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Filename: RC1089.TXT Source: "The Rosicrucian Philosophy In Questions & Answers, Vol. II" by Max Heindel [PAGE 3204] LOST SOULS: QUESTION NO. 151: IS THERE ANY BASIS IN FACT FOR THE TEACHING OF SOME SCHOOLS OF OCCULTISM REGARDING LOST SOULS AND STRAGGLERS? I HAVE READ A BOOK WHICH VIVIDLY DE- SCRIBES A PLACE CALLED AVITCHI, WHERE THE SOULS RESIDE WHEN IN THE LAST STAGES OF DISINTEGRATION. THE SCHOOL IN QUESTION IT SEEMS HOLDS THAT SOME SOULS UNDERGO PROGRESSIVE RETROGRESSION, BECOMING LOWER AND LOWER IN EACH SUCCESSIVE EMBODIMENT UNTIL ULTIMATELY EXTINGUISHED AS INDIVIDUAL SOULS BY ABSORPTION IN THE COSMIC SOUL. NOW, AS I UNDERSTAND THE ROSICRUCIAN TEACH- INGS, ALL SOULS WITHOUT EXCEPTION ARE ON THE UPWARD SPIRAL, AND WHILE THERE MAY BE A RETROGRESSION AS BETWEEN TWO SUCCESSIVE LIVES IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD, YET THE ULTIMATE OUTCOME IS PROGRESS, NOT RETROGRESSION. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT IT IS ANY PART OF THE TRUE ROSICRUCIAN TEACHINGS THAT SOME SOULS DETERIORATE UNTIL ANNIHILATED. THE ABOVE REMARKS ALSO APPLY TO STRAG- GLERS. KINDLY ADVISE THE CORRECT TEACHING ON THIS SUBJECT. ANSWER: The Rosicrucians teach that life is a great school where there are pupils in all different stages of development. In the most advanced class there are some who have learned almost all the lessons that it is pos- sible to teach in our present condition and environment, and these are about to graduate into other conditions where they will be afforded a larger [PAGE 3205] opportunity for advancement. There are also backward Spirits in the lower classes which have, so to speak, been lazy and neglected to grasp opportuni- ties for advancement. Between the lowest and the highest classes there are a great number of gradations, and certain tests for examination are made of humanity as a whole at different points in the evolutionary career, just the same as in a school examinations of the pupils are held at certain times of the year for the purpose of determining if they are fitted to advance into a next higher grade. Those who pass this examination are promoted, while those who fail are required to pass another term in the class where they are so that they may learn the required lessons necessary as a basis for further advancement. Those who pass the examination are saved, and those who fail are lost to the class as a whole. However, this is only temporary, and those who have been backward may catch up gain and at the following examina- tion pass those who were promoted the year before. Then these erstwhile stragglers are saved and the others lost. So it is also in the school of life. Those who fail to pass the examina- tion at one time, and are temporarily "lost," may catch up gain and even pass those who had once passed them. That is the true teaching concerning the so-called lost souls, and it is confirmed by the Bible. The Greek AIONIAN is translated everlasting, but it has no such meaning as [PAGE 3206] infinite duration. Liddell & Scott's dictionary gives the meaning as an "age, an indefinite period, a lifetime," etc. Thus those who overcome, and are, as the saying is, saved, have a passport to a new age of unfoldment, and are thus given AGE lasting happiness. Those who fail are given AGE lasting punishment of being in a lower grade in life's school. Generally speaking, however, the doctrine that a soul or Ego may be lost in the sense of being annihilated is altogether without foundation, for, as it is said, "IN God we live and move and have our being," so that if a single Spirit were lost, a part of God would be lost. That of course is unthinkable. It is said that there is no rule without exception, and there is one con- dition which almost gives a foundation for the teaching concerning Avitchi promulgated by the Eastern schools. According to their philosophy, there are two states (not places, but STATES) of consciousness, Avitchi and Nir- vana. They say that when the Spirit by repeated embodiments and lives lived in the most noble manner has reached a state of sublime spirituality, it is absorbed by the Cosmic Soul as the dewdrop is swallowed up in the sea. Its individual consciousness plus the fruitage of all its lives is swallowed up by the Universal Spirit, this being according to the Eastern teaching a state of the highest bliss. Conversely, those who by lives of continued evil pass a certain point, commence to sink lower and lower on the scale of attainment, and as their consciousness has been so saturated in evil that there was no room for good, individual consciousness is gradually purged [PAGE 3207] from them in the effort to eradicate the evil, until at last the Spirit stands naked and unconscious. It is then absorbed in the Cosmic Soul, bringing with it only sorrow and disappointment of the most intense nature. But this teaching regarding both good and evil is as already said, contrary to the Western Mystery Teachings, and may at least only apply in such a case as an exceedingly evil black magician. In no case, however, is the Spirit lost, but only the fruitage of its pilgrimage. As we have eternity