MASONIC Digest Tuesday, 22 Oct 1991 Volume 3 : Issue 2 Today's Topics: Re: P2 (Peter Trei)

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MASONIC Digest Tuesday, 22 Oct 1991 Volume 3 : Issue 2 Today's Topics: Re: P2 (Peter Trei) Twilight Crossing (Tim Maroney) Where is Masonry banned? ( Oratorio: Solomon's Temple (Max Delysid) Re: What is Masonry? & "recruitment" (William H. Magill) Introductions: Tim Maroney Charles R. Mayer Max Delysid Zel Eaton Gil Maymon Send all submissions and requests to MASONIC digest is moderated. Please remember: THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM: YOU MUST ASSUME THAT MANY READERS ARE NON-MASONS. Please include a relevant subject line. If you require anonymity, say so at the top of your message (and give a nom-de-net). All contributions remain the property (copyright 1991), and responsibility of the authors. My own comments remain mine (Copyright 1991 Peter Trei), and represent only my views at the time of posting - not neccesarily those of my employer, or of any Grand Lodge. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 18:37:24 -0400 From: Peter Trei Subject: Re: P2 (William H. Magill in v03n001) In digest v03n001, (William H. Magill) writes: >What do you "know" or "have heard" about P2. Not very much. P2 stands for Propaganda Duo. It was (is?) an unrecognized "irregular" lodge in Italy, with a membership of influential Italians from the government and military. It was mixed up in the Vatican Bank scandals of the mid-Eighties. If cannot be overemphasized that P2's actions are disavowed and deplored by all regular Masons. There is nothing to prevent any group from calling itself "Masonic." Peter ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 13:24:59 PDT From: (Tim Maroney) Subject: Masonry and "Alliance Assemblies" Hi, Peter! Many thanks for restarting this mailing list. A few words of introduction to those here who don't know me: I'm Tim Maroney, iconoclast, pseudophilosopher, and student of occultism. I'm not a Mason, but I recognize the enormous contributions made to modern occultism by Masonic traditions. I have a long history with the O.T.O., which is not a regular Masonic order but which is of Masonic descent, but I'm not presently a member of it either. Recently, I've been doing some work towards establishing a humanistic occult order called "Twilight Crossing". When the group becomes a reality, we hope to maintain good relations with various groups with common interests. The formal way of doing this is an "alliance assembly". TC will be composed of various assemblies. Some of them will have a sort of "dual citizenship" and be jointly held by Twilight Crossing and other groups. One of these has already been proposed, between TC, the O.T.O., and a young New York group called the Orgone Committee. No one has suggested a Masonic alliance yet, but I'd be interested in the logistics of having a Masonic alliance assembly. Under what conditions can a local Masonic body establish a study group or similar internal body? Would it compromise any rules to give such a body a dual citizenship? Could non-Masons be members? (This last is not a requirement for alliance assemblies, but on the TC side, there might be difficulties getting a gender-discriminatory assembly recognized.) Could such a body include both Masons and female members of the associated orders? I doubt most Masonic groups would seek such an alliance, since Twilight Crossing doesn't shy away from the S-word (i.e., Satanism); but if it does come up, I'd like to be prepared. And since the rules are still in formation on my side, it would be good to consider a new situation and perhaps to make some changes to be more accomodating. Any thoughts? Tim Maroney ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1991 06:48:48 -0400 (EDT) From: "Charles R. Mayer" Subject: Introduction. Hello There and to all that you may wish to post this to... Please this post to as many as you feel needed. Intro from Brother Charles Mayer. I would like to say first that I am a Master Mason at the Avalon Lodge No. 657 in the PA area. I would like to be as much help to anyone that needs it that is a freemason. If you are in the PA area around Pittsburgh Please feel free to look me up. Well this was just an intro to myself. P.S. Please keep me on this mailing list as long as it is around. Thank You Very Much Fraternally, Charles Mayer Avalon Lodge No. 657 Pgh, Pa. ***May God Keep you from any harm*** ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 11:59:06 -0700 From: Subject: Where is Masonry banned? Peter, I'm curious: Where is Masonry banned? --DL ˝ PT: 1. Many Islamic countries. Masonry's legal status varies a lot | ˝ from country to country. For example, in Saudi Arabia Masonry is | ˝ officially banned, but low-profile activity among foreigners is | ˝ ignored as long as it remains invisible to the public and no natives | ˝ are involved (non-Islamic religious activity has the same status). | ˝ | ˝ 2. Most Communist countries (Cuba is a curious exception). Since | ˝ the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, some activity has | ˝ restarted there. I'm aware of reborn Grand Lodges in Czechoslovakia, | ˝ Hungary, and Yugoslavia. In Russia, it seems that Masonry is still | ˝ banned (and has been since well before the first Russian Revolution). | ˝ Some splinters of the ultra-nationalist group