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Filename: "RC1014.TXT" Source: "Freemasonry & Catholicism" by Max Heindel [PAGE 407] THE MYSTERY OF MELCHISEDEC: Among all the characters mentioned in the Bible none is more mysterious than Melchisedec; said to be without father, mother, or earthly kin, and holding the dual office of king and priest. Paul in his epistle to the He- brews gives us most information showing the connection between Christ and Melchisedec, both of them Kings and High Priests, but of different dispensa- tions. "God who at sundry times and in diverse manners spake in times past unto the fathers by the Prophets has in these last days spoken unto us by His Son whom He has appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds. * * * No man taketh this honor unto himself but he that is called of God, as was Aaron. So also Christ glorified not Himself to be made a High Priest, but He that said unto Him `Thou art my Son, today have I begotten Thee.' As He saith also in another place, Thou art a Priest for The Age after the or- der of Melchisedec, who in the days of his flesh when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto Him that was able to save him from death and was heard in that He feared though He were [PAGE 408] a son, yet learned He obedience by the things He suffered; and being made perfect, He became author of eternal salvation unto all that obey Him; called of God a High Priest after the order of Melchisedec, of whom we have many things to say and hard to be uttered. * * * For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the Most High God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of kings and blessed him; to whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all, first being by interpretation king of righteousness and after that also king of Salem, which is king of peace; without father, without mother, without ancestors,having neither beginning of days nor end of life but made like unto the Son of God, abideth a priest continually. * * * And here men that die (the Levites) receive tithes, but there he receiveth them of whom it is witnessed the He liveth. * * * If, therefore, perfection were by the law and its priesthood what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec and not be called after the order of Aaron? * * * For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Judah of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning the priesthood. And it is yet far more evident for that after the similitude of Melchisedec there ariseth another priest who is made not after the law of carnal commandments but af- ter the power of an endless life, for he testifies `Thou are a priest for The Age, after the order of Melchisedec.' * * * By so much was Jesus made [PAGE 409] the surety of a better testament; * * * because He continueth ever and has an Age lasting priesthood; * * * for the law maketh men High Priests who have infirmities, but the Word of God which was since the law, maketh the Son who is consecrated for evermore. Now of the things which we have spoken this is the sum; we have such a high Priest who is yet on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the Heavens, a minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord made and not man. * * * Almost all things in the heavens should be purified with these, but the heavenly things themselves were better sacrifices than these, for Christ is not entered into the holy place made with hands which are the figures of the true, but into Heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us; * * * and now has He obtained a more excellent ministry by how much also He is mediator of a better covenant which was established upon better promises; for if the first covenant had been perfect then there should be no place for a second. But finding fault with the old He saith 'Behold the days come when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah, not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when [PAGE 410] I took them by the hand and led them out of the land of Egypt, because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, 'saith the Lord. * * * For this is the covenant that I will make to the House of Israel after those days, saith the Lord. `I WILL PUT MY LAWS INTO THEIR MINDS AND WRITE THEM IN THEIR HEARTS, and I will be to them a God and they shall be to me a people and THEY SHALL NOT TEACH EVERY MAN HIS NEIGHBOR and every man his brother saying, Know the Lord, for ALL SHALL KNOW ME FROM THE LEAST TO THE GREATEST.'" The foregoing quotations from Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews are not found there consecutively as here arranged. It is necessary to intelligently piece the Bible narrative together so that we may obtain an outline of the future development which has been sketched out by the divine Hierarchs to constitute our evolution. Comprehension of this plan is essential to the correct understanding of the Cosmic relationship of Freemasonry and Ca- tholicism; it is also necessary to fully appreciate the purpose of the Mol- ten Sea and to learn how to intelligently make this wonderful alloy. As Paul says, these things are hard to say, but we shall make an attempt to present the mysteries of Melchisedec and the Molten Sea in plain language so that we may aid in the expressed purpose of the Bible to enlighten all men, that