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***************************************************************************** * * * FIRE Starter : Get the BEST out of JRCOMM and your DUALST 14.4k Bds * * * ***************************************************************************** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- a '' __ - -__ _\ /> / /> / / _ /_ _ _ _ ___ _ |_)|_) | | | \ | | | | | | | |\ | `` 19 may 1991. | | \ |_| |_/ |_| |_ | | |_| | \| (c) 1991 Text Files. Call TRADE-LINE. The Fastest CANADIAN ELITE AMIGA BBS. [ 514 ] 966-1133. 14,400 BDS. 395 MEGS. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXT CREATED BY THE SPIRIT (MONTREAL,CANADA) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The REAL Best Settings for a DUAL STANDARD V42 BIS. (USERS VERSION) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This settings where not designed for SysOp. If you have a DUAL STANDARD and use JRCOMM, then read the whole file. If you have a HST, then skip the DUAL STANDARD settings. This file will tell you how to configure your DUAL STANDARD and/or JRCOMM X.X (Tested on version 1.02a) for ULTIMATE Speeds. I don't have the Super Fat Agnus, so I can't try anything in PAL mode. I have heard that CPS are quite faster using a PAL mode.. Well, try it out if you have the chip, you have nothing to loose! It's amazing the number of LAME text files & TOP, ULTIMATE, BEST, K-RAD CPS utility we see each day (almost) floorishing in our ware list.. Believe me, with this, if you have the configuration I talked about, YOU CANNOT HAVE BETTER CPS. Period. I made a LOT of tests.. And that is the best configuration I got. NOW PRESS CONTROL+C and LOAD JRCOMM! (or stop a new CLI) --------------------------------------------------------------------- JRCOMM PART --------------------------------------------------------------------- FILE TRANSFER PARAMETER MENU **************************** EVERYTHING OFF.. Except : ZMODEM (when will we get a NEW protocol???) Don't care Expand Blanks Resume Transfer (useful!) Auto Download Auto D/L challenge 32 Bit CRC Binary Mode Save Aborted (saves the file even if aborted) Relaxed Timing Overdrive SERIAL MENU *********** EVERYTHING OFF.. Except : 19,2k (Why the HELL use 38.4k on 68000 machines? And besides, the REAL 38.4k modems aren't even out yet!) 8 None 1 Full MODEM MENU ********** ATZ^M for the Init Command (Why RECONFIGURE when everything is the NRAM?? ) ~~+++~~ATH^M (Why put THREE ~ when it works with two, it's faster when ya need to hangup! hehe) | |__\ Well of course, you can / always use the VOICE/DATA or a LIGHTNING fast hang up. The rest of this menu is up to you. It won't affect the speed in any way. (The Hangup function of course does not alter the speed, but since I'm writing this text, I might give ya some hints on other option.. eh?).. TERMINAL MENU ************* Bahaha.. There is NOTHING to change in here. I like the people who actually think putting 2 color will speed up the transfer, NO IT WON'T! Not even by 1 CPS!! Not even 0.000001 CPS! Another rumour.. (Yeh, Like the CLOCK VIRUS thing.. :-) ) GENERAL MENU ************ CTS/RTS handshake on (of course) Disk Check (nothing to do with speed, but it's nice to see automatically when you download if the file will fit on your d/L directory) Task Priority ---> 15 <--- Yes! 15.. It's the HIGHEST.. It will slow down your machine LIKE HELL. But it will avoid 99% of the ZRD32, GARGAGE and other shitty errors coming in and SLOWING everything down. You can put this to 0 if you want, you'll be able to multitask, but the transfers won't be so kickin! You'll might ERRORS & lower CPS.. Transfer Buffer Size --> 6 <-- This should not be put to anything else. It's the RIGHT balance. If you put too much buffer size, it means that when there is an errors, it will have to send all the buffer all over. If it's too small, it won't help either. I made a LOT of tests on that particular option, so put it to that value! GMT Offset --> 0 <-- SOME HINTS.......... --------------------- There you go with JRCOMM! I use the IBEUMA-ZINC.FONT made by my friend, Marc Dionne. I feel It's the BEST looking font when BBS'ing. It allows a perfect display of IBM ANSI Codes and AMIGA ANSI Codes without any problem, and it looks quite good. I included it in the archive. Just take IBEUMA-ZINC.font and move it to your FONTS: directory and create a directory in there called IBEUMA-ZINC and put the little "8" thing.. (3188 BYTES). Another neato thing.. Go in the TERMINAL Menu