for our evolution, we may be certain that even such a Spirit would have op- portunities later to enter the pilgrimage of evolution which will make it a self-conscious creative intelligence. EUTHANASIA: QUESTION NO. 152: IS "LEGALIZED EUTHANASIA," OR LAWFUL EXECUTION OF THE AGED, INFIRM, OR SUFFERING PERSONS WHO DESIRE DEATH, SUCH AS I READ IS BEING CONSIDERED IN A CERTAIN CITY, LEGITIMATE IN YOUR OPINION? ANSWER: At first blush and from the standpoint of people not versed in the teachings of occultism such a measure would seem to have considerable [PAGE 3208] claim to commendation. Most people on seeing an animal suffering agonies and beyond hope of recovery would feel prompted by humane instincts to put it out of its misery, and the questions, "Why should we not do as much for our fellow men and women? Why should we keep them alive in excruciating suffering maybe for months or years when we know they have no chance of re- gaining their health and that they are looking and longing for death to put them out of pain?" seem from the common point of view to call for acquies- cence. However, when we have a knowledge of the law of consequence and are sure that what we sow we reap, if not in this life then in some future ex- istence, the matter appears in a different light. We cannot escape our just dues. The suffering that comes to us is needed to teach us a lesson or mellow our character. The only way to shorten such suffering is by an endeavor to understand why we are in the condition that brings us pain. If it is cancer of the stomach, then how have we abused that organ? By overindulgence of food of a nature not suited to our system? Is it the heart? How many times have we lost our tempers and raged like made, putting a tremendous strain on this part of the body? Or are the other organs of our system weak and debilitated? We may be sure that in some way, either in this life or a previous one, we have abused our body in such a manner as to cause these ailments. Otherwise we would not now be [PAGE 3209] suffering, and the sooner we take the lesson to heart and commence to live a better life more in harmony with the laws of nature we have broken, the sooner our suffering will cease. It is always in our own grasp to alter conditions, though of course we cannot remedy in a day what it has taken years or lives to break down, but certainly there is no other way in which a permanent cure can be effected. Even if now, by the enactment of such a law as contemplated, the suffering is shortened, we may be sure that when the person so released from his body is reborn his new vehicle will have the tendency to develop the same disease from which he escaped in such an untoward manner. Besides, as has been thoroughly explained in THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION, this physical body of ours is fashioned in an invisible mold which is called the archetype, and so long as that archetype persists our physical body remains alive. When death occurs from natural causes, or even in the so-called accidents, (which usually are not accidents at all but events used to terminate a life accord- ing to the design of the invisible guardians of human affairs) the archetype is disrupted and the Spirit flees. A suicide, however, is different. In this case the archetype persists after death for a number of years until death should have occurred according to natural events, and being unable to draw to itself the physical atoms it imparts to the suicide during those years of his post-mortem existence a [PAGE 3210] continuous aching feeling, something like a gnawing hunger, or a dull but exceedingly painful toothache. If the plan you mention becomes a law and people are allowed to obtain the services of others to commit suicide (for that is what it really amounts to), there is no doubt that they will suffer in their post-mortem existence in the same manner as the suicide who pre- scribed his own poison, or cut his own throat. It is a very dangerous plan in other respects, also, and we trust no such practice will be sanctioned by law. NATURE OF THE HIGHER SELF: QUESTION NO. 153: WHAT PART OF THE THREE-FOLD SPIRIT IS THE HIGHER SELF? IS IT THE DIVINE SPIRIT? IN THE COSMO IT IS STATED THAT THE HUMAN SPIRIT IS THE EGO. IS THE LIFE SPIRIT NOT A PART OF THE EGO? IS ALL THE EGO ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE DURING EARTH LIFE, OR ONLY A PARTS, AS THE HINDUS TEACH? ANSWER: The higher self is the threefold Spirit: Divine, Life, and Hu- man Spirit, but you must not think of these three as being separated one from the other. The Spirit is undivided as the white light which comes from the Sun through interplanetary space, but as the light may be refracted into [PAGE 3211] three primary colors--blue, yellow, and red--when passing through the denser atmosphere of the earth, so also the Virgin Spirit appears as threefold dur- ing manifestation, because sheaths of matter of varying density are placed around it. When it is enveloped only in the substance of the World of Di- vine Spirit, then it is the Divine Spirit; when the Divine Spirit receives in addition a sheath from the material of the World of Life