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Filename: RC2005.TXT Source: "The Message of the Stars" by Max & Augusta Foss Heindel [PAGE 188] MERCURY, THE PLANET OF REASON: Mythologically Mercury is represented as a "Messenger of the Gods" and this is the line with the occult facts, for when infant humanity had been led astray by the marital Lucifer spirits and had fallen into GENERATION it became necessary for the other divine hierarchies to take steps looking to a future REGENERATION and to further that object the Lords of Venus were brought to the earth to educate humanity in such a manner that love might be substituted for lust and men might thus be induced to aspire to something higher. While the Lords of Venus dealt with mankind in general the most precocious among them were taken in hand by the Lords of Mercury; whose wisdom-teaching is symbolically represented by the caduceus or "STAFF OF MERCURY," consisting of two serpents twining around a rod and indication the solution of the riddle of life, or "Whence have we come, why are we here, and whither are we bound?" showing the pupil the spiral path of INVOLUTION by which the divine spark has buried itself in matter, also the spiral path of EVOLUTION by which humanity will eventually again reach the Father's bo- som, and the short road of INITIATION represented by the central rod around [PAGE 189] which the serpents twine. But to understand these Mysteries requires mind and reason. Mercury then is the mental educator of men and its place and position in the horoscope shows the status of the person's mind for whom it is cast. Being the Messenger of the Gods to the other planets Mercury has no voice of its own and is even more dependent for expression upon the aspects of other planets than the Moon which rules the instinctual mind. So Mercury is really a focus through which the faculty of reason finds expression in the human being to act as a brake upon the lower nature and assist in lifting us from the human to the divine. Many may and do feel deeply, they may also have valuable knowledge, but they will be unable to express their feelings or shore their knowledge with others if Mercury is lacking in aspects. Even a so-called evil aspect of Mercury helps to bring out what is within and is therefore better than none. When Mercury is so placed in relation to the Sun it goes BEFORE the lumi- nary it has the effect of materially brightening the mind, for the Sun rep- resents the Ego and it may therefore be said that then its path is illumi- nated by the lamp of reason. On the other hand if Mercury is so placed that it rises later than the Sun and thus follows AFTER the luminary The Ego learns more by afterthought than by forethought for it walks comparatively [PAGE 190] speaking in the dark and must learn a great many of its lessons by experi- ence. As we have found that it is difficult for a number of young students to determine when Mercury goes before or after the Sun we may say in farther elucidation of that subject: When Mercury is in a lower degree of the same sign as the Sun or in any degree of the previous sign then as a matter of course he rises BEFORE the Sun. To illustrate: If the Sun is in twenty degrees of Cancer and Mercury is in five, ten or fifteen degrees of that sign or if he is in any degree of Gemini, then he rises BEFORE the Sun. But if he is in twenty-five degrees of Cancer which is a higher degree of the same sign, or if he is in any degree in Leo which is the sign succeeding Cancer, then he rises AFTER the Sun and loses part of his good influence. A retrograde Mercury is also a detriment to the faculty of reason. But in the year of life when Mercury by progression again turns direct, the rea- soning faculties will improve correspondingly. Mercury is strong in the airy signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, but he is exalted and therefore most powerful in Virgo. Mercury has special rule over agents and messengers, salesmen, postmen and other common carriers, people engaged in advertising or printing, literary men, writers, reporters, secretaries, clerks, steno- graphers and typewriters, commission men and other middle men, demagogues, confidence-men and thieves. [PAGE 191] MERCURY IN THE TWELVE HOUSES: MERCURY IN THE ASCENDANT, OR FIRST HOUSE makes the person quick-witted and sharp according to the nature of the sign rising and the aspects of the planets which he receives. The fiery signs and the airy signs have the strongest influence in that respect. In Aries or Leo he is more impulsive than when rising in Sagittarius, but Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are best. When Mercury is rising in the watery signs Cancer or Pisces the intellect is dull, but rising in Scorpio where it is fired by the martial energy and armed with the venomous sting of the scorpion it has a somewhat similar in- fluence to that of Mars in Scorpio through not quite so pronounced. MERCURY IN THE SECOND HOUSE is good for gain through mercurial occupa- tions especially where the person is employed by someone else so that he ap- pears in a true mercurial capacity as agent, messenger, clerk, writer or whatever else. MERCURY IN THE THIRD HOUSE and well-aspected has wonderful influence on the mental qualities of the native. It makes the mind serene and optimis- tic, inclined to study and research work. It gives fluency as a speaker and success by short journeys or travel and makes the relations of the person harmonious with his brothers. When Mercury is afflicted in the Third House [PAGE 192] it inclines to worry and pessimism, trouble and annoyance with sisters and brothers and when on short journeys. MERCURY IN THE FOURTH HOUSE gives instability to home conditions. It signifies the homeless wanderer who is always moving from place to place un- less a good aspect to Saturn comes in to steady him down. This is, however, a good aspect for people engaged in mercurial occupations which require a stationary residence, such as librarian, or literary men engaged in newspa- per work, employees in printing establishments, commission houses, agencies and kindred organizations. If Mercury is afflicted by Saturn the home con- ditions of the person will cause him a great deal of worry. MERCURY IN THE FIFTH HOUSE centers the mind upon education, amusements, courtships and children. If Mercury is well-aspected by Saturn or Jupiter it gives depth to the mind and makes the person successful in enterprises connected with education, publishing or public amusements. Good aspects from Mars or Venus give success in courtship but the adverse aspects of the planets make