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Filename: "RC2007.TXT" Source: "The Message of the Stars" by Max & Augusta Foss Heindel [PAGE 286] JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS when well-aspected gives good fortune and general success in life, a humane, broad and philosophical mind, a reverent and re- ligious disposition. Hence people with this position rise to the top and become leaders in their various spheres of life, finding places of prominence in church or state, scientific or philosophic enterprises or in- stitutions. If Jupiter is afflicted in Sagittarius it makes the person sporty, fond of cheap and gaudy display, extravagant and ready to take a chance on any gamble, causes loss of social standing if born in a better en- vironment, trouble through law, financial difficulties, narrow-minded sec- tarian views if incline to be religious. JUPITER IN CAPRICORN gives an ambitious nature, self-reliant and self-controlled with a desire to rise to a position of authority over others also the ability to dictate wisely and well. It gives a careful, economical disposition, and an abhorrence of waste; ingenuity, resourcefulness and some mechanical ability. These people are trust-worthy to a degree, sincere and honest in all their undertakings and hold every promise inviolate, therefore they usually rise to honor, esteem and general popularity. As already said their aim is to attain independence at the head of some business, but if [PAGE 287] they do not succeed in that and have to work for others they are best suited to be in the employ of the government, either municipal or national. On ac- count of the implicit trust generated by their sterling characteristics of honesty, sincerity and faithfulness these people are often made the re- cipients of confidence from friends who feel the need of sharing their troubles with someone who can be depended upon either to give honest, disin- terested advice or else to keep the secrets told then inviolate. If Jupiter is afflicted in Capricorn it makes a miser who will hoard all he can scrape together and deny himself all except the barest necessities and is conse- quently despised by all who know him. JUPITER IN AQUARIUS when well-aspected gives a humane, optimistic, original and philosophic mind, fond of friends and the society of others particularly those who are interested in science or mysticism, literature and music, consequently he attracts people of that nature and they will be a benefit to him in helping him to realize his hopes, wishes and ambitions. He may possibly obtain a position of importance in some official capacity with secret or occult societies. This is a good indication of general suc- cess in life, but if Jupiter is afflicted it makes the nature restless, ner- vous and erratic with revolutionary or anarchistic ideas with disinclination [PAGE 288] for serious work and such people are generally disliked and distrusted. JUPITER IN PISCES gives a charitable, sympathetic and hospitable nature which loves to minister to the outcasts of society. These people are veritable angels of mercy to all who suffer in body, soul or spirit. They are well known to those who are "sick of in prison." Being of a sensitive nature and subject to the influences from the invisible world they not in- frequently have psychic experiences and become students of the occult. They love music, art and literature and if well-aspected by Venus, Jupiter in Pi- sces will give considerable ability as a performer; but if Jupiter is af- flicted in Pisces it gives a vacillating mind, a nerveless, cowardly nature indulging in all vices in the calendar and a generally despicable dispositon--a social parasite. THE ASPECTS OF JUPITER: THE SUN CONJUNCTION, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO JUPITER: The conjunction gives a tendency to apoplexy, especially if it occurs in Aries, but with that ex- ception we may say that these configurations are sure indications of health, wealth and happiness; they give the person an abundance of vitality which is proof even against very severe onslaughts of disease, and should a [PAGE 289] particularly unfavorable planetary influence succeed in breaking down the constitutional resistance recovery will be so rapid as to seem miraculous. This nearly impregnable condition of health is all the more unassailable be- cause it is backed by a disposition at once "sunny" and "jovial" and that latter characteristic also makes the fortunate possessors of these aspects beloved by all with whom they come in contact; everybody is glad to see the person with the perpetual smile, but they do more than "smile"--they EARN the friendship universally bestowed upon them by deeds of kindness, by words of sympathy, cheer or hope as the occasion may demand. They are trusted by everybody for they never betray a trust; they have good clear heads, good judgment and executive ability so that they are well fitted to help others. These characteristics also favor their own financial fortunes so that they accumulate wealth, but theirs is never "tainted money," they never benefit by the loss of others. They are conservatively religious and may be aptly described as "pillars of society." They shine particularly in governmental offices. THE SUN SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER gives a tendency to indulge in habits which are bad for the health; the person is far too fond of the "good things in life" and very selfish in supplying his own comforts; he exercises little and never denies himself, with the result that the circulation [PAGE 290] becomes sluggish and as these people have a superabundance of blood their lassitude and indulgence is productive of various noxious growths and kin- dred disorders; sometimes a fit of anger raises the blood pressure to such a point that a vessel burst and ends the life or leaves the person thenceforth a useless wreck. These aspects give a bombastic, haughty disposition with an inordinate love of display and thus induce to extravagance both in social and business affairs with the result that the person sometimes finds himself involved in debt which he cannot pay and then there is but a step to the bankruptcy court. A false pride often prevents these people from working honestly for others so they would rather prey upon the public as gamblers where there is an opportunity to swindle other people and get what they call an "easy" living until then land in the meshes of the law. Children with these aspects should be given special training in self-restraint, thrift and honesty, above all, religion, for they have a tendency to scorn and scoff at religion, but perhaps a memory of a devout mother may help to keep them straight. VENUS CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL SEXTILE OR TRINE TO JUPITER is one of the best signs of success and general good fortune in life. It favors the [PAGE 291] accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of all the luxuries of life. It is a good indication of a successful and happy marriage, social prestige and the respect of all with whom the person comes in contact. It endows him with a jovial, optimistic, generous and large-hearted disposition, makes him honorable to a degree, interested and active in philanthropic measures, lib- eral in mind, tolerant of the views of others even where he differs radically, fond of pleasure, traveling, parties, and capable of enjoying life to the fullest extend; he loves expensive and ultra-comfortable things, a fine house, valuable books, pictures and other rich appointments. VENUS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER gives the same luxurious likings as the good aspects but limits the ability to satisfy them; although such people make the most frantic efforts to present a fine front to the world they are generally found out to he shams. Their lack of business ability so often responsible for failure and bankruptcy and they are very liable to suffer losses through treachery of others. Love and marriage also are sources of sorrow for those whom Venus and Jupiter are afflicting. They are apt to be jilted before marriage or the marriage partner will prove faith- less and may desert them. These aspects also produce an amorous nature [PAGE 292] likely to take liberties regardless of the laws of decency and make the per- son faithless to marriage vows. MERCURY CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO JUPITER is one of the finest assets in life for it gives a cheerful, optimistic disposition with the ability to always look upon the bright side of things and keep up the spirits in the hours of adversity; the mind is broad, versatile and able to reason correctly and to form a reliable judgment be careful deliberation; these people never decide hastily; they require time to think over what is presented to them, but once they have reached a conclusion, it will be found incontrovertible. They are successful in law or literature and much re- spected for their honesty and sincerity. These aspects are particularly fortunate for people who travel for business or pleasure, for they will reap both benefit and enjoyment from a migratory mode of life. It will make them "healthy, wealthy and wise" beyond the average, loved by everybody for the vital vibration they radiate upon whomever they meet. MERCURY SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER gives a vacillating and wavering disposition so that the person cannot make up his mind when more than one course of action is open, hence people with these aspects often lose their opportunities through procrastination and lack of judgment; they must [PAGE 293] therefore often be classed as failures. They are liable to scandal and slander because of