Spirit, then it becomes the Life Spirit; and when it is finally clothed in the matter of the Region of Abstract Thought it becomes the Human Spirit--the Ego. That is because the Virgin Spirit enmeshed in these three layers of matter is shut off from all consciousness of its Divine Father, and being so blinded by matter that it can no longer see things from the cosmic viewpoint when reaching OUTWARD it turns its consciousness inward and beholds itself as separate and apart from all others. Hence, it is an Ego--an individual. At that point then egoism is born, and self-seeking begins. When the Human Spirit draws around itself for better expression the lower and more concrete vehicles--the mind, the desire body, the vital body--by sinking itself in them, by descending even to the Physical World, it again obtains consciousness of outward things. Then having lost knowledge of the World of God whence it originally came, it commences to conquer the physical world and subdue it to its own ends. [PAGE 3212] In this respect it differs radically from the Spirits of the other three kingdoms--mineral, vegetable, and animal. The Group Spirit of the mineral has as yet descended only to the Region of Abstract Thought. Therefore the consciousness of the mineral resembles the deepest TRANCE state. The Group Spirit of the vegetable and plant kingdom has descended to the Region of Concrete Thought. Therefore the consciousness of the plant kingdom is akin to that which we have in the deepest DREAMLESS SLEEP. The Group Spirits of the animals are found in the Desire World, which is next to the world in which we live. Hence the consciousness of the animal is an internal picture consciousness, similar to that which we have in dreams, the pictures being sent by the Group Spirits to the animals to impress upon them what they are to do under certain circumstances. That which we call instinct is thus the wisdom of the Group Spirits, which impresses the animal concerning how it shall act. The Human Spirit alone in all the kingdoms of evolving life on earth is an individualized Ego, and descends into the vehicles which are all gathered in the physical world during the waking hours of the day. Thus we attain to the waking consciousness whereby we are fully aware and awake to all things pertaining to the world in which we then function, are able to use our own reason, express our desires and emotions, and act as dictated by our individual Higher Self--the indwelling Spirit, the Ego. [PAGE 3213] SOWING WITHOUT REAPING: QUESTION NO. 154: IN THE FIRST LECTURE SENT BY MR. HEINDEL HE SAYS SOMETHING ABOUT HAVING ENGAGEMENTS WITH OUR DESTINY AND BEING ABLE TO CANCEL THEM UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. NOW WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS THIS: WHAT ARE THOSE CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES? I REALIZE THAT NOW I CAN BUILD FOR THE FUTURE AND THAT THINGS THAT TAKE PLACE WITHIN MY OWN CONSCIOUSNESS I CAN CONTROL ACCORDING TO THE AMOUNT OF WILL THAT I HAVE AND THE DESIRE BACK OF THAT WILL TO TRY TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE EFFORTS ALONG THE LINE OF WRONG INFLU- ENCE? WHAT IS ONE PURSUES THE LIFE OF THE ORDINARY PERSON AND BLUNDERS INTO EVIL WAYS? IS HE NOT STARTING SOMETHING FROM WHICH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ES- CAPE? OR CAN HE, BY STRIVING TO OVERCOME THE LOWER NATURE, AND BUILDING A BETTER CHARACTER, FOREGO THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS OWN MISDEEDS? THIS IS A QUESTION A FRIEND AND I HAVE HAD MANY ARGUMENTS OVER. SHE HOLDS TO THE IDEA THAT IF WE SEE WE ARE DUE FOR AN ACCIDENT OR TROUBLE OF ANY KIND WE CAN AVOID THOSE THINGS BY STAYING AWAY FROM WHERE THEY ARE LIKELY TO HAPPEN, BUT IT DOES NOT SEEM LIKELY TO ME THAT WE CAN ESCAPE THE PAST. IF WE COULD, WE WOULD NOT BUILD CHARACTER BY RUNNING AWAY FROM ANYTHING. OF COURSE, THAT IS A MORE OR LESS FATALISTIC VIEW OF THE MATTER, BUT I BELIEVE IN TAKING MY MEDICINE LIKE A MAN. THOUGH I KICK AGAINST THE PRICKS, AT THE SAME TIME I [PAGE 3214] FEEL DISGUSTED THAT I AM SUCH A WEAKLING. ANSWER: There is one important point in the matter which it seems you fail to take into consideration, though it has been plainly and emphatically stated in our literature. "All the laws of nature, including the law of consequence in its application to human life, are under the administration of great Beings of sublime spirituality and superlative wisdom." This law does not work blindly on the principle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but these great Beings and their agents administer all things with a wisdom that is beyond the comprehension of our finite minds. It has been found, however, that where there is a desire or tendency or possibility of running away from a harvest of sorrow which has accrued from certain RIPE destiny, such plans are always circumvented by another move on the part of the invisible administrators of this law. If you will read again the case cited in THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION of a certain lecturer who was warned by Mr. Heindel that if he went out of his house on a certain day he would meet with