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Filename: RC1035.TXT Source: "Occult Principles of Health & Healing" by Max Heindel [PAGE 1277] ASTROLOGY AS AN AID TO HEALING: ASTROLOGICAL BASIS FOR HEALING: It is well known to the modern physician that the condition of the blood, and therefore the condition of the whole body, changes in sympathy with the state of mind of the patient, and the more the physician uses suggestion as an adjunct to medicine the more successful he is. Few perhaps would credit the further fact that both our mental and physical condition is influenced by planetary rays which change as the planets move. In these days since the principle of radio-activity has been established we know that everybody projects into space numberless little particles. Wireless telegraphy has taught us that etheric waves travel swiftly and surely through space and op- erate a key according to our will. We also know that the rays of the sun affect us differently in the morning when they strike us horizontally than at noon when they are perpendicular. If the light rays from the swift-moving sun produce physical and mental changes, may not the persistent rays of slower planets also have an effect? If they have, they are factors in health not to be overlooked by a thoroughly scientific healer, and we therefore maintain that results may be obtained more easily at certain times when the stellar rays are propitious for the healing of a particular disease [PAGE 1278] or for treatment with remedies previously prepared under auspicious condi- tions. If physicians would study the science of astrology, they would thus with a very slight effort be able to diagnose their patient's condition in a man- ner altogether impossible from the ordinary diagnostician's point of view. Some physicians are waking up to that fact and have discovered by their ex- periences that the heavenly bodies do have an influence upon the human frame. For instance, when the writer was in Portland, Oregon, a physician mentioned as his observation that whenever it was possible for him to per- form an operation while the moon was increasing in light, that is to say, going from the new to the full, the operation was always successful and no complications would set in. On the other hand, he had found that when cir- cumstances compelled him to perform an operation when the Moon was going from the full to the dark there was great danger of trouble, and that such operations were never as satisfactory as those performed while the light of the Moon was increasing. The way to find out the peculiarities of the Spirit that dwells in the patient's body is to cast his horoscope to see when the times are propitious for the administration of drugs, giving the appropriate HERBS at the proper time. Paracelsus did that, and therefore he was always successful with his patients; he never made a mistake. There are some who use astrology for that purpose today; the writer, for instance, has thus used it in diagnosis in many cases. He has then always been able to see the crises in the patient's condition, the past, present, and future; and thus has been able [PAGE 1279] to afford much relief to persons suffering from various illnesses. It is to such uses that astrology should be put, and not degraded into fortunetelling for the sake of gold, for, like all spiritual sciences, it ought to be used for the benefit of humanity, regardless of mercenary considerations. There are seven spheres, the planets of our solar system. Each has its own keynote and emits a sound varying from that of every other planet. One or more among them vibrates in particular synchrony with the seed atom of the Ego then seeking embodiment. This planet then corresponds to the "tonic" in the music scale, and though the tones from all the planets are necessary to build up an organism completely, each is modified and made to conform to the basic impact given by the most harmonious planet, which is therefore the ruler of that life. As in terrestrial music so also in the celestial there are harmonies and discords, and these all impinge upon the seed atom and aid in building the archetype. Vibratory lines of force are thus formed, which later attract and arrange physical particles as spores of sand are marshaled into geometrical figures by bowing a brass plate with a violin bow. Along these archetypal lines of vibration the physical body is later built, and thus it expresses accurately the harmony of the spheres as it was played during the period of construction. This period, however, is much longer than the actual period of gestation, and varies according to the com- plexity of the structure required by the life seeking physical manifesta- tion. Nor is the process of construction of the archetype continuous, for under aspects of the planets which produce notes to which vibratory powers [PAGE 1280] of the seed atom cannot respond it simply hums over those which it has al- ready learned, and thus engaged it waits for a new sound which it can use to build more of the organism which it desires in order to express itself. Thus, seeing that the terrestrial organism which each of us inhabits is molded along vibratory lines produced by the song of the spheres, we may re- alize that the inharmonies which express themselves as disease are produced in the first place by the spiritual inharmony within. It is further evident that if we obtain accurate knowledge concerning the direct cause of the inharmony and remedy it, the physical manifestation of disease will shortly disappear. It is this information which is given by the horoscope of birth, for there each planet in its house and sign expresses harmony or discord, health or disease. Therefore, all methods of healing are adequate only in proportion as they take into consideration the stellar harmonies and dis- cords expressed in the wheel of life--the horoscope. While the laws of Nature that govern in