treacherous associates, and should not ravel for it will bring them loss and trouble; they should also be extremely careful in making contracts or agreements to do or deliver certain things at a specified time for they will probably be unable to fulfill the requirements and thus trouble and loss will result. THE MOON PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO JUPITER gives an op- timistic, noble and generous disposition. The open-hearted honesty, fair- ness and friendliness of people with these aspects make them universally popular. These aspects strengthen both the reasoning faculties and consti- tution, so that such people usually have a strong mind in a strong body and hence a powerful personal magnetism which may be used to great advantage in healing the sick. They have lofty ideals and a fruitful imagination with the power of acquiring wealth which will grow greater if used in philan- thropic enterprises of which these people are prone to dream. This is one of the best aspects in the gamut and makes for general success in life both physically and spiritually. THE MOON SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER impairs the reasoning faculties and brings the person trouble through litigation, lack of fore-thought and [PAGE 294] indecision or dishonesty. People with these aspects are too fond of osten- tation aid display, extravagant beyond their means, lavish in their expendi- tures, prone to take desperate chances in gambling or speculation to reha- bilitate their fortunes and doomed to loss, slander and sometimes bankruptcy on that account. These aspects are also bad for health in a woman's horo- scope especially; they indicate digestive and liver troubles. SATURN SEXTILE OR TRINE TO JUPITER gives a strong character with a deep and profoundly philosophical mind, a benevolent disposition with a strong sense of justice and fair play. All the virtues of Saturn and Jupiter are combined by these aspects and people in whose horoscope they are found will consequently gain the honor and esteem of the community where they are. Thus they will be looked upon as pillars of society and gain prosperity com- mensurate with the environment in which they are placed, for these aspects give sound financial judgment and the ability to grasp the opportunity when it is met. SATURN CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO JUPITER has the same beneficent influ- ence as the sextile or trine through not in as great a measure and if Jupi- ter is weak by sign of otherwise afflicted the aspects will probably count for very little, bit in that case its effect upon the arterial circulation [PAGE 295] will be obstructive, giving a tendency to sclerosis of the arteries the same as the opposition or square. SATURN SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER gives a different, vacillating mind unable to form decisions, always distrustful of others, indolent and inclined to drift with the tide; often a ward of society either in the poor-house or the prison, for the character is basically dishonest. These aspects also give a tendency to arterio-sclerosis. MARS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO JUPITER: It is the nature of Jupiter to be somewhat conservative and dignified, but when blended with the fire of Mars it gives enthusiasm and an ability to influence of others and imbue them with the same feelings. It makes the nature noble, sincere, honest and straightforwarded. This aspect is also good for the financial prosperity of the person, for both Mars and Jupiter when well-aspected give good earning ability and favor accumulation. Jupiter is somewhat conservative in respect to expenditures, Mars is too free, but where the Martian and Jupiterian ten- dencies are blended by a good aspect the result is an ideal, generous na- ture, neither too lavish not too conservative, able to strike a happy me- dium. These people have much ingenuity and constructive ability and whatever they do they put their whole heart in it. Hence they are success- ful in business, popular in society, fond of out-of-door sports and games. [PAGE 296] They love to travel and gain much pleasure by so doing. Mars rules the haemoglobin in the blood which is so important a factor in health and vital- ity, therefore the good aspects of Jupiter and Mars increase the red blood corpuscles with the result that people with these aspects have an abundance of health, vitality, power and endurance. MARS PARALLEL OR CONJUNCTION JUPITER strengthens the constitution and in- creases the vitality the same as the good aspects. It also indicates that the person is able to earn much money and uses it freely and generously, but the mental qualities are similar to those conferred by the bad aspects: sporty, swaggering, tricky, deceitful and untruthful, impulsive in judgment, but to be depended upon, and if the conjunction occurs in one of the watery signs, especially in Pisces, the person will probably be a drunkard, through this is not as certain as with the square or opposition. MARS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER is the signature of the gambler and if one of the planets is in a watery sign, especially in Pisces, he will be a drunkard also, a tricky, dishonest and disreputable character who always acts through impulse. With respect to health we find that these people suf- fer principally from blood and liver complaints, the circulation is poor [PAGE 297] and the blood is so rich that there is danger of apoplexy. URANUS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO JUPITER gives a broad, humane disposition and a tendency to delve into the occult arts and sciences. It favors an asso- ciation with secret orders and gives promise of prosperity in life. Such a person is honest and sincere, sociable, hospitable and likely to benefit a great deal from influential friends in official positions. This positions also gives executive ability and success in connection with institutions of learning. URANUS PARALLEL OR CONJUNCTION JUPITER gives similar indications to the good aspects but the influence is not quite so decided, particularly if ei- ther of the planets is weak by sign or otherwise afflicted. In that case it will be found that the tendencies conferred are more like those of the bad aspects. URANUS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER gives am impulsive nature liable to act in a sudden or unexpected manner to one's own undoing; loss by speculation, lawsuits and impulsive extravagance are also indicated, many changes both of occupations and residence, loss of friends and reputation. [PAGE 298] NEPTUNE SEXTILE OR TRINE TO JUPITER gives an inspirational, mystical na- ture and success in an occupation connect with occult orders, that is to say where the character is sufficiently developed is that Neptune can makes his influence felt, for then this position brings out all the noblest and most spiritual strength of both planets, and occult experiences are not infre- quently the result. During the sleeping hours these people are quite con- scious in the invisible worlds. NEPTUNE PARALLEL OR CONJUNCTION JUPITER gives an influence similar to that of the good aspects when Neptune and Jupiter are not afflicted, but if they are in a weak sign and aspecting the other planets by square or opposi- tion then the influence is similar to that one of the bad aspects of Jupiter and Neptune. NEPTUNE SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER indicates lack of control of the emotions. The person is sensitive to the low psychic influences of the bor- derland between the seen and the unseen worlds but they are of an awe-inspiring and disgusting type, hence apt to cause hysterical conditions, such as involuntary trance and kindred disorders attendant upon negative psychism. From a material standpoint it gives danger of fraud through speculation or large companies and dealing with predatory interests should therefore be avoided. [PAGE 299] MARS THE PLANET OF ACTION: From the Bible we learn that Jehovah was the Creator of mankind for we find His angels announcing the birth of various notable personages. Thus the conclusion is inevitable that He and they preside over the generative function and impart the quality of fertility which at that time was looked upon as a token of the favor of God while barrenness was indicated as a sign of His displeasure. This is in accordance with the Western Wisdom Teaching which tells us that tin the earliest days when mankind was still in the mak- ing Jehovah and His angels guided them to great temples at the times of year when planetary conditions were propitious to generation, and men born under those harmonious conditions lived for hundreds of years without sickness of disease. It is noticeable that wild animals which are still entirely under the guidance of their group-spirits and mate only at certain seasons are also immune from sickness. Jehovah still retains control over the fertil- ization of the animals which are attuned to His lunar vibrations through their twenty-eight pairs of spinal nerves that correspond to the twenty-eight days of the lunar revolution and His vehicle the Moon still [PAGE 300] measures the period of gestation for men and beasts. But the Bible also tells us of LUCIFER and his FALLEN ANGELS who taught humanity to take the prerogative of creation into their own hands and in- stilled into them the passion that has caused sorrow, sin and death, because the holy function of generation which was intended only for temporary pur- poses of propagation and which works so well under propitious planetary con- ditions has been desecrated and made subservient to the lusts of humanity at all times regardless of the stellar rays. Yet it is a mistake to