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MASONIC Digest Tuesday, 29 Oct 1991 Volume 3 : Issue 3 Today's Topics: Administrivia Re: Masonry and "Alliance Assemblies" (Peter Trei) Questions: Esotericism & York vs. Scottish Rites (David Brown) Re: P2 (Chuck Dupree) Rainbow Majority Members (Laurie F. Alden) Re: Masonry and the Catholic Church ("DeWitt Clinton") Re: Where is Masonry banned? (Jim Thomas Park) Re: "Recruitment" / RCC (Alex Hart) Introductions: David Brown "DeWitt Clinton" James Thomas Park Jr. Alex Hart Colin Hart Dr. Woodrow W. Morris Send all submissions and requests to MASONIC digest is moderated. Please remember: THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM: YOU MUST ASSUME THAT MANY READERS ARE NON-MASONS. Please include a relevant subject line. If you require anonymity, say so at the top of your message (and give a nom-de-net). All contributions remain the property (copyright 1991), and responsibility of the authors. My own comments remain mine (Copyright 1991 Peter Trei), and represent only my views at the time of posting - not neccesarily those of my employer, or of any Grand Lodge. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Peter Trei Subject: Administrivia Date: 25 Oct 91 Turnover on this list is low, and it's safe to assume that most readers have seen the previous issues (the digest is unlike a usenet newsgroup in this respect). For this reason, quoting large chunks of previous articles is unneccesary. I'm going to be pretty draconian in cutting them out. Peter PS: This Saturday (26 October) I was installed as Senior Warden of Wilder Lodge, Leominster, MA. ------------------------------ From: Peter Trei Subject: Re: Masonry and "Alliance Assemblies" Date: 25 Oct 91 ˝Tim Maroney discusses possibilities of a Masonic "Alliance" with his Twilight Crossing group -PT| Masons are quite free to join or form any groups they want; Grand Lodges only get bent out shape when (i) secrets are revealed to non-Masons, (ii) the group claims to confer masonic degrees, or (iii) the existance of the group leads to (or seemed likely to lead to) damage to Masonry's reputation. That as I understand it, would be the official position. The last one is the kicker. Some Masons be very upset at anything that associated them with ouji-boardin', debbil-summonin' baby-killin' pagans :-). A group of Masons could certainly form an assembly, and admit anyone they pleased. But I don't think such a group could have official status within Masonry, or any authority to speak on Masonry's behalf. (Quite aside from anything else, Masonry has *no* overall centralized authority - there are around 100 Grand Lodges, each of which carefully guards it's sovereignity). Peter Trei ------------------------------ From: Subject: Introduction (David Brown) & Esotericism & York vs. Scottish Rites Date: Tue Oct 22 14:10:55 1991 Hello, My name is David Brown, and although I'm not a Mason, I'm very interested in becoming one. I have obtained a petition, but I have not yet filled it out -- from lack of time, rather than lack of desire. I have a few questions that might be answered by those Masons on this list: My interest in Masonry comes first from ancestry (my grandfather was 32 degree in the Scottish Rite, as is my uncle), and secondly from my occult interests. I'm primarily interested in the esoteric side of Masonry, i.e. the rituals, the philosophy, etc. The impression that I get from the digest is that U.S. Masonry is mostly a charitable organization, and though I know that I'll get out of Masonry what I put into it, I'm concerned that I'll be alone in my endeavors. Does this make sense? The second question is much more straight-forward. What are the differences between Scottish Rite and York Rite? I know that the York Rite has fewer degrees than Scottish Rite, but that's about it. Can the answer to this question be given to non-Masons? (Not knowing the secrets means not knowing what can and cannot be answered) At any rate, put me down on the list of people that would like to receive the back issues -- and I'm looking forward to the issues that follow. I'll let everyone know how I'm doing when I finally take the plunge. dave ( ˝PT: I'll respond in the next digest, along with other readers.| ------------------------------ From: Chuck Dupree Subject: P2 (mentioned in Masonic Digest, Vol. 3, Number 2) Date: Tue, 22 Oct 91 17:23:52 -0700 In digest v03n001, (William H. Magill) writes: >What do you "know" or "have heard" about P2. And in v03n002, Peter Trei replies: > ˝...| P2 stands for Propaganda Duo. ˝...| It cannot be > overemphasized that P2's actions are disavowed and deplored by all > regular Masons. ˝ The way I've seen it spelled is "Propaganda Due", but I'm not certain that it's correct. - ced | ˝PT: You're right. It's "Due" | One book that gives a fair amount of detail about P2 is David Yallop's "In God's Name." This book describes the events surrounding the sudden and suspicious death of Pope John Paul I, the current Pope's immediate predecessor. John Paul I lived for 33 days after he was elected, despite being in his mid-fifties and in excellent health. He supposedly died of a heart attack, though he had *low* blood pressure. No autopsy was performed, the body was buried in less than 24 hours, the death certificate does not appear to have been signed by a doctor, some of his effects disappeared within the first hour or so after he was found, and the list of anomalies goes on and on. Not, perhaps, as long as the list of anomalies and witness deaths associated with the JFK assassination, but