Filename: RC2004.TXT Source: +quot;The Message of the Stars+quot; by Max + Augusta Foss He

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Filename: RC2004.TXT Source: "The Message of the Stars" by Max & Augusta Foss Heindel [PAGE 149] THE SUN IN LEO The Sun in Leo gives a masterful nature with a large measure of self-control, a keen sense of honor and a never-failing integrity. The per- son aspires to rule others but would scorn to take a mean advantage or to do anything to others that would not be in strict accord with the golden rule; the affections are deep and lasting. People with the Sun in Leo are staunch defenders of those they love, but equally strong in their aversions. Leo is the sign which rules the heart. Whatever people with the Sun in Leo do is done with a concentration of purpose which compels success. They make true friends and if one must have an enemy, a Leo will prove more honorable and magnanimous than any other. THE SUN IN VIRGO This is combination of the solar, mercurial and Sixth House influences. It shows the successful middleman between the producer and consumer, subtle, extremely quick to see what will work to his advantage in the promotion of business, pleasant and sociable, agreeable to all from whom he expects to gain, but domineering to employees and fellow workers; a smooth talker but not necessarily insincere; he merely looks out for number one. The Sun in Virgo makes good chemists, nurses and doctors, NOT SURGEONS BUT DRUG-DOCTORS; they are firm believers in medicine and lots of it. THE SUN IN LIBRA Libra is ruled by Venus and is the seventh sign, hence the Sun in Libra com- bines the influence of Venus with that of the Sun and the Seventh house, [PAGE 150] with the result that the person loves the marriage partner so devotedly that he excludes everyone else; for of a person with that position it may truly be said that "the Sun rises and sets" in the marriage partner. Libra is also the exaltation sign of Saturn, and his influence is there at its best, giving an element of construction to the art of Venus. This is brought about as ability for architecture and the finer branches of decora- tive construction when the Sun is in Libra. This position also gives a fine, sonorous voice and vocal talent. THE SUN IN SCORPIO The Sun in Scorpio, when well aspected, gives great energy, courage and in- dependence. It makes the mind active, and favors success in such occupa- tions as those of the surgeon or soldier. It also tends to improve the finances after marriage, but tends to extravagance. The Sun here afflicted gives the person a very blunt, brusque manner, a feeling that his judgment is better than that of others, and a tendency to ride rough-shod over anybody or anything that stands in his way. It often makes him indifferent to suffering, and may transform the surgeon into a vivisectionist. THE SUN IN SAGITTARIUS This gives lofty ideas and a noble aspiring disposition aiming to rise by raising others. It makes the person benevolent, philanthropic and therefore [PAGE 151] beloved among his associates. He is often the recipient of honors and ap- pointments to positions of trust, and missions of a delicate nature, not could a better selection be made, for such people are the souls of honor. This position will also bring success in religion, law and statesmanship for it gives an expansive mind fitted to grapple with the greater problems of life. THE SUN IN CAPRICORN This is a good sign that the person will rise in life by the aid of the good-will of people in a higher position than himself; it shows that he will merit their trust and acquit himself well in a position of responsibility and trust; it makes him careful, prudent, faithful and honest. Judges with that position cannot be bought but will administer justice as they see it, to all comers. It gives an all round love of fair play and wins for those who have it the respect and esteem of all in their circle. THE SUN IN AQUARIUS This is a combination of the Sun, Uranus and the Eleventh House influences. It gives the person an intuitive perception of the inner nature of things and a touch with the forces and ideas of the spiritual realms which leads [PAGE 152] him to take up when possible, new and advanced cults, or methods of healing such as Naturopathy, Electro-therapy, Astro-therapy, Magnetic Haling, etc. He is also drawn to scientific research and ultra-intellectual or strange religions. This position gives much popularity and firm friends among people who are in a position to bestow favors and further the person's at- tainment of his ambitions. THE SUN IN PISCES Gives a retiring disposition and favors success in occupations removed from the public gaze such as prisons, hospitals, institutions for the poor, etc. If the person incur enmity of others, he will be vindicated whatever they may do to hurt his reputation. People with the Sun in Pisces have a strong tendency towards psychism, mediumship and the occult in general. THE SUN IN ASPECT WITH OTHER PLANETS VENUS PARALLEL OR IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE SUN calls out the artistic side of the nature, making the person fond of music, art and poetry; it strengthens the love nature and if the configuration occurs in the Seventh House it is a positive testimony of unalloyed marital bliss. In the Second or Eight House it leads to extravagance of the person or his mate; in Scorpio it is not [PAGE 153] good for the morals and in Pisces it leads to intemperance. These aspects strengthen the constitution, increase the popularity and make social inter- course smooth so that the person has many friends and keeps them. As the orbit of Venus is so small she never forms the sextile, trine, square or opposition to the Sun. MERCURY PARALLEL OR IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE SUN. These are the only aspects formed between the two. They are good for the memory and mentality if Mer- cury is not closer to the Sun that three degrees, for then he is 'COMBUST' and his good qualities are burned up in the Sun's rays. It is most fortu- nate to have Mercury rise BEFORE the Sun at birth for he is the Lightbearer who holds the torch of reason before the Spirit which in the horoscope is symbolized by the Sun. When he rises after the Sun the mentality is not nearly so keen (unless other good aspects favor). THE MOON PARALLEL OR IN CONJUNCTION WITH SUN. No matter in what sign or house the conjunction of the Lights occurs the person will be so strongly marked with the characteristics of that