think of the Lucifer spirits as evil, for under the sway of the angels humanity nei- ther good nor evil and having no choice or prerogative, but since though the martial Lucifer spirits we have learned to know good and evil we are also able to exercise of will power to shun the evil and choose the good, to flee from vice and cultivate virtue, thereby placing ourselves in harmonious co-worker-ship with God and nature and unfolding our divine possibilities so that we may become like our Father in Heaven. While Jehovah and His angels are thus working upon humanity from the Moon the Lucifer spirits who rebelled against His regime are located on the planet Mars and from them also we have received and are receiving many valu- able gifts, chief among them FIRE and IRON. It is well known that every LIVING body is warm, for the Ego cannot manifest in the physical world save [PAGE 301] through heat, or perhaps it should be said that heat is generated in the manifestation of the Ego. But without iron, which exists in the blood in the form of haemoglobin, there could be no oxidation and consequently no heat. That was the condition previous to the fall, so-called, when man-in-the-making was mindless. But then the Lucifer spirits came and in- fused iron into the blood, which made it possible for the Ego to draw into its vehicles and from that time the Ego became an INDWELLING spirit capable of evolving individuality. Thus had it not been for the Lucifer spirits man could not have become man. It is their fire and their iron that has made the world what it is today, good and bad according to the use man has made of it. The solar force focused through the Moon imparts vitality and the faculty of growth but the rays of the Sun focused upon us by the martial Lu- cifer spirits give us dynamic power and are the source of all activity in the world. Power may be latent for milleniums, as exemplified in coalbeds, which are reservoirs of solar force; a furnace and engine are required to transmute and make it available as dynamic energy, but, once the sleeping giant has been roused from latency to potency it knows no rest or peace till it has expended the last ounce of its prodigious strength. Under strict control, and carefully guided into channel of useful activity, this Martian force is the most valuable servant of mankind; the most powerful agent in the world's [PAGE 302] work, an incomparable boon to humanity. But if it escapes control the ser- vant quickly takes mastery, its inimical power of destruction and devasta- tion is then as terrible as scourge as its beneficent use under guidance is an inestimable blessing. It is as precious as it is dangerous, eternal vigilance is the price of safety from its ravages, but without it the world would be wilderness. Mars, as a focus for the latent solar life, transmutes it into desire, passion and what we may call animal spirits. It is a consuming fire, more dangerous than all the nitroglycerine every manufactured, but also more pre- cious than any other blessing we can have or enjoy. The Hindoo preacher, nurtured in a land governed by Saturn, the planet of obstruction, says: "Kill out desire." He dreams away his days in destitu- tion, but as "temper" conserves the edge of the steel that carves its way through all obstruction, so the well-directed energetic desires of the mar- tial Anglo-Saxson have wrought a marvelous transformation in the earth; they have reared a civilization beyond all which preceded it, and through perhaps brutal in many respects, there is promise in that also, according to the proverb: "The greater the sinner, the greater the saint." Parents should take a lesson from a book of nationals and refrain from applying the Satur- nine wet blanket to the fiery Mars spirit of children. Saturn always says "don't, don't;" his aim is to repress and obstruct. A clear fire under [PAGE 303] proper control is useful, but death lurks in the smoke and noxious gases of a smothered fire; too many "don'ts" smother legitimate ambition and frus- trate accomplishment; they may drive hapless victims into ways of evil, for the dynamic energy of Mars must and will have an outlet, so beware. The worst faults of Mars are impulsiveness and lack of persistence, but he breeds no hypocrites as does an afflicted Saturn. From Mars we receive a number of our highly-prized virtues as well as some of our worst faults. When well-aspected he gives a strong constitution and physical endurance, a positive, independent and self-reliant nature, de- termined and proud, generous and energetic, resourceful and quick to learn, especially when in Aries, Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn, but when he is weak by sign as in Taurus, Cancer, Libra or aspected by squares or oppositions he makes the person quick-tempered, obstinate and spiteful, inclined to drunk- enness and criminal acts, cruel and hard, a bully and braggart. People who have Mars prominent in their horoscopes are eminently practi- cal and play an important part in the world's work. They are especially proficient in occupations where iron and fire are used for constructive pur- poses or where sharp instruments are handled. Soldiers, surgeons and butch- ers, machine workers and iron founders, engineers and man in kindred occupa- tions are of the martial nature. They also excel in other positions where courage and intrepidity are necessary qualities. [PAGE 304] MARS IN THE TWELVE HOUSES: MARS IN THE ASCENDANT, OR FIRST HOUSE, when well-aspected has a most ben- eficial influence upon the constitution, particularly if he is in one of the fiery signs, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, or in the sign of his exaltation Capricorn, but sometimes when a weak sign like Cancer is rising and the other planets are much afflicted Mars in the Ascendant may infuse sufficient energy into the body to tide it over the critical period of infancy. This position also gives energy, ambition, courage, self-reliance and determina- tion which are exceedingly helpful characteristics in winning the battle of life. It indicates an enterprising and practical person who will shun no effort in order to succeed. When Mars is afflicted in the First House he nevertheless strengthens the constitution and gives muscular power and en- durance, but he makes such persons rash, impulsive, headstrong and fool- hardy. Thus they neglect the ordinary precautions to guard their health and become subject to fevers and other inflammatory diseases, also liable to ac- cidents and loss of blood by lesions of varying magnitude, danger from fire such as burns or scalds, according to the nature of the afflicting planet. In this respect the Sun is usually productive of fevers and inflammations. Jupiter gives liability to broken bones or accident by railroad or rolling stock, Uranus and Saturn falls and bruises and Venus disease caused by [PAGE 305] indulgence of the passional nature. MARS IN THE SECOND HOUSE when well-aspected makes the nature free and generous in financial dealings with others. The person has a splendid earn- ing capacity and will make a financial success in any business or a martial nature involving the use of fire, iron tools or machinery. It is also an indication of money by marriage or legacy, but although the money comes fast and easily, the person will not accumulate wealth as he is very generous and fond of comfort and pleasure. When Mars is afflicted in the Second House money will come just as fast as under the good aspects at times, but at other times the bad aspects make the person outrageously extravagant and inclined to be reckless in financial ventures, with the inevitable result that heavy losses are incurred and the person may find himself without a cent in the world. A competence may be made and spent several times during life. These people never give up, however, and when they have met financial disaster they immediately start to build up anew on the ruins of the old. They are then usually successful for a time again, but they can never learn to be more careful and less extravagant, hence they are always liable to re- peated financial shipwreck. [PAGE 306] MARS IN THE THIRD HOUSE when well-aspected makes the mind keen, bright and alert, fond of argument, quick at repartee, ingenious, inventive and re- sourceful, with plenty of initiative and constructive ability. But when Mars is afflicted in the Third House it gives liability to accidents on short journeys, a quarrelsome nature specially liable to get into trouble with brothers, sisters and neighbors. These people are very critical to- wards everybody with whom they come in contact and therefore generally feared and avoided when possible. MARS IN THE FOURTH HOUSE when well-aspected gives a strong constitution which is maintained unimpaired even in old age; the digestive faculty is particularly good and consequently the health and strength are rugged. It makes the native exceedingly aggressive in his efforts to "feather his nest" and accumulate property for old age and rainy day. There is also likelihood of a legacy from his parents. This is a very fortunate position, especially if Mars is in Aries, Leo or Capricorn, but if Mars is weak as in Cancer or Pisces and afflicted by square or opposition, digestive troubles or dissipa- tion will undermine the vitality and the person will become more quarrelsome and disagreeable every day he lives. He will be liable to accident by fire in the home also to fevers and inflammatory diseases. People with Mars in [PAGE 307] this position should leave their native place as quickly as possible. This may in some measure relieve the trouble. MARS IN THE FIFTH HOUSE when well-aspected gives an ardent, demonstrative love-nature. It makes the person fond of athletic