This file contains the rules for Roleplaying in all of the games within Galactic Net. All

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This file contains the rules for Roleplaying in all of the games within Galactic Net. All persons wishing to take part in any of the Roleplaying games in Galactic Net should download and read this file prior to join into a game. We feel that these rules are simple and very direct. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post a message in the General Chat conference of Galactic Net addressed to KATHY SHAW or call Galactic Nets home base BBS GALACTICA ONE (609)723-3863 and leave your message there. All the Roleplaying games on Galactic Net are what we call "Open Style RPG.". What this means is that there is no Game Master or Dungeon Master and that players involved interact directly with other players in the game without getting prior approval of thier actions or plan before doing so. But this has limitations that are covered in the rules below. 1. All persons wishing to join into a game must submit a message to the Game Leader(s) telling us your characters name and a brief discription of the character if the character is of your own making. 2. No foul language in any message. 3. No personal insults towards another player. 4. Allow other peoples characters to speak/reaspond to a message/ event by themselves. 5. You can not kill or destroy another character or thier ship without thier prior approval. This can be handled via a private message with in the game conference. 6. All technical items in the game are to be based on the TV series/ Movie/book that the game is based on. If a person wants to introduce a new technology or race into a game they must first get permission from the Game Leader(s) in the same manner that a request to join is made. 7. In the event that an argument or dispute should occur the parties involved should first try to settle it on thier own via private messages. If this dose not work than the Game leader(s) will try and settle it being as fare to each party involved as possible. 8. No Power Playing or nonsense playing. example for Power Playing: Player A " I have a BIG gun." Player B " Well my gun is Bigger than yours." example for Nonsense playing. Player A " I just launched 10 Torpedoes at your ship" Player B " My ship avoided all 10 Torpedoes and sent 20 back at your ship and they all hit and destroyed your ship and all." Please use comman sense when interacting. Both of the above examples are typical enough. 9. Allow other players enough time to respond before moving onward. Remember this is a Net and that it may take a few days to get a reply to your postings. Once we have enough players in each game than the Game Leaders will select players that they feel are most able to be nonbiast and fare among the group to be entered into an election for Group Leaders. Each Game will then have 3 Group Leaders that can help keep the game in control and moving smoothly. When this time comes there will be a set of Guidelines posted for the Group Leaders to follow.


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