MASONIC Digest Thursday, 16 Nov 1989 Volume 1 : Issue 1 Today's Topics: Genesis of a new m

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MASONIC Digest Thursday, 16 Nov 1989 Volume 1 : Issue 1 Today's Topics: Genesis of a new mailing list. Doings in Connecticut Pledge of Allegiance Send all submissions and requests to MASONIC digest is moderated. Please remember: THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM - YOU MUST ASSUME THAT MANY READERS ARE NON-MASONS. Please include a relevant subject line. If you require anonymity, say so at the top of your message (and give a nom-de-net). All contributions remain the property (copyright 1989), and responsibility of the authors, and may not be diseminated beyond the list without their express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Date: 14 Nov 1989 12:00 EDT Subject: Birth of a notion. This is the first issue of MASONIC digest. I'm running this list from a VAX running VMS, so the regular digest software is unavailable. As a result, it may crash any de-digestification software you may be using. Due to my inability to create a mailing alias, all mail will have to be sent to my personal mailbox ( for the moment. This may change when I gain access to a UN*X machine here. I'm mailing this out to 23 addresses, in the US, Canada, and Britain. If you have not yet sent me an address confirmation note, please do so as soon as possible. To forstall some expected questions. 1. Yes, I'm a Master Mason. I'm Senior Steward in Wilder Lodge, Leominster MA, and will be starting the York Rite in January. 2. This is an open forum. There is no way (short of requiring each member to mail me a copy of his dues card) that I can confirm the Masonic status of anyone on this list, and each issue potentially passes (unenciphered) through every machine on the internet. Take due notice that non-Masons are reading, and govern yourself accordingly. 3. This forum is moderated. I will not pass on any message which contains or purports to contain material I am obliged to conceal, or which I believe members of other orders are obliged to conceal. Within that restriction, I will be as liberal as possible. Postings from non-Masons are welcome. So is criticism of Masonry, as long as it is reasoned and in good taste. I retain the right to cut off postings from any person who becomes offensively repetitive or repetitively offensive, IMAO. 4. I have chosen a digest format because it reduces the required resources and it allows me to group related messages. I decided not to go for an USENET newsgroup since (a) many potential readers are not on USENET, (b) I could not moderate such a group, not being directly on USENET, and (c) mailing lists tend to be quieter in tone and more reasoned than newsgroups, since one must actively seek them out. (d) I have no idea if there is enough interest to start one. Postings should be sent out at least weekly, more often if justified by volume. 5. In many places around the world, masons are far more discreet than in the US, and in some countries Masonry is actually banned. For this reason, I have decided to permit anonymous contributions. If you wish to post anonymously, you must say so at the very top of your message, and include a "nom de net" so others may keep track of your submissions. I will strip off identifying headers (please help by not including .signature files). 6. Why am I doing this? When I first gained access to netnews a year ago, I looked for this group, and could not find it. The only mentions of Masonry on the net were occasional critical mentions in the religion groups, and bizarre theories in alt.conspiracy. I finally realized that the only way I could get what I wanted would be to start it myself. I also feel our Fraternity needs a slightly higher profile and I've been inspired by the success of the Masonic NOTES file at DEC. The goal of this list is twofold: (a): Fellowship. Freemasons like to visit with each other, and this is a way for us to visit electronicaly, regardless of distance. (b) Education. We have much to tell each other about the state of the Craft in different parts of the world, and more importantly, much to tell non-Masons. There seems to be no other source of informed answers about Masonry available to the general net-public. I'd like input from readers as to what they feel this lists role should be. Remember that we cannot create a secure environment for discussion of esoterica. 7. I have distributed my announcment to a restricted set of newsgroups: misc.misc,news.groups,news.announce.newgroups,soc.misc, and I've also mailed notices to Gene Spafford's and Rich Zellich's mailing-lists lists. Do you have any other suggestions for publicising the lists existence? Feel free to pass on this issue to anyone who you think may be interested. fraternally, Peter Trei Moderator and now a couple posts to get the ball rolling... ------------------------------ From: Date: 16 Nov 1989 Subject: Interesting rumor from Connecticut I recently heard that the Grand Lodge of Connecticut and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut have agreed to mutual recognition. This would allow fraternal visitation, but not cross- affiliation. Can anyone confirm/deny this, or add more details? -pt ------------------------------ From: Date: 16 Nov 1989 Subject: Should we pledge allegiance in lodge? I have always felt that Masonry should strive to be a world-wide fraternity, existing outside of nationalism. In many American lodges, the opening includes a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance while facing the US flag. I have often wondered how this strikes visiting brethren from other countries, and if it is a practice we should continue. After all, it's hardly a landmark. -pt ------------------------------ End of MASONIC Digest *********************


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