Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication Compiled by John Dec

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------------------------------------------------------------------------ Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication ======================================================================== Compiled by John December (, Release 1.6, 01 Sep 92 Additions/comments welcome. This document or updates are available via anonymous ftp. Host:, file: pub/communications/internet-cmc ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PURPOSE: to list pointers to information describing the Internet, computer networks, and issues related to computer-mediated communication (CMC). Topics of interest include the technical, social, cognitive, and psychological aspects of CMC. AUDIENCE: this file is useful for those getting started in understanding the Internet and CMC; it compactly summarizes sources of information for those who are already exploring these issues. ASSUMPTIONS: to access many information sources listed here you must have access to and know how to use anonymous ftp, email, or USENET newsgroups. Some files are in TeX or PostScript format. NOTE: Please respect ftp and mail list privileges. (See Net Etiquette Guide, listed below.) Even though I periodically check this information, it changes quickly. If you know of any items this list which are not available, let me know, and I will delete it from this list. Please respect a site that may no longer have a document available for anonymous ftp. Also, for various reasons, you might not be able to reach some documents or services. Please be patient with and respectful of the owners/administrators of the machines on which this information is placed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contents: Section -1- THE INTERNET AND SERVICES Section -2- INFORMATION SERVICES/ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS Section -3- SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS Section -4- NEWSGROUPS Section -5- SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section -1- THE INTERNET AND SERVICES ======================================================================== This section lists information about the Internet, services available on it, and topics related to computer networking. o INTERNET DESCRIPTIONS ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New User's Questions fyi/fyi4.txt Hitchhikers Guide rfc/rfc1118.txt Gold in Networks! rfc/rfc1290.txt Zen & Art of Internet pub/zen/ Zen ASCII version pub/net/zen/ Guide Internet/Bitnet libsoft/guide1.txt NSF Resource Guide resource-guide/ NWNet Internet Guide nic/nwnet/user-guide/ SURANet Internet Guide pub/nic/infoguide.*.txt NYSERNet Internet Guide pub/guides/Guide.*.text CERFNet Guide cerfnet/cerfnet_guide/ DDN New User Guide netinfo/nug.doc AARNet Guide pub/resource-guide/ Internet Monthly Report internet/newsletters/ Internet Maps maps/ o INFO REPOSITORIES ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FYIs fyi/fyi-index.txt RFCs rfc/rfc-index.txt Standards documents/std/INDEX.std Network Info Center netinfo/ Network Info netinfo/ Network Info / UUNET archive uunet-info/ Telecomm Archives telecom-archives/ Usenet Repository pub/usenet/ Library of Congress pub/iug/index o NETWORKING ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Network Reading List inet/doc/ Internetworking Guides pub/docs/ GAO Internet Security pub/doc/gao_rpt List of FTP Sites pub/ftp-list/ NREN Information nren/ NSF Plan/Interim NREN recompete/impl.ascii Uses of Networking pub/gde/netser/usenetworks.gde Intro TCP/IP tcp-ip-docs/tcp-ip-intro.doc USENET Maps pub/maps/ o SERVICES ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yanoff Services List pub/ MaasInfo Indexes articles/maas/maasinfo.files Smith's BigFun List pub/bigfun Gopher pub/gopher/ Archie archie/doc/whatis.archie Alex pub/soft/alex/alexintro.doc WAIS sketch/overview libsoft/wais.txt WAIS paper doc/wais-paper.text WAIS information wais/wais-discussion/ Email Services libsoft/email_services.txt Public access UNIX pub/nixpub/long Internet access BBS pub/ WorldWideWeb pub/www/doc/the_www_book.* Dialup BBS list mirrors/msdos/bbslists Network Service Guides pub/nic/network.service.guides/ List of Whois Servers pub/whois/whois-servers.list HYTELNET pub/hytelnet/pc/ o DIRECTORIES ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Internet Resource Dir public_access/*.txt Electronic Journals pub/journals/ Barron Library Catalogs library/ St. George Lib Catalogs cerfnet/cerfnet_info/library_catalog/ Technical Reports pub/techreports Interest Groups List netinfo/interest-groups Dartmouth Merged SIGL siglists/ Online Library Catalogs libsoft/guide2.txt Library Access Script pub/ Electronic Conferences library/acadlist.readme o COMMUNICATION ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Multiple User Dialogue pub/muds/misc/mud-faq/ Internet Relay Chat(IRC) irc/support/tutorial.