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Filename: RC1087.TXT Compiled from: "The Rosicrucian Philosophy In Questions & Answers, Vol. II" by Max Heindel [PAGE 3139] PROVING EXISTENCE OF VITAL BODY: QUESTION NO. 131: IT SEEMS PERFECTLY LOGICAL TO ME THAT THERE MUST BE A FINER BODY SUCH AS YOU CALL THE VITAL BODY, BUT IS THERE ANY WAY THAT ONE MAY PROVE THIS TO A FRIEND WHO IS VERY SKEPTICAL AND ARGUMENTATIVE? ANSWER: "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still," says an old proverb, and it is true. So long as your friend is till in the argumentative stage and not inclined to examine the proofs with an open mind it is a waste of time to try to change his opinion. We would suggest that you stop arguing; he may then become anxious and want to find out some more. When he does, there are a number of ways to prove the existence and reality of the vital body. We can mention a few. In the first place, there is the camera. Perhaps you can find in your town among the spiritualists one able to take spirit photographs. Though there are tricks well know to photographers whereby such pictures may be produced, it is nevertheless a fact that under conditions where there was absolutely no fraud, photographs have been taken of people who have passed into the beyond. They have been able to clothe themselves in ether, the ma- terial whereof the vital body is constructed, and which is visible to the eye of the lens. The writer himself was once caught by the camera when he [PAGE 3140] traveled in his vital body from Los Angeles to San Pedro to see a friend off on a steamer. It so happened that he came between his friend and the camera of another friend who was just taking a snap shot of the ship, and the like- ness was so good that it was recognized by a number of people. Then we have the phenomenon of dogs following certain persons by the scent obtained from clothing they have worn. This clothing is impregnated by the ether from the vital body, which latter protrudes about an inch and a half beyond the periphery of the dense body. Hence also at every step we take the earth is penetrated by this invisible, radiating fluid. But it has been found that blood hounds following the fleeing criminal were baffled and lost the scent because the fugitive had put on skates and made his way over the ice. This raised him above the ground so that the vital body protruding below his feet did not impregnate the ice and therefore there was not scent whereby the bloodhounds could trace him. Similar results have been obtained by a person walking on stilts from the place of his crime. Then there is the case of the magnetic healer who draws from his patient the diseased parts of the vital body which are then replaced by fresh ethers that allow the life forces to course through the diseased physical organ and thereby effect a cure. If the magnetic healer is not careful to throw off the black-jelly like, miasmatic, etheric fluid which he has drawn into his own body, he in turn will become ill, and if there were not such invisible [PAGE 3141] fluid as we speak of, the phenomena of the patient's recovery and the mag- netic healer's illness could not take place. Finally, we may say that if you can find the conditions and care to go to the trouble, there is one way and one condition under which a very large number of people are able to see the vital body for themselves. This is not easily accomplished in southern countries where the dead bodies are buried quickly after demise. Select a time as close of the full Moon as possible. Then watch the papers for funeral notice and go to the cemetery in the evening following the funeral of someone who has died within twenty-four hours. You will then probably see above the newly made grave, flickering in the moonlight, the filmy form of the vital body which remains there and de- cays sychronously with the body in the grave. This may be seen at any time by the seer, but it is only dense enough to be visible to ordinary people on the first night after the funeral. If you do not see it at first, walk around the grave and look steadfastly at it from different angles. Then you probably get the most convincing ocular proof for your friend. [PAGE 3142] HAPPINESS IN THE HIGHER LIFE: QUESTION NO. 132: WHY IS IT THAT IN YOUR WRITINGS THERE IS ALWAYS A NOTE OF SOMBERNESS, AL- WAYS THE DARK THREAD, SO LITTLE JOY AND HAPPINESS? IS THERE NO HAPPINESS TO BE FOUND IN THE HIGHER LIFE? CONTENTMENT, SATISFACTION, PEACE--YES, BUT IS THERE NO JOY? ANSWER: "O wad some power the giftie gie us, To see ourselv's as others see us." So sang Robert Burns, and he was certainly correct i his presumption that none of us can see ourselves as we are. The writer was not aware that there is a dark thread and a somberness over all his writings, but perhaps the point is well taken, though it would be wrong to draw the conclusion that there is no joy and happiness in the higher life. There is an unspeakable joy and a happiness that cannot be told, in the privilege of being allowed to help the thousands that come to us for aid and advice or spiritual com- fort. However, while we realize the necessity and ultimate benefit which will result from the present great surgical operation the world is undergoing, we would have to be