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Filename: RC1063.TXT Source: "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" by Max Heindel [PAGE 2260] THE HEART AS AN ANOMALY: No lesson, though its truth may be superficially assented to, is of any real value as an active principle of the life until the heart has learned it in longing and bitterness, and the lesson man must so learn is that what is not beneficial to all can never be truly beneficial to any. For nearly 2,000 years we have lightly assented with out lips that we should govern our lives in accordance with such maxims as "Return good for evil." The Heart urges mercy and love, but the Reason urges belligerent and retaliatory mea- sures, if not as revenge, at least as a means of preventing a repetition of hostilities. It is this divorce of head from heart that hinders the growth of a true feeling of Universal Brotherhood and the adoption of the teachings of Christ--the Lord of Love. The mind is the focusing point by means of which the Ego becomes aware of the material universe. As an instrument for the acquisition of knowledge in [PAGE 2261] those realms the mind is invaluable, but when it arrogates to itself the ROLE of dictator as to the conduct of man to man, it is as through the lens should say to an astronomer who was in the act of photographing the Sun through a telescope: "You have me improperly focused. You are not looking at the Sun correctly. I do not think it is good to photograph the Sun any- way, and I want you to point me at Jupiter. The rays of the Sun heat me too much and are liable to damage me." If the astronomer exercises his will and focuses the telescope as he de- sires, telling it to attend to its business of transmitting the rays that strike it, leaving the results to him, the work will proceed well, but if the lens has the stronger will and the mechanism of the telescope is in league with it, the astronomer will be seriously hampered in having to con- tend with a refractory instrument, and the result will be blurred pictures, of little or no value. Thus it is with the Ego. It works with a threefold body, which it con- trols, or should control through the mind. But, sad to say, this body has a will of its own and is often aided and abetted by the mind, thus frustrating the purposes of the Ego. This antagonistic "lower will" is an expression of the higher part of the desire body. When the division of the Sun, Moon, and Earth took place, in the early part of Lemurian Epoch, the more advanced portion of humanity-in-the-making experienced a division of the desire body into a higher and a lower part. The rest of humanity did likewise in the early part of the Atlantean Epoch. This higher part of the desire body become a sort of animal soul. It built the cerebro-spinal nervous systems and the voluntary muscles, by that means controlling the lower part of the threefold body until the link of [PAGE 2262] mind was given. Then the mind "coalesced" with this animal soul and become a co-regent. The mind is thus bound up in desire; is enmeshed in the selfish lower na- ture, making it difficult for the spirit to control the body. The focusing mind, which should be the ally of the higher nature, is alienated by and in league with the lower nature--enslaved by desire. The law of the Race religions was given to emancipate intellect from de- sire. The "fear of God" was pitted against "the desires of the flesh." This, however, was not enough to enable one to become master of the body and secure its willing co-operation. It became necessary for the spirit to find in the body another point of vantage, which was not under the sway of the desire nature. All muscles are expressions of the desire body and a straight road to the capital, where the traitorous mind is wedded to desire and reigns supreme. If the United States were at war with France, it would not land troops in England, hoping in that way to subjugate the French. It would land its sol- diers directly in France, and fight there. Like a wise general, the Ego followed a similar course of action. It did not commence its campaign by getting control of one of the glands, for they are expressions of the vital body; nor was it possible to get control of the voluntary muscles, for they are too well garrisoned by the enemy. That part of the involuntary muscular system which is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system would also be useless for the purpose. It must get into a more direct touch with the cerebro-spinal nervous system. To do this, and secure a base of operations in the enemy's country, it must control a muscle [PAGE 2263] which is involuntary, and yet connected with the voluntary nervous system. Such a muscle is the heart. We have previously spoken of the two kinds of muscles--voluntary and in- voluntary. The latter are formed in lengthwise stripes and are connected with functions not under the control of the will, such as digestion, respi- ration, excretion, etc. The voluntary muscles are those which are con- trolled by the will through the voluntary nervous system, such as the muscles of the hand and arm. They are striped BOTH lengthwise and cross- wise. The above is true of all muscles in the body EXCEPT THE HEART, which is an involuntary muscle. Ordinarily, we cannot control the circulation. Un- der normal conditions the heart-beat is a fixed quantity, yet to the bewil- derment of physiologists, the heart is CROSS-striped like a voluntary muscle. It is the only organ in the body exhibiting this peculiarity but, sphinx-like, it refuses to give material scientists an answer to the riddle. The occult scientist easily finds the answer in the memory of nature. From that record he learns that when the Ego first sought a stronghold in the heart, the latter was striped lengthwise only, the same as any other in- voluntary muscle; but as the Ego gained more and more control over the heart, the cross-stripes have gradually developed. They are not so numerous nor so well defined as on the muscles under the full control of the desire body, but as the altruistic principles of love and brotherhood increase in strength and gradually overrule the reason, which is based in desire, so will these cross stripes become more numerous and more marked. As previously stated, the seed-atom of the dense body is located in the heart during life and withdrawn only at death. The active work of the Ego is in the blood. Now, if we except the lungs, the heart is the only organ [PAGE 2264] in the body through which all the blood passes in every cycle. The blood is the highest expression of the vital body, for it nourishes the entire physical organism. It is also, in a sense, the vehicle of the subconscious memory, and in touch with the Memory of Nature, situated in the highest division of the Etheric Region. The blood carries the pictures of life from ancestors to descendants for generations, where there is a com- mon blood, as produced by inbreeding. There are in the head three points, each of which is the particular seat of one of the three aspects of the spirit (See diagram 17), the second and third aspects having, in addition, secondary vantage grounds. The desire body is the perverted expression of the Ego. It converts the "Selfhood" of the spirit into "selfishness." Selfhood seeks not its own at the expense of others. Selfishness seeks gain regardless of others. The seat of the human spirit is primarily in the pineal gland and secondarily in the brain and cerebro-spinal nervous system, which controls the voluntary muscles. The love and unity in the World of the Life Spirit find their illusory counterpart in the Etheric Region, to which we are correlated by the vital body, which latter promotes sex love and sex union. The life spirit has its seat primarily in the pituitary body and secondarily in the heart, which is the gateway of the blood that nourishes the muscles. The actionless Divine Spirit--The Silent Watcher--finds its material ex- pression in the passive, inert and irresponsive skeleton of the dense body, which is the obedient instrument of other bodies, but has no power to act on its own initiative. The Divine Spirit has its strong hold in the impen- etrable point at the root of the nose. [PAGE 2265] In reality there is but one spirit, the Ego, but looking at it from the Physical World, it is refracted into the three aspects, which work as stated. As the blood passes through the heart, cycle after cycle, hour after hour all through life, it engraves the pictures it carries upon the seed-atoms while they are still fresh, thus making a faithful record of the life which is indelibly impressed on the soul in the POST MORTEM existence, It is always in closest touch with the life spirit, the spirit of love and unity, therefore the heart is the home of altruistic love. As these pictures pass inward to the World of Life Spirit, in which is the true memory of nature, they do not come through the slow physical senses, but directly through the fourth ether contained in the air we breathe. In the World of Life Spirit the life spirit sees much more clearly than it can in the denser Worlds. In its high home it is in touch with the Cosmic Wisdom and in any situation it knows at once what to do and flashes the message of guidance and proper action back to the heart, which as in- stantaneously flashes it on the the brain through the medium of the pneumo-gastric nerve, resulting in "first impressions"--the intuitional im- pulse, which is always good, because it is drawn directly from the fountain of Cosmic Wisdom and Love. This is all done so quickly that the heart has control before the slower reason has had time to "take in the situation," as it were. It is the thought that man "thinketh in his heart," and it is true that "so is he." Man is inherently a virgin spirit, good, noble and true in every respect. All that is not good is from the lower nature, that illusory reflection of the Ego. The virgin spirit is always giving wise counsel. If we could only [PAGE 2266] follow the impulses of the heart--the first thought--Universal Brotherhood would be realized here and now. But that is just the point where the trouble begins. After the good counsel of the first thought has been given, the mind begins to reason, with the result that, in