the lower realms are all-powerful under ordinary circumstances, there are higher laws which pertain to the spiritual realms and which may under certain circumstances be made to super- sede the former. For instance, the forgiveness of sins upon recognition thereof and true repentance is made to supersede the law which demands and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. When Christ walked upon this Earth and healed the sick, He, being the lord of the Sun, embodied within Himself the synthesis of the stellar vibrations as the octave embodies all the tones of the scale, and He could therefore emit from Himself the true corrective [PAGE 1281] planetary influence required in each case. He sensed the inharmony and knew at once wherewith to offset it by virtue of His exalted development. He had no need of any further preparation, but obtained results at once by substi- tuting harmony for the planetary discord which caused the disease wherewith He was dealing. Only in one case did He take refuge in the higher law and say, "Arise, thy sins are forgiven." Likewise with the ordinary methods employed in the Rosicrucian System of Healing, they depend upon a knowledge of the planetary inharmonies which cause disease and the correcting influence which will remedy the same. This has sufficed in all the instances which have come under our notice to date. However, there is a more powerful method available under a higher law which may accelerate recovery in cases of long standing, and under certain circum- stances where the sincere and heartfelt recognition of wrong exists, may even obliterate the effects of disease before destiny, cold and hard, would otherwise so decree. When we look with spiritual vision upon one who is diseased, whether the physical body be emaciated or not, it is plainly evident to the Seer that the finer vehicles are much more tenuous than during health. Thus they do not transmit to the physical body a proper quota of vitality, and as a con- sequence that instrument becomes more or less disrupted. But whatever may be the state of emaciation of the rest of the physical body, certain centers which are tenuous during health in a degree varying with the spiritual de- velopment of the man, become clogged in an increasing degree according to the seriousness of the disease. This is particularly true of the main [PAGE 1282] center between the eyebrows. Therein the Spirit is immured, sometimes to such an extent that it loses touch with the outer world and its progress and becomes so thoroughly centered upon its own condition that only complete rupture of the physical body can set it free. This may be a process of long years, and in the meantime the planetary inharmony which caused the initial disease may have passed by, but the sufferer is unable to take advantage of the improved conditions. In such cases a spiritual outpouring of a special kind is necessary to bring to the soul its message, "Thy sins are forgiven." When that has been heard, it may respond to the command, "Take up thy bed and walk." None among our present humanity can measure anywhere near the stature of the Christ, consequently none can exercise His power in such extreme cases; but the need of that power in active manifestation exists today as much as it did two thousand years ago. Spirit pervades everything in and upon our planet, but in a varying measure. It has more affinity for some substances than for others. Being an emanation from the Christ Principle, it is the Universal Spirit composing the World of Life Spirit that restores the syn- thetic harmony of the body. THE LAWS OF COMPATIBILITY AND SYSTEMIC RECEPTIBILITY: There are two basic laws in the science of Astrotherapy or healing by use of the stellar ray; one is the Law of Compatability, the other, the law of Systemic Receptibility. By knowledge and intelligent application of these laws the sick regain health much more rapidly than otherwise and with [PAGE 1283] minimum effort on the part of the health adjuster. At the time of conception the Moon was in the degree which ascends at birth (or its opposite); the vital body was then placed in the mother's womb as a matrix into which the chemical elements forming our dense body are built. The vital body emits a sound similar to the buzz of a bumblebee. During life these etheric sound waves attract and place the chemical el- ements of our food so that they are formed into organs and tissues. So long as the etheric sound waves in our vital body are in harmony with the keynote of the archetype, the chemical elements wherewith we nourish our dense body are properly disposed of and assimilated, and health prevails no matter whether we are stout or thin, of rosy complexion or sallow, or whatever the outward appearance. But the moment the sound waves in the vital body vary from the archetypal key-note, this dissonance places the chemical elements of our food in a manner incongruous with the lines of force in the arche- type. Then imperfect elimination of waste, accumulation of poison in the sys- tem, and abnormal growths and other conditions become manifest in the dense body, and disease continues until harmony has been restored to the vital body. When the invisible cause has been removed, the visible effects disap- pear, and health is restored. Thus we see that incipient disease manifests in the vital body before the dense body begins to show signs of disability, and recovery of the vital body also precedes convalescence. When a healthy person meets with an accident, his vital body is unimpaired; therefore he may not feel the full extent of the injury until [PAGE 1284] several days afterwards. If he survives the shock of the maximum dissonance between the vital body and the archetype, the chances are good for recovery. The pitch of the etheric vibration in the vital body is determined by the rising sign, for the reason given. Each of the twelve signs imparts a sound