ATARI ST Guaranteed Cheat Codes and Strategies: Compiled by KTH This is a collection of ch

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ATARI ST Guaranteed Cheat Codes and Strategies: Compiled by KTH This is a collection of cheats and codes taken from seven seperate text files from the sewer disk collections. I have merged them together, removed all redundancies and trivial hints, removed all AMIGA ONLY hints, and alphabetized them. All of these hints have been tested, and have also removed all those hints where they are either built into our broken versions, or are unnecessary due to a 'cheat mode' put into the game by the crackers. ***ARKANOID II: REVENGE OF DOH*** When all your lives are lost and the title screen is desplayed, hit the CAPS LOCK and type MAGENTA. Now when you start a new game, press 's' to open up the gates either side of the screen so you can progress to the next...But even more useful is this: loose all your lives and return to the title screen, hit CAPS LOCK and then type MAGENTA again, only this time type in DALEY88 to take you right to the last screen. ***BAAL***: the coordinates of all the jetpack platforms, in the order you should go to them to finish the game. X/Y, X being width and Y being height: Level 1: 31/16 (cartridge 2), 02/25, 52/30 (cartridge 3), 51/00, 24/38, 62/13, 02/50, 64/49, 33/58 (exit to level 2). Level 2: 34/30, 54/12 (cartridge 4), 16/12, 00/24, 03/34, 30/47, 54/12 (exit to level 3). The jetpack isn't used on level 3. ***BARBARIAN II***: step-by-step walk-thru: Level 1: left, left, right seven times, left, right, left, in the cave, and right. Level 2: right, up, left, up, left, left, right, left three times, up, and left. Level 3: up, right, right, up, left, right, up, right, left, left, up, left, left, up, up, right, right, left, left, up. Level 4: hit the fireballs, then try to leap across. Several low chops will destroy it. Next is the Pit Demon; when he reaches out, use an overhead chop to hit his arms; repeat until death. Next, Drax himself! Wait until he pauses between spells, and hit him with a flying head chop! The End... ***BETTER DEAD THAN ALIEN*** LEVEL PASSWORD COMMENT LEVEL PASSWORD COMMENT ----- -------- ------- ----- -------- ------- 001 ELEKTRA PRACTICE 014 TRIPTYCH LUDICROUSE! 002 SYZYGY A DODDLE 015 JABBERWOCKY ABSURDIS 003 DRAMBUIE VERY EASY 016 WHIMSICAL POSSIBLE??! 004 PLUG EASY 017 CORNUCOPIA DO THIS ON 005 SOPRANO QUITE EASY 018 PUNJABI OK, NOW TH.. 006 MAYONNAISE AVERAGE 019 TIDDLY POM STILL HERET? 007 FAUCET SOME EFFORT 020 KEWPIE DOLL BRILLIANT! 008 POTATO MUCH EFFORT 021 SEPULCHRE IMPOSSIBLE 009 WOOMERA GREAT EFFORT 022 EUPHEMISM ..OR WAS I 010 NARCISSUS TOTAL EFFORT 023 GRAMMARIAN THE END. 011 DEBUTANTE HARD! 024 CROSSWORD THE END II 012 FIRKIN REAL HARD 025 QUARANTINE THAT'S IT. 013 ACOUSTIC VERY HARD and now here's the cheat mode! Type ELV to activate cheat, then press F1 Scatterbolts F2 Multiple fire F3 Auto fire F4 Armour Missile F5 Stun F6 Neutron Bomb F7 Clone ship F8 Sheild F9 Skip Level F10 Extra Power ***CARRIER COMMAND*** 1. PAUSE the game and type GROW OLD ALONG WITH ME then press + on the numeric keypad for your mantas and walruses to become sheilded. Press - to disable. 2. PAUSE the game, type "The Best is Yet to Be". A message will be displayed that tells you the cheat mode is active. 9 Gives current difficulty level 7 Speeds up game (useful!) 6 Shows all colors and shades in the game Try pressing CTRL and M on the main screen for some interesting effects. ***ELIMINATOR*** Press the HELP key once the game is loaded and type in the passwords listed below, to progress to your chosen levels. STAGE PASSWORD 02 AMOEBA 03 BLOOOP 04 CHEEKI 05 DOINOK 06 ENIGMA 07 FLIPME 08 GEEGEE 09 HANDEL 10 ICICLE 11 JAMMIN 12 KIKONG 13 LAPDOG 14 MIKADO On the title screen press HELP and type in HANDEL to put you on stage 9. Now when playing, avoid the water to the right and crash into the oncoming alien. On the next life, shoot the alien and fall into the water on the right just before reaching the first ramp. On your next life, shoot the green alien, jump over the ramp and stay in the right-hand lane. If all has gone well, you should be shot by a bubble like alien, and you should have-finally-activated the infinite lives mode. ***ENDURO RACER*** When you first begin to play Enduro Racer, after the countdown type the word CHEAT in on the keyboard. Having typed that in, pressing one of the following keys will result in a specific effect. T - Gives you an extra 10 seconds to complete the race S - Advances you one checkpoint F - Gives you turbo speed (210 kmh) ***FALCON***: when flying a high-ranking mission, pressing Ctrl-X will give you 8 AIM9Ls and 500 rounds of ammo for your Vulcan. ***FERNANDEZ MUST DIE***: pause the game,type SPINYNORMAN, to get infinite lives! ***FLYING SHARK*** (Unverified) When you score high enough to make the high score table, type HSC or KDJ (holding down the 5 key as you enter the last letter) . HSC gives infinite lives KDJ gives invulnerability ***GAUNTLET II*** You need 2 keys and 2 locked treasure chests. As you open the first chest, hold down the Help key, collect the treasure. Open the second chest while holding down Insert. An Ankh will appear and you must collect it. You'll hear a gong. You should now have 50,000 health points and 32,000 reflective super-shots. The shots will vanish once you leave the level, and if you pick up an amulet, the counter will be reset to 10 shots. ***HELTER SKELTER*** Here are the passwords for those elusive later levels. LEVEL PASSWORD LEVEL PASSWORD LEVEL PASSWORD ----- -------- ----- -------- ----- -------- 11 SPIN 21 FLIP 31 BALL 41 GOAL 51 LEFT 61 TWIN 71 PLAY ***IKARI WARRIORS*** Type in FREERIDE on the high score table and you'll start the next game with an invisible soldier. ***INTERNATIONAL KARATE +*** Codes to type in while playing- FREZ Freeze the game PAC Pacman moves across screen FISH Makes a fish leap out of water BIRD Bird flies across screen PERI periscope rises out of water Also, typing FUCK and CUNT results in an interesting message. ***LEATHERNECK*** Start the game and type 'CUTHBERTNECK', then press F3. This will give all players protection from enemy fire, but not from your team-mates' bullets. To return to normal press F3 once again. ***KARATE KID 2***: Press P to go to next level ***MICKEY MOUSE***: After Mickey takes his bow, type 61315688 and a thin white line will flicker in the border. Hitting F2 opens the door to the sub-game, F3 takes you straight to conflict with a witch, F4 refills your water pistol, Enter (keypad) quits the sub-game, "." on the keypad completes the sub-game successfully. ***NEBULUS***: when on the title screen (with the music playing), type Helloiamjmp. Now, you can access any tower by simply pressing the appropriate function key. You also get infinite lives. ***OUTRUN*** Type in STARION whilst playing the game then select any of the following codes: B - Gives extended play Q - Gives you info about the program T - Adds ten seconds to your time S - Takes you through the locations D - Saves the screen in DEGAS format x - crashes the computer! ***PLATOON*** Type in 'Hamburger' at the title screen. The word 'Cheat' will appear below the credits press your joystck button, then (F5) when the jungle screen comes up. Your man is now invulnerable to the attacks of the little Commie @#!!$&*s. From here (F1) starts you where you are, (F2) puts you at the location of the explosives, (F3) takes you to the bridges that you have to blow up, (F4) takes you straight to the village where the entrance to the tunnels is hidden in one of the huts. From here on the cheat no longer works, the game runs as normal and you can die but it certainly gets you further along the track. ***QUADRALIEN***: access codes: level 1- 170961, level 2- 010655, level 3- 610169. And now, some tips: once in the core, you can't quit. So choose droids with good lasers, Jack and Spud for example. The Quadralien mother is made up of 4 separate pieces grouped together and surrounded by Earthling boxes. The mother can only be destroyed by blowing up each box from a different direction. From the starting point there are three exit: north, east, and west. Go east and destroy the first box, return to the starting point, and go north to destroy the second box. You will now have both droids to blow the remaining boxes. Go west through the one-way force field, and get the other. Don't forget to keep recharging. ***RAMBO III*** - get on the high-score list and type RENEGADE. Pressing 1,2 and 3 will drop you on the level of your choice. And now for some tips: 1) When inside the 2nd building, wear your IR goggles. 2) Don't walk in front of soldiers, since it will trigger an alarm and about 8 soldiers will jump you! 3) If you enter a dark room, use the glow tube. 4) Never use a gun without a silencer. 5) Turn off the electric door with the switch located several rooms away. 6) The mine detector won't work without the generator. 7) The IR goggles won't work without a battery. 