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Filename: RC1059.TXT Source: "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" by Max Heindel [PAGE 2144] THE RACES AND THEIR LEADERS: Before considering in detail the evolution of the Lemurians it may be well to take a general survey of the Races and their Leaders. Some very valuable works on Occultism, bringing before the public the teachings of the Eastern Wisdom, have nevertheless contained certain mis- takes, owing to a misunderstanding of the teachings by those who were so fortunate as to receive them. All books, not written directly by the Elder Brothers, are liable to contain such errors. Considering the extreme intri- cacy and many complications of the subject, the wonder is not that mistakes do occur, but that they are not more frequent. Therefore the writer does not presume to criticise, recognizing that more numerous and more serious mistakes may be embodied in the present work, owing to his own misconception of the teaching. He simply sets forth in the next few paragraphs what he has received, which shows how the differing (and seemingly contradictory) teaching of two such valuable works as "The Secret Doctrine" by H. P. Blavatsky, and "Esoteric Buddhism," by A. P. Sinnett, may be reconciled. [PAGE 2145] That part of human evolution which is to be accomplished during the present sojourn of the life wave on our Earth is divisible into seven great stages or Epochs; but these cannot appropriately be called Races. Nothing to which that name could be correctly applied appears until the end of the Lemurian Epoch. From that time different Races succeed one another through the Atlantean and Aryan Epochs, and will extend slightly into the Sixth great Epoch. The total number of Races--past, present and future--in our scheme of evolution is sixteen; one at the end of the Lemurian Epoch, seven during the Atlantean Epoch, seven more in our present Aryan Epoch and one in the begin- ning of the Sixth Epoch. After that time there will be nothing that can properly be called a Race. Races did not exist in the Periods which have preceded the Earth Period and they will not exist in those Periods which follow it. It is only here, at the very nadir of material existence, that the difference is so great be- tween man and man as to warrant the separation into Races. The immediate Leaders of humanity (apart from the creative Hierarchies) who helped man to take the first tottering steps in Evolution, after Involu- tion had furnished him with vehicles, were Beings much further advanced than man along the path of evolution. They came on this errand of love from the two planets which are located between the Earth and the Sun--Venus and Mer- cury. The Beings who inhabit Venus and Mercury are not quite so far advanced as those whose present field of evolution is the Sun, but they are very much further advanced than our humanity. Therefore they stayed somewhat longer with the central mass than did the inhabitants of the Earth, but at a [PAGE 2146] certain point their evolution demanded separate fields, so those two planets were thrown off, Venus first, and then Mercury. Each was given such proxim- ity to the central orb as insured the rate of vibration necessary for its evolution. The inhabitants of Mercury are the furthest advanced, hence are closer to the Sun. Some of the inhabitants of each planet were sent to the Earth to help na- scent humanity and are know to occult scientist as the "Lords of Venus" and the "Lords of Mercury." The Lords of Venus were leaders of the masses of our people. They were inferior beings of the Venus evolution, who appeared among men and were know as "messengers of the Gods." For the good of our humanity they led and guided it, step by step. There was no rebellion against their authority, because man had not yet evolved an independent will. It was to bring him to the stage where he would be able to manifest will and judgment that they guided him, until he should be able to guide himself. It was known that these messengers communed with the Gods. They were held in deep reverence and their commands were obeyed without question. When under the tuition of these Beings mankind had reached a certain stage of progress, the most advanced were placed under the guidance of the Lords of Mercury, who initiated them into the higher truths for the purpose of making them leaders of the people. These Initiates were then exalted to kingship and were the founders of the dynasties of Divine Rulers who were indeed kings "by the grace of God," i.e., by the grace of the Lords of Venus and Mercury, who were as Gods to infant humanity. They guided and in- structed the kings for the good of the people and not for [PAGE 2147] self-aggrandizement and arrogation of rights at their expense. At that time a Ruler held a sacred trust to educate and help his people; to alleviate and promote equity and well-being. He had the light of God to give him wisdom and guide his judgment. Hence, while those kings reigned, all things prospered, and it was indeed a Golden Age. Yet, as