different from that of all the other signs, as each of the twelve signs in the chromatic scale varies from the rest. Some notes blend harmoniously and with a pleasing effect; others are basically discordant and grate upon our sensibilities. Similarly, the harmony of their rising signs makes some people agreeable and capable of helping and healing each other when neces- sary, while people whose rising signs are in dissonance can neither give each other help nor receive it from each other. The first consideration, when about to undertake a case, is to discover the basic spiritual relationship between the healer and patient. If the Law of Compatability shows harmony, the outlook is good for a speedy recovery; but where inharmony appears, the patient should be turned over to a doctor or healer with whom he is in accord. This is the method which the Elder Brothers use in apportioning patients among Invisible Helpers, and it is the key to the success we have had in benefiting all who have applied to Headquarters for help. Astrologically, there are four elements: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. The planets are so many foci through which the influences of the signs are projected upon the newborn babe and give tone to the body, particularly if located in the Ascendant. The success of the healer varies in proportion as [PAGE 1285] his constitution agrees with that of the patient's ascending sign, whether fiery, earthy, airy, or water. When Saturn in the horoscope of one person occupies any degree of the zo- diac included in the 1st or 6th house of another, those people are mutually incompatible and incapable of conferring benefit upon each other. Mars and Uranus also have an evil effect, but their force is quickly spent; it may be compared to the snap of a terrier. But the influence of Saturn is like the locked jaws of a bulldog, a strangle hold, a death grip, from which there is no release. The Sun is the great reservoir of LIFE, the very opposite of Saturn; we may therefore readily see that its position would mark one as particularly beneficial to a certain class and in certain diseases. This influence is determined by its position according to triplicity. Thus, those who have the Sun in one of the fiery signs have great healing power with respect to people suffering from diseases ruled by these signs; those with the Sun in airy signs have power over diseases usual to airy signs, etc. Those born under the cardinal sign of a certain triplicity are most successful in treating acute cases of disease pertaining to those three signs; one who has the Sun in a fixed sign is apt in the cure of chronic diseases of that tri- plicity. Those born with the Sun in common signs make the least successful healers, but have more power to soothe the sick, and often bring recovery by their quieting influence on the patient's nerves. Therefore, they make the best nurses for patients under their triplicity, especially where there is mental trouble or where physical illness is the result of mental unrest. [PAGE 1286] Thus, people born when the Sun was in one of the fiery signs, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, are particularly successful in the treatment of the head, heart, spinal cord, femoral region, fevers, etc. Those born in April, with the Sun in Aries, would be best for the treatment of acute cases of those ailments. Those born in August, with the Sun in Leo, would succeed in chronic cases where others would fail, and if these healers secure a nurse having the Sun in Sagittarius, he or she will aid them in all their cases as no one else could. The same holds good of the other triplicities. INFLUENCE OF THE MOON IN HEALING: The Moon is the heavenly orb that brings all things to pass; whatever is foreshown by all the other planets never comes to fruition until the Moon brings it to a climax. There is within the human body an ebb and flow, a tide, just the same as there is in the outside world. There are critical periods in certain dis- eases in particular that can be measured accurately by the Moon and it is therefore important that all understand the influence of this unusual planet. There is a cosmic force that culminates at the New Moon and another at the time when the Moon is full. Everything that is started from the time of the New Moon until the full increases in intensity and finally culminates when the Moon is full. That period marks the flowing out of the life that comes from the Sun and is reflected to us by way of the Moon. This force is a great aid in building up the body and keeping it in a healthy condition. From the Full Moon to the time of the New Moon this great light force [PAGE 1287] becomes darker and darker and everything that has come to a focus begins to fade and gradually dies. Knowing that the Moon has these two influences according to whether it is increasing or decreasing, we find that in applying treatment notice must be taken of them. All treatments, like drugs, may be divided into two general classes: stimulants and sedatives. The first class has a distinctly better effect and is more easily applied during the increase of the Moon, and the other is found much more effectual if used during the Moon's decrease. The general rule is: From the time of the New Moon to that of the Full Moon stimulants produce the greatest effect and sedatives are weakest. De- crease the dose of stimulants and increase that of sedatives. The exception is: When the Moon increasing approaches a conjunction to Saturn give larger doses of stimulants and smaller doses of sedatives. When the Moon is increasing and approaching a conjunction to Mars and Mercury, stimulants have their maximum and sedatives their minimum effect. When the increasing Moon is in good aspect to Jupiter and Venus cardiac stimulation produces the most lasting results. Palpitation is most effec- tively treated when the Moon is decreasing and aspects the before