This File details the process for creating and using Scripts with DESQview What is a start

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This File details the process for creating and using Scripts with DESQview What is a startup script you ask? Well, the main benefit is that it will automate the process of opening the windows that you usually have to startup by hand. This is particularly useful for SysOp who run there systems under DESQview. Most DESQview scripts are activated by pressing a key combination, a startup script however automatically starts when you activate DESQview, Thus: If you run a BBS under DESQview, you can tell your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to activate DESQview, then DESQview's will automatically open the window you BBS runs in. This is convenient in the event of power outages, or other unattended "Boot-ups". The procedure is actually not that complicated, the following instructions will take you through the process creating and using DESQview scripts step by step. 1) Load DESQview by typing DV at the DOS prompt. 2) Hold down a shift key and tap ALT. "This activates the LEARN menu" 3) Press the = sign. "= Stands for STARTUP script" 4) Choose a key combination to invoke the script. "Although it is a startup script desqview still wants a key combination, if you have F11 - F12 keys, something like ALT-F11 would be appropriate as you are unlikely to ever accidentally hit it. 5) Type an exclamation mark and any name such as !AUTO-OPEN 6) Desqview is now back at the main menu and is recording every key stroke you make from now on. Try not to make many mistakes as they will be recorded as well. Now open all the windows that you want to be invoked automatically when you startup DESQview. You can rearrange or use any of the other DESQview features to adjust your windows to the size and shape you desire. Once everything is the way you want it to be at startup hold down shift and tap ALT again to return to the Learn Menu. 7) Hit the hyphen key to finish the script. " Your Script hasn't been saved to disk, you will lose it if you exit DESQview without saving it" 8) Hit SHIFT-ALT, then hit S to save it. Use the default filename DESQVIEW.DVS. 9) Now to sample your work, exit DESQview then reinvoke it and sit back and watch what happens, your programs should all startup fine. Good Job! I hope this is helpful, I wondered how to do this for


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