an accident to certain parts of his body, and how he forgot and thought the 28th was the 29th, took a trip to another town to lecture and was injured, as foretold, in a railway collision. This case will perhaps illustrate our points. The man had been forewarned, he believed in the warning and intended to heed it, but [PAGE 3215] undoubtedly the suffering accruing from that accident was due to him in ex- piation of certain wrongdoings. Therefore the agents of the law of causa- tion caused him to forget the day of the month. This principle works also in another way. You seem to think that there is no way of escaping the harvest of the past but there is. We have also repeatedly emphasized the fact that God, or nature, or the agents of this great law, do not aim to "get even" with us. We are here in this great school of life, safeguarded by these laws of nature. They are made for our benefit and not for our hurt, although they limit us in a certain way just as we limit our children's liberties for the purpose of guarding them against dangers of indiscretion. When by our past actions we have laid up a certain store of retribution for ourselves which is to be worked out at some future time, and then see our mistake, turn over a new leaf, and live in harmony with the law we had previously broken, then by that action we wipe the slate clean with respect to our previous peccadillos. The agents of the great law, seeing that we have ceased from wrongdoing in that particular re- spect, would not wantonly inflict suffering upon us. Bear this fact in mind: all the laws of nature are under similar divine, intelligent adminis- tration, for that is the difference between the fatalistic and the spiritual viewpoints. The hand of God, through His agents, is everywhere, from the greatest things, such as the travel of a planet in its orbit, to the most trivial detail like the falling of a sparrow. It is an actual fact that in [PAGE 3216] God we live and move and have our being. We are under His loving care in everything and therefore nothing can happen to us that is not in harmony with His great divine plan. That plan certainly cannot be fatalistic! MOTHER SHIPTON'S PROPHECIES: QUESTION NO. 155: DO YOU CONSIDER MOTHER SHIPTON'S PROPHECIES AUTHENTIC? ANSWER: Half a century before America was discovered, "Mother Shipton," the Yorkshire seeress, prophesied the discovery of an unknown land in which gold would abound. She saw the automobiles and railroads of today with the many accidents they would cause, the telephone and the telegraph, divers, submarines, airships, and the great iron ships which have superseded vessels of wood. She foresaw the great political upheavals in the world, notably in France, her alliance with England and an amalgamation of the Anglo-Saxon races which may yet come to pass, notwithstanding their present strife. She beheld the emancipation of the Jew and his preferment to positions of prominence, and unprecedented spread of knowledge among those of even the [PAGE 3217] most lowly estate, ending with the prediction of certain upheavals of the earth's crust whereby old lands will become submerged and new land appear, and in 1991 she foresees the end of the world. The last named prophecies will probably cause most of us to shake our heads in a skeptical manner, but if we give the matter a little thought the idea may not seem so farfetched. We know that upheavals of the earth have taken place in the past, and earthquakes and volcanic outbursts show us that the subterranean activities are not suspended by any means. The writer has seen for a number of years great subterranean caverns filled with oil and gas which run in a general direction from Maine across the American conti- nent in a southwesterly direction, beneath Southern California and far out into the South Pacific Ocean. Their explosion would make a great gap in the earth. AT the same time he sees an archetype in the process of construc- tions which shows the shape the earth will take at that place when a cataclysm or series of cataclysms have broken up the present shape of this continent and the adjoining ocean. Perhaps it is hazardous to set a time when this remodeling of the earth will begin, but the archetype or matrix molded in mind stuff, and representing the creative thought of the Grand Ar- chitect and His builders, seems so nearly complete that, judging by the progress made during the years the writer has watched its construction, it seems safe to say that by the middle of the present century (1950), if not [PAGE 3218] before, the upheavals will have started. it is not at all incredible that there may be one of such magnitude in 1991 that the ancient seeress was jus- tified in judging it the end of the world. However, perhaps the writer is premature in judging that the upheavals will start in the middle of the cen- tury. They may be deferred to the end. only time can decide, but certain it is that preparations for a great change have been going on for centuries and are now nearing completion in the invisible world. Therefore, we may expect soon to see Mother Shipton's prophecy concerning this matter ful- filled as the ones mentioned in