8) Watch out for IR beams, since they also trigger alarms. Here's a list of items you can find: arrows, silencer, first aid kit, IR goggles, glow tube, battery, key, mine, detector (in 2 pieces), pistol, ammo, rubber gloves (you never know when you can be expected to perform major surgery!!!) ***RAMPAGE*** If you're on the last building and a cloud of dust appears under it punch in any direction and keep your finger on the fire button until the next screen is displayed, whereupon you will be ableto climb up an invisible building which is in the same place as the last building on the previous screen. ***RETURN OF THE JEDI***: enter Darth Vader on the high score list instead of your name. Pressing F2 will complete a stage and send you to the next one. ***SPACE HARRIER and SPACE HARRIER II***: if you look at disk two, you'll see some files called LEVEL2.DAT (for example). If you rename THEEND.DAT (or whatever it's called) to LEVEL1.DAT, you will see the end sequence without playing the game! ***STARGLIDER***: this one is complex, so pay attention!! Start the game, slow down completely, press F, and press Backspace. Now, type in the following twice: JS(Space)ARG(Backspace)S(Backspace)(Return). Pressing N gives you 5000 points, E reboots the disk, M stops all enemy aircraft, P adds an extra missile. ***STARGLIDER II*** Select F (for fixed sights) then slow down to a dead stop and pause the game (using the backspace key). Type 'Were on a Mission from God' (with the spaces and case also not important) and press '1' on the keyboard. If the shield and energy levels drop to zero the cheat mode has been activated. Press 'k' to get all the weapons (including the neutron bomb!), and when you run out just press 'k' again. ***STAR GOOSE*** Hit all the function keys (F1 through F10) and you've got unlimited protection. ***STARRAY*** Unfortunately the cheat mode isn't as straightforward as the game play. Here's the step by step guide to getting an invincible ship. Make sure your mouse is plugged in, but don't use it to move the highlight. 1. Access the OPTIONS SCREEN (ie: press the SPACE BAR). 2. Move down to the VIEW GAME SCREEN option. 3. Push the joystick LEFT and press FIRE. The GAME SCREEN should appear. 4. Centre the joystick and press FIRE again. The OPTIONS SCREEN should reappear. Move down to the SOUND ON option. 5. Push the joystick to the RIGHT and press FIRE. If SOUND ON changes to SOUND OFF, start again from scratch. 6. Return to the VIEW GAME SCREEN option. 7. Push the joystick RIGHT and while holding it in this direction, hold down the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON. 8. Press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. The OPTIONS SCREEN should change to CHEAT MODE. Return to RESUME GAME and continue play with a shield that never depletes. If this doesn't work, try again from a new game. ***SUPER HANG-ON*** On the high-score table enter 207L, which should then be replaced by a row of dots (indicating that there's cheating afoot). When the next screen appears, press CTRL, ALT, Z and T to get the cheat mode running, allowing you to change the strength of the centrifugal force (what a strange cheat!). Zero will allow you to whip around the course at top speed without crashing at all, while the higher numbers will more than likely send you off the course at every bend. ***SUPER SPRINT*** On track eight, instead of racing, turn around and position your car just before the finish line. Point it downwards, and when a drone zooms by, accelerate and drive it into the wall. It'll crash but it wont be replaced Repeat the process for the other two cars, and you'll be free to drive around at leisure, picking up as many spanners and bonus points as you like. Don't forget to drive around in the opposite direction, though otherwise you'll finish the race. ***THUNDERBLADE*** When on the title screen type in CRASH, causing the screen to flash quickly, indicating that the cheat mode is now active. Press UNDO whilst playing to advance to the next level. ***VETERAN*** : Hitting the HELP key will take you through to the next level. ***VIRUS*** Start the game and hold down ENTER on the keypad. Whilst keeping it depressed, press P then O. Now when you thrust a third bar will appear below your fuel and altitude bars. Each of the following keys now have different effects... L - Gives you an extra missile and hoverplane D - Turns demo on/off F - Restores your fuel to full B - Disables graphics (pretty useless) N - Turns cheat mode off C - Disables graphics update (just makes a mess) X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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