a superhuman not to be bowed down with sorrow at the sight of all those hundreds of thousands, nay, millions, who are suffering daily. Three and one-half years of work with the wounded, dying, and so- [PAGE 3143] called dead, have failed to make us more callous than upon the first night when we were nearly frantic at the sight of the cruel carnage. We endeavor not to carry the experiences of the night into the day, as it would unfit us for the work we have to do here, but it is perhaps too much to expect that it would not stamp our waking life in some way. This may be a very good point for those students to consider who are in- ordinately desirous of consciousness in the spiritual worlds. To them we would say that we envy them and would gladly exchange places with them and be rid of the sorrowful sights which duty and love of our fellow men compel us to witness nightly, though, of course, wild horses could not drag us away from the suffering soldiers or their bereaved relatives. We would not give up the privilege of helping for anything, but we do wish we were unconscious of our work when we return to the body. Then we should be much happier and probably agree to infuse happiness into our writings. Our personality would always best be kept in the background, but if stu- dents will take this to heart perhaps the answer to this question may serve a good purpose. [PAGE 3144] THE WEDDING GARMENT: QUESTION NO. 133: WHAT WILL BE THE CONDITION OF THOSE WHO HAVE NOT PREPARED THE WEDDING GARMENT WHEN CHRIST COMES? WILL THEY STILL LIVE ON EARTH AND GO ON EVOLV- ING? ANSWER: That is very difficult to say. A great number of those who were left behind in Atlantis because they had not evolved lungs so they could live in our atmosphere, have not been able to catch up with us yet. There is quite a grave doubt if people who have not evolved the wedding garment to the point where they have some real growth will be able to live in that Age. They may have to live at a later time and apart from us. THE ELDER BROTHERS: QUESTION NO. 134: PLEASE GIVE A CLEAR DESCRIPTION OF THE ELDER BROTHERS AND SAY IF THEY FUNCTION ON THIS PLANE IN A MATERIAL BODY, ALSO OF THE LAY BROTHERS, ETC. ANSWER: As far as the Elder Brothers are concerned they have a material body just as you and I, and they live in a house which you might think the [PAGE 3145] house of some well-to-do but not ostentatious people. They seem to hold of- fices of distinction in the community where they live, but it is only a blind that they have these positions so as to give a reason for their pres- ence and not create any question as to what they are or who they are or that there is anything out of the ordinary about them. Outside of that house and in that house and through that house there is what may be called the Temple. It is etheric and is different from our ordinary buildings. It might be likened to the auric atmosphere that is around our Pro-Eccelsia at Headquar- ters, which is etheric and is much larger than the building. Manson's word picture of the spiritual church he built gives an idea of what structures are. They are around buildings and churches where people are very spiritual and of course they differ in color. This Rosicrucian Temple is superlative and not to be compared to anything else, but it surrounds and permeates the house in which the Elder Brothers live. The house is so permeated with spirituality that most people wouldn't feel very comfortable there. And the Lay Brothers, have they a material body? Certainly. The editor is not very ethereal and may serve as an illustration of the average. [PAGE 3146] PRAYER, CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION: QUESTION NO. 135: WHAT IS PRAYER? IS IT EQUIVALENT TO CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION, OR IS IT ONLY A PETITION TO GOD? ANSWER: Unfortunately, as it is commonly practiced it is too often a pe- tition to God to interfere on behalf of the supplicant and enable him to at- tain a selfish object. It is certainly a disgrace that people engage in violating the commandment of God, "Thou shalt not kill," and pray for vic- tory over their enemies. If we measure the majority of prayers offered up today by the standard set by Christ in the Lord' Prayer they certainly do not deserve the name prayer. They are blasphemies, and it were a thousand times better were they never uttered. The Lord's Prayer having been given us as a pattern, we shall do well to analyze it if we would arrive at an adequate conclusion. If we do so, we shall find that three of the seven prayers of which it consists are con- cerned with adoration of the Divine" "Hallowed by Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be Done." Then comes the petition for the daily bread neces- sary to keep our organism alive, and the remaining three prayers are for de- liverance from evil and forgiveness for our shortcomings. From these facts it is evident that every worthy prayer must contain an overwhelming measure of adoration, praise, and recognition of our unworthiness, together with a [PAGE 3147] firm resolution to strive to be more pleasing to our Father in Heaven. The main object, therefore, of prayer is to get into as close communication with God as possible, in order that the Divine Life and Light