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Filename: RC1116.TXT Source: "Science & Religion" by Elsa Glover [PAGE 4183] PERSONALITY: Material scientists observe that one's personality is influenced, first of all, by the structure and composition of one's body, which is influenced by heredity, what the mother takes into her body during pregnancy, and diet after birth. Babies get half of their genes from their mother and half from their father, and the genes determine the major characteristics of the body structure. The materials from which the baby's body are built come from the mother's body. To build a strong and healthy body for the baby, the mother needs appropriate amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals. If the mother's diet does not contain sufficient protein, mental retardation of the child may result. If the mother smokes, the baby's body will develop more slowly and also be more likely to be born prematurely, which increases the risk of deformity (especially cleft palate and cleft lip.) If the mother takes medicines or drugs, there is danger of improper development of the baby's body. After birth, continued good nutrition is needed for proper development and functioning. Lack of B vitamins in the diet has been linked with irritability, depression, and forgetfulness. Alcohol consumption leads to decreased ability to make correct judgments, decreased ability to remember, and loss of self-control. Drugs can influence the feelings and thinking ability. The carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke decreases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, which reduces the oxygen reaching the brain, which decreases attentiveness and cognition abilities. Material scientists also observe that the environment influences the [PAGE 4184] personality of a person. One's physical surroundings, the books one reads, the TV shows one watches, the people one associates with can all have an influence. Physical surroundings stimulate personality development through the various types of problems that they present and the hardships in them that must be overcome. From books and TV, one obtains views of how others act under varying circumstances, which tend to lead to imitation. Associates not only provide examples to be imitated, but also give feedback on one's own actions when they express approval or disapproval, or if they reward or punish various actions. Material scientists have observed that people tend to do that which brings rewards and to not do that which brings them effects that they consider undesirable. Does the personality depend only on heredity, body development during pregnancy, diet, physical surroundings, the models one has observed, and the conditioning one has received in the form of rewards and punishments? These are all the influences that material scientists have detected, but clairvoyants can see additional influences. The clairvoyant can see that each Ego has a long history prior to the time of conception, and that in this time prior to conception has developed body structure patterns of its own and many skills and concepts of right and wrong and good and bad. Although the Ego must get its genes and dense body materials from its parents, it fits these materials (as well as it can) into its own previously structured dense body pattern. Although the Ego may learn certain things in this life, it comes into life knowing certain other things (which it learned in previous lives). The clairvoyant can see that different Egos are given different astrological force patterns to wrk with, and that which of the many models in one's environment one is most likely to imitate is determined by which is most in tune with one's own force pattern. Also, the astrological force pattern that one has to work with will influence what one considers to be rewarding. Can the personality of a person be explained entirely in terms of heredity, body development during pregnancy, diet, physical surroundings, [PAGE 4185] models, conditioning, pre-conception (past-life) experiences and development, and astrological force patterns? The answer is still no. Neither the material scientist nor the clairvoyant can see the Will of the Ego. Regardless of any past or present circumstances or conditions, the Ego can exert its Will and make a break with its past and take a new direction or rise above its present circumstances if it so chooses. It is because of this, that regardless of what our parents and teachers did or did not do, regardless of what our associates do, regardless of what we have done in the past, regardless of what horoscopes we have, we yet may turn our lives in any direction that we wish. We oursleves may make our lives beautiful or ugly, productive or destructive, satisfying or empty. It is because the Ego has the capability of exerting its Will that Paul could admonish people (Eph. 4:22-23) to "Put off your old nature which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and put on the new nature, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness." [PAGE 4186] BIRTH DEFECTS: The physical process by which a baby is produced is quite intricate. The human body is composed of structural units called cells. Each cell contains a central part, called the nucleus, which is surrounded by cytoplasm, which is surrounded by a wall. In the nucleus are "genes" which contain the coded patterns according to which the various proteins in the body are built. These genes are linked together into chains called chromosomes. When an offspring is to be produced, the chromosomes within a cell must duplicate, and the duplicated chromosomes then go to form a sperm cell or an egg cell. A sperm cell unites with an egg cell, and the resulting cell then proceeds to duplicate and the embryo begins to grow. If one or both parents have defective genes, and if the parent's defective genes are among the half that are transmitted to the sperm and egg, then the baby will have defective genes and may have corresponding structural and functional weaknesses in its body. In the duplication and separation processes in the production of the sperm and egg and in the early growth of the fetus, if a gene is not duplicated accurately, or if a portion of a chromosome gets broken off or if chromosomes break and reattach in improper order, or if too many or too few chromosomes get transferred to the sperm or egg, then structural or functional weaknesses in the body may result. Throughout the ages there have always been (as far as we know) low levels of "cosmic rays" that are capable of producing genetic and [PAGE 4187] chromosomal mutations. Also, viral infections that can induce mutations (such as the virus that produces German measles) have been around for some time. Mankind has, however, introduced into his environment various new factors that are able to significantly increase the number of mutations. High-energy radiation produced by X-ray machines, or radioactive materials or video screens; some chemicals (mustard gas, formaldehyde, dioxan, caffeine, cigarette smoke, alcohol, leqad, herbicides, acridine dyes, apoxides, ethyl urethane, phenol, manganous chloride, bromouracil, etc.); and some drugs (LSD, diethylstilbestrol, aspirin, hormones. etc.) have been found to increase the number of mutations. In general it is the pregnant mother who must avoid these mutagenic agents, but in some cases the mutation can originate in the father. Soldiers who were assigned the job of spraying herbicides in Vietnam were found to father an unusually large number of defective children when they returned to their wives in the United States. Clairvoyants see that many congenital defects had their origin in a past life. Max Heindel notes (see "Web of Destiny," pp. 58-71) that when the creative force has, in one life, been wasted on gratification of the passions, then there is a dearth of creative force available in the next life for the building of the brain, nervous system, and larynx. Thus, the Ego may be born into a body that has mental, nervous, and/or speech disorders. Materialism in one life can lead to a construction of a body in the next life in which parts that should be soft are hardened, and parts that should be hardened are soft. Protracted disregard for truth in order to serve one's one selfish desires in one life can lead to misalignment of the Ego with the forces of truth when the arvchetype is being formed for the body for the next life. This can lead to malformation of the archetype and thence to malformation of the body for the coming life. Those who fail to make proper use of their sense organs in one life, who try to shut themselves off from the world around them, who ignore the cries for help or the opportunity to see the conditions and needs of others, may have impaired hearing or siight in their next life. [PAGE 4188] Clairvoyants also see some congenital defects that were not due to actions in a previous life. Some Egos may not have done anything particularly wrong, but may need to