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Filename: RC1080.TXT Source: "The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions & Answers, Vol. II" by Max Heindel [PAGE 2847] YOUNG SOULS AND OLD: QUESTION NO. 34: YOU SPEAK OF YOUNG SOULS. WERE NOT ALL STARTED INTO THIS EARTH LIFE AT THE SAME TIME, OR DID SOME COME ON A PREVIOUS LIFE WAVE? ANSWER: The detailed explanation of this great question is given in "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception," particularly in the chapter on stragglers and newcomers, but we may say briefly that the human life wave now in evolution on the earth comprises about six billion spirits. At the present time about 1,500 million are embodied, so that there are about three fourths of the hu- man life wave in the invisible worlds. At certain periods of our develop- ment as many as 50 per cent inhabit the earth, clothed in the earthen vessel of physical bodies. It must also be remembered that in addition to these, which belong to the earth ray only, there are other hosts inhabiting Mars, Mercury, Venus, and the other planets. However, the whole vast company of Virgin Spirits commenced their evolu- tion in our solar period at the same time in a mineral-like existence. Dif- ferences soon developed, however. Some were found to be much more adaptable than others and they naturally progressed faster upon the path than their brethren who then become stragglers. As we advanced along the evolutionary course the number of pioneers became smaller and smaller, and the company of stragglers increased proportionately. [PAGE 2848] SOUL AGE: QUESTION NO. 35: YOU SOMETIMES SPEAK OF YOUNG SOULS AND OLD SOULS. WERE WE NOT ALL STARTED IN THIS EARTH LIFE AT THE SAME TIME, OR DID SOME COME ON A PREVIOUS LIFE WAVE? ARE NOT ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE OF THE SAME SOUL AGE? ANSWER: Yes, we started at the same time as the Virgin Spirits on our pilgrimage of evolution, but from the very start there were some who were more adaptable to their environment than others. Therefore from the very beginning there have been some who have straggled behind in life's school, just the same as we find children in our schools at the present day. Some are more precocious than others, and these precocious ones in life's schools are naturally able to pass into phases of evolution carrying with them a higher degree of consciousness than others. Thus the life wave which is now human has been automatically divided into a number of classes which we now see as white, black, red, and yellow people, and the lowest of the school are now the anthropoid apes. On the other hand there are also some who have been particularly precocious and who have taken higher steps in evolution than the majority of mankind. They are, comparatively speaking, very few, however, and we find them as Ini- tiates, Adepts, and Elder Brothers of humanity who stand at the top of the [PAGE 2849] ladder of the human life wave. Therefore, it is true that we have all been on the road of evolution the same length of time, but some have been more adaptable, more diligent. Consequently they have gathered for themselves a greater amount of experience. That is what really makes the soul age, so that those who have attained the highest amount of knowledge may probably be called "OLD SOULS," while those who are behind them are comparatively speak- ing "YOUNG SOULS." Those Spirits who inhabit the anthropoids we may say are "SOULLESS." JUDGING SOUL AGE: Question No. 36: I SHOULD LIKE TO ASK A QUESTION REGARDING A STATEMENT MADE MY MR. HEINDEL IN SOME OF HIS WRITINGS TO THE EFFECT THAT WHEN THE ASCENDANT IS IN ARIES IT SHOWS THAT THE NATIVE IS A YOUNG SOUL, OR IN OTHER WORDS, AS IT WERE, IN THE BEGINNING OF MATERIAL MANIFESTATION. OPPOSING THIS, MR. HEINDEL ALSO SAYS THAT WHENEVER THE ASCENDANT OCCURS IN SCORPIO, IT INDICATES THAT DISSOLUTION HAS TAKEN PLACE AS A BEGINNING. NOW WHILE THE ARIES ASPECT INDICATES A PHYSICAL PROPOSITION, THE SCORPIO ASPECT LEAVES ONE IN DOUBT. IS THIS SCORPIO ASPECT RELATED TO THE PHYSICAL [PAGE 2850] ALONE AND IN WHAT MANNER? DOES DISSOLUTION FOLLOW IMMEDIATELY OR IS IT OF A GRADUAL NATURE, FINALLY CULMINATING IN THE PASSING OF THE SIGN PISCES? MR. HEINDEL ALSO STATES THAT THE CHART OF A SEVEN MONTHS' CHILD IS DIF- FICULT TO HANDLE IN THAT IT SEEMS OUT OF LINE WITH THE NATIVE CONCERNED. I AM A SEVEN MONTHS' EXAMPLE AND CAN VOUCHSAFE FOR THE TRUTH OF THIS STATE- MENT, BUT TAKING THE FOREPART OF THIS LETTER INTO CONSIDERATION, I AM AT A LOSS AS TO JUST HOW I CAN RECONCILE CONDITIONS IN MY HOME AS REGARDS THE AS- CENDANT OF EACH MEMBER AND THE APPARENT INDICATION AND INCLINATION OF EACH AS OPPOSED TO MYSELF. ANSWER: Even if it were true that we have made the statement you ascribe to us that those who have Aries on the Ascendant at birth are young souls, that would be no guide in your case, because you admit being a seven months' child. Therefore, the general principles could not be applied in your case, but as a matter of fact we have never made such a statement. If you look up the passage to which you have reference, you will find that your memory played you a trick. What we have said, and still, say, is that the Spirit is born under all the twelve signs in order that it may gain the experience which comes from each and it may be taken on general principles that THOSE WHO ARE BORN WITH ARIES ON THE ASCENDANT HAVE JUST ENTERED UPON A NEW LIFE CYCLE, A HIGHER SPIRAL ON THEIR PATH OF EVOLUTION. [PAGE 2851] Thus it is evident that others in their immediate family or environment may have any of the other eleven signs rising and still be one or more rungs or spirals below or above the one who has Aries on the Ascendant. When this is understood you will also readily realize that when a person reaches Scor- pio, the sign of death and dissolution, the fruits of all the lives under the various preceding signs are beginning to ripen and dissolve, so that when the Spirit progresses through Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, these fruits are gradually assimilated and the seed ripens for the entrance of the soul into Aries and the commencement of a new life cycle. It should also be understood that the number of births under any par- ticular sign varies according to the adaptability of the Spirit and the readiness wherewith it learns the lessons that have been set for it by the divine Hierarchies. There may be only one birth under Aries in a certain life cycle and perhaps five or ten under other signs, and vice versa, so