may flow into, il- lumine, and enable us to grow in His image and His likeness. This is a view diametrically opposite from the common idea of prayer, which takes the view that as God is our Father we may go to Him in prayer and He is bound to give us our heart's desire. If we do not get it the first time, we need only keep praying, and because of our very importunity, our wish will be granted. Such a view is repellent to the enlightened mys- tic, and if we bring the matter down to a practical basis it is evident that a wise father having a son able to provide for himself would naturally re- sent it if this son should appear before him several times a day with impor- tunate request for this, that, and the other thing, which he could easily obtain by going to work and earning. Prayer, no matter how earnest and sin- cere, can never take the place of work. If we work for a good purpose with out whole heart, soul, and body, and at the same time pray God to bless our work, there is no doubt but that the petition will be granted every time. However, unless we put our shoulder to the wheel we have no right to call on the Deity for assistance. As said previously, the burden of our prayers should be praise to God "from whom all blessings flow," for our desire bodies are formed from [PAGE 3148] materials of all seven regions of the Desire World in proportion to our re- quirements as determined by the nature of our thoughts. Every thought clothes itself in desire stuff congrous to its nature. This applies to the thoughts formed and expressed in prayer. If selfish, they attract to them- selves an envelope composed of the substance of the lower regions of the De- sire World, but if they are noble, unselfish, and altruistic, they vibrate to the higher pitch of the regions of soul-light, soul-life, and soul-power. They clothe themselves in this material, giving added life and light to our spiritual nature. Even when we pray for others it is detrimental to ask for anything material or worldly. It is permissable to ask for health, but not for economic prosperity. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righ- teousness" is the commandment. When we comply with that command we may rest assured that "all these things" will also be given. Therefore, when we pray for a friend let us put our whole heart and soul into the petition that he may permanently seek the Way, the Truth, and the Life, for having once found that greatest of all treasures no real necessity will ever be denied. Nor is this theory, at all. Thousands of people, the writer included, have found that "Our Father in Heaven" will take care of our material needs when we endeavor to live the spiritual life. However, in the final analysis it is not the spoken prayer that helps. There are people who can lead a congregation in a prayer that is perfection both in language and poetical [PAGE 3149] They may even conform their prayers to the principles laid down by the Lord as enunciated in our opening paragraphs, and yet that prayer may be an abomination because it lacks the one essential requirement. Unless our whole life is a prayer we cannot be pleasing to God no matter how beautiful our petitions may be. On the other hand, if we strive from day to day and from year to year to live according to His will, then even though we our- selves know that we fall far short of our ideal, and even though we, like the publican in the Temple, are of halting speech and can only smite our breast saying, "God be merciful to me a sinner," we shall find that the Spirit itself, knowing our needs, makes intercession for us with unutterable groanings, and that our modest supplication before the Throne of Grace will avail more than all the flowery speeches we could possibly make. You also ask: Is prayer equivalent to concentration and meditation? Concentration consists of focusing thought upon a single point, as the Sun's rays are focused by means of a glass. When diffused over the surface of the whole earth it gives but a moderate warmth, but even a few Sun rays focused through an ordinary reading glass will set inflammable material on which it is focused afire. Similarly, though flitting through the brain as water runs through a sieve, is of no value, but when concentrated upon a certain object it increases in intensity and will achieve the purpose [PAGE 3150] involved for good or ill. Members of a certain order have practiced concen- tration on their enemies for centuries, and it was found that misfortune or death always overtook the object of their disfavor. We hear among certain groups today of "malicious magnetism" applied by concentration of thought. ON the other hand, concentration of though power may also be used to heal and help, nor are examples wanting to substantiate this statement. We may therefore say that concentration is the direct application of though power to the attainment of a certain definite object which may be good or evil ac- cording to the character of the person who practices it and the purpose for which he desires to use it. Prayer is similar to concentration in certain points but differs radically in other respects. While the efficiency of prayer depends upon the intensity of concentration, which renders prayer far more efficacious than cold concentration