the person cruel; he is inconstant in affection toward those he professes to love, inclined to worry over affairs of his children, and su- perficial as a teacher. A good aspect from the Sun is an excellent indica- [PAGE 193] tion of success in a government position, in an educational capacity. MERCURY IN THE SIXTH HOUSE makes the mentality too active for the person's own good, for he is extremely ambitious and therefore liable to over-tax himself to the detriment of his health, and the disability of the nervous system is most likely to express itself by a digestive disorder in the region governed by Virgo, the sixth sign, viz., the intestines. Such people are supersensitive to the conditions of others which affects their health bringing much trouble and worry in dealing with servants and subordi- nates. They are fond of the study of hygiene and diet and meet with consid- erable success in the practice of the chemistry of foods, particularly if Mercury is well-aspected. Adverse aspects of Saturn to a Sixth House Mer- cury make a chronic invalid of a most melancholy mind. The adverse aspects of Mars and Uranus are fruitful sources of suicide through brooding over disease. MERCURY IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE and well-aspected makes the person popular in literary and scientific circles. It is a good position for public speak- ers and all who are engaged in mercurial activities of a public nature. But if Mercury is afflicted the Seventh House position brings a great deal of hostile criticism of a public nature and is liable to involve the person in [PAGE 194] litigation either to defend himself against libel from others or on account of libel committed by himself. A well-aspected Mercury in the Seventh House indicates a successful marriage to a relative or an employee, but when Mer- cury is afflicted either the person or the marriage partner is of a nagging nature so that the married life is spoiled by constant quarrels and disputes on account of fickleness and faithfulness. MERCURY IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE when well-aspected gives gain through liter- ary or scientific agencies, occupations or other mercurial pursuits provided they are carried on in partnership with someone else. This position also indicates that the person may receive a legacy and it is a good indication of the financial success of the marriage, but if Mercury is afflicted its position in the Eighth House indicates financial troubles for the marriage partner and litigation probably in connection with a legacy left to the na- tive. MERCURY IN THE NINTH HOUSE and well-aspected gives love of religion, science, letters and law, a studious mind capable of delving deeply into profound problems of life and being, philosophic and philanthropic tenden- cies, and desire to travel far if need be in the pursuit of knowledge. This position gives facility in speech and writing and success in religion, phi- losophy, law or science. The mind is broad, flexible and adaptable, there- [PAGE 195] fore the person is liable to change his views several times in his life on the various subjects which he has studied, but there will always be a good reason for adopting another viewpoint. If Mercury is afflicted in the Ninth House he makes the person exceed- ingly unstable of mind, changeable as a weather vane in all his pursuits and activities. Such a person will never stay by anything long enough to try it out and therefore he will meet with a series of disasters all through life. Probably he may journey from one place to another in search of success but he will never find it until he learns to concentrate his energies upon one thing. This position is also a fruitful source of trouble with the law or legal affairs. MERCURY IN THE TENTH HOUSE, well-aspected, shows adaptability and re- sourcefulness such as enable the person to cope with all the contingencies of life. It makes a successful lecturer, publisher or writer and is also favorable to success in one of the occult occupations. If Mercury is placed in one of the airy signs the power of expression is much enhanced. Fre- quently people with Mercury in this position have several occupations, but usually they succeed best in a subordinate capacity. MERCURY IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE brings a great many acquaintances among literary, scientific or other mercurial people but none of them are [PAGE 196] sufficiently steadfast to be relied upon unless Mercury is very well-aspected. This position has a tendency to make a person critical and cynical. It sharpens his intellect, however, and gives him a good flow of language. MERCURY IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE, if well aspected gives a mind peculiarly fitted to delve into the mysterious, occult or secret things. This is espe- cially the case if Mercury is between the Sun and Midheaven, that is to say if Mercury goes BEFORE the Sun or rises earlier than that luminary, for then all the light that is in the spirit seems to shine forth and make the person intellectually keen and bright. Therefore this is a good position for de- tective work as well as scientific or occult research work. Chemists of great ability have been produced under this aspect for such people have the faculty of going into the most minute details in things which seem micro- scopic and unimportant to others. When Mercury is in the Twelfth House and afflicted, especially by Saturn or Mars, also when COMBUST or BEHIND THE SUN there is a danger that the mind may become clouded and insanity may result. It may also be noted that the affliction will vary according to the way Mer- cury is aspected; if by Mars or Uranus the subject may be exceedingly violent, if by Saturn he will become melancholy, but whatever the cause, if [PAGE 197] Mercury is afflicted in the Twelfth House some form of limitation will re- strain the spirit, for the Twelfth House is the house of limitation and con- finement. Deafness is also the result of this position of Mercury when severely af- flicted by Saturn. MERCURY IN THE TWELVE SIGNS: MERCURY IN ARIES makes the person very argumentative, fond of disputes, quick at repartee, with a tendency to exaggerate though not necessarily by design. If well-aspected he is broad minded and tolerant of the opinions of others, of a studious nature, quick to grasp situations and ideas, neat and orderly. When afflicted Mercury in Aries makes people leap before they look, the mind is vacillating and there is a general recklessness about the person who is thus very unreliable and devoid of all sense of responsibil- ity. MERCURY