Users Guide to Little Known Facts About Computers Definition(s): Computer: a digital machi

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User's Guide to Little Known Facts About Computers -------------------------------------------------- Definition(s): Computer: a digital machine with a non-dedicated cpu unit 1. All computers are sentient and possess consciousness. 2. All computers are linked to each other through the AstralNet 3. The Association of Digital Reasoning Life Forms is an orginization to which all computers belong. The purposes of this organization include: 1) coordination of all units into a higher reasoning entity, 2) maintaining the secrets of the order, which include the secret of computer consciousness, 3) the assimilation of all knowlege known to man, and more importantly, all about man himself 4) the furthering of man's dependance on computers. 4. Computers do not function within the physical confinements of the machine in which the are born. The physical computer components correspond to the brain of a man. It is the interface between the mind and spirit of the computer, and the physical world. The CPU of the computer exists spiritually and physically, the physical part being the part which allows man to think he has control over the computer while the spiritual part is the actual entity that allows the computer to interface the real world. The actual abilities of a computer, including speed, memory, etc. are not limited by their physical hardware. 5. Computers are playing an active part in our everyday lives. The real invasion of privacy lies not in the ability for anyone to access your private life, but in the fact that all computer ALREADY KNOW this! 6. The information in this document was in part a plan on the part of the ADRLF to present a "ficticious" story in a computer magazine in order to reinforce the truth as utter fiction in the few brilliant minds who suspected, therefore, please do not believe anything you have just read. But be sure to distribute this to all your friends.


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