all shall know from the least to the greatest what is the purpose of evolution, and thus give them a chance to align themselves with the trend of Cosmic events. [PAGE 411] To understand the mystery of Melchisedec we must revert to the earlier epochs of man's stay upon the earth during the age called the Hyperborean Epoch. The earth was then in an extremely heated condition. Man in the making was then double sexed, male-female, like so many of our present plants, and he also resembled the plants in being inert and lacking in de- sire and aspirations. At that time man was the tractable ward of the Divine Hierarchs who guided him physically, these being darkly referred to in the Bible as "Kings of Edom." Later, during the Lemurian Epoch, when the body of man had crystallized and condensed somewhat more, mankind was divided into sexes physically. But as the consciousness of man was still focused in the spiritual world they were unconscious of the physical act of generation, as we are now of digestion; neither did they know birth or death and were in fact totally unaware of the possession of a physical vehicle until in time they sensed it during the generative process; it was then said that "Adam KNEW Eve." At that time Lucifer Spirits, fallen Angels and inhabitants of the warlike planet Mars, taught them how to eat of the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, which is the symbolical name for the generative act. Thus by degrees their eyes were opened and they became aware of the physical world, but lost touch with the spiritual and the Guardian Angels who had previously been their be- nevolent guides. Only a few of the most spiritual among them retained their higher vision and communion with the Divine Hierarchs. These were then [PAGE 412] known as prophets, who acted as messengers between the invisible divine leaders and their respective peoples. But in time mankind desired to select its own leaders and demanded visible kings; at least we know that the Israelites repudiated the divine ruler ship and demanded a king, and thus Saul was appointed. Then the dual office of Ruler and Priest, including temporal and spiritual leadership, was also divided, for no man sufficiently versed in worldly matters to fill the office of king effi- ciently, had been found holy enough to also undertake the spiritual lead- ership of his brethren, and vice versa. A true priest, able to lead his flock spiritually, cannot also beneficiently dominate their physical for- tunes as ruler of a temporal domain. For as STATECRAFT, in its highest phase, aims to rule the masses with an eye single to their physical welfare, and PRIESTCRAFT, benevolently exercised, seeks to guide them solely for the soul's progress, so conflict must of necessity follow this separation, even though both the spiritual and temporal rulers be actuated by the highest and most unselfish motives. Melchisedec was the symbolical name of the divine Hierarchs who filled the dual office of king and priest; in the guidance of their double-sexed charges and while they reigned there was peace on earth, but as soon as the offices of king and priest were divorced and the sexes divided, it is not surprising for the reasons given above that the peaceful reign of Melchisedec has been followed by an age of war and strife, such [PAGE 413] strife as has been experienced during the present dispensation. Formerly the unifying factors of a dual office in the ruler and the double sex of his people precluded the clashing of interests which now obtains, and which will continue until another divine ruler shall present himself to embody within in his own person the qualifications of the dual office of king and priest after the order of Melchisedec, and until sex generation be abolished. In this connection it is significant that the Bible narrative begins in the Garden of Eden, where mankind were male-female and innocent; then in the next chapter we are told of the division of sexes, the transgression of the command not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, and the infliction of the penalty--painful parturition and swift death. From then on the Old Testa- ment tells of war, struggle and strife and in the last chapter makes the prophecy that there shall a Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings. Then the New Testament opens with an account of the birth of Christ, who proclaimed a kingdom of heaven which is to be established. He is later called King and Priest after the order of Melchisedec, uniting within him- self THE DUAL OFFICE. It is also said that in heaven there will be neither marrying nor giving in marriage, for the SOMA PSUCHICON, or soul-body, which Paul tells us is the vehicle we shall use in the kingdom of heaven (First Corinthians, fifteenth chapter), is not liable to death and decay. Thus there will be no death, and birth of bodies like those generated in wedlock [PAGE 414] would be superfluous, for Paul tells us that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Hence marriage will be unnecessary, the clashing of in- terests due to the lust of sex and the love of power will then disappear and the love of souls will be hallowed by the spirit of peace. Thus it is plain that the Sons of Cain with their followers, the CRAFTS- MEN, and the Sons of Seth with their retinue, the CHURCHMEN, must finally merge and be unified in the Kingdom of