MASONIC Digest Friday, 21 August 1992 Volume 4 : Issue 13 Today's Topics: University lodge

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MASONIC Digest Friday, 21 August 1992 Volume 4 : Issue 13 Today's Topics: University lodges. (Gary Dryfoos) Intro, and Digest Topics. (Todd Williams) Re: Is now the right time to join? (Vic Hamburger) Re: Wine in toasts. (Jim Thomas Park, Jr.) (Harold G. Peach Jr.) (Alex Hart) (Peter Trei) Prince Hall composition? / exclusive jurisdictions. (Randy Burns) The Supposed Universal Hospitality of Lodges. (Paul Rich) New "Scottish" lodge in DC (Brian Naylor) Graying of the Lodge, and Social leveling. (Todd Williams) Societal-leveling and Masonry (Michael Chaplin) Initiation Fees and Dues. (Stuart Lewis) Papal Encyclicals. (William H. Magill) Skull and bones? (William H. Magill) Re: Funerals. (Alex Hart) Re: VSL (Peter Trei) SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) (Alex Hart) Masonry on Prodigy and Compuserve. (Stuart Lewis) Washington's inaugural Bible (William H. Magill) Cyberden BBS, various topics. (Leonardo Stevenson) Masonic tidbits from usenet. (Peter Trei) Send all submissions and requests to MASONIC digest is moderated. Please remember: THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM: YOU MUST ASSUME THAT MANY READERS ARE NON-MASONS. Please include a relevant subject line. If you require anonymity, say so at the top of your message (and give a nom-de-net). All contributions remain the property (copyright 1992), and responsibility of the authors. My own comments remain mine (Copyright 1992 Peter Trei), and represent only my views at the time of posting - not neccesarily those of my employer, or of any Grand Lodge. Back issues are available, as are a few standard pamphlets, either directly from me or via anonymous ftp to site ============================================================================== Subject: Administrivia From: Peter Trei VERY long issue this time - does it cause problems for anyone? I'm mailing it out after hours (15 Mbytes of mail is more than I'm willing to inflict on the local net at peak). Coincidentally, several articles touch on the subject of some lodges and bodies acting in an (often unmasonic) exclusive manner. Peter ============================================================================== From: dryfoo@Athena.MIT.EDU Subject: University lodges. Date: Thu, 06 Aug 92 13:59:08 EDT >[PT mentions the MIT and Harvard lodges as examples of specialized lodges.] 1) Don't forget Boston University. They are the 3rd university lodge in the Hub. 2) Not as specialized as you'd think. At the MIT Lodge (Richard C. MacLaurin) the head of the Lowell Institute sits next to a campus groundskeeper. (Isn't that just so... so *Kipling*!) -- Gary [ PT: Try looking through the English lists for *many* examples of ] [ specialized lodges. ] ============================================================================== Date: 6 Aug 1992 09:47:04 U From: "Todd Williams" Subject: Intro, and Digest Topics. Thank you for your introductory message. I don't know if you maintain any sort of resume of those with whom you correspond, but I will provide the following for your interest. I joined the DeMolay in 1966 in Chula Vista, California. I spent several years associated with the New York Chapter, Order of DeMolay (#23?) meeting on the nineteenth floor of the Masonic Building in NYC while I attended Kings Point ('68-'72). I was raised in Anaheim 207, meeting in Anaheim California in 1973(?). I am currently Senior Steward in Santa Cruz #38, in Santa Cruz California, Associate Patron in Santa Cruz Redwoods #273, Order of the Eastern Star, and President of the Paradise Park Masonic Club. I am also a member (although not particularly active) of Burlingame Scottish Rite (Redwood City, CA) and Islam Shrine (San Francisco, CA). It would seem things like local calendars/trestleboards might be a bit to local to have national interest, but would human interest stories like having eight members of the same family being initiated into the OES, on one night be to far afield? Or are you more interested in comments on things like the video tape "The Unseen Journey" published by a grand lodge somewhere in the mid-west (Kansas?) Thanks, Todd Williams [ PT: I myself was raised in Courland-Centennial #763, which meets in ] [ the Colonial Room on the 16th floor of the GL of New York. If you ever] [ get back east, do visit the building - they completed redecoration a ] [ few years ago and it glows like to jewel inside. I've also visited ] [ Redwood City #168. ] [ ] [ Any specialized publication has to strike a balance between ] [ articles for people new to a topic, and articles for those who are ] [ already well-informed. I try not to repeat introductory info too ] [ often, and am starting to mail relevant backissues in response to ] [ questions. (I really should try to do a good FAQ). Occasional 'human ] [ interest' stories are certainly welcome, as would a review of 'Unseen ] [ Journey'. ] ============================================================================== Date: Thu, 6 Aug 92 10:35:58 PDT From: Vic Hamburger Subject: Re: Is now the right time to join? Peter, Thanks for the details on the Washington Street maps, I had a very complete map but it was hard to be sure what might/might not be a real effort at laying out any symbols. Interesting comments on when/how/where to join a lodge. Let me tell you my experiance. Dad was a member of Norfolk lodge from '43 to his death in '73. When I was closing in on age 21, I was in college in W.VA. and mentioned to dad that I was interested in joining. NEEDLESS to say, the inquiry and investigation was quick, painless, and superfluous! Dad had been Master in '48 and was a very active member for years prior to my joining. I was voted on the month before my 21st birthday, and was ready to receive my EA degree when I arrived home in June, a few weeks after my 21st birthday. Problem was, June was not scheduled for an EA degree in our lodge. Not to be slowed down, A lodge in Waltham (Issac Parker) needed a candidate for an EA degree for June. Permissions were asked and obtained, and I took my EA in Waltham. August found me ready for my FC degree but Norfolk did not meet in the summer months. Not a problem again....Duxbury Lodge is dark in Jan-Feb as it was a very old lodge and the fishermen members of old did not want to travel at night in the middle of winter. Again, my FC degree went off without a hitch at a second lodge other than my home lodge. Back to school for senior year having completed my