concentrate on developing certain soul powers, and inhabiting a body with certain limitations may help focus their efforts on developing these soul powers as they struggle to overcome these limitations. Some Egos may be in the process of restructuring a particular organ and in the transition stages that organ may not function well. This is the origin of some of the eye problems that people have, as the eye is in the process of being restructured so that instead of receiving reflected rays and forming an image on the retina, the so-called blind dpot will be sensitized and people will look out through the eye and see directly the thing itself, both inside and out. Just before an Ego enters into a fetus, it sees a panorama of the coming life. If the Ego sees that a particularly difficult life is in store for it, panics, and tries to escape from the mother's womb, it may cause a partial disconnection between the sense centers in the etheric and dense bodies, so that the etheric cranium extends above the physical cranium. Then the spirit cannot enter into the body and control it. Idiocy results. The material scientist sees congenital defects as being the result of inheritance, environmental factors, and "chance" (which determines what genes an offspring will get from each parent and what genes and chromosomes get influenced by environmental factors). The clairvoyant sees congenital defects as being the result of past actions and current soul development needs of the Ego that is coming into the body. These two points of view can be united if it is allowed that those events attributed to "chance" are, in fact, intelligently controlled. We then may get the following unified picture: An Ego, due to past actions or current soul development needs, is in need of inhabiting a body that will have certain limitations. The Recording Angels find for this Ego some parents who can provide appropriate gene and chromosome structures, and the Recording Angels oversee the replication process to make sure that the appropriate choice of genes is obtained from each parent and that these genes are (if needed) mutated as [PAGE 4189] required by the needs of the incoming Ego. This picture holds true for cases in which "natural" mutations occur. When humans introduce mutagenic agents into their environments, the natural situation no longer exists. Man has been given free will, and has power to do things that are harmful to himself and others. When man introduces mutagenic agents into his environment, he may be initiating a cause-effect chain. He may be casuing malformation and malfunctioning of some bodies that would otherwise have been whole. In such cases, debts are being stored up that will need to be repaid at some future time. REFERENCE Heindel, Max. "Web of Destiny." Oceanside, Cal.: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1928 [PAGE 4190] FLESH FOODS: Material science has observed that people who consume meat have higher risks of developing arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke, diverticular disease, cancer of the colon, and cancer of the breast. Meat contains high levels of cholesterol and fat. If a person has too much cholesterol and fat in his blood, fat deposits tend to collect in the arteris, which makes them narrower and makes it more difficult for the blood to flow. If a blood clot lodges in a narrowed artery leading to the heart or brain, circulation may be cut off to a portion of the heart muscle or brain and a heart attack or stroke may result. Meat contains little fiber. Fibers, when they reach the large intestines, draw water into the intestinal tract so that the intestinal contents will not become too hard. Fiber helps stimulate peristalsis in the intestines, which helps move the contents. When the contents of the intestines move readily, these is less danger of diverticular disease (in which pockets from in the intestine wall and matter and bacteria collect in the pockets) and less danger of appendicitis. When the contents of the ihntestines do not spend too long there, there is less opportunity for bacteria to produce carcinogens and thence less risk of cancer of the colon. Meat tends to develop more anaerobic bacteria in the intestines that produce carcinogens, while a vegetarian diet produces more aerobic bacteria [PAGE 4191] in the intestines that do not produce carcinogens. In every animal body, the venous blood is filled with carbon dioxide and other noxious products on their way to the kidney or the pores of the skin to be expelled as urine or perspiration. These loathsome substances are in every part of the flesh, and when we eat such food, we are filling our bodies with toxic poisons. Meat contains urea and uric acid, which tends to produce gout or gouty arthritis. In the present day, many livestock raisers feed hormones, tranquilizers, and antibiotics to their livestock. DES (diethylstilbestrol), the synthetic estrogenic hormone used to fatten cattle, has been isolated as a carcinogen. Many fish that reach the market were grown in water polluted by industrial wastes, lead, and mercury. It is further observed by material scientists that people who eat mainly animal protein (meat, eggs, milk) cannot maintain vigorous physical exercise for as long as those on a complex-carbohydrate diet (bread, potatoes, corn). Clairvoyants observe that the cells in plant and animal bodies carry with them some invisible components that are not detected by material scientists. Plant cells are permeated by ether, whcih, when eaten, helps energize the vital body of man. Cells from animal bodies contain little ether because the vital body of the animal left the dense body when the animal was killed. The cells in the animal body were, during the life of the animal, worked on and interpenetrated by the individual desire body of the animal, and are permeated by the passions and desires of the animal. When animal flesh is eaten, it tends to stimulate animal passions (ferocity, low cunning, and depravity) in man. Cells in the animal body are more individualized than the cells in the plant body, and thus more energy is required to overcome the animal cells and get them to obey the Will of the one who is using them as food. Clairvoyants also observe that animals are evolving beings who come into embodiment in order to gain experience. When humans cut short the life of an animal, they hinder the evolution of the animal. Although plants are also evolving beings, when fruit is ripe, it has accomplished its purpose, which [PAGE 4192] is to act as a womb for the ripening seed. If is is not eaten, it decays and goes to waste. Any egg or seed, of itself, is devoid of life. If it is given the proper conditions of incubator or soil, the life enters it, thus grasping the opportunity so afforded of producing a dense body. If the egg or seed is cooked, crushed, or not given the conditions necessary for life, the opportunity is lost, but that is all. Clairvoyants also note that through evolution, all men are destined to develop clairvoyant powers and spiritual powers that will enable them to see spiritual things and to speak the creative word. But before men can be entrusted with these powers, they must become harmless as doves, for otherwise they would be apt to turn their powers to such selfish and destructive purposes that they would be an inconceivable menace to others. When people decide to discontinue eating meat, they must rearrange their diet so that they get sufficient proteins from other sources. Lowfat milk and milk products, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole-grain cereals are good sources of protein. Most fruits and vegetables contain some protein. Proteins are composed of amino acids. In digestion, proteins are broken into their component amino acids, which are then resynthesized into new proteins that the body can use. There are eight essential amino acids for adults (ten for children). These are essential because the human body cannot synthesize them in great enough quantities to satisfy body needs. All eight must be received in the stomach within about four hours of one another in certain relative amounts to be efficiently utilized by the body. If one amino acid is present in less than the ideal amount, the utilization of all the others will be decreased. All the foods listed in the following chart contain all of the eight amino acids to a level of at least 40 percent of the ideal, and thus any one can supply the protein needs of the body with at least 40 percent efficiency. The amino acids that are listed as being deficient are between 40 and 60 percent of the ideal. [PAGE 4193] FOOD: DEFICIENT AMINO ACIDS: Milk, eggs, cashews, spinach No amino acids are deficient --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wheat germ Tryptophan --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mushrooms, wheat bran Isoleucine --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunflower seeds, millet Lysine --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brewer's