that if two Spirits were to enter birth under the sign Aries on the same spiral of evolution and one were diligent in learning his lessons in the school of life, he might be promoted to the Taurus or even the Gemini class before the other left Aries. Then he having a particular liking for Gemini work might speed on past the other who would be slow in the Cancer path, and so on. There are no definite rules. Everything depends upon the inherent quality of the Ego, and what one does is no criterion whatever for what [PAGE 2852] another may do. Thus you cannot judge the status of any one merely by exam- ining his Ascendant. There is only one method that gives an approximate solution of the prob- lem and shows what is the intention of the divine Hierarchs concerning a particular life, and that is by comparing the relative progression of the Ascendant and the Midheaven. When you do this you will note that one of them moves faster than the other. Supposing, for instance, that you progress the horoscope of a person for forty years. Let us say that one de- gree of Aries is on the Midheaven and one degree of Cancer on the Ascendant at birth. Suppose, then, that at any age of forty the Midheaven has pro- gressed to Taurus 5 and the Ascendant to Leo 15. This shows that the Midheaven has traveled 35 degrees while the Ascendant has traveled 45. The Midheaven denotes the spiral tendencies and opportunities in life, while the Ascendant shows the material side. Thus is it evident that the opportuni- ties placed before the Ego have been mainly material and the tendency of his evolution in the particular life under consideration would be of the earth, earthly. But, mark this: the horoscope, as we have repeatedly reiterated, shows only tendencies, and it is quite possible for a person with such a horoscope to determine to go his own way and cultivate all the spiritual opportunities he possibly can. If he has sufficient will power to do this he may change his life entirely. Another, who Midheaven progresses faster than his [PAGE 2853] Ascendant, might find it difficult to attain material success, but would have all the opportunities for soul growth he could wish placed in his path. He also may determine that he will rule his stars and succeed in worldly things, but whether he does or not depends upon the strength of his will pitted against the suasion of the stars. SPIRITUAL ASPECTS OF BIRTH CONTROL: QUESTION NO. 37: WILL YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN THE ROSICRUCIAN VIEWPOINT TOWARD BIRTH CONTROL? ANSWER: In the first place we should remember that there are about sixty billion Spirits in our life wave, going the cycle of life and death, living part of the time in the visible and part in the invisible worlds. At the present time there are only fifteen hundred millions of people in physical existence. This is about the lowest ebb, and that usually happens at the end of an age. During the million years or more since we came out of Atlantis the average has been fifty to sixty million people. It may also be stated that the Western people are the cream of this evolution, and [PAGE 2854] therefore it has fallen to our lot to grapple with the great problems which are always incidental to a transition stage. Woman has been the arbiter of the world's destiny in past civilizations, while man has had his way in others as is now the case. We are now upon the eve of a transition to a new Age where woman will again wield the scepter of power and man will have to submit to her dictates, but before that comes to pass an era of equality will come. This is called the Aquarian Age by oc- cultists, and we are beginning to feel its effects since the middle of the last century when the Sun by precession came within orb of the cusp of Aquarius. It is, however, at the present time, still in ten degrees of Pi- sces. At the slow rate of travel of the equinox the Sun will not reach the last degree of Aquarius until about six hundred years have passed. But dur- ing that time there will of course be so many wonderful changes in our physical, moral, and mental status, that we are unable at the present time to conceive what we shall be like then. We who are now in the body will be followed by groups of Spirits still more evolved than we, who will bring about great reforms, and by the time the people on earth at the present time are reborn about four hundred years of the Aquarian Age will be passed, so that the world will be well started on the line development peculiar to that time. The backward Spirits who are born into the atmosphere of great intellectual attainment will thereby gain [PAGE 2855] an immense uplift on the same principle that an electric conductor which is brought into close proximity to a highly charged wire will automatically re- ceive a charge of a lower voltage. Thus each class or group which rises helps also to raise those who are below it in the scale of evolution. The matter of population, then, is not entirely governed by individuals, or by manmade laws. The divine hierarchs who guide our evolution arrange the mat- ter as required for the highest good for all concerned, and the number of population is in their hands rather than in our own. This does not mean that we cannot or should not exercise birth control in some degree as suggested by those who are responsible for that movement. It is also true that one must help people where they are and not where they ought to be. The Rosicrucian teachings emphasize the fact that like at- tracts like, and therefore it is a duty upon the part of those who are well developed physically, morally, and mentally to provide an environment for as many incoming Spirits as their physical and financial circumstances will permit. This duty is still more binding upon those who are also spiritually developed, for a high spiritual entity cannot enter into physical existence through a vile parentage. But when a couple has reached the point where it is deemed either dangerous to the health of the mother to bear more chil- dren, or where the financial burden would be above their means, then they should live a life of continence, not indulging the passional nature [PAGE 2856] and seeking by artificial means to bar the way for incoming Egos to take ad- vantage of the opportunity for rebirth offered them by the sexual indulgence of such a couple. This naturally requires considerable spiritual advancement and self-control. There are few who are capable of living such a life, and one might as well preach continence to a stone wall