IN TAURUS gives a mind that is not very soon made up but when it has once arrive at a conclusion it is almost as difficult to change as the laws of the Medes and Persians. However, being based upon thought and rea- son the judgment of these people is also extremely reliable. They believe thoroughly in the ancient adage that "Silence is golden" and are therefore [PAGE 198] close-mouthed. They are good counselors and can be depended upon to keep secret. At the same time they are not recluses, but have a pleasant, socia- ble disposition. They are fond of fun and recreation, they love music, art and literature, so they are thoroughly likable people if Mercury is well- aspected. But if Mercury is afflicted they become what the Scotch call "DOUR," also obstinate, stubborn, secretive and avaricious. MERCURY IN GEMINI makes a person fond of change and travel. He is al- ways ready to investigate some new thing, or go to some other place for a change; in short, almost anything that is new appeals to him. At the same time if Mercury is well-fortified such people gain greatly by this fluidic state of the mind for they are shrewd and penetrating in their judgment so that they know good value when they see it and are not prejudiced by precon- ceived, set opinions. Therefore they are good business men and their abil- ity to see a point makes them particularly good lawyers. They also succeed well as traveling salesmen. MERCURY IN CANCER gives a clear intellect, a good memory and superlative adaptability. People with this position fit into any place or occupation they may find and adapt themselves to the opinions and ideas of others. They love praise and flattery, therefore they are careful not to do anything [PAGE 199] whereby they may forfeit the good opinion of others. MERCURY IN LEO gives high ideals and aspirations, a positive, strong and persevering intellect which scorns to stoop to low and mean acts, and de- spises equivocation; is blunt and out-spoken, quick-tempered, but kind-hearted and sympathetic. People with Mercury in Leo well-fortified have good organizing ability and make capable leaders. They love children and are also fond of pleasure. When Mercury is afflicted in Leo it makes the person fickle and inconstant in his affections, an unsuccessful gambler and speculator, a low and sensual nature. MERCURY IN VIRGO is at the zenith of his power for there he is exalted, consequently when well-aspected it gives a clear, logical, scientific mind, eloquence and the ability to express oneself fluently in a number of lan- guages. It gives the person a comprehensive, discriminating outlook upon life, his conclusions are usually practical and to the point because he also, like the Taurian Mercury, looks before he leaps. In short this char- acteristic is in a degree true of all the earthy signs. When Mercury is af- flicted in Virgo it makes the man irritable, petulant and selfish, always looking for flaws in everything he comes across. People with Mercury in [PAGE 200] Virgo make excellent dietitians and chemists. They also have an unusual dexterity. MERCURY IN LIBRA, when well-aspected gives a broad, well-balanced mind with a love of art and music and an uncommon ability of expression. It brings success as a public speaker and sometimes as a singer. When Mercury is afflicted in Libra it indicates trouble by lawsuits through partnerships and an unfaithful marriage partner. MERCURY IN SCORPIO gives a shrewd mind, a keen aspiration, a quick wit and a sharp tongue with biting sarcasm that can sting like the scorpion. The disposition is bold and stubborn, headstrong and difficult to get along wit. But these people are extremely resourceful, dauntless, and able to overcome difficulties which would crush others. They are attracted to the occult, a a needle is drawn to a magnet. When Mercury is afflicted they are subject to disappointment in everything they undertake, quarrelsome, skepti- cal and cynical, always holding opposite views to others. MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS. Though in detriment it is still a strong posi- tion of Mercury and if he is well-aspected it gives an exceedingly noble mind of a religious and philosophical turn, a mind which scorns the shackles of conventions where they interfere with freedom of thought and speech yet [PAGE 201] does not fly into paths that are contrary to the commonly accepted standards of moral usage and conduct. It always confines itself within the boundaries of law and order and people with Mercury in this position are therefore greatly respected in the community. Mercury in Sagittarius makes the person fond of travel to see the sights and scenery of nature and to investigate the customs of strange people. He is also fond of animals and pets. When afflicted it inclines to lawlessness, dishonesty, sophism and a twisted character. MERCURY IN CAPRICORN gives a critical and penetrating but somewhat sus- picious mind with a thoughtful and diplomatic disposition, These people make splendid spies and detectives, having the ability to ferret out secrets in the most uncanny manner. They also have the persistence of Saturnians derived from the sign Capricorn so that they never give up until their ob- ject has been attained. This position gives a love of science, par- ticularly chemistry. These people are much attracted to the occult, yet are practical and very thrifty. They hold on to what they get and always have something for a rainy day. When afflicted Mercury in Capricorn makes the person miserly, cruel, hard, malicious, vindictive and spiteful. [PAGE 202] MERCURY IN AQUARIUS gives the Uranian qualities of originality and inde- pendence and an unconquerable love of liberty to the mind so that people with Mercury in this position are apt to repudiate all the social conven- tions and live according to their highly idealistic conceptions. They often take no heed of fashion, and dress in a style entirely their own. They ad- vocate ideas on social subjects which are a thousand years ahead of the world's development, among them the theory of soul-mates and affinities which is causing so much trouble in the world today because it advocates have not yet grown to the spiritual stature where they can separate it from sex and live the true Uranian love-life which is altogether spiritual. The foregoing delineations apply particularly where Mercury is aspected by Uranus and the people described by them are the extreme product of Mercury in Aquarius. All who have this position, however, are very intellectual, they have high ideals and aspirations, a love of popular science and math- ematics