yeast, soybeans, Methionine okra, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, peas --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kidney beans, lima beans, Tryptophan, Methionine navy beans, lentils, garbanzos, dried peas --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Potato, mustard and turnip Isoleucine, Methionine greens, collards, asparagus, cowpeas (blackeye) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peanuts Isoleucine, Lysine, Methionine, Threonine --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rye, corn Tryptophan, Isoleucine, Lysine --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If foods from the above chart that are deficient in some amino acids are eaten with foods that are not deficient in those amino acids, then the efficiency of these foods in supplying the protein needs of the body will be increased. [PAGE 4194] The vegetarian must also make special effort to obtain sufficient vitamin B12 as it is not present to any measurable degree in plants. Eggs, milk, and brewer's yeast contain vitamin B12. REFERENCE Lappe, Frances M. "Diet for a Small Planet," Rev. ed. New York: Ballantine, 1975. ALCOHOL: Material scientists observe that when alcohol is consumed, the alcohol passes through the stomach and intestinal wall into the blood. Thence it is carried throughout the body. Alcohol acts as a depressant on the functioning of the brain and nervous system. A small amount of alcohol depresses the area of the brain that deals with judgment, motor coordination, self- control, and memory. The individual may then feel less inhibited and may say and do things that he might not ordinarily do if his judgment were not impaired. If more alcohol is consumed, muscular coordination and reflexes suffer, sleepiness is felt, and heartbeat rate may decrease and breathing may be depressed. The liver works on most of the alcohol in the body. There the alcohol goes through a chemical process, oxidation, in which its energy is released as heat. Some alcohol is oxidized or burned off in the lungs, and some is removed through sweat and urine. If only a small amount of dilute alcohol has been consumed, when the body has rid itself of the alcohol, it may appear to return to normal. When substantial amounts of alcohol (over a period of time) have been consumed, some other effects become noticeable. Alcohol is particularly poisonous to the protoplasm of the delicate cells of the nervous system. it interferes with the functioning of these cells at an early stage, ultimately causing permanent alteration of tissue. Cells become indistinct in shape, eventually with some parts shriveling up. At this stage the cells are not recoverable. It becomes serious when one loses large number of brain cells [PAGE 4195] to be replaced. There is then memory loss, poor judgment, confusion, and disorientation. Alcohol can also damage nerve cells in the stomach, and thence may impair the ability of the stomach to churn and pass on its contents. Alcohol relaxes muscles and makes them weak and less able to perform. Over time they become flabby. When the heart muscle is so affected, circulation is decreased. Fatigue and shortness of breath result. Alcohol may cause the destruction of cells in the liver (cirrhosis). Alcohol can damage the mucosal lining of the stomach, and cause ulceration. Alcohol can cause the kidneys to degenerate so that waste products are retained while albumin is allowed to escape. Clairvoyants can give added information on the effects of alcohol consumption. They can see that man has both a dense body (composed of atoms) and a vital body, which contains "points" that enter into the hollow centers of dense atoms, imbuing them with vital force that sets them vibrating at a rate higher than that of the mineral of the earth, which is not thus accelerated. Normally, when foods are taken into the body, during the process of assimilation, the food particles are fit into the points of the vital body, and their rate of vibration is brought into harmony with the rest of the body. Alcohols vibrate with such intense rapidity that the human spirit is incapable of tuning it down and controlling it. The alcohol acts as an anesthetic, and partially drives the vital body out. It then accelerates the vibratory rate of the atoms in the body to its own rate. Thus, the alcohol takes control of the body away from the man. The clairvoyant notes that there are two organs in the body, called the pituitary body and pineal gland, which in the past were used by man as organs of perception in the spiritual worlds. Consumption of alcohol, however, has caused these organs to become dazed so that they can no longer perform their previous function. In the course of evolution, man's view needed to be turned away from the spiritual worlds for a time so that he [PAGE 4196] would develop more self-consciousness and turn his attention toward solving the problems associated with physical existence. But when man gets ready to again turn his vision toward spiritual existence, the consumption of alcohol will have to be discontinued before the pituitary body and pineal gland can again be reawakened. Two statements have now been made about alcohol that at first glance may appear contradictory. It was stated that alcohol tends to accelerate the vibratory rate of the atoms in the body, and an accelerated vibratory rate is normally associated with a higher (more spiritual) consciousness. It was also stated that alcohol dazed the pituitary body and pineal gland so that they could not function as organs of perception in the spiritual worlds, so that alcohol turned man's consciousness away from the spiritual worlds. The relation of these statements can be understood by means of an analogy. Suppose someone caught a bird, tied a band around its wings so that it couldn't fly, and then lifted the bird up off the ground. Even though it was lifted up, the net effect would be that the bird was essentially earthbound. Likewise, alcohol prevents people from soaring to spiritual heights of consciousness although it may promote dreams of grandeur in the resulting earthly view. Just as the bird with its wings tied loses its self- control when someone lifts it off the ground, so also the man loses his self-control when he uses alcohol to raise the rate of vibration of his body. The material scientists find it difficult to explain why alcohol is addictive. About all they can say is that in the drinker the cells of the body shift their metabolism so that they become dependent on alcohol. The clairvoyant Max Heindel, states that it is not the dense body that craves alcohol. The dense body is made sick by alcohol and would rather be without it. It vainly protests in different ways, but the desire body of the drunkard craves the drink and forces the dense body to take it, so that the desire body may have the sensation of pleasure resulting from the increased vibration. Should a person drink alcohol? The answer to this question will be [PAGE 4197] different for different people. If a person needs his consciousness focused more closely in the material world, then occasional partaking of limited amounts of alcohol may be appropriate. Such a person must, however, be careful not to do anything that could injure himself or anyone else when he is under the influence of alcohol, such as driving a car or operating potentially dangerous machinery or trying to forcefully get others to obey his desires. If, on the other hand, a person has begun to tread the path that leads to spiritual enlightenment, he should strictly abstain from alcohol in all forms. COMMUNICATION: Material scientists observe that people can communicate by means of the spoken word. When one person speaks, he sets his own vocal cords to vibrating. When the vocal cords move upward, they cause the air above them to be compressed; and when they move downward, they cause the air above them to become rarified. Thus, the alternate up-and-down motion of the vocal cords produces a series of compressions and rarefactions in the air, which is known as a sound wave. The tongue and lips can be put in various positions to affect this sound wave as it passes them, and thus words are formed. The sound wave can travel outward in all directions from the speaker. If part of it enters the ear of a listener, each compression causes the eardrum of the listener to be pushed inward and each rarefaction causes the eardrum of the listener to be pulled outward. Thus the eardrum is set to vinrating with the same frequency of vibration as the sound source, and thus the same message that was sent out is received. A person's eardrum is capable of responding to only a certain range of frequencies. if the frequency of the sound is too high or too low, the sound will not be heard. A human cannot hear the high frequency sound produced by a dog whistle, even though dogs can hear it. Material scientists also observe that information can be carried by means of electromagnetic waves. Radio and TV waves, radar and