teachings for the FC degree, and waiting for my 3rd in January when I would again be home. Got home in December to find Dad in the hospital with a heart attack and a doctor/brother who would NOT let him attend the 3rd degree to raise me as planned. The 3rd went off without a hitch as my Uncle, a PM from his lodge in Wilbraham came out to do the honors. Regards, Vic ============================================================================== Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1992 14:50:58 -0400 (EDT) From: "Jim Thomas Park , Jr." Subject: Re: Wine in toasts. Peter, William MaGill writes: > Boy, that would be nice. Here in Pennsylvania, we are still prohibited > from having any alcoholic beverage in conjunction with a formal Lodge > activity. For the most part I agree BUT during the weekend of the installation of our current Grand Master Edward H. Fowler, Jr. this past December at a dinner we had occasion to do 4 toasts. We were at the W. Scott Stoner's outgoing banquet on the evening of the December 26th. It was of course a black tie dinner. At one point Bro. Stoner got up and requested that all of the gentlemen present stand and all ladies remain seated. Previous to this announcement the waiters and waitresses came around and filled our glasses with wine. ( I guess being Grand Master has its privleges). The 4 toasts went as follows. The first toast of the evening was to President George Bush. The second to Queen Elizabeth II of England. The third was to The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. The fourth was to President James Buchanan in honor of his 200th birthday. This was definitely a Masonic function and there was alcohol served. It was the first and last time that I have seen this done. I have only been involved in Masonry for 6 years. James T. Park, Jr. Worshipful Master Avalon Lodge No. 657 F & A M of Pennsylvania ============================================================================== Date: Fri 7 Aug 92 9:41:28:01 From: "Harold G. Peach Jr." Subject: Wine in toasts. I am not certain of the exact rules in Kentucky on alcohol in lodge, but can't imagine that it is permitted, even at lodge functions. I do know that persons who serve or distribute alcohol are not allowed to join lodges in Kentucky. This has even been extended so far as to exclude managers of grocery stores who sell wine or beer; it certainly includes bartenders and anyone who hauls or distributes alcohol. Harold G. Peach, Jr. R. M. Sirkle Lodge No. 954, F. & A. M. ============================================================================== Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 20:48 PDT From: (Alex Hart) Subject: Wine in toasts. In B.C. at very least the lodges are not dry as they are in many US jurisdiction (although some are by choice) and the refreshment hour includes time for a drink before the food is served. There is no compulsion to have an alcoholic drink however nor to use spirits for the toasts(in B.C. The Queen and the Craft given by the W.M. then Visitors by the J.W. responded to by a "special" [not necessarily a first time or from furthest away]. Then if there is a grand lodge officer on an official visit, the J.D. will toast grand Lodge and candidates [depending on the custom of the lodge] may be toasted. In my lodge this is only after a brother is raised. The evening ends with the Tyler's toast. There are Moslems in my lodge and also a brother who is a member of A.A. This I think should put anyone's fears to rest about how liquor/wine and lodges mix. Fraternally Alex Hart ============================================================================== From: Peter Trei Subject: Re: Wine in toasts. Date: 21 August 1992 I've already talked about the attitude towards alcohol at Masonic functions in Massachusetts. I'm not really familiar with the rules in New York ( I was raised there, but left very soon after), but the basement of the Grand Lodge building on 23rd St. has a restaurant and bar, decorated with Masonic symbols. It's clear that the attitude towards alcohol among American Masons is as divided and geographicly diverse as liquor laws. Peter Trei ============================================================================== Date: Thu, 6 Aug 92 11:33:00 PDT From: (Randy Burns) Subject: Prince Hall composition? exclusive jurisdictions. You mentioned that the Prince Hall Lodges admit all races. What percentage of their membership is non-black? Also, you mentioned that it is an American principle that each geographic area should only have one Grand Lodge. What is the principle in England? [ PT: I have no idea of the racial breakdown of PH lodges, though they ] [ are generally thought of as mainly black. ] [ ] [ There seem to be no 'foreign' lodges in England, but many English] [ (and Irish, and Scottish) lodges in other countries, mainly of the ] [ Commonwealth (there are none in the US). They often co-exist with ] [ lodges chartered from the local Grand Lodge. ] ============================================================================== From: (Paul Rich) Date: Fri, 7 Aug 92 8:44:08 WST Subject: The Supposed Universal Hospitality of Lodges. The Supposed Universal Hospitality of Lodges The implication of a number of the articles is that all blue or subordinate lodges giving the first three degrees have the welcome sign out for other members. That simply isn't true. In the 1950s and 1960s, by way of example, St Andrew's Lodge in Boston had a cultivated reputation of being only visited by invitation and of keeping others outside for examination all during the meeting. All members wore evening dress and anyone joining was expected to go through the chairs. More recently, this Brahmin Yankee approach has been ironically followed by ethnic lodges: as various minorities made their way into Masonry and came to dominate one or another lodge, the entire line of officers would become Greek or Italian or whatever and the food and other incidentals would take on such a definitely ethnic cast that for all practical purposes outsiders would feel unwanted. The exclusion of blacks has already been discussed, but there have always been blacks who "passed" and joined but who would have been dropped had their antecedents but known -- or blacks like those in the one New Jersey regular lodge that has always been made up of blacks who simply could not visit regular lodges in most other jurisdictions. These ethnic and religious exclusions follow into the so-called higher degrees. The Scottish Rite has been the one way that Jews could approach Shrine membership since if