the beginning our note have been. We append the prophecy so that our readers may judge for themselves: Carriages without horses shall go, And accidents fill the world with woe; Primrose Hill in London shall be, And in its center a Bishop's See; Around the world thoughts shall fly In the twinkling of an eye; Water shall great wonders do. How strange! yet shall be true. The world upside down shall be, And gold found at the root of trees; Through hills man shall ride, And no horse or ass by his side; Under water men shall walk, Shall ride, shall sleep, shall talk In the air men shall be seen, In white, in black, and in green. A great man shall come and go! Iron in water shall float As easy as a wooden boat, [PAGE 3219] And gold shall be found In a land that's not now known. fire and water shall more wonders do, England shall at last admit a Jew; The Jew that was held in scorn Shall of a Christian be born. A house of glass shall come to pass In England, but alas! War will follow with the work In the land of the Pagan and Turk, And State and State in fierce strife Will seek each other's life. But when the North shall divide the South, An eagle shall build in the Lion's mouth. Taxes for blood and for war Shall come to every door. Three times shall lovely France Be led to play a bloody dance, Before her people shall be free, Three tyrant rulers shall she see-- Three rulers in succession see, Each sprung from different dynasty; Then shall the worser fight be done, England and France shall be as one; The British olive next shall twine In marriage with the German Vine. Men shall walk over rivers and under rivers. All England's sons that plough the land Shall be seen book in hand; Learning shall so ebb and flow, The poor shall most wisdom know. Waters shall flow where corn doth grow. Corn shall grow where waters doth flow; Houses shall appear in the vales below. And covered by hail and snow. The world then to an end shall come, Nineteen hundred and ninety-one. [PAGE 3220] THE GOVERNING RAY: QUESTION NO. 156: IN THE COSMO IT IS STATED: "ALL OCCULT SCHOOLS BELONG TO ONE OF THE SEVEN PLANETARY RAYS, AND ONE CAN JOIN ONLY THE SCHOOL OF THE RAY TO WHICH HE BELONGS. TO WHAT RAY DOES THE ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP BELONG? AND DOES THIS MEAN THAT ANYONE APPLYING FOR ADMISSION THERETO, IF NOT OF THE SAME RAY, WOULD BE REJECTED? UNDERSTANDING OF THIS POINT IS RENDERED STILL MORE DIFFICULT BECAUSE OF THE STATEMENT, I THINK, IN THE ASTROLOGY BOOKS, THAT OUR FATHER STAR IS NOT KNOWN UNTIL THE LAST INITIATION. ANSWER: There are two sets of people in the world, spoken of in the Ma- sonic Legend as the Sons of Seth and the Sons of Cain, and represented in our modern times by Freemasonry and Catholicism, statecraft and priestcraft--those who listen to the voice of intellect and follow the head, and those who obey the voice of the heart and follow their emotions and feelings. The Sons of Seth, people who go along the devotional path and follow their religion in whatever country they may be, do not come in touch with any Mystery School at any time of their existence. They have followed their spiritual teachers, docile as lambs, as water flows gently in an arti- ficial canal, and among their leaders, from the time of Abel, the shepherd, we find great lights like Solomon, who was later reborn as Jesus, and is now [PAGE 3221] the invisible spiritual pillar of the Church, which he will eventually guide into the haven of the Kingdom of Christ. These people are the divine proto- types, Adam and Eve, created by Jehovah, the regent of Luna, the Queen of the waters of the world and the emotions of men. Our emotions are as un- stable as water, which is governed in its periodical ebb and flow by the Moon. The other stream of humanity, called the Sons of Cain, is that class in whom the divine essence, the Ego, makes itself felt as a BURNING FIRE. The original creative instinct is keen within them, for when humanity was in its cradle, they listened to the voice of the Lucifer Spirits and ate of the Tree of Knowledge; hence they became enlightened. The mind prospered at the expense of the heart, and from Cain, Tubal-Cain, and Methusaleh have come all the craftsmen of the world. They were the ones who built Solomon's Temple under the leadership of Hiram Abiff, the Master Mason, who was later reborn as the Widow's Son of Naim, raised by the strong grip of the Lion of Judah, and is now working through industry and statecraft under the name of Christian Rosenkreuz to bring his kindred into the kingdom of Christ where the two streams will unite--where there will be neither priests nor kings, but one, even Christ, who will fill the dual office of King and Priest. In every vast company of men there are always some behind and some in ad- vance, and we may find individuals, belonging to each of these two streams of humanity among the lowest types as well as among the most highly [PAGE 3222] civilized people on earth. All along the path of evolution, there are, as we might say, gates which lead to the path of initiation and which may be unlocked by anyone who has the proper key. The locks are different at dif- ferent points on