as to the average specimen of humanity. He cannot understand that it is necessary. He even believes that it would interfere with his health, for false statements about the ne- cessity of exercising the natural function has led to many deplorable re- sults. Even if he could be persuaded that he ought to deny himself for the good of his mate and the children he has already brought into the world, he would probably be utterly unable to restrain himself, particularly because people in such moderate circumstances can usually not afford to have separate sleeping quarters. Therefore it may be necessary to teach these people birth control by scientific means. However, we submit that though they are unable to understand the reason why continence should be practiced, and unable to practice it because of lace of self-control, THE SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS SHOULD BE GIVEN REPEATEDLY so that as the steady drop wears the stone, in time the coming generations will learn to depend on their own will power to accomplish the object of keeping their lower nature in check. Without this educational feature looking towards a spiritual emancipation, information concerning physical methods of limiting the birth rate in [PAGE 2857] families that are overburdened is dangerous in the extreme. There is another phase of the matter which deserves elucidation. It has been said that, "the attitude of the mother's mind just prior to the recep- tion of the seed atom is all-important in determining what sort of child she will bring into the world. A fit of temper or violent passion at this sacred moment leaves the gateway unguarded and invites the wrong sort of en- tity to enter." Besides the people in the world we see, the whole atmo- sphere about us teems with different other entities who are attracted to be- ings of a like nature. Just as musicians congregate in music halls, sportsmen in yacht clubs and on race tracks, etc., so do these entities gather around people of a nature similar to their own. As drunkards and gangsters gather around our physical saloons, as immoral men and woman meet in so-called redlight districts, so also IMMORAL SPIRITS GATHER AROUND A HOME WHERE THE PASSIONS OF THE LOWER NATURE ARE INDULGED PERHAPS MANY TIMES DURING THE NIGHT OR DAY. There is a certain class of beings, male or female demons living in the ether, who were called by the ancient alchemists incubi and succubi, which feed upon the passions of others. What chance has a mother in such an envi- ronment of attracting desirable Spirit to take rebirth through her? And al- though conception is almost never synchronous with the union of the parents, but may take place at any moment with two weeks or more of that event, a [PAGE 2858] mother surrounded by such influences in the home is never free from them. Some of the religions of some of the people we call savages require to this day that the generative act be performed in the temple, and that is as it should be. There is no more important act in life, and instead of being condemned as a shame it ought to be exalted to the dignity of a sacrament and performed under the holiest and most inspiring circumstances possible. Were this done today as in the so-called Golden Age, we should find an upliftment and an improvement in the conditions of the world as we would not deem possible to accomplish in centuries. QUESTIONS DEALING WITH HEALTH AND HEALING: DIAGRAM 2: |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | THE SEVEN WORLDS | | | | /\ | |WORLD OF Consisting of/ \ 7 Regions. | | GOD /GOD \ | | -------- | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |WORLD OF This World consists of 7 Regions and is the abode | | | VIRGIN of the Virgin Spirits when they have been differ- | | |SPIRITS entiated in God before the pilgrimage through |VEHICLES | | matter. | OF MAN: | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|<<| |WORLD OF Consists of 7 Regions and is the abode of the | Divine | | |DIVINE highest spiritual influence in man. | Spirit | | |SPIRIT | | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | |WORLD OF Consists of 7 Regions and is the abode of the se- | Life | | |LIFE second aspect of the threefold spirit in man. | Spirit | | |SPIRIT | | T |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| H |WORLD OF | | E |THOUGHT: | | | | | E | 7th Region contains the germinal idea of form in | | G | mineral, plant, animal and man. | Human | O |REGION OF 6th Region contains germinal idea of life in plant | | | |ABSTRACT animal and man. | Spirit | | |THOUGHT 5th Region contains germinal idea of desire and | | | | emotion in animal and man; abode of 3rd aspect of | | | | spirit in man. | | | | -------------------------------------------------------------------|<<< | 4th Region contains the archetypal forces and the | | | |REGION OF human mind. It is the focusing point through which | | | |CONCRETE the spirit mirrors itself in matter. | Mind |THE |THOUGHT 3rd Region: archetypes of desire and emotion. | LINK | 2nd Region: archetypes of universal vitality. | BETWEEN | 1st Region: archetypes of form | | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|<<< | 7th Region: Soul-Power >--| | | | | 6th Region: Soul-Light >--|---->>Attraction | | | | 5th Region: Soul-Life >--| | | | | | | | | DESIRE |--< Interest | Desire | T | 4th Region: Feeling<-| | | H | |--< Indifference | | E | WORLD | Body | | 3rd Region: Wishes >--| | | P | 2nd Region: Impressionability >--|->>Repulsion| | E | 1st Region: Passion and Low Desire >--| | | R |---------------------------------------------------------------|---------| S |PHYSICAL | | O | WORLD: | | N | | Vital | A | 7th Region: Reflecting ether, memory of nature. | | L |ETHERIC 6th Region: Light ether, medium of sense percep- | Body | I |REGION tion. | | T | 5th Region: Life ether, medium for propagation. | | Y | 4th Region: Chemical ether, medium for assimila- | | | | tion and excretion. | | | | ---------------------------------------------------------|---------| | |CHEMICAL 3rd Region: Gases | Dense | | |REGION 2nd Region: Liquids | | | | 1st Region: Solids | Body | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|<<< [PAGE 2859] PROCEDURE WITH SO-CALLED INCURABLE DISEASES: QUESTION NO. 38: DO YOU THINK IT ADVISABLE TO ASK FOR TREATMENT IN SUCH CASES OF CONSUMP- TION, CANCER, SCLEROSIS AND THE LIKE, OR SHOULD WE ACCEPT THESE DISEASES AS INCURABLE, THE RESULT OF SOME CAUSE IN THE PAST, AND WAIT FOR A MORE EFFI- CIENT BODY IN ANOTHER LIFE? ANSWER: Cancer and consumption are