mentioned planets favorably. Apply heart stimulants with extreme care when the Moon aspects these planets unfavorably, especially when dark. Anesthetics are also then most liable to produce fatal results. If we inhibit the function- ing of the pneumogastric nerve to a certain extent, we quiet the heart ac- tion and are then applying what would be the equivalent of a sedative in [PAGE 1288] medicine. Manipulation of this nerve in such a way as to stimulate action is applying the equivalent of a medical stimulant. PLANETARY POLARITIES: When we study magnetism we are dealing with an invisible force; and ordi- narily we can at best state the way it manifests in the Physical World only, as is the case whenever we deal with any FORCE. The Physical World is the world of effects; the causes are hidden from our sight, though they are nearer than hands or feet. Force is all about us, invisible and only seen by the effects it produces. If we take a dish of water, for illustration, and allow it to freeze, we shall see a myriad of ice crystals, beautiful geometrical figures. These show the lines along which the water congealed and these lines are lines of force which were present before the water congealed; but they were invisible until the proper conditions were furnished them and they became manifest. In the same way there are lines of force going between the two poles of a magnet; they are neither seen nor felt until we bring iron or iron filings into the place where they are, when they will manifest by arranging the fil- ings in an orderly pattern. By making the proper conditions we may cause any of the nature forces to show their effects--moving our street cars, car- rying messages with lightning speed over thousands of miles, etc., etc., but the FORCE itself is ever invisible. We know that magnetism travels always at right angles to the electric current from which it manifests; we know the difference between the manifestation of the electric and magnetic current, [PAGE 1289] so dependent upon one another, but we have never seen either; though they are about the most valuable servants we have today. Magnetism may be divided into "mineral" and "animal" magnetism, though in reality they are one, but the former has very little influence upon animal tissue, while the latter is generally impotent in working with minerals. The mineral magnetism is derived directly from lodestones which are used to magnetize iron; this process gives to the metal thus treated the property of attracting iron. This kind of magnet is very little used, however, as its magnetism becomes depleted, is too weak in proportion to its bulk, and principally because the magnetic force cannot be controlled in such a so-called "permanent" magnet. The "electromagnet" is also a "mineral" magnet. It is simply a piece of iron wound round with many turns of wire, and the strength of the magnet varies as the number of turns of wire, and the strength of the electric cur- rent that is passed through it. Electricity is all about us in a diffused state, of no use for industrial purposes until it is COMPRESSED and forced through the electric wires by the powerful ELECTROMAGNETS. We must have MAGNETISM in the FIRST place before we can get any electricity. Before a new electric generator is started the "fields," which are nothing but electromagnets, must be magnetized. If this is not done they may turn it till the crack of doom, at any rate of speed they please, and it will never light a single lamp nor move a grain of weight; all depends upon the magnetism being there FIRST. After this [PAGE 1290] magnetism is once started it will leave a little behind when the generator is shut down, and this so-called "residual magnetism" will be the nucleus of force to be built up each time the generator is started afresh. All bodies of plants, animals, and men are but transformed mineral. They have all come from the mineral kingdom in the first place, and chemical analysis of the plant, animal, and human bodies brings out the fact beyond cavil. Moreover, we know that the plants get their sustenance from the min- eral soil, and both animal and man are eating mineral when they consume the plants as food; even when man eats the animals he is nevertheless eating mineral compounds, and therefore he gets with his food both the mineral sub- stances and the magnetic force which they contain. This force we see manifesting in "haemoglobin," or the red coloring mat- ter in the blood, which attracts the life-giving oxygen when it comes into contact with it in the millions of minute capillaries of the lungs, parting with it as readily when it passes through the capillaries which all over the body connect the arteries with the veins. Why is this? To understand this, we must acquaint ourselves a little closer with the way magnetism manifests as seen in industrial uses. There are always two fields or a multiple of two fields in a generator or motor, every alternate "field" or magnet being "north-pole" and every other alternating one "south-pole." If we wish to run two or more generators in "multiple" and force electricity into the same wire, the first requisite is [PAGE 1291] that the magnetic current in the field-magnets should RUN IN THE SAME DIREC- TION. If that were not the case, they would not run together; they would gener- ate currents going in OPPOSITE directions, blowing their fuses. That would be because the poles in one generator, which should have attracted, re- pelled, and vice versa. The remedy is to change the ends of the wire which magnetizes the field; then the magnetic current in one generator will become like the current of the other, and both will run smoothly together. Similar conditions prevail in magnetic healing; a certain vibratory pitch and magnetic polarity were infused into each of us when the stellar forces surged through our bodies and gave us our planetary baptism at the moment when we drew our first