we follow the evolution of man in detail, we shall see that the present phase or period of development, though it cannot be called a golden age in any but a material sense, cannot be called a golden age in any but a material sense, is never- theless a necessary one, in order to bring man to the point where he will be able to rule himself, for SELF-MASTERY IS THE END AND AIM OF ALL RULERSHIP. NO MAN CAN SAFELY REMAIN UNGOVERNED WHO HAS NOT LEARNED TO GOVERN HIMSELF, and at the present stage of development, that is the hardest task that can be given him. It is easy to command others; it is hard to force obedience from oneself. INFLUENCE OF MERCURY: The purpose of the Lords of Mercury at that time, and of all Hierophants of Mysteries since then, as also all the occult schools of our day, was and is to teach the candidate the art of Self-Mastery. In the measure that a man has mastered himself, AND IN THAT MEASURE ONLY, is he qualified to govern others. Were the present rulers of the masses able to govern THEM- SELVES we should again have the Millenium or Golden Age. As the Lords of Venus worked on the masses of a long past ago, so do the Lords of Mercury now work on the Individual, fitting him for mastery over self and (incidentally only, not primarily) for mastery over others. This work on their part is but the beginning of what will be an increasing [PAGE 2148] Mercurial influence during the remaining three and one-half Revolutions of the Earth Period. During the first three and one-half Revolutions Mars held sway, polar- izing the iron, preventing the formation of the red blood and keeping the Ego from immuring itself in the body until the latter had attained at the requisite degree of development. During the last three and one half Revolutions Mercury will operate to extricate the Ego from its densest vehicle by means of Initiation. Incidentally, it may be noted that, as Mars polarized the iron, so Mer- cury has polarized the metal bearing its name and the workings of that metal will show very well this tendency to take the dense body away from the spirit--to liberate the latter from the former. That dread disease, syphilis, is an example of condition were the Ego is fettered and immured in the body to a particularly cramping extent. Suffi- cient mercury relieves the condition, lessens the hold of the body upon the Ego and leaves the latter to that comparative freedom within the body, an overdose of mercury causes paralysis, thus taking the dense body from the man in an improper way. The Lords of Mercury taught man to leave and re-enter the body at will; to function in his higher vehicles independent of the dense body, so that the latter becomes a cheerful dwelling house instead of a closely-locked prison--a useful instrument instead of a clogging fetter. Therefore occult science speaks of the Earth Period as Mars-Mercury, and so it may be said truly that we have been in Mars and are going to Mercury, as taught in one of the occult works previously mentioned. It is also true, [PAGE 2149] however, that we have never inhabited the planet Mars, nor are we to leave the earth at some future time to take up our adobe on the planet Mercury, as the other work mentioned states, with the intention of correcting an error in the first one. Mercury, now being in obscuration, is exercising very little influence on us, but it is emerging from a planetary rest and as time goes on its influ- ence will be more and more in evidence as a factor in our evolution. The coming Races will have much help from the Mercurians, and the people of still later Epochs and Revolutions will have even more. THE LEMURIAN RACE: We are now in a position to understand the information which is to follow concerning the people who lived IN THE LATTER PART of the Lemurian Epoch, whom we may call the Lemurian Race. The atmosphere of Lemuria was still very dense--somewhat like the fire-fog of the Moon Period, but denser. The crust of the Earth was just starting to become quite hard and solid in some places, while in others it was still fiery, and between islands of crust was a sea of boiling, seething water. Volcanic outbursts and cataclysms marked this time when the nether fires fought hard against the formation of the encircling wall which was to imprison them. Upon the harder and comparatively cool spots man lived surrounded by gi- ant fern-forests and animals of enormous size. The forms of both man and animal were yet quite plastic. The skeleton had formed, but man himself had great power in molding the flesh of his own body and that of the animals about him. [PAGE 2150] When he was born he could hear and feel, but his perception of light came later. We have analogous cases in animals like cats and dogs, the young of which receive the sense of sight some time after birth. The Lemurian had no eyes. He had two sensitive spots which were affected by the light of the Sun as it shone dimly through the fiery atmosphere of ancient Lemuria, but is was not until nearly the close of the Atlantean Epoch that he had sight as we have it today. Up to that