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Filename: RC1053.TXT Source: "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" by Max Heindel [PAGE 1932] THE FOUR KINGDOMS: The three Worlds of our planet are at present the field of evolution for a number of different kingdoms of life, at various stages of develop- ment. Only four of these need concern us at present, viz.: the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms. These four kingdoms are related to the three Worlds in different ways, according to the progress these groups of evolving life have made in the school of experience. So far as form is concerned the dense bodies of all the kingdoms are composed of the same chemical substances-the solids, liq- uids, and gases of the Chemical Region. The dense body of a man is as truly a chemical compound as is the stone, although the latter is ensouled by min- eral life only. But even when speaking from the purely physical standpoint, and laying aside all other considerations for the time being, there are sev- eral important differences when we compare the dense body of the human being with the mineral of the Earth. Man moves, grows, and propagates his species--the mineral, in its native state, does none of these things. Comparing man with the forms of the plant kingdom, we find that both plant and man have a dense body, capable of growth and propagation. But Man has faculties not possessed by the plant. He feels, has the power of mo- tion, and the faculty of perceiving things exterior to himself. [PAGE 1933] When we compare man with the animal with the animal we see that both have the faculties of feeling, motion, growth, propagation, and sense-perception. In addition, man has the faculty of speech, a superior structure of the brain, and also hands--which are a very great physical ad- vantage. We may note especially the development of the thumb, which makes the hand much more valuable than even that of the anthropoid. Man has also evolved a definite language in which to express his feelings and thoughts, all of which places the dense body of the human being in a class by itself, beyond the three lower kingdoms. To account for these differences in the four kingdoms we must go to the invisible Worlds, and seek the causes which give one kingdom that which is denied to another. To function in any world, and express the qualities peculiar to it, we must first possess a vehicle made of its material. In order to function in the dense Physical World it is necessary to have a dense body, adapted to our environment. Otherwise we should be ghosts, as they are commonly called, and be invisible to most physical beings. So we must have a vital body before we can express life, grow, or externalize the other qualities peculiar to the Etheric Region. To show feeling and emotion it is necessary to have a vehicle composed of the materials of the Desire World, and a mind formed of the substance of the Region of Concrete Thought is necessary to render thinking possible. When we examine the four kingdoms in relation to the Etheric Region, we find that the mineral does not possess a separate vital body, and at once we see the reason why it cannot grow, propagate, or show sentient life. As an hypothesis necessary to account for other known facts, material science holds that in the densest solid, as in the rarest and most [PAGE 1934] attenuated gas, no two atoms touch each other; that there is an envelope of ether around each atom; that the atoms in the universe float in an ocean of ether. The occult scientist knows this to be true of the Chemical Region and that the mineral does not possess a separate vital body of ether. And as it is the planetary ether alone which envelops the atoms of the mineral, that makes the difference described. It is necessary, as we have shown, to have a separate, vital BODY, desire BODY, etc., to express the qualities of a particular realm, because the atoms of the World of Desire, of the World of Thought and even of the Higher Worlds, inter-penetrate the Mineral as well as the dense human body, and if the inter-penetration of the planetary ether, which is the ether that envelops the atoms of the mineral, were enough to make it feel and propagate its inter-penetration by the planetary World of Thought would also be sufficient to make it think. This it cannot do, because it lacks a SEPARATE vehicle. It is penetrated by the planetary ether only, and is therefore incapable of individual growth. Only the low- est of the four states of ether--the chemical--is active in the mineral. The chemical forces in minerals are due to that fact. When we consider plant, animal, and man in relation to the Etheric Re- gion we note that each has a separate, vital body, in addition to being pen- etrated by the planetary ether which forms the Etheric Region. There is a difference, however, between the vital bodies of the plants and the vital bodies of animal and man. In the vital body of the plant only the chemical and the life ethers are fully active. Hence the plant can grow by the ac- tion of the chemical ether and propagate its species through the activity of the life ether of the separate, vital body which it possesses. The light [PAGE 1935] ether