they started in the York Rite by taking the Royal Arch and Council degrees they would be blocked by exclusion from the Commandery. Another exclusion is caused as the lodges get older and older members and become jealous of sharing their endowment income with new members. Some lodges have enough investment income to provide free meals and other benefits to existing members, and in some cases this has led to a lack of enthusiasm about new people. An objective sociological picture is of a very complicated social hierarchy where origins determine opportunities for office (i.e. the reluctance to have too many Greeks or Jews in the line of a grand lodge and proceeding towards the grand mastership) and where many lodges are much more ethnic than outsiders could dream. This is now complicated by the rather late (after all, this is 1992) realisation that tax privileges may be taken away because of the exclusion of blacks and women. Just how honest the rush to admit blacks is, and how much it is caused by advice that onerous taxes are the alternative, will be the subject of scholarly research in times to come. The biggest conundrum is how unity is going to be achieved if a baker's dozen of grand lodges in the South continue to refuse admission to blacks and to Prince Hall members who are welcome in other grand lodges. This split will extend through the collateral bodies such as High Twelve, Grotto, Tall Cedars. et al -- and is already appearing. Paul Rich The University of Western Australia ============================================================================== Date: Fri, 7 Aug 92 07:07:19 EDT From: Brian Naylor Subject: New "Scottish" lodge in DC Lodge Sojourner Kilwinning 1798 Brother Brian H Naylor In January 1992, Most Worshipful Brother Jerold J. Samet, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, issued a special dispensation for the formation of a new lodge, Lodge Sojourner Kilwinning, with the expressed purpose of serving as a lodge for foreign masons living in the Washington area, and especially to ".. permit and encourage the preservation of cherished Scottish traditions and practices ....". This dispensation is unique in the history of the District of Columbia, indeed the whole United States, and is the result of many months of patient work by brethren living in the area, with the support of the Grand Master and several Past Grand Masters. There has also been much support given by the Grand Masters of Maryland and Virginia. The following April, the new lodge was invited by DC Lodge Hiram Takoma Number 10 to confer the Master Mason degree on one of their Fellowcrafts. At the same time, the Grand Master of Maryland, MW Brother John MacDaniel Smith, issued a special dispensation for a brother from Prince Frederick Lodge Number 142 to be raised at the same meeting. Brothers Edward Owens II and Benjamin Dyer became the first American masons to receive their degree in Scottish style for over 100 years, and in front of a record number of brethren who had turned out for this historic occasion. On July 25th 1992, MW Brother Jerold J Samet consecrated Lodge Sojourner Kilwinning 1798 and installed the Master and office bearers. The lodge is duly constituted under the laws of the District of Columbia, but has a special and unique clause in it's charter, a clause that permits and encourages the lodge to work in the Scottish ritual on four occasions each year. The office bearers are already quite proficient in two rituals, Scottish Modern and District of Columbia. Why was the lodge formed? For those of us who spend a lot of time travelling, either short trips away from home or for extended secondments, we all know the pleasure of being able to visit foreign lodges and participate in their meetings. Sometimes, however, it is sad that even in this supposedly enlightened day and age there exist prejudices which inhibit, or even prohibit, some masons attending lodge meetings in certain areas. This problem notwithstanding, the greatest reason by far for the formation of our new lodge was simply the love of traditional Scottish ritual, that ritual we were initiated into and grew to love in our mother lodges. Some of the founders of Sojourner Kilwinning had not been active in a lodge for some 17 years, and the enthusiasm they have for once again working in Scottish ritual is wonderful to watch. Who are the founders? Most of the founder members of the lodge are from Africa and the Carribean, mostly Scottish Constitution, but also English. We also have a founder from a Scottish lodge (myself), and several Americans, of whom some joined freemasonry when in the armed forces on tour in Scotland and Korea. Why Sojourner Kilwinning? The primary purpose of the lodge is "to bring together masons whose mother lodges are in amity with the Grand Lodges of England, Scotland and Ireland", and the brethren who have come together to form the lodge can certainly be described as sojourners, "ones who stay temporarily in another place". Kilwinning was chosen because of the links we all hold with that small town in Ayrshire that holds such a special place in Scottish masonic history. The consecration. The lodge was honoured by the presence of several Past Grand Masters from the District of Columbia and Virginia, many Grand Office Bearers from those Grand Lodges as well as Maryland, and by the presence of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of India and the Grand Inspector of the Grand Lodge of Provence, France. There were also deputations from several lodges in Maryland, Virginia and DC. Of special interest to Scottish brethren was a deputation from Fredericksburg lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, the lodge of George Washington and the oldest lodge in the United States still in existance that was originally constituted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. In good Scottish tradition, the festive board held after the consecration ceremony was a splendid affair with many brethren earning their supper with song or anecdote. The future. As word of the "Scottish Lodge" spreads in the local area, interest in international freemasonry has been rekindled, many visits and exchanges have already taken place, and many more planned in the months to come. There is particular interest from many brethren who served in the US forces abroad and joined freemasonry in lodges with Scottish or English affiliations. Lodges in the area have begun having "International brotherhood" nights, inviting masons from all constitutions to come and join them for an evening of brotherly love