microwaves, visible light and X-rays are all examples of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are produced by oscillating or vibrating electric [PAGE 4198] charges. In the radio, TV, and radar transmitting antennas, electrons are made to run back and forth. In hot objects, such as the filament of alight bulb or a flame, the electrons vibrate within the atoms and molecules. As electromagnetic wave travels outward in all directions from its source until it encounters some other object. Whether or not the electromagnetic wave is able to convey its vibrations to the object it hits depends on whether the object is able to vibrate at the frequency of the wave. When a radio has its dial set at a particular frequency, then the radio is only able to respond to waves of that frequency. It will receive the waves of a station that transmits at that frequency, but all other waves will pass through it with no effect. Our eyes are capable of responding to only a certain range of frequencies. We cannot see radio waves, TV waves, radar waves, or microwaves, because their frequencies are too low. We cannot see X-rays because their frequencies are too high. We see only the visible spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Clairvoyants observe that in addition to sound waves and electromagnetic waves there are other radiations that carry messages through space. In every person there is a small organ in the brain known as the pineal gland. If anyone thinks very intently on a single idea, with concentration and sustained attention, the ether in the pineal gland is set into vibration. This sets up waves in the surrounding ether, which travel outward in all directions. When these waves reach another person's pineal gland, if they set the ether in it into vibration, the vibrations are transmitted to the desire body and mind in succession, thus reaching the consciousness. If the second pineal gland cannot reproduce these undulations, then the thought will pass unnoticed, making no impression. Thought-waves themselves are able to carry messages without coming down into the etheric region of the Physical World. The thinker, having created a thought form, may send it directly to another mind on the mental plane. In fact, all thoughts radiate outward from their originator and can influence receptive and responsive minds. Each mind that receives a thought reproduces [PAGE 4199] the vibrations and then re-radiates the thought, and thus strengthens the original thought-wave, so that it may go on to influence other minds. Men communicate with one another by means of spoken words or electromagnetic waves or etheric waves or thought waves. They then look around and ask, "Who else can we communicate with?" Some small amount of communication is achieved with animals through sounds and actions and thoughts. Men then look into the sky and wonder if there is anyone "out there." Material scientists have made many studies to try to determine, what conditions are needed for life (as they know it) exist, where in the universe these conditions exist, and how communication can be established with such life. In rockets that are sent out of the Solar System are placed plaques that are enscribed with symbols that it is hoped an alien would be able to comprehend. Also radio signals have been beamed in likely directions carrying what are intended to be universal symbols, and some "listening" for signals from outer space is also being done. So far, no communication appears to have been established. Some people believe that some unidentified flying objects (UFO's) may be visitations from other civilizations, but the UFO reports are unsatisfying to the scientific community because they find that a large number of the reports can be explained in terms of natural (earthly) phenomena, and because no UFO's have stayed around long enough for sustained scientific investigation. Thus, material science still pictures humans as being rather lonely travelers in this great universe. The clairvoyant, who is able to perceive a wider range of frequencies than the material scientist, detects many living beings beyond the confines of the Earth. Max Heindel notes that the twelve constellations of the zodiac are the visible vehicles of the twelve great Creative Hierarchies that have helped and are helping mankind to evolve. The whole Solar System may be considered as the body of the God of the Solar System. Every atom within it is infused with His Life and consciousness and would cease to exist if His Life were withdrawn. God contains within His being a multitude of other [PAGE 4200] beings at various stages of development. Their diverse needs require diverse external environments. In order to furnish such proper conditions, planets are thrown off from the central mass, each being deifferently constituted. The Christ and the Archangels have their home mainly in the Sun, although Christ sends a ray of His consciousness to the Earth during the fall and winter seasons each year and the archangels work to carry the solar rays from the Sun to the various planets and from each planet on to other planets. Also some archangels work as ambassadors from the various planets to the Earth, and some work as race and national spirits on Earth. Jehovah and the angels have their main home on the moons of the various planets, although they work on the planets to direct the processes of growth and reproduction of forms. Four angels, called the Recording Angels, see that each human pays his debts of destiny and encounters those experiences that he needs for his development. The Lucifer Spirits (fallen angels) have their home on Mars, but work to encourage humans to gain self-consciousness, to seek knowledge, and to act creatively and independently of external forces. The members of the class of virgin spirits to which our humanity belongs have, during the evolutionary periods, progressed at varying rates, so that at present different conditions of heat and vibration are needed by different ones. Thus some of ourclass of virgin spirits are on each of the planets and their moons. Those on Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are generally more advanced than the humans on Earth. Those on Mars, Saturn, and Uranus are generally less advanced. The moons serve as homes for stragglers who were not able to keep pace with the beings on the main planet. The clairvoyant can not only see these extra-terrestrial beings, but also can note the interaction of these beings with humanity on Earth. The clairvoyant sees that each Archangel who acts as a national spirit radiates into the atmosphere of the nation of which he has charge various images, ideas and feelings and thereby influences the body structure, language, habits, customs, and feelings of the inhabitants. All people respond to the directions of the race, national, or family spirit until they develop the [PAGE 4201] will power, conscience, and reasoning power to be their own guide. There are some archangels who bring the solar rays both directly to the Earth and indirectly to the Earth by way of the moon and other planets. These rays (which are what the astrologer studies) each carry messages, and each has power to enliven various parts of the person if the person attunes himself to them and allows them to resonate within his being (just as the radio wave has power to "enliven" a radio that has its circuit tuned to the frequency of the wave). During the fall and winter months each year, the Christ bathes the Earth in a flood of spiritual light, which carries a message of love and good will and generosity toward all. At the present time, himans feel these rays from the Christ only weakly, but as humanity grows in its ability to respond, feelings of Universal Brotherhood will grow on Earth. Is the communication between the higher powers (Christ, the Archangels, and others) and humanity always a one-way street? Does it always go from the higher to the lower? No! Man may also send communications to Christ, the Archangels, and the other higher powers. Doing so is called prayer. The higher powers are not particular as to the manner in which the prayer is made (the position of the body and the location are not important to them). In fact, every thought of every human is known to them and in a sense constitutes a prayer. Christ has given his promise (Matt. 7:7), "Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Some people feel that they ask and do not receive. Patience is needed. Continued asking, in time, will bring response, provided we ask with our whole being and do all in our power to bring about the desired end, and provided the condition of conformity to God's Law is met. This latter condition was known to Saint James, for he wrote (James 4:3), "You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions." If two countries are fighting a war and both countries are asking God to help them win the war, then obviously God cannot answer both prayers affirmatively. Max Heindel affirms, "If our prayers...are in