exercises, sports and muscular effort, a clean, masterful man much admired by the opposite sex or a woman who is a real "pal" to her male companion. These people make excel- lent disciplinarians and are much beloved by their pupils if placed in posi- tions as teachers, or better still as principals for they make much better leaders than followers. But when Mars is afflicted in the Fifth House it makes the person very fickle in his affections. It is on with the new love even before he is through with the old, an all-around flirt and therefore likely to get into a great deal of trouble. Over-indulgence of the amorous nature is liable to sap the vitality and create dangerous physical condi- tions. In a woman's horoscope there is grave danger of death to a child in the horoscope of either sex. People with Mars afflicted in the Fifth House are also liable to loss through gambling and speculation in stocks, bonds and securities. MARS IN THE SIXTH HOUSE when well-aspected makes a quick, energetic worker who is likely to rise to prominent position in the employ of someone [PAGE 308] else, therefore the larger the firm in which he seeks employment the better. But he should not attempt to start in business for himself, for people with Mars in the Sixth House always succeed better when in the employment of someone else. This position also increases the vitality and should the per- son on account of other planetary configurations in the horoscope become subject to disease the dynamic energy and recuperative power of Mars will soon burn and leave it in better health than before. But a liability to trouble and quarrels with other employees or employer. Should the person be in the position of employer himself he will always be at a variance with his employees and subject to loss by theft and dishonesty through them. They will waste his goods and have no regard for his interests. An afflicted Mars in the Sixth House also gives a liability to fevers and inflammatory diseases, dangers of burns, scalds and gun-shots and accidents sustained in the course of employment. MARS IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE when well-aspected gives a capable, industrious and aggressive marriage partner, untiring in the promotion of the welfare of the family, a strong personality who is bound to rule but will do so in a [PAGE 309] kindly manner. This applies to both sexes, for when in a man's horoscope the marriage partner is indicated by Mars in the Seventh House she also will be masculine and will want to take the reins of government in her own hands. However, as Mars in the Seventh House gives a tendency to an early union when the parties are both plastic they accommodate themselves to these con- ditions more easily than if the marriage were consummated at a more mature age. But if Mars is afflicted in the Seventh House it indicates an accident or sudden death to the marriage partner who will be of a domineering, quar- relsome nature and if one of the watery signs, Cancer, Scorpio not Pisces is on the cusp he will also be a drunkard and sex addict. This latter applies particularly if Mars is afflicted in Scorpio. Then he also brings on in- flammatory diseases of the genitals or rectum. MARS IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE and well-aspected brings financial benefit through the marriage partner or by legacy. In business it is also good for gain by partnerships, lawsuits or similar Eighth House matters. But when Mars is afflicted in the Eighth House the financial conditions grow worse after marriage through the extravagance of the marriage partner. Business partnerships and litigation should also be avoided for they are sure to [PAGE 310] bring loss. People with Mars in this position should not delay making their will for the end usually comes very sudden and unexpectedly. MARS IN THE NINTH HOUSE well-aspected gives a liberal, broad and progres- sive view upon all problems of life. People with Mars in this position are likely to take up some cause having for its object the social or spiritual upliftment of mankind in general and become very enthusiastic workers in the particular cult which has aroused their sympathies. They are fond of a rov- ing life and benefit by changing from one place to another, especially by travel in foreign lands. They have a clean, clear and alert mentality and a taking way or presenting their views to others. Therefore they make good missionaries in whatever line of propaganda they take up. But if Mars is afflicted in the Ninth House he makes people bigoted and fanatical in their views, regular ranters who disgust all whom they try to afflict with their ideas, whether they are religious or atheistic. People with an afflicted Mars here should never travel, but remain in their native place for they will always be in danger of accident on journeys and however much they may be disliked in their native place they will find a still worse reception in foreign parts. [PAGE 311] MARS IN THE TENTH HOUSE and well-aspected is one of the best signs of success in life for it gives an ambitious, enthusiastic nature with an inex- haustible fund of energy, so that no matter what obstacles are placed in his way the person is bound to rise to the top. It gives a masterful nature and good executive ability so that the person is well-qualified to conduct busi- ness and command others. These people succeed best in Martian occupations where fire, iron or sharp tools are used in a skilled manner, as by engi- neers or machinists, tailors or surgeons, et cetera. When Mars is afflicted in the Tenth House it gives the same energy and ambition as the good aspects but the person will then lack discrimination and overreach himself with the result that he will incur the enmity of other people who will accomplish his downfall and bring him into disrepute in the community. Thus the life will be filled with strife, struggle and unhappiness until the person has learned to hold himself in leash, regard the rights of others and abandon his auto- cratic attitude and self-assertion. This position also gives liability to accident and slander. MARS IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE makes people leaders in their particular so- cial set, enthusiastic in the pursuit of pleasure, brings friends among mar- tial and athletic persons; gives energy and enthusiasm for realizing hopes, [PAGE 312] wishes and aspirations. But if Mars in the Eleventh House is afflicted it makes the person touchy and sensitive towards friends with consequent un- popularity and he is liable to overreach himself in his keen desire to real- ize his ambitions in life. MARS IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE when well-aspected may bring the person benefit from things denoted by this house, prisons, hospitals and charitable insti- tutions if employed in an official capacity as warden or surgeon; or as ad- ministrator of an estate or in detective work. But if Mars is afflicted in the Twelfth House the person is liable to trouble, sorrow and self-undoing all through life. He will incur the enmity of other people and may be con- fined in prison or an insane asylum. If Cancer or Pisces is on the cusp of the Twelfth House Mars will lead him to drunkenness and dissipation. If Scorpio is on the cusp the vitality will be sapped through sex or self-abuse. In any case Mars afflicted in the Twelfth House makes a social outcast unless there are other redeeming features in the figure. MARS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS: MARS IN ARIES gives an energetic, enthusiastic nature, impulsive, aggres- sive and impatient of restraint. No matter what the obstacles in the path these people will attempt the seemingly impossible and often succeed through sheer audacity. They are original, resourceful, have considerable me- [PAGE 313] chanical ability and the more venturesome an undertaking appears the more it appeals to them. This position gives an abundance of vitality and a love of sport and muscular exercise. The person is just as enthusiastic in his enjoyment of recreation and pleasure as he is in his work and on that ac- count he gets a great deal out of life. But if Mars is afflicted in Aries it gives a violent temper and a liability to accidents, burns, scaldings, fevers and inflammatory complaints. The mind is also threatened. MARS IN TAURUS and well-aspected is a good indication of an early mar- riage. It shows good earning power and a free, generous disposition with regards to finances; it gives an interior strength of an unconquerable na- ture so that the person will always gain his ends by unflagging determina- tion and a quiet persistence that recognizes no defeat, but presses on to- wards the goal that he has set for himself despite all obstacles. It is also indication of money by legacy. But if Mars is afflicted in Taurus it gives an exceedingly stubborn, violent and vindictive nature. Such people will pursue their own way despite reason, argument or entreaty and if anyone attempts to thwart them in their purposes they never forgive. They also have good earning power but squander the money foolishly so that they are [PAGE 314] often in financial difficulties and if a legacy comes to them they are more likely to lose it through legal trouble than not and they are sure also to have domestic trouble. MARS IN GEMINI when well-aspected gives a keen, active and alert mental- ity. People with Mars in this position never beat about the bush. They are honest and outspoken and say just what they mean perhaps at times a little too bluntly, but at any rate they are not hypocrites. They love to measure their wits against others in debate and therefor this position makes for success in law or literature. They also succeed in