This program is an attempt to try to make a very simple ST to ST link. The main objective

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This program is an attempt to try to make a very simple ST to ST link. The main objective was to make it as transparent as possible to the user and to other programs. LOADING AND SETUP ANET uses three user vectors starting at $200 and the drivemap located at $4C2. A reset using the reset buttom sometimes does not clear the lower system memory so if this program is resident you must use a cold start "power off and power on" or a reboot program for it to be reloaded correctly when you run the ANETWORK.PRG or ANETCTRL.PRG after the reboot. The ANETCTRL.PRG has a reboot selection on the MENU. Double-click on the ANETWORK.PRG to load the resident program then double-click on the ANETCTRL.PRG to load the control program. After the first load you can usually load both the resident and control programs by running ANETCTRL.PRG after a reboot. ONLY LOAD THE ANETWORK.PRG IF YOU GET A MODULA-2 ERROR TRYING TO RUN ANETCTRL.PRG FIRST. AS IT WILL LOAD THE ANETWORK.PRG FOR YOU. The control program lets you set the baud rate, reboot the ST, reset the network message sequence count, turn the network on and off, see which ICONS to install to use the remote disks and of course to quit the control program. The NEW command on the sequence MENU is to resync the remote program if it gets out of sync due to a reboot, hang or and error condition. Click the mouse on NEW to send a resync command to the remote and try to access the ICON again. MAKE INT on the mode MENU will make a network setup file called ANETWORK.INT that ANETWORK.PRG reads to set the baud rate and to turn the netork on or off. ANETCTRL.PRG also reads the INT file when it is loaded and uses the parameters to set up the menu values. Clicking the pointer on MAKE INT will save the current menu values on the ANETCTRL.PRG menu to a new ANETWORK.INT file. To load the dial menu make a file called ANETWORK.DIL. It can have up to 16 entrys for phone numbers. Each entry must be terminated with a RETURN. If you have a HAYES modem enter the dial code, the number, a space, then the name of the service or person. Example: ATDT696-0060 genie ATDT691-7862 CIS USE Install the ICONS on the GEM DESKTOP for the remote system drive(s) you wish to access, then just use them just like any other disk drive. Due to the slower serial access it is usally better to copy the file a local disk if you wish to edit or run the file. Every effort has been made to make sure it is error free but I would only use it to read from the remote rather that sending files due to a crash may cause disk file links to be lost while creating new files on the remote system. You need a crossover cable for the ST to ST connection. like this. local remote 2------------\ /-------------3 \/ /\ 3------------/ \-------------2 7-----------------------------7 <-------- any length ---------> It is possible to use a modem using a std cable from the ST to modem. FRED BROOKS PS Please let me know of any bugs ASAP.


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