often seemingly incurable, yet there is always a possibility that they may yield, and they certainly will yield if the force directed against them is sufficient. Like all other physical manifestations they are the result of a spiritual cause, and if we can get at that, offset it with something of an opposite nature, there is a chance of recovery; whereas the attitude of resignation and nonassistance will cer- tainly never bring the patient out of his condition. Life in a salubrious climate, a strong desire for health, a hope that neither knows nor permits of discouragement, and a simple nutritious diet will cure even the worst case of consumption. As for cancer, no one can ever tell when the debt of destiny which has caused the trouble has been paid. There are many cases on record where can- cer has been cured; that is to say, in its milder forms. But even in an [PAGE 2860] advanced stage there is no reason for giving up hope as long as there is life. In the case of sclerosis there are several methods of curing it, and the patient may become as well as ever particularly if he can be brought to recognize the breach of the laws of nature which caused the disease in his particular case. It is to this end that we should always labor, for whether any disease be cured or not, if the patient can be taught what laws have been transgressed and how, if he can be led to see what is the spiritual cause of the disease, and learn to walk in the way of virtue according to the laws of God, then in the future there will be no disease for him. It is that which we are labor- ing for, that we may hasten the day of Liberation, and bring all mankind to- ward the full realization of health. MORPHINE AND THE POST-MORTEM CONSCIOUSNESS: QUESTION NO. 39: WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF MORPHINE ON THOSE WHO ARE ADDICTED TO ITS USE? WHEN A PERSON WHO HAS BEEN VERY ILL FOR A LONG TIME, AND WHO, BECAUSE OF THE SEVERE SUFFERING, HAS BEEN KEPT UNCONSCIOUS BY LARGE DOSES OF MORPHINE FOR MANY DAYS, PASSES FROM EARTH LIFE IN THAT CONDITION, DOES THE RELEASED [PAGE 2861] SPIRIT BECOME CONSCIOUS WHEN IT LEAVES THE BODY? WHAT IS ITS CONDITION COM- PARED TO THAT OF ONE WHO DIES SUDDENLY AND IN FULL POSSESSION OF ALL FACUL- TIES? ANSWER: The use of morphine and other narcotics in very small doses such as are generally taken by the ordinary drug addict has a deadening effect upon the nerves, so that the Spirit feels less sensitive in the body and more like the freed Spirit which left the physical vehicle. Under such con- ditions the mental faculties are better, and the person feels such an ease of mind and body that it is like heaven itself until the reaction sets in; then he begins to suffer the tortures of hell, and consequently takes more in order to restore his previous sense of well-being. When morphine is given in large doses, it produces a condition similar to that of a person who passes out while under an anesthetic. The writer has met a number of the latter, but has never seen one who passed out under the action of morphine; therefore he cannot give the direct information asked for. But these people who died under an anesthetic were just as conscious as the ordinary human being after the silver cord has been severed. They went through their life panorama in about the same way as the person who passes out normally, and had no different experiences. Therefore we should say that one who passes out under morphine probably has no extra-unpleasant [PAGE 2862] experience on account of the morphine given him before his transition; and the first feeling would be one of great relief that he had escaped from the suffering incident to severe illness preceding death of the physical body. This feeling of relief is common to all who have suffered, no matter whether consciously or unconsciously. They are all exceedingly grateful that this is past, and can scarcely realize that there is no sickness in the land of the living dead to which they go after leaving this world. IDIOCY AND INSANITY: QUESTION NO. 40: ARE DOCTORS JUSTIFIED IN ALLOWING A CHILD TO DIE THAT IS BOUND TO BE AN IDIOT AND PHYSICALLY HELPLESS WHEN AN OPERATION WOULD ENABLE IT TO LIVE. DOES AN IDIOT OR AN INSANE PERSON GAIN ANY WORTH-WHILE EXPERIENCE DURING LIFE? IS THE EGO WITHIN AWARE OF THE PHYSICAL DISABILITY OF THE MIND AND BODY DURING SUCH A LIFE, AND DOES IT LEARN THEREBY? CAN INSANITY BE CLASSED AMONG THE HEREDITARY DISEASES? ANSWER: Suppose a child met with an accident while playing, a blow on the head, and hence became abnormal, or perhaps was put into a state of [PAGE 2863] coma; no one would hesitate for a moment to have the operation of trepanning performed so that by taking the pressure off the skull from the brain the child might be restored to its normal state of consciousness. They why should a weak-minded child not receive the same care, and have everything done for it that is possible? It would be considered criminal to allow a normal child to die for lack of care, and it is just as indefensible in the case of a child born to be an idiot, for when the Ego has gone through the womb in order to gain the experiences of this physical life, we are in duty bound to support its efforts in every possible manner. The Ego does gain experience by a life of insanity, for the Ego itself is never insane. It is improper connection between its various vehicles, the mind, desire body, vital body, and dense body, which makes insanity. When the connection between the brain centers and the vital body is imperfect, we have what is called the idiot, often melancholy but generally perfectly harmless. When the faulty connection is between the vital body and the de- sire body, the conditions are somewhat similar, but include the class whose muscular control is defective, as in epilepsy., St Vitus dance, etc. When the connection is broken or faulty between the desire body and the mind, we have a raving maniac who is violent and dangerous. And when the connection is defective between the Ego and the mind, we have what we might call a soulless man, the most dangerous of all, gifted with a cunning that is [PAGE 2864] usually at some unexpected time put to a most diabolical use. If we consider the body, or the different bodies, as musical instruments upon which the Ego is playing, then when every connection is perfect the Ego can bring out more or less beautiful symphony of life according to its state in evolution. But when the connections are faulty or broken the Ego is like a musican forced to exercise his talent with