conformity with [PAGE 4202] the laws of God, the divine purpose can manifest through us and our prayers are answered." Max Heindel states that it is also possible to pray to the ambassadors from the planets to the Earth. Their names are given in the following chart. Name: Planets from which the Ambassador Comes: Archangel Ithuriel Uranus Archangel Cassiel Saturn Archangel Zachariel Jupiter Archangel Samael Mars Archangel Anael Venus Archangel Raphael Mercury Archangel Michael Sun Angel Gabriel Earth's Moon The great commandments are (Matt. 2237-39), "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind,"...and "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Love comes through understanding, and understanding comes through communication, and communication is only possible when we open ourselves up and allow other beings to produce an effect on us. Psalm 46:10 has the key, as it states, "Be still, and know that I am God." This is the way to come to know God. This is also the way to come to know the god within each of our neighbors. When Love has developed, then it will radiate out from each of us and be a blessing to all. REFERENCES Besant, Annie. "Thought Power." Wheaton, Ill.: Theosophical Publishing House, 1973 Heindel, Max. "Questions and Answers, Vol. I." Oceanside, Cal.: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1922 (p.322-324) [PAGE 4203] WISDOM IS A LOVING SPIRIT*: The scientist seeks to obtain knowledge through making objective observations and using logical thinking to draw conclusions from the observations. Does it matter what a scientist thinks about God? Does it matter what the purpose of a scientific investigation is--whether it be selfish or unselfish? Does it matter whether the scientist loves that which he is investigating? This chapter will seek answers to these questions. In proverbs 8:22, wisdom is represented as saying,"The Lord created me at the beginning of his work, the first of his acts of old. Ages ago, I was set up, at the first, before the beginning of the earth...When he established the heavens I was there...when he established the fountains of the deep, when he assigned to the sea its limit, so that the waters might not transgress his command, when he marked out the foundations of the earth, then I was beside him." God created wisdom; that is, he created the plan according to which the universe according to this plan. God is all-wise. He knows the plan and how he created things. He also knows all that is currently going on in His creation because He is omnipresent. "In him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28). If God is all-wise, then those who commune with God will learn wisdom. Many centuries ago, King Solomon wrote (in the Wisdom of Solomon 7:17-20), "It is (God) who gave me unerring knowledge of what exists, to know the structure of the world and the activity of the elements;...the cycles of the ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- *The Wisdom of Solomon [PAGE 4204] year and the constellations of the stars, the natures of animals and the tempers of wild beasts, the powers of spirits and the reasoning of men, the varieties of plants and the virtues of roots." In more recent times, Thomas Edison is quoted as having said that he believed his inventions came to him through the infinite forces of the universe. Dr. George Washington Carver rose early every morning and prayed to God before he went to his laboratory, and then went to the laboratory to carry out the direction he had received during his prayer. "Prayer," he said, "is an inner contact" ("The Man Who Talks with the Flowers," by Glenn Clark). If one is to receive wisdom from God through prayer, one's motives must be pure. Christ stated (Matt. 5:8), "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." King Solomon further stated (Wisdom of Solomon 7:25-27), "(Wisdom is) a pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty; therefore nothing defiled gains entrance into her. For she is a reflection of eternal light, a spotless mirror of the working of God, and an image of his goodness....In every generation she passes into holy souls, and makes them friends of God, and prophets." Love of God can lead to communion with Him and partaking of His wisdom. On a smaller scale, also, if anything is to be understood, it must be loved. It is love that brings about the sympathetic uniting of one's consciousness with some being outside of oneself, which leads to the understanding of that other being. George Washington Carver loved the plants that he studied. he said, "No books are ever brought in here (to the laboratory)....Here I talk to the little peanut and it reveals its secrets to me....Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough." In this manner, Dr. Carver discovered three hundred new uses for the peanut, including face powder, axle grease, printer's ink, shampoos, soaps, woodstains, oil dyes, and rubberoid compounds. If the chemist would understand the mysteries of molecules, he must love the molecules. If the electrical engineer would undertand the mysteries of electrical circuits, he must love the electrical circuits. If the medical doctor would learn how to heal his patients, he must love the patients. [PAGE 4205] As scientists increase their love of God and the various parts of His creation, as this love grows in breadth and strength, as it acts as a force drawing the scientist ever closer to the source of wisdom, there will come a time when it will have the power to project him into the invisible worlds where he can see first-hand the forces that form and control all earthly manifestations, where he can perceive the inner aspirations and hopes and fears of all living beings. (See Max Heindel, "Ancient and Modern Initiation," pp. 75-89.) Then he will have reached the source of wisdom. From that point on, he will have the power to control the forces of nature so that he can do such things as create bread out of stones, calm the winds, levitate, and heal the sick. Christ stated that the greatest commandments in the law were, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind,....and you shall love your neighbor as yourself." These commandments are just as important for the scientist as they are for the priest; they are just as important for obtaining understanding of the world as they are for obtaining favor with God. May the Light of Love bring illumination to those who walk in darkness. REFERENCES Clark, Glenn. "The Man Who Talks with the Flowers." Saint Paul, Minn.: Macalester Park Publishing Company, 1939 Heindel, Max. "Ancient and Modern Initiation." Oceanside, Cal.: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1931 [PAGE 4206] HUMAN VALUES: The sociologist Pitirim A. Sorokin has made an extensive study of what various peoples throughout history have considered to be of value. He divided human value systems into two main classes, which he named sensate and ideational. The sensate value system places value on that which can be externally perceived with the physical senses. The ideational value system places value on intellectual and spiritual things. Sorokin found that what people consider to be of value influences their beliefs, their social and political structures, and their art and music. The peoples who hold the sensate view obtain truth from physical observation, and believe that the relation between cause and effect is invariant or determined by pure chance. The peoples who hold the ideational point of view obtain truth from inspiration or revelation from God, and believe that true causes lie in a world beyond the world of the senses. The peoples who hold the sensate view equate good with happiness; the peoples who hold the ideational view believe that good is determined by principles. The peoples who hold the sensate view believe that the individual is of prime concern, and that society is only of value as it helps the individual achieve a fuller realization of his self-seeking impulses. The rich or the military or those who physically dominate are the rulers in the sensate society. The peoples who hold the ideational view believe that the good of the whole is of prime consideration and individual "rights" may be abrogated for the good of the whole. The priest or religious leaders rule in the ideational society. [PAGE 4207] Sensate art and literature tend to be realistic, and based on familiar objects or persons. Ideational art and literature are symbolic, impressionistic, and allegorical. Sensate music is made to be interesting, enjoyable, entertaining, and spectacular. It may be accompanied by dancing, elaborate scenery, and food. Ideational music is meant to convey a hidden meaning, something that is beyond the sounds and for which the sounds are mere signs and symbols. Throughout history, at some times the sensate view has been predominant, and at other times the ideational view has predominated. Often there have been conflicts between the proponents of the two views. Which view is best? What view should we