can ever be. Furthermore, it is exceedingly dif- ficult for the great majority of people to concentrate their thoughts cooly, calmly, and without the slightest emotion, and exclude all other consider- ations from their consciousness. The devotional attitude is more easily cultivated, for the mind is then centered on Deity. Meditation is the method of gathering by spiritual power knowledge of [PAGE 3151] things with which we are not ordinarily familiar. There is in THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION. a chapter which deals very thoroughly with the method of acquiring firsthand knowledge, elucidating these points at length, and we would advise a thorough study of this chap- ter. THE SILVER CORD: QUESTION NO. 136: IF THE SILVER CORD IS ATTACHED TO THE SEED ATOM IN THE HEART OAT ONE END AND THE CENTRAL VORTEX IN THE DESIRE BODY AT THE OTHER, WHAT ORGAN IN THE PHYSICAL BODY DOES THAT CENTRAL VOTRAX CORRESPOND WITH--HEART, HEAD, FORE- HEAD, OR WHAT? ANSWER: That end of the silver cord which is anchored to the seed atom in the heart remains there immovable until death, but the other end, and the point where the two halves of the cord meet, as shown on page 97 in the COSMO, are movable. During the day time that central vortex where the sil- ver cord is anchored it he desire body is placed directly in the LIVER, and you will find in the COSMO some very illuminating material if you will look for "liver" in the index. The point where the two halves of the silver [PAGE 3152] cord meet is placed in the solar plexus during the day time. That, you know, is a very, very vital spot, and the seed atom of the vital body is just at the meeting point of these two halves of the silver cord. When that is in the solar plexus the fluid which comes from the Sun through the spleen passes the seed atom of the vital body, and is there refracted into the rose-colored fluid that we speak of in our literature. Thus the three great centers in one body connected with the silver cord are: the central vortex in the liver--the principle point in the desire body; the solar plexus--which is the stronghold of the vital body; and the heart, which is the center of the dense body. THE THREE PARTS OF THE SILVER CORD: QUESTION NO. 137: WILL YOU PLEASE DESCRIBE THE SILVER CORD AND EXPLAIN ITS FUNCTION IN BOTH MAN AND ANIMAL? ANSWER: To answer this question fully we must refer to earlier evolu- tionary conditions. Three Periods of evolution have preceded our present Earth Period. Dur- ing the Saturn Period we were mineral-like, in the Sun Period we had a con- stitution like the plants, and in the Moon Period we developed vehicles similar to the present animals. We say "similar," for the constitution of [PAGE 3153] the world was so different that identical construction would have been an impossibility. Fancy now, an immense globe circling in space as a satellite about its sun. It is the body of a Great Spirit, Jehovah. As we have soft flesh and hard bones, so also the central part of the body of Jehovah is denser than the outside, which is misty and cloud-like. Though His con- sciousness pervades the whole, Jehovah appears principally in the cloud, and with Him are His angels, and other Creative Hierarchies. From the great firmament of cloud depends millions of cords, each with its foetal sac, hovering close to the dense central part, and as the vital stream of the human mother circulates through the umbilical cord carrying nourishment to the embryo during antenatal life for the purpose of evolving a vehicle when the period of gestation has been completed, so the divine life of Jehovah brooded over us in the cloud and coursed through the whole human family during this embryonic stage of its evolution, and we were then as incapable of initiative as the foetus. Since then the Manna (Manas, Mens, Mensch, or Man) has fallen from heaven, from the bosom of the Father, and is now tied by the silver cord to the concrete body during his waking hours, and even in sleep it forms the connecting link between the higher and lower vehicles. This connection is broken only at death. [PAGE 3154] The cord is quite complex in its construction. One end is rooted in the seed atom in the heart; that part is made of ether. A second part, made of desire-stuff, grows from the great vortex of the desire body located in the liver, and when these two parts of the silver cord join in the seed atom of the vital body located in the solar plexus, this junction of the three seed atoms marks the quickening of the foetus. But there is still another part of the silver cord, which is made of mind stuff and grows from the seed atom of the mind located at a point which may roughly be described as the frontal sinus where the human Spirit has its seat. It passes between the pituitary body and the pineal gland, thence downwards, connecting with the thyroid and thymus glands, the spleen, and the adrenals, and finally joins the second part of the silver cord in the seed atom of the desire body in the great vortex of that vehicle which is located in the liver. The path along which this part of the silver cord will grow is indicated in the archetype, but it requires approximately twenty-one years to complete the junction. The union of the first and the second parts of the