of friends and reputation. It signifies one of an ostentatious nature given to sham and camouflage and subterfuge, gen- erally disliked for his insincerity and double dealings; a confidence man, bunko man or cheap gambler. MARS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO URANUS gives an energetic and ambitious disposi- tion, an original, ingenious, alert, intuitive mind which in resourceful in the highest degree and able to cope with great difficulties under trying circumstances. Thus people with these configurations are naturally of an inventive turn of mind and successful in bringing their ideas to realiza- tion. Their inventive genius usually expresses itself along electrical lines, aviation, or in other unusual directions, for these aspects are one of the marks of the pioneer of the Aquarian Age, where science and inven- tions will reach out in directions that are now entirely undreamed of even as possibilities. But while these people are dreamers of dreams they are also practical, energetic and enterprising in a sufficient degree to make their dreams come true in the world. They have a wide vision and a noble [PAGE 371] nature which rises over all petty distinctions of race, creed or color and recognizes in all human beings the divine spark which is the basis of uni- versal brotherhood. They may not be exactly religious in the orthodox sense of the word but their ideas are truly cosmic, hence they are often mistaken for visionaries by those who do not understand them. MARS CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL, SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO URANUS gives an er- ratic and eccentric disposition, a violent temper of the worst nature, an unusual resentment of even the slightest restraint and gives the person a stubborn, headstrong and dogged determination to go ahead in any line of ac- tion upon which he has decided no matter what the outcome. He will listen to neither reason nor entreaty but follows his own course in defiance of all. People with these configurations very often become anarchists of the reddest type for they do not even stop at the shedding of blood, if other testimonies in the figure concur. they are cruel, hard and cold, without a spark of true love though they may be inflamed with passion of the most burning intensity. This is particularly the case when Mars is square Uranus and either planet is placed in Taurus or Scorpio. In a woman's horoscope Uranus square Mars usually leads to seduction no matter where they are [PAGE 372] placed, but if in Taurus or Scorpio escape is almost impossible. The other characteristics of these planets in these configurations work themselves out according to the signs wherein they are placed so that their placement in Taurus or Scorpio works upon the sex which is governed by these signs. When one of these planets is in Scorpio, if the person takes up the profession of surgery he will become very cruel and unfeeling, ready to operate for the mere pleasure of causing pain and in consequence or in pursuit of this pas- sion he will probably take up vivisection and develop and unusual ingenuity in torturing his victims. With Uranus or Mars in Scorpio or Pisces he will be underhanded or tricky though he may show a very different front to the public. In Aries it will make a rattlebrain, in Gemini and Virgo an unusu- ally quick mentality but quick in seeing only how to trick others. In Sag- ittarius it will make the person very materialistic, atheistic, or fanatical against the established religion or society. Thus the planets blend their individual natures with the sign. NEPTUNE SEXTILE OR TRINE TO URANUS gives inclination towards the occult or mystical side of life, and if either is placed in the Tenth House the person usually becomes a leader or authority in these lines, he wins at least local recognition and if other testimonies concur his fame will be [PAGE 373] national or international. Such aspects will bring direct touch with the spiritual world and success in dealing with the inhabitants of that plane. It is also productive of dreams and visions of a prophetic and inspirational nature. It strengthens the healing powers and will consequently enable the person to do a great deal of good for his suffering fellow-men. These as- pects give a highly developed intuition which amounts almost to mind-reading. There is a love of travel and exploration of the physical world as well as of nature's finer realms. Nor are such people altogether dreamers, they have a strong will with excellent executive and organizing powers which will aid them in realizing their hopes, wishes and ambitions to rise in life and be at the forefront of whatever profession they select. NEPTUNE CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO URANUS are convertible aspects; if the planets are well placed by sign and otherwise well aspected, their effect will be similar to the sextile or trine, though not so pronounced, but if they are cadent weak by sign, and afflicted they are only a little less evil than when aspected by square or opposition. NEPTUNE SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO URANUS brings underhanded, deceptive in- fluences into the life which aim to undermine the reputation and make the person suffer scandal and public disfavor, sudden and unaccountable reverses in business are met with, or trouble in social affairs. there is the same love of travel and exploration as given by the good aspects but the person cannot accomplish his aims with the same facility, or if he does it is to his disadvantage and brings added trouble. He is also drawn towards the oc- cult or mystic side of life, but his path is beset by dangers of mediumship and obsession and all through life he is filled with premonitions of danger and a vague dread of impending disaster which he can neither account for nor dispel by will or reason, hence uncertainty overshadows the life as a cloud and robs him of peace and contentment. Continued with file "RC2009.TXT" End of File


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