is present, but is partially latent or dormant and reflecting ether is lacking. Therefore it is evident that the faculties of sense-perception and memory, which are the qualities of these ethers, cannot be expressed by the plant kingdom. Turning our attention to the vital body of the animal we find that in it the chemical, life and light ethers are dynamically active. Hence the animal has the faculties of assimilation and growth, caused by the ac- tivities of the chemical ether; and the faculty of propagation by means of the life ether--these being the same as in plants. But in addition, it has the faculties of generating internal heat and of sense-perception. The fourth ether, however, is inactive in the animal, hence it has no thought nor memory. That which appears as such will be shown later to be of a dif- ferent nature. When we analyze the human being, we find that in him all four ethers are dynamically active in the highly organized vital body. By means of the activities of the chemical he is able to assimilate food and to grow; the forces at work in the life ether enable him to propagate his species; the forces in the light ether supply the dense body with heat, work on the ner- vous system and muscles, thus opening the doors of communication with the outside world by way of the senses; and the reflecting ether enables the spirit to control its vehicle by means of thought. This ether also stores past experience as memory. The vital body of plant, animal, and man, extends beyond the periphery of the dense body as the Etheric Region, which is the vital body of a planet, extends beyond its dense part, showing again the truth of the Her- metic axiom "As above, so below." The distance of this extension of the [PAGE 1936] vital body of man is about an inch and a half. The part which is outside the dense body is very luminous and about the color of a new-blown peach-blossom. It is often seen by persons having very slight involuntary clairvoyance. The writer has found, when speaking with such persons, that they frequently are not aware they see anything unusual and do not know what they see. The dense body is built into the matrix of this vital body during ante-natal life, and with one exception, it is an exact copy, molecule for molecule, of the vital body. As the lines of force in freezing water are the avenues of formation for ice crystals, so the lines of force in the vi- tal body determine the shape of the dense body. All through life the vital body is the builder and restorer of the dense form. Were it not for the etheric heart the dense heart would break quickly under the constant strain we put upon it. All the abuses to which we subject the dense body are coun- teracted, so far as lies in it power, by the vital body, which is con- tinually fighting against the death of the sense body. The exception mentioned above is that the vital body of a man is female or negative, while that of a woman is male or positive. In that fact we have the key to numerous puzzling problems of life. That woman gives way to her emotions is due to the polarity noted, for her positive, vital body gen- erates an excess of blood and causes her to labor under an enormous internal pressure that would break the physical casement were not a safety-valve pro- vided in the periodical flow, and another in the tears which relieve the pressure on special occasions--for tears are "white bleeding." Man may have and has as strong emotions as woman, but he is usually able to suppress them without tears, because his negative vital body does not generate more blood than he can comfortably control. [PAGE 1937] Unlike the higher vehicles of humanity, the vital body (except under certain circumstances, to be explained when the subject of "Initiation" is dealt with) does not ordinarily leave the dense body until the death of the latter. Then the chemical forces of the dense body are no longer held in check by the evolving life. They proceed to restore the matter to its primordial condition by disintegration so that it may be available for the formation of other forms in the economy of nature. Disintegration is thus due to the activity of the planetary forces in the chemical ether. In texture the vital body may be crudely compared to one of those pic- ture frames made of hundreds of little pieces of wood which interlock and present innumerable points to the observer. These points enter into the hollow centers of the dense atoms, imbuing them with vital force that sets them vibrating at a higher rate than that of the mineral of the earth which is not thus accelerated and ensouled. When a person is drowning, or falling from a height, or freezing, the vital body leaves the dense body, the atoms of which become temporarily in- ert in consequence, but at resuscitation it re-enters the dense body and the "points" are again inserted in the dense atoms. The inertia of the atoms causes them to resist the resumption of vibration and that is the cause of the intense prickly pain and the tingling sensation noted at such times, but not ordinarily, for the same reason that we become conscious of the starting or stopping of a clock, but are oblivious to its tick when it is running. There are certain