time the building of the eye was in progress. While the Sun was within--while the Earth formed part of the light-giving mass--man need no external illuminant; he was luminous himself. But when the dark Earth was separated from the Sun it became necessary that the light should be perceived, therefore as the light rays impinged upon man, he perceived them. Nature built the eye as a light-perceiver, in re- sponse to the demand of the already-existing function, which is invariable the case, as Professor Huxley has so ably shown. The amoeba has no stomach, yet it digests. It is all stomach. The necessity for digesting food built in the stomach in the course of time, but digestion took place before the alimentary canal was formed. In an analogous manner, the perception of light called forth the eye. The light itself built the eye and maintains it. Where there is no light there can be no eye. In cases where animals have withdrawn and dwelt in caves--keeping away from the light--the eyes have degenerated and atrophied because there were no light rays to maintain them and no eyes were needed in the dark caves. The Lemurian needed eyes; he had a perception of light, and the light was commencing to build the eye in response to his demand. His language consisted of sounds like those of Nature. The sighing of the wind in the immense forests which grew in great luxuriance in that [PAGE 2151] super-tropical climate, the rippling of the brook, the howling of the tempest--for Lemuria was storm-swept--the thunder of the waterfall, the roar of the volcano--all these were to him voices of the Gods from whom he knew himself to have descended. Of the birth of his body he knew nothing. He could not SEE either it or anything else, but he did PERCEIVE his fellow beings. It was, however, an inner perception, like our perception of persons and things in dreams, but with this very important difference, that his dream-perception was clear and rational. Thus he knew nothing at all about his body, in fact he did not know he had a body any more than we know we have a stomach when that organ is in good health. We remember its existence only when our abuse of it causes us to feel pain there. Under normal conditions we are entirely unconscious of its processes. Similarly did the body of the Lemurian serve him excel- lently, although he was unaware of its existence. Pain was the means of making him aware of his body and of the world without. Everything in connection with the propagation of the race and the bring- ing to birth was done by direction of the Angels under the leadership of Je- hovah, the Regent of the Moon. The propagative function was performed as stated times of the year when the lines of force, running from planet to planet, were focussed at proper angles. Thus the creative force encountered no obstruction and parturition was painless. Man was unaware of birth, be- cause at that time he was unconscious of the physical world as he now is during sleep. It was only in the intimate contact of sex relation that the spirit became aware of the flesh and them man "knew" his wife. That is [PAGE 2152] shown is such passages of the Bible as "Adam KNEW Eve and she bore Seth"; "Elkanah KNEW Hannah and she bore Samuel"; and Mary's question, "How I shall conceive, seeing I KNOW no man?" This is also the key to the meaning of the "Tree of Knowledge," the fruit of which opened the eyes of Adam and Eve, so that they came to know both good and evil. Previously they had known only good, but when they began to exercise the creative function independently, they were ignorant of stellar influences, as their descendants, and Jehovah's supposed curse was not a curse at all, but a simple statement of the result which must inevitably follow use of their generative force which failed to take into consideration the effect of the stellar rays on child- birth. Thus the ignorant use of the generative force is primarily responsible for pain, sickness and sorrow. The Lemurian knew no death because when, in the course of long ages, his body dropped away, he entered another, quite unconscious of the change. His consciousness was not focussed in the physical world, therefore the laying aside of one body and the taking of another was no more to him than a leaf or twig drying and falling away from the tree and being replaced by a new growth. Their language was to the Lemurians something holy. It was not a dead language like ours--a mere orderly arrangements of sounds. Each sound uttered by the Lemurian had power over his fellow-beings, over the animals and even over nature around him. Therefore, under the guidance of the Lords of Venus, who were the messengers of God--the agents of the creative hierarchies-- the power of speech was used with great reverence, as some- thing most holy. The education of the boys differed greatly from that of the girls. The Lemurian methods of education seem shocking to our more refined [PAGE 2153] sensibilities. In order to spare the reader's feelings, only the least cruel of them will be touched upon. Strenuous in the extreme as they may