the engineering profes- sions for they are resourceful, ingenious and mechanical, apt at learning and quick to grasp a problem or proposition. But if Mars is afflicted in Gemini it gives a cynical, sneering, caustic and critical disposition and makes these people feared and shunned on account of their disagreeable na- ture. These people are also vacillating and unable to make a decision. Thus they cannot be depended on to stand by their word or their promise and if they keep an appointment once in a while it happens by accident. They are always in trouble with brothers, sisters and neighbors and liable to ac- cidents when traveling. It also gives a predisposition to bronchitis, in- flammation of the lungs, pleurisy and pneumonia. [PAGE 315] MARS IN CANCER and well-aspected gives a bold, independent and fearless nature with a tendency to rebel against restraint, a home-loving disposi- tion, very industrious and ambitious to gather and protect all things which make for comfort and luxury, so that he is a good provider for the home in every respect. But at the same time people with this aspect aim to exercise unrestricted authority over everything and everybody within the home. They tolerate no other authority there. This position makes the temper rather uncertain and gives a tendency and a desire for change of occupation, sot that the person never really settles down to one line of endeavor but takes up a number of vocations and drops them suddenly. If Mars is afflicted in Cancer it brings domestic troubles, frequent and violent scenes and quarrels in the home with a tendency to move frequently from one place to another; inflammatory diseases of the stomach, and digestive ailments, also accidents by fire in the home through recklessness or carelessness. MARS IN LEO and well-aspected gives an active, industrious and honest na- ture, fearless and independent in all dealings with others, a keen sense of honor and responsibility, hence makes one eminently fitted to occupy a posi- tion of trust either in a public or private concern. These people are en- thusiastic and energetic either in work or play, lovers of sport and a good [PAGE 316] time generally. They are very ardent in their admiration of the opposite sex and woo the object of their affections with an intensity that carries all before it, overrides all obstacles and brings the matter to a speedy consummation. These people never beat about the bush but say what they mean in a manner that is often extremely embarrassing in its directness. They are strong and forceful in their arguments either for or against that which they believe or disbelieve and therefore they not infrequently arouse op- position on the part of those who differ from them. They are very venture- some and often take a pride in risk either in the pursuit of pleasure or business. When Mars is afflicted in Leo it gives a fiery, violent temper and a liability to fever inflammatory diseases, palpitation of the heart, hallucinations, biliousness. There is also danger of inordinate affection, trouble in courtship, loss of children and loss through speculations. An afflicted Mars in Leo gives the same daring as when well-aspected but the danger of accident is greater because the person with the afflicted planets becomes foolhardy and reckless. MARS IN VIRGO when well-aspected gives an ambitious nature and a quick intellect, able to grasp an idea and elaborate upon it. It strengthens the mental qualities and gives a scientific turn to the mind with an ability to [PAGE 317] apply this faculty either in research work or in business. The people with this position are therefore energetic and enterprising in many of the world's industrial affairs. There their shrewdness and quick-wittedness brings them success and preferment. This is a good position for people who are engaged in any of the industries connected with the sick, such as nurses, doctors, chemists, the science of sanitation and hygiene, prepara- tion of health-foods and kindred occupations. If people with Mars in Virgo are themselves overtaken by disease this position gives them the ability to recuperate quickly and makes them less liable to become chronic invalids as so many other Virgo people do. When Mars is afflicted in Virgo it subjects the mind to worry and irrita- bility, with a tendency to brood over troubles in life which are mostly il- lusory. No matter how or where such people are employed they are always critical toward their fellow-employees and the employer and dissatisfied with everything connected with their work. They are also of a dishonest na- ture and cannot be trusted in a position of responsibility. This position also makes people over-indulgent of their appetites and subject to intesti- nal disorders. MARS IN LIBRA and well-aspected gives an ardent, demonstrative and loving nature which is very greatly attracted to the opposite sex and therefore it [PAGE 318] inclines to an early marriage. It also gives an enthusiastic love of art and beauty in all their phases and it makes the person very popular with the public or in societies of a social or religious nature. This is an excel- lent position for a lawyer, as it will bring much activity in this line and it is a good indication of general health. But when Mars is afflicted in Libra it makes the person very unpopular and subject to the opposition and criticism of the community; danger of public scandal on account of unfaith- fulness in sex relations, for Mars in Libra always produces a strong attrac- tion toward the opposite sex and if he is afflicted there the nature is amorous and fickles with the natural result that trouble arises by playing with the affections of others. MARS IN SCORPIO when well-aspected gives a keen, sharp and forceful men- tality, a rather blunt manner and an indifference to the finer sensibilities of others, consequently these people often make themselves disliked at first until others get used to them and realize that they are not such ogres as they seem. They are very ingenious and mechanical, with indomitable courage and inexhaustible energy which carry them over all obstacles whatever goal they set themselves. In this respect they are very selfish and ready to sacrifice whatever stands in their way. They make good police officers, soldiers and surgeons and are able to fill any other position where a [PAGE 319] dominant authority is required, or skill with sharp tools. In a woman's horoscope it shows that the husband has good earning capacity, but is rather too free and generous with his means. It also indicates the possibility of a legacy. When Mars is afflicted in Scorpio it brings out the worse side of the passional nature and leads the person into sex excesses or causes addiction to solitary vice that saps the vitality, and unless corrected it is liable to bring the person to an early grave. In a woman's horoscope it indicates that the husband will squander his money on gratification of self, also that parturition will be a dangerous event. In either sex Mars in Scorpio indi- cates a quarrelsome nature and a biting tongue. MARS IN SAGITTARIUS and well-aspected gives an argumentative disposition and fondness of debating on subjects of serious nature such as law, phi- losophy and religion. It makes the person candid and open in all his deal- ings with others, full of enthusiasm and ambition, anxious to appear well in the eyes of the community, although he would scorn to cater to the ideas of others where they do not coincide with this ideas of probity and justice. These people make interesting and ideal entertainers, especially in later life for they are fond of traveling and are keen observers, hence they al- ways have a fund of interesting and instructive information which they are [PAGE 320] both willing and anxious to impart to their hearers. These people are also fond of sports and out-door exercise, in which they usually excel and a well-aspected Mars in Sagittarius is an ideal position for a lawyer. It makes for much success in that direction by sharpening and quickening the mental and oratorical faculties. When Mars is afflicted in Sagittarius he gives a sharp tongue and a quar- relsome disposition and there is a dishonest streak in the nature, therefore such people are often found generally disliked in the community and par- ticularly in social circles, for they seem to be always at variance with the ideas and opinions of others and adopt a most supercilious attitude toward those with whom they disagree. These people are also liable to meet with accidents when they travel and to sustain a number of broken bones. MARS IN CAPRICORN when well-aspected adds much strength to the character for it gives an ambitious and enthusiastic disposition backed by an in- domitable courage and well-nigh inexhaustible energy together with a patient persistence and perseverance that are bound to overcome all obstacles and in the end reach the desired goal. Therefore people with Mars in this position are bound to rise in life, particularly if Capricorn be placed in the Tenth House. It invites respect and esteem of the community so that people with [PAGE 321] this position are often offered public appointments in addition to their private enterprises and they serve well in posts of honor for they are naturally fitted to take great responsibilities and carry on great enter- prises. The wider their scope of action the better they like it, for they are superlatively efficient. When Mars is afflicted in Capricorn there will be a similar ambition to do great things but the person will be rash, impulsive and headstrong so that he overreaches himself and takes upon himself more than he can carry through. He will also lack the persistence and perseverance necessary to overcome