the great majority of cases, it dominates the heart. The telescope arranges its own focus and points where it lists, despite the astronomer. The mind and the desire body frustrate the designs of the spirit by taking control and, as they lack the spirit's wisdom, both spirit and body suffer. Physiologists note that certain areas of the brain are devoted to par- ticular thought activities and phrenologist have carried this branch of sci- ence still further. Now, it is known that thought breaks down and destroys nerve tissues. This and all other waste of the body, is replaced by the blood. When, through the development of the heart into a voluntary muscle, the circulation of the blood finally passes under the absolute control of the unifying life spirit--the Spirit of Love--it will then be within the power of that spirit to withhold the blood from those areas of the brain de- voted to selfish purposes. As a result, those particular thought centers will gradually atrophy. On the other hand, it will be possible for the spirit to increase the blood supply when the mental activities are altruistic, and thus build up the areas devoted to altruism, so that, in time, the desire nature will be conquered and the mind emancipated by Love from its bondage to desire. It is only by complete emancipation, through Love, that man can ruse above the law and become a law unto himself. Having conquered himself, he will have conquered all the World. The cross stripes of the heart may be built by certain exercises under occult training, but as some of these exercises are dangerous, they should [PAGE 2267] be undertaken only under the direction of a competent teacher. That no reader of this book may be deceived by imposters professing ability and willingness to so train aspirants for a consideration, it is emphatically repeated that NO TRUE OCCULTIST EVER BOASTS, ADVERTISES HIS OCCULT POWER, SELLS OCCULT INFORMATION OR LESSONS AT SO MUCH EACH OR FOR A COURSE; NOR WILL BE CONSENT TO A THEATRICAL DISPLAY. HIS WORK IS DONE IN THE MOST UNOBTRUSIVE MANNER POSSIBLE AND SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF LEGITIMATELY HELP- ING OTHERS, WITHOUT THOUGHT OF SELF. As said in the beginning of this chapter, all persons earnestly desiring the higher knowledge may rest assured that if they will but seek, they will find the way open for them. Christ Himself prepared the way for "whosoever will." He will help and welcome all real seekers, who are willing to work for Universal Brotherhood. THE MYSTERY OF GOLGOTHA: During the last 2,000 years much has been said about "the cleansing blood." The blood of Christ has been extolled from the pulpit as the sover- eign remedy for sin; the ONLY means of redemption and salvation. But if the laws of Rebirth and Consequence work in such a way that the evolving beings reap as they have sown, and if the evolutionary impulse is constantly bring humanity higher and higher, ultimately to attain perfection--where then is the need for redemption and salvation? Even if the need existed, how can the death of one individual help the rest? Would it not be nobler to suffer the consequences of one's acts than to hide be- hind another? These are some of the objections to the doctrine of vicarious atonement and redemption by the blood of Christ Jesus. We will try to [PAGE 2268] answer them before showing the logical harmony between the operation of the law of Consequence and the Atonement by Christ. In the first place, it is absolutely true that the evolutionary impulse does work to achieve ultimate perfection for all; yet there are some who are constantly straggling behind. At the present time, we have just passed the extreme point of materiality and are going through the sixteen Races. We are treading "the sixteen paths to destruction," and are consequently in graver danger of falling behind than at any other part of the evolutionary journey. In the abstract, time is nothing. A number may fall behind so far that they must be abandoned, to take up their further evolution in another scheme, where they can continue their journey to perfection. Nevertheless that was not the evolution originally designed for them and it is reasonable to suppose that the exalted Intelligences in charge of our evolution use ev- ery means to bring through in safety as many as possible of the entities un- der their charge. In ordinary evolution, the laws of Rebirth and Consequence are perfectly adequate for bringing the major portion of the life wave up to perfection, but they do not suffice in the case of the stragglers, who are lagging be- hind in the various Races. During the stage of individualism, which is the climax of the illusion of separateness, all mankind needs extra help, but for the stragglers some additional special aid must be provided. To give that special aid, to redeem the stragglers, was the mission of Christ. He said that He came to seek and to save that which was lost. He opened the way of Initiation for all who are willing to seek it. Objectors to vicarious atonement urge: That it is cowardly to hide [PAGE 2269] behind another; that each man should be willing to take the consequence of his acts. Let us consider an analogous case. The waters of the Great Lakes narrow into the Niagara River. For twenty miles this enormous volume of water flows rapidly toward the falls. The river bed is filled with rocks and if a person who goes beyond a certain point does not lose his life in the rapids above the cataract, he will surely do so by the plunge over the brink. Suppose a man appeared who, in pity for the victims of the current, placed a rope above the cataract, although he knew that the conditions were such that in doing so, he himself could not by any possible chance escape death. Yet gladly and of his own free will, he sacrificed his life and placed the rope, thus modifying former conditions so that any otherwise helpless victims who would grasp the rope would be saved and thenceforward none need be lost. What would we think of a man who had fallen into the water through his own carelessness, and was struggling madly to reach the shore, if he should say: "What! Save myself and seek to avoid penalty of my carelessness by shielding myself behind the strength of another, who suffered through no fault of his own, and gave up his life that such as I might live? No, never! That would not be "manly." I will take my deserts!" Would we not all agree that the man was a fool? Not all are in need of salvation. Christ knew that there is a very large class who do not require salvation in this way, but just as surely as there are the ninety-and-nine who are well taken care of by the laws of Rebirth and Consequence and will reach perfection in that way, so there are the "sinners" who have become "bogged" in matter and cannot escape without a [PAGE 2270] rope. Christ came to save them and to bring peace and good will to all, by raising them to the necessary point of spirituality, causing a change in their desire bodies which will make the influence of the life spirit in the heart more potent. His younger brother Sun spirits, the Archangels, had worked as Race-spirits on the desire bodies of man, but their work had been from WITH- OUT. It was simply a reflected spiritual Sun-force and came through the Moon--as moonlight is reflected sunlight. Christ, the Chief Initiate of the Sun spirits, entered directly into the dense body of the Earth and brought the direct Sun-force, thus enabling Him to influence over desire bodies from WITHIN. Man cannot gaze long upon the Sun without becoming blind because its vi- brations are so rapid that they destroy the retina of the eye. But he can look without harmful results upon the Moon, the vibrations from which are much slower; yet they are also sunlight, but the higher vibrations have been taken up by the Moon, which then reflects the residue to us. So it is with the spiritual impulses which help man to evolve. The rea- son why the Earth was thrown off from the Sun was because our humanity could not endure the Sun's tremendous physical and spiritual impulses. Even after an enormous distance had been placed between the Earth and Sun, the spiritual impulse would still have been too strong had it not been sent first to the Moon, to be used by Jehovah, the Regent of the Moon, for man's benefit. A number of Archangels (ordinary Sun spirits) were given Jehovah as helpers in reflecting these spiritual impulses from the Sun upon the hu- manity of the Earth, in the form of Jehovistic or Race-religions. The lowest vehicle of the Archangels is the desire body. Our desire body was added in the Moon Period, at which time Jehovah was the highest [PAGE 2271] Initiate. Therefore Jehovah is able to deal with man's desire body. Jehovah's lowest vehicle is the human spirit (see diagram 14) and its coun- terpart is the desire body. The Archangels are His helpers because they are able to manage the spiritual Sun forces and the desire body is their lowest vehicle. Thus they are able to work with and prepare humanity for the time when it can receive the spiritual impulses directly from the Solar Orb, without the intervention of the Moon. Upon Christ, as the highest Initiate of the Sun Period, is laid the task of sending out this impulse. The impulse which Jehovah reflected was sent out by Christ, Who thus prepared both the Earth and humanity for His direct ingress. The expression, "prepared the Earth," means that all evolution on a planet is accompanied by the evolution of THAT PLANET ITSELF. Had some ob- server gifted with spiritual sight watched the evolution of our Earth from some distant star, he would have noticed a gradual change taking place in the Earth's desire body. Under the old dispensation the desire bodies of people in general were improved by means of the law. This work is still going on in the majority of people, who are thus preparing themselves for the higher life. The higher life (Initiation) does not commence, however, until the work on the vital body begins. The means used for bringing that into activity is Love, or rather Altruism. The former word has been so abused that it no longer conveys the meaning here required. During the old dispensation the path of Initiation was not free and open, except to the chosen few. The Hierophants of the Mysteries