and harmony. Prominent masons from around the world who have visited Sojourner Kilwinning so far include Bro Yu Ya Kwong, Hon Grand Senior Warden of the District Grand Lodge of Hong Kong, SC. One of the founding members of Sojourner Kilwinning is Wor Bro David Baer, who was also a founding member of Harry S Truman Lodge, SC, in Korea, from whence came another founder, Wor Bro Pat Lazere. Sojourner Kilwinning, in the meantime, has already received a number of applications for affiliation and, most importantly, initiation. The members are polishing their ritual after long periods in darkness, and are looking forward to continuing a long tradition of Scottish freemasonry in the United States. Lodge Sojourner Kilwinning 1798 meets regularly on the fourth Saturday of every month at 7:30 pm in the Takoma Park Masonic Temple, 115 Carroll Street NW, Washinton, DC. All visitors are especially welcome. [ PT: Thanks to all who offered advice; I now have a working address for] [ Brian. ] ============================================================================== Date: 7 Aug 1992 14:28:31 U From: "Todd Williams" Subject: Graying of the Lodge, and Social leveling. [PT: Todd just got all the backissues.] So much to read, so much to comment on, so little time, so little space. Seems I have heard this lament somewhere before. I noticed that you seem to have a lot of repeat questions (for example on the PH issues). Is this because people don't (or haven't) seen your previous issues? While I am pleased to read about the progress in other GLs, people are still asking for the basics, again and again. Is anyone looking into a way of making the basic answers available for anyone to pull up? Or can someone handle sending the answers off line? It seems to take a lot of space in the Digest. I would like to offer some comments to Stuart Lewis (MDv4n12) on his stated concerns about the graying of our lodges. It is true many of our lodges and OES chapters are "old", but that doesn't mean they act old. They are only as old as the officers and active members want the lodge to be. We have two OES Chapters which meet in our Temple. One is vital and active. Last month their members went to visit another chapter meeting, and had move visitors on the sideline then the other chapter had members filling the officers chairs. The other Chapter in our Temple can barely get out of its own way when it schedules a "fun activity". The average age in both chapters is about the same. The number of members in both chapters is roughly the same. The difference is the officers and active members, and the way they make the chapter feel. The issue here seems to be to get involved, and help make the lodge what you want it to be to you. Just as a side note, at 41 I am the oldest officer in our line. To The Wandering Pedestal of Angst [PT: Joe Provo] and his concern about the lodge being the "great leveler" and the rest of society. Your observation is laudable. The lodge should not be necessary as the great leveler, but many people in this world do not look upon the world as Masons do, and consequently tend to try and put them selves above others, or moreover feel obliged to put others down. The outside world (or the real world) is not an ideal environment. This is not to imply the lodge is an ideal environment (we have our problems to), but for those of us who do try to act in peace and harmony, Masonry works. Fraternally, Todd E. Williams ============================================================================== From: (Michael Chaplin) Date: Fri, 7 Aug 92 17:12:45 -0400 Subject: Societal-leveling and Masonry In the Masonic Digest (V.4, #12) I saw written: [Joe Provo asks if Masonry is neccesary for "societal-leveling".] So far as _I_ know, it is accepted as a matter of course that one need not necessarily be a Mason in order to be a force for -insert your wish for the world here (good, peace, harmony, etc.)- What Masonry _could_ do, is make those who do not necessarily have the sense of community which you seem to possess, able to. Myself, not being a Mason, I wouldn't be able to say first hand. In fact I was introduced to the Masonic Digest when Peter Trei caught a semi-veiled reference to this fact. "Though many men may travel, not all use the travel agency." What, then, could be a reason for joining a fraternal organization, if you already possess a fraternal spirit? Each person would have his own, I would guess, but perhaps it could be the idea of being a member of an organization (in this case) which has had a very long history of service to the destitute and/or oppressed (at least according to what I have read in John J. Robinson's book, "Born in Blood"). In any case, the teaching of fraternity is not the exclusive domain of Freemasonry, one may indeed learn it at one's mother's knee. Forgive me if I've covered something known to everyone, but it is one of things about Masonry which is close to me. -chaplin. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Michael Chaplin Language is a virus from outer space. - William S. Burroughs The Einstein Papers Project The opinions contained herein reflect Boston University neither those of the project, Boston, Massachusetts, USA nor those of Albert Einstein. ============================================================================== Date: Mon, 10 Aug 92 09:09:27 pdt From: (Stuart Lewis) Subject: Initiation Fees and Dues. > .......................................On the other hand, the fees >*can* be pretty low. My lodge is more expensive than most, and charges >$100 dollars for initiation (includes first year's dues), with yearly >dues of $60. My 1989 reference gives *average* dues for Kansas as $10, >and $25 for Oklahoma. Initiation fees and dues vary widely, and >(within limits) you can "shop around". *$100!!