obstacles and as the disposition will be basically dishonest, through he may rise on account of his enthusiasm and pretentious nature to some prominence he is certain to be shorn of his authority before very long and become an object of scorn and derision in the community. There is noth- ing worse than an afflicted Mars in Capricorn. It also gives a liability to accidents affecting the limbs and its reflex action on the part of the body ruled by the opposite sign, viz., the stomach, gives a tendency to gastric troubles. People with this affliction also have a hasty temper and a vin- dictive disposition. MARS IN AQUARIUS when well-aspected makes the person quick-witted and in- tuitive, ingenious and original, enterprising and ambitious, a hard worker [PAGE 322] for success in whatever line he chooses in life. Hence he will gain friend- ship from others who are able to help him realize his hopes and wishes. These people are also very mechanical and ingenious, particularly in things connected with the electrical science. They also succeed well as managers, officials or workers in and for a philanthropic society or public utility corporation. When Mars is afflicted in Aquarius it makes the person too independent, bombastic and resentful of authority, blunt of speech and manner toward oth- ers, and resentful in the highest degree if he is not treated with what he considers proper respect and consideration, Hence such people over very difficult to get along with and often quarrel with everybody around them. There is a tendency to loss through gambling and speculation. An afflicted Mars in Aquarius also gives a tendency to trouble with the eyes because Aquarius governs the ethers; and by reflex action the opposite sign Leo may cause palpitation of the heart. MARS IN PISCES when well-aspected gives ability as a detective, warden of a prison or surgeon in a hospital and in kindred positions where the person does not come in direct contact with the public, but exercises authority in [PAGE 323] an obscure manner. It also gives a tendency toward secret love affairs which the person is able to hide from the public eye. But when Mars is af- flicted in Pisces the indulgence of clandestine intercourse will bring trouble into the life. There is also liability to suffer from the attaches of secret enemies and to become enmeshed in the net of the law and suffer imprisonment, or it may manifest as an inordinate love of strong drink which will then cause imprisonment and makes the person a ward of the community. Much trouble and many misfortunes are indicated because the nature is un- truthful. MARS IN ASPECT WITH OTHER PLANETS: THE SUN PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MARS: The conjunction gives a tendency to fever, especially if it occurs in Aries, the sign which governs the head, but it is curious that people with that configuration seem also to be able to endure a much higher temperature than others, and come unscathed through such a siege of sickness as would ordinarily prove fatal. With that exception these aspects produce a superabundance of vital energy which assures their possessor of the most radiant health all through life. They strengthen the constitution and makes the person able to endure the hardest tasks; they give him a dauntless determination and courage to face [PAGE 324] the greatest odds. Given a plan to follow he may be trusted to overcome all physical obstacles for he has both executive and constructive ability to- gether with an indomitable will which refuses to recognize defeat. The dis- position is frank and open but blunt and often brusque; such people are too intensely bent on what they want to do to waste time in politeness and sua- vity, therefore they brush the conventionalities aside without compunction and are consequently not liked by people of too fine sensibilities, but they are men and women of action and the foremost factors in the world's work; but for their energy and enterprise the world would move much more slowly. THE SUN SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MARS endows the person with an abundance of energy, the faculty of leadership, but they are turned to purposes of deviltry and destruction; the courage implanted by the good aspects becomes foolhardiness and the person has a loud, overbearing, swaggering manner and is ready to fight at the drop of a hat; he is always in opposition to the constituted authority and ready to rebel wherever he sees a chance, he has an extremely fiery temper but holds not resentment. On account of these qualities he is universally disliked by both employees and his fellow work- ers, always in hot water and never stays long in any place for he is an [PAGE 325] agitator and trouble maker. These aspects also dispose to accidents in which the person may be maimed, to gunshot and knife-wounds, also to scald- ing, fevers, and inflammatory complaints, boils and eruptions. Aspects to the Sun and Mars are absolutely necessary to give zest to life; even adverse aspects are better than none, for where these planets are unaspected the person is usually listless, vapid and will never amount to anything no matter how good the figure may be in other respects. VENUS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MARS will give an ambitious, aspiring and ad- venturous nature, amorous and extremely demonstrative in its affection and, very fond of sports and pleasures. It gives the person an abundance of en- ergy and business acumen, consequently he has a splendid earning capacity, but no matter how much money he makes it just filters through his fingers, for he loves above all things to make a great outward show and display. Be- ing a free spender he is also very popular among his associates, and being as already said of an amorous nature he marries either very early or his marriage is a very sudden and hasty one. These aspects are also indications of money by marriage or legacy. [PAGE 326] VENUS CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL MARS does not always operate in the same manner, but these aspects are to be classed as good of bad according to cir- cumstances and the matter to be judged. For instance, Mars conjunction Ve- nus makes the person less blunt and domineering, more kind and polite, and is therefore good in that respect, but the conjunction also strengthens the passional nature, especially if it occurs in Scorpio, and in the Twelfth House it often leads to self-abuse so that in those cases it is decidedly bad. Therefore students must exercise judgment before classifying these as- pects. VENUS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MARS gives a very voluptuous and sensuous disposition, liable to gross excesses in the gratification of the passions which will spa the vitality. It is likely to break down the health and con- stitution, leaving the person a wreck on the sea of life if it is allowed free scope. These people are altogether too generous, especially where the opposite sex is concerned. They are very extravagant and on that account spend more than they can afford on themselves, besides what they squander on their many AMOURS, so that no matter how much money they make, they are gen- erally in financial difficulty, and not infrequently they figure as defen- dants in the debtor's court. If Mars or Venus is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pi- sces there is a tendency to such dissolute and dissipated living, such a [PAGE 327] craving for low pleasures that, if indulged, it will drag the human being down below the level of animals. MERCURY SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MARS gives a keen, sharp, ingenious and re- sourceful mentality. It makes the person enthusiastic over any proposition which appeals to him and he has also the ability to enthuse others and im- press them with his views. He is an indefatigable worker in any cause which arouses his sympathies, but he is no visionary, he is interested only in concrete matters. These people love argument or debate, and they have an inexhaustible fund of wit and good humor, sometimes blended with a vein of sarcasm which always strikes it mark, yet never viciously nor maliciously. They also have remarkable dexterity and are able to turn their hands to whatever task is required and do it with a speed, facility and expedition that are astonishing to say the least. They cannot do anything slowly or by halves; whatever they undertake must be dome with a rush, and they put their whole energy into it so that they may accomplish the task and do it well; hence these aspects give success in life, in almost any line of endeavor these people may select, but probably most in literature or the mechanical arts. [PAGE 328] MERCURY CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO MARS gives the same mental energy, en- thusiasm and dexterity as the definitely good aspects but whether they are used for constructive and good purposes or for destructive and evil depends upon the other aspects, house position and sign which they occupy. If the configuration occurs in a sign where either or both are strong and well placed, as Mars in Aries or Capricorn, or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, or if they are fortified by good aspects from the Sun, Venus and Jupiter, Mars conjunction or parallel to Mercury will operate similarly to the sextile or trine as stated in the foregoing paragraph, which see; but if Mars and Mer- cury are in one of the watery signs, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, or if either or both are afflicted by Saturn, Uranus or Neptune, the conjunction or par- allel of Mars and Mercury will give the same evil tendencies as the square or opposition which are defined in the