cases where the vital body partly leaves the dense [PAGE 1938] body, such as when a hand "goes to sleep." Then the etheric hand of the vi- tal body ay be seen hanging below the dense arm like a glove and the points cause the peculiar pricking sensation felt when the etheric hand re-enters the dense hand. Sometimes in hypnosis the head of the vital body divides and hangs outside the dense head, one half over each shoulder, or lies around the neck like the collar of a sweater. The absence of prickly sensa- tion at awakening in cases like this is because during the hypnosis part of the hypnotist's vital body had been substituted for that of the victim. When anesthetics are used the vital body is partially driven out, along with the higher vehicles, and if the application is too strong and the life ether is driven out, death ensues. This same phenomenon may also be ob- served in the case of materializing mediums. In fact the difference between a materializing medium and an ordinary man or woman is just this: In the ordinary man or woman the vital body and the dense body are, at the present stage of evolution, quite firmly interlocked, while in the medium they are loosely connected. It has not always been so, and the time will come again when the vital body may normally leave the dense vehicle, but that is not normally accomplished at present. When a medium allows his or her vital body to be used by entities from the Desire World who wish to materialize, the vital body generally oozes from the left side--through the spleen, which is its particular "gate." Then the vital forces cannot flow into the body as they do normally, the medium becomes greatly exhausted, and some of them resort to stimulants to counteract the effects, in time becoming incurable drunkards. The vital force from the sun, which surrounds us as a colorless fluid, is absorbed by the vital body through the etheric counterpart of the spleen, [PAGE 1939] wherein in undergoes a curious transformation of color. It becomes pale rosehued and spreads along the nerves all over the dense body. It is to the nervous system what the force of electricity is to a telegraph system. Thought there be wires, instruments, and telegraph operators all in order, if the electricity is lacking, no message can be sent. The Ego, the brain, and the nervous system may be in seemingly perfect order, but if the vital force be lacking to carry the message of the Ego through the nerves to the muscles, the dense body will remain inert. This is exactly what happens when part of the dense body becomes paralyzed. The vital body has become diseased and the vital force can no longer flow. In such cases, as in most sickness, the trouble is with the finer invisible vehicles. In conscious or unconscious recognition of this fact, the most successful physicians use suggestion--which works upon the higher vehicles--as aid to medicine. The more a physician can imbue his patient with faith and hope, the speedier disease will vanish and give place to perfect health. During the health the vital body specializes a superabundance of vital force,which, after passing through a dense body, radiates in straight lines in every direction from the periphery thereof, as the radii of a circle do from the center; but during ill-health, when the vital body becomes at- tenuated, it is not able to draw to itself the same amount of force and in addition the dense body is feeding upon it. Then the lines of the vital fluid which pass out from the body are crumpled and bent, showing the lack of force behind them. In health the great force of these radiations carries with it germs and microbes which are inimical to the health of the dense body, but in sickness, when the vital force is weak, these emanations do not [PAGE 1940] so readily eliminate disease germs. Therefore the danger of contracting disease is much greater when the vital forces are low than when one is in robust health. In cases where parts of the dense body are amputated, only the plan- etary ether accompanies the separated part. The separate vital body and the dense body disintegrate synchronously after death. So with the etheric counterpart of the amputated limb. It will gradually disintegrate as the dense member decays, but in the meantime the fact that the man still pos- sesses the etheric limb accounts for his assertion that he can feel his fin- gers or suffers pain in them. There is also a connection with a buried mem- ber, irrespective of distance. A case is on record where a man felt severe paid, as if a nail had been driven into the flesh of an amputated limb, and he persisted until the limb was exhumed, when it was found that a nail had been driven into it at the time it was boxed for burial. The nail was re- moved and the pain instantly stopped. It is also in accordance with these facts that people complain of pain in a limb for perhaps two or three years after the amputation. The pain will then cease. This is because the dis- ease remains in the still undetached etheric limb, but as the amputated part disintegrates, the etheric limb follows suit and thus the pain ceases. Having noted the relations of the four kingdoms to the Etheric Region of the Physical World, we will next turn our