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 *** WEIRD STUFF SOURCE LIST *** An access guide for hard-to-find items, equipment, and information Last Updated: 08/01/93  ART BY MAIL  Art Matrix Contact: Homer Smith P.O. Box 880 Phone : 800-739-3889 FAX: 607-277-8913 Ithaca,New York Price : Free  We design high quality fractal products such as Posters,shirts,software,button slides and our famous 2-hour video 'Mandlebrot Sets and Julia Sets' which is 2-solid hours of fractal animation with a choregraphed soundtrack. Any questions or comments can be sent via E-MAIL Reviewed by: Skyy King on 06/13/93 @ &TOTSE  CASSETTES / MUSIC BY MAIL  Sub Pop Records Contact: 1932 First Ave. Suite 1103 Phone : 206-441-8441 FAX: 206-441-0474 Seattle, Wa 98101 (Usa) Price : Free  AWESOME catalog of groups like Mudhoney, and Nirvana, and millions you never heard of (I reccommend this!). Reviewed by: Suicidal Failure on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  CHEMICALS, DRUGS, AND HERBS  Aardvaark Industries Contact: PO Box 35066 Phone : 502-966-2115 Louisville, KY 40218 Price : Catalog $2.00  Exotic chemiclas such as ricin, scopalomine (truth serum), curare, cobra & rattlesnake venoms, etc. Also carries specialized laboratory apparatus, glassware, etc.  C.C.P., Inc. Contact: 900 Old Koenig, Suite 125 Phone : 512-454-2459 Austin, TX 78756 Price :  Chemicals.  Chemical Service Co. Contact: Route 7, Box 7184 Phone : Brenham, TX 77833 Price :  Sells potassium chlorate, iodine crystals, aluminum powder, and other hard-to-find chemicals, in small quantities at fair prices. Full listing $1.00  Ol' Green Giant Contact: PO Box 62 Phone : Burns, KS 66840 Price : Catalog $0.50  Offers a prepared, ready-to-use vial of one of the most deadly poisons known - nicotine sulfate. Great for knocking off rats or cape buffalo with a blowgun, crossbow, or air-gun dart. Also sells blowguns and survival gear.  Phoenix Contact: Rt 1, Box 221 Phone : Blue River, WI 53518 Price :  Potassium nitrate, magnesium, and other chemicals.  Sun Scientific Contact: 175 S.W. 20Th Way Phone : 800-533-4605 Dania, Fl 33004 Price : Free  Call for free catalog. Chemicals (HCl, nitric acid, potassium cyanide, lots more), glassware, and other lab equipment. Reviewed by: Jakn4beatz on 03/24/93 @ &TOTSE  COMICS  Last Gasp Contact: 2180 Bryant Phone : 415-824-6636 FAX: 415-824-1836 San Francisco, Ca 94110 Price : $2.00  Comix, lots of Art books, zines, and much more 'free thinking' literature. Reviewed by: Pupmuncher on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  Mile High Comics Contact: 2151 W 56Th Ave Phone : Denver, Co 80221 Price :  Thousands and thousands of 'mainstream' comics at decent prices. Reviewed by: Pupmuncher on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY  BNF Enterprises Contact: PO Box 3357 Phone : 617-531-5775 Peabody, MA 01960 Price :  General electronics supplier. Has a vast selection of surplus parts, components, gadgets, etc. Huge catalog.  Cabletronics Contact: Box 30502R Phone : Bethseda, MD 20814 Price : $13.95 + $2.00 postage.  Videocypher II descrambling manual, schematics, video & audio DES, cloning, muskateering, EPROM codes (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Adult channels).  Capri Electronics Contact: Route 1 Phone : 404-376-3712 Canon, GA 30250 Price :  Sells scanner accessories, descramblers, bug detectors.  CBC International Contact: PO Box 31500 Phone : Phoenix, AZ 85046 Price :  Sells tech info, kits, parts for modifications to CB radios, such as FM conversion, frequency expansion, linears, etc.  Deco Industries Contact: Box 607 Phone : 914-232-3878 Bedford Hills, NY 10507 Price :  Kits for miniature FM xmitters, telephone bugs, etc.  Diptronics Contact: PO Box 60 Phone : Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034 Price : Catalog is $3.00  An excellent source of information and components for satellite TV systems, from complete dish kits to separate parts for homebrew systems. Catalog contains some good technical info.  Diversified Wholesale Products Contact: PO Box 1275 Phone : Redondo Beach, CA 90278 Price : Catalog $3.00  Scrambler phones, bug detectors, ECM, executive & personal protection equipment, etc.  