seen, it must be remembered that the Lemurian body was not nearly so high-strung as are the human bodies of the present day; also that it was only by the very harshest measures that the exceedingly dim consciousness could be touched at all. As time went on and the consciousness became more and more awakened, such extreme measures as those used then became unneces- sary and have passed away, but at that time they were indispensable to arouse the slumbering forces of the spirit to a consciousness of the outside world. The education of the boys was designed especially to develop the quality of Will. They were made to fight one another, and these fights were ex- tremely brutal. They were impaled upon spits, with full power to release themselves, but by exercising the will power they were to remain there in spite of the pain. They learned to make their muscles tense, and to carry immense burdens by the exercise of the Will. The education of the girls was intended to promote the development of the imaginative facility. They also were subjected to strenuous and severe treatment. They were put out in the great forests, to let the sound of the wind in the tree tops speak to them and to listen to the furious outbursts of flood and tempest. They thus learned to have no fear of those paroxysms of nature and to perceive only the grandeur of the warring elements. The frequent volcanic outbursts were greatly valued as a means of education, be- ing particularly conducive to the awakening of the faculty of memory. Such educational methods would be entirely out of the question at the [PAGE 2154] present day, but they did not make the Lemurian morbid, because he had no memory. No matter what painful or terrifying experience he endured, every- thing was forgotten as soon as past. The above mentioned strenuous experi- ences were for the purpose of developing memory, to imprint these violent and constantly repeated impacts from without upon the brain, because memory is necessary that the experiences of the past may be used as guides to Ac- tion. The education of the girls developed the first germinal, flickering memory. THE FIRST IDEA OF GOOD AND EVIL WAS FORMULATED BY THEM because of their experiences, which worked chiefly on the imagination. Those experi- ences most likely to leave a recollection were thought "Good;" those which did not produce that much desired result were considered "Evil." Thus woman become the pioneer in culture, being the first to develop the idea of "a good life," of which she became the esteemed exponent among the ancients and in that respect she has nobly led the vanguard ever since. Of course, as all Egos incarnate alternately as male and female, there is re- ally no pre-eminence. It is simply that those who for the time being are in a dense body of the feminine gender have a positive vital body, and are therefore more responsive to spiritual impacts than when the vital body is negative as in the male. As we have seen, the Lemurian was a born magician. He felt himself a de- scendant of the Gods, a spiritual being; therefore his line of advancement was by gaining not spiritual, but MATERIAL knowledge. The Temples of Ini- tiation for the most advanced did not need to reveal to man his high origin; to educate him to perform feats of magic; to instruct him how to function in [PAGE 2155] the desire world and the higher realms. Such instruction is necessary today because now the average man has no knowledge of the spiritual world, nor can he function in superphysical realism. The Lemurian, however, in his own way, did possess that knowledge and could exercise those faculties, but on the other hand, he was ignorant of the Laws of the Cosmos of facts regarding the physical world which are matters of common, everyday knowledge with us. Therefore at the School Initiation he was taught art, the laws of Nature and facts relating to the physical universe. His will was strengthened and his imagination and memory wakened so that he could correlate experiences and devise ways and means of action when his past experiences did not serve to indicate a proper course of procedure. Thus, the Temples of Initiation in the Lemurian times were High Schools for the cultivation of Will-power and Imagination, with "post-graduate courses" in Art and Science. Yet, though the Lemurian was a born magician, he never misused his powers because he felt himself related to the Gods. Under his direction of the Messengers of the Gods, already spoken of, his forces were directed toward the molding of forms in the animal and the plant worlds. It may be hard for the materialist to understand how he could do such work if he could not see the world about him. It is true man could not "see" as we understand the term and as he now sees objects outside in space with his physical eyes. Still, as the purest of our children are clairvoyant to this day while they remain in a state of sinless innocence, possessed an internal perception which gave them only a dim idea of the OUTWARD shape of any object; but il- luminated so much the brighter its inner