* Finding Email addresses libsoft/email_address.txt College Email addresses pub/usenet/ Pine email pine/pine.blurb o LANGUAGE/CULTURE ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Net Etiquette Guide pub/nic/netiquette.txt Computer Jargon pub/jargon/jargon* Smileys pub/misc/funnies/smiley.txt Post-Gutenberg pub/jnl/harnad.jnl o POPULAR TOPICS ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Weathermap GIF wx/sa* Whois Registration netinfo/user-template.txt ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section -2- INFORMATION SERVICES/ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS ======================================================================== This section lists sources of information devoted to the study of CMC and computer network technology. Below the description of the services, newsletters, and journals are tables describing online access if it is available. [see also DIRECTORIES/Electronic Journals in Section -1-] o INFORMATION SERVERS / DISCUSSION LISTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALMANAC. A service for multi-media document and information delivery. It offers many database functions as well. Comserve. An electronic information service for people interested in human communication studies. FTP MAIL get files at anonymous ftp sites via email HCIBIB. A mail-based retrieval system interface to a database related to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). LISTSERV. A mailing-list server for group communication. LISTSERVE lists of interest of interest include: CNI-DIRECTORIES Coalition for Networked Information Directories. RFCs (Request For Comments). Documents about various issues for discussion, covering a broad range of networking issues. NETTRAIN is a discussion list about training/support of others in using the resources available on Bitnet and Internet. CERFnet Network Information Services (NIS) announcements: a mailing list of network information annoucements. o ELECTRONIC JOURNALS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Cites. A journal which provides citations and brief annotations for articles from 30 journals in networks and information and computer technology. Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de Communication (EJC/REC). Covers communication theory, research, practice, and policy. EJournal. Concerned with implications of electronic networks and texts. Netweaver. The Newsletter of the Electronic Networking Association. o NEWSLETTERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaos Corner Dr. Chao's random and interesting things about computers, networks, and other things ConneXions Newsletter on information on networking Inquire: Internet Review. An "irregular and on-line journal of new and internesting stuff on the net." Internet World a newsletter from Meckler Associates Inquire: Linkletter. The Merit Network's newsletter. Matrix News (paper newsletter, but partially online) Covers crossnetwork issues. Some back articles, editorials, and indices online. Inquire: NETNEWS newsletter for network resources The Public-Access Computer Systems Review (PACSR) o JOURNAL/SERVICE Access with email to Body of letter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~(Name = your full name)~ ALMANAC send guide Comserve Send Comserve Helpfile Comserve CMC list Sub CMC Name Comserve CMC notes Send CMC Notebook EJC/REC Directory EJCREC EJournal listserv@albany.bitnet Sub EJRNL Name HCIBIB query: Netweaver Send Netweave Winter91 RFCs help: ways_to_get_rfcs LISTSERV send listserv memo CNI-DIRECTORIES Subscribe CNI-DIRECTORIES Name NETTRAIN Subscribe nettrain Name FTP MAIL help PACSR Subscribe PACS-P Name CERFnet NIS Subscribe me to the NIS List. o JOURNAL/SERVICE/DOC ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaos Corner cc*.txt Current Cites current.cites/ Discussion of Comp Conf rfc/rfc1324.txt Linkletter newsletters/linkletter/ Matrix News (parts) pub/mids/matrix_news/ NETNEWS libsoft/netnews*.txt ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section -3- SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS ======================================================================== This section lists societies and organizations which are concerned with issues of electronic information and communication. Below the description of each organization is a table describing online access to more information if it is available. Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR): alliance of computer professionals who discuss the impact of computer technology on society. (Contact: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): public interest organization to educate public about computer and communication technologies. The Internet Society (ISOC): supports the development of the Internet and promotes education and applications. Electronic Networking Association (ENA): " promote electronic networking in ways that enrich individuals, enhance organizations, and build global communities." [see Netweaver newsletter in Section -2-] o INFO FOR ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EFF pub/EFF ISOC internet-society/ o INFO FOR Access with email to Body of letter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~(Name = your full