an instrument lacking a number of strings, and he is therefore unable to bring out anything but discord. To the musician it would be torture to be forced to play on such a defective instrument; and it is the same with the Ego which is immured in a body cut off from its normal control. For reasons to be sought in past lives it is forced to stay with a body that it cannot control, and it suffers more or less acutely according to its stage in evolution; thus, however, it is learning a certain lesson in the school of life which is required to make it perfect. It is a sad condition, but though a lifetime appears to be very long, it is but a fleeting moment in the unending life of the Spirit; and we may console ourselves with the knowledge that when such an Ego comes back to earth it will have a normal body, provided of course that the lesson has been learned. With respect to the last part of the question as to whether insanity is hereditary, we may answer in the affirmative or the negative according to which phase of the problem we are considering. From the spiritual point [PAGE 2865] of view it is not hereditary for, as already stated, insanity is not a de- fect in the Ego. Because of a twist in its character it cannot build a nor- mal body, hence by association it is drawn to a family that is similarly af- flicted. This is on the very same principle that people of like character always seek one another's company; as the old saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together." Musicians congregate in music halls, at concerts, and similar places. They also seek birth in families of musicians because there the instruments needed, long slender fingers and an ear in which the semicircular canals are properly placed, can be obtained, which will give them the ability to express music. Sporting men and gamblers flock together at race tracks and in gambling dens. Thieves have their resorts, and so on. Similarly, those with a certain defect in their character are attracted to families which have the same defect. Hence if we view the problem of insan- ity from the form side, it may be said that it is hereditary. Scientists who view the matter entirely from the form side are of the opinion that by limiting the reproduction of defectives they may stamp out disease. But just as the soft juices of the snail's body are gradually set out and crystallized into the hard and flinty shell it carries upon its back, so it is also the acts of the Ego which gradually crystallize them- selves into a body wherein the Spirit must dwell until they are worked out. Relief will never be obtained by working with and upon the physical body [PAGE 2866] alone, any more than operating upon the shell would cure a sick snail. Emerson said truly that "a sick man is a scoundrel who has been found out, breaking the laws of nature." The insane are in that category, and if we wish to cure them we must use spiritual means of education. All other meth- ods are simply palliative; they do not reach the source of the disease. EFFECTS OF AMPUTATION: QUESTION NO. 41: WHEN AN ARM OR A LIMB IS AMPUTATED DOES THAT EXIST INDEPENDENTLY IN THE DESIRE WORLD AFTER THE AMPUTATION? AND AFTER DEATH DOES A PERSON APPEAR MI- NUS A HAND OR FOOT IN THE DESIRE WORLD? I HAVE KNOWN PEOPLE TO SUFFER PAIN IN A LIMB LONG AFTER AMPUTATION, EVEN YEARS. HOW IS THIS ACCOUNTED FOR? ANSWER: When an arm, limb, or any organ has been removed from the physical body by any means of a surgical operation, only the dense part of the organ permeated by the planetary ether is taken away. The four ethers which constitute the vital body of the man or woman thus operated upon re- main; but there is a certain magnetic connection between the part decaying [PAGE 2867] in the grave and the etheric counterpart which remains with the person. Therefore, he or she feels the pain and suffering in the part removed for some time after an operation, until decay has taken place, and the etheric counterpart has disintegrated. You will find some interesting cases demonstrating this point and some further teaching on this matter in the COSMO. When a person who is injured passes into the invisible realm, he thinks with the same mind, pictures him- self there as he was in this world. Consequently a scar on the forehead or the loss of an arm or limb is reproduced by his thought in the matter of the Desire World and he appears there disfigured as he was here. In the World War this was very noticeable, for all the soldiers who passed out with wounds which they could see and which they knew how to de- termine the effect of, reproduced these wounds in their desire bodies. They felt pain similar to what they would have felt if they had still been in the physical body, because they fancied that there must be pain connected with it. However, they were very quickly assisted by one another and by those who had been helped by the Elder Brothers to see the matter right: that there was no actual pain. As soon as they were convinced that their wounds were but illusions and taught that they could shape their bodies in the nor- mal and health state, they could quickly remedy the condition. [PAGE 2868] DESTROYING SICK VIBRATIONS: QUESTION NO. 42: THE FOLLOWING IS SENT IN BY A DOCTOR OF OSTEOPATHY: AT THE TIME OF TREATMENT CAN ONE DESTROY SICK VIBRATIONS SO THAT THEY WILL NOT RETURN AFTER TREATMENT? ANSWER: If we read between the lines of this question we shall sense two very common difficulties in the practice of Osteopathy and kindred methods of treatment by the laying on of hands. In this process there are two dis- tinct operations. One is taking away from the patient something that is poisonous and injurious, provocative of disease; and there is also a giving out of vital force by the doctor himself or herself. Everybody who has done any work of this kind knows this because it has been felt and is felt by ev- erybody who is successful. Now, unless the doctor or healer is bubbling over with radiant health, two things are liable to happen: either the human miasma taken away from the patient may so overwhelm him or her that, to use a common expression, "he takes on the condition" of the patient, or he may give too much of his own vital force, and thus become entirely depleted. Both of these conditions may combine, and then there comes a day when the physician or healer finds himself or herself run down and forced to rest up. Magnetic healers who are frankly unscientific, often escape the first- [PAGE 2869] mentioned condition by "throwing off the magnetism," as