collected cer- tain families about the Temples, setting them apart from all the other [PAGE 2272] people. These chosen families were then rigorously guarded as to certain rites and ceremonies. Their marriages and sexual intercourse were regulated by the Hierophants. The effect of this was to produce a race having the proper degree of lax- ity between the dense and vital bodies; also to wake the desire body from its state of lethargy during sleep. Thus a special few were made fit for Initiation and were given opportunities that could not be given to all. We see instances of this method among the Jews, where the tribe of Levi were the chosen Templars; also in the caste of the Brahmins, who were the only priestly class among the Hindus. The Mission of Christ, in addition to saving the lost, was to make Ini- tiation possible to all, therefore Jesus was not a Levite of the class to which priesthood came by inheritance. He came from the common people and though not of the teacher class, His teaching was higher than that of Moses. Christ Jesus did not deny Moses, the law, nor the prophets. On the con- trary, He acknowledged them all and showed the people that they were His witnesses, as they all pointed to One Who was to come. He told the people that those things had served their purpose and that henceforth Love must su- persede Law. Christ Jesus was killed. In connection with this fact, we come to the supreme and fundamental difference between Him and the previous teachers, in whom the Race spirits were born. They all died and must be reborn again and again to help their peoples bear their destiny. The Archangel Michael (the Race-spirit of the Jews) raised up Moses, who was taken up to Mount Nebo to die. He was reborn as Elijah. Elijah returned as John the Baptist; Buddha died and was reborn as Shankaracharya; Shri Krishna says, "Whenever there is [PAGE 2273] decay of Dharma. . .and. . .exaltation of Adharma, then I myself come forth for the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing Dharma. I am born from age to age." When death came Moses' face SHONE and Buddha's body become ALIGHT. They all reached the stage when the spirit begins to shine from within--but then they died. Christ Jesus reached that stage on the Mount of Transfiguration. It is of the very highest significance that HIS REAL WORK TOOK PLACE SUBSEQUENT TO THAT EVENT. He suffered; was KILLED--and RESURRECTED. Being killed is a very different thing from dying. The blood that had been the vehicle of the Race-spirit must FLOW and be cleansed of that con- taminating influence. Love of father and mother, exclusive of other fathers and mothers, must go--otherwise Universal Brotherhood and an all-embracing Altruistic Love could never become an actuality. THE CLEANSING BLOOD: When the Savior Christ Jesus was crucified His body was pierced in five places; in the five centers where the currents of the vital body flow; and the pressure of the crown of thorns caused a flow from the sixth also. (This is a hint to those who already know these currents. A full elucida- tion of this matter cannot be publicly given out at this time.) When the blood flowed from these centers, the great Sun-spirit Christ was liberated from the physical vehicle of Jesus and found Himself IN THE EARTH, with individual vehicles. The already existing planetary vehicles He perme- ated with His own vehicles and, in the twinkling of an eye, diffused His own [PAGE 2274] desire body over the planet, which has enabled Him thenceforth to work upon the Earth and its humanity from WITHIN. At that moment a tremendous wave of spiritual sunlight flooded the Earth. It rent the veil which the Race-spirit had hung before the Temple to keep out all but the chosen few, and it made the Path of Initiation free thence- forth to whomsoever will. So far as concerned the Spiritual Worlds, this wave transformed the conditions of the Earth like a flash of lightning, but the dense, concrete conditions are, of course, much more slowly affected. Like all rapid and high vibrations of light, this great wave blinded the people by its dazzling brilliance, therefore it was said that "the Sun was darkened." The very opposite was what actually occurred. The Sun was not darkened, but shone out in glorious splendor. It was the excess of light that blinded the people, and only as the entire Earth absorbed the desire body of the bright Sun-spirit did the vibration return to a more normal rate. The expression, "the cleansing blood of Christ Jesus," means that as the blood flowed on Calvary, it bore with it the great Sun-spirit Christ, Who by that means secured admission to the earth itself and since that moment has been its Regent. He diffused His own desire body throughout the planet, thereby cleansing it from all the vile influences which had grown up under the REGIME of the Race-spirit. Under the law all sinned; nay, more--they could not help it. They had not evolved to where they could do right for Love's sake. The desire nature was so strong that it was an impossibility for them to rule it altogether, therefore their debts, engendered under the law of Consequence, piled up to monstrous proportions. Evolution would have been terribly delayed and many [PAGE 2275] lost to our life wave altogether it some help had not been given. Therefore did Christ come "to seek and to save that which was lost." He took away the sin of the world by His cleansing blood, which gave Him en- trance to the Earth and its humanity. He purified the conditions and we owe it to Him that we are able to gather for our desire bodies purer desire-stuff than formerly, and He continues working to help us, by making our external environment constantly purer. That this was and is done at the expense of great suffering to Himself, no one can doubt who is able to form the least conception of the limitations endured by that Great Spirit in entering the hampering conditions of physical existence, even in the best and purest vehicle possible; nor is His present limitation as Regent of the Earth must less painful. True, He is also Regent of the Sun, and therefore only partially confined to the Earth, yet the limitations set by the crampingly slow vibrations of our dense planet must be almost endurable. Had Christ Jesus simply died, it would have been impossible for Him to have done this work, but the Christians have a RISEN Savior; One Who is ever present to help those who call upon His Name. Having suffered like unto ourselves in all things and knowing fully our needs, He is lenient toward our mistakes and failures so long as we continue trying to live the good life. We must ever keep before our eyes the fact that THE ONLY REAL FAILURE IS CEASING TO TRY. Upon the death of the dense body of Christ Jesus, the seedatom was re- turned to the original owner, Jesus of Nazareth, who for some time after- ward, while functioning in a vital body which he had gathered temporarily, [PAGE 2276] taught the nucleus of the new faith which Christ had left behind. Jesus of Nazareth has since had the guidance of the esoteric branches which sprang up all over Europe. In many placed the Knights of the Round Table were high Initiates in the Mysteries of the New Dispensation. So were the Knights of The Grail--to whom was finally confided Joseph of Arimathea's Grail Cup, which was used by Christ Jesus at The Last Supper. They were afterward entrusted also with the Lance which pierced His side, and the receptacle which received the blood from the wound. The Druids of Ireland the Trottes of Northern Russia were esoteric schools through which the Master Jesus worked during the so-called "Dark Ages," but, dark though they were, the spiritual impulse spread, and from the standpoint of the occult scientist they were "Bright Ages" compared to the growing materialism of the last 300 years, which has increased physical knowledge immensely, but has almost extinguished the Light of the Spirit. Tales of "The Grail," "Knights of The Round Table," etc., are now scouted as superstitions and all that cannot be materially demonstrated is regarded as unworthy of belief. Glorious as are the discoveries of modern science, they have been bought at the terrible price of crushing the spiritual intu- ition and, from a spiritual standpoint, no darker day than the present has ever dawned. The Elder Brothers, Jesus among them, have striven and are striving to counteract this terrible influence, which is like that in the eyes of the snake, causing the bird to fall into its jaws. Every attempt to enlighten people and awaken in them a desire to cultivate the spiritual side of life, is an evidence of the activity of the Elder Brothers. [PAGE 2277] May their efforts be crowned with success and speed the day when modern science shall be spiritualized and conduct its investigation of matter from the standpoint of spirit, for them, and not until then, will it arrive at a true knowledge of the world. "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW": | | GOD | /--------\ /--------\ | NEGATIVE POSITIVE | <<*>> | | * \--------/ | \--------/ | | | | | |-* | *-| | |----------|--------| Saturn | | | Vulcan | | Group 1 | Group 2| Period |-------|-----|-| Period | |----------|--------|-|G.3 |-----|-----| | | |--------|--------| | | | | | | | |G.4 | | | | | | | Venus |-|-----|-------| Sun | G.3 |-|--------|----------|G.5 Period | |-----|-----| Period | | |--------|--------| | | | | G.4 | | | | | | | | | | Moon |-------|-----|-| Jupiter | G.5 |----------|--------|-| G.6 Period |-----|-----| | Period | |--------|--------| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |-|-----|-------| | G.6 |-|--------|----------|G.7 Earth | |-----|-----| Period | | |--------|--------| | | | | | | | Mercury | | | Mars | | | | Half |-- | --| Half | G.7 |----------|-- | | | | | | | ---|--------| | | -------------------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------| GROUP NO. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | -------------------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------| COMBINING CAPACITY | R2O | R O | R2O3 | R O2 | R H3 | R H2 | R H | | | | | R M4 | R2O5 | R O3 | R2O7 | -------------------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------| ATOMIC WEIGHT | LI.7 | GL.9 | B.10.9| C.12 | N.14 | O.16 | FL.19 | -------------------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------| DENSITY | Na | Mg | Al | Si | S | P | Ce | | 0.97 | 1.75 | 2.49 | 2.65 | 2.06 | 1.84 | 1.38 | -------------------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------| The world, the man, and the atom are governed by the same law. Our dense earth is now in its 4th stage of consolidation. The mind, the desire body, and the vital body are less solid than our 4th vehicle, the dense body. In the atomic weight of the chemical elements there is a similar arrangement. The 4th group marks the acme of density. [PAGE 2278] FUTURE DEVELOPMENT AND INITIATION: THE SEVEN DAYS OF CREATION: The Rosicrucian speaks of the Earth Period as Mars-Mercury. The great creative Day of Manifestation is embodied in the names of the days of the week, for our week-days have been named after the evolutionary stages through which the virgin spirits pass in their pilgrimage through matter. DAY: CORRESPONDS TO THE: IS RULED BY: Saturday............... Saturn Period.......................... Saturn Sunday................. Sun Period............................. The Sun Monday................. Moon Period............................ The Moon Tuesday................ First half of the Earth Period......... Mars Wednesday.............. Second half of the Earth Period........ Mercury Thursday............... Jupiter Period......................... Jupiter Friday................. Venus Period........................... Venus The Vulcan Period is the last Period of our scheme of evolution. The quin- tessence of all the preceding Periods is extracted by the recapitulation of spiral after spiral. No new work is done until the very last Revolution on the very last Globe and then only in the Seventh Epoch. Therefore the Vulcan Period may be said to correspond to the week, which includes all of the seven days. The claim of astrologers that the days of the week are ruled by the par- ticular planet for which they are named, is well-founded. The ancients were also familiar with this occult knowledge, as is shown in their mythologies, [PAGE 2279] in which the names of the gods are associated with the days of the week. Saturday is plainly "Saturn's day"; Sunday is correlated to the Sun, and Monday to the Moon. The Latins call Tuesday "Dies Martis," which obviously shows its connection with Mars, the god of war. The name "Tuesday" is de- rived from "Tirsdag," "Tir" or "Tyr," being the name of the Norse god of war. "Wednesday" was "Wotensdag," from Woten, also a Norse god; it is called "Dies Mercurii" by the Latins, showing its association with Mercury, as given in our list. Thursday, or "Thorsdag," is named for "Thor," the Norse god of thunder, and is called "Dies Jovis" by the Latins, after the thunder god, "Jove" or "Jupiter." Friday is named for the Norse goddess of beauty, "Freya," and for similar reasons, the Latins call it "Dies Veneris," or Day of Venus. THESE NAMES OF PERIODS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PHYSICAL PLANETS, BUT REFER TO PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE INCARNATIONS OF THE EARTH; for, again ap- plying the Hermetic axiom, "As above, so below,: the macrocosm must have its incarnations as well as the microcosm, man. Occult science teaches that there are 777 incarnations, but that does not mean that the Earth undergoes 777 metamorphoses. It means that evolving life makes 7 Revolutions around the 7 Globes of the 7 World Periods. This pilgrimage of Involution and Evolution, including the "short cut" of Initiation, is embodied in the Caduceus, or "Staff of Mercury" (see Diagram 15), so called because this occult symbol indicates The Pat of Initiation, which has been open to man only since the beginning of the Mercury half of the Earth Period. Some of the lesser mysteries were given to the earlier [PAGE 2280] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIAGRAM 15: THE SEVEN DAYS OF CREATION AND THE FOUR GREAT INITIATIONS: Ordinary Humanity pursues the spiral path The Initiate goes the straight and narrow way that leads.... TO GOD /--------------------------\ * /--------------------------\ <---------------------------->--|--<----------------------------> \--------------------------/ | \--------------------------/ |[4] |--* | *--| 1 | /|\ | 7 SATURN PERIOD \|/ | /|\ VULCAN PERIOD [Saturday] | | | THE WEEK VIOLET |--->---->---->|---->---->--|-| [Embracing All |--->----->--|-->---->----| | The Days] | /|\ \|/ WHITE /|\ | | [Including All |-|<----<----<-|----<----<----| The Colors] | |---<----<-----<-----<----| 6 \|/ |[3] /|\ 2 VENUS PERIOD | /|\ | SUN PERIOD [Friday] |---->---->----|->----->----|-| [Sunday] RED |----->---->-|---->---->--| | INDIGO /|\ | \|/ 3 | |[2] | 5 MOON PERIOD |-|----<----<--|---<----<-----| JUPITER PERIOD [Monday] | |--<-----<------<----<----| [Thursday] BLUE \|/ | /|\ ORANGE | /|\ | 4 |----->------>------>-------|-| EARTH-- |->------>---|-->------>--| | --PERIOD MERCURY HALF /|\ |[1] \|/ MARS HALF [Wednesday] |--< /|\ <--| [Tuesday] YELLOW | GREEN | /|\ [THE | CADUCEUS] | / \ THE WAY OF INITIATION There was no Initiation prior to the end of the Mars half of the Earth Period. The Lesser Mysteries embrace human evolution in the Mercury Half of the Earth Period. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [PAGE 2281] Lemurians and Atlanteans, but not the Four Great Initiations. The black serpent on diagram 15 indicates the winding, cyclic path of In- volution, comprising the Saturn, Sun and Moon Periods, and the Mars half of the Earth Period, during which the evolving life built its vehicles, not be- coming fully awake and clearly conscious of the outside world until the lat- ter of the Atlantean Epoch. The white serpent represents the path that the human race will follow through the Mercury half of the Earth Period, and the Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan Periods, during which pilgrimage man's consciousness will expand into that of an omniscient, Creative Intelligence. The serpentine path is the path followed by the great majority; but the "Staff of Mercury," around which the serpents twine, shows the "straight and narrow way," the path of Initiation, which enables those who walk therein to accomplish in a few short lives that which it requires millions of years for the majority of mankind to accomplish. It need scarcely be said that no description of the initiatory ceremonies can be given, as the first vow of the Initiate is silence; but even if per- missible, it would not be important. What concerns us in getting a bird's-eye view of the evolutionary path is to ascertain the results of the ceremonies. The whole result of initiation is to give to the spiritually aspiring an opportunity to develop the higher faculties and powers in a short time and by severe training, thereby gaining the expansion of consciousness that all manking will surely possess eventually, but which the vast majority choose to acquire through the slow process of ordinary evolution. We may know the [PAGE 2282] states of consciousness and their concomitant powers attained by the candi- date as he passes through successive great Initiations provided we know what those future states and powers will be for humanity in general. Some hints have been given and more may be logically deduced by an application of the law of Correspondences, to give a fairly rounded picture of the evolution in store for all of us, and the magnitude of the great steps in Initiation. To do this it may help us to glance back over the steps by which the conscious- ness of man has been evolved through the various Periods. We remember that during the Saturn Period the unconsciousness of man was similar to that of the dense body when plunged into the deepest trance con- dition; this was succeeded, in the Sun period, by a dreamless-sleep con- sciousness. In the Moon Period the first glimmering of waking showed itself in inward pictures of outward things. The entire consciousness consisted of such inward representations of external objects, colors, or sounds. At last, in the latter part of the Atlantean Epoch, this picture consciousness, in which objects could be observed outside, clearly and distinctly outlined in space. When this objective-consciousness was attained, man became aware of an outside world and for the first time thoroughly realized the differ- ence between "self" and "others." He then realized his separateness and thenceforth the "I" consciousness, Egoism, became paramount. As previous to that time there had been no thoughts nor ideas dealing with a an outside world, there had consequently been no memory of events. The change from the internal picture consciousness to the objective-self-consciousness was effected by a very slow process, commensu- rate with its magnitude, lasting from the existence on Globe C in the third [PAGE 2283] Revolution of the Moon Period, until the latter part of the Atlantean Epoch. During that time the evolving life passed through four great stages of animal-like development before reaching the human stage. These steps of the past correspond to four stages yet to be passed through, and to the four initiations. Within these four stages of consciousness previously passed there are al- together thirteen steps, and from man's present state to the last of the Great Initiations there are also thirteen initiations--the nine degrees of the lesser mysteries and the four Great Initiations. There is a similar division among our present animals which can be traced through Form, because, as the form is the expression of life, so each step in its development must necessarily show a step forward in consciousness. Cuvier was the first to divide the animal kingdom into four primary classes, but was not so successful in his division of these classes into sub-classes. The embryologist, Karl Ernst von Baer, also Professor Agassiz and other scientists, classify the animal kingdom into four primary and thirteen subdivisions, as follows: I RADIATES: 1-Polyps, Sea-anemones and Coral. 2-Acaleph, or Jelly-fish. 3-Starfish, Sea-urchins. II MOLLUSKS: 4-Acephala (oysters, etc.). 5-Gast ropoda (snails). 6-Cephalopoda. III ARTICULATES: 7-Worms. 8-Crustacea (lobsters, etc.). 9-Insects. IV VERTEBRATES: 10-Fishes. 11-Reptiles. 12-Birds. 