attention to their relation to the Desire World. Here we find that both minerals and plants lack the separate desire body. They are permeated only by the planetary desire body, the Desire World. Lacking the separate vehicle, they are incapable of feeling, desire, and emotion, which are faculties pertaining to the Desire World. [PAGE 1941] When a stone is broken, it does not feel; but it would be wrong to infer that there is no feeling connected with such an action. That is the materi- alistic view, or the view taken by the uncomprehending multitude. The oc- cult scientist knows that there is no act, great or small, which is not felt throughout the universe, and even though the stone, because it has no separate desire body, cannot feel, the Spirit of the Earth feels because it is Earth's desire body that permeates the stone. When a man cuts his fin- ger, the finger, having no separate desire body, does not feel the paid, but the man does, because it is his desire body which permeates the finger. If a plant is torn up by the roots, it is felt by the Spirit of the Earth as a man would feel if a hair were torn from his head. This Earth is a living, feeling body, and all the forms which are without separate desire bodies through which their informing spirits may experience feeling, are included in the desire body of the Earth and THAT desire body has feeling. The breaking of a stone and the breaking off of flowers are productive of plea- sure to the Earth, while the pulling our of plants by the root causes paid. The reason is given in the latter part of this work, for at this stage of our study the explanation would be incomprehensible to the general reader. The planetary Desire World pulsates through the dense and vital bodies of animal and man in the same way that it penetrates the mineral and plant, but in addition to this, animal and man have separate desire bodies, which enable them to feel desire, emotion and passion. There is a difference, however. The desire body of the animal is built entirely of the material of the denser regions of the Desire World, while in the case of even the most primitive of human races a little matter of the higher Regions enters into [PAGE 1942] the composition of the desire body. The feelings of animals and the most primitive human races are almost entirely concerned with the gratification of the lowest desires and passions which find their expression in the matter of the lower Regions of the Desire World. Hence, in order that they may have such emotions to educate them for something higher, it is necessary that they should have the corresponding materials in their desire bodies. As man progresses in the school of life, his experiences teach him, and his desires become purer and better. Thus by degrees the material of his desire body undergoes a corresponding change. The purer and brighter material of the higher Regions of the Desire World replaces the murky colors of the lower part. The desire body also grows in size, so that in a saint it is truly a glorious object to behold, the purity of its colors and its luminous transparency being beyond adequate simile. It must be seen to be appreciat- ed. At present the materials of both the lower and the higher Regions enter into the composition of the desire bodies of the great majority of mankind. None are so bad that they have not some good trait. This is expressed in the materials of the higher Regions which we find in their desire bodies. But, on the other hand, very, very few are so good that they do not use some of the materials of the lower Regions. In the same way that the planetary vital and desire bodies inter-penetrate the dense material of the Earth, as we saw in the illustra- tion of the sponge, the sand and the water, so the vital and desire bodies inter-penetrate the dense body of plant, animal, and man. But during the life of man his desire body is not shaped like his dense and vital bodies. After death it assumes that shape. During life it has the appearance of a [PAGE 1943] luminous ovoid which, in waking hours, completely surrounds the dense body, as the albumen does the yolk of an egg. It extends from twelve to sixteen inches beyond the dense body. In this desire body there are a number of sense centers, but, in the great majority of people, they are latent. It is the awakening of these centers of perception that corresponds to the opening of the blind man's eyes in our former illustration. The matter in the human desire body is in incessant motion of inconceivable rapidity. There is in it no settled place for any particle, as in the dense body. The matter that is at the head one moment may be at the feet in the next and back again. There are no organs in the desire body, as in the dense and vital bodies, but there are centers of perception, which, when active, ap- pear as vortices, always remaining in the same relative position to the dense body, most of them about the head. In the majority of people they are mere eddies and are of no use as centers of perception. They may be awak- ened in all, however, but different methods produce different results. In the involuntary clairvoyant developed along improper, negative lines, these vortices turn from right