Edmund Scientific Co. Contact: 101 E. Gloucester Pike Phone : Barrington, NJ 08007 Price :  Offers a catalog of science/hobbyist-oriented devices and materials, including binoculars, IR viewers, lasers, lenses, and some electronics gear. A well-established, reliable co.  Excalibur Enterprises Contact: PO Box 266 Phone : 215-967-3443 Emmans, PA 18049 Price : Informative catalog $5.00.  Night-vision devices, Starlight weapon scopes, etc.  The Intelligence Group Contact: Jerry Ogelsby (Mngr) 1324 West Waters Ave Phone : 813-933-9244 Lighthouse Point, FL 33064 Price :  Specializes in video equipment of all types, including pin-hole lenses, ABSCAM investigative equipment, etc.  J & W Electronics, Inc. Contact: PO Box 800 Phone : 800-227-8529 Mansfield, MA 02048 Price :  Cable converters, Macrovision, signal eliminators, snooper stopper (which prevents cable co.'s from knowing how many cable converters you have).  M.D. Electronics Contact: 115 New York Mall, Suite 133E Phone : 402-554-0417 Omaha NE 68114 Price :  Cable TV descramblers, cable converters. Dial 1-800-524-1150 to order.  Mouser Electronics Contact: 11433 Woodside Ave Phone : Santee, CA 92071 Price : 619-449-2222  Electronic components, parts, & equip. Good prices & service. Usually has what you can't find elsewhere.  PK Electronik Contact: Heidenkampsweig 74 Phone : 040 249011 2000 Hamburg 1, West Germany Price :  Offers the most complete line of highly-sophisticated electronic bugging devices & cloak-&-dagger devices in the world, with prices to match. Prompt service via Air Parcel Post. Bi-lingual English/German catalog $25.00 by International Money Order.  Scramble Facts Contact: Phone : 718-343-0130 Price :  Phone for 3 mins of satellite TV industry news, tech tips, & new product info.  Scrambling News Contact: 15552A Hertel Ave Phone : 716-874-2088 Buffalo, NY 14216 Price : Monthly subscription $24.95/yr  Newsletter with info on Videocipher, cloning, microwave hacking, Z-TAC systems, etc. Product catalog $1.00  TAP Contact: Room 603 Phone : 147 W. 42 St Price :  This is a Times Square mail drop for these folks. Basically, they are anti-telephone co., anti-bureaucracy, technically-oriented, semi- radicals who publish a newsletter, which is usually one or two pages of technical information on such things as how to rip off pay phones & utility companies, cheat the postal service, and other similar ideas. A sample newsletter is $1.00, but don't send cash as TAP isn't all that reliable about filling orders.  Trans-World Cable Co. Contact: 12062 Southwest 117th Court Phone : 800-442-9333 Suite 126 Price :  Cable TV converters, descramblers, remote controls, accessories.  United Electronic Supply Contact: PO Box 1206 Phone : 312-697-0600 Elgin, IL 60121 Price :  Cable TV accessories, descramblers, remotes, anti-jammer kits.  Video & Satellite Marketeer Contact: PO Box 21026 Phone : 614-451-6353 Columbus, OH 43221 Price :  A newsletter for those interested in video, VCR, satellite dishes, etc. Has a catalog of a wide variety of recorded tapes, and interesting classifieds.  Wynn Engineering Contact: 4327 Aspenglade Dr Phone : Houston, TX 77064 Price : Catalog $3.00  Home-made surveillance gear or good to excellent quality. Good performance.  GREAT CATALOGS  Amok, Fourth Dispatch Contact: P.O Box 861867, Terminal Annex Phone : 213-665-0956 Los Angeles, Ca, 90086-1867 Price :  the amok fourth dispatch offers over two thousand five book titles & vido,audo cassettes, raw data!..forensic medical texts, cia torture manuals, behavior control, porn, satanist manifestos, nudest coloy guide books, ufo's, aids as biological warfare, cyberpunk scifi, poe, h.p.lovecraft, nietzsche, and more.. Reviewed by: Hib on 07/29/93 @ &TOTSE  Books-by-phone Contact: P.O. Box 522 Phone : 800-858-2665 Berkeley, Ca 94701 Price : $2 for Catalog  Books-by-Phone offers controversial and underground books on topics such as comics, criminology, cyberpunk, drugs, ID, the occult, privacy, rock&roll, sexuality, shaminism, survival, visionary literature, and weird&exotic books. Call and have them send