silver cord marks the PHYSICAL QUICKENING which depends on the complete destruction of the nucleated blood corpuscles carrying the life of the PHYSICAL MOTHER, and the emancipation from her interference by gastifcation of the blood which is thenceforth the direct vehicle of the Ego. The junction of the second and third parts of the silver cord marks a MENTAL QUICKENING and a consequent emancipation from mother Nature, who has [PAGE 3155] then completed the gestatory process necessary to start the foundation and framework for the temple of the Spirit, which may subsequently build as it chooses, limited only by its past actions. During the daytime when we are awake in the physical world, the threefold silver cord is coiled in a spiral within the dense body, principally about the solar plexus (epigastrium), but at night when the Ego withdraws and leaves the dense and vital bodies on the bed to recuperate after the labors of the day, the silver cord protrudes from the skull. The evoid desire body floats above, or near the sleeping form, resembling a captive balloon. There, so far as the child and the undeveloped persons are concerned, the Ego remains, ruminating over the occurrences of the day, until impacts from the physical world, such as the ring of an alarm clock, a call, or the like, vibrates the silver cord and draws the attention of the Ego to its discarded vehicle and causes it to enter. NO OCCULT DEVELOPMENT IS POSSIBLE UNTIL THE THIRD PART OF THE SILVER CORD HAS BEEN DEVELOPED, but after that event the Ego may leave its dense body and roam the wide world, either consciously after proper training and imita- tion, or unconsciously, with the help of others, or accidentally, as a sleepwalker leaves his bed and returns unaware of where he went or what he did. In either case the third part of the silver cord, which is made of ductile, elastic mind stuff, serves as a link with the lower vehicles. The quality of the consciousness of the Ego when thus away from its dense body [PAGE 3156] depends upon whether it has formed a soul body of Light and Reflecting Ether, which is the vehicle of sense perception and memory, sufficiently stable to take along. If it has, the process of initiation will have taught it how to proceed, and the Ego will have a complete consciousness while away from the body and a dependable memory of what occurred on the soul-flight when it returns; if not, both consciousness and memory are bound to be lack- ing or faulty to a degree. Having acquainted ourselves with the construction and function of the silver cord as a link between the Ego and its vehicles, we shall next study its make-up and use in connection with the animal and its Group Spirit. It has been taught in the COSMO that habits, tastes, likes, and dislikes of each species are due to the fact that they are actuated by a common Group Spirit. All squirrels hoard a store of nuts for a winter period of hiberna- tion, all lions crave flesh, horses without exception ear hay, but ones man's meat is another's poison. If we know the habits of one animal we know the habits of all belonging to the same family, but it would be futile to investigate the elder Edison to ascertain the source of Thomas A.'s genius. A treatise on the habits of a horse will apply to all horses, but the biog- raphy of one man differs entirely from that of every other human being be- cause each acts under the dictates of an individual indwelling Spirit. The animals of a certain group are directed by a common intelligence, the Group [PAGE 3157] Spirit, by means of the silver cord. Each animals has its own individual silver cord, so far as the two parts are concerned which connect the dense, vital, and desire bodies, but the third part which is connected to the cen- tral vortex of the desire body, located in the liver, is the cord of the Group Spirit. By means of this elastic bond its governs the animals of its tribe, without regard to where in the world they may be, with equal facil- ity. Distance is nonexistent from the viewpoint of the inner worlds, and as the animals have no mind of their own, they obey the suggestions of the Group Spirit unquestioningly. In this respect children are an anomaly, for they also have the two parts of the silver cord developed. However, they have a mind from which the third part is growing. Thus the Ego has no direct communication with its vehicles, and therefore the human offspring, which has the greatest possi- bility, is at the same time the most helpless of all creatures on earth, amenable principally tot he authority of its physical guardians. But though man is now individualized, and emancipated from direct inter- ference with his action by the leading strings of the cord by which the Group Spirit FORCES, (there is no other word which will convey the meaning) the animal to do its bidding, he is not yet fit to rule himself any more than the child, over which we hold authority till it is of age, is fit to take charge of its own affairs, and RACE SPIRITS still continue to rule the [PAGE 3158] nations. Each nation, except America, has its own Race Spirit which broods in the form of a cloud over the land in which its people live, as did the God of the Israelites, and in him "they live and move and have their being." They are his