How to backup Infocoms ZORK III game: Insert DOS disk in drive A ADISKCOPY A: B: -- Ignore

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How to backup Infocom's ZORK III game: *Insert DOS disk in drive A A>DISKCOPY A: B: <-- Ignore the errors on tracks 1-3! *Place your ZORK III disk in drive A and a blank disk in drive B. A> *Now take out your ZORK III disk and insert your DOS disk in A. A>DEBUG -R CS xxxx :0000 <-- you enter this -R DS xxxx :0040 -R IP xxxx :7C00 -R ES xxxx :0000 -L 0:7C00 0 0 1 -G =0:7C00 0:7C2A -R AX xxxx :0800 -G 0:7C63 -E 800:14E5 B8 08 02 -E 800:211A 02 08 -W 800:0000 1 8 18 -L 0:7C00 0 0 8 -E 0:7C7C 02 08 -E 0:7C41 B8 08 02 -W 0:7C00 1 0 8 -Q *Take out your new disk in drive B and write-protect it. It is now DISKCOPY-able. *Reboot your system - press ALT-CTRL-DEL. X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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