nature, its soul-quality, by a [PAGE 2156] spiritual apperception born of innocent purity. Innocence, however, is not synonymous with Virtue. Innocence is the child of Ignorance and could not be maintained in a universe where the pur- pose of evolution is the acquisition of Wisdom. To attain that end, a knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong, is essential, also choice of action. If, having knowledge and choice, man ranges himself on the side of Good and Right he cultivates Virtue and Wisdom. If he succumbs to temptation and does wrong knowingly, he fosters vice. God's plan is not to be brought to naught, however. Every act is a seed-ground for the law of Consequence. We reap what we sow. The weeds of wrong action bear flowers of sorrow and suffering, and when the seeds from then have fallen into a chastened heart, when they have been watered by the tears of repentance Virtue will eventually blossom forth. What blessed as- surance, that out of every evil we do, Good will eventually accrue, for in our Father's Kingdom naught but Good can endure. Therefore, the "Fall" with its consequent pain and suffering is but a temporary state where we see through a glass darkly, but anon we shall be- hold again face to face the God within and without, who is ever perceived by the pure in heart. THE FALL OF MAN: This is cabalistically described as the experience of one pair who, of course, represent humanity. They key is given in the verse where the Mes- senger of the Gods says to the woman, "in sorrow thou shalt bring forth [PAGE 2157] children;" the clue is also found in the sentence of death which was pro- nounced at that same time. It will be observed that previous to the Fall the consciousness was not focussed in the physical world. Man was unconsciousness of propagation, birth and death. The Angels who have charge of and work in the vital body (the medium of propagation) regulated the propagative function and brought the sexes together at certain seasons of the year, using the solar and the lunar forces when they produced conditions most propitious for fecundation, the union being achieved unconsciously by the participants at first, but later it produced a momentary physical cognition. Then the period of gesta- tion caused no inconvenience and parturition was painless, the parent being plunged in deep sleep. Birth and death involved no break in the conscious and were therefore non-existent to the Lemurians. Their consciousness was directed inward. They perceived physical things in a spiritual way, as we perceive them in a dream--at which time all that we see is within ourselves. When "their eyes opened" and their consciousness was directed outward to- ward the facts of the physical world, conditions were altered. Propagation was directed, not by the Angels, but by man, who was ignorant of the op- eration of the Sun- and Moon- forces. He also abused the sex-function, us- ing it for sense-gratification, with the result that pain attended the pro- cess of child-bearing. Then his consciousness became focussed in the physical world, although all things did not appear to his vision with clearly defined outlines until the latter part of the Atlantean Epoch. Still he came by degrees to know death because of the break made in his con- sciousness when it was shifted to the higher worlds at death and back to the [PAGE 2158] physical world at rebirth. The "opening of the eyes" was brought about in the following manner: We remember that when the sexes separated, the male became an expression for Will, which is one part of the twofold soul-force; the female expressing the other part, Imagination. If woman were not imaginative she could not build the new body in the womb and were not the spermatozoon an embodiment of the concentrated human will, it could not accomplish impregnation and so com- mence the germination, which results in the continued segmentation of the ovum. These twin-forces, Will and Imagination, are both necessary to the propagation of bodies. Since the separation of the sexes, however, one of these forces remains within each individual and only the part given out is available for propagation. Hence the necessity for one-sexed being who ex- presses the complementary soul-force. This was previously explained; also that the part of the soul-force not used for propagation becomes available for INNER growth. So long as man sent out the full, dual sex-force for gen- eration, he could accomplish nothing in the direction of soul-growth for himself. But since then the part not used through the sex organ has been appropriated by the indwelling spirit to build the brain and the larynx for its expression. Thus man built on, all through the latter part of the Lemurian Epoch and the first two-thirds of the Atlantean Epoch until, by the above mentioned use of this half of his sex-force, he became fully-conscious, thinking, rea- soning, being. In man the brain is the link between the spirit and the outside world. [PAGE 2159] He can know nothing of the outside world except through the medium of the brain. The