to left, or in the opposite direction to the hands of a clock--counterclockwise. In the desire body of the properly trained voluntary clairvoyant, they turn in the same direction as the hands of a clock--clockwise, glowing with exceeding splendor, far surpassing the brilliant luminosity of the ordinary desire body. These centers furnish him with means for the perception of things in the Desire World and he sees, and investigates as he wills, while the person whose centers turn counter-clockwise is like a mirror, which re- flects what passes before it. Such a person is incapable of reaching out for information. The reason for this belongs to a later chapter, but the [PAGE 1944] above is one of the fundamental differences between a medium and a properly trained clairvoyant. It is impossible for most people to distinguish between the two; yet there is one infallible rule that can be followed by anyone: NO GENUINELY DEVELOPED SEER WILL EVER EXERCISE THIS FACULTY FOR MONEY OR ITS EQUIVALENT; NOT WILL HE USE IT TO GRATIFY CURIOSITY; BUT ONLY TO HELP HUMANITY. No one capable of teaching the proper method for the development of this faculty will every charge so much a lesson. Those demanding money for the exercise of, or for giving lessons in these things never have anything worth paying for. The above rule is a safe and sure guide, which all may follow with absolute confidence. In a far distant future man's desire body will become as definitely or- ganized as are the vital and dense bodies. When that stage is reached we shall all have the power to function in the desire body as we do know in the dense body, which is the oldest and best organized of these bodies of man--the desire body being the youngest. The desire body is rooted in the liver, as the vital body is in the spleen. In all warm-blooded creatures, which are the highest evolved, and have feelings, passions and emotions, which reach outward into the world with de- sire, which may be said to really live in the fuller meaning of the term and not merely vegetate--in all such creatures the currents of the desire body flow outward from the liver. The desire stuff is continually welling out in streams or currents which travel in curved lines to every point of the pe- riphery of the ovoid and then return to the liver through a number of vorti- ces, much as boiling water is continually welling outward from the source of heat and returning to it after completing its cycle. [PAGE 1945] The plants are devoid of this impelling, energizing principle, hence they cannot show life and motion as can the more highly developed organisms. Where there is vitality and motion, but no RED blood, there is no separate desire body. The creature is simply in the transition stage from plant to animal and therefore it moves entirely in the strength of the group-spirit. In the COLD-blooded animals which have a liver and RED blood, there is a separate desire body and the group-spirit directs the currents INWARD, be- cause in their case the separate spirit (of the individual fish or reptile for instance) is entirely outside the dense vehicle. When the organism has evolved so far that the separate spirit can com- mence to draw into its vehicles then it (the individual spirit) commences to direct the currents OUTWARD, and we see the beginning of passionate exist- ence and warm blood. It is the warm, red blood in the liver of the organism sufficiently evolved to have an Indwelling spirit which energizes the outgo- ing currents of desire stuff that cause the animal or the man to display de- sire and passion. In the case of the animal the spirit is not yet entirely INdwelling. It does not become so until the points in the vital body and the dense body come into correspondence, as explained in Chapter XII. For this reason the animal is not a "liver," that is, he does not live as com- pletely as does man, not being capable of as fine desires and emotions, be- cause not as fully conscious. The mammalia of today are on a higher plane than was man at the animal stage of his evolution, because they have warm, red blood, which man did not have at that stage. This difference in status is accounted for by the spiral path of evolution, which also accounts for the fact that man is a higher type of humanity than the present Angels were [PAGE 1946] in their human stage. The present mammalia, which have in their animal stage attained to the possession of warm, red blood, and are therefore capable of experiencing desire and emotion to some extent will, in the Jupi- ter Period, be a purer and better type of humanity than we are now, while from among our present humanity there will be some, even in the Jupiter Pe- riod, who will be openly and avowedly wicked. Moreover, they will not then be able to conceal their passions as is now possible, but will be unabashed about their evil doing. In the light of this exposition of the connection between the liver and the life of the organism, it is noteworthy that in several European lan- guages (English, German, and the Scandinavian tongues) the same word signi- fies the organ of the body (the liver) and also "one who lives." When we turn our attention to the four kingdoms in their relation to the World of Thought