13-Mammals [PAGE 2284] The first three divisions correspond to the remaining three Revolutions of the Mercury half of the Earth Period, and their nine steps correspond to the nine degrees of the lesser mysteries, which will have been taken by hu- manity in general when it has reached the middle of the last Revolutions of the Earth Period. The fourth division in the list of the advancing animal kingdom has four subdivisions: Fishes, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals. The steps in con- sciousness thus indicated correspond to similar states of advancement to be attained by humanity at the end of the Earth, Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan Pe- riods and which any qualified individual may now attain by initiation. The first of the Great Initiations gives the stage of consciousness which will be attained by ordinary humanity at the end of the Earth Period; the second that to which all will attain at the end of the Jupiter Period; the third gives the extension of consciousness to be reached at the close of the Venus Period; the last brings to the initiate the power and omniscience to which the majority will attain only at the end of the Vulcan Period. The Objective-Consciousness by which we obtain knowledge of the outside world is dependent upon what we perceive through the medium of the senses. This we call "real," in contradistinction to our thoughts and ideas which come to us through our inner consciousness; their reality is not apparent to us in the same as that of a book or table, or other visible or tangible ob- ject in space. Thoughts and ideas seem misty and unreal, therefore we speak of a "mere" thought, or of "just" an idea. The ideas and thoughts of today, however, have an evolution before them; they are destined to become as real, clear and tangible as any of the [PAGE 2285] objects of the outside world which we now perceive through the physical senses. At present, when a thing or a color is thought of, the picture or color presented by the memory to our inner consciousness is but a dim and shadowy one compared with the thing thought of. As early as the Jupiter Period there will be a marked change in this re- spect. The the dream-pictures of the Moon Period will return, but they will be subject to the call of the thinker, and not mere reproductions of outer objects. Thus there will be a combination of the pictures of the Moon Pe- riod and the thoughts and ideas consciously developed during the Earth Pe- riod, that is, it will be a Self-Consciousness Picture-Consciousness. When a man of the Jupiter Period says "red," or speaks the name of an ob- ject, a clear and exact reproduction of the particular shade of red of which he is thinking, or of the object to which he refers, will be presented to his inner vision and will also be quite visible to the hearer. There will be no misconception as to what is meant by the words spoken. Thoughts and ideas will be alive and visible, therefore hypocrisy and flattery will be entirely eliminated. People can be seen exactly as they are. There will be both good and bad, but the two qualities will not be mingled in the same person. There will be the thoroughly good man and the downright evil man, and one of the serious problems of that time will be how to deal with the latter. The Manichees, an Order of still higher, spirituality than the Rosicrucians, are at present studying that very problem. An idea of the condition anticipated may be gained from a short resume or their legend. (All mystic orders have a legend symbolic of their ideals and aspirations. In the legend of the Manichees there are two kingdoms--that of the [PAGE 2286] Light-Elves and that of the Night Elves. The latter attack the former, are defeated and must be punished. But, as the Light-Elves are as thoroughly good as the Night-Elves are bad, they cannot inflict evil upon their foes, so they must be punished with Good. Therefore a part of the kingdom of the Light-Elves is incorporated with that of the Night-Elves and is this way the evil is in time overcome. Hate which will not submit to hate, must succumb to Love. The internal pictures of the Moon Period were a certain expression of man's external environment. In the Jupiter Period the pictures will be ex- pressed from within; they will be an outcome of the inner life of the man. He will also possess the additional faculty, which he cultivated in the Earth Period, of seeing things in space outside of himself. In the Moon Pe- riod he did not see the concrete thing, but only its soul-qualities. In the Jupiter Period he will see both, and will thus have a thorough perception and understanding of his surroundings. At a later stage in the same Period, this perceptive ability will be succeeded by a still higher phase. His power to form clear mental conceptions of colors, objects, or tones will en- able him to contact and influence supersensuous beings of various orders and to secure their obedience, employing their forces as he wishes. He will be unable to send out from himself the forces wherewith to carry out his de- signs, however, and will be dependent upon the help of these superphysical beings, who will then be at his service. At the close of the Venus Period he will be able to use his own force to give his pictures life and to set them out from himself as objects in space. He will then possess an Objective, Self-Conscious, Creative-Consciousness. Very little can be said about the high spiritual consciousness which will [PAGE 2287] be attained at the close of the Vulcan Period; it would be quite beyond our present comprehension. SPIRALS WITHIN SPIRALS: It must not be supposed that these states of consciousness commence at the beginning of the Periods to which they belong and last until the end. There is always the Recapitulation, and therefore there must be the corre- sponding stages of consciousness on an ascending scale. The Saturn Revolu- tion of any Period, the stay on Glove A, and the first Epoch on any Globe, are repetitions of the Saturn Period states of development. The Sun Revolu- tion, the stay on Globe B, and the second Epoch on any Glove are Recapitula- tions of the Sun Period states of development, and so on, all the way through. Hence it will be seen that the consciousness which is to be the especial and peculiar result or product of any Period, does not begin to be evolved until all the Recapitulations have been made. The waking-consciousness of the Earth Period was not started until the Fourth Revolution, when the life wave had reached the Fourth Glove (D), and was in the Fourth or Atlantean Epoch on that Globe. The Jupiter Consciousness will not start in the Jupiter Period until the Fifth Revolution, when the Fifth Globe (E) has been reached and the Fifth Epoch commences on that Globe. Correspondingly, the Venus consciousness will not begin until the Sixth Revolution has come to the Sixth Globe and Epoch, and the special Vulcan work will be confined to the very last Globe and Epoch, just before the Day of Manifestation closes. The time required for passing through these respective Periods varies [PAGE 2288] greatly. The further into matter the virgin spirits descent, the slower their progress and the more numerous the steps or stages of progression. After the nadir of material existence has been passed and the life wave as- cends into more tenuous and mobile conditions, the progress is gradually ac- celerated. The Sun Period is of somewhat longer duration that the Saturn Period, and the Moon Period is longer than the Sun Period. The Mars (or first) half of the Earth Period is the longest half of any Period. Then the time begins to shorten again, so that the Mercury half of the Earth Period the latter three and a half Revolutions, will occupy less time that the Mars half; the Jupiter Period will be shorter than the Moon Period; the Venus Pe- riod shorter than the corresponding Sun Period; and the Vulcan Period the shortest Period of them all. The states of consciousness of the different Periods may be tabulated as follows: PERIOD: CORRESPONDING CONSCIOUSNESS: Saturn....... Unconsciousness corresponding to deep trance Sun.......... Unconsciousness resembling dreamless sleep Moon......... Picture consciousness corresponding to dream state Earth........ Waking, objective consciousness Jupiter...... Self-conscious picture consciousness Venus........ Objective, Self-conscious, Creative consciousness Vulcan....... Highest Spiritual Consciousness Having taken a general survey of the states of consciousness to be devel- oped in the next three and a half Periods, we will now study the means of attainment. ALCHEMY AND SOUL-GROWTH: The dense body was started in the Saturn Period, passed through various transformations in the Sun and Moon Periods, and will reach its highest [PAGE 2289] development in the Earth Period. The vital body was started in the second Revolution of the Sun Period, was reconstructed in the Moon and Earth Periods, and will reach perfection in the Jupiter Period, which is its fourth stage, as the Earth Period is the fourth stage for the dense body. The desire body was started in the Moon period, reconstructed in the Earth period, will be further modified in the Jupiter Period, reaching per- fection in the Venus period. The mind was started in the Earth Period, will be modified in the Jupiter and Venus Periods, and attain perfection in the Vulcan Period. Reference to diagram 8 will show that the lowest Globe of the Jupiter Pe- riod is located in the Etheric Region. It would therefore be impossible to use the dense physical vehicle there, as only a vital body can be used in the Etheric Region. Yet it must not be supposed that after spending the time from the beginning of the Saturn Period to the end of the Earth Period in completing and perfecting this body, it is then thrown away that man may function in a "higher" vehicle! Nothing in Nature is wasted. In the Jupiter Period the forces of the dense body will be superimposed upon the completed vital body. That vehicle will then possess the powers of the dense body in addition to its own facul- ties, and will therefore be a much more valuable instrument for the expres- sion of the threefold spirit that if built from its own forces alone. Similarly, Globe D of the Venus Period is located in the Desire World (see Diagram 