complete breath. These are modified during our pil- grimage of life, but in the main their initial impulse remains undisturbed and therefore the horoscope at birth remains the most vital power in life to determine our sympathies and antipathies as well as all other matters. Nay, more, its pronouncements are more reliable than our conscious likes and dis- likes. Sometimes we may meet and learn to like a person, although we have a feeling that he has an inimical influence on us for which we cannot account, and therefore strive to put aside; but a comparison of his horoscope with our own will reveal the reason and if we are wise we heed its warning, or as surely as the circling stars move in their orbits around the Sun we will live to regret our disregard of this handwriting on the wall. [PAGE 1292] But there are also many cases when we do not sense the antipathy between ourselves and a certain person, though the horoscope reveals it, and if we see the signs when comparing the two horoscopes we may feel inclined to trust our feelings rather than the stellar script of the horoscopes. That also will in time lead to trouble, for the planetary polarity is certain to manifest in time unless both parties are sufficiently evolved to rule their stars in a large measure. Such people are few and far between at our present stage of evolution. Therefore we shall do well if we use our knowl- edge of the stellar script to compare our horoscopes with those at least who come intimately into our lives. This may save both them and us much misery and heartache. We would advise this course particularly with regard to a healer and his patients, and with reference to a prospective marriage part- ner. When anyone is ill, resistance is at the lowest ebb, and on that account he is least able to withstand outside influences. So the vibrations of the healer have practically unrestrained effect, and even though he may be ensouled by the noblest of altruistic motives, desiring to pour out his very life for the benefit of the patient, if their stars were adverse at birth, his vibratory pitch and magnetism are bound to have an inimical effect upon the patient. Therefore it is of prime necessity that any healer should have a knowledge of astrology and the Law of Compatibility, whether he belongs to those who admittedly heal by magnetism and the laying on of hands or to the regular school of physicians, for the latter also infuse their vibrations into the patient's aura and help or hinder according to the agreement of [PAGE 1293] their planetary polarity with that of the patient. What has been said with regard to the healer applies with tenfold force to the nurse, for he or she is with the patient practically all the time and the contact is so much more intimate. For healer, nurse, and patient, compatability is determined by the rising sign, Saturn, and the 6th house. If their rising signs agree in nature so that all have fiery signs rising, or all have earthy, airy, or watery signs rising, they are harmonious, but if the patient has a watery sign rising, a nurse or a doctor with fiery signs will have a detrimental effect. It is also necessary to see that Saturn in the horoscope of the nurse or healer is not placed in any of the degrees of the zodiac within the patient's 6th house. [PAGE 1294] THE THERAPEUTIC BASIS OF LIGHT, COLOR, AND SOUND: God is Light. Each time we sink ourselves in these three words we lave in a spiritual fountain of inexhaustible depth, and each succeeding time we sound more thoroughly the divine depths and draw more closely to our Father in heaven. With every year that passes, with the aid of the greatest telescopes which the ingenuity and mechanical skill of man have been able to construct to pierce the depths of space, it becomes more evident that the infinitude of light teaches us the infinitude of God. Truly, God is ONE and undivided. He enfolds within His being all that is, as the white light embraces all colors. But he appears threefold in manifestation, as the white light is refracted in three primary colors: blue yellow, and red. Wherever we see these colors they are emblematical of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three primary rays of divine life are diffused or radiated through the Sun and produce Life, Consciousness, and Form upon each of the seven light-bearers, the planets, which are called "the Seven Spirits before the Throne." Their names are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. [PAGE 1295] Each of the seven planets receives the light of the Sun in a different measure, according to its proximity to the central orb and the constitution of its atmosphere, and the beings upon each, according to the stage of their development have affinity for some of the solar rays. They absorb the color or colors congruous to them, and reflect the remainder upon the other plan- ets. This reflected ray bears with it an impulse of the nature of the be- ings with which it has been in contact. Thus the divine Light and Life comes to each planet, either directly from the Sun, or reflected from its six sister planets, and as the summer breeze which has wafted over blooming fields carries upon its silent invisible wings the blended fragrance of a multitude of flowers, so also the subtle influences from the garden of God bring to us the commingled impulses of all the Spirits and in that varicolored light we live and move and have our be- ing. The rays which come directly from the Sun are productive of spiritual il- lumination, the reflected rays from other planets make for added conscious- ness and moral development, and the rays reflected by way of the Moon give physical growth. But as each planet can absorb only a certain quantity of one or more col- ors according to the general stage of evolution there, so each being upon Earth: mineral, plant, animal, and man, can absorb and thrive only upon a certain quantity of the various rays