the path of evolution, and they are becoming more compli- cated, for we are all by evolution now learning lessons which were in by-gone ages taught in the process of initiation in the Mystery Schools. In each life we are born with a new horoscope. Our Ascendant and planets will be very different in each life according to the lessons we have to learn and the liabilities we are to liquidate from the past. In one life we may have Mars as ruler, another life may be ruled by Venus, or any one of the planets. it is designed that the Spirit should learn all things in or- der to become perfect, and it must therefore evolve under the influence of all the planets in order that everything in its nature may be evenly bal- anced. Nevertheless, the stamp of our Father Star or Father Fire, is always there, and this makes one who is inherently a martial spirit different from one who comes from the Jupiter Ray, though their horoscopes may be quite similar, perhaps, as in the case of twins. Children born with the same Greenwich Mean Time in Madrid, New York, or Honolulu would be of widely different types, stamped by their national and racial peculiarities, and yet their horoscopes would be much alike. This illustrates that it is not the horoscope itself that counts, but the invis- ible influence that is due to the identity of the Father Fire or Father [PAGE 3223] Star; and when a man or woman is ready to enter the gate or path which leads up to the the Mystery School, he or she will feel the right spiritual at- traction through the basic color vibration of the aura. If this attraction is followed, it is sure to guide him to the right place, where he will not be refused. Generally speaking, it may be said that all the people of the Western World belong to the Western Wisdom School of the Rosicrucians, and that they make a mistake when they endeavor to enter a school belonging to or teaching the Eastern philosophy. When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, the land of the Bull, where the animal was worshiped when the Sun by precession was in the sign Taurus, he gave the people under his guidance a new symbol, the Lamb. From the time when the Sun by precession went through the sign Aries, the Lamb, it has been and is idolatry to worship the golden Calf (Taurus), or bow down before the serpents and scorpions, which were the priests of that dispensation (because Scorpio is the opposite sign from Tau- rus). Then came Christ, the Lamb of God, so-called, to inaugurate a new re- ligion; and we hear of a judgment when He shall come again under the sign Libra, the scales, which is opposite Aries, to judge all of the world. Later, by precession, the Sun passed through the sign Pisces, the fishes, and for two thousand years we have been abstaining from meat on certain days and eating fish, while we worshiped the opposite sign Virgo, the immaculate [PAGE 3224] Virgin. now the Sun is entering, by precession, within orb of the celestial sign Aquarius, the Son of Man, and in the coming Aquarian Age we shall have an entirely different standard from what we have had before. As a matter of fact, we must learn to worship the CHRIST WITHIN, and this Christ is not the same for each one of us. This is the savior that is to lead us out of our present condition. The difference is the basic planetary ray that is in each and every one of us. So there is the horoscopic ray, governed by the planet which is ruler of our horoscope in each life; there is the individual ray, which is governed by the sub-ray of our Father Fire or Father Star, un- der which we originated; and, finally, there is the Father Fire or Ray it- self. It is this latter which is not revealed until the last initiation. our individual ray is discovered unto us at the time we receive the dis- cipleship instruction, and the horoscopic ray is evident as soon as we cast the figure and know how to read it. To clear up this point from another angle, let us illustrate by colors. There are seven colors in the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, etc. But within the red we shall also find seven sub-rays, which are red-red, red-orange, red-yellow, etc. The same with the yellow ray--we shall find there yellow-red, yellow-yellow, etc. Similarly under the ray of Mars there are some who are Mars-Saturn, others who are Mars-Sun, others again who are Mars-Venus, and so on. Mars is then the Father Star, while the name of the [PAGE 3225] other planet designates the individual Ray, and therefore we find in the Mystery Schools, all over the world, people who are born with any one of the twelve signs rising and any one of the planets ruling. Also people with in- dividual rays of the Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, etc., are found in both the Eastern and Western Mystery Schools. But the Mystery School itself is col- ored by the deep, overpowering planetary influence of the Father Fire, the Father Star, under which it originated. You will understand that as the Father Fire is not revealed until the last initiation, this basic nature of any Mystery School cannot be told openly in public. But you must differentiate between the Mystery School and such