sense organs are merely carriers to the brain of impacts from without and the brain is the instrument which interprets and coordinates those impacts. The Angels belonged to different evolution and had never been imprisoned in a dense and cumbrously slow vehicle such as ours. They had learned to obtain knowledge without a physical brain. Their lowest ve- hicle is the vital body. Wisdom came to them as a gift, without the neces- sity of laboriously thinking it out through a physical brain. Man, however, had to "fall into generation," and work for his knowledge. The spirit, by means of one part of the sex-force directed inward, built the brain to gather knowledge from the physical world, and the same force is feeding and building the brain today. It is subverted from its proper course inasmuch as it should have gone outward for procreation, but man re- tains it for selfish purposes. No so the Angels. They had experienced no division of their soul-powers, therefore they could send out the dual soul-force WITHOUT SELFISH RESERVATION. The force that goes outward for the purpose of creating another being is Love. The Angels sent our their WHOLE LOVE, WITHOUT SELFISHNESS OR DESIRE and in return, Cosmic Wisdom flowed into them. Man sends out only part of his love; the residue he selfishly keeps and uses to build his inner organs of expression, to improve HIMSELF; thus does his love become selfish and sensual. With one part of his creative soul-power he selfishly loves another being because he desires co-operation in propagation. With the other part of his creative soul-power he things (also for selfish reasons) because he desires knowledge. [PAGE 2160] The Angels love without desire, but man had to go through selfishness. He must desire and work for wisdom selfishly, that me may reach selfishness at a higher stage. The Angels helped him to propagate even after the subversion of part of the soul-force. They helped him to build the physical brain, but they had knowledge that could be transmitted by means of it, because they did not know how to use such an instrument and could not speak directly to the brain being. All they could do was to control the physical expression of the love of man and guide it through the emotions in a loving, innocent way, thus saving man the pain and trouble incident to the exercise of the sex-function without wisdom. Had that REGIME lasted, man would have remained simply God-guided au- tomaton and would never have become a personality--an individual. That he had become so is due to a much maligned class of entities called the Lucifer Spirits. THE LUCIFER SPIRITS: These spirits were a class of stragglers in the life wave of the Angels. In the Moon Period they worked themselves far ahead of the great mass of those who are now the most advanced of our humanity. They have not pro- gressed as far as the Angels who were the pioneer humanity of the Moon Pe- riod, however, but they were so much in advance of our present humanity that it was impossible for them to take a dense body as we have done; yet they could not gain knowledge without the use of an inner organ, a physical brain. They were half-way between man who has a brain and the Angels who need none--in short, they were demi-gods. They were thus in a serious situation, The only way they could find [PAGE 2161] an avenue through which to express themselves and gain knowledge was to use man's physical brain, as they could make themselves understood by a physical being endowed with a brain, which the Angels could not. As said, in the latter part of the Lemurian Epoch man did not see the physical world as we do now. To him the desire world was much more real. He had the dream-consciousness of the Moon Period--an inner picture-consciousness; he was unconscious of the world outside himself. The Lucifers had no difficultly in manifesting to his inner consciousness and calling his attention to his outward shape, which he had not theretofore perceived. They told him how he could cease being simply the servant of ex- ternal powers, and could become his own master and like unto the gods, "knowing good and evil." They also made clear to him that he need have no apprehension if his body died, inasmuch as he had within himself the cre- ative ability to form new bodies without the mediation of the Angels. All of which information was given with the one purpose of turning his con- sciousness outward for the acquirement of knowledge. This the Lucifers did that they might profit by it themselves--to gain knowledge as man acquired it. They brought to him pain and suffering where there was none before; but they also brought him the inestimable blessing of emancipation from outside influence and guidance, thereby starting him on the road to the evolution of this own spiritual powers--an evolution which will eventually enable him to upbuild himself with wisdom such as that of the Angels and other Beings Who guided him before, he first exercised free will. Before man's enlightenment by the Lucifer Spirits he had not known sick- ness, pain nor death. All of these