Christ. We have already seen how Hiram Abiff, the Widow's Son, left his father, the Lucifer Spirit Samael, after the BAPTISM OF FIRE in the Molten Sea, and how he received the mission to prepare the way for the kingdom among the Sons of Cain, his brethren, by developing their arts and crafts as temple builders--Masons-- and teaching them the preparation of the Philosopher's Stone or Molten Sea. Thus also the physically negative Sons of Seth must learn to leave their father, Jeho- vah, and naturally the first to take the step must be a great soul. As the superlative skill of the Sons of Cain was focused in Hiram Abiff at the time of his baptism of fire, so the sublime spirituality of the Sons of Seth was centered in Jesus at the time of His BAPTISM IN THE WATERS of Jordan. When He arose from this water He was in the same position as Hiram emerging from the fire; each had left his father respectively, Jehovah and Samael, and each was ready to serve the Christ. Therefore the Christ Spirit [PAGE 415] was seen at the Baptism to descend upon Jesus' body, which was inhabited and used by Christ during His ministry. Jesus himself, the spirit, left that body and was given a mission to serve the churches while his body was being used for direct teaching by the Christ, and his blood was being prepared as an OPEN SESAME to the Kingdom of God, a Panacea to be used by His brethren, the Sons of Seth, in the same manner that the Molten Sea serves the Sons of Cain. In the Epistle of the Hebrews where Paul gives us a few hints concerning the Mystery of Melchisedec in the character of High Priest, he emphasized the absolute necessity of blood as an adjunct to the Temple Service; he show how the High Priest was required to offer blood for his own sins before he was qualified to give sacrifice also for sins of the people, and that this double sacrifice must be performed year after year. He points to the sacri- fice upon Golgotha as having been made ONCE AND FOR ALL, providing a way of atonement through the blood of Jesus. During the regime of Jehovah, the blood of humanity had become impregnated with egotism, which is the separa- tive factor in this age. From this sin it must be cleansed before mankind can be united and enter the Kingdom of Christ. This was a gigantic task, for humanity had become so impregnated with selfishness that scarcely anyone would do another a favor. Hence the post-mortem panorama, of life at the time of Christ contained nothing that would give a life in the First Heaven [PAGE 416] or make for spiritual progress. Almost all the post-mortem existence of the people was spent in the purgatorial expiration of their wrong-doings, and even their Second Heaven life, where man learns to do creative work was al- most barren. Then Solomon, the King, was again called into the arena of life to perform a mission for the benefit and welfare of his brethren, the Sons of Seth; he was peculiarly fitted for this work because at heart he was unselfish as shown by the request which he made at the time when Jehovah ap- peared to him in a dream and asked what he would have as a gift when he as- cended the throne. Solomon then said unto God "Thou hast shown great mercy unto David my father and hath made me to reign in his stead now; now, O Lord, let thy promise unto David my father be established, for Thou hast made me king over a people like the dust of the earth in multitude. GIVE ME NOW WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE, that I may go out and come in before this people, for who can judge Thy people that is so great?" And God said to Solomon: "Because this was in thine heart and thou hast not asked riches, wealth or honor, nor the life of thine enemies, neither hast ye asked long life, but hast asked wisdom and knowledge for thyself that thou mayest judge my people over whom I have made thee king, wisdom and knowledge is granted unto thee, and I will give thee riches and wealth and honor such as none of the kings [PAGE 417] have had that have been before thee, neither shall there any after thee have the like." It was this characteristic of unselfishness developed in former lives that fitted the spirit of Solomon which inhabited the body of Jesus for the high mission it was destined to fulfill; to serve as a vehicle for the uni- fying unselfish Christ Spirit, for the purpose of bringing to an end the di- vision between the Sons of Seth and the Sons of Cain and uniting them in the Brotherhood forming the kingdom of heaven. When Faust made the pact with Mephistopheles, as recorded in the ancient soul-myth of that name, he was about to sign it in ink but Mephisto says: "No, sign it in blood." For this request Faust asks the reason and Mephistopheles says knowingly and cunningly "BLOOD IS A MOST PECULIAR ES- SENCE!" It is said in the Bible that the blood of bulls and calves will not take away sins and that is reasonable, but how then about the blood of Jesus, which is extolled as a panacea? To understand this great mystery of Golgotha it is necessary to study the composition and the function of the flood from the occult point of view. When blood is placed under a microscope, it appears as a number of minute globules or discs, but when seen by the trained clairvoyant as it courses through the living body blood is found to be a gas, a spiritual essence. The heat is caused by the Ego which is within that blood, for as