still... A number of P2 members worked (and probably still work) in the Vatican. At the time, I believe, membership in a Freemasonic lodge meant automatic excommunication. There appear to be clear connections between P2 and Bishop Paul Marcinkus, head of the IOR (Vatican Bank). There are also connections to Roberto Calvi and Michele Sindona, as well as right-wing extremist government figures like Antonio Somoza and Augusto Pinochet. The head of P2, who may or may not have founded it, is Licio Gelli. Members have included many high government officials, cabinet ministers, most intelligence agency heads, many military leaders, university presidents, and other leading professionals. Some (e.g., Barbara Honegger in "October Surprise") say that George Bush, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski are "honorary" (= non-Italian) members. P2 has been connected with many so-called terrorist attacks, mainly in Italy, that were originally attributed to far-left or far-right groups like the Red Brigade. Sometimes it seems that P2 has managed to use these groups as fronts, with or without their knowledge. But it's also clear that Gelli puts effort into seeming, in some circumstances, to have more influence than he really has. But maybe he really does have that influence. He was, after all, an invited guest at Ronald Reagan's inaugural ball. - ced ˝PT: I don't want the digest to degenerate into a mirror of alt.conspiracy, but attacks on Masonry deserve some discussion, no matter how off-the-wall they are. I suspect this thread is pretty well played out.| ------------------------------ Date: 22 Oct 91 2351 From: (Laurie F. Alden) Subject: Rainbow Majority Members Hello again - Thank you all for the insights and anecdotes about Masonry - especially William Magill's letter. Having received a warm welcome, I will feel free to respond. A "Majority Member" of Rainbow is a young woman who was a member in good standing when she attained her twentieth birthday. A woman may also be invited to join Eastern Star when she is eighteen; this put my good friend in the interesting position of being a member in both organizations at once. She says it kept her pretty busy during the first two years of college... I have had the pleasure of being a camp counselor and a high school teacher in places far from home, but have always eventually found one or two sisters. I was especially grateful when two (familial) sisters were my students at a very rural boarding school. They were far from their family and feeling rather homesick when we discovered our relationship. I took them for an evening away from school in order to attend the nearest Grand Cross of Color Banquet on that occasion, and it really helped them to have the familiarity and camraderie or Rainbow. It was almost a year before I learned that a roommate I had in Arizona had been one of Job's Daughters (I had never even heard of that group). Speaking of that banquet, it occurs on November 15th every year, and I still am trying to find it in NH or VT. Peter (Our Editor) Trei has sent me the telephone numbers of both states' Grand Lodges, but still no luck in getting any answer at those numbers. Any suggestions as to what nights or times I should call? Thank you! Fraternally, Laurie F. Alden ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1991 23:53 EDT Subject: Re: Masonry and the Catholic Church From: "DeWitt Clinton" ˝"DeWitt Clinton" is a pseudonym. -PT| I wish to correct William Magill's comments about the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Craft. I am a third-generation Mason of Victoria (now Victoria SeaGate) Lodge No. 1037 in xxxx, New York and I am a Past Master, having served in the East for two years (1986 and 1987). I am an Assistant Professor at xxxx xxxx xxxx, a Jesuit college (I am not Catholic myself). While the Church officially no longer excommunicates Catholics who become Masons and views the Craft as yet another fraternal organization, there is a misconception that Masonry is anti-Catholic, and for that matter, anti-Semitic. Obviously, we know that Masonry is neither, but there are Masons who are one of the two or even both. There are lodges who will not admit members because of their religious affiliation or ethnicity, usually because there are one or more member who use the blackball for un-Masonic purposes. Such instances, when they occur, and I like to think that it is rare, violate all that we believe in. And they leave many non-Masons to form opinions of the Craft that are less than true. As a District Deputy Grand Master once told me, Masonry is really about what we do BETWEEN meetings. Our meetings are primarily about making new Masons and refreshing our adherence to the principles of the Craft. Let's keep Masonry in the public eye because of what it SHOULD be. W.'."DeWitt Clinton" Victoria Seagate Lodge No. 1037 F&AM xxxx, NY ˝ PT: My understanding of the RCC position is this: The Papal Bull which| ˝ made Masonic membership an excommunicable offense was lifted recently.