peculiar people, and he is jealous God. WITH EVERY BREATHY THEY INHALE THIS SPIRIT, and if taken away they long for their native coun- try, because wherever they are taken THE AIR IS DIFFERENT and carries the vibration of another Archangelic Hierarch. As times flies and we advance, we shall also be emancipated from the Race Spirit which has lived in our breath since the time Jehovah Elohim blew NEPHESH--the vital air--into our nostrils. These Spirits work in the desire body and the Human Spirit, fostering selfishness and egoism. When we learn to build the glorious wedding garment, called the soul body, which is woven by loving self-forgetting service, and the mystic marriage is consummated--when the Christ is immaculately born within--Universal Love will emancipate us forever from Universal Law, and we shall be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect. "From ev'ry pow'r that holds the world in chains, Man liberates himself, when SELF-control he gains." [PAGE 3159] EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO: QUESTION NO. 138: WHY IS IT WRONG FOR A PROBATIONER TO USE ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO? ANSWER: This questions applies not only to Probationers, but to every one who endeavors to live the higher life. Therefore we answer it in the ECHOS so that all students may know that it is not merely sentiment which dictates our ideas that we should not use any intoxicants or drugs which muddle the brain. That organ is the greatest and most important instrument whereby we are doing our work in the physical world and unless it is in good condition we cannot expect to make progress. Flesh and alcohol have a tendency to make man ferocious and to turn his spiritual sight away from the higher worlds and focus vision upon the present material plane. Therefore, the Bible tells us that at the beginning of the Rainbow Age, the age where we live in an atmosphere of clear and pure air, so different from the misty atmospheric conditions of Atlantis spoken of in the second chapter of Genesis, Noah first brewed the wine. Material development has taken place in consequence of the present focusing of our energies upon the material world, which resulted from partaking of meat and wine. Christ's first miracle changed water into wine. He had received the [PAGE 3160] universal spirit at the Baptism, and had no need of artificial stimulants. He changed water to wine to give others less advanced. But no wine bibbers can inherit the Kingdom of God. The esoteric reason is this: while the lower ethers vibrate to the seed atoms in the SOLAR PLEXUS and the HEART, and thus keep the physical body alive, the higher ether, vibrate the PITUITARY BODY and PINEAL GLAND. By imbibing this false rebellious spirit that is fermented outside the body and is different from the spirit that is fermented inside, by sugar, these organs are temporarily dazed and cannot vibrate to higher worlds. If he takes too much of this spirit of alcohol, the organs named may be slightly awakened so that he sees the lowest realm of the Desire World and all the evil things therein; that happens in the disease known as delirium tremens. To sum up, as the evolu- tion of the soul depends upon the acquisition of the two higher ethers from which the beautiful wedding garment is made, and as these ethers are attuned to the organs named in the same manner that the lower ethers are attuned to the seed atom in the heart and the seed atom in the solar plexus, you will readily understand the deadly effects to the spiritual man of alcohol and drugs. To elucidate I quote an incident of life. There is an old saying: "Once a Mason, always a Mason." That means that when anyone has received an initiation in the Masonic order, and by virtue of that becomes a Mason, he cannot resign, for he cannot give up that [PAGE 3161] knowledge and the secrets which he has learned any more than a person who goes to college can give back his learning received at that institution. Therefore, "once a Mason always a Mason," and likewise once a pupil, a lay brother, of a mystery school, always a pupil and a lay brother of that same mystery school. But though that holds good and life after life we come back connected with the same order that we have been affiliated with in previous lives, we may in any one life so conduct ourselves that it is impossible for us to realize this in our physical brains. I will, as said, cite for the benefit of all students a case which is very much to the point. When I was taken into the Temple of the Rosicrucian Order in Germany, I was surprised to see a man whom I had met on the Pacific Coast. That is, I had seen him a few times; we had never spoken. He seemed at that time to be in a station in the society where we were connected much above mine, and I had never had personal acquaintance with him. However, he greeted me there warmly, and seemed to understand all about his connection with said society, about our meeting there, etc., and I looked forward upon my return to America to getting much information from this brother when I should be for- tunate enough to greet him there in the West. When I arrived at the city where he was, I was told by mutual friends that he had been expecting me and was anxiously looking forward to