8), hence neither a dense nor a vital body could be used as an instrument of consciousness, therefore the essences of the perfected dense [PAGE 2290] and vital bodies are incorporated in the completed desire body, the latter thus becoming a vehicle of transcendent qualities, marvelously adaptable and so responsive to the slightest wish of the indwelling spirit that in our present limitations, it is beyond our utmost conception. Yet the efficiency of even this splendid vehicle will be transcended when in the Vulcan period its essence, together with the essences of the dense and vital bodies, are added to the mind body, which becomes the highest of man's vehicles, containing within itself the quintessence of all that was best in all the vehicles. The vehicle of the Venus Period being beyond our present power of conception, how much more so is that which will be at the service of the divine beings of the Vulcan Period! During involution the creative Hierarchies assisted man to arouse into activity the threefold spirit, the Ego, to build the threefold body, and to acquire the link of mind. Now, however, on the seventh day (to use the lan- guage of the Bible), God rests. Man must work out his own salvation. The threefold spirit must complete the working out of the plan begun by the Gods. The human spirit, which was awakened during Involution in the Moon Pe- riod, will be the most prominent of the three aspects of the spirit in the evolution of the Jupiter Period, which is the corresponding Period on the upward arc of the spiral. The life spirit, which was started into activity in the Sun Period, will manifest its principal activity in the corresponding Venus Period, and the particular influences of the Divine Spirit will be strongest in the Vulcan Period, because it was vivified in the corresponding Saturn Period. All three aspects of the spirit are active all the time during evolution [PAGE 2291] but the principal activity of each aspect will be unfolded in those par- ticular Periods, because the work to be done there is its special work. When the threefold spirit had evolved the threefold body and gained con- trol of it through the focus of Mind, it commenced to evolve the threefold soul by working from within. How much or how little soul a man has depends upon the amount of work the spirit has done in the bodies. This has been explained in the chapter describing post mortem experiences. As much of the desire body as has been worked upon by the Ego is trans- muted into the emotional soul, and is ultimately assimilated by the human spirit, the special vehicle of which is the desire body. As much of the vital body as has been worked upon by the life spirit, be- comes the Intellectual soul, and it builds the life spirit, because that as- pect of the threefold spirit has its counterpart in the vital body. As much of the dense body as has been worked upon by the Divine Spirit is called the Conscious soul, and is ultimately merged in the Divine Spirit, because the dense body is its material emanation. The Conscious soul grows by action, external impacts, and experience. The Emotional soul grows by the feelings and emotions generated by ac- tions and experiences. The Intellectual soul, as mediator between the other two, grows by the exercise of memory, by which it links together past and present experiences and the feelings engendered thereby, thus creating "sympathy" and "an- tipathy," which could not exist apart from memory, because the feelings re- sulting from experience alone would be evanescent. [PAGE 2292] During the involution the spirit progressed by growing bodies, but evolu- tion depends upon soul growth--the transmutation of the bodies into soul. The soul is, so to say, the quintessence, the power or force of the body, and when a body has been completely built and brought to perfection through the stages and Periods as above described, the soul is fully extracted therefrom and is absorbed by the one of the three aspects of the the spirit which generated the body in the first place; thus: The CONSCIOUS SOUL will be absorbed by the DIVINE SPIRIT in the seventh Revolution of the Jupiter Period; The INTELLECTUAL SOUL will be absorbed by the LIFE SPIRIT in the sixth Revolution of the Venus Period; The EMOTIONAL SOUL will be absorbed by the HUMAN SPIRIT in the fifth Revolution of the Vulcan Period. THE CREATIVE WORD: The mind is the most important instrument possessed by the spirit, and its special instrument in the work of creation. The spiritualized and per- fected larynx will speak the creative Word, but the perfect mind will decide as to the particular form and the volume of vibration, and will thus be the determining factor. Imagination will be the spiritualized faculty directing the work of creation. There is a strong tendency at the present time to regard the faculty of imagination slightingly, yet it is one of the most important factors in our civilization. It it were not for the imagination, we would still be naked savages. Imagination planned our houses, our clothes and our transportation and transmission facilities. Had not the inventors of these improvements possessed the mind and imagination to form mental images, the improvements could never have become concrete realities. In our materialistic day and [PAGE 2293] age there is scarcely an effort made to conceal the contempt in which the faculty of imagination is generally held, and none feel the effects of this more acutely than inventors. They are usually classes as "cranks," and yet they have been the chief factors in the subjugation of the Physical World and in making our social environment what it is today. Any improvement in spiritual or physical conditions must first be imagined as a possibility be- fore it can become an actuality. If the student will turn to diagram 1 this fact will become clear. In the comparison there drawn between the functions of the different human ve- hicles and the part of a stereoptican, the mind corresponds to the lens. It is the focusing medium whereby the ideas wrought by the imagination of the spirit are projected upon the material universe. First they are thought norms only, but when the desire to realize the imagined possibilities has set the man to work in the Physical World, they become what we call concrete "realities." At the present time, however, the mind is not focused in a way that en- ables it to give a clear and true picture of what the spirit imagines. It is not one-pointed. It gives misty and clouded pictures. Hence the neces- sity of experiment to show the inadequacies of the first conception, and bring about new imaginings and ideas until the image produced by the spirit in mental substance has been reproduced in physical substance. At the best, we are able to shape through the mind only such images as have to do with Form, because the human mind was not started until the Earth Period, and therefore is now in its form, or "mineral" stage, hence in our operations we are confined to forms, to minerals. We can imagine ways and means of working with the mineral forms of the three lower kingdoms, but can [PAGE 2294] do little or nothing with the living bodies. We may indeed graft living branch to living tree, or living part of animal or man to other living part, but it is not life with which we are working; it is form only. We are mak- ing different conditions, but the life which already inhabited the form con- tinues to do so still. To create life is beyond man's power until his mind has become alive. In the Jupiter Period the mind will be vivified to some extent and man can then imagine forms which will live and grow, like plants. In the Venus Period, when his mind has acquired "Feeling," he can create living, growing, and feeling things. When he reaches perfection, at the end of the Vulcan Period, he will be able to "imagine" into existence creatures that will live, grown, feel, and think. In the Saturn Period the life wave which is now man started on its evolu- tion. The Lords of Mind were then human. They worked with man at that Pe- riod, when he was mineral. They now have nothing to do with the lower king- doms, but are concerned solely with our human development. Our present animals started their mineral existence in the Sun Period, at which time the Archangels were human, therefore the Archangels are the rul- ers and guides of the evolution of that which is now animal, but have noth- ing to do with plant or mineral. The present plants had their mineral existence in the Moon period. The Angels were then human, therefore they have special concern with the life that now inhabits the plants, to guide it up to the human stage; but they have no interest in the minerals. Our present humanity will have to work with the new life wave, which [PAGE 2295] entered evolution in the Earth Period and NOW ENSOULS THE MINERALS. We are now working with it by means of the faculty of imagination, giving it form--building it into ships, bridges, railways, houses, etc. In the Jupiter Period we shall guide the evolution of the plant kingdom, for that which is at present mineral will then have a plant-like existence and we must work with it there as the Angels are now doing with out plant kingdom. Our faculty of imagination will be so developed that we shall have the ability, not only to create forms by means of it, but to endow those forms with vitality. In the Venus Period our present mineral life wave shall have advanced an- other step, and we shall be doing for the animals of that period what the Archangels are now doing for our animals--giving them living and feeling forms. Lastly, in the Vulcan Period it will be our privilege to give them a ger- minal mind, as the Lords of Mind did to us. The present minerals will then have become the humanity of the Vulcan Period, and we shall have passed through stages similar to those through which the Angels and Archangels are now passing. We shall then have reached a point in evolution a little higher that that of the present Lords of Mind, for remember, there is never an exact reproduction anywhere, but always progressive improvement, because of the spiral. The Divine Spirit will absorb the human spirit at the close of the Jupi- ter Period; the life spirit at the close of the Venus Period; and the per- fected Mind, embodying