* Wow! What do you consider cheap?! *And* it includes the first years dues??? I paid $100 for initiation in 1980 and at that time my lodge was about the cheapest in Washington state. It's now $150. Dues are not included and they are $30/yr. And even at $150, my lodge is still one of the cheapest. I think the average is in the $200+ range. In 1982 I sponsered a co-worker into a lodge in Seattle, Lafayette #?, and 10 years ago their fees were $500. I don't know what dues were/are. This was, as you mentioned, a "professional" lodges with many Seattle businessmen. (Maybe they feel that the high fees keep out the riff-raff :-) ) Stuart Lewis [ PT: The standard US list of lodges includes a page on average dues ] [ around the US, by jurisdiction. In the 1992 edition, these range from ] [ $10.46 (W. Virginia) to $65.30 (Maryland). This is mean lodge dues + ] [ GL dues. I suspect that the average outlay to stay a member in good ] [ standing of a Blue Lodge remains below $50/year. I don't have data on ] [ initiation fees, but $500 seems *very* high. ] [ ] [ Masonic fees have fallen far behind inflation and many lodges are ] [ feeling a financial pinch as a result (though the cheapest lodges may ] [ tbe those with a high interest income). ] ============================================================================== Date: Wed, 12 Aug 92 15:43:13 -0400 From: William H. Magill Subject: Papal Encyclicals. I thought there was only one. but I'll have to hunt around. My comments on the encyclical are from memory. My wife is Catholic and we were married by Jesuits. One of her first questions was exactly that - the position of the Church on Masonry. (Her Father is Lutheran and her mother Catholic.) But the priest's response was that here in the US the Church considered Masonry a Fraternal organization - and was NOT involved in active and overt efforts to oppose and overthrow the Church and therefor not covered by the encyclical. (Which has not been modified, to my knowledge.) As for the time period, I thought it was the late 1600s early 1700s, but don't remember. This is one of those topic's I've always been going to research in depth and write up for the Philalethes. Like the story that the Papal Summer Residence "Castle Gandalfo" contains a very large and important Masonic library and regalia collection "because many of the early Popes were Grand Masters". It would be fascinating if true, and might actually be able to "fill in the blanks" in Masonic History. If you ever saw Bronowski's "Ascent of Man" series on PBS - he was standing in the Vatican Library and pulls out the transcript of the trial of Copernicus - mind boggelling. One wonders if anything from either Alexandria or the Moorish libraries survive - simply uncatalogued. Like the Myan Codex which surfaced unexpectedly in Spain. So little to do so much time .... oops strike that, reverse it... (Just saw Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the Disney Channel.) T.T.F.N William H. Magill Manager, PennNet Computing Services Data Communications and Computing Services (DCCS) University of Pennsylvania Internet: [ PT: ] [ ] [ Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia lists the following Papal Bulls: ] [ ] [ Pope Date Title ] [ ------------ ----------- ------------------------- ] [ Clement XII Apr 28 1738 In Eminenti ] [ Benedict XIV May 18 1751 Providas ] [ Pius VII Sep 13 1821 Ecclesiam ] [ Leo XII Mar 13 1825 Quo Graviora ] [ Pius IX Nov 9 1846 Qui Pluribus ] [ Pius IX Apr 20 1849 Quibus Quantisque Malis ] [ Pius IX Dec 8 1864 Qunta Cura ] [ Pius IX Sep 25 1865 Multiplices Inter ] [ Pius IX Oct 12 1869 Apostolicae Sedis ] [ Pius IX Nov 21 1873 Etsi Multa ] [ Leo XIII Feb 15 1882 Etsi Nos ] [ Leo XIII Apr 20 1884 Humanum Genus ] [ Leo XIII Oct 15 1890 Ab Apostolici ] [ Leo XIII Jun 20 1894 Praeclara ] [ Leo XIII Mar 18 1902 Annum Ingressi ] [ ] [ Humanum Genus is the one most often quoted, and is included in ] [ full in Robinson's "Born in Blood" (a book I otherwise don't ] [ recommend). ] [ ] [ BTW, I strongly suspect that Bronowski was a Brother, based some ] [ things in his show. ] ============================================================================== Date: Wed, 12 Aug 92 15:59:34 -0400 From: William H. Magill Subject: Skull and bones? > talk.politics.misc > From: (Phillip M. Hallam-Baker) > Subj: Re: More Spy reasons not to vote for Bush > MsgID: <> > > > [various newspaper headlines, all describing Bush as "cautious"] > > Cautious? Yet more proof that Bush is a freemason. > This item triggered the thought. In the current issue of the Northern Light is a British Cartoon depicting a "masonic ritual" with a coffin with a "skull and bones" emblazoned upon it. (I'm ignoring the best part of the cartoon.) Any idea what the relationship/derivation of the Yale "Skull and Bones" to British Masonry? [ PT: Nil, I think. Are poisons and piracy also Masonicly related? The ] [ "momentum mortuori" (sp?) of the skull and crossbones are a common ] [ symbol. ] The little that I know of Masonry in the UK implies that it is VERY different from the practice here in the US. Things like the size of lodges - very small in the UK compared to the US; that one can belong to several Blue Lodges; that Masonic symbols are not "publicly" worn. William H. Magill Manager, PennNet Computing Services Data Communications and Computing Services (DCCS) University of Pennsylvania Internet: ============================================================================== Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 20:48 PDT To: From: (Alex Hart) Subject: Re: Funerals. It seems clear at least from my perspective that the funeral director was talking through her hat. In this jurisdiction at very least,someone who does not pay their dues is SUSPENDED for same. This does not mean he is no longer a Mason. I think the only time when one would cease to be a Mason is when expelled from the fraternity for a crime either in the community or the lodge. Fraternally Alex Hart ============================================================================== Date: 20 Aug 1992 From: Peter Trei Subject: Re: VSL B.A. Davis-Howe asks: [ What Volume of Sacred Law could be used for a candidate whose religion] [ has no set sacred text? ] Last spring, I asked exactly this question of a Grand Lecturer here in Massachusetts. He replied that this was a technical issue to be resolved by the candidate and the Master and should not be regarded as a barrier to initiation. He did not give any specific solution. IMHO, the essential thing is that the candidate must obligate himself in a way which is reigiously binding upon him. That is not to say that the present ritual will easily accomodate all variant forms of obligation - it pretty well assumes a sacred text. Secondly, regular Masonic practice requires that an open VSL or VSLs meaningful to the Masons present be displayed on the altar. This would be another nit to worry about. Peter Trei ============================================================================== Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 20:48 PDT From: (Alex Hart) Subject: SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) In volume 12 you include an excerpt from the Sca net [I missed that particular digest] which leads me to wonder how many people from the SCA are readers here as well ? I don't suppose you know