we find that minerals, plants and animals lack a ve- hicle correlating them to that World. Yet we know some animals think, but they are the highest domesticated animals which have come into close touch with man for generations and have thus developed a faculty not possessed by other animals, which have not had that advantage. This is on the same prin- ciple that a highly wire will "induce" a weaker current of electricity in a wire brought close to it; or that a man of strong morals will arouse a like tendency in a weaker nature, while one morally weak will be overthrown if brought within the influence of evil characters. All we do, say, or are, reflects itself in our surroundings. This is why the highest domestic animals think. They are the highest of their kind, almost on the point of individualization, and man's thought vibrations have "induced" in them a similar activity of a lower order. With the exceptions noted, the animal [PAGE 1947] kingdom has not acquired the faculty of thought. The are not INDIVIDUAL- IZED. This is the great and cardinal difference between the human and other kingdoms. Man is an individual. The animals, plants and minerals are di- vided into species. They are not individualized in the same sense than man is. It is true that we divide mankind into races, tribes and nations; we note the difference between the Caucasian, the Black, the Indian, etc.; but that is not to the point. If we wish to study the characteristics of the lion or the elephant or any other species of the lower animals, all that is necessary is to take any member of that species for that purpose. When we learn the characteristics of one animal, we know the characteristics of the species to which it belongs. All members of the same animal tribe are alike. That is the point. A lion, or its father, or it son, all look alike; there is no difference in the way they will act under like condi- tions. All have the same likes and dislikes; one is the same as another. Not so with human beings. If we want to know about the characteristics of Blacks, it is not enough that we examine one single individual. It would be necessary to examine each individually, and even then we will ar- rive at no knowledge concerning Blacks as a whole, simply because that which was a characteristic of the single individual does not apply to the race collectively. If we desire to know the character of Abraham Lincoln it will avail us nothing to study his father, his grandfather, or his son, for they would differ entirely. Each would have his own peculiarities quite distinct from the idiosyncrasies of Abraham Lincoln. On the other hand, minerals, plants, and animals are described if we devote our attention to the description of one of each species; while there [PAGE 1948] are as many species among human beings as there are individuals. Each indi- vidual person is a "species," a law unto himself, altogether separate and apart from any other individual, as different from his fellow men as one species in the lower kingdom is from another. We may write the biography of a man, but an animal can have no biography. This is because there is in each man an individual, INDWELLING spirit which dictates the thoughts and actions of each individual human being; while there is one "group-spirit" COMMON TO ALL the different animals or plants of the same species. The group-spirit works on the all FROM THE OUTSIDE. The tiger which roams in the wilds of the Indian jungle and the tiger penned up in the cage of a me- nagerie are both expressions of the same group-spirit. It influences both alike from the Desire World, distance being almost annihilated in the inner Worlds. The group-spirits of the three lower kingdoms are variously located in the higher Worlds, as we shall see when we investigate the consciousness of the different kingdoms; but to properly comprehend the positions of these group-spirits in the inner Worlds it is necessary to remember and to clearly understand what has been said about all the forms that are in the visible world having crystallized from models and ideas in the inner Worlds, as il- lustrated by the architect's house and the inventor's machine. As the juices of the soft body of the snail crystallize into the hard shell which it carries upon its back, so the Spirits in the higher Worlds have, in a similar manner, crystallized our from themselves the dense, material bodies of the different kingdoms. Thus the so-called "higher" bodies, although so fine and cloudy as to be invisible, are not by any means "emanations" from the dense body, but the [PAGE 1949] dense vehicles of all kingdoms correspond to the shell of the snail, which is crystallized from its juices, the snail representing the spirit; and the juices of its body in their progress towards crystallization representing the mind, desire body and vital body. THESE VARIOUS VEHICLES WERE EMANATED BY THE SPIRIT FROM ITSELF for the purpose of gaining experience through them. It is the spirit that moves the dense body where it will, as the snail moves its house, and not the body that controls the movements of the spirit. The more closely the spirit is able to enter into touch with its vehicle the better can it control and express itself