adopt? To answer this question, we need to view the overall evolutionary scheme (as seen by clairvoyants). At the beginning of the evolutionary scheme, we were united in consciousness with God. We then had the ideational viewpoint in its purest form. In this state we had All- consciousness, but no self-consciousness, and so we could not exercise initiative or act creatively. In order to gain self-consciousness, we were helped to build bodies. These bodies acted as walls around the self, so that we lost the All-consciousness but gained self-consciousness and the ability to act as an independent, creative entity. This state of self-consciousness is the sensate view in its purest form. In the self-conscious state, conflicts arise between individuals and there are fights and wars and much suffering. The ultimate aim of evolution is to regain the all-pervading harmony of the All-consciousness, but to maintain the individual initiative and creativity associated with self-consciousness. Thus our aim should be to blend the sensate and ideational points of view, to unite the secular and the religious, the head and the heart, and the good of the individual with the good of the whole. Causes must be sought in both the supersensory and in the domain of the senses. Evidence of both the senses and the inutition must be allowed, and fit into our world view. Through love, we must unite societal interests and individual interests. If all, through sympathy, feel [PAGE 4208] the hurts and joys of any one, then the good of the one becomes the good of the all. Political leaders must be both statesmen amd religious leaders. Art, literature, and music need to blend outer beauty with inner meaning. When unification has been achieved, then the "mystic marriage" will occur, and we will be able to enter the Holy City (state of being) in which there will be no more death or pain, where the water of life flows, and where the glory of God is the source of light (as described in Revelation 19:7-9 and Revelation chapters 21-22). This is the Kingdom of Christ, and well may we pray, "Thy Kingdom Come." REFERENCE Cowell, F.R. "Values in Human Society--The Contributions of Pitirim A. Sorokin to Sociology." Boston, Massachusetts: P. Sargent, 1970 [PAGE 4209] GRAVITY: Material science has found that every object in the universe may be assigned a number (called the mass of the object) in such a manner that the gravitational force of any object on any other object is proportional to the product of the masses of the objects and is inversely porportional to the square of the distance between the objects. This relation is written in terms of algebraic symbols as (1) F = G X M1 X M2 ----------- R squared where "G" is a constant, "M1" is the mass of object one, "M2" is the mass of object two, "R" is the distance between the centers of the objects, and "F" is the force of either object on the other. Equation (1) is called Newton's Law of Gravitation. Near the surface of the earth, Newton's Law of Gravitation correctly describes the pull of the earth on objects (which pull makes released objects fall, and which makes objects that are thrown horizontally follow a path that curves toward the earth). When man sends rockets into orbit around the earth, using this Law, he can accurately predict what forces the fuel must exert on the rocket in order to get the rocket into a certain orbit. When Newton's Law of Gravitation is applied to planetary motions, the theoretically predicted motions agree with the observed motions to within seconds of arc per century. [PAGE 4210] Einstein developed a new theory for describing gravity, which is called the "General Theory of Relativity," which brings predictions even closer to observations than Newton's Law did. There are, however, still some slight, unaccounted for, deviations between theoretical predictions and observations. Clairvoyants are able to give some added information on the subject of gravity. The clairvoyant, Max Heindel, tells us (see "The Rosicrucian Cosmo- Conception," p. 260) that "When laggards inhabiting a Moon have retrieved their position and returned to the parent planet; or, when continued retrogression has caused complete disintegration of their vehicles, the abandoned Moon also commences to dissolve....As time goes on, the power of attraction exercised by the parent planet diminishes, its orbit widens, until it reaches the limit of our solar system. It is then expelled into interstellar space; and dissolved in Chaos." Scientists have not noticed any substantial decline in the gravitational force of a planet on its moon, but this may be because they have not studied in detail any moon in the process of being released, or because the effect was too small or spread over too long a time to be noticeable. In Psalms 75:3, Jehovah is quoted as saying, "When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants, it is I who keep steady its pillars." Max Heindel further states (see "Questions and Answers," Vol. 2, p. 320) that "Up to 2,000 years ago Jehovah had charge and guided our earth from without....Thus the Earth was held in orbit by His power. However at the change made on Golgotha the Christ Spirit drew into our earth in order that He might aid us....The Christ is now guiding the earth in its orbit from within, and will continue until we have learned to vibrate to that attribute, love, whereby we shall be able to apply the power to our own planet and thus guide it in its orbit from within." Scientists have noticed small deviations from the Laws of Gravitation of Newton and Einsteain. It is possible that the steadying influence of Christ has been responsible for these small deviations. It is also possible that [PAGE 4211] the influence of Christ is needed in order for the Earth simply to obey the Laws. The Laws were formulated during his "reign," and we don't know what the Laws would be if Christ were not guiding the Earth and other planets. Without Christ, materialistic attitudes and thoughts perhaps could increase the mass of the Earth, which could make the Earth slow down in its orbit (in order to conserve angular momentum), which could cause the earth to go into a smaller orbit. It may be Christ's influence that helps hold the mass of the Earth constant, and thence keeps the Earth from moving toward the Sun. REFERENCES Heindel, Max. "Questions and Answers." Vol. 2. Oceanside, Cal.: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1922 --------------"The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception." Oceanside, Cal.: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1973 [PAGE 4212] WEATHER: Material scientists have observed that as the Sun shines it heats some parts of the Earth more than others. As the Earth radiates its warmth to the air above it, some parts of the air become warmer than other parts. The warm patches of air are light and rise, the cool patches of air are heavy and fall, and a surface wind is created that blows from the high-pressure region (where the cool air fell) to the low-pressure region (where the warm air rose). As the winds blow, the rotation of the Earth also influences their motion. Warm winds may pick up moisture from damp regions of the Earth and carry this moisture until they cool down to such an extent that the can no longer carry the moisture. Then they release is as rain, snow, or some other form of precipitation. Based on these basic principles, plus observed data as to current weather conditions, scientists are able to make forecasts about future weather conditions. At present the accuracy of weather forecasts is quite limited. Clairvoyants can give some added insight into the causes of weather patterns. The clairvoyant san see the inside of the Earth and the spiritual forces there that are influenced by the moral development of men and which in turn influence natural occurrences on Earth, such as weather, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Max Heindel notes (in "The Rosicrucian Cosmo- Conception," pp. 506-7) that these forces can be clairvoyantly seen in the seventh layer of the earth, and that: "In the beginning of the conscious career of man (these forces) were much worse than at present. But it appears that as humanity progresses in [PAGE 4213] morals, these forces improve correspondingly; also that any lapse in morals has a tendency to unleash these nature forces and causes them to create havoc upon the Earth; while the striving for higher ideals makes them less inimical to man,...From the occult point of view, the "Hand of God" which smites a Sodom or a Gomorrah is not a foolish superstition, for as surely as there is individual responsibility to the Law of Consequence which brings to each person the just results of his deeds whether for good or evil, so is there also community and national responsibility, which brings upon groups of men corresponding results for their collective acts. Nature forces are the general agents of such retributive justice...." One may ask if the views of the material scientist and