| ˝ It was replaced by Canon Law which makes each bishop responsible for | ˝ deciding in which organizations membership is banned in his See (and | ˝ restricts bans to organizations inimical to the RCC). When asked if | ˝ this meant that Masonry was now OK, Archbishop Ratzinger (sp? anyway,| ˝ a senior Vatican official with responsibility for interpreting Canon | ˝ Law), said (in effect) "Of course not!". | ˝ North American RC Bishops have uniformly ignored this | ˝ interpretation, and many Catholic Masons in the US and Canada are | ˝ quite open about their membership. | ˝ I may be off the wall here - there are others on this mailing | ˝ list far more knowledgable than I concerning RCC Canon Law. | ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1991 11:20:14 -0400 (EDT) From: "Jim Thomas Park, Jr." Subject: Re: Where is Masonry banned / Introduction (James T. Park Jr.) > ˝I mentioned renewed Grand Lodges in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and > Yugoslavia -PT| I would like to state that the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania has officially recognized the Grand Lodges of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia. We were read a communication from the Grand Master at our September Stated Meeting. ˝PT: So has Massachusetts| By the way I would like to introduce myself as I am new to this list. My name is James T. Park, Jr. (Jim) I am the Senior Warden of Avalon Lodge No. 657 F &A.M. of Pennsylvania. I am a member of the Valley of Pittsburgh, East Hill Chapter No. 268 and DuquesneCommandry No. 72. I am looking forward to an exciting year as master. The upcoming Grand Master of PA masons is a member of my lodge. We are preparing for his installation on December 27th 1991. I would like to say to any of the brethern out there, if you ever have a chance to attend a Grand Commnication of your Grand Lodge and see the installation of a Grand Master by all means GO. It is most impressive. Fraternally, Bro. James T. Park, Jr. Let our recreations be innocent and pursued with moderation: and never let us suffer irregular indulgences to expose our character to derision and contempt. -Pennsylvania Freemasonry ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 23 Oct 91 18:04 PDT Subject: Introduction (Alex Hart) / "Recruitment" / RCC From: (Alex Hart) PT: Let me join the others who introduce themselves to others on the mailing list: My name is Alex Hart and am currently a member of my mother lodge (St.Paul's # 374 Montreal Quebec) This lodge is one of 3 "rebel" lodges in Canada that never left their original jurisdiction and so still owe alliegence to the United Grand Lodge of England. I am a past master of my adopted lodge Burrard # 50 B.C. register and a past first principal of my Royal Arch Chapter (North Vancouver # 16) , a past T.I.M. of Zaphon Council # 8 Royal and Select Masters,Preceptor of Jordan Preceptory # 76 Knights Templar (and currently a member of the grand council of Canada) Member of B.C. York Rite College # 44,Junior warden elect of Dogwood Council #141 Allied Masonic degrees and a member of the British Columbia and Yukon Priory # 61 Knights York Cross of Honour. I hope that the above doesn't seem too long winded or at all vain-glorious as it is not meant to be so but just an intro so that anyone of any of the "esoteric" branches as listed above amy have someone to contact about mutual thoughts and/or concerns. Now some replies to some subjects raised in todays digest: A) recruitment : If someone solemly declares before initiation that they have not been improperly solicited,then as our grand lodge has decreed"there must therefore be a "proper" method of solicitation." Asking someone ONCE if they have ever considered the craft is one proper way. B) Roman Catholics in the Craft : I am glad to see that the church in the USA also has an enlightened attitude towards this.Certainly in British Columbia,I know of many fine Catholics who happen to be members including one past master (personally that is.) Alex Hart Vancouver B.C. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 13:38 PST Subject: Masonic Digest, Thanks and Personal Intro. From: (Colin Hart) Dear Peter, Thank you for getting my name onto the list, actually thanks should go to Justin de Couer I guess as he mentioned the board to my brother. This will be an interesting way to learn more about the craft. For personal introduction to all who may read these missives I am a Master Mason raised in Burrard Lodge #50 Grand Lodge of British Columbia earlier this year. I will be pursuing my Masonic Career through York Rite bodies for the moment, my application is before the local chapter of the Royal Arch. Anyone who wishes to contact me directly may do so as I make no secret of my being a Mason. Looking forward to fraternal visits across the ether! Colin Hart ˝PT: Just curious, are you and Alex related?| ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 12:53 CST To: Subject: Introduction: Dr. Woodrow W. Morris I have enjoyed the Masonic Digest. I would like to be added to your mailing list. I am a Past Grand Master of Masons in Iowa and have called our Grand Secretary's attention to the Digest. He is interested in it, too. As issues come out I plan to send copies on to him. Thank you and Fraternally yours, Dr. Woodrow W. Morris 230 Hutchinson Avenue Iowa City, Iowa 52246 ˝PT: Welcome, M.'.W.'. Brother!| ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 00:35:46 EDT From: pro-angmar! (Steven Mesnick) Subject: Re-Intro Bro. Mark Waks had a good point: with the revival of this list, it *is* time for introductions again. So... Hello, everyone. I'm Bro. Steve Mesnick, Senior Warden (for the 2nd year) of Ocean Lodge, in Winthrop, MA. I'm 32' Scottish Rite, Royal Arch, DeMolay Alumnus, Past Patron of Eastern Star, and an Instructor at Lodge of Instruction. I, like Bro. Mark (Justin), am a philosopher and a firebrand. More than that, I will leave for later, when the discussions get up and running. ------------------------------ End of MASONIC Digest *********************


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