they say, but all are liable to be run down. That is something that nobody can escape, save one who can see the etheric effluvia he takes and the vital fluid he gives. Most people are vampires when they are sick, and the stronger and more ro- bust they are ordinarily, the worst they are usually when sickness has put them in bed. I have never been so sick as I was after treating a giant who was suffering from intense inflammation of the kidneys and had been in bed from this cause for more than two weeks. It was dreadful to see his agony, and I gave myself wholly, with the result that I was prostrated. The pa- tient, however, was up the next morning and as well as ever. He had my vi- tality, I had his disease, or at least the effluvia from it, and it took me three days to get rid of it. That was, of course, before I was able to see spiritually. Since then I have gained considerable knowledge in this department, and the questioner will find the following hint of value in keeping away these undesirable conditions: First, fix your thought firmly in such a manner that you will not allow this miasmatic effluvia which leaves the patient's body to enter your body farther than the elbow; second, when you are giving treatment leave the patient once in a while and wash your hands in running water if possible; but at any rate wash in water, and change the water as frequently as possible. The water has a twofold effect. In the first place, the effluvia leaving the patient's body has an affinity for water. [PAGE 2870] In the second place, the moisture which stays upon your hands enables you to get the miasma from the patient in a larger measure than you otherwise would. This is on the very same principle that if you take the electrodes of an electrical battery and put them into water, you will find the effect of the electricity is many times intensified if you try to touch the water. So also with yourself: you are the electric battery in the case, and your hands being moistened, the miasma will be drawn to yourself in a much greater measure than otherwise. If conditions are such that you cannot get water you may try to throw off the magnetism, but then it is necessary to be careful, because when the magnetism is thrown away from you it is attracted to the earth because it is subject to gravity. To the spiritual vision it is a dark or rather a black, jelly-like fluid. It lies shimmering and shiv- ering on the floor. If now the patient gets up relieved from the couch where the treatment has been given, and goes over the place where this mag- netism has been thrown away, then the miasma will reenter the body and he or she will be in a worse condition that before you started the treatment. Therefore, it is the best policy to throw such miasma out of the window, or better still, put it into a fireplace and then set fire to it. From the foregoing, it is evident that this laying on of hands is some- thing that should not be done indiscriminately by any one who has not been [PAGE 2871] trained in one of the many properly schools of Osteopathy, Chiropractic, etc. In the School of the Rosicrucians, Probationers who live worthy lives are trained under the special guidance of the Elder Brothers. QUESTION NO. 43: DESTROYING DISEASE PRODUCTS: AT THE TIME OF TREATING A PATIENT, CAN ONE DESTROY THE VIBRATIONS OF DIS- EASE SO THAT ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE PATIENT THEY DO NOT RETURN AFTER THE TREATMENT IS OVER? ANSWER: We suppose you refer to magnetic treatment for disease, and we may say that this method of healing consists wholly in removing vibrations of disease by absorption into the body of the healer, who must have suffi- cient vitality to throw them off himself or he will become ill in turn. This has been explained before in our literature, but perhaps taking the subject up from another angle may not prove uninteresting or uninstructive. When one looks with the spiritual sight at a person who is diseased, the patient's vital body looks thin and emaciated in proportion to the ravages [PAGE 2872] made by the disease. There are no radiating lines from it as when the body is in health, but a sickly emanation which curls up in eddies and spirals that hand close to the dense body. Instead of being pinkish-purple it is usually a dull grey in most places, and the part that is particularly dis- eased is enveloped in something which resembles a mass of black jelly. That is what we might call the vibrations of disease, and at the time when the person receives a magnetic healing treatment it is this black poisonous mass which is absorbed into the hands of the healer. When he or she throws it off by a vigorous movement of the arms it sinks to the floor. Then if the patient happens to step close to that place where it lies he or she will reabsorb it. Therefore, it has always been the writer's practice to either throw these emanations out of the window or into a fire place where they may be burned. They they can do no harm. But while we are upon this subject it may be well to bring home another phase of this matter and the method of healing. So long as an organ is dis- eased it generates this poison stuff which hangs about it and prevents the currents of the vital body from coarsing through it. What a magnetic healer does is simply to cleanse this organ for the time being and thus he opens the way for the influx of life-giving and health-promoting currents. The relief is usually only temporary, for the weak and diseased organ continues to generate the poison "miasma," as we call it, so that shortly it requires [PAGE 2873] another cleansing by the magnetic healer. This continues until the vital currents finally become sufficiently strong to over- master and throw off the poison stuff and cleanse the organ themselves. Then health returns. The osteopathic physician goes at the matter from the opposite angle by manipulation of the nerves for the vital currents. This strengthens these currents and they begin to scatter the miasma in the diseased part of the body. However, it usually requires a number of treatments from him also be- fore health is restored, because the poison miasma blocks up the nerves again shortly after he has ceased manipulations. Therefore, it would seem to the writer, though he has never tried it, that a combination of the two methods: opening up the nerve currents and strengthening them by means of osteopathic treatments, at the same time removing the poison miasma by mag- netic healing, being careful either to burn or otherwise dispose of