the clairvoyant are compatible, as they each see weather patterns as arising from different causes. To answer this question, we may consider the following story (from Max Heindel, "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception," p. 125): "We see two men conversing on the street and one suddenly strikes the other, knocking him down. One observer may say that an angry thought knocked the man down. Another may scoff at this answer and declare that he saw the arm lifted, the muscles contract, the arm shooting out and coming in contact with the victim, who was knocked down. That is also true, but it is safe to say that had there not first been the angry thought, the blow would not have been struck." For weather patterns, the morality of people on Earth may act as a cause that influences the way in which the various parts of the air warm up or cool down, or gain or lose moisture, and that thereby influences weather patterns. Emotions such as hate, gloom, and fear can influence the flow of vital forces and blood within the human body, and can lead to disease. A similar thing may happen on a larger scale when a group of people engage in such feelings. They may thus influencethe flow of energies through the Earth's atmosphere and thus may influence weather. Another cause of weather patterns that the clairvoyant sees is [PAGE 4214] astrological forces. These energize the thoughts and feelings of men (either harmoniously or disharmoniously), which in turn influence the flow of energies in the atmosphere, which in turn produce weather. Above all these things stand the Recording Angels. They see all and know every person's evolutionary needs. They arrange the timing and location of all natural events and the paths of people so that each and every one encounters exactly what he needs for his development. In Mark 4:35-41 is told the story of one time when Christ and his disciples in a boat were caught in a great storm and the boat was filliung with water. But when Christ commanded, "Peace, be still!" the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. It is reasonable that just as disharmonious thoughts and feelings (such as those that Christ radiated) can bring calm. The next time that we encounter violent weather or other inimcal natural occurrences, we would do well to lift our hearts and minds to God. or better yet, if we can keep our hearts and minds lifted to God and can influence those around us to do likewise, we may help calm the winds of this troubled Earth. REFERENCE Heindel, Max. "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception." Oceanside, Cal.: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1973 [PAGE 4215] MIRACLES: A scientific law is a statement of an observed pattern of behavior of the world. Sometimes it is found that certain laws are only valid under certain conditions. Thus, some laws may be valid only at low temperatures, others may be valid at high temperatures. Some may be valid only for macroscopic objects, others may apply to microscopic objects. But under the same conditions, the world generally behaves in the same way at all times. A miracle may be defined as an event that is either highly improbable or impossible according to known laws. In the Bible, many miracles are described. How can these be fit into the scientific world-view (In the present day also, miracles are occasionally testified by reliably witnesses to have occurred. The same arguments that we will apply to biblical miracles can also be applied to current miracles.) Some biblical miracles are allegories and are not meant to be taken as records of scientific observatons. The story of Eve and Adam being tempted by a talking serpent, eating some fruit and becoming wise (Gen. 3) is an allegory that describes how the Lucifer Spirits (serpent) drew the awareness of humanity (Adam and Eve) to his dense body and to his ability to make decisions as to what he would or would not do. The story of Lot's wife looking back and turning into a pillar of salt (Gen. 19:26) is an allegory that points out that if people cling to old ways of doing things, their lives will become crystallized and no more progress can be made. The story of Samson, who had miraculous strength when his hair was long, but lost his [PAGE 4216] strength when his hair was cut (Judges 16), is an allegorical representation of the sun, which gains power when its rays grow in spring and summer, but loses power when its rays lessen in the fall and winter. The story of Jonah's running away to sea to avoid having to do the task that God assigned to him, being thrown overboard and being swallowed by a whale, and being released (unharmed) from the belly of the whale and again asked to do the same task, is an allegory that shows that if a person commits suicide in order to escape from certain problems, those same problems will again confront him when he is reborn. The story that states that Jesus was born of a Virgin is an allegorical representation of the fact that Mary and Joseph, although they had intercourse, did so without passion, maintaining a pure and holy mental state. Because these stories are allegories, there is no need to explain the miracles that occur in them, any more than there is a need to explain how Cinderella's fairy godmother could turn a pumpkin into a coach. Some biblical miracles do not actually contradict known scientific laws, but appear remarkable because of their timing. Known scientific law would allow that a strong wind could push back a sea, but the fact that the Red Sea was thus pushed back just when the Israelites wanted to cross and then immediately flowed back again (Exod. 14:21-31) is remarkable in its timing. Known scientific law would allow that lightning, storms, earthquakes, droughts, plagues, or other "natural" disasters can occur, and that people who have been sick sometimes recover, but it is remarkable that plagues struck Egypt when Pharoah refused to let the Israelites go (Exod. 7-12); that the earth opened up and swallowed the tents of Korah and the others who had rebelled against Moses, but none of the faithful Israelites were hurt (Num. 16); that the Philistines were struck with tumors while they kept the Ark of the Covenant (1 Sam.5); that when the Philistines yoked cows to a cart carrying the Ark, the cows headed straight toward the land of the [PAGE 4217] Israelites (1 Sam. 6); that Uzzah fell dead immediately after touching the Ark (2 Sam. 6:7); that fire from heaven consumed an offering that Elijah had set up (1 Kings 18:38); that Gehazi was struck with leprosy when he took payment from Naaman after Elisha had cured Naaman from leprosy (2 Kings 5); and that many people were healed when they touched Christ's garment, or when Christ touched them. These miracles indicate that God (or higher spiritual beings in general) often work in accordance with physical laws. If something needs to be destroyed or some people need to be punished, the easiest or most convenient way for God to accomplish it may be to release those energy currents that set the physical cause-effect chains in motion. Some miracles do appear to contradict known scientific laws. One reason for this contradiction may be that conditions have changed, making the current patterns of action different from the previous. In Genesis 5-9 are listed seven persons (Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Jared, Methuselah, and Noah) who all lived to be over nine hundred years old. Clairvoyant investigation shows that in those days physical bodies were just as subject to aging as they are today, but in those days a father was able to pass his memories on to his descendants and thus the father "lived in memory" in the descendants for a number of generations. Because the condition needed for passing this memory on (namely, intermarriage within a small tribe of family, see "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception," pp.353-354) are no longer present, such lengthy lives are no longer observed. Another reason why miracles may contradict known scientific laws may be that some unknown law may be in operation. Clairvoyants, who can see in the spiritual worlds and thus can see the patterns of operation of these worlds and how these "higher worlds" influence the physical world, can extend the range of known laws so that what before appeared miraculous then becomes understood. Clairvoyants see that in the higher worlds the past and the future exist simultaneously with the present. Thus they can understand how [PAGE 4218] prophets could foresee the future, or how someone's consciousness could stay at a given time or move backward in time to make the sun and moon appear to stand still (Josh. 10:11-14) or to make the shadow of the sun appear to go back ten degrees on a sundial (2 Kings 20:9-11). Clairvoyants can project their consciousness so that they can see things that are not in the line of sight of their physical eyes. Thus they can understand how Elisha knew that Gehazi had received (undeserved) payment from