meeting me. When I did meet the gentleman, I at once went up to him and shook him [PAGE 3162] by the hand. He also seemed to recognize me and called me by name. It seemed that there was every indication that he knew all that had happened while we were both out of the body, because he had told me in the Temple that he remembered everything that happened to him when out of the body. This of course I believe, for he was of a much higher degree that the first, into which I had just been admitted. On the day of our physical meeting, after a few moment's conversation I said something which caused his to stare at me blankly. I had referred to some incident of our meeting in the Temple, and he showed plainly that he knew nothing whatever about it. I had, however, said so much that I was forced to say more, or appear foolish; so I told him he had professed to re- member everything. This he denied, and at the end of the interview he begged me very earnestly to endeavor to find out why it was that he was a lay brother of the Rosicrucian Order, yet could not remember that which took place during his absence from the body. He was as I knew at various Temple services. He took part, and yet in his physical brain he was absolutely ig- norant of what took place. The mystery was solved a little later when I learned from him, out of the body, the fact that he smoked cigarettes and used drugs which clouded his brain to such an extent that it had become im- possible for him to carrying anything through of his psychic experiences. [PAGE 3163] When I told him that, while in the body, he made a valiant effort to rid himself of this habit which he acknowledged. However, after some time of abstinence, he found he could not do without the drugs and cigarettes, and therefore, he has been up to the present time shut out from any conscious- ness of the higher life. This is a very pitiful case, and no doubt there are more. They illustrate how careful we should be to be clean in our hab- its, to regard this body of ours as the Temple of God, and refrain from de- filing it as we would refrain from defiling a House of God built of stone and mortar, which is not one millionth part as holy as the body where with we have been endowed. WHAT IS IDOLATRY?: QUESTION NO. 139: IT HAS BEEN STATED THAT WHEN THE "SON OF MAN" IS MENTIONED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT THE SUN SPIRIT IS INTENDED. SUN WORSHIPERS HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED IDOLATORS. WOULD CHRISTIANS BE CONSIDERED AS SUCH? ANSWER: Everybody is an idolator who is not up to the present standard. At the time when the Sun by precession left the constellation Taurus and [PAGE 3164] went into Aries, the command went forth, "Don't worship the golden calf, that is idolatry." Later when the Christian era came there was a new cov- enant and they were not to practice Judaism with its burnt offerings, be- cause the Christ had come and was a sacrifice once for all. To perform the ancient sacrifice was idolatry. There is no other name under heaven given whereby we must be saved but by the the name of Jesus Christ. Later, when Christ has given everything into the Father's hands, there will be a new standard and it will be idolatry to revert to our present ideals. THE LOST WORD: QUESTION NO. 140: IN OCCULT LITERATURE WE FIND MENTION OF THE TEMPLE OF LHASSA, THIBET. OF WHAT BROTHERHOOD OR ORDER IS THIS TEMPLE, AND IS IT TRUE, AS REPORTED, THAT IT IS GUARDED? ANSWER: According to all reports, and so far as the writer himself knows form contact with the members of that community in the invisible world, the spiritual attainment of some of the brothers comprising this order is of a very high grade. They are doing a noble work with their people in the East, [PAGE 3165] but like any other institution in the physical world, which is perceived by the senses and open to visitors, however great the restrictions, it is not a mystery school. The mystery schools are all etheric and are only visited by initiates who have learned to leave their physical bodies behind. With respect to the part of the question which asks, "Is it true that there the Lost Word is known and carefully guarded," we may say that in all probability it is. However, it is also known and carefully guarded in many other places in the world outside the mystery schools, and to make this mat- ter thoroughly clear it is necessary that we should understand what consti- tutes the different grades of spiritual gift and power possessed by various classes of humanity and marking their stage in evolution. There are, in the first place, the INVOLUNTARY CLAIRVOYANTS, who have at times the power to perceive things and events in the invisible world. When the power is on, they see whatever comes before their vision regardless of whether they like it or not, and they are unable to shut off these sights and scenes. The next higher class is the voluntary clairvoyant, who is abel to see whenever he wishes, anything he desires, and he also has the power to shut off the view at any moment he chooses and return to his normal physical consciousness. Next above him in the scale of attainment stands the INI- TIATE, who has learned by an act of will to leave his physical body and to [PAGE 3166] enter as a free Spirit into