an association as The Rosicrucian Fellowship and other kindred societ- ies, which are only preparatory schools for their respective occult orders. Such schools as The Rosicrucian Fellowship and kindred organizations would naturally be dominated by the planetary influence from the fountain head. This therefore cannot be given. There are plenty of people who claim that they know all and who will smile mysteriously, or give out misinformation which cannot be controverted and proven false, because it concerns the secrets of initiation. The writer has always made it a rule to say honestly and without hesitation whenever a question was asked to which he could not give an answer: "I do not know." To profess omniscience is equivalent to a profession of divinity. Though [PAGE 3226] the writer has met quite a number of "professors," he has met very few, if any, "possessors," and you will have to wait for the answer to that question until you come to the proper point in initiation. Even in the case of the individual ray, which is given to the disciples at the time they enter the path of discipleship, it has been found that people under the sign Gemini, for instance, which would be supposed to be ruled by Mercury, had in their individual ray all the different other plan- ets; and the same with every one of the other signs. The writer has given time and study, endeavoring to find a rule, but it has proven absolutely fu- tile. There is only the one explanation, given by the Elder Brothers, that the individual ray is retained by the Spirit throughout its whole series of lives, and perfectly independent of the horoscopical rays which change ac- cording to its birth, environment, and the lessons to be learned in each life. WHEREABOUTS OF CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUZ: QUESTION NO. 157: CAN YOU TELL US ANYTHING ABOUT CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUZ, HIS PERSON, HABITAT, ENVIRONMENT, OR WHAT PART OF THE WORLD HE IS IN? IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT HE IS ON THE WESTERN COAST. PLEASE TELL ME IF IT IS PERMISSIBLE TO KNOW. [PAGE 3227] ANSWER: No, it is not permissible to know. The whereabouts and the movements of the august head of the Rosicrucian Order are always shrouded in mystery. If you have read about Rosicrucian initiation as explained in the COSMO you will remember that he does not even appear in the body at the Temple services so far as the lay brothers are able to determine, for though the Temple is built of ether and the twelve Elder Brothers together with the lay brothers function in their soul bodies during the Temple service, the majority among us are able to see a body built of even so tenuous substance as mind-stuff. Hence it is evident that the presence of the head of the Or- der is altogether spiritual, and it is said that he manifests only to the twelve who like him are able to function in the highest vehicles. Nevertheless, as has also been explained in the COSMO, the head of our august Order is always active in the affairs of the world, working with the governments of the nations in the western world to guide them along the ap- propriate path of their evolution. To this end he appears in a physical em- bodiment, at least part of the time, and if memory serves the editor right, a lay sister ventured to put a question concerning this matter to one of the Elder Brothers shortly after the outbreak of the war. The rest of us held our breath in amazement at her indiscretion. She wanted to know if [PAGE 3228] Christian Rosenkreuz was on the throne of one of the warring nations. The Elder Brother appeared considerably taken aback at the question, but told her that such matters could not be discussed, as the slightest inkling of his identity might destroy his usefulness. However, he answered the ques- tion so far as to say that Christian Rosenkreuz was not to be found on the throne of any nation, and at the same time he intimated that he was the power behind the throne. Nevertheless, he gave no clue that could lead us to look anywhere in particular. We were of course, left free to indulge in our own speculations, and the editor thought of Russia, where an obscure monk seemed to exercise a strange influence that commenced about the latter part of 1905 when Saturn and Mars were in conjunction in the sign Aquarius, which rules Russia. Since the time of those great riots, this monk has had a strange influence in the Empire. We have never spoken of this to anyone before, but now that we learn from a newspaper clipping that his career has ended, it will probably do no harm if our conjecture is correct. In that case we predict that there are still further developments to be expected and that the monk from Tomsk will be heard from again. If we are mistaken, the speculation can hurt no one and we give it and the newspaper account only for what they are worth. This monk was maligned in the highest degree and accused of all the crimes on the calendar, a fact which may make it difficult to believe that [PAGE 3229] he was indeed our holy Brother, C.R.C., but a little reflection soon shows that a bad reputation may be borne by the most spiritual. Was