name)~ CPSR SUBSCRIBE cpsr Name ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section -4- NEWSGROUPS ======================================================================== Newsgroups are sometimes a rich source of information about the Internet, networks, and CMC issues. This section lists newsgroups in which topics related to networks, the Internet, or CMC are discussed. (FAQ) = periodic posting of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & answers. o INTEREST AREA NEWSGROUP(S) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beginners news.announce.newusers FAQs news.answers Internet, Usenet alt.culture.usenet, alt.uu.future, news.lists Internet BBS alt.bbs.internet (FAQ) Email comp.mail.misc (FAQ) WAIS comp.infosystems.wais Gopher alt.gopher Network Info Sources comp.archives, comp.internet.library, news.lists, comp.protocols.tcp-ip Newsgroups news.groups, news.announce.newgroups Information Systems comp.infosystems ISDN comp.dcom.isdn Technical Reports comp.doc.techreports Computer BBS comp.bbs.misc Telecomm comp.dcom.telecom, clari.nb.telecom Computer Underground MUDS (FAQ) IRC alt.irc PostScript Net Maps Hackers alt.hackers ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section -5- SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY ======================================================================== This section lists useful information sources. o ONLINE BIBLIOGRAPHIES ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Computer Communication pub/bib/parker.bib Networked Info Bib pub/bib/stanton.bib WAIS Bibliography pub/bib/lincoln.bib Electronic Serials pub/bib/bailey.bib FYI Bibliography fyi/fyi3.txt o NETWORKS/CMC JOURNAL SPECIAL ISSUES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scientific American, volume 265, number 3, September 1991. Issue on computer networks. Journal of Communication, volume 39, number 3, Summer 1989. Issue on computer communication affecting social power distribution. Communication Yearbook, volume 12, 1989, chapter 8, "Issues and Concepts in Research on Computer-Mediated Communication Systems." o TECHNICAL JOURNALS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Computer Communication Review (ACM SIGCOMM), Communications of the ACM, IEEE transactions on communication technology, IEEE Spectrum, Electronics and communication engineering journal, ONLINE, Information Today, LinkUp, MIS Quarterly, Information World Review Telecommunications, Telecommunications Products and Technology, Global Networks o HUMAN COMMUNICATION JOURNALS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Communication Quarterly, Communication Research, Communication Yearbook, Computers and Human Behavior, Human Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Technical Communication, World Communication o BOOKS: a selected listing of particularly useful books. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --BIBLIOGRAPHIES: Romiszowski, A. J. Computer-mediated communication: a selected bibliography. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Educational Technology Publications, 1992. --COMPUTER NETWORKS: Adams, Rick and Frey, Donnalyn: !%@:: A Directory of Mail Addressing and Networks, 2nd Ed. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly & Associates, 1990. Kehoe, Brendan P. Zen and the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide. 2nd ed. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1992. Kessler, Gary C. ISDN: concepts, facilities, and services. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1990. LaQuey, Tracy L., ed. The User's Directory of Computer Networks. Bedford, MA: Digital Press, 1990. Motorola Codex. The Basics Book of Information Networking. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1992. Quarterman, John S. The Matrix: Computer Networks and Conferencing Systems Worldwide. Bedford, MA: Digital Press, 1990. --COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATION: Chesebro, James W. and Donald G. Bonsall. Computer-mediated communication: human relationships in a computerized world. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1989. Dunlop, Charles and Rob Kling, eds. Computerization and Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices. Academic Press, 1991. Hiltz, Starr Roxanne and Murray Turoff. The Networked Nation: Human Communication via Computer. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1978. Sproull, Lee and Sara Kiesler. Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization. MIT Press, 1991. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This document is Copyright 1992 by John December ( Permission to use, copy, or distribute this document for non-commercial, educational purposes is hereby granted, provided that this copyright and permission notice appear in all copies. I make no representations about the suitability, stability, or accuracy of this document for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without expressed or implied warranty. ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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