the ef- fluvia, ought to facilitate the treatment of disease wonderfully. [PAGE 2874] HEALING THE SICK: QUESTION NO. 44: HOW DOES AN INITIATE HEAL THE SICK? BY INVOCATION OF A HIGHER POWER OR CONCENTRATION OF HIS OWN? IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FIRST AND THE LAST METHOD? IF SO, WHAT IS IT? ANSWER: As the question stands it is difficult to answer. While we know certain methods of healing, we also believe that the choice is a matter of temperament, and the different methods of healing are probably used at dif- ferent times by all Initiates as the occasion demands. We know that on cer- tain occasions the Christ addressed Himself to the Father when performing a cure. At other times when He was in a crowd and someone touched Him, He ob- served that the virtue had gone out from Him and doubtless healed the one who had drawn the force from Him. All who have followed in His steps have no doubt varied their methods to suit the occasion. But in the final analysis the healing power is the same, for it emanates from our Father in heaven who is the Great Physician, and each Initiate or healer absorbs as much of His divine power as he is capable of containing, giving it out as required to each suffering one that comes before Him. If you look up the article "How We heal the Sick" in the Healing Depart- ment of "Rays from the Rose Cross" for September, 1915, you will find there [PAGE 2875] a description of our method which will throw considerable light upon the subject. (See page 105 of Occult Principles of Health and Healing.) There is also in the same magazine an article by Stuart Leech, M.D., showing how he saved himself the necessity of performing a surgical operation by visit- ing the patient at night when he was out of his body, materializing hands within the body of the patient, and straightening out the trouble, so that the next morning the patient was cured beyond the necessity of having the knife applied. This will probably make it clear that there is considerable scope and latitude to the Initiate and Invisible Helper in dealing with the morbid conditions of the body. As said before, the healing balm comes from our Father in heaven, and no matter who does the work or what method he uses to bring health to the ailing, the glory and honor belong to God alone. REMOVING DISEASED ORGANS: QUESTION NO. 45: WHEN WE ARE AFFLICTED IN THIS LIFE AND HAVE A SURGICAL OPERATION PER- FORMED AND THE DISEASED ORGAN REMOVED, DOES THAT HEAL US PERMANENTLY OR DO WE RETURN IN A FUTURE BODY WITH A SIMILAR AILMENT? ANSWER: Christ said: "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he," and this covers the matter thoroughly when taken in its widest significance. When we enter the invisible realms after death and during the post-mortem state undergo the purgatorial and First Heaven experiences, all our vehicles are gradually dissolved, and we enter the Second Heaven where we commence to create the environment of our new existence. When that task has been com- pleted we enter the Third Heaven where only a very, very few have conscious- ness as yet. Hence, forgetfulness of all that has gone before wipes the slate clean and we take with us only the quintessence of our past experi- ences as faculties when we reenter the Second Heaven on our way toward re- birth and mould the archetype of our coming physical body with the help of the Recording Angels and their agents. To make the point clear let us remember that during childhood days we go through the most dreadful contortions in learning to write. The letters we form are grotesque in the extreme, but by and by in the course of time with persistent effort we acquire the faculty of writing a legible hand. Then as the years pass by we forget our difficulties in learning to write but the faculty remains with us. Similarly, the embodied Spirit forgets all that has gone before, but the faculty of doing certain things remains with it. [PAGE 2876] Therefore, it is has formed a body weak in a certain place in one life and has suffered the pain incident to that weakness and disease, even to the re- moval of an organ, we may be very sure that though the event will be forgot- ten in a coming existence the Spirit will remember the fact when it is moulding the archetype and coming to rebirth. It will then endeavor to build a better organ so that it may save itself the pain which it endured in a previous life and thus, instead of perpetuating the diseased organ, it is very safe to say that an organ that was diseased in one life will be sound in the next. Gradually mankind is thus learning by past mistakes to build a better and sounder body. To take another illustration, we may consider how an architect would act who had built a house and by living in it found certain discomforts. If he sold this house and built himself another, he would remember the discomforts he had in his previous dwelling and endeavor to build a house that would be free from those inconveniences. Then perhaps he would find other develop- ments that were not to his taste in the new house and on selling that would build a third house that would be better than the two previous and so on. We may infer that the case is similar with the house of the Spirit which it builds anew in each life. Oliver Wendell Holmes put that so very beauti- fully in the last verse of his "Chambered Nautilus," which had built larger and larger chambers as it grew and finally had left the outgrown shell. He says: [PAGE 2877] "Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul, As the swift seasons roll. Leave thy low vaulted past! Let each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast, Till thou at length art free, Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea." REMOVING THE SPLEEN: QUESTION NO. 46: THERE HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO MY NOTICE A CASE WHERE A WOMAN HAD BEEN OPER- ATED UPON AND THE SPLEEN REMOVED. ACCORDING TO THE ROSICRUCIAN TEACHINGS THE SPLEEN IS THE ENTRANCE GATE OF THE SOLAR FORCES WHICH VITALIZE THE BODY, AND IN THE ETHERIC COUNTERPART OF THAT ORGAN THE SOLAR ENERGY IS TRANSMUTED TO A VITAL FLUID OF A PALE ROSE COLOR, WHICH FROM THENCE SPREADS ALL OVER THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. WE ALSO LEARN THAT THE RAYS OF THE SUN ARE TRANSMITTED EITHER DIRECTLY OR REFLECTED BY WAY OF THE PLANETS, OR BY WAY OF THE MOON. THE DIRECT RAYS FROM THE SUN GIVE SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION, THOSE RECEIVED FROM THE PLANETS PRODUCE INTELLIGENCE, MORALITY, AND SOUL