next paragraph. MERCURY SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MARS makes people quick-witted, sharp and alert, quick-tempered, impulsive and excitable, liable to jump at conclu- sions and act before they think with the inevitable result that they are al- ways getting themselves or other people into trouble, hence they are danger- ous associates. They are born prevaricators and utterly incapable of making an exact statement. It is just as natural for them to color or exaggerate [PAGE 329] their statements as it is to breathe. They are vitriolic in their wrath and their tongues are more poisonous than the bite of a rattlesnake, hence they are either feared or hated by those who are unfortunate enough to be bound to them by environment; all who can, shun them. They are bullies who are bound either to rule or ruin wherever they are and they allow no obstacle to stand in their way which can be removed either by force or slander. They are the acme of selfishness, swagger and consummate egotism. The foregoing tendencies may of course be modified by other aspects, but if they are not, such people are a menace to society. If either Mars or Mercury is placed in the Sixth or Twelfth House or in any other position so that the bad aspect acts upon the health, there is a liability to nervous prostration, brain fe- ver and insanity. THE MOON SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MARS gives a wonderful vitality and strong physique so that the person is able to withstand almost any tendencies to ill-health, which will be overcome by it. The power of endurance is in- creased and the person can survive hardships to which people ordinarily suc- cumb. It gives a resolute, courageous, energetic and ambitious mind of a resourceful and eminently constructive turn. It makes the person quick but not precipitate in his decisions. Thus he gains confidence and esteem of [PAGE 330] others and earns considerable money, but the nature is extremely free and generous so that money does not stay by such people--they spend it almost as fast as they get it. THE MOON CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO MARS may be either good or bad ac- cording to the sex of the person and the department of life we are consider- ing. It strengthens the health and the vitality, particularly in the horo- scope of a woman. In the horoscope of a man it would indicate a robust marriage partner of a domineering nature and with respect to the mind it would make the person very impulsive, particularly if placed in one of the common signs or in the Third or Ninth House. It also gives a very bad tem- per but not so bad as the square or opposition. If Mars is in conjunction or parallel to the Moon in Scorpio it gives an abnormal sex desire which will not be denied, particularly if Venus is there also. In watery signs in inclines to drink, and in any place it makes the person restless and un- settled, for it is like mixing fire and water. THE MOON SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MARS gives a very quick temper and a tendency to hasty or impulsive expressions and acts that may cause such people a great deal of sorrow and trouble. They resent rules or regulations or any other measures that tend to curb their desires or the gratification [PAGE 331] of their appetites in whatever direction. But if they are in authority they aver domineering and exacting in their demands for instant obedience upon the part of others, not do they hesitate to use whatever physical force may be necessary to compel obedience if they thing they can do so without too great danger to themselves. Sometimes they will take desperate chances to satisfy their spite. Having an improperly balanced mind they are foolhardy in their venturesomeness and upon occasion they will attempt to do things which no one in his sane mind would try. On account of the foregoing char- acteristic such people make many enemies and cause a great deal of suffering to others, particularly among members of their immediate family who cannot very well get away from them. If these aspects occur in watery signs, par- ticularly with Mars or the Moon in Pisces the person is also an inveterate drunkard. From the standpoint of health they give a tendency to accidents by fire and water, to fevers and acute inflammatory diseases, wounds and gunshot, diseases of the genitals, too copious menses, danger in parturition and indigestion. SATURN SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MARS gives a determined and energetic nature capable of intense and sustained action and of obtaining unusual results [PAGE 332] thereby. The executive ability, dominant forcefulness and endurance of these people are remarkable and consequently they are constantly accomplish- ing what others cannot achieve. Hence they always rise to prominent posi- tions and are much esteemed on account of their ability, but they are seldom liked, for these aspects make the character cruel and hard. They give a strong physique and general good health. SATURN CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MARS are throughly bad aspects indicating a selfish, violent, harsh and cruel nature, quick tempered and vindictive, absolutely dishonest, untruthful and unscrupulous, giving liability to public disgrace and imprisonment, also to accident and violent death, and if one of the planets is essentially dignified or exalted the evil influence is much enhanced. It should also be remembered that such serious defects do not result from one aspect alone and if the other con- figurations in the horoscope are good the foregoing delineation will only apply in a mild measure. JUPITER SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MARS: It is the nature of Jupiter to be somewhat conservative and dignified, but when blended with the fire of Mars it gives an enthusiasm and an ability to influence others and imbue them with the same feelings. It makes the nature noble, sincere, honest and straightforward. This aspect is also good for the financial prosperity of [PAGE 333] the person for both Mars and Jupiter when well-aspected attract money, but they differ in regard to disbursement. Jupiter is somewhat conservative in that respect, but where the Martian and Jupiterian qualities are blended by a good aspect the result is an ideal, generous nature, neither too lavish nor too conservative, but able to strike the happy medium. These people have much ingenuity and constructive ability and whatever they do they put their whole heart into it. Hence they are successful in business and popular in society. They are fond of out-door sports and games. They love to travel and gain much pleasure by so doing. Mars rules the haemoglobin in the blood which is so important a factor in health and vitality therefore the good aspects of Jupiter and Mars increase the red blood corpuscles with the result that these people have abundance of health, vitality, power and endurance. JUPITER PARALLEL OR CONJUNCTION MARS strengthens the constitution and in- creases the vitality the same as the good aspects. It also indicates that the person is able to earn much money and uses it freely and generously, but the mental qualities are similar to those conferred by the bad aspects. The person is tricky, deceitful, untruthful, impulsive in judgment and not to be depended upon. If the conjunction occurs in one of the watery signs, [PAGE 334] especially in Pisces he will probably be a drunkard though this is not as certain as with the square or opposition. These people are generally ple- thoric and liable to apoplexy. JUPITER SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MARS is the signature of the gambler and if one of the planets is in a watery sign, especially in Pisces he will be a drunkard also, a tricky, dishonest and disreputable character who always acts through impulse. With respect to health we find that these people suf- fer principally from blood and liver complaints; the circulation is poor and the blood is so rich that there is danger of apoplexy. URANUS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MARS gives an energetic and ambitious disposi- tion, an original, ingenious, alert, intuitive mind which is resourceful in the highest degree and able to cope with great difficulties under trying circumstances. Therefore people with these configurations are naturally of an inventive turn of mind and successful in bringing their ideas to realiza- tion. Their inventive genius expresses itself usually along electrical lines, aviation or other unusual directions for these aspects are one of the marks of the pioneer of the Aquarian age, where science and intervention will reach out in directions that are now undreamed of even as possi- [PAGE 335] bilities. But while these people are dreamers of dreams they are also prac- tical, energetic and enterprising in a sufficient degree to make their dreams come true in the world. They have a wide vision and a noble nature which rises over all petty distinctions of race, creed or color and recog- nizes in all human beings the divine spark which is the basis of universal brotherhood. They may not be exactly religious in the orthodox sense of the word, but their ideas are truly cosmic, hence they are often mistaken for visionaries by those who do not understand them. URANUS CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL, SQUARE, OR OPPOSITION TO MARS gives an er- ratic and eccentric disposition, a violent temper of the worst nature, an unusually resentment of even the slightest restraint and gives the person a stubborn, headstrong and dogged determination to go ahead in any line of ac- tion upon which he has decided no matter what the outcome. He will listed to neither reason nor entreaty