Pamyat blame the | ˝ "Jewish-Masonic conspiracy" for Russia's ills, and single out the | ˝ Masons as the reason most Soviet architecture is so boring! | ˝ | ˝ 3. A few Catholic countries. The only one I can think of off-hand | ˝ is Portugal. Spain banned Masonry until recently (1983? Franco didn't | ˝ like it). Perhaps also some countries in South and Central America. | ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 20 Oct 91 20:38:54 pdt From: well! (Max Delysid) Subject: for the list... Hello... Heres my Introduction: My name is Max, I am Campmaster of Alamut Camp, Ordo Templi Orientis. OTO is a Masonic Group, heir to the rites of Mephis and Mizraim. OTO appears to have a somewhat notorious reputation among "orthodox" masons, mostly due to the outlandish public behavior of one head of the Order during the 1920s and 1930s. Beneath this gruff exterior lies a genuine Masonic legacy. I would be more than happy to contribute more about OTO, if others on the list are interested. I have studied Masonry for many years and from a variety of angles, most of which revolve around the spiritual and mystical angles. I am not yet a member of any "orthodox" Lodge - but I am seeking admission. To contact me independently of the list: Max: 2300 Market St #93, SF, CA, 94114 ˝ PT: I think you'll find most regular Masons disputing your contention | ˝ that the OTO is genuinely Masonic. Could you tell us something about | ˝ the origins of the OTO, and how it is related to "regular" | ˝ Freemasonry? | ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 19:24:42 pdt From: well! (Max Delysid) Subject: Oratorio: Solomon's Temple ˝ This is taken from 'The Freemasons Monitor' By Z.A. Davis pp 337-341. There is no publication date, but forms within the book are dated for the 1800s | Solomons Temple. An Oratorio: As it was performed in Dublin, for the benefit of sick and distressed Free Masons. The words by Bro. J.E. Weeks. Music composed by Bro. R. Broadway. (organist of St. Patricks Cathedral) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Persons: Solomon: The Grand Master. High Priest. Hiram, The Workman. Uriel, Angel of the Sun. Sheba, Queen of the South. Chorus of Priests and Nobles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solomon - Recitative: Convened we're met - chief oracle of heaven, To whom the sacred mysteries are given We've met to bid a splendid fabric rise, Worthy to the mighty Ruler of the skies. High Priest: And lo! where Uriel, Angel of the Sun, Arrives to see the mighty business done. (Air.) Behold, he comes upon wings of light, and with his sunny vestment cheers the sight. Uriel - Recitative: The Lord Supreme, Grand Master of the skies, Who bade creation from a chaos rise, The rules of architecture first engraved On Adams heart. Chorus of the Priests and Nobles: To Heavens High Architect all praise. All Gratitude be given, Who deign'd the human soul to raise, By secrets sprung from heaven. Solomon - Recitative: Adam, well versed in arts, Gave his sons the plumb and line By Masonry, sage Tubal Cain To the deep organ tuned the strain (Air.) And while he swell'd the melting note, On high the silver concords float. High Priest - Recitative (Accompanied): Upon the surface of the waves, When God a mighty deluge pours, Noah a chosen remnant saves, And laid the arks stupendous floors. Uriel - Air: Hark from on high the Mason word, "David, my servant, shall not build A lodge for heavens all sovereign Lord, Since blood and war have stain'd his shield. That for the deputy, his son, We have reserved - Prince Solomon." Chorus of the Priests and Nobles: Sound great Jehovah's praise! Who bid young Solomon the temple raise. Solomon - Recitative: So grand a structure shall we raise, That men shall wonder! angels gaze! By art divine it shall be rear'd, Nor shall the hammers noise be heard. Chorus: Sound great Jehovah's praise! Who bid young Solomon the temple raise. Uriel - Recitative: To plan the mighty dome, Hiram, the Master Mason's come. (Air.) We know thee, by thy apron white, An architect to be. We know thee, by thy trowel bright, Well Skill'd in Masonry. We know thee, by thy jewel's blaze, Thy manly walk and air, Instructed, thou the lodge shall raise, Let all for work prepare. Hiram - Air: Not like Babels haughty building, Shall our greater lodge be framed; That, to hideous jargon yielding, Justly was a Babel named; There confusion all o'erbearing, Neither sign nor word they knew, We, our work with order squaring, Each proportion shall be true. Solomon - Recitative: Cedars, which since creation grew, Fall of themselves to grace the dome, All Lebanon, as if she knew The great occasion, lo, is come! Uriel - Air: Behold, my brethren of the sky, The work begins, worthy of an angels eye. Chorus of the Priests and Nobles: Be present all ye heavenly host, The work begins - the Lord defrays the cost! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ACT II. Messenger - Recitative: Behold, attended by a num'rous trains, Queen of the south, fair Sheba, greets thy reign! (33*) In admiration of thy wisdom, she Comes to present the bended knee. Solomon to Hiram (Air): When allegiances bid obey, We with pleasure own its sway. (Enter Sheba Attended.) Obedient to superior greatness, see, Our sceptre hails thy mighty majesty; Thus Phebe, queen of shade and night, Owning the sun's superior rays, With feebler glory, lesser light, Attend the triumph of his blaze. Oh, all excelling Prince, receive The tribute due to such a king! Not the gift, but will, believe! Take the heart, not what we bring. (D.C.) Solomon- Recitative: Let measures softly sweet Illustrious Sheba's presence greet. (Air.) Tune the lute and string the lyre, Equal to the fair we sing! Who can see and not admire Sheba, consort for a king! Enlivening wit and beauty join, Melting sense and graceful air, Here united powers combine, To make the brightest of the fair. (D.C.) (Recit.)Hiram, our brother and our friend, Do thou the queen with me attend. Scene II. A View of the Temple High Priest - Recitative: Sacred to heaven, behold the dome appears; Lo, what august solemnity it wears; Angels themselves have deign'd to deck the frame And beauteous Sheba shall report its fame. (Air.) When the Queen of the South shall return, To the climes that acknowledge her sway, Where the sun's warmer beams fiercely burn, The princess with transport shall say, Well worthy my journey, I've seen, A monarch both graceful and wise, Deserving the love of a Queen, And a temple well worthy the skies. (D.C.) Chorus: Open ye gates, receive a queen, who shares, With equal sense, your happiness and cares. Hiram - Recitative: Of riches much, but more of wisdom, see, Proportion'd workmanship and Masonry. (Air.) Oh charming Sheba, there behold What massy stores of burnish'd gold, Yet richer is our art; Not all the orient gems that shine, Nor treasures of rich Ophir's mine, Excel the Masons heart; True to the fair, he honors more Than glittering gems or brightest ore, The plighted pledge of love; To ev'ry tie of honor bound, In love and friendship constant found, And favor'd from above. Solomon and Sheba - Duett ˝sic|. Sheba:One gem beyond the rest I see, And charming Solomon is he. Solomon:One gem beyond the rest I see, Fairest of fair ones, thou art she. Sheba:Oh thou surpassing all mens wise; Solomon:And thine excelling womens eyes. Hiram - Recitative: Wisdom and Beauty both combine, Our art to raise, our hearts to join. Chorus: Give to Masonry the prize, Where the fairest choose the wise; Beauty still should wisdom love; Beauty and order reign above. ˝ PT: I'd like some feedback about whether list members like this | ˝ kind of thing. It's fun, but very long. There is a *lot* of 19th | ˝ Century Masonic poetry (most of which moulders in well-deserved | ˝ obscurity :-). | ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 19 Oct 91 21:16:34 EST From: Zel Eaton Subject: Introduction Peter, thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I look forward to the conversations to come. I received this at my address on Portal I regularly (daily) check my mail at my work address is ad04@nemomus.bitnet or AD04%NEMOMUS@Academic.Nemostate.EDU I am past master of Adair Lodge #366 in Kirksville, MO. I am presently Chairman of the Committee on Correspondence of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. I have served on the Committee on Masonic Education of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. I am in the advancing line of the Missouri Lodge of Research. I belong to the York Rite and the Scottish Rite and am Past Master of Kadosh of the Scottish Rite Valley of Columbia, MO. I also belong to the Philalethes Society. I have done a little writing on "things Masonic". I look forward to some good discussions. If possible could you send my copy of the digest to my work address? Fraternally, Zel Eaton ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 21 Oct 91 12:16:17 -0400 From: (William H. Magill) Subject: Subject: 3 for the price of one: FAQ, "recruitment", what is Masonry? I'd like to receive the previous issues of the Digest. Since there was a hiatius of a year or so, you might find enough interest to simply re-issue them, possibly one a day or so. ˝ PT: Does anyone alse think this would be a good idea? There are 11 | ˝ issues, for a total of ~165k. | Glad to see a Rainbow member - is a "majority member" now a member of the Order of the Eastern Star? Or like an "exhausted rooster" in the JCs? Wonder if we can connect with any Job's Daughters and DeMolay members? The issue of "recruitment" and "fading/aging membership" is one which has become very prominent in all parts of the Fraternity with which I am involved. Needless to say, the youth organizations play a large part in many of those discussions. Historically and formally , Masonry has NOT asked individuals to join its ranks, but rather awaited individuals to ask for admission. The reality however, has always been much less clearly defined. Some folks have been willing to take the line "What are you doing on ?" as an opening to begin a "drawing out of the question" dialog. Several of the Grand lodges have created or issued "recruitment" pamphlets like "Should I ask?" Pennsylvania provides copies of "Should I ask?" and a couple of other ones. Possibly we could get the contents of those `pamphlets on line both as a FAQ and for comparison. Around the turn of the century, it was "normal" to have a Masonic ceremony for the cornerstone laying of any public building. Today, that visibility is frequently limited to the Square and Compass emblem on the front of the temple. Masonic jurisdictions frequently forbid lodges to "advertise" their meeting nights on the "State highway department" signs one finds listing the organizations in a town