through that vehicle, and vice versa. That is the key to the different states of consciousness in the different kingdoms. A study of diagrams 3 and 4 should give a clear un- derstanding of the vehicles of each kingdom, the manner in which they are DIAGRAM 3: Showing the vehicles of each kingdom, and the manner in which such vehicles are correlated to the different worlds. |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | KINGDOM | | WORLD |----------------------------------------------------------| | | MINERAL | PLANT | ANIMAL | MAN | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Region of | | | | | | Abstract |Group-spirit |Group-spirit |Group-spirit | Ego | | Thought.... | and Ego | and Ego | and Ego | | | and | | | | | | Region of | | | | | | Concrete | | | | | | Thought.... | No vehicle | No vehicle | No vehicle | Mind | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Desire World..| No vehicle | No vehicle | Desire body | Desire body | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Physical World:| | | | | | includes the | | | | | | Etheric | | | | | | Region.....| No vehicle | Vital body | Vital body | Vital body | | and the | | | | | | Chemical | | | | | | Region.....| Dense body | Dense body | Dense body | Dense body | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| [PAGE 1950] DIAGRAM 4: Showing the state of consciousness appertaining to each kingdom. |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | KINGDOM | STATE OF | | WORLD | | CONSCIOUS- | | |-----------------------------------------------| NESS | | | MINERAL | PLANT | ANIMAL | MAN | | |-------------------------|----------|-----------|--------------------------| | Region of | Group- | | | | | | Abstract | spirit & | | | |Trance-like | | Thought....| Ego | | | | | | and | | | | | | | Region of | | Group- | | | Dreamless | | Concrete | | spirit & | | | Sleep | | Thought.....| | Ego | | | | |--------------|----------|----------|-----------|-------------|------------| | Desire | | | Group- | | Dream | | World......| | | spirit & | | Conscious- | | | | | Ego | | ness | | | | | | | | |-------------------------|----------|-----------|-------------|------------| | Physical | | | Desire | Ego | | | World: | | | body | Mind | | | includes the | | | | Desire | | | Etheric | | Vital | Vital | body | Waking | | Region.....| | body | body | Vital | Conscious- | | and the | | | | body | ness | | Chemical | Dense | Dense | Dense | Dense | | | Region....| body | body | body | body | | |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| correlated to the different Worlds and the resulting state of consciousness. From diagram 3 we learn that the separate Ego is definitely segregated within the Universal Spirit in the Region of Abstract Thought. It shows that only man possesses the complete chain of vehicles correlating him to all divisions to the three Worlds. The animal lacks one link of chain--the mind; the plant lacks two links; the mind and the desire body; and the min- eral lacks three links of the chain of the vehicles necessary to function in a self-conscious manner in the Physical World-the mind, the desire and the vital bodies. The reason for the various deficiencies is that the Mineral Kingdom is the expression of the latest stream of evolving life; the Plant Kingdom is ensouled by a life wave that has been longer upon the path of evolution; the [PAGE 1951] life wave of the animal kingdom has a still longer past; while Man, that is to say, the life now expressing itself in the human form, has behind it the longest journey of all the four kingdoms, and therefore leads. In time, the three life-waves which now animate the three lower kingdoms will reach the human, and we shall have passed to higher stages of development. To understand the degree of consciousness which results from the pos- session of the vehicles used by the life evolving in the four kingdoms, we turn our attention to diagram 4, which shows that man, the Ego, the Thinker, has descended into the Chemical Region of the Physical World. Here he has marshaled all his vehicles, thereby attaining the state of waking conscious- ness. He learning to control his vehicles. The organs of neither the de- sire body nor the mind are yet evolved. The latter is not yet even a body. At present it is simply a link, a sheath for the use of the Ego as a focus- ing point. It is the last of the vehicles that have been built. The spirit works gradually from finer into coarser substance, the vehicles also being built in finer substance first, then in coarser and coarser substance. The dense body was built first and has now come into its fourth stage of den- sity; the vital body is in its third stage and the desire body in its sec- ond, hence it is still cloud-like, and the sheath of mind is filmier still. As those vehicles have not, as yet, evolved any organs, it is clear that they ALONE would be useless as vehicles of consciousness. The Ego, however, enters INTO the dense body and connects these organless vehicles with the physical sense centers and thus attains the waking state of consciousness in the Physical World. Continued with file "RC1054.TXT" End of File


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