resulted from the unwise use of [PAGE 2162] the propagative faculty and its abuse for the gratification of the senses. Animals in their wild state are exempt from sickness and pain, because their propagation is carried on under the care and direction of the wise-group spirit at only those times of the year which are propitious to that process. The sex-function is designed solely for the perpetuation of the species and under no circumstances for the gratification of sexual desire. Had man remained a God-guided automaton, he would have known no sickness, pain, no death unto this day; but he would also have lacked the brain-consciousness and independence which resulted from his enlightenment by the Lucifer Spirits, the "light-givers," who opened the eyes of his un- derstanding and taught him to use his then dim vision to gain knowledge of the Physical World which he was destined to conquer. From that time there have been two forces working in man. Once force is that of the Angels, who build new beings in the womb by means of Love which is turned downward for procreation; they are therefore the perpetuators of the race. The other force is that of the Lucifers, who are the instigators of all mental activity, by means of the other part of the sex-force, which is car- ried upward for work in the brain. The Lucifers are also called "serpents" and are variously represented in different mythologies. More will be said about them when we come to the analysis of Genesis. For the present enough has been said to warrant us in pursuing the main line of investigation' which leads us to follow the progress of man's evolution still further, through the Atlantean and Aryan Epochs, down to the present day. [PAGE 2163] What has been said about the enlightenment of the Lemurians applies to only a minor portion of those who lived in the latter part of that Epoch, and who became the Seed for the Seven Atlantean Races. The greater part of the Lemurians were animal-like and the FORMS inhabited by them have degener- ated into the savages and anthropoids of the present day. The student is requested to note carefully that it was the FORMS which degenerated. There is a very important distinction to be kept in mind be- tween the bodies (or forms) of a race, and the Egos (or life) which is re- born in those race-bodies. When a race is born, the FORMS are ensouled by a certain group of spirits and have inherent capability of evolving to a certain stage of completion and no further. There can be no standing still in nature, therefore when the limit of attainment has been reached the bodies or forms of that race begin to degenerate, sinking lower and lower until at last the race dies out. The reason is not far to seek. New race bodies are particularly flexible and plastic, affording great scope for the Egos who are reborn in them to improve these vehicles and progress thereby. The most advanced Egos are brought to birth in such bodies and improve them to the best of their abil- ity. These Egos, however, are only apprentices as yet, and they cause the bodies to gradually crystallize and harden until the limit of improvement of that particular kind of body has been reached. Then forms for another new race are created, to afford the advancing Egos further scope for more ex- tended experience and greater development. They discard the old race bodies for the new, their discarded bodies becoming the habitations for less [PAGE 2164] advanced Egos who, in their turn, use them as stepping-stones on the path of progress. Thus the old race bodies are used by Egos OF INCREASING INFERIOR- ITY, gradually degenerating until at last there are no Egos low enough to profit by rebirth in such bodies. The women become sterile and the race-FORMS die. It has been said by white men against the white race, that wherever it goes the other races dies out. The whites have been guilty of fearful op- pression against those other races, having in many cases massacred multi- tudes of the defenseless and unsuspecting natives--as witness the conduct of the Spaniards towards the ancient Peruvians and Mexicans, to specify but one of many instances. The obligations resulting from such betrayal of confi- dence and be paid--yea, the last, least iota!--by those incurring them. It is equally true, however, that even had the whites not massacred, starved, enslaved, expatriated and otherwise maltreated those older races, the latter would nevertheless have died out just as surely, though more slowly, because such is the Law of Evolution--the Order of Nature. At some future time the white race-bodies when they become inhabited by the Egos who are now embodied in red, black, yellow or brown skins, will have degenerated so far that they also will disappear, to give place to other and better ve- hicles. Science speaks only of evolution. It fails to consider that LINES OF DE- GENERATION which are slowly but surely destroying such bodies as have crys- tallized beyond possibility of improvement. Continued with file "RC1060.TXT" End of File


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