the Bible says, the LIFE is in the blood. Mephisto was right when he said that it is [PAGE 418] a most peculiar essence, for it contains the Ego, and whoever wants to obtain a power over the Ego must have his blood. The human Ego is more powerful than the group spirit of the animal, as we can see when we apply the scientific test known as haemolysis. Strange blood of a higher animal will kill, if inoculated into the veins of a lower species; if we take human blood and inject it into an animal, the animal will be unable to endure the high vibration that is in the blood of the hu- man being and it will die. On the other hand a human being may be in- oculated with the blood of a lower animal without injury. In ancient times it was strictly forbidden anyone belonging to one tribe to marry into an- other tribe because it was known then by the leaders of humanity that the strange blood would kill something; it always does. We read that Adam and Methuselah lived so many centuries; at that time it was the custom to marry in the family, marry as closely as possible, so that the tie of blood might be as strong as it could be made. Then the blood that coursed through the veins of the people in that family contained the pictures of all that had happened to the different ancestor; these were stored in the mind which is now subconscious. Then they were consciously and constantly before the in- ner vision of all people, and each family was united by this common blood wherein the pictures of their ancestors lived. The sons saw the life of [PAGE 419] their fathers, and thus the fathers lived in the sons; and since the con- sciousness of Adam and Methuselah and the other Patriarchs lived for centu- ries in their descendants, they were said to live personally. It was then as great a crime to marry OUTSIDE the family as it now is to marry within. Even among the early Norsemen, we learn that if anyone wanted to marry within a strange family, he was first obliged to mix blood; it must first be tested to see whether his blood would mix with that of the family into which he desired to marry. And thus haemolysis was known to many in some of its phases at least. If the blood did not mix, it would bring about "CONFUSION OF CASTE," as the Hindu says; a straight line of descent must be kept, for otherwise those pictures in the inner vision would become mixed and would be confused. This marrying in the family or tribe was what engen- dered the selfishness, the clannishness, and the struggle and strife of the world. To break these up, the practice must be discontinued; thus when Christ came He advocated the discontinuance of the practice when He said: "Before Abraham was, I AM." In effect He said: I do not care for the race father, but I glory in the I Am, the Ego that was long before he was. And He also said: "Who does not leave father and mother cannot follow Me." As long as you are tied to the family, the nation, the tribe, you are siding with the old blood, the old ways, and cannot amalgamate into a universal [PAGE 420] brotherhood. That can only come when people marry internationally because when there are so many nations the way to unite them is through marriage. Let Abraham, the race and tribe father, die; let the "I AM" LIVE. Christ knew the occult fact that the mixture of blood in international marriage al- ways kills something; if it does not kill the body, it kills something else. If we mate a horse and a donkey, the outcome is a HYBRID, the mule; in that mule something is missing on account of the mixture of strange blood, namely, the faculty of propagation which is lacking in all hybrids. Similarly when we marry internationally something else is destroyed and that is the pictures in the inner vision. The different pictures of different families clash. And so the clairvoyance, the touch with the spiritual world, with the memory of Nature, has waned since the practice of marrying in the tribe was broken up. The Highland Scot who marries in the clan and the gypsies alone retain this second sight in a measure. Thus we see that the blood is now differently constituted from what it was in the earlier ages of human evolution. The body of Jesus was a pioneer vehicle of super- lative purity at the time when the Christ Spirit entered it, as a means of ingress to the center of the earth by the identical path which he jumped into the Molten Sea and was conducted along the path of Initiation to the center of the earth where Cain, his ancestor, dwelt. [PAGE 421] This journey of Christ is recorded in I Peter 3:18-19 after Christ had been freed from the flesh by the violent death on Golgotha. When anyone is killed, the venous blood with its impurities clings closely to the flesh, and therefore the arterial blood which flows is distinctly cleaner than it would otherwise be; it is more free from passion and desire. And being etherealized by the great Christ Spirit, THE CLEANSED BLOOD OF JESUS OVER- FLOWED THE WORLD, PURIFIED THE ETHERIC REGION OF SELFISHNESS TO A GREAT EX- TENT, and gave man a better chance to draw to himself materials which will allow him to form altruistic purposes and desires. Thus the age of altruism was there inaugurated. By faith in this blood, and by imitation of the Christ Life the Sons of Seth are therefore provided with a means of purging from themselves the curse of selfishness; while the Sons of Cain were given the emblem