sign that lacking knowledge of this true Ascendant even the most competent astrologer is likely to be misled and judge him to be born with the sign rising in which the conjunction took place, and whatever matters are ruled by the House in which conjunction [PAGE 154] occurs will play a very important part in the life. In the First House he is an out and out egotist with very little love for others save in so far as they serve his ends; in the Seventh, his world pivots on the mate; in the Tenth House or sign he will sacrifice all other considerations to rise in public life; in the Twelfth House or sign the conjunction will give a strong tendency to drink, bringing trouble; in the Third and Ninth Houses it will brighten the mind and induce travel from which he will benefit; in the Sec- ond House it will bring wealth, especially if in good aspect with Jupiter. But if the conjunction of the Sun and Moon is closer than three degrees it has a tendency to deplete the vitality and if the conjunction is also a solar eclipse, AND THE CHILD SURVIVES, this will be particularly noticeable, all through life. People who have such close conjunctions or eclipses be- come listless, dis-spirited and out of sorts every time there is a new Moon. The conjunction or eclipse does not seem to interfere with the good effects in other departments of life. THE MOON SEXTILE OR TRINE TO THE SUN. The good aspects of the Sun and Moon make for general success in life, health, fair financial conditions, good home surroundings with faithful friends, and esteem in the community; they favor a rise in life because of the person's innate ability, which either [PAGE 155] gains for him the recognition of people in a position to help him rise, or impels him to carve his own way. THE MOON SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO SUN makes the person vacillating and un- settled in disposition, changeable and unable to pursue a settled course in life, rash to plunge into enterprises, but lacking the persistence or conti- nuity of purpose to carry anything to a successful conclusion. For that reason such people become failures in life, especially in their dealings with women and people higher in the social scale such as employers, the au- thorities, judges, etc. They always have difficulty in obtaining employment and keeping their positions when they obtain them for they are hyper-sensitive and ready to take offense, with or without provocation. These configurations also affect the health, rendering the body liable to colds and making recuperation slow when sickness has overtaken the person. SATURN SEXTILE OR TRINE TO SUN endows the person who is fortunate enough to so have it with some of the finest faculties in the gamut, for it brings out the best qualities in the two planets. It gives method, foresight and organizing, executive and diplomatic ability with the moral stamina to carry any project determined on to a successful conclusion despite delays and ob- stacles. Yet the person makes no enemies in so doing, for this configura- [PAGE 156] tion also makes him the soul of honor, kind and considerate; he would never stoop to do anything mean for he is very sincere and just in his dealings with all men, but on the other hand, when he believes a certain course of action to be right, he will never swerve therefrom through heaven and earth be moved against him. These aspects bring success in political or judicial positions also in connection with mining or agriculture. The person often benefits by legacy, but recognition and success are generally delayed till middle life. SATURN PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO THE SUN has a very detrimental effect where the resistance is fundamentally low; in Gemini and Sagittarius it gives a tendency to tuberculosis. It does least damage in the fixed signs where resistance is greatest, but even there when sickness gets a grip on the person it hangs on like grim death, for it lessens the power of the body to throw off disease quickly, hence recuperation is very slow. These aspects are extremely adverse to that which is generally termed success, but they give an abundance of experience, so they are excellent from the standpoint of the soul. It may be truly said of the person who has them, that "the best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley," for no mat- ter how carefully he may plan his affairs he will be subject to delays and [PAGE 157] obstacles which thwart his desires. His marriage is unhappy and is likely to end in divorce or early death of the partner. He had difficulty in find- ing and keeping employment, trouble with employers and authorities, a fell- ing as if he were held in leash all his life and denied expression in any direction. These are the outward experiences but they are generated by the inner nature, and until that changes he must suffer the whiplash of neces- sity. In the first place he has a tendency to crawl into a shell and shut himself in and others out. He is a pessimist and a kill-joy, has little or no regard for the feelings of others and is very obstinate. In the horo- scope of a woman such an aspect signifies marriage to one much older who will hold her with a very tight rein; it augurs death of the husband and of- ten several marriages which are ended by death or divorce. These configurations often bring legacies, but either there is trouble and litigation over the bequests, or the person squanders the estate after he receives it. If Saturn is in his exaltation sign, Libra, the latter part of the life may be better because the person may have taken the lessons of life to heart and mended his ways. JUPITER CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO SUN. The conjunction gives a tendency to apoplexy, especially if it occurs in Aries, but with [PAGE 158] that exception we may say that these configurations are sure indications of health, wealth and happiness. They give the person an abundance of vitality which is proof against very sever onslaughts of disease, and even when par- ticularly unfavorable planetary influences succeed in breaking down his re- sistance, recovery will be so rapid as to seem miraculous. This nearly im- pregnable condition of health is all the more unassailable because it is backed by a disposition at once SUNNY and JOVIAL and that latter character- istic also makes the fortunate possessors of these aspects beloved by all with whom they come in contact. Everybody is glad to see the person with the perpetual smile, but they do more than "smile"--they earn the friendship universally bestowed upon them by deeds of kindness, by words of sympathy, cheer or hope as the occasion may demand. They are trusted by everybody be- cause they never betray a trust. They have clear heads, good judgment and executive ability so that they are well fitted to help others. These char- acteristics also favor their own financial fortunes, so they accumulate wealth, but theirs is never "tainted money;" they never benefit by the loss of others. They are religiously conservative and may be aptly described as "pillars of society." They shine particularly in government work. [PAGE 159] JUPITER SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO THE SUN is bad for the health because it gives a tendency to form bad habits. The person is far too fond of the so-called "good things of life," and very selfish in supplying his own com- forts; he never exercises nor denies himself so the circulation becomes sluggish and as these people have a superabundance of blood this sluggish- ness is productive of various noxious growths and functional disorders; sometimes a fit of anger raises the blood pressure to such a point that a vessel bursts and ends the life or leaves the person henceforth a useless wreck. These aspects give a bombastic haughty dispositions with an inordinate love of display and thus induce extravagance both in social and business af- fairs with the result that the person sometimes finds himself involved in debt which he cannot pay and then it is but a step to the bankruptcy court. A false price often prevents these people from working honestly for others; they would rather prey upon the public as gamblers, followers of races and other so-called sports where there is an opportunity to swindle people and get what they call an "easy" living until they land in the meshes of the law. Children with these aspects should be given special training in self-restraint, thrift and honesty; they will have a tendency to scorn and [PAGE 160] scoff at religion, but perhaps the memory of a devout mother may help to keep them straight. MARS PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO SUN. The conjunction gives a tendency to fever, especially if it occurs in Aries, the sign which gov- erns the head, but it is curious that people with that configuration seem also to be able to endure a much higher temperature than others, and come unscathed through such a siege of sickness as would ordinarily prove fatal. With that exception these aspects all produce a super-abundance of vital en- ergy which assures their possessor of the most radiant health all through life, they strengthen the constitution and make the person able to endure the harder tasks, and give him a dauntless determination and courage to face the greatest odds. Given a plan to follow he may be trusted to overcome all physical obstacles for he has both executive and constructive ability to- gether with an indomitable will which refuses to recognize defeat. The dis- position is frank and open but blunt and often brusque; they are too in- tensely bent on whatever they want to do to waste time in politeness and suavity; they brush the conventionalities aside without compunction and are therefore not liked by people of too fine sensibilities; they are, however, men and women of action and the foremost factors in the world's work; but for their enterprise and energy the world would move much more slowly. [PAGE 161] Aspects to the Sun and Mars are absolutely necessary to give zest to life; even adverse aspects are better than none, for where these planets are unaspected the person is listless, vapid and he will never amount to any- thing no matter how good the figure may be in other respects. MARS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO THE SUN also endows the person with an abun- dance of energy and the faculty of leadership, but these are turned to pur- poses of deviltry and destruction. The courage implanted by the good as- pects becomes foolhardiness, the person has loud, overbearing, swaggering manner and is ready to fight at the drop of a hat, he is always in opposi- tion to constituted authority and ready to rebel wherever he sees a chance. He has an extremely fiery temper but holds no resentment. On account of these qualities he is universally disliked both by employers and his fellow-workers, is always in hot water and never stays long in any place for he is an agitator and trouble-maker. These aspects also dispose to acci- dents in which the person may be maimed, also to gunshot and knife-wounds, to scalding-burns and to fevers, inflammatory complaints, boils and erup- tions. [PAGE 162] URANUS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO THE SUN makes the person intuitive, original, in- ventive and independent in his manner of conduct and personal appearance, also with respect to food and certain mannerisms; he is what people call ec- centric, often conspicuous, yet not offensively so; given to pursuits and studies which people consider "queer" such as occultism and astrology, but also delving into the unknown after nature's secrets concerning electricity or the like. He often becomes a successful inventor if other aspects give the mechanical ability to work out his schemes. Uranus rules the ether and now that we are nearing the Aquarian age his vibrations will in increasing measure bring to our ken methods of using nature's finer forces and the people with the Sun sextile or trine Uranus will be the media to attract and interpret them for us as the aerials and receivers in a wireless station collect and transcribe the messages carried by the ether waves to which they are attuned. The person often rises in life through the friendship of people above him in the social scale. He is of a very high-strung tem- perament but has himself well under control, and rarely shows temper or an- ger. He is an out and out idealist. URANUS PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SQUARE OR OPPOSITIONS TO SUN makes the person very high-strung, nervous and of uncontrolled emotions ready to fly into [PAGE 163] hysteria on any or no provocation. It predisposes to all nervous disorders such as St. Vitus dance, epilepsy and lack of coordination. it makes him impulsive and unreliable, without regard for the conventionalities highly impatient of any human restraint upon his liberty and committed to the theory of affinities, soulmates, and free-love, hence an undesirable mar- riage partner and likely to figure in divorce proceedings