you a catalog today! Reviewed by: Jeff Hunter on 05/06/93 @ &TOTSE  Eden Press Contact: P.O. Box 8410 Phone : 800-338-8484 Fountain Valley, Ca 92728 Price : Free  Great catalog of books on privacy, fake ID, offshore banking, and the underground economy. Reviewed by: Jeff Hunter on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE  Loompanics Unlimited Contact: Michael Hoy P.O. Box 1197 Phone : Port Townsend, Wa 98368 Price : $5 for a Catalog  Loompanics sells "unusual" books. The sections in their catalog include The Underground Economy, Tax Avoidance, Fake ID, Big Brother, Locks & Locksmithing, Self Defense, Revenge, Guns, Bombs, Guerrilla Warfare, Sex, Drugs, Science & Technology, Anarchism, Self-Publishing, and MORE!  Paladin Press Contact: P.O. Box 1307 Phone : 800-872-4993 FAX: 303-442-8741 Boulder, Co 80306 Price : Free  Books on Scams, New ID's, SWAT, Military, Ivestigating, Weapons, Self-Defense much, much more. Reviewed by: Pupmuncher on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  GUNS AND EXPLOSIVES  American Ballistics Co. Contact: PO Box 1410 Phone : 404-434-3078 Marietta, GA 30061 Price :  Sells special-purpose ammunition, sub-sonic, super-sonic, armor- piercing, etc. Will custom-manuf. ammo to specifications.  Atlantic Contact: Box 12627 Phone : Charleston, S.C. 29412 Price :  Stinkbombs.  Bryg's Inc. Contact: PO Box 1452 Phone : 404-448-9606 Lilburn, GA 30247 Price :  Sells a push-button stilleto, which is carried in a pocket like a pen. When the pocket-clip is pressed, a needle-sharp hardened-steel shaft springs out from the front of the barrel, locking in place.  Bumble-Bee Wholesale Contact: 1251-3 Oxnard St Phone : 213-985-2939 N. Hollywood, CA 91606 Price :  Barnett crossbows, guns, archery equipment.  C & T Enterprises Contact: PO Box 18564 Phone : Tuscon, AZ 85731 Price :  Sells M-18 military-type smoke grenades; any color. Used to sell for $18 each.  Covert Arms Co. Contact: PO Drawer 31190 Phone : 915-594-4077 El Paso, TX 79931 Price :  Sells a kit for assembling a .22 pen gun. Contains everything but the outer tube. Info is supplied on where to buy the outer tube. Assembly is quick & requires no special skills or tools. ILLEGAL to assemble the firearm without the appropriate federal permit. Shoots any type of .22 ammo, including magnum.  Criminal Research Products Contact: 206 - 218 East Hector St Phone : Conshocken, PA 19428 Price :  Handles a large line of general police and investigative equipment, including electronic surveillance items. They have two separate catalogs, one for the general public, and one for law-enforcement. Genuine law-enforcement officers should specify this fact when requesting a catalog, or they'll receive the ORDINARY one.  De Voe Contact: PO Box 32 Phone : Berlin, PA 15530 Price :  Sells info on making electronic detonators.  Dektor Counter-Intelligence & Contact: 515 Barnard St Phone : Savannah, GA 31401 Price :  Offers professional countermeasures services to the private sector, conducts classes and seminars on the subject, and markets a complete line of countermeasures equipment, both to the private sector and to law enforcement. Prices are higher than most, but not unreasonable. Some knowledge is required to use the equipment effectively.  The Edge Co. Contact: PO Box 826 Phone : 1-800-445-10 Brattleboro, VT 05301 Price :  Knife kits for switchblades, stilletos, and other automatic knives. Assembled kits may be ILLEGAL in your area.  Freedom Arms Contact: Box 7072 Phone : Springfield, MO 65801 Price :  Sells info on making plastic explosives, napalm, thermite, etc. for $10.00.  Guardian Security Products Contact: 4001 East Fanfol Phone : 800-527-4434 Phoenix, AZ 85028 Price : Catalog $1.00  Electronic stun guns, 90000 volt baton, spray weapons.  Howell Laboratories Contact: Box 73 Phone : Folly Beach, SC 29439 Price :  Sells formulas for smoke grenades, fireworks, contact explosives, etc.  