and when they met. One would frequently see the Rotary, Kiwanis and the Odd Fellows but virtually never the Masons. Today one approach which the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania has taken, is to make Masonry "visible" again in the community. Essentially a "public relations" campaign if you will. They have created a film, traveling display and similar things for use at PTA meetings and County Fairs. Just for the purpose of answering Laurie's question, "How do I explain to my husband what Masonry is?" Lodges have been encouraged to do "public" things as a lodge - sponsor a mile of highway cleanup for example. As has been mentioned, Masonry in the United States is "different" from Masonry in the rest of the world. As a prime example take the position of the Catholic Church (I'm not going to try to touch on the why's in this posting.) Here in the United States, the Catholic Church has no prohibition against Catholics becoming or retaining membership in the Fraternity - primarily because the Catholic Church views Masonry in the United States as a Fraternal Organization - neither dedicated to the overthrow of the Catholic Church nor opposed to it and its religious teachings . In other words, the Papal Bull excommunicating Catholics for being a Mason has been modified. This dates back to sometime in the mid-60s if I remember correctly. However, the Papal Bull still stands in rest of the world. I went through all of this in the mid 70's when I got married - I'm a non-Catholic, but my wife is. Granted, we dealt with the Jesuits - but they are supposed to be the scholars and intellectuals of the Catholic Church. Masonry in the United States today, is probably best described as a charitable and fraternal organization. Lodge meetings are "boys night out," but lodges sponsor everything from picnics and "ladies nights" to bowling and golf tournaments. Masonic Charities are both internal and external. The "Masonic Homes" are existent in virtually every Grand Lodge jurisdiction and exist to provide varying degrees of care and housing to the "members, spouses and unmarried daughters of members" who have reached retirement and need a place to live. Facilities range from complete geriatric care and nursing homes to "residential apartments". The facilities vary from Grand Lodge to Grand Lodge. Similarly, "external" Masonic Charities extend to facilities such as the Shriners' Hospitals, and contributions to research in several different areas of medicine. The Fraternity has always endeavored to "take care of its own." And to that end there are Masonic Credit Unions and Scholarship competitions. From a personal point of view, much of what one gets from Masonry depends greatly upon what one expends. The history of the Fraternity is fascinating. Learning the ritual is a challenge, understanding that ritual, an intellectual challenge. I'm not certain if there has been an "exciting" Lodge meeting since that apocryphal, never adjourned meeting in Boston when a bunch of Indians dumped tea into the Harbor. But Lodge meeting are an opportunity to meet "on the level" with all present. Be he Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, butcher, baker or candlestick maker, in the Lodge room all are equal. I chuckle when I hear everyone talk about "networking" in the popular press today, because that is all that any organization, be it Masonic, Church related or YIPPIE, is all about - Meeting people and making friends. Some of the people you meet will be simple acquaintennances other will be come business associates, and still others will become friends. People complain of being isolated today, out of touch with their fellow human beings. Masonry is one way to regain that contact. Indeed, Masons and Masonry have never lost it. Masonry encourages one to look beyond the narrow defines of one's occupation and daily life. It places a duty upon the member, to become knowledgable in the seven liberal arts to better fit oneself to life. It has been said that "Masonry is open to all men of good character." It is also said that "Masonry brings out the good character in all men." William H. Magill Manager, PennNet Technical Services Data Communications and Computing Services (DCCS) University of Pennsylvania Internet: ˝PT: I have "Should I ask?" online. | ------------------------------ From: (g.w.maymon) Date: 21 Oct 1991 15:06 EDT Subject: Introduction. Peter: Welcome back! I'm happy to hear that you are re-settled. This message is a test that I can indeed reach you. I'm a hangover on your old list and stiil alive here at Bellcore. By way of re-introduction, my name is Gil Maymon, a mason in good standing (Caesarea #64, Keyport NJ), an active member of the Scottish Rite (33 degree, 1st Lt. Commander of the Consistory of Northern NJ), a member of the Legion of Honor of Demolay (active and Chevalier more years ago than I care to remember) and a Noble of the Shrine (Salaam Temple, Livingstone, NJ). I have been a Mason since 1951, having been raised in Risiing Sun Lodge #30, East Providence, RI. I'm looking forward to reading and contributing to the digest. Some of my colleagues will also be joining us, I hope. Please acknowledge receipt of this message so I will know it works. Fraternally, Gil Maymon ------------------------------ End of MASONIC Digest *********************


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