or scandals of an even worse nature. There is also danger of trouble on account of connection with anarchistic plots where the inventive faculty may find scope in the construction of ex- plosives and infernal machines. Unless these aspects are modified by other configurations these people are among the most dangerous to society. They are liable to accidents from lightning and electricity, and all through life they meet disappointment in every direction. NEPTUNE SEXTILE OR TRINE TO THE SUN favors the possibility of developing the spiritual faculties, for he intensifies the spiritual vibrations in the aura. Many people with these configurations hear the harmony of the spheres and if Mercury, the lower octave of Neptune gives the requisite dexterity they become musicians of high inspirational nature. In others it breed love of the occult which leads them into the higher life but they usually [PAGE 164] approach it from the intellectual standpoint of psychic investigators; a few live the life and obtain first-hand knowledge. NEPTUNE CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL, SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO THE SUN also brings the person in touch with the denizens of the invisible world by raising the vibrations in his aura, but these configurations attract the undesirable el- ement such as met at the ordinary spiritualistic seance. In a watery sign Neptune induces the person to drink to excess and then the resulting accel- eration of the vibratory rate frequently causes him to perceive the ugly, gruesome forms abounding in the lower realms of the invisible world, which are real elemental entities and not figments as believed by people who hear him tell what he sees during delirium tremens. These aspects also make the person liable to be swindled by sharpers and confidence men, and easily hoodwinked. It cannot be too strongly impressed upon readers and students that judgment is never to be formed on any planetary aspect or position apart from the balance of the horoscope. The unblended, basic nature of aspects is given so that students may recognize innate tendencies and be alert to overcome the evil and to cultivate the good. The free will of the individual can al- ways modify the horoscope, as pointed out on pages 58 and 59. [PAGE 165] VENUS THE PLANET OF LOVE In the 13th Chapter of Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians we find a eulogy of "love." The word used in the authorized version is "charity," but it ought to be read as "love." Love suffereth long and is kind, love vaunteth not herself, is not puffed up, believeth all things, endureth all things. . .Whether there be prophecies they shall fail, whether there be knowledge it shall vanish away." He concludes that in time FAITH and HOPE will pass away because we shall know the things in which we now have faith and our hopes will have been realized, but love, he contends, remains for- ever. The keynote of Venus is "love," "harmony," and "rhythm," and if we want to know her nature we may profitably read that chapter and substitute "Venus' for "Love." Venus vaunteth not herself, is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, rejoices not in iniquity but in truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, endureth all things. These sayings are all true when applied to Venus for she furnishes the unifying bond between all members of the human family in whatever relationship they may be placed. It is the love-ray of Venus piercing deeply the heart of the mother which breeds in her the tender care wherewith she nourishes her offspring through helpless [PAGE 166] infancy. Venus sounds the love call of the youth and the maiden, gives and takes, smoothing out all the difficulties in the conjugal career. She is ever burning incense upon the altar of affection and from her garden of love comes the flowers which scent even the most sordid souls with celestial per- fume and raise them for the time being to the stature of gods. But when Venus is afflicted, all these sublime qualities become tainted and take a hideous aspect according to the nature of their affliction. Squares and oppositions turn love to lust which makes the person revel in sensual gratification; the perception of beauty which expresses itself as art becomes slovenliness, the tendency to self-sacrifice, the giving of one- self for others is turned to selfishness and the person will then seem to use others to escape any task or effort not to his or her liking, laziness being one of the most prominent characteristics of an afflicted Venus. Being feminine, Venus never reaches out toward others, but exerts a mag- netic energy which draws them to her. Therefore she represents in a man's horoscope those of the opposite sex to whom the person is drawn, but in a woman's horoscope Venus describes the person's own attraction for the op- posite sex and Mars the masculine planet shows who will be attracted by her charms. Venus is essentially dignified in Taurus and Libra, and exalted in [PAGE 167] Pisces, and therefore her influence is most powerfully felt when she is placed in those signs. She is weak and afflicted when placed in either of the martial signs, Aries or Scorpio, where she is in her fall, or when she is i the mercurial sign, Virgo. The best House position for her is the Sev- enth where her influence will make the marriage serene and blissful. VENUS IN THE TWELVE HOUSES VENUS IN THE FIRST HOUSE has a tendency to spread sunshine over the child's home and make the early life happy. It gives an amiable character so that the person is well liked because of his social nature and friendly disposi- tion. It brings out the love of music, art and a desire for pleasure. This is what may be called "a lucky position" for it makes the person very at- tractive to all with whom he or she comes in contact and in that way it tends to give general success in life. It is also very good for the general health. VENUS IN THE SECOND HOUSE is an indication of financial success in life. People with Venus in this position are usually very popular and are thus helped by their friends to lucrative positions. At the same time this posi- tion makes the person very wasteful and prodigal so that it tends to make him spend more then he earns. The money is usually squandered on [PAGE 168] pleasure, dress and ornaments for self by a woman and for an amour by a man, and not infrequently leads to abuses which undermine the health. This position also shows gain by dealing in things ruled by Venus, such