of the ROSE AND THE CROSS to teach them to work faithfully to make the Molten Sea, the Philosopher's Stone, and to find the NEW WORD which shall admit them to the kingdom, for they believe more in works than in faith. The accompanying chart shows graphically the three Ages mentioned in this article: (1) THE FIRST AGE, when each human being was a complete creative unit, male-female, double sexed, and ruled by one Hierarch, Melchisedec, who filled a dual office as King and Priest. (2) THE SECOND AGE, when the division of the race into men and women, [PAGE 422] EVOLUTION UNDER HUMAN AND SUPERHUMAN RULERS ----------------|---------------------------------|------------------------- LEMURIAN EPOCH | ATLANTEAN & ARYAN EPOCHS | NEW GALILEE ----------------|---------------------------------|------------------------- HUMANITY WAS | | DOUBLE-SEXED | TEMPORAL POWERS | ABOLITION OF SEX MALEFEMALE /------------------------------\ | FINDING THE WORD EACH BEING A / KING INITIATES \ THE WORD BECOMES COMPLETE |PHREE MESSEN [Children of Light] | FLESH CREATIVE UNIT | INITIATION BY FIRE [LIGHT] | ----------------| |---------------------| |------------------------- MELCHISEDEC: | MALE IDEAL | CHRIST: KING & PRIEST | HIRAM ABIFF | KING & PRIEST JUST & HOLY |---------------------| JUST & HOLY RECEIVED | VIRGIN MARY | BAPTISM OF SPIRIT SACRIFICE | FEMALE IDEAL | ----------------| |---------------------| |------------------------- DIVINE RULER | PRIESTS--BRAHMINS--LEVITES | DIVINE RULER OVER A OVER HUMAN | INITIATION BY WATER [BAPTISM] | PURGED HUMANITY CALLED BROTHERHOOD \ / ABRAHAM'S SEED DWELLING TYPIFIED BY \-------------------------------/ IN THE NEW JER-U-SALEM ABRAHAM | ECCLESIASTICAL POWERS | WHICH MEANS MELCHISEDEC IS | | THERE SHALL BE PEACE CALLED KING OF |DIVISION INTO RACES--NATIONS-- | SALEM [PEACE] | SECTS | AND PEACE |HENCE THERE IS WAR--OPPRESSION-- | PREVAILED | SLAVERY | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SATURN PERIOD | UNITY AND DIVERSITY | VULCAN PERIOD POLARIAN EPOCH | LOVE AND HATE | KINGDOM OF GOD [1] HEAT |---------------------------------| [7] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUN PERIOD VENUS PERIOD HYPERBOREAN EPOCH NEW GALILEE [2] FIRE [6] BROTHERHOOD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOON PERIOD [3] FIRE--MALE SEX--STATE [5] JUPITER PERIOD LEMURIAN EPOCH WATER--FEMALE SEX--CHURCH ARYAN EPOCH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- EARTH PERIOD FIRE/MALE--AIR/NATIONS ATLANTEAN EPOCH END OF INVOLUTION WATER/FEMALE--EARTH/RACES BEGINNING OF EVOLUTION [4] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [PAGE 423] and the division of the rulership into State and Church caused war and strife. THE STATE espouses the cause of FATHERHOOD AND MAN and upholds the male ideal of Arts, Crafts and Industry, embodied in Hiram Abiff. THE CHURCH espouses the cause of MOTHERHOOD AND WOMAN and holds aloft the female ideal of love, and hearth and home embodied in the Madonna and her child. It is the conflicting interests of the man and the woman, the home and the shop, the Church and the State, which cause the economic struggle, the war and the strife with which mankind is cursed and which make all long and pray for the reign of peace. (3) THE THIRD AGE, when a divine Christ, who, like Melchisedec, shall fill the dual office of King and Priest, and shall rule over a urged and glorified humanity, which has risen from sex-love to soul-love. [PAGE 424] SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY: When we expose a piece of iron to the air, the oxygen contained in the latter element oxidizes the iron and in time disintegrates it. This process is commonly known as rusting. The blood comes in contact with the air every time it passes through the lungs, and as a needle is drawn to a magnet, so does the oxygen of the inspired air coalesce with the iron the blood. A process of combustion takes place, which is similar to the rusting or oxida- tion we observed in the iron exposed to the air. The ether contained in the dense fibre of wood, after the latter has un- dergone combustion in a stove, passes outwards through the iron in the form of semi-invisible heat-waves vibrating at different velocities according to the degree of heat in the furnace. So the spiritual vibration generated by the combustion of oxygen and iron in our physical bodies, passes outwards and colors our invisible vehicles according to their vibratory pitch. Low vibrations are seen as red, the higher are yellow, and the highest blue. Experience has taught us that combustible material may be placed in a fur- nace and all conditions necessary to combustion may be present but that [PAGE 425] until the match is applied the materials remain unconsumed. Those who have studied the laws of combustion know also that a forced draft carries with it great quantities of oxygen which is necessary to obtain heat from fuel con- taining much mineral. The reason for this condition lies in the fact that minerals, being the lowest in the scale of evolution, vibrate at a corre- spondingly slower rate than the plant, animal or man. It requires a maximum effort to raise their vibrations to such a pitch that combustion may liber- ate their spiritual essence, and oxygen is the accelerator in this process. Were the same amount of oxygen supplied to good vegetable fuel, which naturally vibrates at a higher rate than