and are usually attracted to the occult sciences also, especially to astrology, for they have a fine faculty for reading the horoscope. They are kind, sociable and fond of friends with the result that they usually attract large numbers of intellectual people to their circle of acquaintances. When [PAGE 203] afflicted this position makes the person disloyal and ready to prey upon his friends, or criticize and slander them. MERCURY IN PISCES the occult water sign, seems to endow the mind with a certain psychic faculty which is not so much intuition as imagination. They think or imagine that something must be so and so and it is a startling fact that they are usually correct, but this ability brings them dangerously near to mediumship if Mercury is afflicted or when Neptune, the higher octave of Mercury, is in the Twelfth House. Therefore this is rather a dangerous po- sition. If Mercury is afflicted by Saturn this position in Pisces makes the person liable to gloom and the mind will be subject to constant worry with a turn toward melancholy. Usually, people with Mercury in Pisces are of a kindly and benevolent disposition. This also is a good indication that suc- cess may be attained in chemistry and as a dietitian in the preparation of health foods. MERCURY IN ASPECT WITH THE OTHER PLANETS: THE SUN IN PARALLEL OR CONJUNCTION WITH MERCURY. These are the only as- pects ever formed and are good for the memory and mentality provided Mercury is not closer to the Sun than three degrees, for then he is "COMBUST" and his good qualities are burned up in the Sun's rays. It is most fortunate to have Mercury rise BEFORE the Sun at Birth for he is then the Lightbearer who [PAGE 204] holds the torch of reason BEFORE the Spirit which in the horoscope is sym- bolized by the Sun. When he rises after the Sun the mentality is not nearly so keen (unless other good aspects favor). VENUS PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION OR SEXTILE TO MERCURY. Venus and Mercury are never more than 76 degrees apart, therefore they can only form the conjunc- tions, parallels and sextiles, but not the trine, square nor opposition. These aspects make the person cheerful and companionable with a good-natured disposition and a desire for society. They also give the abil- ity for music and poetry, especially if in the Ascendant, and are a general indication of SUCCESS in salesmanship for such people are very suave, af- fable and persuasive. THE MOON IN PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MERCURY gives a receptive mind and a retentive memory, two very rare qualities and therefore these aspects, particularly the sextile and trine, are good indications of success in life, especially in one of the mercurial occupations, literary, clerical or traveling. People with these configurations are usually very verbose, particularly if the conjunction or trine occurs in airy signs or a sign of voice, for then the power of expression reaches a superlative degree [PAGE 205] and such people become able linguists and elocutionists; but unless there is some steadying influence people with configurations of Mercury and the Moon are not reliable because of their tendency to change their minds repeatedly in the most unexpected manner. They are inclined to look upon the bright side of life and are fond of pleasure, particularly travel. THE MOON SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MERCURY gives a poor memory and lack of mental stability with a tendency to indecision and worry, liability to brain storms and hysterics. These characteristics make the person unpopular and as the saying is, "unlucky." SATURN SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MERCURY acts as a brake upon the flighty mind and gives it a seriousness, depth and concentration which is of inestimable value in life. The forethought and profound reasoning ability indicated by these aspects insure success in whatever vocation the person may pursue. The patient persistence which permits no temporary failure to stand in the way of ultimate success; their caution and diplomacy make such people invin- cible in the long run. Therefore they generally become prominent in connec- tion with some serious enterprise such as secrete societies, the church or even politics or governmental affairs. They are in demand for high posi- tions in great undertakings where a steady hand is required on the helm. [PAGE 206] But they do not usually shine in public for they are very quiet, subdued and serious in their manner and demeanor; besides they are absolutely honest and fairminded, hence they make the very finest judges obtainable. SATURN CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO MERCURY gives depth to the mind, and forespiritual, together with all the other good qualities enumerated as re- sulting from the sextile and the trine if Mercury is otherwise well-aspected, but not in so full a measure, or at any rate the person does not seem to be able to externalize them as readily, hence does not meet the same assured success as given by the good aspects. He also suffers from the tendency to melancholy denoted by the square or opposition, especially if the aspect occurs in one of the common signs or in Capricorn, and if in Gemini it interferes sadly with the dexterity. Such people tend to drop ev- erything they take into their hands. These aspects also give an embarrass- ing timidity and if Mercury is afflicted the undesirable qualities enumer- ated as resulting from the square or opposition may be looked for. SATURN SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MERCURY makes the person subject to trouble and delays all through life. He is thwarted on every hand by slan- der and secret enemies and this condition in time makes him bitter and [PAGE 207] sarcastic with the additional result that he is shunned by all who can pos- sibly get away from him. This in time leads him to become a recluse who shuts himself away to brood over his troubles. Such a person sometimes be- comes subject to melancholia of a most piteous character. These aspects also make the person cunning and untruthful. They give the same desire to study the occult conferred by the good aspects, but there is the great dif- ference that while the good aspects of Saturn and Mercury incline one to the study of occultism from unselfish motives, the bad aspects impel him to fer- ret out nature's secret for personal power or gain. JUPITER CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MERCURY is one of the finest assets in life, for it gives a cheerful, optimistic disposition with the ability to look upon the