as dress goods, jewelry, music, etc. VENUS IN THE THIRD HOUSE has a particularly beneficial effect upon the mind, making the person cheerful, optimistic and inclined to look at everything from the bright side of life. It gives a love of music, art, literature and everything that has a refining influence, and unusual facility for express- ing one's self in a happy, appropriate manner, either in speech or writing. It gives love of travel; the person will enjoy himself on his journeys and benefit by them. It also makes relations with brothers and sisters and neighbors and the people in one's immediate environment congenial. VENUS IN THE FOURTH HOUSE shows happy conditions in the home, particularly in the latter part of life. It also indicates that an inheritance may be left to the person and that if he owns houses or lands he will gain much by them. VENUS IN THE FIFTH HOUSE makes the person unusually affectionate and as a result he or she usually experiences a number of love affairs all of which [PAGE 169] run their courses smoothly. In indicates that the marriage will be fruitful and production of lovely and loving children. It is a fortunate position for teachers and people connect with education institutions, also for those engaged in publication of literature and for gain by speculation in stocks or similar securities. VENUS IN THE SIXTH HOUSE gives the person faithful servants who will work for his interest if he is an employer. If he is an employee, it will make him well liked by his employers and fellow-workers. It is a fairly good po- sition for health provided the person does not abuse it. That is to say, the constitution is harmonious, but not very strong. If the health is guarded with care it will remain in good condition for life, but a very little abuse may turn the scales the other way and make the person an in- valid. VENUS IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE is one of the surest signs of domestic felicity. It signifies an early marriage and an increase of prosperity after that event. If the person finds it expedient to enter into partnership on a business basis the presence of Venus tends to make this relationship harmo- nious and beneficial. It is also a good sign that if litigation seems [PAGE 170] necessary some way will be found to settle the matter without actual rup- ture. This position is good for actors, singers, and others whose calling brings them before the public in a vocal capacity for it ensures a kind and sympathetic reception on the part of their audience. VENUS IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE will bring gain by marriage, partnership or legacy if it is well aspected, but if it is afflicted it brings loss and disap- pointment in love, or an extravagant marriage partner, and legal trouble over a will. VENUS IN THE NINTH HOUSE is a very fortunate position if Venus is well aspected, for being so highly elevated here it exercises considerable influ- ence in life and makes the disposition exceedingly kind, sympathetic and helpful so that by these qualities the person becomes much esteemed and sought after, particularly in charitable or religious work, for this posi- tion also brings out the devotional side of the nature. It gives a love of music, art and drama as well as everything that has an influence for soul upliftment. Whenever the person journeys from one place to another for gain or for pleasure. Venus in the Ninth House will smooth the path before him and make his trip thoroughly enjoyable. If Venus is afflicted in the Ninth House the person will long to do or to be all the foregoing things, but [PAGE 171] will find it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to accomplish his de- sire. VENUS IN THE TENTH HOUSE is one of the best signs of general success in the life when well aspected. The person who has this position becomes very popular, particularly with the opposite sex, and will rise in the social scale through marriage. It gives an ability to avoid trouble in life and extract from it all the pleasure there is in every situation. Comfortable financial circumstances attend upon the person all through life and foster a general attitude of optimism. When Venus is afflicted in the Tenth House the person is looked down on by those in his social environment and though he tries to ingratiate himself with those who are in the charmed circles, he will find himself left with snubs and insults. A hasty or ill-considered marriage is apt to make matters worse and bring him farther into disrepute, as a scapegrace. VENUS IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE if well-aspected brings to the person hosts of friends who are willing and anxious to aid him in the realization of his hopes, wishes and desires, but it depends upon the nature and character of the sign wherein Venus is placed as well as on the strength of the aspects whether they will be able to do so or not. For instance, if Venus is in the [PAGE 172] Eleventh House in Aries or Scorpio, one of the martial signs where she is weak, and aspected only by sextiles from Mercury and the Moon, very little help can be expected of her compared to what she will give if she is in her own signs, Taurus or Libra, and aspected by trines from the Sun and Jupiter. In the case first cited, the friends drawn to the person may be ever so sin- cere in their wish to help but will not have the ability. In the latter case they will exert powerful influence and will accomplish wonders. If Ve- nus is afflicted in the Eleventh House it is very often found that the per- son attracts friends who impose upon him and use him for their own objects and when they have so used him to the fullest extend and he cannot serve their purpose any longer they throw him aside. VENUS IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE if well-aspected indicates that the person will benefit from the things signified by this House, viz., occupations connected with prisons, hospitals or charitable institutions, or by work in a chemical laboratory or by some such secluded occupation where he does not come in touch with the public. It also favors study and practice of the occult and gives a tendency to secret, clandestine love affairs which will probably run smoothly if Venus is well-aspected, but if she is weak by sign, or afflicted in the Twelfth House she will cause trouble through jealousy, divorce and [PAGE 173] scandal, or sickness in confinement on account of over-indulgence of the passions, particularly if Venus is in Scorpio which