Naaman (2 Kings 5:26); and how Christ could tell the Samaritan woman at the well all about her family (John 4:17-19) and could tell Nathanael that he had previously been sitting under a fig tree (John 1:47-50) and could tell his disciples where to place their nets to get them full of fish (John 21:4-14). In the spiritual worlds, the clairvoyant can see the archetypes according to which all forms are built and the various vibration patterns that bring inbto being the various types of materials on earth (see "Ancient and Modern Initiation," pp. 87-89). Thus he sees how vibration patterns can be modified so that stones can be turned into bread or water into wine or food can be created out of air. He can then understand how manna could appear out of "nowhere" (Exod. 16:14-35); how the widow's oil and meal could be continuously replenished (1 Kings 17:14-16), how Christ could turn water into wine (John 2:1-11); and how Christ, starting with seven loaves and a few small fish, was able to feed four thousand ,men, besides women and children (Matt. 15:32-38). When the archetype is mentally held together even in the presence of fire, then one can walk in fire without being burned, as did Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Dan. 3:19-27). When an archetype of a human body has lost its vibration energy, the person dies. The clairvoyant can see hoa run-down archetype can be re-energized and how the departed spirit can then return to the body and thus the dead can be brought back to life. Thus the rasining from the dead of the widow's son by Elijah (1 Kings 17:17-24), of the Shunammite's son by Elisha (2 Kings 4:18-37), and of the widow's son by Christ (Luke 7:11-17) become understandable. As men make more and more observations (both physically and [PAGE 4219] clairvoyantly), and from these gain more and more understanding of the laws according to which the universe operates, they find that phenomena that they previously considered to be miracles now appear to be working out of laws. Each new set of observations, however, also brings in new unexplained phenomena, and thus drives the scientist to seek further explanations. it is an occult maxim that, "Veil upon veil will lift, but there is veil upon veil behind." REFERENCES Heindel, Max. "Ancient and Modern Initiation," Oceanside, Cal.: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1931 Heindel, Max. "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception." Oceanside, Cal.: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1973 [PAGE 4220] INCREASING POWER: Material scientists observe that when several forces are present, maximum effect is obtained if all the forces push in the same direction. When molecules of air fly randomly in all directions, they exert no observable forces on objects. But if a substantial fraction are moving in a given direction (as occurs when the wind blows, or when a fan or propeller of an airplane sets air in motion, or when a jet engine is operating), the air cannot only move small things about but may blow down trees and houses, and lift airplanes into the air. Every atom in a piece of iron is a small magnet, but the iron cannot exert any noticeable forces on other pieces of iron until a substantial fraction of the individual atomic magnets are aligned so that their north poles point in the same direction. Material scientists observe that when forces are drawn together and not allowed to scatter, increased strength is obtained. It is much easier to drive a nail point-first into wood than to drive the nail in head-first, because with the point on the wood, all the driving force is concentrated on a small location and thence entry into the wood is obtained. When a river flows in a wide bed, the current is gentle, but when the channel narrows, the current becomes strong. When steam is allowed to escape in all directions from a cooking pot, the steam has little force, but if the steam is channeled into a single narrow pipe, it is capable of exerting tremendous pressure. Near the Sun the light and heat from the Sun are very intense, but the farther one goes from the Sun, the more the rays spread out and the less [PAGE 4221] intense the radiations become. Thus the planets closer to the Sun get more heat from the Sun than the planets farther from the Sun. The rays of the Sun spread over the surface of the Earth produce only moderate warming, but if a lens or concave mirror is used to make the rays converge, the rays can be used to start a fire or to bake food. Material scientists also observe that the longer a force is applied, the more effect is has. When a baseball is being batted, the longer the bat can be kept in contact with and pushing on the ball, the farther the ball will go. Thus, in the material world, the three basic ways of increasing power are: 1] Align the forces so they all push in the same direction. 2] Do not allow the forces to scatter and concentrate them on a point. 3] Extend the time over which the forces act. The Hermetic axiom states, "As above, so below." Corresponding to each method of increasing power in the material world is an analogous method for increasing spiritual powers. Let us consider some spiritual applications of each of the above three methods. 1] Alignment of forces so they all push in the same direction: If we would develop spiritual powers, we must live our lives so that every action leads toward this goal. We must avoid actions that lead us away from this goal--such as drinking alcohol, taking drugs for pleasure, smoking, eating meat, and degenerating of the creative force. We must also avoid actions, which, although not leading us away, do not lead us toward the goal--such as wasting time and energy gathering and caring for material possessions that we have no real use for, reading books and viewing shows that are not uplifting, seeking knowledge for which we have no use, and talking about trivia that no one will benefit by hearing. We must fill our waking hours with those activities that lead toward the develolment of spiritual powers-- such as doing the spiritual exercises of Concentration and Retrospection, [PAGE 4222] gathering knowledge that will aid us in perfecting our own being and in serving humanity, doing loving self-forgetting service to others, saying that which can help others, etc. We must not allow our minds to waver between "I can" and "I can't" "I will" and "I won't" "I want" and "I don't want," etc. If we would obtain spiritual power, we must decide what needs to be done, convince ourselves that we can do it, resolve to do it, and then let nothing (other than realization that the resolution was in error) hinder us from doing it. 2] Not allowing forces to scatter and concentrating them on a point: The constant barrage of sense impressions that come to us during our waking hours tends to defocus our minds (as they are diverted from one sense impression to another) and scatter our spiritual powers. Some sense stimuli we may try to avoid. One can try to stay away from loud, disharmonious noise and one may try to take care of the dense body so that it does not feel discomfort. It is generally not possible, however, to remove all disturbances. Thus we ultimately need to train our mind to igmore to refuse to receive those impressions that are of ni use to it, and to concentrate its full attention on those impressions that are of use or on its own inner activity. We need to learn to focus our mind on one thing at a time. If we are observing some object, we should for a few moments focus all our attention on that object and observe all its details accurately. if we are listening to someone, we should focus all our attention on him and block everything else out of our mind. If we are thinking about some subject, we should not let our mind wander onto other subjects until we consciously give it permission to do so. 3] Extend the time over which the forces act: If some goal is not attained in one minute, work on it two minutes. If a goal is not attained in one hour, work on it two houts. If a goal is not attained in one year, work on it two years, or twenty years or a lifetime. If a goal is not attained in a lifetime, continue working on it in the next lifetime. The more time one [PAGE 4223] spends directing one's efforts in a given direction, the more spiritual power is built up, and eventually the power will be sufficient to accomplish its object. Anyone can do anything if he works at it long enough and hard enough. When the material scientist uses his knowledge of how to increase power, he can do such things as make roads through mountains, and build skyscrapers and bridges. he can make heavy rockets lift into the air, fly faster than sound, and even fly to the moon. When the spiritual scientist uses his knowledge of how to increase spiritual power, he will be able to speak to others by means of thoughts, to heal the sick, and to create by means of the spoken word. Continued with file "RC1117.TXT" End of File


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