mineral, the furnace would be in danger of destruction because of the intensity of the heat generated. A similar process takes place within the body, which is the temple of the spirit; this is the flame which kindles the inner fire and generates the spiritual product which passes outwards from all warm-blooded creatures as heat radiates from a stove. (Cold-blooded creatures are so low in the scale of evolution that they have as yet no life WITHIN themselves but are worked upon by the group-spirit from without entirely and it is the group-spirit which generates the life-giving currents responsible for the animation in these creatures; these currents pass INWARDS to sustain the nascent life un- til it shall be able to respond and begin to send currents outwards from [PAGE 426] itself.) These radiant lines of force emanating invisibly to the physical sight from our dense bodies are our aura, as already stated, and while the color of each individual's aura differs from that of all other individuals there is nevertheless a basic or ground color showing its status in the scale of evolution. In primitive people this ground color is a dull RED like the color of a slow burning fire, indicating their passionate, emotional na- ture. When we examine people upon a somewhat higher rung of the ladder of evolution, the basic color or vibration radiated by them is seen to be of an ORANGE hue, the yellow of intellect mixed with the red of passion. By the spiritual alchemy unconsciously performed by them as they travel along the path of progress and learn to make their emotions subservient to mind a mea- sure, through many experiences in the school of life, they are gradually freeing themselves from bondage to the martial Lucifer Spirits and the War God Jehovah, whose colors are scarlet and red; also by obeying consciously or unconsciously the unifying altruistic Christ Spirit whose vibrations pro- duce a YELLOW color which is thus mingling with the red and will gradually obliterate it. The golden aureole painted by the artists gifted with spiritual sight around holy men is a physical representation of a spiritual promise which applies to Humanity as a whole, though it has only been real- ized by a few who are called Saints. After lives of battle with their pas- sions, after patient persistence in well-doing, high aspirations ans stead- [PAGE 427] fast adherence to lofty purposes these people have raised themselves above the red ray and are now entirely imbued with the golden Christ ray and its vibration. This spiritual fact has been embodied by mediaeval artists gifted with spiritual sight, in their pictures of saints whom they represent as surrounded by a golden aureole, indicating their emancipation from the power of the Lucifer Spirits of Mars who are the fallen angels, as well as from Jehovah and His angels, who belong to an earlier stage of evolution and are warders of national and race religions. The Lucifer spirits find ex- pression in the iron in our blood. Iron is a Mars metal, difficult to start into high vibration, so difficult that it takes many lives of great effort to change the product of its combustion to the golden color which designates the Saint. When that has been achieved, the greatest feat of alchemy has been performed; THE BASE METAL HAS BEEN CHANGED TO GOLD, the wonderful alloy of the Molten Sea has been made from the dross of the earth. All that then remains is to "PULL THE PLUGS" and pour it. The natural golden color is the Christ ray finding its chemical expression in the oxygen, a solar element, and as we advance upon the path of evolution towards Universal Brotherhood even those who are not professedly religious acquire a tinge of gold in their auras due to the higher altruistic impulses common to the West. Paul speaks of this as "Christ being formed IN YOU," for when we have learned to mix the alloy by spiritual lives, when we vibrate to the same pitch as He, [PAGE 428] we are Christ-like, ready, as said, to pull the plugs of the crucibles and to pour the Molten Sea. Christ was liberated on the cross through spiritual centers located where the nails are said to have been driven, and else- where. And one who has prepared the Molten Sea is also instructed by the Teacher how to pull the plugs and soar into the higher spheres or, as the Masonic saying is, to "TRAVEL IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES." This is in harmony with the dictum of Christ that to become His disciple one must leave father and mother. That is one of the hard sayings of the Gospel and generally misunderstood because it is taken to refer to our physical father and mother in the present life, whereas in the esoteric point of view something very different was intended. To get the idea let us once more call to mind that the Lucifer spirits by the introduction of iron into the system made it possible for the human ego to become an INDWELLING spirit, but continued oxidation of the blood renders the body undesireable as a habitation in time and death ensues. Therefore, though the Lucifer spirits helped us into the body, they are also truly angels of death, and the progeny of Samael and Eve are subject thereto as well as the children begotten by her and Adam, for all are flesh. The Sun is the center of life and rules the life-giving gas we know as oxygen which coalesces with the martial iron. Therefore, Christ, the Lord of the