governs the generative organs, or in Taurus which gives the same effect by reflex action, where it signifies self-abuse. VENUS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS VENUS IN ARIES lends ardors to the affection of Venus by blending them with the fire of Mars who is ruler of Aries and for that reason it makes the per- son very ardent in the expression of affection. This usually leads to popularity especially among the opposite sex and often results in a hasty marriage, but that kind of love is not and cannot be lasting. Eventually the fire of passion burns out the love and marriages brought about by this position are then fruitful sources of domestic unhappiness. This position also inclines the person to be rash and impulsive whenever his sympathies are appealed to, so that he often helps an unworthy cause. Venus in Aries also inclines the person to general extravagance in his expenditures. VENUS IN TAURUS is a splendid position for there she is essentially digni- fied and much stronger than in the other signs with the exception of Libra [PAGE 174] and Pisces where she is respectively dignified and exalted. It is a very favorable position for financial affairs, especially gains derived through the person's own efforts in whatever vocation in life he may have chosen. It gives a friendly and sociable disposition with the ability to inspire re- ciprocal feelings in others. People with Venus in Taurus are very set in their opinions concerning correct form and decorum, correct in speech and once they have formed an opinion they hold to it very tenaciously. They are generous but not extravagant. VENUS IN GEMINI blends the beauty of Venus with the mercurial ability to ex- press so that people who have this configuration are able to choose their words with singular facility and infuse in them a rhythm which is like music to the ears of a listener. Therefore this is one of the positions which make poets, provided of course that other indications in the horoscope sup- port, for it should always be remembered by the student that no single as- pect or position is in itself sufficient to mark a prominent characteristic. To do this the whole horoscope must be blended. This position has a very refining influence on the mind, inclining to a literary or artistic career. It makes the person beloved of his brothers and sisters, neighbors and other people in his immediate environment. This position also inclines to [PAGE 175] marriage and frequently to more than one union. It favors traveling both for gain and pleasure, especially short journeys. VENUS IN CANCER blends the characteristics of Venus with those of the Moon and the psychic watery nature of Cancer. Therefore this position gives the person a very fruitful imagination and he or she is very part to come in touch with the inhabitants of the unseen world or at least take up some very devotional phase of religion; but this is dangerous because Venus is negative, attracting without selecting or discriminating hence makes liable to domination by spirit controls and the dangers of mediumship. VENUS IN LEO is compounding love, for Leo rules the heart and whoever has this position will be tender-hearted to a degree. Contrary to the commonly accepted ideas there is a cruel streak in Leo, but when Venus is there, there is no more loving and tender sign in the zodiac, besides being that Leo is a fixed sign Venus in this position makes for an unparalleled asser- tion of the affections when once they have been placed and an unswerving loyalty to the object thereof. Being that Leo is the fifth sign Venus in Leo also gives success in entertainment or educational enterprises and the blending of the Venus ray with the solar brings favor from those above the [PAGE 176] person in the social scale. VENUS IN VIRGO, the Sixth House sign gives the person a deep and tender sym- pathy for the sick and people with this position make good nurses. This po- sition also favors occupation as a chemist, or a dietitian who is concerned with the preparation of foods for the maintenance or attainment of health. If the person has employees or subordinates under his management his rela- tions with those people will always be very pleasant, and they will serve him well. VENUS IN LIBRA, the Seventh House sign is essentially dignified and strong, This is one of the positions which testify to a fruitful and congenial mar- riage or successful partnership. It gives musical or artistic ability and makes the person popular in public life. If engaged as a speaker or singer it ensures an appreciate audience whenever he appears in public. VENUS IN SCORPIO is the worst position of all in which she may be placed, for here again the love ray of Venus blends with the martial fire of passion in the sign governing the genitals so that if there are no other redeeming and restraining influences in the horoscope love turns to lust and the un- bridled gratification of an exaggerated sexual desire, especially if the [PAGE 177] Moon or Mars are there. This is apt to undermine the constitution and though that may not be apparent for a long time the effect of such a sapping of the vitality will some time be felt and cause a general breakdown, but that, of course, is nothing compared with the moral effect of the practices indicated by this passion. It should be said furthermore for the benefit of those who have this position that it does not matter whether such abuses take place in wedlock or not; Nature does not care whether they have been legalized by man-made law or not. From her standpoint they are a violation of the law of life and will be punished whether sanctioned by society or not. This position also gives a love of luxury and anything that stirs the emotions or wherein the senses may revel. Curiously enough it also some- times gives a sense of deep religious devotion which them serves as an out- let for the overcharged feelings of the native. This position also creates jealousy and trouble in marriage and the reputation of the person is apt to be smirched. A well-aspected Venus in Scorpio is liable to bring a legacy. VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS. This is another of her strongest positions for there her qualities blend with those of Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, to foster love and good-will among men. Therefore also this position indicates [PAGE 178] a genial and optimistic disposition, a sympathetic, kind and generous heart, a love of God expressed in religious devotion, or love of man shown