everyone who posts but at a guess anyone referred to the list [as I was] by Justin De Coeur [Mark Waks in 20th century personna] would be a likely candidate I suppose. I would be interested to know if you do know how many there are. Fraternally Alex Hart [ PT The Society for Creative Anachronism is a (US-based) group ] [ which enjoys reenacting the High Middle Ages 'as it should have been.'] [ There are a number of 'Scadians' on the list, but historical ] [ Freemasonry falls too late for it to be a real topic in the SCA. ] [ ] [ If members wish to identify themselves, I'll publish their ids. ] [ For more info on the SCA, try the Usenet group "". ] ============================================================================== Date: Fri, 14 Aug 92 08:47:01 pdt From: (Stuart Lewis) Subject: Masonry on Prodigy and Compuserve. This is all taken from my August Scottish Rite Journal (used to be the New Age), under current interest. I'm passing this along without permission from the publishers, so use you judgement on dispersal. [PT: I don't think they'll mind..] --- start of quote --- ELECTRONIK RESEARCH LODGE No. 1 Masons who are able to use their personal computers (IBM compatible and Apple Macintosh only) to reach the Prodigy computer servie will find a worthwhile discussion of Mason- ic topics going on there. Much of the inspiration for its activities seems to come from Tom Dean, a Past Master of Oxnard Lodge No. 341 in Oxnard, CA. Recent bulletin board postings have included material on early operative Lodge proceedings, a discussion of unusual jewelry associated with the Craft, and the history of the Templars. Wor. Bro. Dean will provide a certificate of membership to the new Lodge. 'All I need is a copy of your dues card, your mailing address, and $5 to cover printing and postage. Send to: Tom Dean, 1852-161 Ives Ave., Oxnard CA 93033. As soon as I receive your letter, the certificate will be in the mail the next day. The copy of your dues card lets me know if you are AF&AM or F&AM.' The bulletin board may be found in Prodigy's Homelife Club under the topic 'HOBBIES.' (Sorry about that, but they pick the list of topics!) There are also related postings under subjects 'ORDER OF THE RAINBOW,' 'EASTERN STAR,' and so on, at least some of the time. Here's an opportunity to communicate with Brethren you might otherwise never meet, and if you do travel, you can learn about which Lodges might be having communications during your visit to their locations. and.... FREEMASON SECTION ON COMPUSERVE In early April, the worldwide CompuServe network establish- ed a Masonic message section that has become very active with callers from Europe, Africa, and Australia as well as North America. To access the Masonic section, log onto CompuServe, GO Newage, Section 8 (Masonry). System Operator Neil Shapiro informs us that dozens of databes files and hundreds of mes- sages await online Brethren. He also announced the section's 'Cornerstone Computer Chapter' which is the first telecom- munications Chapter of the Philalethes Society (the Inter- national Masonic Research Society). [I've never heard of this, have you?] The messages on CompuServe are enlightening since both Masons and non-Masons participate. The following are of particular interest. The first is about CoMox Lodge No. 188 in Comox, British Columbia, Canada, and the second is from Union Lodge, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. [deleted story] CompuServe is offering to Masons a free, introductory sub- scription plus a $15 usage credit to those who call 1-800- 848-8199, representative #378. --- end of quote --- Even though these are copyrighted, I'm sure you'd rile no one by passing along at least portions of this - i.e. subscription information. Actually, it seems to me that you might even want to perhaps send in a short article on your operation and get some free publicity and maybe some new subscribers (if you want to). If so, direct all communications to: The Supreme Council, 33 degree, 1733 Sixteenth Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20009-3199 Fraternally, Stuart [ PT: I'll have to think about this one. I've been reluctant to ] [ publicize Masonic Digest outside of the electronic community. ] ============================================================================== Date: Mon, 3 Aug 92 15:47:12 -0400 From: William H. Magill Subject: Washington's inaugural Bible > From: Glenn David Sanders > (BTW, this might seem a contradiction to the idea of > separation of church and state, but aren't all American presidents > sworn into office on Geo. Washington's original _Masonic_ Bible?) I believe that the Bible used by Brother Washington at his Inaguration is still in the possession of the Wall Street Lodge in New York City from where it was borrowed for the occasion. (I forget which Lodge.) It was recently used for some major event, but has not been used regularly for Presidental Inaguarations. It was written about recently in the Philalethes Magazine, I think. William H. Magill Manager, PennNet Computing Services Data Communications and Computing Services (DCCS) University of Pennsylvania Internet: [ PT: The 1767 Bible referred to belongs to St. Johns Lodge #1 in New ] [ York City. It was used for the inaugurations of Presidents Washington,] [ Harding, Eisenhower, Carter, and Bush. It was also used at the ] [ dedications of the Grand Lodge buildings of New York, Washington DC, ] [ and Philadelphia, as well as the Washington Monument. (The Northern ] [ Light, Feb 1989). ] ============================================================================== From: cyberden!lstevens%moon Date: Wed, 19 Aug 92 10:05:20 PDT Subject: "Cyberden" BBS , various topics. [ PT: Br. Leonardo is a Prince Hall Mason. I have not yet dialed into ] [ his system (which is in California). From this message I have edited ] [ out a little personal material. Please be careful in deciding what ] [ represents (a) his personal views, (b) Prince Hall positions, (c) the ] [ positions of Masonry in general. (Actually, that's good advice for ] [ anything in the Digest! :-) ] Dear Br. Trei: [...] My BBS # is 510-644-9307. I have many hundreds of files of interest to the fraternity; & relevant in many cases to discussions at hand in your digest. [...] My file section should be accessed firstly via a 2400 baud modem, until I get enough accounts to help pay for a 9600 baud modem. My files are of interest to all Masons, & I do not allow non-Masons on my board, unless they are serious about becoming obligated, initiates of the Craft. I believe that I am providing