bright side of things and keep up the spirits in hours of adversity. The mind is broad, versatile, and able to reason correctly and to form a reliable judgment by careful deliberation. These people never give a hasty decision; they require time to think over whatever is presented to them, but once they have reached a conclusion it will be found incontrovertible. They are successful in law or literature and much respected for their honesty and sincerity. These aspects are particularly [PAGE 208] fortunate for people who travel for business or pleasure, for they will reap both benefit and enjoyment from a migratory mode of life; these aspects make them "healthy, wealthy and wise" beyond the average, and loved by everybody for the vital vibrations they radiate upon whomever they meet. JUPITER SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MERCURY gives a vacillating and wavering disposition so that the person cannot make up his mind when more than one course of action is open, hence people with these aspects often lose their opportunities through procrastination and lack of judgment, and must there- fore often be classed as failures in life. They are liable to scandal and slander because of treacherous associates. They should not travel, for it will bring them loss and trouble. They should also be extremely careful in making contracts or agreements to do or deliver certain things at a specified time, for they will probably be unable to fulfill the requirements and thus trouble and loss will result. MARS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MERCURY gives a keen, sharp, ingenious and re- sourceful mentality. It makes the person enthusiastic over any proposition which appeals to him and he has also ability to enthuse others and impress them with his views; an indefatigable worker in any cause which arouses his [PAGE 209] sympathies, but he is not visionary, and is interested only in concrete mat- ters. These people love argument or debate, and they have an inexhaustible fund of wit and good humor, sometimes blended with a vein of sarcasm which always strikes its mark, yet never viciously nor maliciously. They also have remarkable dexterity and are able to turn their hands to whatever task is allotted and do it with a speed, facility and expedition that is aston- ishing, to say the least. They cannot do anything slowly or by halves; whatever they undertake must be done with a rush, and they put their whole energy into it so that they may accomplish the task and do it well, hence these aspects give success in life, in almost any line of endeavor these people may select, but most often in literature or the mechanical arts. MARS CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO MERCURY gives the same mental energy, en- thusiasm and dexterity as the definately good aspects, but whether these qualities are used for constructive and good purposes or for destructive and evil ends depends upon the sign, house position and other aspects. If the configuration occurs in a sign where either or both planets are strong and well-placed, as Mars in Aries or Capricorn, or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, or if they are fortified by good aspects from the Sun, Venus or Jupiter, Mars conjunction or parallel Mercury will operate similarly to the sextile [PAGE 210] or trine, as stated in the foregoing paragraph, which see. But if Mars and Mercury are in one of the watery signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), or if either or both are afflicted by Saturn, Uranus or Neptune, the conjunction or parallel of Mars and Mercury will give the same evil tendencies as the square or opposition which are defined in the next paragraph. MARS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MERCURY makes people quickwitted, sharp and alert, quick tempered, impulsive and excitable, liable to jump at conclu- sions and act before they think with the inevitable result that they are al- ways getting themselves or other people into trouble, hence they are danger- ous associates. They are born prevaricators and utterly incapable of making a straight statement. It is just as natural for them to color or exaggerate their statements as it is to breathe. They are vitriolic in their wrath and their tongues are more poisonous than the bite of a rattlesnake, hence they are either feared or hated by those who are unfortunate enough to be bound to them by environment; all who can, shun them. They are bullies who are bound either to rule or ruin wherever they are, and they allow no obstacle to stand in their way which can be removed either by force or slander. They are the acme of selfishness, swagger and consummate egotism. The foregoing [PAGE 211] tendencies may of course be modified by other aspects, but if they are not, such people are a menace to society. If either Mars or Mercury is placed in the Sixth or Twelfth House or in any other position so that the bad aspect acts upon the health, there is a liability to nervous prostration, brain fe- ver or insanity. URANUS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MERCURY gives an original, independent and ec- centric mind impatient of the fetters of fashion, tradition and convention. Such a person is strenuous in his efforts to hew a path for himself in com- plete liberty. Therefore this is the hall-mark of the pioneers in thought and invention, the sign of genius. Their ideas and ideals are exceedingly lofty, progressive and inspiring, in fact too much so in the opinion of the average man or woman who looks upon their actions as vagaries, the outcome of a diseased mind. Nevertheless they have plenty of friends on account of their kindly and sympathetic nature. These aspects are good for a literary or scientific pursuit, also for invention, particularly along lines which have to do with air or electricity. URANUS CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL MERCURY. If Mercury is otherwise af- flicted the conjunction and parallel are to be judged as bad aspects and read accordingly, but if Mercury is otherwise well placed and aspected the [PAGE 212] delineation given for the sextile and trine will apply. URANUS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MERCURY is the hall-mark of the true crank or anarchist who has extreme ideas in regard to tearing down the social structure and making reforms. People with these configurations are given to ranting and raving in public and their language is usually as cruel as the measures they advocate. Whatever ability they possess is usually turned to erratic purposes and they are often forced to make sudden