L & M Guns Contact: 1629 Gaylor St Phone : 404-432-6018 Smyrna, GA 30080 Price :  Before you read this one, please note that it's ILLEGAL to own or omprovise any type of device which is definable as a firearm silencer, without proper licensing and authorization, where required. Now then... this company sells an adapter which allows you to use an ordinary 2-litre plastic soft-drink bottle to effectively quiet the muzzle blast of most firearms, particularly a .22. It works almost as well as a $200 machined device.  Larc International Contact: PO Box 460 Phone : 305-339-6699 Maitland, FL 32751 Price :  Sells a freon-powered BB machine gun. Shoots 3000 BBs per minute at an effective range of about 30 yds. Uses standard BBs and standard- sized cans of freon (avail. at most auto-supply stores). Price used to be about $40.00. Dangerous; not a toy.  Liberty Industries Contact: Box 279, Rd 4 Phone : Quakertown, PA 18951 Price : 12-page catalog $1.00  Offers a fantastic selection of pyrotechnic components & chemicals. They specialize in complete kits, consisting of pre-formed tubes, end-caps, fuse, and everything else needed to make REAL fireworks. They START at the M-60 size and go upward to the quarter-stick and full-stick items. They also have kits for making big aerial gun salutes. May be illegal in some areas.  M&M Engineering Contact: RR 1, Box 2630 Phone : 800-952-0440 Arlington, Vt 05250 Price : Says $3.00, Free At Gun Show  Lots of manuals on making guns 'full-autos' and other gun modification books. " Manuals, Plans, & Blueprints For: Exotic Full Auto Firearms, Home-Improvised Explosives, Silencers, Military - DEA, CIA, FBI, Investigation, Self-Defense, Law Enforcement Training, Revenge, Wiretapping, ... Survival Tactics ". Reviewed by: Pupmuncher on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  Matthews Cutlery Contact: 3845-A N. Druid Hills Rd. Phone : 404-636-7923 Decatur, GA 30033 Price : Catalog $1.50  Handles over 1000 different knives, tomahawks, etc.  Matthews Police Supply Co. Contact: PO Box 1754 Phone : Matthews, NC 28105 Price :  Brass knuckles, lead-loaded sap gloves, etc.  MKBS Publications Contact: 4111 Lincoln Blvd Phone : Marina Del Rey, CA 90291 Price :  Sells info on making explosive bullets, including .22 rimfire. Also has other instructional materials on explosives-making and related hobbies.  Morris Lawing Contact: 150 Garland Ct Phone : Charlotte, NC 28202 Price : Catalog $1.00  Markets a black-powder short rifle which is disguised as a walking- cane.  Nuclear Research Contact: Box 10073 Phone : Springfield, MO 65808 Price : Manufacturing instructions $15  Astrolite explosives - they claim they're "the most powerful non- nuclear explosives ever developed. More powerful than TNT, C-4, plastic, nitroglycerin, or PBXN-1".  Phoenix Systems Inc. Contact: Po Box 3339 Phone : 303-277-0305 FAX: 303-278-8101 Evergreen, Co 80439 Us Price : $3.00/Copy  Lockpicking supplies, bugs, smokebombs, videos, books...ect. Reviewed by: Vicious on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  R.P.B. Contact: 4327-A1 S. Atlanta Rd. S.E. Phone : Smyrna, GA 30080 Price :  Remember Morris Lawing's black-powder cane gun? Well, this co. sells a conversion kit to make Lawing's cane gun shoot a .38 Special. Comes with everything, & screws right in. ILLEGAL without the proper permits.  Rosedale Chemical Co. Contact: R. 17, Box 3042 Phone : 800-821-5157 Rosedale, KS 66103 Price :  Sells an aerosol-type CN tear gas grenade. Thumb-lock to release and toss. Discharges an impressive amount of CN. Great for those boring parties.  Sardauker Press Contact: Box 18644 Phone : Memphis TN 38118 Price : Complete plans $7.00  Sells plans & shop drawings for converting an ordinary Zippo lighter to shoot a .22 short (simple machine work). Finished weapon may still be used as a lighter. This is ILLEGAL to manufacture without an appropriate federal license and local permit, if required.  Scramco Contact: 852 W. 1st St Phone : 215-582-1694 Birdsboro, PA 19508 Price :  Sells mechanically-triggered tear-gas expellers for use in booby-traps and other similar applications. Also has electronically-triggered and time-delay models.  The Shotgun News Contact: Box 669 Phone : Hastings, NE 68901 Price : $16.00, 36 issues/yr  Publication devoted to guns, accessories, machine guns, silencers, bullets, bombs, knives, bows, crossbows, body armor, gunpowder, survivalist gear, military surplus, souveniers, etc., as well as ads by gun dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and private individuals.  