DESQview Interrupt List Release 90.3 Last change 71590 Please distribute all of the follow

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DESQview Interrupt List Release 90.3 Last change 7/15/90 Please distribute all of the following files (unmodified) together in an archive called DVINT390: DVINTER.1ST this file DVINTER.LST the DESQview API listing --------------------------------------------- NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE This compilation is (c) Copyright 1989, 1990 Ralf Brown Permission is granted to use and redistribute the files comprising the interrupt listing in any way, provided my name and addresses and the names of all contributers are preserved, as well as the information on how to obtain new releases. Please send corrections/additions to me rather than distributing a modified version of the list, so that all may benefit from your contribution. This version of the list reverts to the public domain one year after the date of its release, with the sincere hope that the credits and availability information are retained. --------------------------------------------- The newest release of the full interrupt list list is available in the following places (please do not ask me to email it, it is just too large for that): On the ARPAnet, by standard anonymous FTP from CS.CMU.EDU []. Change directly to directory /afs/ and get the file which is a link to the current version. You MUST change directory first because of the way CMU's anonymous FTP works. Don't forget to set mode "binary" or "type L 8"! ZIP unarchivers for MSDOS and BSD Unix are available in the "archivers" subdirectory. On FIDOnet, from Doctor's Inn BBS 1:129/53 1-412-881-7757 1200/2400/9600 HST as file INTERnyy.ZIP, where nyy stands for release 'n' of year 'yy', in file area #4. First-time callers may download. File Requests. 2400 bps callers should try 1:129/81 1-412-881-1749 (same computer, different modem) first. The list is also posted to USEnet in about three times per year, concurrent with a new release of the list. Since is archived, you will be able to find a fairly recent release in the various UUCP archives. Secondary Distribution Points (the list will be available here within a day or so of release): ARPA: on WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL [] as file INTERnyy.ZIP in directory PD1:, where nyy stands for release n of year yy. Note that you must use mode "tenex" or "type L 8" to successfully FTP the file. FIDO: SyncPoint BBS 1:261/1008 1-301-529-2584 File Requests. Additional Distribution Points: BITnet: you may retrieve the copy on WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL via the following automated mail servers: (in the US) LISTSERV@RPIECS (alias VM.ECS.RPI.EDU) LISTSERV@NDSUVM1 (alias VM1.NODAK.EDU) (in Europe) TRICKLE at TREARN (Turkey) TRICKLE at IMIPOLI (Italy) TRICKLE at DB0FUB11 (Germany) TRICKLE at DKTC11 (Denmark) TRICKLE at AWIWUW11 (Austria) TRICKLE at EB0UB011 (Spain) TRICKLE at BANUFS11 (Belgium) (elsewhere) TRICKLE at TAUNIVM (Israel) FIDO: boards belonging to the DVNET distribution system CompuServe: in the IBM Programming Forum Library 6 as INTnyy.* According to Mark Seiffert, the list is available >on MostAnyNet via mail from my archive server as file >"other/dos/". Send the following message to; > >uucp: rex!mgse!archive >bitnet: archive%mgse@REX.CS.TULANE.EDU >internet: > >The message; >------------------------------------------------ >SET UUENCODE >SEND other/dos/ >------------------------------------------------ > >The file will be uuencoded, chopped up and sent. Btoa may be used instead >of uuencode, use SET BTOA instead of SET UUENCODE. --------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: I verify the information contained in this list to the best of my ability, but I cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by use or misuse of the information, especially for those functions not officially documented. If it is marked "internal", you should check it carefully to make sure it works the same way in your version of the software (and please let me know whether or not it works the same way). Information marked with "???" is known to be incomplete or guesswork. --------------------------------------------- This list is the result of the time and effort of a large number of people, among them 1/85 Janet Jack (original list) 1/85 J. Weaver Jr. 2/85 John Cooper 2/85 Skip Gilbrech Bob Jack 4/85 Jim Kyle 8/85 John Ruschmeyer ihnp4!vax135!petsd!moncol!john 8/85 Bill Frolik ihnp4!hplabs!hp-pcd!bill 8/85 Ross M. Greenberg uunet!utoday!greenber 10/87 Ralf Brown become list maintainer 3/88 Ralf Brown DESQview API 2/89 Ralf Brown VCPI API 5/90 Mike Weaver 1:264/610 DESQview XDI --------------------------------------------- Key to system abbreviations (unless otherwise indicated, a function is available on all systems) PC IBM PC XT IBM PC XT PORT IBM PC Portable (uses same BIOS as XT) Jr IBM PCjr AT IBM PC AT XT2 IBM PC XT 2 XT286 IBM PC XT/286 CONV IBM Convertible PS IBM PS/2, any model PS30 IBM PS/2 Model 30 and below PS50+ IBM PS/2 Models 50,60,70,80 CGA Color Graphics Adapter EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter VGA Video Graphics Array MCGA Multi-Color Graphics Array TopView TopView/DESQview/TaskView/OmniView/other compatibles --------------------------------------------- To keep the lawyers happy: Microsoft, MS, MS DOS, OS/2 are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. IBM, PC, PCjr, PC/XT, PC/AT, XT/286, PS/2, TopView are trademarks of IBM Corp. Compaq is a registered trademark of Compaq Corp. Turbo C and Turbo Pascal are registered trademarks of Borland International Tandy 1000 is a registered trademark of Tandy Corp. DESQview is a trademark of Quarterdeck Office Systems TaskView and OmniView are trademarks of Sunny Hill Software 10-Net is a trademark of Fox Research, Inc. Mouse Systems is a trademark of Mouse Systems Corp. NetWare is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc. TesSeRact is a trademark of the TesSeRact Development Team. PC Tools is a trademark of Central Point Software, Inc. HALO'88 is a trademark of Media Cybernetics. Banyan is a registered trademark of Banyan Systems, Inc. StreetTalk, VINES, and Banyan Network Server are trademarks of Banyan Sys, Inc. 386/DOS-Extender is a trademark of Phar Lap Software, Inc. Various other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders --------------------------------------------- What they're saying about the interrupt list: "A cornucopia of descriptions of interrupt and function calls on the IBM PC. A great thing to have on your hard disk if you don't have a Ray Duncan or Peter Norton book handy." _Turbo_Technix_, July/August 1988, p. 157. [and that was about the 1/30/88 version, which is less than one-fifth the size of the current version....] --------------------------------------------- If you know of any information not in the list, or which is stated incorrectly, please let me know! This list would be a pale shadow of its current self if it weren't for everybody's input. Software developers are encouraged to check the list before assigning interrupts, and to provide me with a list of interrupt calls used (to help prevent future interrupt conflicts). Ralf Brown Address e-mail to: ARPA: UUCP: {ucbvax,harvard}!!ralf BIT: FIDO: Ralf Brown 1:129/3.1 (new address!) or post a message to the DR_DEBUG echo CompuServe: > Snail mail: Ralf Brown School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (please enclose a SASE or e-mail address if you want a speedy reply) (an air-mail letter costs two international return coupons) I reply to all e-mail submissions and inquiries. If you do not receive a reply within a reasonable time, send your message again, giving a better return path (on UUCP, a bang path starting at harvard or ucbvax; elsewhere, a path starting from the ARPA Internet).


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