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From Thu Aug 25 05:58:14 1994 Date: Thu, 25 Aug 94 05:39 EDT From: James Daugherty Reply to: To: Subject: Illuminati-Dollarbill From: (Peter Trei) In article <> (Andrew Bulhak) writes: >James Lawry ( wrote: >: The symbol on the US $1 bill of an eye at the apex of a pyramid >: is a masonic symbol. I believe George Washington was a Freemason, >: as were a number of America's founding fathers. (Confirm, anyone?) Hmm... The eye is a Masonic symbol, but putting it on a pyramid is not. It's really questionable if there is Masonic content in the seal at all. I have a FAQ file on the subject if anyone is interested. Washington, Franklin, and a surprising number of the Founding Fathers were Masons. >The street plan of Washington DC also apparently has some Masonic >symbols coded into it. Anyone know anything about this? >From an old post... ptrei writes: :In <> writes :> The Capitol is the joint where the two compass arms are joined; it has :> a circular drive around it which reinforces this effect. Now, the :> right leg of the compass is Maryland Avenue, which goes from the :> Capitol in a west-south-west direction and is shown on this map as :> terminating a mile or so away. The left leg is Pennsylvania Avenue, :> which goes WNW till it runs into the WHite HOuse (tho it looks like it :> continues on the other side, that's as far as it's highlighted in the :> book, wihch makes that leg equal to the other one). :> The square is formed by Canal Street and Louisiana Avenue, :> which run from a common point on the Mall, several blocks west of the :> Capitol, to just east of it. The Washington Monument is halfway :> between the ends of the compass legs : : Yet another beautiful theory about to die at the hands of a cold, :unfeeling fact... : : If you look at a modern map of DC, you can see this, but it's :really questionable. For one thing, the join of Canal and Louisiana is :not a right angle (as required for a square), but a smooth arc of a :couple hundred yards radius. : : However, if you look the ORIGINAL street plan, the square simply :isn't there. Canal street is (suprise!) a canal, and Louisiana Avenue :doesn't exist on my 1792 map. It was cut through the existing street :grid to provide views of Union Station at a later date. : : Pierre L'Enfant (who designed) DC, was probably not a Mason (I've :checked several sources). >ObUL: George Washington smoked dope. Washington certainly *grew* hemp on his farm: it was a common crop of the period, used to make rope. There is no evidence that he smoked it. Peter Trei


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