GROWTH. IN A CASE LIKE THE ABOVE DESCRIBED, WILL THE ETHERIC COUNTERPART CONTINUE TO PERFORM [PAGE 2878] ITS WORK AFTER THE DENSE ORGAN HAS BEEN REMOVED, OR WILL IT DISINTEGRATE AS DOES THE ETHERIC COUNTERPART OF AN ARM OR LEG THAT HAS BEEN AMPUTATED, AND IF SO WHAT IS THE EFFECT UPON THE PERSON SO OPERATED ON? ANSWER: You are right in your statement of the Rosicrucian Teachings, except where you say that the solar energy is transmuted in the spleen to a pale rose colored fluid. The spleen is the gate of the solar forces, but the transmutation you speak about takes place in the solar plexus, where the prismatic seed-atom of the vital body is located. With respect to what takes place after the spleen has been removed, it will help us to recall that the physical body accommodates itself so far as possible to altered conditions. If a wound in a certain part of the body makes it impossible for the blood to flow in the normal channels, it finds another set of veins by which it may take its circuit. But an organ never atrophies so long as it can serve any useful purpose. It is similar with the vital body composed of the ethers. When an arm or a limb has been ampu- tated, the etheric counterpart of that member is no longer required in the economy of the body, therefore it gradually wastes away. But in the case of an organ like the spleen where the etheric counterpart has an important functions as gateway for the solar energy, naturally no such disintegration will take place. [PAGE 2879] It should also be remembered that whenever disease manifests in the physical vehicle that part of the vital body has first become thin, at- tenuated, and diseased, and it was its failure to supply the necessary vital energy that caused the manifestation of physical symptoms of ill-health. Conversely, when health returns, the vital body is the first to pick up and this convalescence is then manifested in the dense body. Therefore, if the physical spleen is diseased, it is a foregone conclusion that the etheric counterpart is also in subnormal health, and the wisdom of removing the or- gan is doubtful. However, if it is done, the body will seek to accommodate itself to the new conditions and the etheric counterpart of the spleen with continue to function as before. INVISIBLE HELPERS: QUESTION NO. 47: WHEN ONE WHO HAS BEEN WORKING UNCONSCIOUSLY AS AN INVISIBLE HELPER LEAVES THE BODY AT DEATH, WILL HE RECOGNIZE THOSE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD WITH WHOM HE HAS BEEN WORKING AT NIGHT, OR WILL THOSE EXPERIENCES LEAVE NO RECORD? [PAGE 2880] ANSWER: The experiences of an Invisible Helper who works unconsciously in the invisible worlds during the time when the body is asleep may be lik- ened to a dream which he does not remember upon awakening. However, the ex- periences are nevertheless stored in the seed atom and will form part of the panorama of life, so that when he leaves the body at death he will see all that has happened to him, awake or asleep, during the time when he lived in the body. Thus his recollection of what has happened will not be quire the same as if he had gone through it consciously, but he will nevertheless ob- tain from the life-panorama a knowledge and an idea of what has been done. thus, though he will not have the same feeling as if he had been going through the experience consciously, he will soon adjust himself to believe and understand that what seemed a dream is nevertheless a perfectly true ex- perience. PROTECTION AGAINST VAMPIRISM: QUESTION NO. 48: I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WEAK AND ANEMIC, AND I FIND THAT OTHER PEOPLE VAMPIRIZE MY STRENGTH. MUST I STOP HELPING PEOPLE BY CONCENTRATING FOR [PAGE 2881] THEM, OR CAN YOU GIVE SOME SAFE METHOD OF PROTECTION? I KNOW OF SEVERAL PEOPLE WHO WOULD BE HELPED BY YOUR ANSWER. ANSWER: If you will study what is said on pages 89 and 90 in "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" about the way thoughts are generated in the mind and then projected upon others to do their work, you will learn a great deal concerning the science of concentration and how to do the work you are trying to perform for humanity. Incidentally, you will probably realize that the thought forms you send out for the purpose of helping others take away only a small part of your own desire body which is immediately replaced by desire stuff of an even higher grade than that sent out, owing to the high rate of vibration always generated by unselfish effort. However, it takes nothing away from your vital body and it is upon the condition of this vehicles that your physical health depends. Thus you are never vampirized by concentrating upon anyone else when you yourself are alone, but it is the contact with other people that is apt to hurt you if you are in a weakened condition. If you are at all sensitive you probably know who draws upon you, and while walking and visiting with such people it is best if possible to keep a few feet away from them. If you are sitting in a room with them and talking with them, cross your limbs at the ankles and fold your hands. Then you form a magnetic circuit on the [PAGE 2882] floor or ground your are in magnetic rapport with any person who happens to be near you. These measures are, however, only precautions which you may use with ad- vantage until you get yourself in hand. That should be your first consider- ation, for it is useless to apply palliative treatments to the effect while the cause is still thee. According the the conditions we get from your let- ter you need iron and ether. If it is possible for you to get milk directly it has been milked from the cow that will be a wonderful help to you, for at that time the milk is surcharged with the healthy animal ether. However if you cannot get it that way there are other means. Relative to their size, the plants have the strongest vital bodies com- posed of the two lower ethers, which have to do with the assimilation of physical nutriment. Therefore, green vegetables even though they have been in the market for some time are surcharged with ether. Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and strawberries are among the plants which abound in iron. If you will refrain from cooking, merely putting them in water an hour before meals to make them crisp, you will in a short time increase the ether in your body and the iron in your system. The you will not be anemic and in danger of vampirism. Continued with file "RC1081.TXT" End of File


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