all that it has garnered during its pilgrimage through all the seven Periods, will be absorbed by the Divine Spirit at the close of the Vulcan Period. (There is no contradiction of the foregoing statement made elsewhere that the Emotional soul will be absorbed by the [PAGE 2296] human spirit in the fifth Revolution of the Vulcan Period, because the lat- ter will then be within the Divine Spirit.) Then will succeed the long interval of subjective activity during which the virgin spirit will assimilate all the fruits of the septenary Periods of active Manifestation. It is then merged in God, from Whom it came, to re-emerge at the dawn of another Great Day, as One of His glorious helpers. During its past evolution its latent possibilities have been transmuted to dynamic powers. It has acquired Soul-power and a Creative Mind as the fruitage of its pilgrimage through matter. It has advanced from IMPOTENCE TO OMNIPOTENCE, FROM NESCIENCE TO OMNISCIENCE. THE METHOD OF ACQUIRING FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE: THE FIRST STEPS: The time has now come for pointing out the way by which each individual may investigate for himself all the facts with which we have dealt thus far in our study. As stated in the beginning, there are no special "gifts" be- stowed upon any. All may know for themselves the truth concerning the pil- grimage of the soul, the past evolution and future destiny of the world, without being compelled to depend upon the veracity of another. There is a method whereby this valuable faculty may be acquired, and the earnest stu- dent quality himself to investigate those super-physical realms; a method by which, if persistently followed, the powers of a God may be developed. A simple illustration may indicate the first steps. The very best medicine is well-nigh helpless without the tools of his craft. Indeed it is the hall mark of a good artisan that he is very fastidious as to the quality and condition of the tools he uses, because he knows that the work depends as much upon their excellence as upon his skill. The Ego has several instruments--a dense body, a vital body, a desire body, and a mind. These are its tools and upon their quality and condition depends how much or how little it can accomplish in its work of gathering experience in each life. If the instruments are poor and dull there will be [PAGE 2297] but little spiritual growth and the life will be a barren one, so far as the spirit is concerned. We generally estimate a "successful" life by the bank account, the social position attained, or the happiness resulting from a carefree existence and a sheltered environment. When life is regarded is that way all the principal things that make for permanency are forgotten; the individual is blinded by the evanescent and illusionary. A bank account seems such a very real success, the fact is forgotten that from the moment the Ego leaves the body, it has no equity in gold nor any other earthly treasure. It may even have to answer for the methods employed in amassing that hoard and suffer great pain in seeing oth- ers spend it. It is forgotten that the important social position also dis- appears when the silver cord is loosed. Those who once fawned may then sneer, and even those who were faithful in life might shudder at the thought of an hour spent with no company but that of the dead. All that if of this life alone in vanity. Only that is of true value which can be taken with us across the threshold as the treasure of the spirit. The hot-house plant may look very beautiful as it blooms in its sheltered glass house, but should the furnace fire go out, it would wither and die, while the plant that has grown in rain and sunshine, through storm and calm, will survive the winter and bloom afresh each year. From the viewpoint of the soul, happiness and a sheltered environment are generally unfortunate circumstances. The petted and fondled lap dog is subject to diseases of which the homeless cur, which has to fight for a scrap from a garbage can, knows nothing. The cur's life is hard, but it gets experience that makes it [PAGE 2298] alert, alive and resourceful. Its life is rich in events, and it reaps a harvest of experience, while the pampered lap dog drones it time away in fearful monotony. The case of a human being is somewhat similar. It may be hard to fight poverty and hunger, but from the standpoint of the soul it is infinitely preferable to a life of idle luxury. Where wealth is nothing more than a handmaid of well thought out philanthropy, which helps man in such a way as to really uplift him, it may be a very great blessing and a means of growth for its possessor, but when used for selfish purposes and oppression, it cannot be regarded as other than an unmitigated curse. The soul is here to acquire experience through its instruments. These are the tools furnished to each at birth, and they are good, bad or indif- ferent according to what we have learned through past experience in the building of them. Such as they are we must work with them, it at all. If we have become aroused from the usual lethargy and are anxious to progress, the question naturally arises, What must I do? Without well-kept tools the mechanic can do no effective work; similarly, the instruments of the Ego must be cleansed and sharpened; then we may com- mence work to some purpose. As one works with those wonderful tools they themselves improve with proper use and become more and more efficient to aid in the work. The object of this work is Union with the Higher Self. There are three steps by which this work conquers the lower nature, but they are not completely taken one after the other. In a certain sense they go together, so that at the present stage the first receives the most atten- tion, the second less, and the third least of all. In time, when the first [PAGE 2299] step has been wholly taken, naturally more attention can be paid to the other two. There are three helps given in attaining these three stages. They can be seen in the outside world, where the great Leaders of humanity have placed them. The first help is Race religions, which by aiding humanity to overcome the desire body, prepare it for union with the Holy Spirit. The full operation of this help was seen on the Day of Pentecost. As the Holy Spirit is the Race God, all languages are expressions of it. That is why the apostles, when fully united and filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke with different tongues and were able to convince their hearers. Their desire bodies had been sufficiently purified to bring about the wished-for union and this is an earnest of what the disciple will one day attain to-- the power to speak all tongues. It may also be cited as a modern, his- torical example, that the Comte de St. Germain (who was one of the later in- carnations of Christian Rosenkreuz the founder of our sacred Order), spoke all languages, so that all to whom he spoke thought he belonged to the same nation as they. He also had achieved union with the Holy Spirit. In the Hyperborean Epoch, before man possessed a desire body, there was but one universal mode of communication and when the desire body has become sufficiently purified, all men will again be able to understand one another, for then the separative Race differentiation will have passed away. The second help which humanity now has is the Religion of the Son--the Christian religion, the object of which is UNION WITH CHRIST by purification and control of the vital body. [PAGE 2300] Paul refers to this future state when he says: "Until Christ be formed in you," and exhorts his followers, as men who are running a race, to rid themselves of every weight. The fundamental principle in building the vital body is repetition. Re- peated experiences work on it to create memory. The Leaders of humanity, who desired to give us unconscious help by certain exercises, instituted prayer as a means of bringing pure and lofty thought to work on the vital body, and enjoined us to "pray without ceasing." Scoffers have often asked sneeringly why it should be thought necessary to always pray, because if God is omniscient He knows our needs and if He is not, our prayers will probably never reach Him; and if not omniscient, He cannot be omnipotent, and there- fore could not answer prayer in any case. Many an earnest Christian may also have thought it wrong to be continually importuning the Throne of Grace. Such ideas are founded upon a misunderstanding of facts. Truly God is omniscient and requires no reminder of our needs, but if we pray aright, we lift ourselves up to Him, thus working upon and purifying our vital bodies. If we pray aright--but that is the great trouble. We are generally much more concerned about temporal things than we are about spiritual upliftment. Churches will hold special meetings to pray for rain! and the chaplains of opposing armies or navies will even pray before a battle that success may follow their arms! That is prayer to the Race God, Who fights the battles of His people, gives them increase of flocks and herds, fills their granaries and caters to the material wants. Such prayers are not even purifying. They are from the desire body, which sums up the situation thus: Now Lord, I am keeping your [PAGE 2301] commandments to the best of my ability and I want You to do Your part in re- turn. Christ gave to humanity a prayer that is, like himself, unique and all-embracing. In it there are seven distinct and separate prayers; one for each of the seven principles of many--the threefold body, the threefold spirit and the link of mind. Each prayer is peculiarly adapted to promote the progression of that part of composite man to which it refers. The purpose of the prayer relating to the threefold body is the spiritu- alization of those vehicles and the extraction therefrom of the threefold soul. The prayers relating to the threefold spirit prepare it to receive the extracted essence, the threefold soul. The prayer for the link of mind is to keep it in its proper relation as a tie between the higher and the lower nature. The third help to be given to humanity will be the Religion of the Fa- ther. We can have very little conception of what that will be, save that the ideal will be even higher than Brotherhood