changes on that account. NEPTUNE CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO MERCURY gives a mind peculiarly adapted to the occult art, particularly if the conjunction occurs in the Third or Ninth House or the trines are from the watery signs Cancer and Pisces. Such people usually succeed in occult science and often develop a supernormal faculty. They are particularly good as magnetic healers. NEPTUNE SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO MERCURY gives a chaotic mind, liability to lack of memory, indolence and a disposition to dream the time away. There is a restless desire for fame and an inability to fit in anywhere. Such people are liable to fraud, deception and slander, also to commit sui- cide. [PAGE 213] THE MOON, THE PLANET OF FECUNDATION: From the Bible we learn that Jehovah made man in His image. We are also told that ANGELS visited Sarah and proclaimed the birth of Isaac. They also foretold the birth of Samson and Samuel and the ANGEL (not archangel) Gabriel came to Mary of Bethlehem to announce the coming birth of Jesus. According to occult science Jehovah and His angels are the guardians of the seed atoms, the basic factors in fertilization. The activities of the an- gels are directed to the maintenance of plant, animal and human life upon earth. To this end their forces are focused by the wandering Moon through the twelve signs of the zodiac; they impinge upon the foetus in a creative manner during the period of gestation from the time of conception to birth. Thus as the Moon measures the tides of the earth so also does she measure the soul's passage from the shores of eternity through the waters of the womb to the world of time. According to astrology Cancer is the home of the Moon. The ancient Egyptians pictured this sign as a scarab or beetle which was their emblem of the soul and they called Cancer THE SPHERE OF THE SOUL, for it is said that through this moist watery sign fertilized by the lunar [PAGE 214] ray the seed atoms are projected into the womb of the prospective parent who is thus prepared for the period of gestation; and occult science adds to this that the seed atoms of the animal kingdom, which is still mindless and therefore not amenable to lunar influences in that direction, are projected through the watery martial sign SCORPIO while the seed atoms of the inert plants our poured in through the Jupiterian sign Pisces just before the Sun enters Aries at the vernal equinox to awaken the plant seeds sleeping in Mother Earth, which have been fertilized by Pisces. Thus the human family has the longest period of gestation, the animal a somewhat shorter one and the plant the shortest of all. The Moon also measures the period of postnatal growth so that the period of CHILDHOOD, measured by the change of teeth is complete at about seven years of age when the Moon is SQUARE to her place at birth. The period of PUBERTY is ushered in at about fourteen years of age when the Moon is in OP- POSITION to her place at birth and is marked by the change of voice in the boy and the commencement of the menses in the girl. At twenty-one years of age the Moon by progression has traveled three quarters of the circle of the horoscope from its place at birth. This finishes the period of incubation and the human being is considered to be full-grown, capable of exercising a franchise and taking care of his own affairs. Thus the distance traveled by the New Moon during the prenatal period of gestation in the mother's womb [PAGE 215] and the distance traveled by the progressed Moon during the twenty-one years of post-natal development in the womb of Mother Nature correspond exactly. The Moon, like Mercury, has no basic nature of its own but serves to fo- cus the qualities of the signs and other planets upon the human mind. She governs the tidal air in the lungs and the colorless lymph in the body, also the digestive activity and the sympathetic nervous system which auto- matically takes care of the process of digestion. She also governs the cer- ebellum, the mammae, the feminine functions and parturition as already ex- plained. People who are strongly under the influence of the lunar rays are of an easy-going, dreamy, indolent nature, adepts as architects of air castles which never materialize or assume concrete shape. They are very sociable and generally easy to get along with. They succeed best as cooks, house- keepers or in some domestic occupation or in one which has to do with li- quids or a seafaring life. The Moon being female indicates the marriage partner for a man so that in a man's horoscope affliction of the Moon would not be so apt to cause trouble in health as in married life and the horoscopes of the two sexes should therefore be read differently with respect to the Sun and Moon. If Saturn afflicts the Moon in a woman's horoscope it will affect her health, but in the same respect to the Sun and Moon. If Saturn afflicts the Moon in a woman's horoscope it will affect her health, but the same aspect occurring in a man's horoscope will cause him trouble in married life. If the Sun is afflicted in a man's horoscope it will affect his health but in a woman's [PAGE 216] horoscope it would indicate trouble with her husband. At the same time how- ever it should not be forgotten that both the Sun and Moon are vital factors in the health of both sexes but one sex is more affected by the Sun, the other by the Moon. The Moon is the great time-marker of the universe. Without her our lives would be barren of events for although the Sun and the planets by their travel through the signs and houses indicate the years when certain tenden- cies shown in the horoscope may culminate in action, it invariably requires an aspect of the Moon to fertilize the aspect and make it bloom into physical manifestation. The Sun and the planets may therefore be likened to the hour-hand on the clock of destiny which shows the YEAR when each phase of our destiny which shows the YEAR when each phase of our destiny is ripe for the harvest and the Moon may be likened to the minute-hand which shows the MONTH when the influences are due to culminate into action. In order to become fully conversant with the influences of the Moon we would advise stu- dents to read carefully the article on eclipses and new moon in our Simpli- fied Scientific Astrology. THE MOON IN THE TWELVE HOUSES: THE MOON IN THE FIRST HOUSE. When the Moon is rising in the First House at birth and particularly in common or cardinal sign she gives the person then born a very restless nature; he is constantly endeavoring to change his [PAGE 217] position environment