From Exec-PC Multi-user BBS, 414-964-5160 Bob Mahoney, SYSOP 71687 IF YOU ARE GETTING GARB

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From Exec-PC Multi-user BBS, 414-964-5160 Bob Mahoney, SYSOP 7/16/87 ----------------------------------------- IF YOU ARE GETTING GARBAGE ON THE SCREEN, OR ARE HAVING TROUBLE COMPLETING FILE TRANFERS: If you see random characters on your screen, or if file transfers involve many retransmitted blocks or aborts, or if you can only get a good connect at lower baud rates, then this help info is for you. There is probably a problem in either the quality of the phone line connection you have between your modem and the Exec-PC modem, or your modem has a problem, or there is a bad modem on Exec-PC. FIRST THINGS FIRST: It is unlikely the modem is bad on Exec-PC. If we have a bad modem, our callers tell us about it within a day or two, and we replace the bad modem. If you have a consistent connect problem, then it is probably not caused by a modem on Exec-PC. Also, if you get the noise problems on more than one line (node number) of Exec-PC, it is highly unlikely that we have more than one bad modem here, so the problem lies elsewhere. BAD PHONE CONNECTION: Most of the bad phone noise problems occur on long distance connections. We have, however, helped people with bad connections on LOCAL calls. You never know when the phone company has provided a marginal connection until you start getting problems with your modem. In the worst case, you will be able to hear the noise on the line if you pick up a phone and hear scratching or hissing noises. If you can hear the noise, call the phone company and insist on a fix. LONG DISTANCE PROBLEMS: The majority of the noise problems come from a poor quality connection through a long distance service. Many people tell me, "I use AT&T, so it is not a problem with the phone service." Maybe yes, maybe no. ALL long distance vendors, including AT&T have variance in the quality of their service. When in doubt, try a different vendor. If you do not know how to gain access to a different long distance vendor, call your phone company and have them explain it to you. It is your legal right to have easy access to alternative long distance vendors. Some people have fixed problems by switching from US Sprint to AT&T, while others have gained a perfect connection by switching from AT&T to US Sprint, or to MCI, or to any of the dozen other long distance services. MODEM PROBLEMS: Last but not least, many people have found out their bargain modem was not such a bargain after all. If you suspect your modem may have a problem, it is best to borrow a friends modem and try it in place of your modem. If the problem persists, try using a different phone outlet in your home of office, perhaps a different phone line if another is available. When the problem goes away, you know what was causing it. If it turns out your modem is causing the poor connects to Exec-PC, then you should contact the manufacturer, dealer, or distributor of the modem and describe the problem to them. Tell them the problem goes away when the modem is replaced with another modem. This will convince them to either repair or replace your modem. PC PURSUIT USERS: Although you may not expect it, PC Pursuit sometimes causes line noise problems and file transfer problems. The PCP concept requires that 4 modems be talking clearly in order to establish a good connection for you. From our recent experience, the connections are not always perfect. The usual cause of the problem is between your PC and the local PCP modem you are dialing into. Some people have fixed the problem by calling Telenet customer support and asking them for alternate access numbers for the local Telenet node they are dialing into. In every case I have encountered in the past 4 years, one of the above techniques has solved the connect problem. End of info.


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