Hey dydes, wnat some cool Crax from Mac International? Here they aere: DISCLAIMER: This f

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{ Hey dyudes, wnat ant some cool Crax from Mac International? Here they aere: DISCLAIMER: This file is posted for the expressed purpose of allowing legal owners of the software packages listed in this article to make a single backup of that software as provided by law. The operators of this BBS DO NOT take responsibilty for potential misuse of this information. The owners/operators of this BBS take NO responsibility for errors in this information or for damage to your software as a result of attempting the cracks listed. You are strongly urged to apply these cracks ONLY to a copy of the program, NEVER to the original! Be careful people, you have only yourself to blame if you screw up your original! (From Mac International BBS) ------------------------------------------------------------ Title: Cracks By: ROBERT EXCALIBAND On: 08-22-1985 12:00:00 The following are byte/track manipulations that can be used to un-copy-protect assorted Mac disks. If you have any others, let me know and I will add them to the list and keep a running total. Most of the cracks came from Mac Crack- ers of America. To use them you will need FEDIT (File Edit) or a similar application. FileVision 1.0 change: 6700 FEC6 200B to: 4E71 4E71 Pensate change: 1B7C 0001 DD00 to: 4E71 4E71 4E71 Habadex 1.1 change: 0167 0A2F 0E to: ..60 Mouse Stampede change: 3F3C 0006 4EBA 03EC 6000 0096 to: 4E71 (all of them)... Aztec C 1.0 change: block 214, byte $107 from 01 to: 00 MacGammon/Cribbage change: block 202, byte $1AB from FA75 to FB74 and change: block 362, byte $6B from 6851 to 6950 FunPak change: 4A5F 670B 48 to: .... 6608 .. (EVERY INSTANCE!) MacChkrs/Rvrsi change: block 393, byte $155 from 67 to 60 and change: block 450, byte $137 from 67 to 60 MacType change: block 25, byte $FF from 67 to 66 MacAttack change: 67FA 4EAD to: 4E71 The Quest change: block 584, byte $18E from 611C to 4E71 Dollars & $ense change: block 184, byte $17C from 56C0 to 4E71 SmoothTalker change: 6608 45FA 0038 3012 to: 4E71 and change: 6614 4267 3B7C to: 4E71 PFS File/Report change: 6000 03B2 to: 4E71 4E71 (ALL INSTANCES!) Cutthroats/Hitch change: block 44, byte $15D from 67 to 60 Hayden Speller change: 4E56 FFC0 41EE to: 4E71 6000 0AA8 MasterType change: block 339, bytes $149 and $1B0 from 3F00 to 6098 MacPoker change: 6722 4247 6010 4FBC to: 60 MacJack/Poker II change: 2007 4FBC 00FF to: 6016 MacPascal change: (blocks 521, 553, 587, 588) 4E56 to: 4E75 and change: (blocks 521, 588) B26E 0008 67xx xx to: B26E 0008 674E 71 Sargon /// change: 6608 45FA 0020 3012 9041 6604 to: 4E71 .... .... .... .... 4E71 LodeRunner change: 6058 4EBA 00EA to: 4E71 and change: 7E01 602E 4FBC to: 7E1C MacLabeller change: 0002 2E4E 4D00 to: 40 Animation Tlkt 1.0 change: 6608 45FA 0020 3012 9041 to: 600A FactFinder 1.0 change: 670A 206E FEF6 2D50 to: 60 Triple Play 1.0 change: 720 487A 00C0 to: 66 Trivia Arcade change: 6604 302E to: 67 change: 6756 3F3C to: 66 MacMatch change: 6616 4267 6016 to: 67 Forecast change: same as MacMatch Legacy change: 6702 604C 4EAD 0112 to: 60 and change: 670C 487A 00CC 4EAD to: 60 Trivia Fever change: 0C40 01A6 to: 4E75 MacZap change: 6A00 002A 41FA to: 60 and change: 41FA F3CC 91FC to: .... 10DC 10BC 006A 6000 FF7A ThinkTank 128 change: 6608 3D6E FDAC 000C 6004 to: 4E71 a7@ change: 674E 486D E184 to: 60 ThinkTank 512 change: A002 6002 A402 to: 4E71 and change: 674E 486D E184 to: 60 DeskToppers change: 0C40 FFAF to: 0C40 0000 Electric Chkbook change: 3E1F 2066E FCF0 to: 4E71 MacFortran change: 6700 000A 43FA to: 60 and change: 6602 604C to: 4E71 ABCBase change: A9F4 42A7 to: 4E71 and change: A9F4 4246 to: 4E71 Typing Intrigue change: 672A 4267 486E to: 4E71 4E71 Griffon Terminal change: 6712 4267 3F3C to: 60 HabaComm change: 672C 2E3C 0000 to: 60 and change: 670A 2F0E 4EBA to: 60 HabaCheckMinder change: 670A 2F0E 4EBA to: 60 and change: 670A 2F0E 4EBA to: 60 OverVue change: 1842 8112 3C00 314E to: 02 and cange: 670A 2F0E 4EBA to: 60 STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERFROUND OOFFICE OF DOCTOR BOB(GOTTA GIVE ME SOME CREDIT!!!) ^^^^^^^^^^ X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: NIRVANAnet(tm) & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Jeff Hunter 510-935-5845 Rat Head Ratsnatcher 510-524-3649 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408-363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 415-567-7043 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 415-583-4102 Specializing in conversations, obscure information, high explosives, arcane knowledge, political extremism, diversive sexuality, insane speculation, and wild rumours. ALL-TEXT BBS SYSTEMS. Full access for first-time callers. We don't want to know who you are, where you live, or what your phone number is. We are not Big Brother. "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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