and occupation, is ensouled by an insatiable wanderlust and always ready to roam. When the Moon is rising in a fixed sign there is a little more stability to the nature but even then the person will probably spend at least part of his time in a roving existence. People with the Moon in the First House are usually sensitives, especially if the Moon is in the psychic signs Cancer or Pisces. They have a very vivid imagination and are quite intuitive. This position of the Moon has a powerful influence upon health especially in a woman's horoscope and the aspects which the Moon re- ceives determine the strength of the constitution. It is also a sign of success in such occupations as bring the person in close touch with the pub- lic. THE MOON IN THE SECOND HOUSE signifies fluctuating finances unless for- tified by good aspects from Jupiter, the planet of opulence, or Venus the planet of attraction. Good aspects from the Sun make matters more settled in that respect. THE MOON IN THE THIRD HOUSE makes the mind extremely fertile in imagina- tion with a strong liking for mental occupations, especially such as do not require continuity but are subject to constant change, like editing and re- porting on newspapers where one must be on the alert for news and roam hither and thither for the purpose of gathering it. These people love the [PAGE 218] lime-light of publicity and if the Moon is strengthened by good aspects to Mercury they may reach a position of prominence. THE MOON IN THE FOURTH HOUSE well-aspected indicates fortunate home con- ditions, especially toward the close of life but if the Moon is afflicted we may judge the reverse. This position also gives a tendency toward psychic experiences especially if the Moon is in its own sign Cancer or in Pisces, another watery sign. It also shows many changes of residence which will be fortunate or otherwise according to other aspects of the Moon. THE MOON IN THE FIFTH HOUSE in cardinal or common signs indicates a per- son of very changeable afflictions, fond of pleasure and gambling. It is a sign of a fruitful marriage particularly when in Scorpio. Even in a barren sign like Leo the Moon will give children when she is placed in the Fifth House. This question, however, should always be judged from both horoscopes of the prospective parents, for should one be entirely barren, the Moon in the Fifth House in Leo or Virgo in the other horoscope, would not be suf- ficient help to mend the matter. THE MOON IN THE SIXTH HOUSE is a poor position particularly in a woman's horoscope and any person with the Moon in that position will be better in a [PAGE 219] subordinate position employed by someone else than in a business venture of his own. Should he be placed in the position of employer he will find it difficult to keep servants or employees. They will change constantly. THE MOON IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE if well-aspected is fortunate for success in marriage, partnership and all dealings with the public for it makes the person popular. But if seriously afflicted it indicates a fickle, change- able marriage partner, loss through litigation, partnership and the general public which will then hold the person in disfavor. THE MOON IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE gives gain by marriage and legacy if it is well-aspected and it also increases the number of children though there is a change that some of them may die. But if the Moon is afflicted the finan- cial fortunes will change for the worse after marriage and if legacies do come they will bring lawsuits with them whereby the person will lose. THE MOON IN THE NINTH HOUSE when well-aspected gives a clean clear mind of a serious, religious, legal or philosophy turn according to the nature of the aspect. The person will travel far with both pleasure and profit for himself and sometime he will come into the lime-light of publicity. This position also gives a tendency to dreams and visions especially if the Moon [PAGE 220] is aspected by Neptune. If the Moon is afflicted the person will be too im- pulsive and jump to conclusions which are to his detriment. If he under- takes to travel he is liable to meet much trouble in consequence. He is also apt to make an ill-considered change in religion and be subjected to much censure on that account. THE MOON IN THE TENTH HOUSE is a sign of good fortune, popularity and prosperity if well-aspected. It brings the person prominently before the public and ensures favor especially from women, also the accumulation or property. It makes the mind deep and diplomatic, curious and inquisitive. When the Moon is afflicted the person is liable to incur hostility on the part of the public and reversals of fortune. Sometimes he becomes involved in public scandal and subject to censure. THE MOON IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE if well-aspected gives many friends espe- cially among women, but if she is afflicted those who come to the person un- der the guise of friendship do so in the hope that he may be of benefit to them. THE MOON IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE if well-aspected gives success in such work as is performed in seclusion away from the public gaze, in prisons, hospitals or charitable institutions. There is also a liability to become [PAGE 221] involved in clandestine love-affairs but if the Moon is well-aspected the person will be able to keep this a secret. If the Moon is afflicted there is a danger of secret enemies, trouble and persecution. THE MOON IN THE TWELVE SIGNS: THE MOON IN ARIES gives a very independent type of mind which aims to hew out its own path in life whether right or wrong and is extremely quick to resent any interference from others. The person is ambitious and aggres- sive but lacks forethought, so that he is liable to meet with numerous setbacks. However, this position gives a dauntless courage and such people are not easily defeated. When they have failed in one direction they im- mediately try another venture and in the end their very persistence usually brings them into prominence in their line and gives them ultimate success, unless the Moon is afflicted; they they are prone to take up one occupation after another without giving themselves time to try honestly to make a suc- cess of any one. THE MOON IN TAURUS. This is the Moon's exaltation sign and her effect is therefore very powerful for good if she is free from affliction and well-aspected. Then the fixed nature of Taurus tones down the changeability of the Moon which also blends with the Venus ray. Hence it makes the [PAGE 222] disposition