the invisible world. There he functions as nor- mally and as he does in this realm of nature. He sees and hears everything he wishes to, but more than that, he has been initiated into the mysteries of the invisible world. He not only sees and hears but HE KNOWS what things are and what they mean. The voluntary clairvoyant who is able simply to see and hear is very much subject to illusion regarding the things that come before his vision. Elementals, which have the power to clothe themselves in the mobile desire stuff, take a particular delight in deceiving and even frightening clairvoy- ants of both the voluntary and involuntary class. They may ensoul them- selves in the shell of departed friends of these people and are responsible for a great deal of nonsense and misinformation given out at spiritualistic meetings. For these entities to deceive the initiate is impossible, because he has been taught in the mystery schools concerning such matters. Higher still in the scale of spiritual attainment stands the ADEPT, who not only is able to SEE and to KNOW, but also has a POWER over the things in the invisible world. He is a graduate of the mystery school and has learned to use the Creative Word, the word of power, which was lost by humanity in its descent into matter. There may be one or more of these Adepts at the Temple of Lhassa in Thibet, as well as in other places of the world. If so, these people naturally have the word of power and they carefully guard it, [PAGE 3167] for it is a dangerous secret, a two-edged sword, which would certainly be suicidal in the hands of one not evolved to the point where he is spiritu- ally fitted to have it. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME: QUESTION NO. 141: IF WE LOVINGLY WORK WITH PLANTS AND ANIMALS TO AID IN THEIR DEVELOPMENT AND EVOLUTION, WILL WE HAVE "BREAD TO SHEW" IN THE TEMPLE, OR IS THAT GAINED ONLY BY SERVICE TO HUMANITY? ANSWER: No, every kind act to another creature and every thought of love which we send out to other beings, no matter to what kingdom they belong, reacts upon us in such a manner that it becomes a factor in our soul growth. However, it should be noted that if we bestow kindness and give our love to plants and to animals, while withholding it from our human brothers and sis- ters, we are making a grave mistake, for true charity begins at home. What would we think of a man who neglected his own family and bestowed his love and care upon the family of some one else? Surely, we would not lack words to characterize such conduct, and the same argument may be applied to anyone [PAGE 3168] who devotes his love to animals or to a garden full of flowers, but who ne- glects to do the same for the children of his neighborhood. We remember a case in point: There was a very wealthy man among our Pro- bationers a few years ago, who was always complaining of his spiritual progress being so slow. He moved in society and took part in all their so- cial functions at the same time he was aspiring to follow the meek and lowly Christ. When we showed him his inconsistency he excused himself with the plea that he would have to do this on account of his wife's desire. He had married her and could not break up the relationship, which would be the re- sult if he refused to accompany her to social functions. We asked him what then he was doing to promote soul growth, what interest he was taking in those not so well situated as he. Was he giving anything to charity, or better still, was he doing something in a personal way to help those not so well placed and who needed his aid? He admitted that he was not, but then, evidently ashamed at being unable to show that he was doing something for others and trying to EARN the right to work in a higher sphere, he said apologetically: "Sometimes I see a dog that is hungry. It has happened once or twice that I have fed it, and I am very fond of my dog here and be- stow quite a lot of time upon its training." Now you will readily understand that whatever love this man may have shown toward his own dog and the expenditure of perhaps a few cents for scraps to feed a hungry dog once or twice while neglecting the opportunity to feed the hungry souls of his human brothers and sisters is not going to give this man soul growth, and of course like so many others who discover that there is no royal road, he dropped his interest in the matter. It will not promote soul growth to pay for missionaries to go to China and convert the heathen there while your own immediate family is in darkness. It would not help you if you fed all the dogs and cats in your town and cared for all the gardens which are there neglected, while omitting to look after your hu- man children. If you have done all that you can to let your own immediate family see the light, then it is good to send missionaries to China also, if you have the means. If you have done all you can to bring love into the lives of the children in your own home and in your own town, then it is good to care for the cats and dogs and gardens. We can never do too much, but much or little, we should make sure first that we expend our efforts in the proper and legitimate sphere. Continued with file "RC1088.TXT" End of File


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