-:^: AnTaReS CyberSurfing Division : - : Access Antares ::- DATE : 080994 Hi! I Was Quite

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-=:/^\:=> AnTaReS CyberSurfing Division : - : Access / Antares <=:/\:=- DATE : 08/09/94 Hi! I Was Quite Surprised That Many People Than Have Access To iNET Didn't Know *ANYTHiNG* About IRC .... Here iS Some infos To Clean This Mess.... I Included Some Infos About Muds ( Multi-User Dungeons ) If Ya Want To Reach Me In The IRC, My Nick is : Access I'm Usualy There Around 2H00AM =) For Modem User ( Internet Througt Dial-Up ), It's Quite Difficult To Install A IRC Client If You Don't Have A Slip/PPP Connection To Your Host. In This Case, Do The Following : OPEN ircclient.itc.univie.ac.at PORT 6668 If It Doens't Work Anymore, Take a Look In The IRC.FAQ. You Will Find More Telnet IRC Access Point. Ok, That's All for This time... If Ya Want To Contact Me, Call The Antares World HeadQuarter - ULTiMAT BBS - 32-2-375.56.51 ZyXel [ Access / OrganiZer & Coder Antares / WiRED Party OrganiZer ]


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