gentle, self-reliant and determined. It gives perseverance, forethought and kindness, therefore the person attracts all the good things of life, health and wealth, friends and family, houses and lands with the ability to enjoy all these things for it makes him fond of pleasure, so- ciable and hospitable, a lover of art and music and all other things which make for the enjoyment of life. THE MOON IN GEMINI gives a wide-awake intellect, fond of literature and science, resourceful and able to cope with emergencies, broad, liberal and alert for progressive ideas which are taken up with avidity. Hence such people are much attracted to literary occupations, particularly in the news- paper field where they may flit from one subject to another as required by their extremely restless mind. This position also gives an inordinate love of traveling, and desire for positions where one meets many people. Hence it favors such occupations as those of traveling salesmen, canvassers, and the like. THE MOON IN CANCER gives a disposition which is kind, sociable and sym- pathetic, but indolent and averse to effort whether physical, moral or men- tal. These people love to drift with the tide and only bestir themselves when under the whiplash of necessity. They are often sensitive to physic [PAGE 223] conditions, especially if the Moon is aspected by Neptune or Uranus and the nature of the aspect determines whether the influence is favorable or unfa- vorable. This position also gives a love of home and the comforts to be ob- tained there. It promotes the digestion and consequently the health if the Moon is well-aspected. If afflicted it has a tendency to give digestive troubles. THE MOON IN LEO has an illuminating influence on the mind. It gives a strong, self-reliant and aggressive disposition with ability for organiza- tion; therefore people with the Moon in this position usually attain to leadership in their immediate circle. They are honorable in financial and social matters, fair and magnanimous in their dealings with others, and very popular with other people. THE MOON IN VIRGO increases the mental qualities if she is well-aspected; she gives a retentive memory, a love of study along scientific or occult lines and an ambition to excel. Chemistry is the favorite of these people among the sciences and they excel as dietitians. They are rather reserved and of quiet demeanor, disliking flattery or ostentation. Unless they de- vote themselves to dietetics they are more successful as the servants or em- ployees of others than in business for themselves. [PAGE 224] THE MOON IN LIBRA is a fortunate position for the acquisition of friends and public popularity for it makes the person kind, sympathetic and agree- able, optimistic and fond of social pleasures. This position also gives good reasoning powers and the ability to form a correct judgment, love of art and music, sometimes considerable ability as a performer if assisted by other aspects. THE MOON IN SCORPIO gives a courageous independent and energetic disposi- tion. The person who has this configuration will not tolerate interference with his plans or submit to imposition. He is often very abrupt in his man- ners and blunt in speech, quick-tempered and not to be coerced by threats, but singularly amenable to kindness. He has a strong and stubborn will and determination to carry out whatever he undertakes. This position also gives a considerable attraction toward the occult sciences but if afflicted may lead to excess gratification of the senses, trouble with women or difficul- ties in parturition. THE MOON IN SAGITTARIUS gives an alert and active personality, a love of walking, riding or any other form of physical exercise, a roving of disposi- tion and love of travel in foreign countries, a fondness of animals, espe- cially horses and dogs and an inclination for the study of religion, law philosophy or the science of occultism. These people are very optimistic, [PAGE 225] good humored, jovial, and ideal companions unless the Moon is afflicted, then her position in Sagittarius is conducive to indolence and self-indulgence. THE MOON IN CAPRICORN, if well-aspected, gives abundance of help from people who are higher in the social scale so that whatever success there may be will come through others, the person being too timid to push himself for- ward, besides being of a melancholy turn of mind which makes him exceedingly sensitive to real or fancied slights. If the Moon is afflicted it gives a liability to slander whether that is merited or not. This position also has a detrimental effect upon the digestion. People with Moon in this position often have an insane fear of coming to want and therefore they become avari- cious and miserly, denying themselves all comforts at the present time that they may have something for a rainy day. They have very little feeling for themselves and none at all for others. THE MOON IN AQUARIUS if well-aspected gives the person a very vivid imagination and the power of calling images up before the mind's eye in such a manner that they seem almost tangible; besides these people are not depen- dent upon the faculty of reason, for their intuition is also exceedingly [PAGE 226] well-developed. In disposition they are sociable, kindly and courteous with the result that they attract many friends and are very popular in their en- vironment, and they are helped by their friends according to the aspects of the Moon. On the other hand if the Moon is afflicted this position shows one of an exceedingly erratic mind. THE MOON IN PISCES gives a receptive mind and a fertile imagination with a disposition to indolence and self-pity, vacillation and faint-heartedness, makes one fond of creaming rather than acting, therefore sorrow, trouble and self-undoing beset the path in life. This position not infrequently leads to mediumship, especially if Neptune is in adverse aspect, for these people are peculiarly sensitive to the flattery of spirit-controls and love any- thing that will stir their emotions. They are also very wordy in their ex- pressions. If a good aspect from Venus and Mercury enables them to take up music they play with extraordinary inspiration and feeling. If the Moon is afflicted in Pisces love-affairs are apt to bring the person into trouble. If Pisces is in the Twelfth House and the Moon there at birth this will give a liability on the part of the parents to drink and thus to neglect their children who may then become the wards of charitable institutions until they reach maturity. Continued with file "RC2006.TXT" End of File


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