not Christ called a winebibber? Was it not said, "He hath a devil"? and was He not crucified as a criminal? What wonder then that the monk from Tomsk was ac- cused of being drunken and dissolute. What wonder that he was assassinated for the supposed reason that he was winning the Czar over to a scheme for the conclusion of a separate peace with Germany? There are millions in Russia who mourn him as a saint. He was the poor man's friend. There are others who seek to brand him as a sychophant, a hypocrite and an imposter, but one thing is absolutely certain, he was a man possessed of an unusual power or they would not have feared him. The following clipping from a newspaper sent by a correspondent is one of a number of accounts which have appeared in various places: "An incredible reign has just ended at Petrograd. it was the reign of a monk. A simple peasant was Grigori Rasputin when he first appeared in the Russian capital a half score years ago. He came from Eastern Russia--the Russia that merges into Asia and shares its mysticism. This monk trod a path of victory to power. How great this power was over the lives of 180,000,000 people will never be known. "It is known, however, that Grigori Rasputin--`Saint Grigori' they called him toward the last--sent explicit orders to ministers, and these orders [PAGE 3230] were obeyed. it is known that his levees in the palace once occupied by the Grand Duke Alexis were attended by the nobility of Russia--by high-born la- dies of the palace, by generals in glittering uniforms, by all the high and the mighty of the empire. The poorest also came with prayers and petitions, which were granted with the initialed order of Rasputin to heads of govern- ments. "It is also said that this saint who came from Asia exercised a mysteri- ous power over the conscience of the Czar; that the Czarina bowed her impe- rial head to his decrees; that rulers were elevated to the skies or humbled to the dust at his word. "And the strange story of this monk who brought the darkness of the Middle Ages with him is not based upon hearsay. Since 1912 the representa- tives of the Russian people have been struggling to free Russia from the grasp of this Richelieu who could barely read and write. "Again and again has the Duma denounced the 'dark forces' which dominated the palace. Yet so powerful was this exalted peasant from Tomsk that he could defy the unanimous vote of the Duma demanding his elimination from the life of Russia. So strongly was he entrenched in the seat of the mighty that he could issue a decree commanding the Russian press to cease its clamor--and he could enforce his command. "There is no parallel to the twilight rule of this monk except in the [PAGE 3231] Middle Ages or in the `Forbidden City' of Peking. In the Forbidden City, the walled stronghold of the Manchus, a concubine in our times rose to be empress dowager of 400,000,000 yellow persons. Her rule was absolute. The shadowy figure of the nominally-reigning emperor was blotted out by the em- press dowager's actual power. Tzu-Hsi, with her enamelled face and her gor- geous finery, uttered the words that meant life or death to courtiers, gov- ernors, and viceroys. "What went on behind the walls of the Forbidden City none knew. One or two European women were admitted to that domain of slaves and eunuchs. What they reported was exceedingly interesting. It afforded a glimpse into a world which the Europeans believed to have passed forever with the advent of gunpowder, the railroad, and the telegraph. But the machinery that moved that government by women and slaves remained a mystery. The power that con- trolled the lives of 400,000,000 people remained a shadow. "The story of Rasputin is more amazing than the story of the dowager em- press, Tzu-Hsi. The holy man from Tomsk dominated, not a scheduled oriental harem surrounded by high walls of brick and tradition, but one of the most brilliant courts of Europe--the Europe of today, the Europe that is dealing with tragic facts. The empire that Rasputin swayed with his strange preten- sions to a divine mission and divine powers is one of the deciding factors of a decisive period in the history of civilization. The anachronism might well be regarded as incredible. "And yet this man undoubtedly played, or tried to play, a master's part in the affairs, not only of Russia, but of Europe. All Russia believes that eight years ago Rasputin, by his mysterious powers prevented the outbreak of war between Russia and Austria-Hungary at the moment when the Bosnia-Herzegovina question stirred the fires of international hatred and suspicion to a fresh blaze. "In the present crisis, amid the solemn surroundings of the Russian Par- liament, Rasputin has been accused of seeking to sell his country to the en- emy by trying to bring about a separate peace on humiliating terms between Russia and the Central Powers. The crime that brought an end to his mystic overlordship of the imperial mind and conscious has been greeted in the Duma and by the Russian press as an act of national deliverance." Continued with file "RC1090.TXT" End of File


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