a very useful service to those of the Craft who need materials for research or inspiration for writing about Masonry. I have turned away people who would upload Masonic material to "New Age", pagan or occult BBS's, because I believe that we don't need that kind of association, there being enough problems with anti-Masonry insisting that the Masonic lodge system is a "breeding-ground" for people who practice the "Dark Side" of occultism. I have a section in my file directories, dedicated to All LEGITIMATE religious bodies. I am trying to collect all Volumes of Sacred Law that may ever be upon a Masonic Alter. I have ASCII & MS-DOS versions of the Holy Bible, with Greek & Hebrew Lexicons, (free or shareware versions), the Talmud, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Holy Koran, writings of various Bhuddhist sects, and all the standard books of Mormonism. I believe that all of these faiths have something to offer insofar as people who take their respective faiths seriously, have proven that they can all be good citizens, good men of honor and virtue, good Parents & spouses, and with all this, of course, they can all be good brother Masons, builders of a more finely-tuned civilization. Though Masonry is NOT a religion, it only welcomes those who believe in a Supreme Being, and faithfully practice some kind of Monotheism. Of course we do not accept satanism, paganism or witchcraft, because these systems teach ultimately that MAN himself is GOD. If one has no faith in a higher being, then one has no helpful diety to turn to in times of crisis. This has been the main secret of the power that the Craft has availed itself of, in order to survive through the turbulent tides of history. (This remains the true basis of Freemasonry, no matter how many so-called Christian fundamentalists quote from Alber Pike's writings. No Mason has ever been obligated to follow the "Luciferian-doctrine" that has been attributed to Pike. The misunderstanding of Masonry, due to non-Masons reading books which are really the property of the Scottish Rite, (which Masons do not study untill they have the proper Craft background, culminating in the initiation into the 32nd degree); coupled with the periodic resurgence of so-called "secret-societies" which further steal ideas, plaigerize books, and start "degree-mills" selling purported "Masonic" degrees, and (for a fee) promise short cuts to occult knowledge, and claim to posess all the hidden secrets of the Craft; have given rise to two distinct factions of anti-Masonry. One faction, to put it simply, claims to be the "True Christians" fighting against all evil & satanic groups, the worst of which, according to them, is Masonry, especially the A.A.S.R. -- and they constantly use the writings of Pike to "prove" this false assumption. The other faction, claims to be the "True Masonic (or Gnostic or Hermetic et al)" academy, usually producing phony patents or other likewise spurious credentials or documentation, laying a verbose trap for those who have had little contact with REAL Freemasonry, but who have read just enough psudo-historical hogwash to believe the falsehoods that started in France, with Albigensianism, added to Weishaup's Bavarian "Illuminism" coupled with the Catharists, and the "satanised" Templar mythos, promoted by Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall, in his "Mystery of Baphomet Revealed", published in Austria in 1818. All of these nonsensical attempts at "revolutionary thinking" which had as a common theme the erronius idea that Masonry evolved from the Gnostics or the Templars, (which could not be farther from the truth, as the founders of Craft Masonry were all upstanding members of the universal pre-reformation church) have been revived by 19th century satanist and showman Aleister Crowley, who provided in influence for the "satanic church" of America's Anton LaVey, as well as the lesser known secret societies who claim "Masonic" heretige. Today Crowlyism has had a small revival due to his influence on "Heavy-Metal: bands, who combine drug use with occult and pseudo-Masonic sybmolism. It's no wonder that Masonry, (which usually keeps silent when under attacks or when various groups make outrageous claims as to "Masonic" ties) is being identified with various "cultural-terrorist" organizations. The simple, sober fact is that Masonic bodies are primarily involved in works of a Charitable nature. Masonry has survived all sorts of persecutions, and now that things are getting a bit more out in the open, and we are trying to heal the devisive hurts from the segregation of Black and White Masonry, I predict that Masonry will have a bigger following than it ever had before. Firstly, the mainstream Masonic bodies must get to know their Prince Hall counterparts, to further the Charitable ends in the inner cities, and secondly, false usage of Masonic symbolism and degrees etc, but be exposed for the self-serving money making schemes that they are. We all have a great deal of work to do in these respects, but I predict a wonderful future for the Craft, once we learn to use the communication tools of the 21st century. To this end I have dedicated my Masonic Bulletin Board for Computerized Information, the first in California. Registration fees are much lower than Compuserve or any other high-tech media, and well worth the time it takes to dial up. The number is once again (510)-644-9307. 24 Hours. 2400 BPS at 8-N-1 protocols. Fraternally, Leonardo Stevenson 32~ __________________________________________________________________________ | / |\ | H E \ Y B E R |/ E N [ moon!cyberden! ] ============================================================================== From: Peter Trei Subject: Masonic tidbits on Usenet. This section contains a selection of references to Freemasonry trolled from the usenet newsgroups. A lot of it is utter nonsense, and included for entertainment purposes. Inclusion here DOES NOT imply my approval or agreement. From: William Kemp Subject: Baltimore Get-Aways Message-ID: >More one-day Baltimore get-aways for Gene Griswold: >1. Fredericksburg, Va. ("America's most historic city," according ... >... Washington associations (his Masonic lodge, other stuff). alt.conspiracy Subject: The Rockefellers:Committee 300 Founders? From: lpb@STRATUS.SWDC.STRATUS.COM Message-ID: <> Quotes long anti-Rockefeller rant, which includes: >[...] >the Rockefeller Foundation charter proved to be more difficult. >[.......] The charter was finally pushed through in 1913 (the >significant Masonic numeral 13 -- 1913 was also the year