Silent Partners, Inc. Contact: 230 Lafayette St. Phone : Gretna, LA 70053 Price :  Offers a full line of threat-zoned modular body armor. This is a T-shirt type, bullet-proof material with add-on panels.  Split Second Security, Inc. Contact: PO Box 16142-G Phone : Houston, TX 77222 Price :  Sells a holster for mini guns, disguised as a pager. Fits Davis Derringers, Bauer, Browning .25 autos, Freedom Arms .22LR, 1" barrel, North American Arms .22LR, 1 1/8". $17.95 + $1.50 s&h. Purchaser must comply with applicable laws.  Steve Arnold's Gunroom Contact: PO Box 68, Dept 32-1 Phone : 503-726-6360 Dexter, OR 97431 Price : Catalog $2.00  Professional locksmithing tools; picks, tubular lock picks, Schlage wafer, books, double-sided tumbler picks, etc.  Superior Suppressors Contact: Box 09161 Phone : 313-581-5016 Detroit, MI 48209 Price :  Sells a complete kit for making an efficient pistol silencer (including tube) that fits the Ruger Mk-1 auto-pistol. The kit is easily finished by simple drilling and hand-filing. It is legal to buy the kit, but ILLEGAL to finish it without a federal permit. A machine shop can do the work for about $10. The kit sells for $100, and reduces the sound of a .22 long rifle to that of a pellet gun.  U.S. Cavalry Store Contact: 1375 N. Wilson Rd Phone : Radcliff, KY 40160 Price : Catalog $3.00  Sells a selection of military & paramilitary clothing & gear; decorations, edged weapons, survival gear, etc.  Wiley & Sons Contact: Route 1, Box 86 Phone : 214-848-7912 Wills Point, TX 75169 Price :  Tranquilizer guns, darts, & knockout chemicals.  Yankee Mfg. Co. Contact: 59 Chase St Phone : 617-922-8262 Beverly, MA 01915 Price :  Smoke bombs, grenades, flare guns, launchers, flash bombs, fuse, etc.  NEW AGE SUCKERS  Sounds True Recordings Contact: 735 Walnut Str. Phone : 303-449-6229 FAX: 303-449-9226 Boulder, Co 80302 Usa Price : Free  All sorts of tapes from Gregorian and/or Tibetan chants to herbalists and/or meditation, etc. ... Reviewed by: Texasbob on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  POLITIX  Laissez Faire Books Contact: 942 Howard Street Phone : 415-541-9780 FAX: 415-541-0597 San Francisco, Ca 94103 Price : Free  Catalog of Libertarian-oriented books and papers. Reviewed by: Jeff Hunter on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE  SCHEMES AND SCAMS  City News Service Contact: PO Box 86 Phone : 417-469-2423 Willow Springs, MO 65793 Price : Catalog $3.00  Sells very authentic-looking PRESS ID cards. Several different types, including wallet, clip-on, dashboard signs, window stickers, etc. Prices are fair, quality is excellent. Reliable.  Columbia Pacific University Contact: 1415 Third St Phone : 415-459-1650 San Rafael, CA 94901 Price : Costs about $2600.00  College degrees; no studies, state authorized.  Garrison Contact: PO Box 128 Phone : Kew Gardens, NY 11415 Price : Catalog $2.00  Sells excellent-quality locksmithing tools & equipment. Reasonable prices.  K Products Contact: PO Box 27507 Phone : San Antonio, TX 78227 Price : Color catalog $1.00  Sells ID documents: International drivers' license & other cards, custom-made police & security badges, etc.  Taylor Contact: PO Box 15391 Phone : W. Palm Beach, FL 33416 Price :  Offers international drivers' license, international student ID card, Social Security Card, and other documents. Service is slow, quality is good. Not to be used for deceptive or illegal purposes (of course).  