Sun, is also the Lord of Life, and when by spiritual alchemy as has [PAGE 429] been explained, we become like Him, we are immortal and thus we leave our father Samael and our mother Eve, and DEATH HAS NO MORE DOMINION OVER US. That does not mean that death may not happen to the body of such people, but the body entirely under their control, and a body used by such people usu- ally lasts for many hundreds of years unless it becomes expedient to take another one. Then by the same process of spiritual alchemy they are able to create an adult body for themselves and to leave the old body which they de- sire to discard for the new one which they have made previously and fitted to serve their purpose. The question will now probably arise in the reader's mind: "How can an Initiate create such a new adult body, ready to wear, before he relinquishes his old one?" The answer to this question in- volves an understanding of the law of assimilation, but it should be said in the first place that no one who has just become aware of the spiritual world and perhaps learned to function in the soul-body only recently is capable of performing this feat. This requires a vastly more spiritual development, and only those who are very high in the scale of initiation at our present time are able to perform the feat. The method is, however, said to be as follows: When food is taken into the body of anyone, be he Adept or ignoramus, the law of assimilation is that he must first overpower each particle and con- form it to himself; he must subdue and conquer the individual cell life [PAGE 430] before it can become part of his body. When this has been done, the cell will stay with him for a longer or shorter time according to the constitu- tion and place in evolution of the life that dwells within it. The cell composed of tissue that has once been incorporated in an animal body and in- terpenetrated by a desire body has the most evolved cell life, therefore this life quickly reasserts itself and leaves the body into which it has been temporarily assimilated. Hence one who lives upon a flesh diet must replenish his food supply very often; such material would therefore be un- suitable for the purpose of building a body that has to wait for some time before the Adept enters it. Food consisting of vegetables, fruits and nuts, particularly when these are ripe and fresh, is interpenetrated by a great deal of the ether which composes the vital body of the plant. These are much easier to subdue and to incorporate into the polity of the body, also they stay much longer there before the individual cell life can assert it- self. Therefore the Adept who wished to build a body ready to wear before he leaves the old one, naturally builds it of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts, taking them into the body which he uses daily where they become sub- jected to his will, a part of himself. The soul-body of such a man is naturally very large and powerful; he separates a part of that and makes a mould or matrix into which he may build each day physical particles superfluous to the nourishment of the body he is [PAGE 431] using. Thus by degrees, having assimilated a considerable surplus of new material, he may also draw upon the vehicle he is wearing for material that can be incorporated in the new body. So in the course of some time he gradually transmutes one body into the other, and when the point is reached where emaciation of the old body would be observable to the outside world and cause comment, he would have balanced matters so that the new body is ready to wear, and he can step out of the old into the new. But he does not do that merely for the purpose of living in the same community. It is pos- sible for him by reason of his great knowledge to use the same body for many centuries in such a manner that it would still seem young, for there is no wear and tear upon it such as we ordinary mortals cause by our passions, emotions and desires. But when he does create a new body it is always, as far as the writer knows, for the purpose of leaving the environment in which he is at that time and taking up his work in a new place. It is by reason of this fact that we hear of men like Cagliostro, Saint Germain and others who one day appeared in a certain environment, took up an important work and then disappeared. Nobody knew whence they had come or whither they had gone, but everybody that knew these people was ready to testify to their re- markable qualities, whether for the purpose of vilification or praise. This transition of the Adept from the dominion of death to the realm of immortal- ity was foreshadowed in the daring leap of Hiram Abiff, the Grand Master- [PAGE 432] Workman of Solomon's Temple, into the seething sea of molten metal and his passage through the NINE arch-like strata of the earth which form the path of initiation; also in the baptism of Jesus and the subsequent descent from Golgotha into the subterranean region where his vital body is still kept awaiting the day of final egress of the Christ Spirit at the second advent. In our next chapter we shall follow Hiram Abiff along this path of ini- tiation to the embodiment he wore at the time of Christ's appearance upon the earth, showing where and how he received the new initiation. Continued with file "RC1015.TXT" End of File


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