projected upon the Earth. The remain- der do not affect it or produce sensation, any more than the blind are conscious of the light and color which exist everywhere around them. [PAGE 1296] The white light of the Sun contains the seven colors of the spectrum. The occultist sees even twelve colors, there being five between red and violet--going one way around the circle--in addition to the red, orange, yellow, green, etc., of the visible spectrum. Four of these colors are quite indescribable, but the fifth--the middle one of the five--is similar to the tint of a new-blown peach blossom. It is in fact the color of the vital body. Trained clairvoyants who describe it as "bluish-gray," or "reddish-gray," etc., are trying to describe a color that has no equivalent in the Physical World: and they are therefore compelled to use the nearest descriptive terms afforded by our language. When the three primary colors are interblended, there appear four addi- tional colors, the three secondary colors: orange, green, purple, each due to the blending of two primary colors, and one color (indigo) which con- tains the entire gamut of colors, making in all the seven colors of the spectrum. (Red plus yellow gives orange; blue plus yellow gives green; blue plus red gives purple.) The color of Mars is red; of Venus, yellow; of mercury, violet; of the Moon, green; of the Sun, orange; of Jupiter, blue; of Saturn, indigo; of uranus, yellow. We may blend these colors in order to obtain help from them. As a matter of fact, it is the complementary color which is seen in the Desire World that produces the effect of the physical colors. If it is desired to restrain one whose Mars is too prominent, the gems, colors, and metals of Saturn will help, but if we want to help someone who is moody and [PAGE 1297] taciturn, we may use the gems, colors, and metals of Mars to advantage. In the Physical World red has the tendency to excite and energize, whereas green has a cooling and a soothing effect, but the opposite is true when we look at the matter from the viewpoint of the Desire World. There the complementary color is active, and has the effect upon our desires and emotions which we ascribe to the physical color. We speak of jealousy, which is engendered by impure love, as the green-eyed monster. Upon observing the auras of people, the trained clairvoyant notices the scarlet of anger, the gray and steel blue of fear, the darkish blue of worry, the red cloud of hate, the black veil of despair, etc. A tinge of soft sky-blue indicates hope, optimism, and a dawning religious feeling. Blue shows the highest type of spirituality, but the blue color does not ap- pear outside the dense body save in the very greatest of saints--only yellow is usually observable there. In primitive people the ground color of the aura is a dull red like the color of a slow burning fire, indicating their passionate, emotional nature. When we examine people upon a somewhat higher rung of the ladder of evolu- tion, the basic color or vibration radiated by them is seen to be of an o- range hue, the yellow of intellect mixed with the red of passion. The natural golden color is the Christ ray finding its chemical expression in the oxygen, a solar element, and as we advance upon the path of evolution those who are not professedly religious acquire a tinge of gold in their au- ras due to the higher altruistic impulses common to the West. [PAGE 1298] There is an intimate connection between color and tone; when a certain note is struck, a certain color appears simultaneously. In the heaven world color and sound are both present, but the tone is the originator of the color. Pythagoras spoke of the harmony of the spheres, and he did not use that expression simply as a poetical allusion. There is such a harmony. We are told by John that in the beginning was the Word...and without it was nothing made that was made. That was the creative fiat which first started the world into being. We hear of celestial music, for from the point of the heaven world, everything is first created in terms of sound which then molds concrete matter into the multitudinous forms which we see around us. Or- derly rhythmic sound is the builder of all that is--the creator and sustainer of all form. In the occultist's sphere of vision, the whole solar system is one vast musical instrument, spoken of in the Greek mythology as the "seven-stringed lyre of Apollo, the radiant sun god." As there are twelve semitones in the chromatic scale, so we have in the heavens, twelve signs of the zodiac, and as we have the seven keys or whole tones on the keyboard of the piano, we have seven planets. The signs of the zodiac may be said to be the sounding-board of the cosmic harp and the seven planets are the strings; they emit different sounds as they pass through the various signs, and therefore they influence mankind in diverse manner. Should the harmony fail for one single moment, should there be the slightest discord in that heav- enly band, this whole universe as such must crumble. For music can destroy [PAGE 1299] as well as build. This has been well proven by great musicians. For in- stance, the grandson of the immortal Felix Mendelssohn has for several years been experimenting with the power of sound in that direction. He has come to the conclusion that once we find the keynote of a building, bridge, or other structure, we may raze that structure to the ground by sounding that note sufficiently loud and long. Our supercilious smiles of bygone days when listening to the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho are no longer in place. The sound of the ram's horn undoubtedly struck the keynote of those walls which had been sen- sitized by the rhythmic tramp of his army in preparation for this final cli- max. The rhythmic tramp of many feet will destroy any bridge, and therefore soldiers are instructed to break step when crossing a bridge. Thus we