but follows his own course in defiance of all. People with these configurations often become anarchists of the red- dest type for they do not stop even at the shedding of blood if other testi- monies in the figure concur. They are cruel, hard and cold with out a spark of true love through they may be in flamed with passion of the most burning intensity. This is particularly the case when Mars is square Uranus and [PAGE 336] either planet is placed in Taurus or Scorpio. In a woman's horoscope Mars square Uranus usually leads to seduction no matter where placed, but if in Taurus or Scorpio escape is almost impossible. The other characteristics of these planets in these configurations work themselves out according to the signs wherein they are placed so that their placement in Taurus or Scorpio work upon the sex which is governed by these signs. When one of these plan- ets is in Scorpio if the person takes up the profession of surgery be will become very cruel and unfeeling, ready to operate for the mere pleasure of causing pain and in consequence or in pursuit of this passion he will prob- ably take up vivisection and develop an unusual ingenuity in torturing his victims. With Mars or Uranus in Scorpio or Pisces he will be underhanded to tricky though he may show a very different front to the public. In Aries it will make a rattlebrain, in Gemini and Virgo an unusually quick mentality but quick in seeing only how to trick others, in Sagittarius it will make the person very materialistic, atheistic or fanatical against the estab- lished religion or society; thus the planets blend their nature with each individual sign. [PAGE 337] PLANETARY OCTAVES: Before considering the effect of Uranus and Neptune in the various signs and houses it may be expedient and illuminating to study their relations to Venus and Mercury which are their lower octaves. That such a relationship exists has been sensed by various astrological authors who by speculation and observation have learned a great deal about these two planets. What they have brought out does great credit to their sagacity, but not having had the benefit of esoteric training it is not to be wondered at that they have become confused on certain points which we shall now explain so that students of the esoteric philosophy may see how these explanations dovetail into the general philosophy of the Western Wisdom School, and thus bear out the statement that Uranus is the higher octave of Venus and Neptune the higher octave of Mercury. The Western Wisdom teaching of the Rosicrucians states that man-in-the-making was plant-like and bi-sexual during the Hyperborean Epoch and thus able to create from himself without the necessity of co-operation with anyone else. But at that time he was without a brain and unable to [PAGE 338] think, therefore in the Lemurian Epoch the angels directed one-half of the sex force upward to the part which is now the head and used it for the for- mation of the brain and larynx. The process is plainly traceable in the antenatal development of the foetus which accounts for the intimate relation between the sex organs, the larynx and the brain, observable in the change of voice which takes place when the boy reaches puberty and the mental dis- ability which follows the unrestrained abuse of the generative function. Thus it may be said that the sex function whereby new bodies are created in the physical world, and become our physical children, is closely connected with the brain and larynx which man uses to conceive the children of his brain and mind and give them vocal expression by the larynx. It is a matter of common knowledge to astrologers that man is incited to perform the gen- erative function of the begetting of physical children by the love-ray of Venus; likewise that the ray of reason emanating from Mercury is responsible for the begetting of the children of mind and their vocal expression by the larynx, so that both Mercury and Venus are creative in their functions, one upon the physical plane, the other upon the mental plane. Mercury is usually associated with reason and intelligence; to him is as- cribed rule over the cerebrospinal nervous system, which is the medium of transmission between the embodied spirit and the world without. Thus as Neptune signifies the sub- and superhuman intelligence who live and move in [PAGE 339] the spiritual realms of the universe, but who work with and upon us, so Mer- cury indicates the human intelligence focused upon the terrestrial, physical world wherein we live from birth to death. Therefore it may be said that Neptune is the octave of Mercury, but there is a deeper sense. Reference to a textbook of anatomy of physiology will show that length- wise fissures in the spinal cord divide it into three parts which enclose a hollow tube. Each of these columns is ruled by one of the Hierarchies in closest touch with us; the lunar, martial and mercurial; one of the other predominating, according to the stage of evolution of the individual. In the spinal canal the rays of Neptune kindle the spinal spirit fire whereby the human spirit is enabled to pierce the veil of flesh and contact the worlds beyond; this vision is colored according to the column of the cord most actively excited. In the childhood days of mankind the creative force which is now turned outwards to build ships, houses, and railways, tele- phones, etc., was used inwardly to build the organs of our body, and as the surrounding physical world is photographed upon the table of a camera obscura, so the spiritual world was reflected in the spinal canal. There man behold the first lunar God Jehovah, whose Angels were his first tutors. Later a part of Angels, who under the leadership of LUCIFER had rebelled against Jehovah and who are now exiled on the planet Mars forced entrance to [PAGE 340] the spinal cord of man and incited him to abuse of the generative function. The spiritual inner vision of mankind faded when "their eyes were opened and they saw they were naked;" then they lost touch with the higher self, they saw only the person, and the docile creature of Jehovah was soon transformed to a savage and a brute under the impulses of the Lucifer Spirits, the hier- archy of Mars but by their promptings man has also learned to conquer mate- rial obstacles, build outwardly and become architect of the world. To counteract the unmitigated selfishness bred by the Martian Angels, and to make mankind humane our Elder Brothers from Mercury, human like our- selves, whose high state of evolution required the high vibration generated and prevailing in close proximity to the Sun, were required to invest the spinal cord of man also, and through their labors civilization has taken on a different form, mankind is again beginning to look inwards. At the present time the right cerebral hemisphere is governed by Mercury, and the pineal gland, its higher octave, is ruled by Neptune who also has dominion over the spinal canal which is the avenue whereby one pole of the creative energy was originally turned upward for the building of the brain. The ray of Neptune carries what occultist know as the Father fire, the light and life of the Divine Spirit, which expresses itself as will. This it focuses in the voluntary nervous system of the physical body governed by [PAGE 341] by its lower octave Mercury which acting through the right brain galvanizes the body into speech and action, expressing the will of the indwelling spirit. By this diversion of the creative energy the human being ceased, as al- ready said, to be a physical hermaphrodite, a complete creative unit, and was them compelled to seek a mate in order to propagate the species, Therefore the Son, the Cosmic Christ, focused the love-ray of the Life Spirit upon Uranus, (ruling the pituitary body), who transmits it to the vi- tal body where Venus, the lower octave of Uranus gives it expression in propagation and growth. Between the Divine Spirit and Life Spirit on the one hand and their coun- terparts, the physical and vital bodies, on the other hand, is the Human Spirit ruled by the Sun, and its counterpart, the desire body, ruled by the lesser light, the Moon. But this is debatable ground contested by Jupiter and Mercury on the one side, Saturn and Mars being on the other. The ray of Uranus is gradually forging a SECOND SPINAL CORD by drawing the lower love-ray of Venus upward and transmuting it to altruism, conquer- ing for it the dominion over the sympathetic segment of the present spinal cord and THE LEFT CEREBRAL HEMISPHERE now ruled by the passionate hierarchy of Mars, the Lucifer Spirits. This work has been completely accomplished by the Adepts, therefore they have no need to marry for each is now a complete creative unit on both the spiritual and physical planes, having turned the bi-polar creative force, masculine and feminine, upward through the double spinal cord, illuminated and raised in potential energy by the spinal spirit fires of Neptune (Will) and Uranus (Love and Imagination). This creative energy conceives in the twin hemispheres of the cerebrum, ruled by Mars and Mercury, a vehicle fit for the expression of the spirit, which is then sent out and objectified in the world BY THE SPOKEN CREATIVE WORD. This is the secret of how the Adepts form a new body without going through the womb, and some day all humanity will attain to this standard of perfection as SPIRITUAL HERMAPHRODITES; then we shall no longer be "a little lower than the angels" who create by similar methods but we shall be higher than they are now for we shall have the reason and intellect which they lack, in addition to the complete creative power. Continued with file "RC2008.TXT" End of File


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