by phi- lanthropy and charity. It indicates a refined mind, cultured, and fond of drama, art and music. It fosters the imagination and intuition and like the other double-bodies signs Gemini and Pisces, it inclines to plurality of marriages. VENUS IN CAPRICON, the Tenth House sign, gives social success and popular- ity, but Venus does not blend well with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. There is therefore a slight tendency to melancholy in people who have Venus in that position, Nor are they ever secure in the favors which they receive from other people or in their popularity, for Saturn has a tendency to throw them down when they have reached the highest pinnacle. Therefore, though this influence may help them to climb the ladder of advancement in social circles or in business they are never safe in their position. This influ- ence makes a person very jealous of honor and he takes it to heart when sometimes Saturn throws him down. Venus in Saturn's sign often causes the person to disregard the fact that disparity in ages is so fatal to happiness in marriage and hence if he marries young he takes someone who is much older than himself for a partner or if married in later years he selects someone [PAGE 179] who is still in the bloom of youth with the almost inevitable result that disagreement and dissolution of the marriage tie take place in the course of a few years. Frequently also people with this position of Venus marry for business or as a matter of convenience. In short Venus never reaches her legitimate expression of love in Saturn's House and therefore such unions are always a source of sorrow and disappointment to the contracting parties. VENUS IN AQUARIUS indicates a blending of the Uranian qualities, indepen- dence, impatience of restraint, disregard of convention, desire for originality, uncompromising sincerity and intuition, with those of Venus and as a result we find that people with this position refuse to be bound by the usual restrictive rules of society in their love affairs and follow their heart's inclination regardless of what others may say or think. They are firm believers in the theory of soul-mates, affinities, et cetera, and li- able to act in the most unexpected manner with such startling suddenness that neither they nor anyone else are able to foresee what they may say or do next. But at the same time they are so loving and sincere in their con- victions that friends never fail them and whatever success they attain in [PAGE 180] life is usually due to the efforts of friends to help them to realize their hopes, wishes and aspirations. VENUS IN PISCES is in her own exaltation sign where she again blends with the benefic ray of Jupiter and as Pisces is a watery sign this position sig- nifies a powerful emotional nature, subdued and toned down by the element of sorrow inherent in the twelfth house sign. This position therefore indi- cates someone capable of feeling a sentiment such as that felt by our Savior when He said: "Come unto Me all ye that are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest." Thus Venus in Pisces indicates a nature yearning and aching to assist those who are afflicted by bodily ills or suffering from sorrow. This position also gives an intense love of music and when other testimonies concur, considerable ability to express either vocally or instrumentally, for music is the most wonderful outlet for the deepest emotions of which the human soul is capable. People with Venus in Pisces are especially liable to financial imposition on the part of others and trouble through an illegal marriage. [PAGE 181] VENUS IN ASPECT WITH OTHER PLANETS: THE SUN PARALLEL OR CONJUNCTION VENUS calls out the artistic side of the nature, making the person fond of music, art and poetry. It also strength- ens the love-nature and if the configuration occurs in the seventh house it is a positive testimony of unalloyed marital bliss. In the second or eighth house it leads to extravagance of the person or his mate, in Scorpio it is not good for the morals and in Pisces it leads to intemperance, but gener- ally speaking, these aspects strengthen the constitution, increase the popularity and make social intercourse smooth so that the person finds many friends and keeps them. As the orbit of Venus is so small she never forms the sextile, trine, square or opposition to the Sun. MERCURY CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL OR SEXTILE TO VENUS (Note.--Venus and Mer- cury are never more than 76 degrees apart, therefore they can only form the conjunctions, parallels and sextiles, but not the trine, square nor opposi- tion.) These aspects make the person cheerful and companionable with a good-natured disposition and a desire for society. They also give the abil- ity for music and poetry, especially if in the Ascendant and are a general indication of success in salesmanship, for such people are suave, affable [PAGE 182] and persuasive. THE MOON CONJUNCTION, PARALLEL, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO VENUS. The Moon is significator of marriage for a man and therefore the good aspects between Venus, the planet of love, and the Moon are good indications of a happy mar- riage when they occur in a man's horoscope. But in a woman's horoscope these aspects operate upon the health, for the Moon is the planet of fecun- dity and has rule over the female functions in particular which are so large a factor in the health of a woman; this latter is much strengthened by the good aspects of the Moon and Venus. These aspects make the person an orator with a fruitful imagination; give love of pleasure, music and art, and an engaging personality, very attractive to the opposite sex, because kindly, affectionate and sympathetic. They tend to general success in life and the person usually has sufficient for the day and the way. THE MOON SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO VENUS is an indication of trouble in marriage for a man, because the wife described by an afflicted Venus will be slovenly and of dissolute habits which will destroy domestic happiness. In a woman's horoscope it indicates disturbance of the female functions and it also gives a tendency to digestive troubles and poor circulation when in the [PAGE 183] horoscope of either sex. These aspects also give a liability to trouble through slander and public scandal. SATURN SEXTILE OR TRINE TO VENUS. The good qualities of Venus are love and affection and the good qualities of Saturn are