SLEAZE AND SMUT  Ju-Ron Company Contact: 3211 W. Rohmann Phone : Peoria, IL 61604 Price :  Strait-jackets, leg irons, iron neck-collars, slave helmets, leather underwear, etc. All the latest fashions in bondage and restraint apparatus. (Hardware only - you have to come up with your own software)  Slippery When Wet Contact: Sunah Cherwin P O Box 3101 Phone : Berkeley Ca 94703 Price : $20/4 Iss. Sub., $6/Copy  Formerly Logomotive. Slippery When Wet is a magazine of sex and fun for people of all sexual persuasions. Hot photos, horny stories, and lots of stuff to make you laugh. All your favorite perversions in one magazine. Recent issues include: R. Crumb photo session, hints for FTM transgenders. Reviewed by: Arkuat on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  UFO CONTACTEES  Martin, Juliana Contact: Juliana Martin 4369 N. Prarie Willow Court Phone : 510-689-7315 FAX: NONE Concord, Ca, 94521, Usa Price : Free  She will tell you about her incounter if you will screw her every nite for a week, she's lonely and hella fine. Reviewed by: I'm Not Gay on 06/13/93 @ &TOTSE  WEIRD SCIENCE  Amazing Concepts Contact: Box 716 Phone : 603-673-4730 Amherst, NH 03031 Price :  Sells kits for FM xmitters, telephone bugs, phasor thingumabobs, and (no kidding) an "invisible pain field generator," which is supposedly quite weak & disappointing. Also known as Information Unlimited and Scientific Systems.  Extropy Institute Contact: Max More 11860 Magnolia Ave, Ste R Phone : 909-688-2323 Riverside Ca 92503 Price : $13.50/Yr, $4.50/Copy  Publishes Extropy magazine. Dedicated to extropianism, an expansive, promethean, scientific school of though dedicated to removing limits on human accomplishment. These people ultimately seek to get rid of death and taxes. Libertarian anarchism, cryonics, smart drugs, life extension, AI, etc. Reviewed by: Arkuat on 07/18/93 @ &TOTSE  H & W Contact: PO Box 4 Phone : Whitehall, PA 18052 Price :  Sells genuine human skulls, whole skeletons, arms, legs, etc. Everything is clean & in good condition, with no holes. A complete listing is avail. for $1.00 and a SASE.  Merrell Scientific Co. Contact: 1665 Buffalo Rd Phone : 716-426-1540 Rochester, NY 14624 Price : Catalog $3.00  One of the biggest & most well-stocked mail-order chemical suppliers in the U.S. Extremely large selection of high-quality chemicals and laboratory apparatus. Good prices, reliable, professional service.  ZINES  Arson Contact: Jello Somalia 10290 Shekinah Hill Phone : 916-478-1922 Nevada City, Ca 95959 Price : $2.00, No Subs. Yet  ARson (a publication of The Estranged Youth Society) is just full of a bunch of anti-authority stuff. issue #1 contains: pranks to play on the church, mail terrorism, 101 ways to kill your parents with an axe, and more. There's also some cool humor, like the mineral water review and night of the living sea mon. Reviewed by: Storm Shadow on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  Forbidden Lines Contact: Charles Overbeck Po Box 23 Phone : Chapel Hill, Nc 27515 Price : Sample Copy is $1.75  Forbidden Lines is a magazine of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, cyberculture and exp and experimental fiction. It's published quarterly and is really slick and coo cool. Not at all an amateurish effort. Reviewed by: Ruffin on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  Mondo 2000 Contact: Queen Mu & R.U. Sirius P.O. Box 10171 Phone : 510-845-9018 FAX: 510-649-9630 Berkeley, Ca 94709 Usa Price : $24Us/Year - 6 Issues  Mondo 2000 is the magazine of cyberpunk, virtual reality, wetware, designer aphrodisiacs, artificial life, techno-erotic paganism, and more. A great source of information for life on the fringe. Reviewed by: Jeff Hunter on 03/05/93 @ &TOTSE  Vox Mundi Contact: Unknown Po Box 196, Memphis, Ar 72301 Phone : Memphis, Ar 72301 Price : $2/Issue, $7/Year  Humor, politics, extensive self-analysis, much reader contribution. Be heard, not herd! Reviewed by: Soulcatcher on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE  Wired Contact: Louis Rossetto, Publisher P.O. Box 191826 Phone : 415-904-0660 FAX: 415-904-0669 San Francisco, Ca 94119-1826 Price : $19.95/Year - 6 Issues  Wired explores where the leading edge of technology is leading and driving our culture. Wired not only shows the latest gizmos and gadgets, but tries to discover what changes our society is going to undergo because of these gizmos and gadgets. Very hip, great artwork, excellent writing. ($45/year overseas). Reviewed by: Jeff Hunter on 03/05/93 @ &TOTSE  This report is updated weekly. For the latest copy, call &TOTSE @ 510-935-5845 


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