and that by it the dense body will be spiritualized. The Religions of the Holy Spirit, the Race religions, were for the up- lifting of the human race through a feeling of kinship limited to a group--family, tribe or nation. The purpose of the Religion of The Son, Christ, is to further uplift man- kind by forming it into a Universal Brotherhood of separate individuals. The ideal of the Religion of The Father will be the elimination of all separateness, merging all into One, so that there will be no "I" nor "Thou," but all will be One IN REALITY. This will not come to pass while we are still inhabitants of the physical Earth, but in a future state where we [PAGE 2302] shall realize our unity with all, each having access to all the knowledge garnered by each separate individual. Just as the single facet of a diamond has access to all the light that comes through each of the other facets, is one with them, yet bounded by lines which give it a certain individuality WITHOUT SEPARATENESS, so will the individual spirit RETAIN THE MEMORY OF ITS PARTICULAR EXPERIENCES, while giving to all others THE FRUITS of its indi- vidual existence. These are the steps and stages through which humanity is unconsciously being led. In past ages the Race spirit reigned alone. Man was content with a pa- triarchal and paternal government in which he had no part. Now all over the world we see signs of the breaking down of the old system. The caste sys- tem, which was the stronghold of England in India, is crumbling. Instead of being separated into small groups, the people are uniting in the demand that the oppressor shall depart and leave them to live in freedom under a govern- ment of, by and for the people. Russia is torn by strife for freedom from a dictatorial, autocratic government. Turkey has awakened and taken a long stride toward liberty. Here in our own land, where we are supposed to be in the actual enjoyment of such liberty as others are, as yet, only able to covet or fight for, we are not yet satisfied. We are learning that there are other oppressions than those of an autocratic monarchy. We see that we have still industrial freedom to gain. We are chafing under the yoke of the trusts and an insane system of competition. We are trending toward co-operation, which is now practiced by the trusts within their own confines for private profit. We are desirous of a state of society where "they shall [PAGE 2303] sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid." Thus, all over the world, the old systems of paternal government are changing. Nations, as such, have had their day and are unwittingly working toward Universal Brotherhood in accordance with the design of our invisible Leaders, who are none the less potent in shaping events because they are not officially seated in the councils of nations. These are the slow means by which the different bodies of humanity at large are being purified, but the aspirant to the higher knowledge works CONSCIOUSLY to attain to these ends, by well-defined methods, according to his constitution. WESTERN METHODS FOR WESTERN PEOPLE: In India, certain methods under different systems of Yoga, are used. Yoga means Union and, as in the West, the object of the aspirant is union with the Higher Self; but to be efficacious, the methods of seeking that union must differ. The vehicles of a Hindu are very differently constituted from those of a Caucasian. The Hindus have lived for many, many thousands of years in an environment and climate totally different from ours. They have pursued a different method of thought and their civilization, though of a very high order, is different from ours in its effects. Therefore it would be useless for us to adopt their methods, which are the outcome of the highest occult knowledge and perfectly suited to them, but as unsuitable for the people of the West as a diet of oats would be for a lion. For instance, in some systems it is required that the yogi shall sit in certain positions, that particular cosmic currents may flow through his body [PAGE 2304] in a certain way to produce certain definite results. That instruction would be altogether useless for a Caucasian, as he is absolutely impervious to those currents, because of his way of living. If he is to attain results at all, he must work in harmony with the constitution of his vehicles. That is why the "Mysteries" were established in different parts of Europe during the Middle Ages. The Alchemists were deep students of the higher occult science. The popular belief that the object of their study and experiment- ing was the transmutation of baser metals into gold, was because they chose that symbolic way of describing their true work, which was the transmutation of the lower nature into spirit. It was thus described to lull the suspi- cions of the priests, without stating a falsehood. The statement that the Rosicrucians were a society devoted to the discovery and use of the formula for the making of the "Philosopher's Stone" was and is true. It is also true that most people have handled and do often handle this wondrous stone. It is common, but of no avail to an but the individual who makes it for him- self. The formula is given in the esoteric training and a Rosicrucian is no different in that respect from the occultist of any other school. All are engaged in the making of this coveted stone, each, however, using his own methods, as there are no two individuals alike and consequently really ef- fective work is always individual in its scope. All occult schools are divisible into seven, as are the "Rays" of Life, the virgin spirits. Each School or Order belongs to one of these seven Rays, as does each unit of our humanity. Therefore any individual seeking to unite with one of these occult groups, the "Brothers" in which do not be- long to his Ray, cannot do so with benefit to himself. The members of these [PAGE 2305] groups are brothers in a more intimate sense than are the rest of humanity. Perhaps if these seven Rays are compared to the seven colors of the spec- trum, their relation to one another can be better understood. For instance, if a red ray were to ally itself with a green ray, inharmony would result. The same principle applies to spirits. Each must proceed with the group to which it belongs during manifestation, yet they are all one. As all the colors are contained in the white light, but the refractive quality of our atmosphere seems to divide it into seven colors, so the illusory conditions of concrete existence cause the virgin spirits to seem grouped and this ap- parent grouping will abide while we are in this state. The Rosicrucian Order was started particularly for those whose high de- gree of intellectual development caused them to repudiate the heart. Intel- lect imperiously demands a logical explanation of everything--the world mys- tery, the questions of life and death. The reasons for and the MODUS OPERANDI of existence were not explained by the priestly injunction "not to seek to know the mysteries of God." To any man or woman who is blest, or otherwise, with such an inquiring mind it is of paramount importance that they shall receive all the informa- tion they crave, so that when the head is stilled, the heart may speak. In- tellectual knowledge is but a means to an end, not the end itself. There- fore, the Rosicrucian purposes first of all to satisfy the aspirant for knowledge that everything in the universe is reasonable, thus winning over the rebellious intellect. When it has ceased to criticise and is ready to accept provisionally, as PROBABLY true, statements which cannot be immedi- ately verified, then, and not until then, will esoteric training be [PAGE 2306] effective in developing the higher faculties whereby man passes from faith to first-hand knowledge. Yet, even then it will be found that, as the pupil progresses in first-hand knowledge and becomes able to investigate for him- self, there are always truths ahead of him that he knows to be truths, but which he is not yet advanced sufficiently to investigate. The pupil will do well to remember that nothing that is not logical can exist in the universe and that logic is the surest guide in all the Worlds, but he must not forget that his faculties are limited and that more than his own powers of logical reasoning may be needed to solve a given problem, al- though it may, nevertheless, be susceptible of full explanation, but by lines of reasoning which are beyond the capacity of the pupil at that stage of his development. Another point that must be borne in mind is that unwavering confidence in the teacher is absolutely necessary. The foregoing is recommended to the particular consideration of all who intend taking the first steps toward the higher knowledge. If the direc- tions given are followed at all, they must be given full credence as an ef- ficacious means to accomplish their purpose. To follow them in a half-hearted manner would be of no avail whatever. Unbelief will kill the fairest flower ever produced by the spirit. Work on the different bodies of man is carried on synchronously. One body cannot be influenced without affecting the others, but the principal work may be done on any one of them. If strict attention is paid to hygiene and diet, the dense body is the one principally affected, but at the same time there is also an effect on the vital body and the desire body for, as purer and better materials are built into the dense body, the particles are enveloped in purer planetary ether and desire-stuff also, therefore the planetary parts of the vital and desire bodies become purer. If attention is paid to food and hygiene only, the personal vital and desire bodies may remain almost as impure as before, but it has become just a little easier to get into touch with the good than if gross food were used. On the other hand if, despite annoyances, an equable temper is culti- vated, also literary and artistic tastes, the vital body will produce an ef- fect of daintiness and fastidiousness in physical matters and will also engender ennobling feelings and emotions in the desire body. Seeking to cultivate the emotions also reacts upon the other vehicles and helps to improve them. Continued with file "RC1064.TXT" End of File


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