and change the TEXT #.. Put it to 5 or something. Then go in your palette menu (use 8 color in IBM mode by the way, that way you will see NICE looking ANSI, IBM 100% and AMIGA 100%) and change the FIFTH color. Put it to WHITE. Then modify the FIRST color (which is white, and put it to something like BLUE!). When you will download, you won't have that dirty looking WHITE window, you will have a kool blue or whatever color window you want. Adjust the other colors to your own taste (call several boards), DON'T USE THE DEFAULT IBM COLORS, they SUCK shit!! Put more INTENSITY and use different colors if you want.. But you'll have to EDIT all your JRCOMM Phone Book and adjust the colors after too.. That's a pain. So make sure you REALLY like your colors be4 re-creating your phone book. Would be NICE if J. RADIGAN could put an AUTO COLOR adjusts for every phone book entry.. As soon as you change the DEFAULT Jrcomm.def palette, it would adjusts all the other entry (this would be an OPTION.. ). Would have saved ME and other guys some time fer sure!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PREFERENCES Best Settings -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use the PREF program I included in the ARCHIVE. It's a must. I wonder if you don't have it already. Go in your prefs, then click on the serial menu and put 31250 for the Baud speed and 16384 for the buffer. Everything setted out for maximum input. The buffer will be reduced by JRCOMM after (to 6 like I said), so it doesn't really matter. Same thing for the baud. Save out everything and go back into your JRCOMM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- DUAL STANDARD Best Settings ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type ATI5.. Then adjust all options to those ones : ati5 USRobotics Courier 14400 HST Dual Standard NRAM Settings... DIAL=TONE B0 F1 M1 X3 BAUD=19200 PARITY=N WORDLEN=8 & A3 & B1 & G2 & H1 & I0 & K1 & L0 & M4 & N0 & P0 & R2 & S0 & T5 & X1 & Y1 % R0 S02=043 S03=013 S04=010 S05=008 S06=001 S07=060 S08=003 S09=006 S10=007 S11=036 S12=050 S13=000 S15=000 S19=000 S21=010 S22=017 S23=019 S24=150 S26=001 S27=000 S28=008 S29=020 S32=001 S33=000 S34=000 S35=000 S36=000 S37=000 S38=007 STORED PHONE #0: (514) 966-1133 #1: (514) 966-1133 #2: #3: OK ati4 USRobotics Courier 14400 HST Dual Standard Settings... B0 C1 E1 F1 M1 Q0 V1 X3 BAUD=19200 PARITY=N WORDLEN=8 DIAL=HUNT ON HOOK TIMER & A3 & B1 & C1 & D2 & G2 & H1 & I0 & K1 & L0 & M4 & N0 & P0 & R2 & S0 & T5 & X1 & Y1 % R0 S00=000 S01=000 S02=043 S03=013 S04=010 S05=008 S06=001 S07=060 S08=003 S09=006 S10=007 S11=036 S12=050 S13=000 S14=001 S15=000 S16=000 S17=001 S18=000 S19=000 S20=000 S21=010 S22=017 S23=019 S24=150 S25=000 S26=001 S27=000 S28=008 S29=020 S30=000 S31=000 S32=001 S33=000 S34=000 S35=000 S36=000 S37=000 S38=007 LAST DIALED #: T9661133 OK Then you do AT&W to save everything out. Ya can change the ATS11 for SPEED DIALING.. Well at 36, it's VERY QUICK! (In fact, it can't be quicker for my place, In Montreal!) The ATS6 thing (1) is the delay between the DIAL TONE & the ACTUAL Dialing.. __________________________________________________________________________ ########################################################################## -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the END of the Text file! Was short & sweet. Now that you are ready to get KICKIN speeds, dial up my Board... ( 514 ) 966-1133 It's known as the F A S T E S T amiga bbs in CANADA. Only ELITE will be allowed. Hope this file will help several users out there! Later! __________________________________________________________________________ ########################################################################## -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings go out to : (no order) Andeveron, Professor, The Raven, DOC, Spread(s) Ti-Bob, Mega Man, Stingray, Raj Dood, Lone Wolf, Aries, Solo, Beowulf, Sycon (sorry man!), Animal, Elektra (Call our system! H/P base!), HellRat, Bernard/SkyMan, Etrop, Capricorn, Problem Child, Lazarus Long, Creative Impulse, King Cobra, The Omega, The Drummer, The Kid, The Adept, Tomcat, The Dream Warriors (Canada), Devious Doze, and all others I know! a '' __ - -__ _\ /> / /> / / _ /_ _ _ _ ___ _ |_)|_) | | | \ | | | | | | | |\ | `` 19 may 1991. | | \ |_| |_/ |_| |_ | | |_| | \| (c) 1991 Text Files. Call TRADE-LINE. The Fastest CANADIAN ELITE AMIGA BBS. [ 514 ] 966-1133. 14,400 BDS. 395 MEGS. ~~~ ~~~~~~~~


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