tact, diplomacy, method, system, justice, thrift and economy. We may therefore judge that when these two planets are configurated in good aspect they make the person faithful and true, just and methodical, qualities which make for success in all de- partments of life. Therefore a person with these aspects will be much sought as a friend or advisor, or as a person to be trusted with any commis- sion requiring sterling honesty and ability. They make the person simple in his tastes and of impeachable morality, and give honor, esteem, health and easy circumstances. SATURN PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO VENUS brings out the evil qualities of the two planets and troubles which are thus generated usually come through the person's relations with the opposite sex. It makes him underhanded and scheming to gratify his passions often in an unusual manner and his perverted desires are usually directed against some one who is much younger than himself. If regular marriage relations are entered into, such a person is usually a demon of jealousy who makes life a burden [PAGE 184] for the marriage partner on account of his suspicious nature. People with these afflictions are also stingy in all money matters and exceedingly avaricious. They have poor business judgment and are therefore liable to losses, failure and bankruptcy. JUPITER PARALLEL, CONJUNCTION, SEXTILE OR TRINE TO VENUS is one of the nest signs of success and general good fortune. It favors the accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of all the luxuries of life. It is a good indi- cation of a successful and happy marriage, social prestige and the respect of all whom the person comes in contact. It gives the person a jovial, op- timistic, generous and large-hearted disposition, and makes hospitable to a degree; interested and active in philanthropic measures, a liberal mind tol- erant of the views of others even where he differs radically, fond of plea- sure, traveling parties, and capable of enjoying life to the fullest extent. These aspects also give talent for music, especially if either planet is in Pisces. JUPITER SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO VENUS gives the same luxurious likings as the good aspects, but limits the ability to satisfy them; although such people make the most frantic efforts to present a fine front to the world, they are generally found out to be shams. Their lack of business ability is often responsible for failure and bankruptcy and they are very liable to [PAGE 185] suffer losses through the treachery of others. Love and marriage also are sources of sorrow for those whom Venus and Jupiter are afflicting. They are apt to be jilted before marriage or the marriage partner may prove faithless and may abscound. These aspects also produce and amorous nature likely to take liberties regardless of the laws of decency and to be faithless to mar- riage vows. They make people extremely self-indulgent and in Pisces they predispose to drink. MARS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO VENUS will give an ambitious, aspiring and ad- venturous nature, amorous and extremely demonstrative in its affection, very fond of sports and pleasures. It gives the person an abundance of energy and business acumen, consequently he has a splendid earning capacity but he wastes money for he loves above all things to make a great outward show and display. Being a free spender he is also very popular among his associates, and being, as already said, of an amorous nature he marries either very early or the marriage is a very hasty one. MARS CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO VENUS does not always operate in the same manner, but is to be classed as a good or bad aspect according to circum- stances and the matter to be judged. For instance, Mars conjunction Venus makes the person less blunt and domineering, more kind and polite; it is [PAGE 186] therefore good in that respect; but the conjunction also strengthens he pas- sional nature, especially if it occurs in Scorpio; and in the Twelfth House it leads to self-abuse so that in those cases it is decidedly bad. MARS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION VENUS. See page 330. URANUS SEXTILE OR TRINE TO VENUS makes the person mentally alert, of quick intuitive perception and exceedingly magnetic, especially to the opposite sex; and he also attracts hosts of friends who will be a benefit and assis- tance to him. These aspects give love of art, music and poetry and are fa- vorable indications of a happy marriage often at a very early age, or one suddenly consummated. They also sometimes bring the person love of a pla- tonic nature. URANUS CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO VENUS. There is a doubt as to whether these aspects should be classed as good or evil, which must be settled in the individual horoscope where they occur for they may work either way, de- pending upon the other configuration. If Venus is otherwise afflicted in the horoscope, for instance the conjunction or parallel will further accen- tuate her evil qualities, but if she is well placed or aspected Uranus will bring out the nobler side. [PAGE 187] URANUS SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO VENUS. The square or opposition always brings trouble through the sex relation: a hasty, ill-considered union, quarrels, divorces, public scandals through clandestine intercourse and kin- dred irregularities, with loss of friend, prestige and popularity, exile from home and family and sudden financial losses through unexpected or un- foreseen happenings. There is a general lack of balance, an erratic person- ality. NEPTUNE SEXTILE OR TRINE TO VENUS makes an inspirational musician. It gives a fertile imagination and deep emotions, a nature that is pure and chaste, hence occasionally it leads to platonic unions and companionship of the most esthetic nature. NEPTUNE CONJUNCTION OR PARALLEL TO VENUS is to be judged on the same line as indicated in the case of Mars and Uranus. NEPTUNE SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO VENUS makes the person liable to sorrow, loss and trouble, especially through the marriage partner or anyone else in whom he trusts. People with these aspects should be particularly careful to avoid anything which has in it an element of chance or speculation, for they are sure to lose, especially in dealing with large companies or corpora- tions. Continued with file "RC2005.TXT" End of File


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