of the >progressive income tax and of the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act). >[...] >The Rockefellers also wielded a crucial role through their financing of >the Trotskyite Communist group in the United States, the League of >Industrial Democracy, whose directors include such staunch "anti- >Communists" as Jeane Kirkpatrick and Sidney Hook. The Rockefellers were >also active on the "rightwing" front through their sponsorship of the >John Birch Society. To enable Robert Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to >devote all of his time to the John Birch Society, Nelson Rockefeller >purchased his family firm, the Welch Candy Company, from him at a most >handsome price. [...] > >For years afterwords, American patriots were puzzled by the consistent >inability of the John Birch Society to move forward on any of its well >advertised "anti-Communist" goals. The fact that the society had been >set up at the behest of the backers of the world Communist revolution may >have played some role in this development. >[...] alt.magick Subject: Re: Crowley's World! Witchcraft time! Excellent! From: (Jason Pascucci) Message-ID: <> >In fact, the earliest occurance I know of of the phrase, affectionatly >known as DWTW, was as the inscription over the doorway to the meeting >place of the, if memory serves, Black Pullet society, a form of >english masonica which was alleged to practice magick in the early >19th century, but from all accounts it was an organization with >definately satirical intent. [DWTW == Do What Thou Will] bit.listserv.fnord-l Subject: re: Phenomicon From: General Mills Message-ID: >>Also, does anyone know about Phenomicon in Atlanta this November? >November 13-15, 1992, Castlegate Hotel and Conference Center, Atlanta, GA: >Guests include: >William Gibson (tentative) >Bruce Sterling: co-author with Gibson of The Difference Engine >Johnathan Vankin: author of Conspiracies, Cover-ups, and Crimes >Adam Parfrey: editor of Apocalypse Culture >Atlanta's own Kerry Thornley >Rev. Ivan Stang, leading a SubGenius Devival >Dr. Philo Drummond and the Swinging Love Corpses (tentative) >Warren Robinette: created the game "Adventure", now doing virtual reality >research > >Last year's featured RAW hisself, Stang, UFO conspiracy prophet Bill >Cooper (who charged an ADDITIONAL $20.00 to attend his "workshops", >which had something to do with How To Get Picked Up By UFOs, or maybe >How Not To Get Picked Up By UFOs I'm not sure), Robert Schaeffer of >CSICOP (who got into a nit-picky debate with RAW, wherein they both >suffered, in my opinion), and various others talking about hacking, >government harrassment, HEMP, Skull & Bones, Freemasonry, benign UFO >conspiracies, and so on. There was a Kirlian Photography booth, which >never seemed to be staffed, Pagans, Vampires, role-players, Bobbies, >members of Georgia Skeptics, and other assorted retards and >throwbacks. Some of the stuff at the Devival was recorded and used on >Hour of Slack (your :45 of fame), including RAW, drunk and ranting >about willies. [RAW == Robert Anton Wilson] If anyone goes, could they give us a report? bit.listserv.christia From: (mark gilstrap) Subject: Re: Orthodox Message-ID: In the midst of a long article about a illegitimate "Russian Orthodox" sect calling itself "The Order of Mans", Mark, in discussing their Indianapolis site, says: >(This is the same area where Jim Jones began his ministry in Indy >(near the masonic mall (sic)) Quite aside from the cheap shot of guilt-by-physical-proximity, the notion of a "masonic mall" is entertaining. alt.activism Subject: News 08/15/92 Message-ID: <> From: (John Covici) Another 1030 lines of the-world-as-seen-by-Lyndon-LaRouche. Includes: > African-American mason hits Scottish Rite racism > Leaders of African-American freemasonic organizations have >attacked white masonry, particularly the Scottish Rite, as a center of >racialism. The attack is contained in the latest issue of the {News >Quarterly} (Spring, 1992), the publication of the ``Supreme Council, >Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, Prince Hall affiliation,'' in an >article by editor Joseph A. Walkes. > Walkes exposes 19th-century Scottish Rite Commander Albert Pike >as the national Chief Justice of the Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux >Klan, and the organizer and alleged Grand Dragon of the Klan in >Arkansas. Walkes describes Albert Pike as a ``traitor to his >country.'' The article carries a photograph of the memorial statue to >Pike that is on federal property in central Washington, D.C. under the >care of the U.S. Department of Labor. Walkes calls the monument to >the KKK founder and Confederate general ``an affront'' to the >residents of the nation's capital, most of whom are black. > The Prince Hall Masons' initiative occurs during a similar, >ecumenical campaign by leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention. The >Baptists' June 1992 national meeting adopted an anti-masonic >resolution targeting the ``racial discrimination'' of secret >societies. Recent literature of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, >also hits white masonry for racism against blacks. I'd have to confirm the details before commenting on this, but I'm under the impression that the early Klan was a self-defense group for Southern whites against the (very real) abuses which occurred during Reconstruction. While one of the initial founders *was* a high ranking Mason (not certain it was Pike, wouldn't be suprised), he got out early, before or soon after it started turning into the repulsive hate group it is today. Subject: BNL - IRAQGATE SCANDAL Message-ID: <> From: (Rich Winkel) Long article on (BNL) Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro, and alleged ties to Bush/Iraq/BCCI/"October Surprise" conspiracy theories. Mentions: > The BNL bank was also used for secret arms trade by the >outlawed P2 Masonic Lodge of Rome, whose Grandmaster, Licio Gelli is >thought to have been the mastermind behind BNLUs illegal, world-wide >banking strategies [...] >[...] Kissinger immediately sent an agent to Rome with $18,000 to try >to buy some of the documents in the P2 case to keep them from becoming >public ( In These Times, Sept. 1982). It may be of interest that P2 >had a lodge in Chicago. Clearly, the author had no idea of Masonic organization. P2 was real, but illegitimate. ============================================================================== End of MASONIC Digest *********************


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