may say that every planet gives out a keynote which is the sum total of all the noises upon it, blended and harmonized by the indwelling Planetary Spirit. That sound can be heard by the Spirit ear. As Goethe says: "The sun intones his ancient song Mid rival chant of brother spheres; His prescribed course he speeds along In thunderous ways, throughout the years." "Sound unto the spirit ear proclaims the new-born day is here; Rocky gates are creaking, rattling, Phoebus' wheels are rolling, singing-- What sound intense the light is bringing." [PAGE 1300] The invisible sound-vibrations have great power over concrete matter. They both build and destroy. If a small quantity of very fine powder is placed upon a brass or glass plate, and a violin bow drawn across the edge, the vibrations will cause the powder to assume beautiful geometrical fig- ures. The human voice is also capable of producing these figures; always the same figure for the same tone. If one note or chord after another be sounded upon a musical instrument--a piano, or preferably a violin, for from it more gradations of tone can be obtained--a tone will finally be reached which will cause the hearer to feel a distinct vibration in the back of the lower part of the head. Each time that note is struck, the vibration will be felt. That note is the keynote of the person whom it so affects. If it be sounded in a dominant way, loud and long enough, it will kill as surely as a bullet from a pistol. If, on the other hand, it is struck slowly and soothingly it will build and rest the body, tone the nerves and restore health. [PAGE 1301] SLEEP AND HEALTH: THE VALUE OF SLEEP: During the daytime the vital body specializes the colorless solar fluid which is all about us, through the organ we call the spleen. This vitality permeates the whole body and is seen by the clairvoyant as a fluid of a pale rose color, having been transmuted upon entering the physical body. It flows along every nerve, and when it is sent out by the brain centers in particularly large quantities it moves the muscles to which the nerves lead. The vital body may be said to be built of points which stick out in all directions, inward, outward, upward, and downward, all through the body, and each little point goes through the center of one of the chemical atoms, causing it to vibrate at a higher rate than its natural speed. This vital body interpenetrates the dense body from birth till death under all condi- tions except when, for instance, the blood circulation stops in a certain part, as when we rest a hand upon the edge of a table for some time and it "goes to sleep," as we say. Then, if clairvoyant, we may see the etheric hand as a glove, and the chemical atoms of the hand relapse into their natural slow rate of vibration. When we slap the hand to cause it to "wake up," as we say, the peculiar prickling sensation we feel is caused by the [PAGE 1302] points of the vital body which then re-enter the sleeping atoms of the hand and start them into renewed vibration. The vital body leaves the dense body in a similar manner when a person is dying. Drowning persons who have been resuscitated experience an intense agony caused by the entrance of these points, which they feel as a prickling sensation. During the daytime, when the solar fluid is being absorbed by the man in great quantities, these points of the vital body are blown out or distended, as it were, by the vital fluid, but as the day advances and poisons of decay clog the physical body more and more, the vital fluid flows less rapidly; in the evening there comes a time when the points in the vital body do not get a full supply of the life-giving fluid; they shrivel up and the atoms of the body move more sluggishly in consequence. Thus the Ego feels the body to be heavy, dull, and tired. At last there comes a time when, as it were, the vital body collapses and the vibrations of the dense atoms become so slow that the Ego can no longer move the body. It is forced to withdrawn in or- der that its vehicles may recuperate. Then we say the body has gone to sleep. Sleep is not an inactive state, however; if it were, there would be no difference in feeling in the morning and no restorative power in sleep. The vey word RESTORATION implies activity. When a building has become dilapidated from constant wear and tear and it is necessary to renovate and restore it, the tenants move out to give the workmen full play. For similar reasons the Ego moves out of its tenement at night. As the workmen work upon the building, to make it fit for [PAGE 1303] reoccupancy, so the Ego must work upon its building before it will be fit to re-enter. And such a work is done by us during the night time, although we are not conscious of it in our waking state. It is this activity which re- moves the poisons from the system, and as a result the body is fresh and vigorous in the morning when the Ego enters at the time of waking. HOW TO TREAT DISEASE DURING SLEEP: It has been asked if a person can be influenced in natural sleep as he can in hypnotic sleep, or if there is a difference. Yes, there is a differ- ence. In the natural sleep, the Ego, clothed in the mind and desire body, draws outside the physical body and usually hovers over the body, or at any rate remains close to it, connected by the silver cord, while the vital body and the dense body are resting upon the bed. It is then possible to influence the person by instilling into his brain the thoughts and ideas we wish to communicate. Nevertheless, we cannot then get him to do anything or to entertain any idea except that which is in line with his natural proclivities. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO COMMAND HIM TO DO ANY- THING AND TO ENFORCE OBEDIENCE, the same as it is when he has been driven out by the passes of the hypnotist, for it is the brain which moves the muscles, and during the natural sleep his brain is interpenetrated by his own vital body and he is in perfect control himself, while during the hyp- notic sleep the passes of the hypnotist have driven the ether of which his vital body is composed out of the brain, down to the shoulders of the vic- tim, where it lies around his neck and resembles the collar of a sweater. [PAGE 1304] The dense brain is then open to the ether from the hypnotist's vital body, which displaces that of the proper owner. Thus, IN THE HYPNOTIC SLEEP THE VICTIM HAS NO CHOICE WHATEVER AS TO THE IDEAS HE ENTERTAINS OR THE MOVEMENTS HE MAKES WITH HIS BODY, but in the ordinary sleep he is still a free agent. In fact, this method of suggestion during sleep is something which mothers will find extremely beneficial in treating refractory children, for if the mother will sit by the bed of the sleeping child, hold its hand, speak to it as she would speak when it is awake, instill into its brain ideas of such a nature as she would wish it to entertain, she will find that in the waking state many of these ideas will have taken root. Also in dealing with a per- son who is sick or is addicted to drink, if the mother, nurse, or others use this method, they will find it possible to instill hope and healing, materi- ally furthering recovery or aiding self-mastery. THE EFFECT OF HYPNOTIC SLEEP: From the occult viewpoint it is obviously wrong to try to cure a bad habit, such as drunkenness, by hypnotism. Looked at from the standpoint of one life, such methods as those employed by the healers of the Immanuel Movement, etc., are undoubtedly productive of an immense amount of good. The patient is seated in a chair, put into sleep and there he is given cer- tain so-called "suggestions." He rises and is cured of his bad habit; from being a drunkard he becomes a respectable citizen who cares for his wife and family, and upon the face of it the good seems to be undeniable. [PAGE 1305] But looking at it from the deeper standpoint of the occultist, WHO VIEWS THIS LIFE AS ONLY ONE IN MANY, and looking at it from the effect is has upon the invisible vehicles of man, the case is vastly different. When a man is put into a hypnotic sleep, the hypnotist makes passes over him which have the effect of expelling the ether from the head of his dense body and sub- stituting the ether of the hypnotist. The man is then under the perfect domination of another; he has no free will, and, therefore, the so-called "suggestions" are in reality COMMANDS which the victim has no choice but to obey. Besides, when the hypnotist withdraws his ether and wakens the victim he is unable to remove all the ether he put into him. To use a simile, as a small part of the magnetism infused into an electric dynamo before it can be started for the first time is left behind and remains as residual magnetism to excite the fields of the dynamo every time it is started up, so also there remains a small part of the ether of the hypnotist's vital body in the medulla oblongata of the victim, which is a club the hypnotist holds over him all his life, and it is due to this fact that suggestions to be carried out at a period subsequent to the awakening of the victim are invariably followed. Thus the victim of a hypnotic healer does not overcome the bad habit by his own strength, but is as much chained in that respect as if he were in solitary confinement, and although in this life he may seem to be a better citizen, when he returns to Earth in another embodiment he will have the same weakness and have to struggle until at last he overcomes it himself. [PAGE 1306] PROTECTIVE INFLUENCE: There are methods of protecting oneself from inimical influences, and it is better to be enlightened concerning things that threaten so that we may take whatever precautions are necessary to meet the emergency. When we live lives of purity, when our days are filled with service to God and to our fellow men, and with thoughts and actions of the highest no- bility, then we create for ourselves the GOLDEN WEDDING GARMENT, which is a radiant force for good. No evil is able to penetrate this armor, for the evil acts as a boomerang and recoils on the one who sent it, bringing to him the evil he wished others. It is a fact than an auric atmosphere surrounds every human being. We know that often we feel the presence of a person whom we do not see, and we feel it because there is this atmosphere outside of our dense bodies. This is gradually changing; gradually it is becoming more and more golden in the West. The farther we go with the Sun, the more this golden color increases--the color of the Christ and of the Christ-like, the saints whom painters have depicted with a halo. Gradually we are becoming more like Him, and this SOMA PSUCHICON or soul body is taking shape, is being made ready as our "Wedding Garment." But, alas, none of us are altogether good. We know only too well the war between the flesh and the Spirit. We cannot hide from ourselves the fact that like Paul, "the good that we would do, we do not, and the evil that we would shun, that we do." Far too often our good resolutions come to naught and we do wrong because it is easier. Therefore, we all have the nucleus [PAGE 1307] of evil within ourselves, which affords the open sesame for evil forces to work upon. For that reason it is best for us not to expose ourselves un- necessarily at places where seances are held with Spirits invisible to us, no matter how fine their teachings may sound to the unsophisticated. Nei- ther should we take part even as spectators at hypnotic demonstrations, for there also a negative attitude lays one liable to the danger of obsession. We should at all times follow the advice of Paul and put on the whole armor of God. We should be positive in our fight for the good against the evil and never let an occasion slip to aid the Elder Brothers by word or deed in the Great War for spiritual supremacy. 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